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Sat. Feb. 11...






Height of low




Found — At Culebra, one pair eyeglasses and case,
purchased from Franklin & Co., opticians, Washing-
ton. D. C. Apply to W. P. Copeland, Culebra, C. Z.

February 15, 1911




Relative Density of Fresh and Salt Water, and Size
of Culvert Outlets, Considered.

Experiments are being conducted at Gatun
to determine the proper size of the openings
through which water from the lower locks at
Gatun and Miraflores will be emptied into
the Canal below the locks. On account of
the difference in density between fresh and
sea water, it is necessary to adjust with con-
siderable nicety the size and the elevation of
the outlets of the culvert systems, and the
experiments are carried on with a model, the
inside of which is a facsimile of the outlet as
it will be built at the end of each culvert.

In emptying the lower lock there comes a
time, theoretically, when the salt water at
the outlet of the culverts exerts a unit pressure
into the culvert equal to the unit pressure
from the fresh water in the lock, and, therefore,
the flow ceases. When this occurs the water
in the locks may be at a higher elevation than
the water below, the difference in elevation
depending on the relative density of the water,
and the location and size of the outlet. This
possible difference in the elevation of the water
surface may cause a pressure against the lock
gates, which must be kept within the limits af
the capacity of the gate operating machinery.
The main discharge culverts are IS feet in di-
ameter, and, as it is desired to have the out-
let consist of several smaller openings, it be-
comes necessary to find such a size for these
small openings, as will not reduce the full
discharge capacity of the main culvert, and
will prevent the heavy salt water from get-
ting into it. If the openings are too small,
the discharge will be reduced, and if they are
too large, there is a possibility that the salt
water will get into the main culvert and stop
the flow of water from the lock, before the
levels equalize nearly enough to permit the
gates to be opened.

The experiments are being conducted in
accordance with the recommendation of a
board consisting of Lieut. -Col. H. F. Hodges,
Maj. Chester Harding, and Mr. John M. G.
Watt, appointed for the purpose of determin-
ing what means should be taken to obviate
dangers resulting from tidal action and from
difference of density. The details of a method
of overcoming the tidal pressure on the lower
guard gates are now being studied. After
discussing the effect of the difference of den-
sity, the board finds that it will be safe to
omit all precautions in this respect, except at
the lowest operating gates in each flight at
Gatun and Miraflores. The report continue-:

"It has been stated that, in theory, a level
for the discharge culvert can be found at
which the effect of the difference in salinity
at the two sides of the gates may be reduced
to a manageable amount, or even to zero,
with unchanging conditions of density and
lift. ***** with a range of tide such
as is experienced at Gatun, a position for the
culvert can be found at which the maximum
resultant pressure on the gate will be less than
one ton. At Miraflore-., where the tidal range
is much greater, a position for the surface of
contact for the salt and fresh water, i. e., for
the discharge opening of the culvert, can be
found at which the maximum resultant pres-
sure will be well within the strength of the
operating mechanism.

"With the discharge opening in a vertical
plane, it is obvious that different condi-
tions as to density would exist at the top and

bottom ends of the vertical diameter of the
opening, and it might be possible for water
of greater density to be flowing inward at the
bottom of the culvert, and at the same time
fresh water flowing out at the top. If, how-
ever, the openings are in a horizontal plane,
it is believed that this contingency will be
practically avoided.

"The board proposes, therefore, that below
the lower valves the culvert be turned upward
to discharge through openings in a horizontal
plane, the position of this plane being fixed
for the two lock flights at the positions estab-
lished by the analysis, i. e., at elevation — 21
at Gatun (21 feet below sea level), and at
elevation — 25 at Miraflores. The discharge
of the culvert will then be at nearly the posi-
tion of theoretical equilibrium of unit pressure,
so that any resultant flow from one side to
the other, due to difference in density of water,
can be at first only slight. Ac the same time
the resultant pressure on the gate will be
within manageable limits. *****

"In order to avoid interfering with the effi-
ciency of discharge, the openings in the
horizontal plane, through which the water
escapes from the culvert, should manifestly
be larger in area than the minimum area of
the culvert itself. The board is not prepared
to state what proportion these areas should
bear to each other, and suggests that this
matter should be made the subject of experi-

Civil Service Examinations.

Examinations will be held, probably on
March 5, for the positions of stenographer
and typewriter and of typewriter in the Isth-
mian Canal Service. Examination for clerk
in the Isthmian Canal Service will be held
probably on March 12. The next examina-
tions to be held for stenographer and type-
writer and for typewriter will be about April
30, and for clerk in October next.

Request should be made at once for appli-
cation form and a copy of the Manual of
Examinations, stating in each case the exam-
ination it is desired to take. Applications
for examination on March 5 will be received
only up to March 1, and for the clerk exami-
nation only up to March 7.

The following named examinations may
be held in the near future, and information in
regard thereto may be obtained from the
Manual of Examinations, a copy of which may
be had, on request; application therefor must
be filed in this office not later than February
25: Assistant, bookkeeper, civil engineer, and
teacher (male), in the Philippine Service;
civil engineer and superintendent of con-
struction, in the Quartermaster's department
at large; engineer, and teacher, in the Indian
Service; civil engineer and draftsman.

All instructions found in application form,

and in the Manual of Examinations concern-
ing an examination applied for, should be
read very carefully, to avoid unnecessary
returning of application for correction, which
in some cases delays certification. In con-
nection with information required to be fur-
nished in applications in regard to legal resi-
dence of applicants, it is to be noted that legal
residence does not require continuous bodily
presence, but refers to the place at which the
applicant, if a voter, is legally entitled to
exercise the right of suffrage.

John K. Baxter,
Secretary, Isthmian Civil Sen ice Board.
Culebra, C. Z., February 6, 1011.

Fatal Accident at Pedro Miguel.

Alex. LaRue, an American, employed by the
McClintic-Marshall Construction Company
in the work of dismantling berm crane "G"
at Pedro Miguel, was struck and fatally
injured by a train on one*of t the storage tres-
tles in the forebay of the locks on Wednesday,
February 8. He was 27 years of age, un-
married, and had been on the Isthmus 17
days. His previous residence was at Norfolk,

Porto Bello Crusher.

A statement of the work done at Porto
Bello crusher, by days, for the week ending
February 11, follows:



February 6 . .
February 7 .
February 8 . .
February 9 . .
February 10.
February 1 1 .







Kearney Sentenced.

Bernard L. Kearney, convicted of the em-
bezzlement of post-office funds at San Pablo,
was sentenced to one year in the Culebra
penitentiary by Judge H. A. Gudger, in the
Circuit Court at Empire, on Tuesday, Feb-
ruary 14.

Band Concert.

A concert will be given by the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission Band at Culebra. C. Z.. on Sunday. February
19, 1911, at 5.45 p. m. The program follows:

1 March — With Sword and Lance Starke

2 Selection — Madame Sherry Hoschna

3 Intermezzo — Bridal Song from the Rural

Wedding Goldmarfc

4 Overture — Semiramide Rossini

5 Waltz — The Lion and She Mouse Bendix

6 Medley Selection — My Southern Rose. .Von Tilzer

7 March — Tannhauser Wagner

8 Selection — Carmen Bizet

9 March—/. C.C.Band Jorge A.

Chas E. Jennings. Musical Director.
The next concert will be given at Bas Obispo on
Sunday. February 26. at 6 p. m.


A statement of classified expenditures under the Isthmian Canal Commission to December
31, 1910, follows:



of Civil Admin- I


of Sanitation.

Department of
Construction I
and Engineering.

General Items.

Total to June 30. 1909.
Total, fiscal year 1910.

July, 1910

August, 1910

September, 1910

October, 1910

November. 1910

December, 1910

$3,427,090.29 $9,673,539.28





Total $4,498,046.84 $12.379.495.86 I $110,406,725.46 1 $82,447.015.42






Vol. IV., No. 25.


Women's Clubs, and other Events.

The meeting of the home department of
the Cristobal Woman's Club was held in the
clubhouse on Wednesday, February' 8. Mrs.
P. T. Murphy read a paper on tropical fruits
and vegetables. There was a piano solo by
Mrs. Humphreys and Mrs. J. Diers sang a
group of Danish folk songs, accompanied by
Mrs. Frank Ullrich. Refreshments were

The meeting of the Gatun club on Friday,
February 10, was under the home department.
The club is planning for an art afternoon, with
papers, and the Federation traveling art
gallery will be exhibited.

Work on the Gatun playground has already
begun. The committee on equipment has
succeeded in raising a bond, which insures
the payment of all expenses connected with
its work. The association is looking forward
to the completion and opening of the play-
ground before the end of the dry season.

Isthmian Lodge, No. 1, Daughters of Re-
bekah, Gorgona, held a ball at the clubhouse
on Saturday evening, February 11, the object
being to establish a hospital fund for the
benefit of the women of the order.

The next meeting of the Paraiso Women's
Club will be held on Thursday, February' 23 ,
instead of on Wednesday, February 22. ^

The Pedro Miguel Women's Club will hold
a social meeting at the home of Mrs. Mark
White, Ancon, on Saturday evening, February
18, members and their husbands being invited.
There will be a special train from Pedro
Miguel and return. The regular meeting of
the club, scheduled for February 22, will be
omitted, and the next business meeting will be
held at the home of Mrs. Ed Brown, Pedro
Miguel, on March 1.

The "Pedro" club of Pedro Miguel held a
"poverty party" at the social hall on Saturday
evening, February 11. There was informal
dancing, a sale of fancy articles, and several
card tables were provided. There was a
large attendance.

At a recent meeting of the Empire Woman's
Club, each member brought a guest, and the
afternoon was spent informally, refreshments
being served.

On Wednesday evening, February 8, the
residents of Empire held a reception at the
clubhouse in honor of Chaplain and Mrs. A. A.
Nellis, and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Warr. A
musical program was given consisting of a
duet for violins by Mrs. W. H. Decker and Miss
Jessie Smith, a vocal duet by Mrs. Alfred
Dickson and Mrs. Mary G. Shivers, and solos
by Alfred Dickson and Frank Connors.
Addresses were made by Mr. Nellis and Mr.
Warr. Refreshments were served.

The Empire Masonic Club will hold a
banquet in the Commission hotel on Tuesday
evening,|February 21. W. W. Warwick will
be the toastmaster. The members of the
club will be accompanied by their wives.

The Culebra Club held a concert at the
clubhouse on Thursday evening, February 8,
those taking part in the program being, as
follows: Vocalists, Mrs. A. Faure, Mrs. D. F.
Donahue, Messrs. Kramer, Kersey, Tupper,
Freeman French, Purchase, Case, Hall, Cran-
dall, Lee, and Tucker; pianist, H. E. Bronson;
violinist, Mrs. Donahue; reader, F. A. Kearns,
and the Culebra orchestra. The attendance
was good.

Cristobal Lodge, No. 2 1.0 O.F.. will hold

a picnic at Toro Point on Washington's
Birthday, February 22. The use of one of
the Atlantic Division tugs to convey the mem-
bers, their families and friends to and from
the Point has been authorized.

Church Notes.
A schedule of special Lenten services to be
held in St. Luke's hospital chapel, Ancon,
has been arranged, as follows: Ash Wednes-
day, March 1, Holy Communion at 7 a. m.;
morning prayer and litany at 10 a. m.; even-
ing prayer and address at 8 p. m. Every
Wednesday, morning prayer and litany, 9
a. m.; every Friday, morning prayer and
litany at 9 a. m., and evening prayer and
address at 8 p. m. The services for Holy Week
will be announced later.

A benefit dance and euchre party for St.
Mary's Church, Star of the Sea, Roman Cath-
olic, East Balboa, will be held in the social
hall over the Commission hotel at Old Balboa
on Saturday evening, February 18.

There will be a series of special services at
St. James' Episcopal Church, Empire, on
Thursday evenings during Lent. The preach-
ers will be as follows: March 2, the Rev. Mr.
Griffiths of Gatun; March 9, the Rev. J. B.
Bicknell of Ancon; March 16, Chaplain H. A.
Brown of Culebra; March 23, the Rev. Mr.
Mulcare of Culebra; March 30, the Rev. E.
J. Cooper of Colon; April 6, the Rev. A. C.
Peck of Panama. A series of outdoor serv-
ices will be conducted by the chapter of the
Brotherhood of St. Andrew on Tuesday
evenings during Lent at the following places:
Golden Green, Lirio, Cunette, New Town,
Empire, and Camacho.

The members of the Women's Altar Society
of the church of St. Ferdinand, Roman
Catholic, Empire, is raising funds for a new
baptismal font for the church. The men's
society will present a set of new pictures repre-
senting the Stations of the Cross. Several
improvements have been made in the building.
A garden has been laid out on the side fronting
the railroad, and a statue of the Virgin Mary,
made in France, has been placed in the center
of it.

Gatun Lodge, Independent Order of Odd
Fellows will attend the services at the Com-
mission chapel on Sunday evening, February
19. The Rev. Mr. Purdy will preach on the
principles of Odd Fellowship. The members
of the organization will assemble in the lodge
hall over the chapel at 7.30, and proceed to
the chapel in a body.

On Sunday, February 12, the services at
the Gatun chapel were commemorative of
Lincoln. The Rev. Mr. Purdy preached on
"Lincoln, the man."




At Ancon — Ancon, 3; Atlantics, 2.
At Empire — No game — postponed.
At Cristobal — Commissary-Subsistence, 0; Empire, 2 .

P. W. L. P.C. P.

Com-Sub. 8 7 1 .875 Gorgona. 7
Ancon... 8 6 2 .750 Atlantics 8
Empire.. 8 5 3 .625 Marines. 7


At Ancon — Ancon vs. Commissary-Subsistence.
At Empire — Empire vs. Marines.
At Colon — Atlantics vs. Gorgona.


AB.H.PO.A.E. | Atlantics. AB.H.PO.A.E. 3 12 2













RDren' 4
LDren'n.rf. 3
Caldwell.c. 4 . 4 13 2

Snydel,2b.. 3 12 10

4 2 2

3 10

2 10

1 ! Gamble.2b.. 3 11

14 3 0"

12 4

Hunter. 3b .
Russell. If. .

4 4 1

Herring. If. .




Ed wards. lb.





Yingling.c. .




Osborne. rf. .


1 .










Davis, p. . . .








Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

A meeting of the Nobles of the Mystic
Shrine, the first of the gatherings it is pro-
posed to hold annually, has been arranged for
Saturday evening, March 4, at Hotel Tivoli.
There are about 56 members of this Masonic
branch on the Isthmus, representing 38 tem-
ples in the United States. The committee in
charge of the arrangements consists of Gerald
D. Bliss. Pedro Miguel, chairman; Francis
W. Walraven, Las Cascadas, secretary; Quin-
cy A. Hall, Gorgona; Alonzo Hunter, C. R.
Bryon, George W. Healey, Gatun; John
Burke, Cristobal; C. P. Gibson, Empire;
Henry M. Eagelston, Corozal. A special
train will be provided for the occasion, leav-
ing Colon at 6.30 p. m.

Totals... 33 5 *26 16 1 Totals... 33 9 27 7 5

Anron 10 10 10 0—3

Atlantics 1 10 0—2

tYingling out for foul bunt on 3d strike.

"Batted for Peaiman in 9th inning.

Runs — Ancon: R. Drennan (2), Nygren; Atlantics:
Herring. Pearman. Runs earned — Atlantics. 1. Two
base hit — Davis. Sacrifice hits — Russell. Edwards.
Stolen bases — R. Drennan (2), Caldwell, L. Diennan.
Snyder (4), Herring. Hennessy. Edwards. Bases on
balls— Off Davis. 2; off Hull, 2. Struck out— By
Davis, 6; by Hull. 3. Left on bases — Ancon. 6; At-
lantics. 7. Double plays — Pearman -to Edwards.
Umpire — Lawler. Time of game — 2.00. Scorer — J .K.

Empire AB.H.PO.A.E.

Bryan, 3b.
Moore, c. . .
Barney, rf. .
Wright. lb..
Herring, If. .
Tretter.p .

1 16


10 10


1 1


Dough'y,2b 4 0-1 4

C.-S. AB.H.PO.A.E. 4 12 2
Breivogle.2b 4 2

Curtis, 3b. . .
Meegan.c. . .
Hodnett.rf .
Sullivan, If. .
Kellogg, p . .
Horrigan.lf .

2 15 1



1 1

Rutherford* 10

Totals ..34 427 10 2 Totals . . .30 2 f25 6 8

Empire 00000000 2—2

Com.-Subsistence... 00000000 0—0

*Batted for Sullivan in 7th inning.

tBarney out foul bunt on 3d strike; Tretter out
foul bunt on 3d strike.

First base on errors — C.-S.. 1; Empire, 4. Stolen
bases— Matkley (2). Bases on balls — Off Tretter, 1:
off Kellogg. 2. Struck out — By Tretter. 15; by Kellogg.
13. Hit by pitcher— By Tretter, 2 (Curtis, Hodnett) ;
by Kellogg, 3 (Moore, Barney, Murphy). Left on
bases— Empire, 9; C.-S.. 5. Double play— Moore to
Wright. Umpire — Freel. Time of game — 2:20. Ram
delayed game 10 minutes. Scorer — J. P. Mead. At-
tendance — 1.214 paid admissions.

Game was protested by the Commissary-Subsistence
team on account of Empire playing four of Gorgona's
players who had not been released and properly signed.

Family Quarters.

Applications for married quarters were on file Febru-
ary 1, as follows:

No. 1


Ancon Hospital








Las Cascadas-Bas Obispo .


Pedro Miguel-Paraiso. . . .

Porto Bello


Toro Point

4 (2)


2 (1)


1 (1)


No. 2










45 (13)

146 (60)

145 (41)

17 (6)


54 (19)

21 (4)

2 (1)

8 (3)

Total 45 (7)695(169 )

The figures in parentheses show the number of appli-
cants already occupying regular or nonhousekeeping
family quarters at stations, other than those at which
applications are filed.

Lost — At Pedro Miguel, or Empire, or on the train
between those places, a triangular pin bearing the
Greek letters "OREAD," and the inscription" F. A. S."
Returnjto Miss F. A. Scofield, Culebra, C. Z.

February 15, 1911.




Activities of the Young Men's Christian Asso-


A game of indoor baseball on Saturday evening be-
tween Cristobal and Corozal resulted in a score of 11
to 4 in favor of Cristobal.

A pool tournament will begin on February 15.

Gymnasium classes will be held on Monday and Wed-
nesday evenings at S o'clock. All gymnasium work
will be followed by basketball, baseball, or some other
recreative game.


Three teams were entered in the "Rapid transit"
chess contest on Tuesday evening, February 7. C. M.
Wilson won the match.

The 200, or over, bowling scores for the week ending
Febiuary 11 are, as follows: Hall, 230, 234, 225,214;
Warner, 213; Conlan, 202.

The next three sessions of the "Topic" club will be
under the leadership of the Rev. A. A. Nellis, and the
meetings will be held on Monday nights at 7.45 o'clock.


Work on the extension of the clubhouse for the new
bowling alleys was begun on February' 6.

On Tuesday evening, February 7, the machinists
took two out of three games from the Central Division,
and on Thuisday. February 9, the Examination of
Accounts team took three straight from the machine
shops in the local bowling league series, by the following
scores :


Reiman 155 141 168

Danielson. .. 118

Argue 159 200 156

Peterson 201 160 145

Shaughnessy. 201 187 178

Parkis 168 163

Total 834 856 810

Examination of Accounts.

Drake 195 146 159

VanBrocklin. 162 130 186

Sawtelle 137 145 135

Bardelson.. . 200 168 182
Pearson 167 178 177

Central Division.
Cohen. ... 169 141 146
Koperski. . 103 178 143
Hobbs. ... 156 189 169

Booth 126 149 130

Potter. ... 182 192 172

Total . . . 736 849 760
Machine Shops.

Snvder 127 144 150

Fretz 123 136

Anderson.. 144 147 122
Gustavson. 141 158 152
Edwards... 157 136 153
Nelson 133

Total 861 767 839 Total... 692 721 710

Beginning February 14. weekly group contests will
be held in the gymnasium for which prizes will be given.
In addition to the regular gymnasium work, one of these
events will be run off each week. The attendance at
the gymnasium on February 10, was 25.

The following high scores were bowled during the
week, exclusive of tournament games: Pinney, 216;
Edwards. 225. 200; Giavelli, 209; Goolsby. 209; Hobbs.
201. Duckpins— Rhodeghiero. 100. 130; Witmer. 100.
101; West. 100; McLeod. 100; Scull. 100.

At the discussion under the auspices of the literary
society on February 17, the subject will be "The power
of mind over matter." and the leader will be F. P. Wagg.
The society is preparing a program for the evening of
Washington's Birthday.

Gaul's "Holy City" will be sung by the musical sec-
tion of the Empire Musical and Dramatic Society on
Sunday evening, February 26.


Bowling scores of 200, or over, for the past week are
as follows: Halderman. 202; Gailliott. 207; Stewart.
200, 244; W. Miller. 200; Gaedke. 202; Bordt, 214;
Canfield. 227; Stoehr. 204. Duckpins. 100. or over —
Gailliott. Ill; Otis. 102, 106; Davis. 102; Kaufman,

The Gorgona Dramatic Club played "Esmeralda"
on Friday, February 10. So many were unable to
secure seats that the play will be repeated on Friday,
February* 24. Dates have been arranged for perform-
ances at the National Theatre in Panama, Cristobal,
Corozal. Gatun, Empire, and Culebra.

The track men have been working under Captain
Simka.and 15 men 'are entered in events for the athletic
meet at Empire on Washington's Birthday.

A "gym" class is being organized for the benefit of
the men who work nights. It will meet Tuesday and
Thursday afternoons at 1 o'clock.

Candidates for the indoor baseball team are to repoit
for practice on Monday and Thursday nights of each
week at 8 o'clock. A few minutes of calisthenics will
precede the regular practice.


Those interested in chess and checkers met in the
game room on Saturday night. February 1 1 , and formed
a club, electing C. R. Harrington, president. and R. E.
Chatfield, secretary. A tournament will be started
just as soon as a schedule can be arranged. Any mem-
ber may join. The following men have already enter-
ed: W. C. Gayer. F. J. Severy, R. E. Chatfield. W. H.

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