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Isthmus during the month.


H. F. Hodges,
Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.



Washington's Birthday.

Culebra, C. Z., February 15, 19U.
Circular No. 368:

Washington's Birthday. Wednesday, February 22,
1911, will be observed as a holiday in the Canal Zone,
and, as far as practicable, all public business will be
suspended on that day. H. F. Hodges,

Acting Chairman.

Employes Warned from Drinking Water Drawn
for Locomotives.
Culebra, C. Z.. February 16. 1911.
Circular No. 369:

Attention is directed to the fact that the water drawn
from the tanks supplying locomotives, especially the
one located at Pedro Miguel, is not generally suitable
for drinking, and the practice frequently observed of
engine and train crews, and men on the dumps, drinking
water drawn from locomotive tender tanks should be
discontinued. H. F. Hodges,

Acting Chairman and Chief Engineer.

Repairs to Vessels and Mechanical Equipment.

Culebra, C. Z.. February 16, 1911.
Circular No. 343-a:

After March 1 , 1911, repairs to all vessels and steam-
ships on the Atlantic coast belonging to the Panama
Railroad Company, individuals and companies, and
repairs to all mechanical equipment, except hostling of
and light running repairs to locmotives and light running
repairs to cars, for departments and divisions of the
Isthmian Canal Commission, the Panama Railroad
Company, and for individuals and companies, in Colon,
Cristobal and in the vicinity, will be done by the dry
dock shops.

Mechanical work, except repairs to steam shovels,
for the Panama railroad relocation will be done by the
Mechanical Division.

Paragraph 6 of Circular No. 343 is hereby modified
to read , as follows :

All repairs to air pumps, injectors, lubricators, air
motors and hammers, angle cocks, triple valves, and
air hose, that require machine work or the removal of
the article from the equipment, and all except light
running repairs to concrete mixers and pumps, and
all spare parts and liners therefor, will be made at the
Gorgona shops. H. F. Hodges,

Acting Chairman, Isthmian Canal Commission.

Second Vice-President, Panama Railroad Company.

No Reservations on U. F. Co. Steamers, March 16.

Culebra, C. Z., February 14, 1911.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

Advice has been received from the agent of the
United Fruit Company in Colon to the effect that the
entire state room accommodations on steamships Aban-
garez and Zacapa, scheduled to sail from Colon to New
Orleans and New York, respectively, on March 16,
1911. have been engaged by the American Society of
Civil Engineers, in view of which no requests for
the reduced rate will be issued from this office for these
sailings. C. A. McIlvaine,

Chief Clerk.

Misdirected Letters.

Ancon. C. Z.. February 20. 1911.
The following insufficiently addressed letters origi-
nating in the United States and its possessions, have
been received in the office of the Director of Posts and
may be had upon the request of the addressee:
Barney. Wm. Kent. Geo. D.

Catlin. W. R. Knox. B. C.

Close, J. A. Love, Mrs. William

Coffman. F. Lee Mitchell, N.

Dorsey, Mrs. W. B. Nembhard. Samuel

Dement. G. H. O'Neil, Thos.

Dunlap. Miss Jane Phipps, R. A. (Pel)

Fahey. Michael J. Rogers. W. W. Harlow

Finley. G. B. Regan. Wm.

Galergher. H. J. Schirmer, Veit

Holtz, Al. Simmons, Miss Bessie

Harold, James Smith, William F.

Huffman, Ed. W. Stephens, Nathan

Jacks. Mrs. Tamnay Thompson, W. L.

Tenks, Mrs. George Ward. John A.

Johnston. Wm. C. Wickel. H. ^»

King. L. H. (pkg.) Wilson. Thoe. B.

lOopsch. Louis Wilmot. James

Activities of the Young Men's Christian Asso-


Gymnasium work began on Monday, February 13.
and classes will meet every Monday and Wednesday
evenings at 7.30 o'clock.

On March 3, the Culebra Glee Club will give a con-
cert. Special trains will run from Culebra and Panama.

The Gorgona Dramatic Club will give an entertain-
ment on March 14, and special trains will be run on
that night also.


The following are the 200, or over, bowling scores for
the week ending February 18: Hall, 223; Case, 214,
203; Huttlemeier, 213; Cushing, 208; Mengle, 203;
Sickler, 200.

E. C. Howe will give an illustrated lecture on the
"Everglades of Florida" on Friday evening, February

The topic for the discussion club fot Monday evening.
February 27, will be "Social amusements" and "The

All players desiring to enter the chess tournament
are requested to hand in their names to Mr. Stearns, or
Mr. Dubois.


The members of the boys' department took a trip to
the Mandingo River on Saturday. February 18. This
trip was preliminary to the organization of the boy
scouts at Empire on Monday, February 27.

The following events will constitute the group for
which the physical director announces prizes, and the
first series will be run on Thursday evening. February
23: Calisthenics, parallel bars, side horse, horizontal
bar (high and low), potato race (8 and 17), standing
broad jump, three standing broad jump, mat, .rope
skip, and relay.

The following high scores in bowling were made during
the week: Peterson, 219, 221; Goolsby, 229, 215;
Yount, 200.


The latter part of November. 13 boys passed the
"Tenderfoot" test for admittance to the Boy Scouts
of America.

"Esmeralda" will be repeated on Friday evening,
February 24.


The standing in the local duckpin bowling tournament
is. as follows:
Quartermaster's . .

Dry dock

Com. -Subsistence .
Miscellaneous. . . .

Plaved. Won. Lost. Per cent.

9 7 2 777

9 4 5 444

9 4 5 444

9 3 6 333

The following matches were played last week:

Dry Dock.

Claherty 82 78 99

Wheeler 87 82 88

Rosteck 83 70 80

Gibnon 70 79 87

Adams 86 89 88


Thompson .
DeCora. . .
French. . . .
Bullard. ...

85 70 77

78 67 86

85 77 85

77 83 69

95 87 76

Total 408 398 442 Total ... 420 384 393


Furlong 78 90 85

Sims 89 101 83

Rabbitt 78 66 81

Grover 76 95 94

Herring 81 89 86


Herrington 89 74 117
71 75 83
94 95 97
74 68 79
86 100 81

Total 402 441 429

Do* Dock.

Claherty 86 79 89

Wheeler 84 92 91

Rosteck 94 82 89

Gibson 94 70 S3

Adams 77 91 S9

DeCora . .
French . .
Bullard . .

Total .

414 412 457

charge of 10 cents will be made for each 30 frames to
pay for the medals.

The Gorgona Dramatic Society will give a play at
Gatun on February 27.

The discussion club will study "Problems of society
and the home." on Sunday evening. February 26.

The Gatun Debating and Literary Society has elected
the following officers: President, C. F. Young; vice-
president. R. M. Roudabush; secretary. W. H. Brown;
chairman of program committee, L. L. Gilkie. The
club will meet every Wednesday night, and at the March
meeting the question to be debated will be "The forti-
fication of the Panama Canal." Mr. Brown will lead
the discussion in favor, and Mr. Heiskell against. Mr.
Young will give a talk on "The Philippines." and musi-
cal selections will be given. Any man in Gatun is
eligible for membership in the society.

Gold medals have been presented to Mr. Barte and
Mr. DeMoll for bowling, and to Mr. Durand for winning
the three-cushion billiard match. Edward Atkins of
the junior department rolled 25S in tenpins on February


The following is the standing of the six leaders in the
pool and checker tournaments:

Pool Tournament.

Name. Played. Won. Lost.

Wallen 8 8

Tuttle 7 6 1

Millar 8 5 3

Beardsley 7 4 3

Hill 6 3 3

Carpenter 3 2 1

Checker Tournament.

Macintosh 10 10

Arden 8 7 1

Taylor, T 8 6 2

McDevitt 10 5 5

Tuttle 4 3 1

Taylor. J. B 4 2 2


Banett. ... 79 81 97

Jacques. . . 89 85 102

Thompson. 90 77 75

Howard ... 84 94 86

Louch 102 80 82

Total 435 414 441 Total. . . 444 417 442

The "Life problem" club, under the leadership of
Judge Brown, will meet foi its opening session on Wed-
nesday, March 1, at 8 p. m., instead of Wednesday,
February 22.

Mr. Selenkow, formerly of Gorgona. will give an
exhibition "Punch and Judy show" at the Cristobal
clubhouse on Saturday afternoon at 3.30 for the benefit
of the children of Colon and Cristobal.

"Esmeialda." by the Gorgona Dramatic Company,
will be produced at Cristobal on Friday, March 3.


In the duckpin handicap tournament each man will
rolK30 frames with every other man, and the pinfall,
according to difference in averages, will determine the
winner. Gold medals are awarded for the highest
pinfall. and for the largest number of games won; and
silver medals for second number of games won and second
pinfall. Two-thirds of the total number of games must
be rolled to win a medal- There is no entrv fee. but r


A meeting of the executive committee of the Panama
Canal Baseball League was held at Colon on Tuesday.
February 21, and as a result, it will recommend to a
general meeting of the league called for Wednesday, ■
February 22, the termination of the present league
season; the awarding of the pennant to the Commissary-
Subsistence team, and the adoption of a new schedule
to begin on Sunday, February 26, and to continue
until Sunday, May 7, which provides for 12 games,
inclusive of one holiday date, that of Good Friday.
Inasmuch as the Gorgona and Marine teams
have withdrawn from the league, it is probable that
only four clubs will be represented, viz., Commissary-
Subsistence. Ancon. Empire, and Atlantics.

The protest entered by the Commissary-Subsistence
team in the game played with Empire on the Colon
grounds on February 12, was sustained and the game
has been thrown out. The game to have been played
between Gorgona and the Marines at Empire on Feb-
ruary 12, and the game scheduled between Empire and
the Marines at Empire on February 19, are to treated
as postponed games. The game scheduled between the
Gorgona team and the Atlantics at Colon park on Feb-
ruary 19, was forfeited to the Atlantics on account
I of the nonappearance of the Gorgona players.


At Ancon — Ancon, 1; Commissary-Subsistence, 6.

At Empire — No game — postponed.

At Colon — Forfeited by Gorgona to Atlantics.


P. W. L. P.C. I P. W. L. P.C.

Corn-Sub. 8 8 1.000 Gorgona. 8 3 5 .375

Ancon... 9 6 3 .667 Atlantics 9 3 6, .334

Empire.. 7 4 3 .571 Marines. 7 7 .000


C.-S. AB.H.PO.A.E.
Buch' 5 2 10
Breivogle.lf 5 10
Curtis.2b. .41600
Mosher.rf.lb4 14 1
Ruth'ford.ssS 13 1
Lacey.3b... 4 110 2 10
Meegan.c. 2 1 13 1
Kellogg.p. .31031
Hodnett.rf. 2 10

Ancon. AB.H.PO.A.E.
RDren' 3 4
LDren'n.rf .
Smith. 2b.. .
Potter, 3b. .
James. ss . . .
Murray. p. .



1 1
1 2


Totals. ..36 9 27 7 3 Totals. ..30 2 27 6 2
Com.-Subsistence... 10 2 3 0—6
Ancon 1 0—1

Runs— C.-S.: Rutherford, Lacey, Meegan (2).
Kellogg, Hodnett; Ancon: Smith. Runs earned—
Ancon. 1; C.-S., 3. Two base hits— Curtis. Kellogg
Home run— Smith. Sacrifice hits— Murray, Meegan
Sacrifice fly— Mosher. Stolen base*? — Curtis. Meegan
(2) . Kellogg, L. Drennan. Bases on balls — Off Kellogg,
2; off Murray. 3. Struck out— By Kellogg, 13; by
Murray. 9. Hit by pitcher— By Kellogg. 2 (R. Dren-
nan, Nygren). Left on bases — C.-S.. 9; Ancon, 7.
Umpire — Irwin. Time of game — 2.00. Scorw — J. K.



Vol. IV., No. 26.


The hours during which commissaries ate open are
as follows:

Cristobal and Culebra. S a. ra. to 12.30 p. in.; 2 p. m.
to 7 p. m.

All other commissaries, S a. m. to 1 p. ra.; 3 p. m. to
7 p. m.

Retail prices of cold storage provisions for the week
beginning February 21.



Mutton — Stewing, per pound 6

Shoulder, neck trimmed off, (4 pounds

and over) , per pound 9

Entire forequarter (not trimmed) 10

pounds and over, per pound 8

Leg, (8 to 10 pounds), per pound. ... 17

Cutlets, per pound 18

Short cut chops, per pound 20

l.amk — Stewing, per pound 6

Entire forequarter, neck trimmed off,

per pound ' 9

Leg (5 to 8 pounds), per pound 20

Chops, per pound 24

Cutlets, per pound 24

al — Stewing, per pound flO

Shoulder, for roasting (.not under 4

pounds), per pound 12^

Chops — Shoulder, per pound 16

Chops, per pound 24

Loin for roastin, per pound f24

Cutlets, per pound 28

Pork cuts, per pound *14

Beef — Suet, per pound 2

Soup, per pound 5

Stew, per pound 8

Corned, per pound 12, 14, 16

Chuck roast (3 pounds and over), per

pound 12

Pot roast, per pounid 12£

Rib roast, second cut (not under 3$

pounds), per pound 16

Rib roast, first cut (not under 3 pounds),

per pound 18

Sirloin roast, per pound 19

Rump roast, per pound 19

Porterhouse roast, per pound 20

Steak, Chuck, per pound 12$

Round, per pound 13

Rib, per pound 18

Sirloin, per pound 19

Rump, per pound 19

Porterhouse (not less than 1£

pounds) , per pound 20

Tenderloin (Western) per pound . . 24

Tenderloin (Native) , per pound ... 30


Livers — Beef, per pound 7

Calf, each 60

Half, each 30

Sausage — Pork, per pound 15

Bologna, per pound 10

Frankfurter, per pound 12

Lieberwurst, per pound 10

Sweet bread — Veal, per pound 1.20

Beef, per pound 25

Eggs, fresh, dozen *27







i-dozen.only .

Bluelish, fresh, per pound

Cod. fresh, per pound

Halibut, fresh, per pound ....
Oysters, in 1-quart kegs, keg.
Oysters in i-gallon kegs, keg.














Chickens — Fancy roasting, large, eacn

medium, each

Fowls, each 60, 70, 80, 90,

Ducks, large, each

medium, each

Rroilers, each

Turkeys, per pound

abs, each

Rabbit ts, dressed, each

Pheasants, each 70,

s ' irt ridges, each

Grouse, each


. -English York Cut. per pound 30

German, Westphalia, per pound 36

Sugar cured, per pound 18

Sliced, per pound 20

Half, for boiling, per pound 19

Boiled, per pound 25

Hocks, per pound J8

Picnic, Winchester, per pound 15

if .con — Breakfast, whole piece, per pound 23

Breakfast, sliced, per pound 24

Kcef, salt, family, per pound 9}

Pork, Bait, family, per pound 14

Or tongues, each 75

Pigi' feet, per pound 9

Tongues, per pound 14

Sliced bacon in 1-pound tins, per tin 30

In 1-pound jars, per jar 30


Buttsr— Creamery special, per pound 32

Ch***o — Roquefort, per pound 38

Philadelphia Cream, cake 10

Young America, per pound 20

Swiss, per pound 26

Edam, each , 1.00


Cheese — Camembert, in'large tins, tin 38

Camembert, in small tins, tin 14

Neufchatel, each 6

Gouda, per pound 34

Milk (Inspected or certified), per bottle **25

(Pasteurized) , bottle **18

Buttermilk, bottle **15

Ice cream, quart '25

i-gallon 150


Beets, per pound .3

Celery, per head 6

Carrots, per pound 3

Cabbage, per pound 3

Cucumbers, per pound 10

Kale, per pound 6

Lettuce, per pound 15

i-pound 8

Onions, per pound 3^

Potatoes, white, per pound s 2\

Sweet, per pound 2

Parsnips, per pound 3

Romaine, per pound 14

Squash, per pound 4

Spinach, per pound 10

Turnips, per pound 3

Yams, per pound 3

Apples, per pound 6

Cranberries, per pound 10

Grapefruit . each 4

Lemons, dozen 24

Limes, per 100 80

Oranges, per dozen 12

Tangerines, each 2

*Indicates reduction from last list.
**Indicates 5 cents allowed for return of bottle,
tlndicates advance on last list.

?Sold only from commissaries; no orders taken for

Supplies for Canal'Work.

The following steamers, with supplies for the Isth-
mian Canal Commission, arrived at the ports of Cristo-
bal and Colon during the week ending February IS,

Wesllands, February 13. tiom Gultpurt, with 53.250
lineal feet piling, untreated, 21,695 lineal feet, piling,
creosoted, 14 barrels washers. 1A pieces washers for
Atlantic Division; 12 barrels washers for Pacific Divi-
sion; 125,773 feet, B. M. yellow pine lumber for stock.

Sihiria. February 13. from New York, with 200
barrels carbolic acid for stock.

Colon. February 16, from New York, with 22 cases
crusher machinery'. 6 pieces crusher machinery, 5 reels
wire rope for Atlantic Division; 11 packages concrete
machinery. 14 pieces rough castings, 28 cases rough
castings for Central Division; 20 barrels fire brick, 6
buoys for Pacific Division; 1.156 pieces castings. 20
bales rubber hose for Mechanical Division; 15 crates
ice chests for Sanitary Department; 5 cases butchers'
aprons, 20 mounted grindstones, 5 barrels lye. 288 cases
caustic soda, 85 kegs iron pipe-fittings, 312 kegs bolts,
1© cases drill machinery for stock; and a miscellaneous
cargo, the whole consisting of 2.043 packages, weighing
2S2 tons.

Abangarez, February 16, from New Orleans, with
7 pieces cable chain for Central Division; 113 pieces
castings, 267 crates fire brick for Mechanical Division;
2,41 1 bales prairie hay, 125 bundles cant hook handles,
197 barrels fire clay for stock.

Almirante, February 16, from New York, with 150
cases paint, 360 pails grease, 120 cases lubricating oil,
140 drums lubricating oil for stock.

Tide Table.

The following table shows the time of high and low
tides at Panama for the week ending March 1, 1911,
(75th meridian time):


j High.





|a. m.

A. M.


P. M.

P. M.




11 40

P. M.




February 25

. 12.55




February 26.

. 1.55




February 2 7 .

. 2.40




February 28 . .





March 1




10.40 .

The following vessels arrived at and departed from
the port of Balboa during the week ending February 18,

Arrivals — February 12. Newport, from San Francis-
co; February 13. City of Para, from San Francisco;
February 14, Ucayali. from Callao; Mackinaw, from
San Francisco; February 15, Huasco, from Callao;
February 17. Quito, from Buenaventura and Tumaco.

Departures — February 11. Pectan, to Port Harford;
February 12. Manavi, to Buenaventura; February 13,
Peru, to Callao; February 14, Melville Dollar, to San
Francisco; February 16. Ecuador, to Guayaquil


The following la a list of the sailings of the Panama
kailroad Steamship Company; of the Royal Mail Steam
Packet Company; of the Hamburg- American Line, and
of the United Fruit Company's Line, the Panama Rail
road Company's dates being subject to change:


Advance P. R. R. . . Thursday ... Feb. 16

Panama P. R. R.

Allianca P. R. R.

Colon P. R. R.

Advance P. R. R.

Panama P. R. R.

Allianca P. R. R.

Colon P. R. R.

Advance P. R R.

Panama. .

Allianca. .
Colon. . . .
Advance. .

. ,.P. R. R.
. ..P. R. R.
. ..P. R. R.
...P. R. R.

.Thursday... Feb. 23
. . Wednesday . Mar. 1

. . Tuesday Mar. 7

. . Monday Mar. 13

. .Saturday., .Mar. U

. .Friuay Mai. 24

. . Fnd.y Mar. 31

. . Thurs 'ay . .Apr. 6
.. Wednesday .Apr. 12
. .Tuesday .. .Apr. 18
. . Monday .... Apr. 24
. .Saturday. . .Apr. 29


P. R. R. . .Wednesday. Feb

Feb. 28
Mar. 7
Mar. 13
Mar. 19
Mar. 25


Advance P. R. R.

Panama P. R. R.

Allianca P. R. R.

Colon P. R. R.

Advance P. R. R .

Panama P. R. R.

Allianca P. R. R.

Colon P. R. R.

Advance P. R. R.

Panama P. R. R.

Allianca P. R. R.

Colon P. R. R.

Advance P. R. R.

A fortnightly service of the Cristobal and Ancon will
be maintained as nearly as possible. Due notice of
the sailings of these ships from the Isthmus will be
given. On the outward voyage these ships sail from
the pier at the foot of 12th street, Hoboken, N. J.


Santa Marta U. F. C . . .Thursday. .Feb.

Clyde R. M Saturday. ..Feb.

- .Tuesday

. .Tuesday..

. .Monday. .

. .Sunday.. .

. . Saturday .

. .Friday Mar. 31

. .Thursday . . .Apr. 6

. . .Wednesday .Apr.
.Tuesday. ...Apr.
. Tuesday . . . Apr.
. Monday. . . May
.Saturday. ..May
. Friday May


Feb. 18
.Feb. 23
. Mar.



Sarnia H.-A Saturday.

Metapan U. F. C . . . Thursday. ,

Prinz Joachim H.-A Saturday.

Zacapa LT. F. C . . . Thursday.

Thames R. M Saturday . .

Sibiria H.-A Saturday . .

Almirante U. F. C. . -Thursday. ..Mar. 9

Trent R. M Saturday. . .Mar. 18

Oruba R. M Saturday.. .Apr, 1

Magdalena R. M Saturday. . .Apr. 15


Almirante U. F. C. . .Thursday.. .Feb. 23

Prinz Aug. Wilhelm. . .H.-A Tuesday Feb. 28

Santa Marta U. F. C. . .Thursday Mar. 2

Tagus R. M Tuesday Mar. 7

Metapan U. F. C. . .Thursday ..Mar. 9

Zacapa U. F. C. . .Thursday... Mar. 16

Oruba R. M Tuesday. . .Mar. 21

Magdalena R. M Tuesday. . .Apr. 4


Heredia U. F. C. . .Wednesday. Feb. IS

Atenas U. F. C. . .Saturday. . .Feb. 18

Cartago U. F. C . . ..Wednesday*Feb. 22

Turrialba U. F. C. . .Saturday.. .Feb. 25

Parismina U. F. C . . . Wednesday . Mar. 1

Abangarez U. F. C. . .Saturday. ..Mar. 4

Heredia U. F. C. ..Wednesday. Mar. 8

Atenas U. F. C. . .Saturday.. . Mar. 11


.Thursday. . .Feb.
■ Thursday. .Feb.
,. Thursday .. Mar.
.Tnursday.. Mar.
.Thursday. .Mar.
.Thursday.. .Mar.
. Thursday. . Mar.
. Thursday . . Mar.

Abangarez U. F. C .

Heredia U. F. C.

Atenas U. F. C.

Cartago U. F. C.

Turrialba U.F.C.

Parismina U. F. C .

Abangarez U. F. C.

Heredia U. F.C. .


Clyde R- M Tuesday Feb,

The next sailing of the Leyland Line will be as fol-
lows: Anlillian on or about February 27, for New
Orleans via Kingston, Ja.

Hamburg-American steamers leave for New York
every Tuesday at 10 a. m.; for Jamaica every fortnight,
connecting there with steamers for all points in Cuba ;
for Port Limon every Tuesday, direct, or by way of
Bocas del Toro.

Royal Mail steamers leave for New York on alternate
Tuesdays at 12 noon; for Southampton on alternate
Tuesdays at 10 a. m.

United Fruit Company's ships for New Orleans direct
leave on Thursday at 3 p. m. ; for New Orleans via Port
Llmon and Puerto Barrios on Thursday at 4 p. m.,
and for New York en Thursday at 1 1 a. m.

Sailings of the French line (Cie Generale Transatlan-
tique) for Venezuelan ports, Martinique and Guade-
loupe on the 3d and 20th of each month.



Volume IV.


No. 27.

The Canal Record

Published weekly under the authority and supervision of
the Isthmian Canal i ommission.

The Canal Record is issued free of charge, one copy
each, w all employes of the Commission and Panama
Railroad Company whose names are on the gold rol .
Extra copies and back number* can be obtained from the
news stands of the Panama Railroad Company for five
cents each.

Address all Communications


Ancon, Canal Zone,
Isthmus of Panama.

No communication, either for publication or requesting
information, win receive attention unless signed with the
full name and address of the writer.


Cargo Cranes for Balboa Docks.

After a canvass of the bids in the office of
the Assistant Chief Engineer, recommenda-
tion has been made that the contract for sup-
plying and erecting eight cargo handling
cranes on the steel dock at Balboa be awarded
to the Cleveland Crane and Engineering
Company of Wickliffe, Ohio, for approxi-
mately 891,500, the exact price to depend
upon minor changes to be made by direction
of the Commission. The first crane must be
delivered within four months of the award of
the contract, and all of them within eight
months. The dock is being strengthened, so
that it can support a concrete floor, and the
eight new cranes which will take the place of
ten lj-ton cranes now installed there.

The new cranes will have a capacity of four
tons each, and will be capable of taking gen-
eral merchandise or lumber from the holds of
vessels tied up at the dock and delivering it
under cover on the dock. The boom must
extend over the ship a distance of 40 feet
from the center of the crane tower, and the

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