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January 9, it was decided to form a local league to con-
sist of teams from Culebra Cut, Empire shops, Central
Division, Examiner's office, Disbursing office, and the
post-office. The games will start about February 1.

The following will be the program of the literary and
debating society at its meeting on Friday evening, Jan-
uary 13: Biography of Andrew Jackson, J. H. McLean;
parliamentary quiz, J. C. Forman; debate. "Resolved
that recent political events indicate an early dissolution
of the two great political parties of the United States of
America." Affirmative, Messrs. Howe and Christo-
pherson; negative. Messrs. Meirowitz and Cheney.
No judges will be appointed, but the president will call
for a standing vote. Critic, F. P. Wagg.

The high score for duckpins for the week was made by
Rodeghiero, who rolled 102. Parkis made the high
score in tenpins with 203. Duckpins are rolled Mon-
days, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and tenpins the re-
maining days.

Gray's orchestra will give a concert in the clubhouse
on Thursday evening, January 12. Both men and
women are invited to attend.

On Saturday evening. January 14, Hirsh and De-
Poorter will play the last half of their match pool game
for the championship of the Isthmus.

Out of a population of 541 men eligible, Empire now
has a total membership of 370, a percentage of member-
ship, according to population, of 68.

Rehearsals for William Gillette's farce "All the Com-
forts of Home." will begin on Friday evening. January
13. The play will be under the direction of C. C. Carr.


Gatun won three games in the league bowling match
rolled on Gorgona's alleys on Saturday night, January
7. by the following scores:


Severn 148 146 166

Wolf 161 159 190

DeMoll 110 168 170

C.R.Har'ton. 184 182 197

Barte 164 182 175


Roper 134 145 144

Otis 143 153 157

White 158 171 166

Bordt 148 139 175

M.Varen'p. 135 161 189

Total 767 837 898 Total... 718 769 831

The following 200, or over, scores were rolled during
the week ending January 7: Stoehr. 214; Stewart. 205;
Misal. 209; Mrs. Cochran. 200. High score in duck-
pins was made by James Murray, with 102. High
average in tenpins for the week was made by Trotter,
177. Mr. White and Mr. Varenkamp tied for high aver-
age during December, both having an average of 174.
Mr. White rolled 15 games, and Mr. Varenkamp. 13.
Eighty-nine different people used the Gorgona alleys
during December. Mr. White has been presented with
a silver medal for high score for November. 1910.

About 200 men attended the meeting of the discus-
sion club held on January 4. F. G. Swanson led the
discussion. G. W. Griggsby led the discussion at the
meeting held January 1 1, the subject being, "Is Democ-
racy Dead?" These meetings are held every Wednesday
night at 7.30 in the game room, and all the men of
Gorgona are invited to attend.

At the song service held on January 5. at 6.45, p. m.,

F. E. Murray CRVP a <=hnrf »alk. A «Prvirp of thio V-inH U

held every Sunday evening at the same hour, except the
fourth Sunday in the month, when the time is 8 o'clock.
On Saturday night, January 12. a stereopticon show
will be given by Frank Jackson on the "Ruling Princes
and Palaces of India." Mr. Jackson spent four years
in India.


The first half of the 300-ball match at continuous
pool for the championship of the Isthmus was played at
Gatun before an audience of 100 spectators on Saturday
evening, January 7. The contestants were Mr. De-
Poorter of Gatun. and Mr. Hirsh of Empire. Mr.
DePoorter took the lead by runs of 31, 29. and two of
15, and the score at the end was: DePoorter, 154; Hirsh,
63. The remaining half will be played at Empire on
Saturday. January 14. at 8 o'clock. The winner will
receive a handsome gold medal, especially designed to
represent the championship of the Isthmus. In order
that the medal may become his personal property, the
winner must successfully defend it three consecutive
times, if challenged, within three months. Should the
winner receive no challenge by April 15, the medal
becomes his property by forfeit.

The following are the 10 high average men in tenpins
for the month of December, 1910: Barte, 168; Luckey.
162; Severn, 162; Kerr. 155; Hodges. 153; C. A. Har-
rington, 152; Kiernan, 151; O'Meara, 150; Webb. 149;
Wilson. 146. Duckpins— Durand, 92; Barte. 92;
DeMoll. 88; Severn. 87; Bull. 85; Jones. 82; Luckey,
82; Murray, 82; Myers. 81; Teimer, 80.

Several names have been added to the list of the
gymnasium class. Physical Director Ludwig announces
that handball and indoor baseball will be given special
attention from now on.

A chess tournament will be started in the near future.

A discussion course on "Life Problems." or studies in
the native interests of young men, will be started next


Reduction of Stock in Store.

Culebra, C. Z.. January 7. 1911.
Circular No. 355-A:

The material now carried in stock by the Commission
is valued at nearly five million dollars. Heretofore, the
object of the material and supply branch has been to
keep on hand at all places all classes and kinds of stores.
The work has now reached a point where, to avoid a
large accumulation of material at the completion of the becomes necessary to reduce the stock carried,
even at the risk of occasionally running short of some
article. It is not intended to embarrass the work for
lack of material, but on "nonactive" stock it is pro-
posed to resort to substitution and emergency requi-
sitions, when necessary, rather than maintain a large
reserve supply of material for which there is only an
occasional call.

Division engineers are instructed to cooperate with
storekeepers in carrying out this policy, and also in
placing their United States and local requisitions for
any stock. The consumption records of the Quarter-
master's Department should be consulted in such cases,
to avoid duplication and the accumulation of unneces-
sarily large stocks. Geo. W. Goethals,

Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission.
President, Panama Railroad Company.

Supplies for Canal Work.

The following steamers with supplies for the Isthmian
Canal Commission arrived at the ports of Cristobal.
Colon, and Balboa during the weeks ending Decem-
ber 31. 1910. and January 7, 1911:

Aldershot, December 24, from Gulfport and Mobile,
with 215 pieces piling for Atlantic Division; 71,297
feet yellow pine lumber for Mechanical Division; 431,-
109 feet yellow pine lumber, 26 coils rope for stock.

Prinz August Wilhelm, December 25. from New York,
with 131 cases blasting caps for stock.

Lovland, December 26. from Jacksonville, with 38.56G
cross-ties for stock.

Vatalia, December 27. from Baltimore, with 25.000
cases dynamite for stock.

Colon, December 28, from New York, with 22 cases
castings. 5 cases electrical supplies 7 raels wire rope. 6
bales rubber belting for Atlantic Division; 8 cases
springs. 5 cases dipper tips for Central Division; 8
cases X-ray apparatus, 67 cases drugs and sundries.
40 kegs drugs, 90 kegs soap for Sanitary Department;
20 cases water coolers. 40 cases varnish. 30 kegs
nuts, 18 crates brooms and handles. 35 bales hose, 150
cases toilet paper. 32 cases electrical material, 15 bun-
dles black pipe for stock; and a miscellaneous cargo,
the whole consisting of 763 packages weighing 160 tons.

Horsley. December 28, from New York, with 5,151
barrels cement for Atlantic Division; 101.336 bags ce-
ment for P.ieitic Division.

Turrialba, December 29. from New Orleans, with
190,165 feet yellow pine lumber for Atlantic Division;
31 pieces cypress piling for Pacific Division; 9 barrels

jnnrnal hiring'; t f> parl-agpc ^aotingc fm M^^Hanical

Division; 41 cases steel castings for Central Division;
45.763 feet oak lumber. 408 bales alfalfa hay, 1 .05 1 bales
prairie hay. 400 sacks bran. 30 cases lantern globes for
'Santa Marta, December 29, from New York, with

9 crates concrete machinery for Atlantic Division; 25
bundles brooms. 47 packages drift bolts, 100 bales
oakum for stock.

5/. Andrews, January 3, from Baltimore, with 44.793
pieces steel bars, 44 pieces steel beams, 231 tons lock
construction material, 16 crates lock construction ma-
terial. 60 pieces lock construction material for Atlantic
Division; 4,195 pieces steel bars, 968 bundles steel bars,
231 tons lock construction material, 84 crates lock con-
struction material, 54 pieces lock construction material
for Pacific Division; 1,263 bundles galvanized corru-
gated iron. 958 pieces block pipe. 225 tons steel bars,
angles, etc., 3,834 pieces sewer pipe. 1.925 car wheels,
215 tons smithing coal for stock.

Sarnia, January 4, from New York, with 200 barrels
carbolic acid for stock.

Strathtay, January 4, from Tacoma. with 419 pieces
Douglas fir piling. 1,366.026 feet Douglas fir lumber for
Atlantic Division; 78.773 feet Douglas fir lumber for
Central Division; 23.601 feet Douglas fir lumber for
Pacific Division; 583,380 feet Douglas fir lumber. 1 .667
Douglas fir cross-ties; 485 pine ties. 13 cases blasting
caps for stock.

Advance, January 5, from New York, with 9 cases
electrical machinery. 2 pieces dredge parts for Atlantic
Division; 38 coils insulated copper wire for Pacific
Division; 25 cases drugs for Sanitary Department;
34 barrels rosin, 12 cases electrical material. 66 cases
incandescent lamps. 250 kegs bolts. 105 cases bolts. 238
kegs rivets. 100 car wheels. 42 cases cork life preservers,
41 pieces iron pipe-fittings for stock; and a miscellane-
ous cargo, the whole consisting of 1,218 packages,
weighing 190 tons.

Abangarez, January 5. from New Orleans, with 23,-
563 feet yellow pine lumber, 42 reels wire rope, 8 crates
machinery, 6 barrels machinery for Atlantic Division;
132,684 feet yellow pine lumber, 250 crates fire brick.
240 sacks cotton seed meal for stock.

Metapan, January 5, from New York, with 18 crates
machinery for Atlantic Division; 218 crates handles.

10 cases copper wire, 55 reels copper wire, 100 cases
tallow candles for stock.

Misdirected Letters.

Ancon. C. Z., January* 7. 1910.
The following insufficiently addressed letters, origi-
nating in the United States and its possessions, have,
been received in the office of the Director of Posts, and
may be secured upon request of the addressees :


Barry. J. W.
Barry-, Tom
Cassimos. Geo. Kristo
Chase. Harry B.
Christy. W.
Clark. George
Cushing. R. E. L.
Dision. William O.
Frekland. John
Gates. I. N.
Geddes. C. R.
Gustafson. Gust (2)
Harrison, Robert W.
Helmer, Jos. H.
Herson. Chas. N.


Baerwald. Miss Louise
Barnes. Thomas W.
Bartlett, W. J.
Bennett. Timothy
Bowen. Richard (pkg.)
Brubacher. J. C.(l)
Carter. Robert H.
Chamberlain. Mrs. D. T.
Coleman. Thos. (D. L.)
Conkerton. J. H.
Connolly. Donald H.
Crooks, G. C.
Falk, L.
Fink. Charley
Garvey, Miss Ethlin
Granbeck. Victor
Guirney. James
Hastings. Louis B.
Harry. Edmund B.
Heines. Theodore
Herrsom, Chas.
James. R. E.
Lewis. Belfield
Leufel, John
Main. Lester

Martin. Mrs. Laura 7.pHar
Metcalf. B. F.
Mitten. Dr. H. W.
Morris, T. C. (pkg)

FOR DECEMBER 30. 1910.

Hinman. H. D.
Hurey, David
Kerias. Cleomenis
Lloyd. John H.
Lyew, Henry
McCullock. A. P.
Larsberg, Lieut. Oscar
Stiles. Albert I.
Terrell, Capt.
Tompkins. Herbert
ThurstonuL. A.
Touscan. Louis
Tryon, A. A.
Wagner. Chas. P.
Zimmerman, B. Frank
FOR JANUARY 7, 1911.
McCandless. Mrs. Chas.
McPherson, Mrs. Geo. W.
O'Donnell. A.
Owyang, King
Rayburn. J. L.
Renaud. Ernest L.
Shaw, W. F.
Schneider, J. M.
Schwan. Leonard
Sharp, Joshua
Shearer. W. H.
Simons. B. M.
Smart, Benj.
Smith, A. O.
Smith. Chas. L.
Smith, Lt. Walter D.
Steekes, Jos.
Stuart. Montgomery A.

"U. S. A." (pkg.)
Stewart, Wooster B.
Tomkins, Herbert
Thompson. Russell
Thompson. Frank
Valdese, Sr. Raymond
Williams. Geo.
Williamson, N. E.
Winchester, John J.
Wood, Archibald
Wood. Geo. (F. ?)

LOST — Tuesday evening, January 3, between 5 and
5.30 o'clock, a Masonic watch charm and fob, between
the Cut at Empire bridge, and the Empire railroad
station. Reward for ret"»-n '«"* C"ha«. M Shute. P. O.

hoT 1fi1 Empire, f* 7



Vol. IV., No. 20.



Col. Geo. W. Goethals, U. S. A., Chair-
man, Culebra.

Lieut! -Col. H. F. Hodges, U. S. A., Culebra.

Lieut.-Col. D. D. Gaillard, U. S. A., Empire.

Lieut.-Col. Win. L. Sibert, U. S. A., Gatun.

Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau, U. S. N.,

Col. W. C. Gorgas, U. S. A., Ancon.

Mr. Maurice H. Thatcher, Ancon.
Mr. Joseph Bucklin Bishop,

Secretary, Ancon.


Construction and Engineering.

Headquarters. Culebra.
Col. Geo. W. Goethals, Chairman and Chief

William Howard May, Secretary to the
C. A. Mcllvaine. Chief Clerk.
Johu K. Baxter. Assistant Chief Clerk.
Ad. Faure. Chief Accountant.
H. S. Farish. Surveying Officer.
Caleb M. Saville. Assistant Engineer.

Lieut.-Col. H. F. Hodges, Assistant Chief

C. O. Carlson, Secretary.
Edward Schildhauer, Electrical and Mechanical

Henry Goldmark.L- D. Cornish. H. F. Tucker,
T. B. Mouniche. Edward C. Sherman, De-
signing Engineers.

Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau, Assistant
to the Chief Engineer.

J. C. Parsons, Secretary.
Maj.T. C. Dickson, U. S. A., Inspector of Shops.
A. B. Nichols. Office Engineer.
James G Craig. Senior Traveling Engineer.
Arthur C. Stone, D. E- Irwin, Traveling Engi-
neers. |

Central Division.

Headquarters, Empire.
Lieut.-Col. D. D. Gaillard, Division Engi-

W I Beam, Chief Clerk.
A. E. Eronk. Genera! Inspector.
A. S. Zinn, Resident Engineer.
Mark W. Teuny, Assistant Engineer.
W. I,. Thompson. Assistant Engineer
J. W. Sneed, Superintendent Construction.
J. M. Hagan. Superintendent Construction.
Joseph little. Superintendent Construction.
W. T. Reynolds, Superintendent Construction.
A. Sessions, Superintendent Transportation.
William H. Bates. Supt. Steam Shovel Repairs.
Dan E- Wright. Supt. Municipal Work and
Pipe Lines.

Atlantic Division.

Headquarters, Gatun.
Lieut.-Col. Wm. L. Sibert, Division Engi-

Maj. Chester Harding, U- S. A., Assistant Divi-
sion Engineer.

R. M. Sands, Chief Clerk.
Maj. Edgar Jad win, U. S. A., Resident Engineer.
Maj. J. P. Jervey, U. S. A., Resident Engineer.
Maj. G. M. Hoffman, U. S. A., Resident En-
Capt. Horton W. Stickle, U. S. A., Assistant En-
Geo. M. Wells. Office Engineer.

Pacific Division.

Headquarters, Corozal.
S. B. Williamson, Division Engineer.

John M. G. Watt, Assistant Division Engineer.

J. C. Keller. Chief Clerk.
W. G. Comber, Resident Engineer.
W. B. Corse, Resident Engineer.
H. O. Cole, Assistant Engineer.
Frank Cotton. Assistant Engineer.
James Macfarlane. Supt. of Dredging.

A. L

Mechanical Division.

Headquarters. Gorgona.
Robinson, Superintendent.
William Taylor, Chief Clerk.
J. H. Flvtm, Mechanical Engineer


Headquarters, Cristobal.
Maj. Eugene T. Wilson, U. S. A., Subsistence

Lieut. Frank O. Whitlock. U. S A Msistnnl

Subsistence officer.

W. F Shipley. Chief Clerk.

John Riirk*» Miina?PT r\f Cnmrnioeori^c


Headquarters, Culebra.
Lieut.-Col. C. A. Devol, U. S. A., Chief

Lieut. R. E- Wood. U.S.A., Assistant Chief

Qua rtermaster.
Lieut. Walter D. Smith, IT. s. A.. Constructing

C. H. Mann. Chief Clerk.
Capt. C. Nixon, U. S. A., Depot Quartermaster,

Mount Rope.
C. L- Parker, Assistant Depot Quartermaster.

Mount Hope.
Chas. R. Bryon, Storekeeper, Gatun.
R. K. Morris, Storekeeper, Gorgona.
F. W. Miracle, Storekeeper, Empire.
Robert Wuerz, Storekeeoer. Miraflores.
X. D. Holt, Storekeeper, Balboa.

District Quartermasters.

B. C. Poole. Anconand Balboa.

A. R. Bennett, Corozal and Miraflores.

J. T. Smith. Pedro Miguel and Paraiso.

H. F. Sedwick. Culebra.

W. G. Ross, Empire.

J. M. King, Lns Cascadas and Bas Obispo.

R. C. Shady. Gorgona.

J. H. K. Humphreys, San Pablo, Mmiu i, Taber-

nilla and Bohio.
W. C. Po re. Acting. Gatun.
Roy R. Watson, C'is'obal and Toro point.
Chas 1). Morgan, Porto Bello and Nonhiede


Civil Administration.

Headquarters. Ancon.
Maurice H. Thatcher, Head of the Depart-

G. A. Ninas. Chief Clerk.
C. L- Luedtke. Assistant Chief Clerk-
Tom M. Cooke, Chief. Division of Posts, Cus-
toms and Revenues, Ancon.
Arthur McGown, Deputy Collector, Ancon.
Juo. L- Storla, Deputy Collector. Cristobal.
J. P. FvlTe. Chief of Police. Ancon.
Lieut. Chas. W. Barber, U. S. A. Assistant Chief
of Police. Ancon.

C. E. Weidmau, Fire Chief, Cristobal.

Chas. F. Koerner, Assistant Fire Chief, Cris-

J. J. Reidy. Acting Supt. Public Works, Ancon.

F A. Gause, Superintendent of Schools. Ancon.

Edgar P. Beck, Treasurer of Canal Zone. Empire.

W. G. Comber, Chairman; James Macfarlane,
C. J. Anderson, Board of Local Inspectors.

Canal Zone Judiciary.

Headquarters. Ancon.
Supreme Court — H. A. Gudger, Chief Justice.
Waller Emery. Clerk, Ancon.
Wesley M. Owen, Associate Justice, Empire.
Circuit Court, First Circuit — H. A. Gudger.
Judge, Ancon.

Walter Emery, Clerk.
Circuit Court, Second Circuit— Wesley M. Owen.
Tud-re, Empire,
Elbert M, Goolsby, Clerk.

Circuit Court. Third Circuit— ( )

Nelson R. Johnson, Clerk.
M. C. Rerdell, Senior District Judge, Cristobal.
S. E. Blackburn, District Judge, Ancon.
EdgarS. Garrison, District Judge, Empire.
J. B. March, District Judge, 3orgona.
ThomasE. Brown. Jr.. District Judge. Cristobal.


Headquarters, Ancon.
Frank Feuille, Counsel and Chief Attorney.
William K. Jackson, Prosecuting Attorney.
Chas. L- Williams, Assistant Prosecuting At-


Headquarters, Ancon.
Col. W. C. Gorgas, Chief Sanitary Officer.

Lieut.-Col. John L. Phillips, l". S. A.. Assistant

Chief Sanitarv Officer.
Maj. Robert E. Noble U. S. A.. General In-
Harry E. Bovay, Chief Clerk.

Lieut.-Col. Charles F. Mason, U. S. A., Superin-
tendent Ancon Hospital, Ancon.

Surgeon Wm. H. Bell, U. S. N.. Superintendent
Colon Hospital, Cristobal.

Surgeon J. C, Perry, P. H. and M. H. S., Chief
Quarantine officer, Ancon. and Health Officer,

Surgeon Claude C. Pierce, P. H. and M. H. S.
Quarantine Officer. Colon.

Dr. Fleetwood Graver, P H.and M.H.S.. Quar-
antine Officer. Panama.

Joseph A. LePrince. Chief Sanitary Inspector.

Or. M. E. Connor, Health Officer. Colon


Headquarters. Empire
Edward J. Williams, Disbursing Officer.

Wm M. Wood, Assistant Disbursing Officer

Purchasing Department.

Headquarters. Washington. D. C.
Capt. F. C. Boggs, U. S. A., General Pur-
chasing Officer.

C. E. Dole."Chief Clerk.

Capt. Courtland Nixon, Purchasing Agent on
the Isthmus.

Maj. Wendell L- Simpson, U. S. A., Assistant
Purchasing Officer, 24 State Street. New York

Lieut-Col. Geo. B. Davis. U. S. A., Assistant
Purchasing Agent, 55 National Realty Build-
ing, New Orleans, La.

Panama Railroad Company.

Headquarters, Colon.
(General offices, 24 State Street, New York.)
J. A. Smith, General Superintendent, Colon.
R. L- Mock, Chief Clerk.
Lieut. Frederick Mears. U. S. A.. Chief Engineer.
A. K. Stone, Master of Transportation.


Examination of Accounts.

Headquarters, Empire.
W. W. Warwick, Examiner of Accounts

T T, PJpnr A ns.tctnnt' Tfyamifipr of Arrnnnti'

The following is a list of the sailings of the Panama
Railroad Steamship Company; of the Royal Mail Steam
Packet Company; of the Hamburg-American Line, and
of the United Fruit Company's Line, the Panama Rail-
road Company's dates being subject to change:


Allianca P. R. R. . .Tuesday. .. Jan. 10

Colon P. R. R . . . Monday Jan. 16

Advance P. R. R . . . Saturday . . . Jan. 21

Panama P. R. R. . .Saturday. . .Jan. 28

Allianca P. R. R. . .Saturday . ...Feb. 4

Colon P. R. R . . . Friday Feb. 10

Advance P. R. R. . .Thursday... Feb. 16

Panama P. R. R . . . Thursday . . . Feb. 23

Allianca P. R. R. . .Wednesday. Mar. 1

Colon P. R. R. . .Tuesday.... Mar. 7


Panama P. R. R. . .Monday Jan. 16

Allianca P. R. R. ..Monday Jan. 23

Colon P. R. R . . . Sunday .... Jan. 29

Advance P. R. R. . .Friday Feb. 3

Panama P. R. R . . . Friday Feb. 10

Allianca P. R. R. . .Thursday... Feb. 16

Colon P. R. R. . .Wednesday. Feb. 22

Advance P. R. R. . .Tuesday. .. .Feb. 28

Panama P. R. R. . .Tuesday Mar. 7

Allianca P. R. R. - .Monday Mar. 13

A fortnightly service of the Cristobal and Ancon will
be maintained as nearly as possible, leaving Cristobal
on or about the 11th and 28th of each month. Due
notice of the sailings of these ships from the Isthmus
will be given. On the outward voyage these ships sail
from the pier at the foot of 12th street, Hoboken, N. J.


Zacapa U. F. C. . .Thursday.. .Jan. 5

Oruba R- M Saturday. . .Jan. 7

Sibiria H.-A Saturday. . .Jan. 7

Almirante U. F. C . . .Thursday.. .Jan. 12

Prinz Aug. Wilhelm. . .H.-A Saturday. . .Jan. 14

Santa Marta U. F. C . . . Thursday. . . Jan. 19

Magdalena R. M Saturday. . .Jan. 21

Metapan U. F. C . . . Thursday. . . Jan. 26

Prinz Joachim H.-A Saturday. . .Jan. 28

Zacapa U. F. C . . .Thursday.. .Feb. 2

Clyde R- M Saturday. . . Feb. 4

Sibiria H.-A Saturday . . .Feb. 4


Metapan U. F. C. . .Thursday.. .Jan. 12

Prinz Joachim H.-A Tuesday Jan. 17

Zacapa U. F C. . .Thursday.. .Jan. 19

Clyde R. M. . . . .Monday Jan. 23

Sibiria H.-A Tuesday. .. Jan. 24

Almirante U. F. C. . .Thursday.. Jan. 26

Prinz Aug. Wilhelm. . .H.-A Tuesday Jan. 31

Santa Marta U. F. C . . .Thursday ... Feb. 2

Thames R. M Monday Feb. 6

Sarnia H.-A Tuesday Feb. 7


Atenas U. F. C . . . Saturday . . . Jan. 7

Cartago U. F. C. . .Wednesday. Jan. 11

Turrialba U. F. C. . .Saturday. . Jan. 14

Parismina U. F. C . . .Wednesday. Jan. 18

Abangarez U. F. C. . .Saturday. . Jan. 21

Heredia U. F. C . . .Wednesday. Jan. 25


Abangarez U. F. C. . .Thursday. .Jan. 12

Heredia U. F. C. ..Thursday. .Jan. 12

Atenas U. F. C . . .Thursday.. Jan. 19

Cartago U. F. C. . .Thursday.. Jan. 19

Turrialba U. F. C . . .Thursday.. Jan. 26

Parismina U. F. C . . . Thursday. . . Jan. 26


Oruba R. M Tuesday Jan. 17

The next sailing of the Leyland Line will be as fol-
lows: Cuban, on or ahmit laniiarv "i fnr Now Orleans
V19 TCitiflTfltnn. Ta



Volume IV.


No. 21.

The Canal Record

Published weekly under the authority and supervision of
the Isthmian Canal Commission.

The Canal Record is issued free of charge, one copy
each, to all employes of the Commission and Panama
Railroad Company whose names are on the gold roll.
Extra copies and back numbers can be obtained from the
news stands of the Panama Railroad Company for five
cents each.

Address all Communications


Ancon, Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.
No communication, either for publication or requesting
information, will receive attention unless signed with the
full name and address of the writer.


Tabernilla Dump Abandoned.

The dump at Tabernilla, the largest on the
Canal work, has been abandoned and will be
used henceforth only in case the other dumps
become congested, or are temporarily out of
use. Spoil from the north of Culebra Cut will
be dumped on the relocation of the Panama
railroad, and on Gatun Dam. Spoil from the
excavation in the Canal prism between San
Pablo and Culebra Cut will be wasted on the
river dumps.

The dump at Tabernilla was opened in 1906,
the location being chosen because of its
proximity to the main line of the Panama
railroad, and of the large level area for dump-
ing which it afforded, the plot of low ground
containing about two square miles. An article
in The Canal Record of October 12, 1910,
contained a description of the method used,
and a comparison of this dump with others
on the Canal work. At that time it was
proposed to doubledeck the dump; that is,
to build an entirely new dump upon the
old one, but on January 1, the site was
definitely abandoned. Since the opening in
1906, there have been dumped at this place
about sixteen million cubic yards of mis-
cellaneous spoil, and the surface is from 20 to
25 feet above the natural level of the surround-
ing country. Since the fall of 1909, spoil

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