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in the Isthmian Canal Sendee will be held
probably on March 12. The next examina-
tions to be held for stenographer and for
typewriter will be about April 30, and for clerk
in October next.

Request should be made at once for appli-
cation form and a copy of the Manual of
Examinations, stating in each case the exam-
ination it is desired to take. Applications
for examination on March 5 will be received
only up to March 1, and for the clerk exami-
nation only up to March 7.

The following named examinations may
be held in the near future, and information in
regard thereto may be obtained from the
Manual of Examinations, a copy of which
may be had on request; application therefor
must be filed in this office not later than
February 25: Assistant bookkeeper, civil
engineer, and teacher (male), in the Philippine
Service; civil engineer and superintendent of

construction, in the Quartermaster's Depart-
ment at large; engineer, and teacher, in the
Indian Service; civil engineer and draftsman,

All instructions found in application form,
and in the Manual of Examinations concern-
ing an examination applied for, should be
read very carefully, to avoid unnecessary
returning of application for correction, which
in some cases delays certification. In con-
nection with information required to be fur-
nished in applications in regard to legal resi-
dence of applicants, it is to be noted that legal
residence does not require continuous bodily
presence, but refers to the place at which the
applicant, if a voter, is legally entitled to
exercise the right of suffrage.

John K. Baxter,
Secretary, Isthmian Civil Service Board.

Culebra, C. Z., February 6, 1911.

The Fill of Gatun Dam.

Suction dredge No. 83 has been towed
around from the Mindi cut, up the Chagres
River, to the west section of Gatun Dam, and
is pumping into the dam from the north side.
There are now three dredges on the fill of
the west section, one on the north side and
two on the south side, and in January, they
pumped 211,992 cubic yards into the dam,
making the total amount of the hydraulic
fill in place at the end of the month 3,948,591
cubic yards. The east section of the dam is
being allowed to drain out during the dry

District Nursing In Colon.

The Sanitary Department has detailed two
nurses from the Colon Hospital staff to the
duty of district nursing in the poor sections
of the city of Colon. The attention of the
department had been directed to the high
rate of infant mortality in that city, and in-
vestigation showed that it wag due mainly to
ignorance on the part of the mothers in
caring for them. For convenience of
administration, the city has been divided
into two districts, and each nurse makes daily
visits to the homes in her district where
there are mothers with infants and young
children, giving instructions in feeding, and
preparing food for the babies, bathing and
dressing them, and in the care of the sick.
The department has issued a little book in
Spanish and English for distribution in the
city, containing simple rules for the care of in-
fants and children. The churches, church
societies, and other organizations in Colon,
are asked to cooperate in this work and, al-
though it has been established only since
January' 15, good results have already been
obtained. The work is under the direct
supervision of the health department in

Tennis Tournament.

A tennis tournament will be held at the
new Tivoli courts, the Panama club courts,
and the concrete court at Ancon Hospital,
five courts in all, on Sunday. February 19,
and Wednesday, February 22 This tourna-
ment is open to all players on the Isthmus.
Singles and doubles will be played. No ad-
mission fee will be charged, but each entrant
is requested to bring two tennis balls. Those
entering in singles cannot enter in doubles.
All entries must be sent to B. C. Poole, Ancon,
C. Z., not later than February 15. Play will
begin at 9 a. m., and entrants will be notified
to which courts they are assigned.



VoUlV., No. 24.


The Mid- Year Meeting at the Hotel Tivoll.

The January meeting of the Canal Zone
Federation of Women's Clubs was held at
the Hotel Tivoli on Tuesday, January 31.
The morning session convened in the sun
parlor at nine o'clock, there being about 50
representatives of the federated clubs in the
Canal Zone present. Mrs. Thomas E. Brown,
jr., presided, and the guest of honor was
Miss Helen Varick Boswell of New York.
The business meeting consisted of the quar-
terly reports of the officers and chairmen; of
standing and special committees, and discus-
sions of club work and progress.

The special activities of recent months
have been along civic, educational, and phil-
anthropic lines. In her report, the chairman
of the health committee gave an outline of
the general plan for a tuberculosis campaign
that is being carried on in Cristobal and
among the poorer districts of Colon. The
education committee will work, toward the
establishing of vacation schools for American
children; the art and literature committee
outlined some practical programs and urged
the clubs to make literary programs a feature
of their regular meetings. The library com-
mittee reported the addition of books to local
libraries and general progress in the library
work of the clubs.

A resolution thanking the General Super-
intendent of the Panama railroad for grant-
ing transportation to the clubwomen, to che
speakers and those who took part in the
program, and to the entertaining and deco-
rating clubs, was passed.

The afternoon meeting was held in the ball
room of the hotel, when there were present
200 clubwomen and their guests. The ad-
dress of welcome was delivered by Mr.
Maurice H. Thatcher; Miss Boswell spoke
on the social and political progress of women
in the United States, and Mrs. John Morrow
Adams, representing the Maryland State
Federation, brought greetings from that
organization to the Zone clubs. The musical
program consisted of a piano solo by Mrs.
Alfred G. Farmer, a group of songs by Mrs.
A. O. Ludwig, accompanied by Mrs. Mary
G. Shivers, and the singing of "America" by
the audience.

The program was followed by an informal
reception, after which tea was served in the
dining room, the Paraiso Woman's Club en-
tertaining. The Pedro Miguel Woman's
Club was in charge of the decorations and
house arrangements. One end of the ball
room was hung with the American flags, the
flags and pennants of the federated clubs, and
the green and gold banner of the Canal Zone
Federation. On the officers' table were cut

The cook book and the federation year
book were on sale during the day, and litera-
ture, issued by the public health and hygiene
committee of the American Medical Associa-
tion, was distributed.

The annual meeting of the Federation will
be held in October, probably at Gatun.

The Cristobal Woman's Club held a meet-
ing in the clubhouse on Wednesday afternoon,
February 1, to which the women of Cristo-
bal and Colon were invited. Miss Boswell
made an address on welfare work in the
United States as it concerns the condition of
women and children in industries.

On Thursday afternoon, February 2, the

Gatun Woman's Club held a reception in
honor of Miss Russell, who made an address,
and the president of the Canal Zone Federa-
tion. Miss Maria Elise Johnson played a
violin solo, and Miss Blanche Neville sang.
Refreshments were served. There was an
attendance of about 30.


Miscellaneous Social Events.

A valentine "social" will be held in Ancon
Hall for the benefit of the Methodist Epis-
copal Church. Panama, on Monday evening,
February 13. There will be music, and re-
freshments, consisting of home made pies,
cakes and candies, will be on sale.

The Corozal Dancing Club wjll hold a
dance at the Y. M. C. A. hall on Friday
evening, February 10.

The Cristobal Dancing Club will hold
their regular monthly dance on Saturday
evening, February 11.

The Cristobal Catholic Club will hold a
dancing party in the Cristobal clubhouse on
the evening of Washington's Birthday, Wed-
nesday, February 22.

Annual Red Cross Ball.

The Canal Zone Chapter of the American
National Red Cross will give an annual ball
at the Hotel Tivoli, Saturday evening, Feb-
ruary 18. Tickets have been placed on sale
and these include transportation and admit-
tance to the hall. Tickets will be sold to
those who have already remitted their Red
Cross dues for this year at 50 cents each ; to
those who have not remitted their dues, at
$1.50 each, which will include transportation,
attendance at the ball, and membership for
the coming year.

This ball will be given annually hereafter,
for the purpose of affording an opportunity
for a general reunion once a year of this or-
ganization; also, to afford a convenient op-
portunity for renewal of annual dues.

Red Gross Finances.

A statement of the financial condition of
the Canal Zone Chapter, American National
Red Cross, follows:


January 1. Balance on hand $1,698.32

January 1. Refund of money ad-
vanced to exemploye of Pana-
ma railroad. May, 12, 1910 100.00

January 1 to 31. Membership

dues 67.00



January 1. Coach hire to bank

and return .20

January 11. Printing receipt cards 2.60

January 12. Coach hire to bank

and return .20

January 18. Relief of family at

Cristobal, (deported) 50.00

January 21. Printing envelopes. . . 5.08

January 16. Postage 3.00

Total disbursements $6 1 .08

January 31. Balance on hand $1,804.24

John L. Phillips, Treasurer.
Approved: C. A. Devol, Chairman.

Band Concert.

A concert will be given by the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission Band at Hotel Tivoli. Ancon, C. Z.. on Sun-
day, February 12, 1911, at 7.30 p. m. The program

1 March — /. C. C. Band Santos Jorge A.

2 Selection — The Golden Girl Howard

3 Intermezzo — Bridal Song from the Rural Wedding.


4 Overture — Semiramide Rossini

5 Waltz— Idle Hours Wood

6 Serenade — La Paloma Xradier

7 Medley Selection — The Sunny South Lampe

8 Song— The Rosary Nevin

9 March — With Sword and Lance Starke

Chas E. Jennings, Musical Director.



At Ancon — Ancon, 5; Atlantics, 4.

At Empire — Empire, 0: Commissary-Subsistence, 4.

At Colon — Gorgona, 6; Marines, 0.


W. L. P.C ! P. W. L.

7 1.000 Gorgona. 7 3 4

5 2 .714 1 Atlantics 7 2 5

4 3 .571 I Marines. 7 7


At Ancon — Atlantics vs. Ancon.

At Empire — Marines vs. Gorgona.

At Colon — Commissary-Subsistence vs. Empire.


Ancon. AB.H.PO.A.E. Atlantics. AB.H.PO.A.E.

Corn-Sub. 7
Ancon ... 7
Empire . . 7


RDren' 3 1 0i


1 1


8 2


2 15 1



L.Dren'n.rf 5
Tinsley.lf . . 5
Smith, 2b. .
Caldwell, c
James. ss. .
Murray. p.
Hull. p. . .









Gamble, lb .





Edwards, 2b






Osborne, rf. .



Yingling.c. .










Sullivan, cf. .




Herring, If. .



Davis, p. . .





Totals... 38 10 27 14 2 Totals ... 33 7 *26 7 8

Ancon 10 2 2—5

Atlantics 3 1 — 4

*Two out when winning run was made.

Runs — Ancon: R. Drennan, L. Drennan, Potter,
James, Nygren; Atlantics: Hennessy, Gamble, Edwards,
Davis. Runs earned — Atlantics, 3; Ancon, 2. Two
base hits — Potter, Edwards (2). Three base hit —
Potter. Sacrifice hits — Caldwell, Gamble, Osborne.
Stolen bases — R. Drennan, L. Drennan, Potter, Nygren,
Pearman. Bases on balls — Off Davis, 1 . Struck out- —
By Davis, 7; by Murray, 3; by Hull, 3. Hit by pitcher
— by Davis, R. Drennan. Left on bases — Atlantics, 3;
Ancon, 10. Umpire — Lawler. Time of game — 2.20.
Scorer — J. K. Munroe. Attendance — 300.

C.-S. AB.H.PO.A.E.

Sullivan, If. 5


Breiv'gle.2b 4

1 5


Curtis, 3b. . 3


2 . 2


Meegan.c. 4

1 7

2 4

2 10


Buchan' 3

1 1

Hodnett.rf. 3


Kellogg. p.. 3



Empire. AB.H.PO.A.E.

Bryan,3b. .. 4
Moore.c. . ..30 3

Bell, lb 2

Dough'ty,2b 3
Toone.rf. ..20
VanZandt.lf 2
Eluharty.lf. 10
Murphy ,cf.. 2 3
Junger.p. ..30030

1 1

2 3
9 1 1


Totals. ..31 8 27 11 Totals... 25 27 11 1
Com.-Subsistence. ..02000100 1—4
Empire 00000000 —

Runs — C.-S.: Curtis. Meegan, Guptil (2). Runs
earned — C.-S., 3. Two base hits — Curtis, Guptil.
Home run — Curtis. Sacrifice hits — Curtis, Mosher,
Kellogg, Bell. Sacrifice fly — Hodnett. Stolen base—
Markley. Bases on balls — Off Kellogg. 2; off Junger,
2. Struck out — By Kellogg, 7; by Junger, 9. Hit by
pitcher — by Kellogg,' Murphy, Moore. Lefton bases —
C.-S., 6; Empire, 3. Double play — Markley to
Dougherty to Bell. Umpire — Irwin. Time of game —
2.20. Scorer — Moeller. Attendance — 1,137.

Gorgona AB.H.PO.A.E. 5 2 3 10
Barney.2b. 5 12 2
Herring.c. . 4 10 2 1
4 4 9 10

3 2 3

4 10 4 10
Briggs,3b. .42130
Masson.rf.. 4

Wright, lb..
Tretter.p .
Emery ,lf. .

Marines. AB.H.PO.A.E. .











1 3










Richards, c. .





Austin.rf . . .



Munsen.p. .





Ryan, rf, 3b.



Kenyon.rf . .


Totals... 37 9 27 12 3 Totals... 28 2 27 20 9

Gorgona 10 2 3—6

Marines 00000000 0—0

Masson ran for Wright in 3d inning.

Barney ran for Wright in 8th inning.

Runs — Gorgona: Clements, Barney, Herring (2),
Tretter, Emery. Runs earned — Gorgona, 2. Two
base hits — Clements, Wright (2). Three base hit —
Clements. Stolen bases — Barney, Herring (3), Emery
(2), Briggs. Masson. Bases on balls — Off Tretter, 2;
off Munsen, 5. Struck out — By Tretter, 10; by Mun-
sen, 11. Left on bases — Gorgona, 9; Marines, 3.
First base on errors — Gorgona, 5; Marines, 1. Umpire
— Freel. Time of game — 2.20. Scorer — J. P. Mead.
Attendance — 55.

The Corozal baseball team defeated a team repre-
senting Paraiso, at Corozal, on February 5. Score
23 to 2.

The following vessels arrived at and departed from
the port of Balboa during the week ending February 4,

Arrivals — January 29, Barracouta, from Central
American ports; Rupanco, from intermediate ports;
January 31, Princeton, from Amapala; Oberon, from
Port Harford; February 2, Loa, from Valparaiso ;
February 3, City of Pajiama, from San Francisco.

Departures — January 30, Riverside and San Juan,
to San Francisco; Chile, to Callao; February 2, Stanley
Dollar, to San Francisco; Arica, to Guayquil; Oberon,
to Port Harford ; February 3, Princeton, to Salina Cruz.

February 8, 1911,




Standardization of Stationery ■

Culebra. C. Z., January 31, 1911.
Circular No. 366:

The stationery for use of the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission and of the Panama Railroad Company shall
be standardized as follows:

Sizes for general forms — The following shall be
standard sizes for general forms, with special sizes per-
mitted if necessity requires:

8 i 3$ — One-third letter size.
8 x 5J — One-half letter size.
8 x 7 — Two-thirds letter size.
8 x 10$ — Letter size.
8 x 14 — One and one-third letter size.
The above sizes shall be strictly adhered to, except
in such cases as come under "Special size forms."

Speciat size forms — Special size forms, which, for
various reasons, cannot be made to conform to the
standard, shall be arranged for between the requisi-
tioning official and the Depot Quartermaster. How-
ever, this is not intended to mean sizes varying one-
eighth, one-quarter, or one-half inch from standard,
unless to be used in card cabinets.

Stock for general forms — The following weights in
white paper shall be standard for general forms. For
comparative purposes only the weight in each instance
refers to a ream of 17 x 22 stock. The Quartermas-
ter's Department will purchase stock in sizes which
will cut and print to the best advantage the standard
sizes given above, but same will equal the weight
mentioned in 17 x 22:

32 It) — Extra heavy. Same as present "Daily

leave order.'!
24 lb — Heavy. Will make about one good carbon

20 lb — Same as that on which this circular was

16 lb — For forms requiring three to four carbon

13 lb — For forms requiring five to seven carbon

7* to 8 lb — Unglazed tissue.
7$ to 8 lb — Glazed tissue.
The Depot Quartermaster will keep in stock the
best grade and a medium grade in all the above
weights, except the first and last.

Colored papers — The standard colored papers to be
kept in stock by the Depot Quartermaster shall be
blue, pink and buff in the 20-pound and 16-pound
weights. Other colors and weights will be considered

Stock forms — All stock forms (those used in com-
mon by two or more departments or divisions) shall be
approved, ordered and given a C. E. number by this
office, and before any such form is reprinted copy of
same shall be submitted to this office for any necessary

Foims in use by two or more departments or divi-
sions carrying but slightly different matter shall be
made into stock forms, if possible, the matter to be
taken up by the Depot Quartermaster with the requi-
sitioning officials with this end in view, whenever he
finds such forms are being ordeied.

Letterhead'! — A'stock letter head (Form292-a C. E. for
ordinary weight. Form 292-b C. E. for medium weight,
and Form 292-c C. E. for glazed tissue) printed on
8 x 10$ stock in black ink. shall be used by all depart-
ments and divisions of the Isthmian Canal Commission.
Those for the Panama Railroad Company shall be
printed on 8 x 10£ stock in black ink.

Second sheets — The quality and weight of paper for
second sheets (used for carbon copies, etc.) shall be left
to the requisitioning official, to be chosen from the
standard stock.

Reference slips — Reference slips, if used in lieu of
letters of transmittal, shall conform to the standard
sizes — half-letter size, two-thirds letter size. or. prefer-
ably, letter size.

Telegraph blanks — A stock telegraph blank (Form
•202 C. E.) shall be used by all departments and divi-
sions of the Isthmian Canal Commission.

Colored inks — Copying and colored inks shall be used
only when absolutely necessary.

Information to be given on requisitions — Requisition-
ing officials should state whether afoim is to be used with
pencil, typewriter or pen. and the number of copies it is
desired to make at one time, in order that suitable
stock may be selected for same.

Geo. W. Goethals.
Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission,
President, Panama Railroad Company.

and other electrical material. The lighting of quarters
of the Commission by electricity is under the Quarter-
master's Department, and no changes or alterations in.
or additions to, electric lighting apparatus in Commis-
sion quarters are allowed, except such as are authorized
by the Quartermaster's Department in accordance with
existing regulations; and all such changes, alterations
and additions, as well as original installations, shall be
made by the Mechanical Division, upon proper author-
ity, only. It is desired that the attention of employes
in all departments and divisions be invited to the above,
and also that my attention be called to any unauthor-
ized installations of electrical apparatus in quarters of
the Commission. H. F. Hodges.

Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Lights in Commission Quarters.

Culebra. C. Z., Febiuary 3, 1911.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

My attention has been invited to a number of un-
authorizedjinstallations, by employes, of electric lights

Oil Allowance for Steam Shovels.

Culebra, C. Z„ February 2, 1911.
Circular No. 314-e.

Circular No. 3 1 4 is hereby amended as follows : The
present allowance of car oil for steam shovel lubrica-
tion, amounting to two and one-half gallons per day, is
cancelled, and the following substituted therefor:

Car oil — Per working day of eight hours... .3 quarts

(To be used for lubrication of bearings)
Crude oil — Per working day of eight hours 2 gal-
lons (To be used for lubrication of steam
shovel chains.) H. H. Rousseau,

Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Cup Grease.

Culebra. C. Z., February'l, 1911.
Circular No. 290-b:

Paragraph 2 of Circular No. 290-a is hereby sup-
plemented by the following:

CuP grease — Narrow gage engines 4 pounds per

month. H. H. Rousseau,

Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Rules for Central Division Lidgerwood Engineers;

Empire C. Z.. January 27, 1911.
Central Division Circular No. 196.

All Lidgenvood engineers will be governed by the
following instructions:

Engineers will report on machines at least IS min-
utes before commencing operations in the morning
and in the afternoon.

Will keep the machine clean with the help of the
silver employes working on same.

Will make thorough daily inspections of machine
and a daily report of its condition.

If work reported as necessary is not done, will report
same to the Lidgerwood inspector or the traveling

Will make such repairs on machine as can be done
without inconvenience to the work.

Keep oil holes clean and oil wells free from dirt.

Promptly remove all condensation from steam pipes
and cylinders before operating the machine, and when
not operating, keep drains and cylinder cocks open.

Remove oil taps located on each valve and insert
small quantity of graphite and valve oil mixed, before
commencing operations, both in the morning and after-
noon. If lubricator fails to work at any time, oil taps
should be removed and oil applied until such time as
the lubricator can be worked effectively.

Oil taps to be removed and oil admitted at any time
that valves are found to be operating dry, the lubricator
to be thoroughly blown out before each filling.

In cases of doubt as to the proper manner of opera-
tion, care of machine, or special instruction, the
presence of the Lidgerwood inspector or traveling
engineer must be requested.

D. D. Gaillard, Division Engineer.

Refunds at the Commissaries.

Cristobal, C. Z.. February 1. 1911.
Circular No. 266:

Purchasers from the Commissary Department fre-
quently complain that they do not receive copies of
refund notes covering such articles as are out of stock.

The failure to receive refund notes is usually due to

the failure of the purchaser to look inside the small
tag envelope attached to each package. It is urged
that these envelopes be always carefully examined on
the insidejfor refund notes.

John Burke, Manager
Approved: Eugene T. Wilson,

Subsistence Officer.

Rainfall from January 1 to 31, 1911, Inclusive.



•re "



"(3 u

re o



Pacific Section —




Pedro Miguel

Rio Grande

Central Section —





*Juan Mina


*EI Vigia


San Pablo




*Monte Lirio. . . .
Atlantic Section —


*Brazos Brook. . .


Porto Bello

*Nombre de Dios

*Bocas del Toro.





















































*Standard rain gage — readings at 5 p. m. daily.
Automatic rain gage at unstarred stations — values
midnight to midnight.

t24th and 30th.

January Rainfall for Three Years.




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