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witness at the request of the grantor, who signed the
same in his presence, or who acknowledged to him that
he had signed the same, for the purposes and consider-
ation therein expressed.

The certificate of acknowledgment shall be sufficient
if it is substantially in the following form:

The Judicial Circuit |

Canal Zone. *

Before me •

in and for

In the Canal Zone, on this day personally appeared

known to me (or proven to me on the oath of

a credible witness.) to be the person

whose name is subscribed as a witness to the foregoing
instrument, and after being duly sworn by me, on his
oath deposes that he subscribed the same as such wit-
ness at the request of

the grantor named in the foregoing instrument, and
that he saw the grantor execute the same (or that the
grantor acknowledged to him that he had executed the
same, as the case may be.) for the purposes and con-
sideration therein expressed.

Given under my hand and seal of office this

day of A. D

Article 4. The officers authorized to take acknowl-
edgments under this Order shall issue proper certificates
of all acknowledgments taken or proven before them.

Article 5. The Clerk of the Circuit Court of the First
Judicial Circuit of the Canal Zone shall be, ex officio.
Registrar of Property of the Canal Zone, and it shall
be his duty to record all instruments authorized to be
recorded by this Order, or any other law or order of the
Canal Zone, and presented to him for record, in a well
bound book or books kept by him for that purpose, and
he shall attach a certificate to each deed so recorded by
him, which certificate shall state the date and hour of
the filing of the instrument for record, as well as the
book and page or pages of the record upon which the
same is recorded; and shall be signed by him under his
official title, and shall be impressed with his seal. The
seal of the Registrar shall contain the words "Registrar
of Property of the Canal Zone."

He shall keep an index, direct and cross, of the in-
struments recorded by him. which shall show the names
of the grantor and grantee of each instrument recorded
by him, and the date of the filing of the same, and the
book and page or pages in which it is recorded.

Article 6. It shall be the duty of the Registrar of
Property to keep a file docket wherein he shall note the
filingof all instruments when presented to him for record,
which docket shall contain the names of the parties to
the instrument, the date of the same, and the date and
hour of its filing in the Registrar's office; and all in-
struments shall be deemed to have been recorded from
the time of such filing.

Article 7. No instrument in writing shall be admitted
to record in the Registrar's office, except such as are

acknowledged or authenticated in the manner provided
I for in this Order.

Article 8. The instruments described in Article 1
of tnis Order, and executed in conformity therewith, as
well as the instruments described in the Executive Order
of August 20, 1910, entitled "Executive Order. — Con-
veyance of Real Estate by Married Women," and
executed in accordance therewith, shall be admitted
to record in the Registrar's office.

Article 9. A copy of any notaria'. deed relating to
property in the Canal Zone, taken from the records in
the office of the Registrar of Property of Panama, oi
Colon, Republic of Panama, and recorded therein prior
to February 26. 1904, and duly certified by the Regis-
trar issuing tne same, shall be recorded in the office of
the Registrar of Property of the Canal Zone, in like
manner as provided for deeds executed in the Canal

Article 10. In all cases in which Spanish documents
are admitted to registration under the provisions of
this Order, such documents shall be accompanied by
English translations which shall be recorded witn them.

Article 11. A copy of any final judgment or decree of
a court of competent jurisdiction of the Canal Zone,
vesting the title to immovable property, or any interest
therein, in one or more of the parties to said judgment
oi decree, and duly certified by tne clerk of the court in
which the judgment or decree was rendered, as being
a true copy of such judgment or decree as the same
appears in the records of the court, shall be admitted to
record in the Registrar's office in like manner as pro-
vided herein for deeds executed in the Canal Zone.

Article 12. A copy of a judgment or decree of a court
of competent jurisdiction of the Republic of Panama,
affecting immovable property situated in the Canal
Zone, rendered prior to the 26th day of February, 1904,
and duly certified by the clerk, or secretary, of the court
rendering such judgment or decree, and by the judge
thereof, when the signature of the said judge is authen-
ticated by the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Pana-
ma, shall in like manner be admitted in the Registrar's
office under the provisions of this Order.

Article 13. No deed or other instrument in writing
affecting immovable property shall be valid against
subsequent creditors of, or bona fide purchasers for
value, without notice, from the owner of such property,
unless the same shall have been recorded with the
Registrar of Property of the Canal Zone.

Article 14. The Registrars' offices at Empire and
Cristobal shall be discontinued on and after the date on
which this Order goes into effect, and the books and
records of immovable property in those offices shall be
transferred to the Registrar's office hereby created, and
shall become a part of the records of his office; and
after this Order takes effect all deeds, or other instru-
ments, required to be recorded by the provisions of
this Order, or any other law or order of the Canal Zone,
shall be recorded in the office of the Registrar herein
provided for.

Article 15. The Registrar of Property shall be en-
titled to charge for his services rendered as Registrar,
the following fees. United States currency:

For each instrument recorded, including his certifi-
cate thereto, ten cents per folio of one hundred words,
but no charge shall be less than 50 cents for any one

For each certified copy issued by him of an instrument
recorded in his office, including certificate thereto,
lOcents per folio of 100 words, but no charge shall be
Jess than 50 cents for each copy thereof.

For searching his records and giving a certificate

thereto of any fact or facts contained in his records, 50
cents for each certificate, provided that where more
than one record book is searched, he may charge 25
cents for each additional book.

The fees so collected by the Registrar of Property
shall be turned in by him to the Canal Zone Treasury.

Article 16. Any instrument in writing mentioned in
Article 1 of this Order and duly acknowledged or
authenticated in the manner therein described, and any
deed or other instrument executed and acknowledged
in accordance with the provisions of said Order of August
20, 1910. relating to conveyances by married women,
may be used in evidence on the trial of any action or
special proceedings without the necessity of proof of
its execution unless such instrument is attacked
for forgery by the affidavit of the adverse parties, pro-
vided, however, that such instrument shall not be ad-
missible in evidence without proof of its execution un-
less the same or a copy thereof be filed with the clerk of
the court wherein such action or special proceeding is
pending, and due notice is given to the opposite party,
or his attorney, at least three days before the trial of
such action or special proceeding.

Article 17. A copy of any instrument duly recorded
under the provisions of this Order and certified to by
the Registrar in charge of the record, may be used in
evidence in any judicial proceedings in like manner and
effect as might be done with the original if produced,
provided such certified copy is filed with the clerk of the
court wherein the action or proceeding is pending, and
due notice of the filing of such copy is given to the ad-
verse party, or his attorney, at least three days before
the trial or proceedings in which the said copy is to be
produced in evidence.

Article 18. All orders or decrees and parts thereof in
conflict with this Order are hereby repealed, and the
Executive Order of March 12, 1907, effective April 15.
1907, relating to the execution and recording of deeds
is also hereby repealed, provided, however, that this
order shall not affect a deed or other instrument relating
to immovable property executed pursuant to the said
Order of March 12, 1907, prior to the date on which
this Order shall take effect, and provided further that
this Order shall not be construed to modify in any
manner the Executive Order of August 20, 1910,
relating to the conveyance of real estate by married

Article 19. This Order shall take effect 60 days from
its date. VVm. H. Taft.

The White House,

February 2, 1911.

[No. 1295.1

Band Concert.

A concert will be given by the Isthmian Canal Com-
mission band at Gatun, C. Z.. on Sunday, March 5,
1911, at 2 p. m. The program follows:

1. March — Midshipman Laurendeau

2. Waltz — The Lion and the Mouse Bendix

3. Intermezzo — Bridal Sotig from the Rural Wedding..


4. Overture — Semiramide Rossini

5. Rag — WUd Cherries Snyder

6. Medley Selection — The Sunny South Lampe

7. Serenade — La Paloma Xradier

8. Selection — The Golden Girl Howard

9. March — Tannhauscr Wagner

Chas. E. Jennings, Musical Director.
The next concert will be given at Hotel Tivoli, An-
con, March 12, at 7.30 p. m.


On January 25, there were 37,271 employes actually at work on the Canal and the Panama
railroad, and of that number, 29,842 were Canal employes. The gold force on the Canal work,
composed almost entirely of white Americans, was 4,875. The total force is, as follows:










West Indian












































Const'ct n and Ene'r'ng.

Civil Administration


Examinat'n of Accounts.








7. "-'7






















































Panama railroad force, 4,277; Panama railroad relocation force 2.094: Panama railroad commissary force.
1,058. Total. 7.429 I. C. C. force. 29,842. Grand total. 37.271.
*A11 wages specified are in gold.

March 1, 1911.




I.uffic Operations of Both Railroad and Steam-
ship Lines for Fiscal Year 1910.

The total earnings of the Panama Railroad
Compny, and the Panama Railroad Steam-
ship Company, for the fiscal year ending
June 30 .CIO. according to the sixty-first
annual re| nrt o( the board of directors, re-
cently issued, amounted to S6,100,7S8.83, as
compared with $5,715,517.16 for the fiscal
year 1909, an increase of §385,271.67. The
operating expenses aggregated $4,35S,426.92,
as compared with $3,699,678.60 in 1909, an
increase of $658,748.32, making a decrease in
the earnings over operating expenses of $273,-
476.65. The net income for the twelvemonth
was $1,254, 777. SO. as compared with $1,522,-
7S0.45 for the preceding period.

The total railroad earnings in 1910 were
$4,224,062.28, as compared with $4,267,161.-
85 in 1909, a decrease of $43,099.57, or 1.01
per cent. The earnings of the railroad for
the transportation of all kinds of traffic show
the following decreases: Through commercial
freight, $63,290.70, or 4.93 per cent; local
Isthmian Canal Commission freight, $173,-
914.64, or 19.16 per cent, a total decrease of
$237,205.34, or 10.82 per cent. The passen-
ger earnings, including mails, baggage, treas-
ure and express, increased $69,975.76, or
7.86 per cent; local commercial freight, $38,-
619.29, or 10.19 per cent; and miscellaneous
earnings SS5, 510.72, or 10.61 per cent, a total
increase of $194,105.77, or 9.35 per cent,
making a net decrease in traffic earnings of
S43.099.57, or 1.01 per cent, as compared with
a net decrease for the previous year of $274.
275.94, or 6.04 percent.

The freight traffic from New York and gulf
ports to South Pacific ports showed an increase
of 795 tons; to San Francisco, 8,299 tons, and
to Panama 11,893 tons; while to Central
America and Mexico, there was a decrease of
2,056 tons. From Europe, freight shipments
to South Pacific ports decreased 3,033 tons;
to Central America and Mexico, 8,966 tons,
and to San Francisco,- 2,548 tons; while to
Panama, there was an increase of 6,143 tons.
To Europe, shipments from South Pacific
ports decreased 5,115 tons; from Central
America and Mexico, 20,787 tons; from San
Francisco, 50 tons, and from Panama, seven
tons. To New York and gulf ports, shipments
from Central America and Mexico decreased
6,065 tons, but increased 4,444 tons from South
Pacific ports; 24,754 tons from San Francisco,
and 294 tons from Panama.

The freight carried over the railroad during
the fiscal year 1910, including that of the rail-
road company, aggregated 1,272,217 tons of
2,000 pounds, or 40 cubic feet each, as com-
pared with 1,160,304 tons during the pre-
ceding year, an increase of 9.65 per cent. The
gross earnings per ton in 1910 averaged $1.92,
as against S2.30 in 1909, a decrease of 16.52
per cent. The total revenue freight traffic
over the road in 1910, including both mer-
chandise and coal, was 1,238,381 tons, an
increase of 118,200 tons, or 10.55 per cent,
over 1909. The revenue therefrom was $2,-
372,571.94, a decrease from 1909, of $198,-
586.05, or 7.72 per cent. In addition to the
above, 33,836 tons of company freight, 3,171
. ns of mail and excess baggage, and 2,568
, ns of express were carried, the amount of
ail and baggage transported showing an
■crease of 271 tons, over 1909. The south-
^ ound freight tonnage was 77.96 per cent of

the total, as compared with 72.29 per cent in
1909. The through freight traffic was 30.60
per cent of the total, as against 32.86 per cent
the previous year. Coal, including that of
the company, comprised 57.37 per cent of the
southbound traffic. an increase of 4.74 percent,
over 1909.

A total of 627,397 first class passengers was
carried in 1910, as compared with 555,908 in
1909, an increase of 12.86 per cent, and 479,-
586 in 1908. The number of second class
passengers transported was 1,600,172, as com-
pared with 1,328,390 in 1909, a gain of 20.46
per cent, and 906,059 in 1908. The total in-
crease in passengers carried amounted to
343,271, or 18.22 per cent. The passenger
earnings increased from $669,933.54 in 1909,
to $739,757.58 in 1910, or 10.42 per cent.
The revenue from through passengers showed
an increase of $6,494.72, or 26.21 per cent,
and the number of such passengers, an in-
crease of 884, or 14.43 per cent. Local pass-
engers showed an increase of $63,329.32, or
9.82 per cent, in revenue, and 342,387, or
18.23 per cent, in the number carried.

The total earnings of the company's steam-
ship line were SI. 876,726.55 in 1910, an in-
crease of $42S.371 24, or 29.58 per cent, over

1909. The operating expenses increased from
$1,335,848.13 in 1909, to 81,708,774.30 in

1910, or 27.92 i er cent. Freight traffic in-
criased 205,934 tons, or 93.77 per cent, and
the revenue therefrom increased $410,296.45,
or 48 36 per cent. The number of passengers
carr-d increased 2,091, or 14.40 per cent, and
there was an increase in earnings from this
source of $5,270.49, or 1.45 per cent. The to-
tal increase from carrying the mails amounted
to S7.400.70. Total mail revenue 1910—
S21S,098.04. Of the total tonnage trans-
ported. 96,279 tons were carried by the com-
pany's learners, and 329,280 tons by char-
tered vessels.

J. Earle, Gorgona. Time, 16 2-5 seconds,
lowering the previous Isthmian record 1 3-5

Running broad jump — 1st, C. O. Herring,
Gorgona, distance 19 feet 7 inches; 2d, H.
LaCroix. Cristobal, distance, 18 feet 3 inches;
3d, R. Koperski, Empire, distance, 17 feet
?i inches.

100-yard dash (boys) — 1st, II. Panai,
Cristobal; 2d, Thomas Guderian, Cristobal;
3d, Guy Morrison, Cristobal. Time, 12 4-5

440-yard dash — 1st, H. K. Allard, Ancon;
2d, D. T. Ellsworth, Gorgona; 3d, H. W. Ott-
man, Gatun. Time, 1 minute 2 seconds.

Pole vault — 1st, J. G. DeCora, Cristobal,
distance, 9 feet'6 inches; 2d. J. T. Luttrell,
Empire, distance, 9 feet 3 inches; 3d, H. D.
Myers, Gorgona, distance, 9 feet. DeCora
beat the Isthmian record by 2 inches.

Relay race (boys) f of a mile, 6-lap track
— 1st, Cristobal (Morrison, Gibson, Guderian,
Panai); 2d, Gatun; 3d, Empire; 4th, Cule-
bra. Time, 2 minutes 58 seconds.

One mile run — 1st, Carl Sherberger, Ancon;
2d, A. A. Simka, Gorgona; 3d, C. J. Mengel.
Time, 5 minutes 19 2-5 seconds.

Two mile walk — 1st, R. K. Knox, Gorgona;
2d, G. K. Weston, Cristobal; 3d, I. N. De-
Long, Cristobal. Time, 21 minutes 48 4-5

Relay race (men) f of a mile, 6-lap track—
1st, Cristobal (Starbuck, LaCroix, Koperski,
DeCora); 2d, Ancon; 3d, Gorgona; 4th,
Camp Elliott; 5th, Gatun. Time, 2 minutes
35 3-5 seconds.

The teams represented scored the following
number of points: Gorgona Y M. C. A., 43;
Ancon Athletic Club, 17; Cristobal Y. M. C.
A., 17; Empire Y. M. C. A.. 11; Gatun Y.
M. C. A., 6: Porto Bello Y. M. C. A., 5; U.
S. Marines, Camp Elliott. 4; Culebra Y. M.
C. A., 1.

Empire Athletic Meet.
An athletic meet was held at Empire on
February 22, under the direction of the Y. M.
C. A. in which 72 men and 21 boys were
entered. The results in the sixteen events
were, as follows :

100-yard dash — 1st, W. J. Earle, Gorgona;
2d, J. K. Mt'iroe, Ancon; 3d, G. B. Fitts,
Gorgona. Time 11 2-5 seconds. In the
second heat of this event. G. B. Fitts of Gor-
gona, made the dash in 10 2-5 seconds, lower-
ing the Isthmian record 3-5 of a second.

Shot put — 1-t. C. O. Herring, Gorgona,
distance 47 feet 3 inches; 2d, G Shaffer, Em-
pire, distance, 40 feet 3 inches; 3d, H. D.
Myers, Gorgon ■, distance, 37 feet 11 inches.
Herring established a new record for the Isth-

Running high jump — R. T. Clark, U. S.
Marine Corps, and H. D. Myers, Gorgona,
tied for first place at 5 feet 2 inches. On the
jump-off R. T. Clark won first medal, and H.
D. Meyers second; the points were divided
equally between the two teams; 3rd, R.
Koperski, Empire, distance 4 feet 10 inches.

220-yard dash — 1st, G B. Fitts, Gorgona;
2d, H. K. Allard, Ancon; 3d, W. L. Kenealy,
Ancon. Time 26 2-5 seconds.

Hammer throw — 1st, J. E. Carpenter,
Porto Bello, distance 131 feet 1 inch; 2d,
Geo. Shaffer, Empire, distance, 130 feet I5
inches; 3d, C. O. Herring, Gorgona, distance,
95 feet 10 inches.

120-yard low hurdles — 1st, H. G Hallock,
Gatun; 2d, H. D. Myers, Gorgona; 3d. W.

Gatun Fire Department Tournament.

A fire department tournament was held by
the three volunteer companies at Gatun on
the morning of February- 22. The results in
the four events, which were fully described
in The Canal Record of February 15, were,
as follows:

1. One hundred and fifty-yard hose race — ■
No. 3 company, Gatun spillway, first, time
43 seconds; No. 2 company, cement shed,
second, time 53j seconds; No. 1 company,
Gatun, third, time 58 seconds.

2. Coupling contest, laying parallel four
50-foot lengths of hose — No. 1 company, first,
time 22 J seconds; No. 2 company, second,
time 24^ seconds. No. 3 company, third,
time 24? seconds. The contest between the
last two companies resulted in a tie for sec-
ond place.

3. Removing section of hose from charged
line — No. 1 company, first, time 20i seconds;
No. 3 company, second, time 21j seconds;
No. 2 company, third, time. 22j seconds.

4. One man coupling contest — No. 3 com-
pany, first, time 9 seconds; No. 2 company,
second, time 10J seconds; No. 1 company,
third, time 10j seconds.

No. 3 company won the series with 57
points. No. 1 company was second with 43
points. The winning company was awarded
an American flag. 5 by 8 feet, as a prize, and
will be entertained at a banquet by the other
two companies at the Gatun hotel on Satur-
day night, March 4.



Vol. IV., No. 27.


Activities of the Young Men's Christian Asso-

The Caveny Company from the States will give an
entertainment at the clubhouses during March, con-
sisting of vocal and instrumental music, impersonations,
and cartoon and clay modeling work. The dates are,
as follows: Culebra, March 2; Gorgona, March 3; Ga-
tun, March 6; Empire, March 7; Corozal, March 9.


Gymnasium classes are meeting every Monday and
Wednesday evenings. All men interested in work of
this nature are invited to join the classes.

A Spanish class has been arranged for, and any one
interested may hand his name to the secretary. A
preliminary meeting for the arrangement of the class,
and time of meeting, will be held during this week.

The Culebra Glee Club will give an entertainment
on March 3; and the Gorgona Dramatic Club will pre-
sent "Esmeralda" on the 14th.

All men who have ever sung in glee clubs or male
quartets, or in choruses, are asked to leave their
names with the secretary.


The 200 bowling scores for the week ending Febru-
ary 25. are, as follows: Fox, 236; Hall, 235; Gushing,
215; Conlon. 209; Mengel, 202.

The Topic Club will discuss "Problems of the fam-
ily and the Church" on Monday evening, March 6.
from 7.45 to 8.15. Rev. A. A. Nellis will direct the

The Gorgona Dramatic Club will present "Esmer-
alda" on Friday evening. March 10. Members, free;
nonmembers, 50 cents; children, 25 cents.

The members of the boys' department took a trip to
Old Panama beach on Saturday, February 25, prelimi-
nary to the organization of the Boy Scouts division in
the evening, at which the following officers were cho-
sen: Patrol leaders. Paul Warner. Frank Violett;
Adjutant, Randolph Hepler.

The Culebra indoor baseball team will play the Co-
rozal team on Saturday, March 4.


The February handicap pool tournament was won
by H. M. Pearson.

The musical section of the Empire Y. M. C. A.
Musical and Dramatic Society gave a performance of
Gaul's "Holy City" on Sunday evening. February 26,
before a large audience.

The standing of the local bowling league is as follows :

Played. [Von. Lost. P.C.
Examiner of Accounts 6 6 1000

Machinists 6 3 3 500

Civil Administration. .6 3 3 500

Central Division 9 3 6 333

Machine Shop 9 3 6 333

Moving pictures were shown on the 25th and will be
exhibited again on March 1.

The literary society will hold a discussion on Fri-
day evening, March 3.

Gymnasium classes continue to meet on Tuesdays
and Thursdays. Considerable time is being spent by
the members in preparing for the group games.

The new bowling alleys recently ordered from the
States arrived on the Advance.

There will be a lecture on the "Florida Everglades"
on Monday evening, March 6, illustrated by stereop-
ticon views.


The "Life problem" club will discuss "Social
amusements" next Sunday evening. A member may
join this club on any Sunday evening.

A motion picture entertainment will be given on Sat-
urday evening. March 4.

T!ie carnival committee meets Thursday evening,
February 23, to discuss plans for the Gatun carnival
which will be held March 15. 16. and 17- A rehearsal
of those who are to participate in the "College campus"
will be held at the chapel on Thursday night.

The clubhouse has been made the recipient of a
nan Iso'ne album containing 75 excellent photographs
of scenes on the Canal Zone. The book may be seen
at the sectetary's office.


Saturday, i twelve inning game of indoor baseball
between the " Regulars" and "Picks" was won by the
"Picks"; score, 14 to 12.

On Friday night, the Gorgona Dramatic Club will

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