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Saturday night, August 27. resulted in the Gorgona
team taking three games, the following being the scores:


Heim 153 170 156

Stoehr 194 133 136

Misal 106 131 129

Burmaster... 123 123....

Wiight 159

Varenkamp.. 157 170 125


Hall 145 167 153

Warner... . 137 107 132

Fox 143 143 124

Mengel.... 136 167 127

Ilerrington 137 126 146



Per cent
























Total 733 727 705 | Total... 698 710 682

The following is the standing of the teams in the local


Teams. ^

Lock and Dam



Chairman's Office



Lock and Dam


Chairman's Office

The smoker on Friday night, August 26, was enjoyed
by a large number of men. The following program was
rendered: Motion pictures; solo, Mr. Kramer; boys'
drill, free hand and dumb bell; selections by the Culebra
male quartet; solo, Mr. Ross of Empire.

In order to pick out a team to represent Culebra in
the Isthmian Bowling League, scores will be kept and
averages taken up to September 8, when the five men
who have the highest averages will make the team.
The five next highest men will be picked to make up the
second team. A large number of men should come out
and try for the teams. The alleys will be open at noon
and at 5 o'clock for practice.

A pool tournament will begin on September 1, with
two classes, "A" and "B," respectively. The man that
wins the highest number of games will receive a cue.
Handicaps will be given in order that all men may have
an equal chance for the finals.

Men interested in the 5.15 gymnasium class that
meets Mondays and Wednesdays, are asked to join at
their earliest convenience.


The meeting of the discussion club held on Wednes-
day evening. August 31, was led by A. B. Dickson, the
subject being "Responsibility."

The second of a series of moving picture entertain-
ments was given on Tuesday. August 30.

About 200 people attended the public debate and
entertainment on Friday night. August 26. Mrs. Som-
mers sang in place of the quartet, which was unable to
appear. The Dutch dance, in costume, by eight girls
of Empire, was a pleasing novelty.

E. M. Goolsby and C. J. Huson are tied for high score
in the monthly bowling tournament, with 246 each.

The Empire boys' team will bowl the Gorgona boys
team on Saturday morning, September 3.

The finals for the monthly pool tournament will be
played off this week. E. O. Smith representing class "B"
and E. Robertson class "A".

Miss Gay Zenola MacLaren of New York will give
her first production of "The Music Master" in Empire
next Friday evening, September 2.

Empire took three games from Cristobal on the Em-
pire alleys on Saturday night, August 27. Following:
are the scores:


Barrett 159 123 145

Adams 126 148 165

Blackburn... 142 126 191

Read 123 131 114

Weston 130 140 122

Pearson. . . 161 145 171

Miller 152 157 98

Giavelli. 142 176 166
Sawtelle.. . 162 133 143
Shau'hn'ssy 175 219 186

Total 680 668 737 Total, .. 792 830 764

The following 200 scoies were rolled during the week
ending August 27: Yount, 202: Goolsby, 246; Brown,
222, 206,202; Gustavson, 209; Huson, 246; 205, Reed
204; Potter, 205; Shaughnessy. 219.

At the monthly song service held on Sunday night,
August 28, the Hon. Maurice H. Thatcher gave an ad-
dress on "Character Building." Geo. R. D. Kramer of
Culebra sang two pleasing solos.

On Friday night, August 26, an entertainment for the
people in Gorgona was given in the clubhouse. The
program consisted of music, readings and a tableau.
The tableau was a sketch entitled "Sweetheart Days"
in five scenes. The following people took part: W. W.
Darling. J. M. Holt. E. M. Volz. J. M. Callopy. Miss
Ruth Hackenberg. Miss Margaret Stevens and Miss
Edith Stevens. A reading was given by Mr. Earl
Buford, a violin solo by Ernest Reinold, and a vocal
solo by Mrs. James Murray of Las Cascadas. Re-
freshments were served.

On Thursday night. August 25, a pleasing moving



Per cent











picture entertainment was given to a good-sized au-

On Tuesday evening, August 23, the Culebra volley-
ball team took two out of three games from the Gorgona
team on the Gorgona floor.

The standing of the local basketball league is as
follows :






On Saturday night, August 27, Lyle Kneeland won
the class "A" and "B" monthly pool tournament, the
prize for which is a pool cue.

The third meeting of the discussion club will be held
on Tuesday night, September 6.

The next meeting of the discussion club will be held
on Friday night, September 2, with R. G. Goodman of
Cristobal as leader. The subject chosen is "What Is

Fifteen men have entered in the Labor Day athletic
meet to be held at Empire on September 5. A special
train leaves Cristobal at 6.45 a. m. Only those having
admission and train tickets, which can be secured at
the clubhouse, will be allowed on this train. The train
leaves Empire on the return trip at 5 p. m.

The present standing of the men in the handicap
pool tournament is as follows:


Bailey 6

Durand 6

Eggleston 5

Kenney 5

Ourand 3

The bowling match between the Gatun first and sec-
ond teams on August 25 resulted in the second team
winning two out of three games, the following being
the scores;


Lost Per cent
2 750

2 750

2 714

3 625
2 600

First team

Barte 166 145 173

Louner 124 165 165

DeMoll 156 153 166

Duryea 127 167 155

Durand 159 187 144

Second team

Hodges 167 219 184

Dalton 157 157 155

Myers. ... 161 164 187

C.R.H'r'g'n 204 148 148

Wilson. ... 127 135 113

Total 732 817 803 Total... 816 823 787

On Saturday, August 27. Gorgona's first and second
teams bowled Gatun's first and second teams. The
first team from Gorgona won two out of three games
from the Gatun first team, and the Gatun second team
won two out of three games from, the Gorgona second
team, the scores being as follows:

Gorgona first team.

Roper 146 170 171

Barlow 145 158 169

White 146 163 208

Sexton 163 161 177

Otis 226 181 192

Gatun first team.

Barte ISO 164 158

C.A.H'r'g'n 166 125 157

Severn. ... 147 157 126

DeMoll. . . 157 172 132

Durand. . . 203 164 186

Total. . . 853 782 759
Gatun second team.

Myers. ... 193 156 114

Dalton. ... 179 145 153

C.R.H'r'g'n 220 168 130

Wilson. ... 162 122 141

Hodges... . 190 160 161

Total 826 833 917

Gorgona second team.

Gaedkie. ... 136 132 183

Haggerty. . . 141 172 105

Stewart 113 125 145

Varenkamp.. 133 132 153

King 137 177 145

Total 660 738 731 Total... 944 751 699


A preliminary track meet was held on Friday night,
August 26, as a "try-out" to pick men for the Labor
Day athletic meet at Empire. Fourteen men are en-
tered from the Cristobal Y. M. C. A.

Gorgona won the chess match played Saturday night.
August 27, by a score of five to three games. The fol-
lowing men played:










Strong .

.... 1





Bowell .






.... 1





Cristobal defeated Gorgona in a game of basketball
on Saturday night, August 27, by a score of 63 to 15.

The following men bowled 200 scores during the week
ending August 27: Hess, Thomas, and B. Adams.
The high score for^he month is held by Mr. Grover with

The meeting of the discussion club held on Thursday
evening, August 25, was led by Wm. E. Burrell, the
subject being "Physical Efficiency." Anew series will
begin with the meeting on Thursday night. September
1 to be led by E. A. Putnam of Culebra. The sub-
ject will be "What Is Failure."

On Monday night, August 22, a moving picture enter-
tainment was given before a large audience.

The membership campaign will begin on September
1 and will be continued for one month.

LOST — On Saturday, August 27, between the in-
dustrial railway and the commissary at Gatun. one pair
of eye glasses in a case. Reward for return to E. L.
Cheek, Gatun.

Manufacture, Alteration and Repair of Machinery
and Equipment.

Culebra. C, Z., August 25, 1910.
Circular No. 343:

The following rules, governing the manufacture of
new material on the Isthmus, and the making of alter-
ations in and repairs to all kinds of machinery, mechan-
ical appliances, marine equipment and rolling stock of
the Isthmian Canal Commission and the Panama Rail-
road Company, are established to take effect September
1, 1910:

1. Mechanical work will be divided into the following
three classes, viz:

(a) Manufacture of new material, which includes the
making of all spare parts for use in future repairs.

(6) Alteration of existing material.

(c) Repair of material, which will be limited to the
putting into serviceable condition of broken and worn
parts that admit of such action; to the replacing of
irreparably broken and worn-out parts by spare parts
taken from store, and to the making of new parts re-
quired to replace such parts only as may actually be
broken and worn-out, but which cannot be put into
serviceable condition and for which spare parts are not
in store.

2. Request for the manufacture of new material and
apparatus of any kind, and for alterations in existing
material and apparatus, will be submitted by the division
engineers, the General Superintendent of the Panama
Railroad Company and the heads of other departments
to the Chief Engineer on form 159 C. E. Requests for
castings will indicate the shop in which it is suggested
they should be machine finished. If it should be neces-
sary to manufacture new material or to alter existing
material before the written approval of the Chief Engi-
neer can be obtained on form 159 C. E., either oral or
telephonic request may be made to the office of the
Chief Engineer. Written request will be submitted on
form 159 C. E. in all such cases, with the name of the
official who approved it and the cause of the urgency
noted thereon.

3. All repairs and alterations to locomotives, Lidger-
wood plows, spreaders, track shifters, pile drivers, trav-
eling steam cranes, and orange peel and clam shell
buckets, for which the estimated cost of labor exceeds
$50 per unit, will be made at the Gorgona shops, except
that at Porto Bello, Nombre de Dios and Toro Point
the limit on cost per unit will be S300. Circular No.
300, dated January 5, 1910, is rescinded.

4. All repairs and alterations to steam shovels and
rock drilling machines, for which it is necessary to send
the shovels and drilling machines to a machine shop,
will be made at the Empire shops, except that repairs
to the extent permitted by the facilities of the shops
at Porto Bello, Nombre de Dios and Toro Point may
be made at those places.

5. All repairs and alterations to dippers for steam
shovels, and to dippers, buckets and sister links for
dredges, that involve the removal of parts assembled to
the body by rivets, will be made at Empire shops, ex-
cept that at Porto Bello, Nombre de Dios and Toro
Point the limit will be the replacing of any part of the
body. The replacing of bushings in sister links will be
considered to be light running repairs.

6. All repairs to air pumps that require machine
work, and all except light running repairs to concrete
mixers and spare parts therefor, will be made at the
Gorgona shops.

7. All repairs to steel and wood standard gage cars
except light running repairs, will be made at Gorgona"

S. Castings for repair work only, including such
machine work thereon as may be requested, will be
made at the Gorgona shops.

9. Division engineers, the General Superintendent of
the Panama Railroad Company and the heads of other
departments should make request on the Chief Engineer
not later than June 15 of each year for annual blanket
work orders on the Mechanical Division and Central
Division for such repair work under paragraphs 3 to 8,
both inclusive, as may be required during the succeeding
fiscal year. Requests should indicate each of the six
classes of repairs for which blanket orders are desired.
Division engineers, the General Superintendent of the
Panama Railroad Company and the heads of other
departments are authorized to empower such of their
subordinates as they may desire to call directly upon
shops for repair work under annual blanket work orders.
The names and positions of such subordinates should
be furnished direct to each shop.

10. Whenever any article is sent to a shop for repair,
a careful examination of its general condition will be
made, and if the estimated cost of repairs constitutes
an appreciable percentage of the value of the article,
the condition thereof and. the estimated cost of repairs
will be submitted to the division engineer, General
Superintendent of the Panama Railroad Company, or


Vol. //' No. 1.

other head of department concerned, with request for
instructions in the case.

1 1. The replacing of a part before its usable life has
been exhausted is not economical, except under extra-
ordinary circumstances. Construction and shop offi-
cials will cooperate to limit each repair, in both extent
and character, to that necessary to keep the equipment
in such condition as will permit it to produce the maxi-
mum service with the minimum cost of maintenance.

12. New marine constructions and alterations in
existing marine equipment will be undertaken only
after approval by the Chief Engineer, and the necessary
work will be done in such shop or shops as may be indi-
cated in each case by him.

13. All doors, window sashes, panel work, furniture
of any kind not purchased under contract, and all light
wood work required to be mortised and tenoned, will
be made at the Lirio shops upon request on form 159 C. E

14. Jack blocks for steam shovels will be made at
Empire shops.

15. All new material, including spare parts for future
repairs, will be turned over to the Quartermaster's
Department as soon as completed for issue on foremen's

16. It is the policy that all manufacturing work, in-
cluding the making of reserve supplies of spare parts
for future repairs, shall be made at the Gorgona and
Empire shops, except that new marine constructions
and alterations therein may be made at Cristobal (dry
dock) and Balboa shops, and that light running repairs
only shall be made at all other shops. The observance
of this policy is enjoined.

Geo. W. Goethals,
Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission.
President. Panama Railroad Company.

Seniority of Locomotive Engineers and Conduc-

Culebra, C. Z., August 27, 1910.
Circular No. 348:

The seniority of locomotive engineers and conductors
of the Isthmian Canal Commission and Panama rail-
road relocation will be governed by the following rules,
effective September 1, 1910:

1 . The seniority of qualified engineers and conductors
will be governed by the date they are qualified. If two
or more are qualified on the same date, the total length
of service (qualified and unqualified) as engineer or
conductor will govern. Increase to qualified pay will
depend on the date started on main line work.

2. The seniority of unqualified engineers and con-
ductors will be determined by the date they entered the
service as engineers or conductors, regardless of transfers
from one division to another.

3. When additional qualified men are needed, the
senior unqualified man in the service (all Divisions)
will be given an opportunity to qualify, provided he has
the requisite railroad experience.

4. If it becomes necessary to qualify a man, and the
employe entitled to promotion is sick or on leave of
absence, a temporary promotion of the man next on the
list may be made with the understanding that the senior
man will supersede him on his return to duty. In such
case, the date the temporary man qualifies will also be
given the senior.

5. Seniority will not hereafter be affected by absence
from duty so long as the employe's service is continuous.

6. In case of reduction of force, discharges will be
made as follows, all divisions being considered as one

A. Aliens.

B. Men who have been reported for being in the
hospital for alcoholism.

C. Men habitually sick, or physically unfit for Isth-
mian service, as shown by repeated absence from duty.

D. Men with unsatisfactory records (to be deter-
mined by the division engineer).

E. Men at the foot of seniority list; the junior quali-
fied man shall be given the right to remain as senior
unqualified man and the junior unqualified man, ex-
cept as provided above, will be discharged if there is no

7. If it becomes necessary to readjust the force by
reducing the number of qualified men and increasing the
number of unqualified men without decreasing the total
force, the qualified men in the division affected will be
given the opportunity, according to seniority, to trans-
fer to any qualified positions vacant, they being re-
placed by junior unqualified men who can be spared from
the division to which they transfer. In the event
there are no vacancies in the qualified grade, the young-
est qualified men in the service will be rerated as un-
qualified and any necessary transfers made to readjust
the force.

8. The seniority of a qualified man transferred to the
Panama railroad will date from his transfer.

9. The conductors and engineers on the Panama rail-
road relocation work will be included in the Isthmian
Canal Commission seniority lists and will be subject

to these rules the same as though they were employes
of the Commission.

10. If a qualified man refuses an offer to transfer to
the Panama railroad operating department, he will
thereafter have no right to such a transfer and his name
will be marked on the senioiity list as having refused

11. In case of reduction of Panama railroad force,
qualified men may be transferred to vacancies in the
Isthmian Canal Commission force, but the Isthmian
Canal Commission men will not be displaced to provide

12. Personnel of crews in charge of existing runs will
not be changed by this seniority order except as vacan-
cies occur. Geo. W. Goethals,

Chairman and Chief Engineer.
President, Panama Railroad Company.

Labor Day a Holiday.

Culebra, C. Z., August 26, 1910.
Circular No. 345:

Labor Day, Monday, September 5, 1910, will be
observed as a holiday throughout the Canal Zone, and,
as far as possible, all work will be suspended on that

Geo. W. Goethals, Chainnan.

Amendment to Criminal Procedure.

Culebra, C. Z., August 26, 1910.
Circular No. 276-a:

When an employe of the Isthmian Canal Commission,
the Government of the Canal Zone, or the Panama Rail-
road Company, is required to sit in the trial of a crim-
inal case as an associate of the Circuit Judge, as pro-
vided in Section 171 of the Code of Criminal Procedure
of the Canal Zone, he shall be allowed his usual compen-
sation for the time lost from w r ork on his regular pay
roll in the same manner as if present and performing
his duty; he shall be furnished with transportation to
and from the place of holding court, and his actual and
necessary expenses at court will be provided for by the
court, but he shall not be entitled to the $10 per day
provided in Section 171 of Act No. 15 of the Laws of the
Canal Zone.

Clerks of courts will issue a certificate showing the
time employe is engaged as an associate to the Circuit
Judge, and timekeepers will file such certificates with
the time rolls.

Geo. W. Goethals,
Chairman. Isthmian Canal Commission.
President. Panama Railroad Company.

Tool Rooms in Machine Shops.

Culebra, C. Z., August 26, 1910.
Circular No. 344:

The tool rooms in the Gorgona. Empire, Dry Dock,
Balboa and Pedro Miguel machine shops will be fitted
up for containing, in a systematic and orderly manner,
drills, reamers, counterbores. taps, dies, milling cutters,
lathe, planer, and shaper tools, and all other machine

All tools will thereafter be kept in the tool room ex-
cept when in use by workmen. Every tool issued to
a workman will be charged to him during the time it is
in his possession.

Upon the return of each tool to the tool room it will be
ground and repaired, if necessary, in order that every
tool issued will be sharp and ready for use.

Each of the above five shops is authorized to employ
at not more than 10 cents per hour, one or more boys
as messengers for drawing tools from the tool room and
returning them for workmen.

Geo. W. Goethals, Chairman.

Classified Expenditure Accounts.

Empire C. Z.. August 25, 1910.
Circular No. 27:

The following changes in classified expenditure
accounts are hereby authorized effective July 1, 1910:
373. Transportation on the Isthmus.

A. Passenger Transportation.

To this account will be charged the monthly payment
for transportation of employes over the rail lines of the
Panama Railroad Company, and animal transportation
to and from trains.
B. Freight.

To this account will be charged the payments for
transportation of freight over the rail lines of the Pana-
ma Railroad Company.
386. Freight, Advertising, and Miscellaneous Items.

This account is abolished. See new account No. 392.
Advertising and miscellaneous items formerly charged
to account No. 386 will be charged to account No. 385.
389. Corrals.

A. Equipment.

B. Operation.

The balances remaining in the two subdivisions of
this account will be absorbed monthly on the Chief
Quartermaster's abstract of expenditures by charging
accounts 385 and 388 on a basis of services rendered,

and crediting account No. 389 A and B with the same

The following new accounts are authorized:

390. Construction of Buildings, Department of Con-
struction and Engineering.

To this account will be charged expenses incurred in
the construction of buildings for the Departments of
Construction and Engineering, Quartermaster's, Sub-
sistence, Examination of Accounts and Disbursements.
It does not include "Division Structures," the expense
of which should be charged directly against the con-
struction work benefited. This account will include
all other buildings of the departments named above
not provided for under account No. 408. Commissary
buildings will be charged to the Panama Railroad Com-

391. Alteration and Repair of Buildings. Department
of ConstrnctiWn and Engineering.

To this account will be charged expenses incurred in
the alteration and repair of buildings for the depart-
ments of Construction and Engineering, Quartermas-
ter's, Subsistence, Examination of Accounts and Dis-
bursements. It does not include alterations and re-
pairs of "Division Structures," the expense of which
should be charged to the construction work benefited;
nor alterations and repairs provided for under accounts
Nos. 381 and 409, nor alterations and repairs of Panama
railroad commissary buildings.

392. Operation of Docks and Wharves.

A. By the Panama Railroad Company.

To this account will be charged services rendered by
the Panama Railroad Company for stevedoring cargo.

B. By the Isthmian Canal Commission.

To this account will be charged all expenses incurred
by the Isthmian Canal Commission in connection with
the operation of docks and wharves, and credited with
the revenues derived therefrom.

The following accounts are revised to read as follows:

408. Construction of Buildings, Department of Con-
struction and Engineering.

To this account will be charged expenses incurred in
the construction of the following buildings only: Gold
and silver quarters, including baths, water closets and
wash houses used in connection therewith; construction
of clubhouses, lodge halls, churches, bandstands, and
other buildings used for purposes of a general nature
not directly connected with construction work. Com-
missary buildings will be billed against the Panama
Railroad Company.

409. Alteratiotis and Repairs of Buildings, Department
of Construction and Engineering.

To this account will be charged all expenses of alter-
ation and repair of the following buildings only: Gold
and silver quarters, including baths, water closets and
wash houses used in connection therewith; clubhouses,

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