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Isthmus, who have passed their fortieth
birthday, and are interested in a tournament,
with suggestions as to time, date, place, rules,


Colon Humane Society.

A meeting of the Colon Humane Society
was held at the government palace on Tues-
day evening, March 7, at which a committee
was appointed to investigate the condition of
the animals in the Panama railroad corral,
and to decide upon the question of the ap-
pointment of a veterinary, who will look over
and examine each animal once a month.
A food inspector for Colon was appointed.

Public Schools.

The students and faculty of the Canal
Zone High School entertained their friends
and patrons at the school on Friday afternoon,
March 10, when Col. W. C. Gorgas delivered
an address on sanitation. A violin solo was
played by Miss Maria Elise Johnson, and a
piano solo by Arthur Vickery ; and school songs
were sung. At the close there was an informal
reception at which refreshments were served
by the school.

The second number of the Canal Zone High
School periodical, The Zonian, has been
issued. It is in magazine form, and contains
stories, essays, and verses by the students.
Class and athletic notes form special features,
and a new department has been introduced
containing letters from former students.
The paper has been placed on sale throughout
the Canal Zone, and the proceeds will be
devoted to the piano fund. A "Commence-
ment" issue of The Zonian will be brought out
at the close of the school year.

Observance of St. Patrick's Day.
The Cristobal Catholic Club will hold a
banquet at the Cristobal hotel on Saturday
evening, March 18, in commemoration of St.
Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The
members of the Isthmian Canal Commission,
and the officials of Panama, have been invited
to attend. The Marine Band has been en-
gaged to furnish music for the occasion. A
special train will be run on that evening,
leaving Panama at 5.45 o'clock and stop-
ping at the various stations along the line,
returning after the banquet.

Isthmus, are requested to communicate with
The Canal Record: E. E. White, Patrick
Carroll, J. L. Barnes, Patrick Kane, and Her-
bert Howe.

Any one having information regarding the
whereabouts of Lester Tarplay, supposed to
have come to the Isthmus from New Orleans
during the latter part of 1910, is requested to
communicate with W. S. Standifer, Bohio.

Any one having information regarding the
whereabouts of H. Eugene Stribling, who is
supposed to have come to the Isthmus, is
requested to communicate with Geo. L. King,
Porto Bello.

A Dime Savings Bank for West Indians.

A dime savings bank has recently been
opened in connection with Christ Church,
Colon, for the purpose of teaching and en-
couraging thrift among the West Indians of
the parish. The business is operated by a
manager, the rector of the church, a board of
trustees, and a board of directors. Deposits
are received once a week, and each person
is allowed to deposit any sum between ten
cents and one dollar. When a depositor has
825 in the bank, the amount will be transferred
and placed at interest with one of the banking
companies of the city of Colon. The number
of depositors is already large.


Mrs. E. B. Clark, wife of E. B. Clark of
Gatun, died at Ancon Hospital on March 5,
after an illness covering three days. She
was born in Mississippi twenty-two years ago,
and had been on the Isthmus for several

Mrs. Lillie Gibson, wife of Capt. J. K.
Gibson, living at Cristobal, died at Colon
Hospital on March 13. She was 32 years of
age, born in Belfast, Ireland, and had been
on the Isthmus four years.

Mrs. Daniel J. McGraw, wife of Daniel
J. McGraw, living at Pedro Miguel, died at
Ancon Hospital on March 10. She was 27
years of age, born in Indiana, and had been
on the Isthmus about three and a half years.

Mrs. Margaret Callahan, mother-in-law of
H. Snyder, living at Empire, died at Ancon
Hospital on March 12. She was 81 years of
age, born in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, and
had been on the Isthmus nine months.

Missing Men.

Any one having information regarding the
present whereabouts of James Francis Quinn,
who left the service of the Commission in
June of last year, is requested to communicate
with his brother, Joseph S. Quinn, 233 West
148th street, New York City.

Any one having information regarding the
whereabouts of Harvey E. Diehl, who is
supposed to be on the Isthmus, is requested
to communicate with Mr. William N. Diehl,
408 Seaboard Bank Building, Norfolk, Va.

Any one having information regarding the
following men, who are supposed to be on the

Spanish War Veterans.

Chagres Camp, No. 2, U. S. W. V., will hold
its next meeting on Sunday, March 19, at
3 p.m., in Culebra lodge hall. All members of
the order are invited to attend, and prospec-
tive members are also invited to be present
at that time.

B. P. O. E.

Elks in good standing will meet at Hotel
Imperial, Colon, on Sunday, March 19, at
10 a. m. All Elks are requested to attend.

Modern Woodmen.

All members of the Modern Woodmen of
America who wish to form a Good Fellowship
Camp on the Isthmus, are requested to com-
municate with W. W. Darling, Gorgona, C. Z.

At a meeting of Panama Council, No.
1371, Knights of Columbus, on March 12,
resolutions of sympathy for D. J. McGraw
were adopted on the death of his wife.

A special meeting of the Panama Canal
Service Medal Association will be held at the
Gatun lodge hall on Sunday, March 19, at
2 p. m.

March 15, 1911.




Appropriation for 1912, and Total of Appropri-
ations for Past Years.

Provision for carrying on the Canal work

during the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1912^

was made by Congress in the Sundry Civil

Act of March 4, 1911. The appropriation

amounts to $45,560,000, divided into the

following items:

Salaries of officers and employes In the

United States $130,000

Incidental expenses in the United States. . 50,000

Salaries of Commission, officers, employes
on the Isthmus, other than skilled and
unskilled labor, in the Departments of
Construction and Engineering, Quarter-
master's. Subsistence, Disbursements.
and Examination of Accounts 3,900,000

Skilled and unskilled labor on the Isthmus
in the Departments of Construction and
Engineering, Quartermaster's, Subsis-
tence, Disbursements, and Examination
of Accounts 16.500.0C0

Materials, supplies, and equipment, and
other expenses not in the United States
for the Departments of Construction and
Engineering, Quartermaster's, Subsis-
tence, Disbursements, and Examination
of Accounts 19.000.000

Miscellaneous expenditures, recruiting la-
borers, transporting laborers and other
employes, and expenses not otherwise
provided for in the Departments of Con-
struction and Engineering, Quartermas-
ter's, Subsistence, Disbursements, and
Examination of Accounts 950.000

Salaries of officers and employes . ot her than
skilled and unskilled laborers. Depart-
ment of Civil Administration 550,000

Skilled and unskilled labor. Department

of Civil Administration 20.0C0

Materials, supplies, etc., and contingent
expenses, Department of Civil Admin-
istration 110,000

Salaries of officers and employes, other than
skilled and unskilled laborers. Depart-
ment of Sanitation 600,000

Skilled and unskilled labor, Department of

Sanitation 200, 0CO

Materials, supplies, etc., and contingent

expenses. Department of Sanitation. . . . 800.000

Relocation of Panama railroad 2,750,000

Total S45.560.000

The entire appropriation is available until
expended; ten per cent of each item may be
used interchangeably, but not more than 10
per cent added to any one item.

The provisions of the appropriation act for
the fiscal year 1911, directing that expendi-
tures shall be paid from the proceeds of the
sale of Canal bonds, and that no part of the
appropriation shall be applied to the payment
of allowances for longevity services or lay over
days accruing after July 1, 1909, are retained.
There are inserted the following new clauses:

"Except in cases of emergency, or conditions arising
subsequent to and unforeseen at the time of the passage
of this Act, there shall not be employed at any time
during the fiscal year 1912, under any of the foregoing
appropriations for the Isthmian Canal, any greater
number of persons than are specified in the notes sub-
mitted respectively in connection with the estimates
for each of said appropriations in the annual book of
estimates for said year, nor shall there be paid to any
of such persons during that fiscal year any greater
rate of compensation than was authorized to be paid to
persons occupying the same or like positions on the
first day of July. 1910, and all employments made or
compensation increased because of emergencies or
conditions so arising shall be specifically set forth, with
the reasons therefor, by the Chairman of the Commis
sion in his report for the fiscal year 1912.

"Hereafter, the Panama Railroad Company shall
carry no insurance to cover marine or fire losses, nor
make any further payment on the principal or interest
on notes heretofore given by it to the United States for
moneys appropriated for its use.

"That until the close of the fiscal year 1912, when any
material, supplies, and equipment heretofore or here-
after purchased or acquired for the construction of the
Isthmian Canal is no longer needed, or is no longer
serviceable, it may be sold in such manner as the Secre-

tary of War may direct, and without advertising in
ouch classes of cases as may be authorized by him.

"That hereafter, the Act granting to certain employes
of the United States the right to receive from it compen-
sation fo- injuries sustained in the couise of their em-
ployment shall apply to all employes under the Isthmian
Canal Commission, when injured in the course of their
employment; and claims for compensation on account
of injury or death resulting from an accident occurring
hereafter shall be settled by the Chairman of the Isth-
mian Canal Commission, who shall, as to such claims
and under such regulations as he may prescribe, per-
form all the duties now devolving upon the Secretary of
Commerce and Labor: Provided, That when an injury
results in death, claim for compensation on account
thereof shall be riled within one year after such death.

"Hereafter, the Panama Railroad Company shall not
be required to give bond, either with or without surety
in contracts which it may make to furnish services]
materials, or supplies to the Army, Navy, Marine
Corps, or other departments of the Government, and
such contracts may be made for periods less than one
year, as may be agreed on, and formal contracts in
writing shall not be required unless agreed on."

A statement follows showing the appro-
priations by Congress for the Isthmian Canal,
separated by the different Acts, and showing
the total amount appropriated:

Act of Congress

June 28, 1902

May 2S, 1904

June IS, 1902

December 21, 1905,
February 27. 1906.

June 30, 1906

March 4, 1907

Februarv 15, 1908.

May 27, 1908

March 4, 1909

March 4. 1909

Februarv 25. 1910.

June 25. 1910

June 17, 1910

January 13. 1911. .
February 13. 1911.
March 4. 1911

Appropriation. | Deficiency.

f 10,000,000.00





' '5,458,666



Deficiency .

Grand total


1 1,500.00





*For purchase of Canal rights from the French.
fFor purchase of Canal Zone rights.
JSpecial acts, relief of private persons.

Of this amount, $340,013.03 was issued pay-
able in the United States, $104,5S5.19 in
orders payable in the Canal Zone, and $588.50
in orders payable in Martinique. The fees
collected amounted to $1,9-16.26, and the
amount paid and repaid during the month
was S94.1S0.34.

Postal sales during the month amounted
to $6,599.80, and newspaper postage amounted

The revenue collections for the month were,
as follows:

Distillation licenses $ 68.16

Insurance company fees 281.99

Motor vehicle licenses Ill .00

Taxes, licenses, etc 7.490.55

Total $7,951.70

Civil Service Examinations.

The following examinati* ns are scheduled
to be held in the near future. Request for
blank application form should be made as
early as possible, stating the position for
which it is desired to apply.

Mechanical draftsman, topographic drafts-
man, physician, postal clerk, and trained
nurse, in the Isthmian Canal Service; physi-
cian, and trained nurse, in the Indian and
Philippine services. Women will be admitted
to examination for trained nurse in all serv-

It is to be noted that for examinations
for appointment to the Isthmian Canal or
Philippine services it is not required that the
vouchers in an application be executed by
persons who are residents, either bona fide, or
bodily, of the State or Territory claimed by
the applicant as bona fide residence.

John K. Baxter,
Secretary, Isthmian Chi! Service Board.

Culebra, C. Z., March 10, 1911.

Porto Bello Crusher.

A statement of the work done at the Porto
Bello crusher, by days, for the week ending
March 11, follows:

Work at Gorgona Shops.

A railroad inspection car driven by a gaso-
line engine and capable of accommodating five
passengers, in addition to the operator and
two other persons on the front seat, is nearing
completion at the Gorgona shops. The under-
frame is of steel and the body is of steel plate
welded by the oxy-acetylene process. The
length over all is 15 feet, and the length of the
body nine feet. The car is similar to the
inspection cars purchased in the States, ex-
cepting that the power transmission is by
means of friction discs.

A lifting magnet has been attached to a
25-ton locomotive traveling crane for the pur-
pose of handling scrap at the shops more
expeditiously, and with greater economy, than
by the old process of loading it in dumping
buckets. The motor generator set, with which
the crane has been equipped, generates a cur-
rent of 220 volts, eight kilowatts. The lifting
magnet has a diameter of 52 inches, and is
suitable for handling steel, angle iron, scrap,
and pig iron. In a recent test the crane
handled 30 tons of pig iron from piles to cars
in 45 minutes, only one man being engaged
in the operation. A similar amount of ma-
terial, loaded by means of dumping buckets
and a crane, formerly required half a day and
15 men.

Postal Business and Canal Zone Revenues.

The report of the Director of Posts for the
month of February shows that 17,431 money
orders were issued, amounting to $445,186.72.




7 H4


March 1 ...




March 10...


March 1 1 .





Ancon Rock Crusher.

A statement of rock crushed at Ancon
quarry during the week ending March 11,











March 10...


March It




Fatal Accident at Toro Point.

John H. Hobrough, an American employed
as a machinist by the Atlantic Division at
Toro Point, was fatally injured by the explo-
sion of a tire heater while engaged in making
repairs to engine No. 105, about 10 p. m. on
Monday, March 13. He was born in St.
Paul, Minn., but had lived at Everett, Wash-
ington, prior to his appointment in the Isth-
mian service on November 16, 1910. He was
23 years of age, and unmarried.



Vol. IV., No. 29.




At Ancon — Ancon. 2; Atlantics, 6.

At Empire — Empire 0; Commissary-Subsistence, 4.


P. W. L. P.C. I P. W. L. P.C.

Corn-Sub. 3 3 1 000 Ancon ... 3 1
Empire ..3 1 2 .334 j Atlantics. 3 1


At Colon — Atlantics vs. Ancon.

At Empire — Commissary -Subsistence vs. Empire


C.-S. AB.H.PO.A.E. I Empire AB.H.PO.A.E.
Bucha' 5 110 Bryan, 3b.. 2 13 10


Breivogle.lf 3
Curtis. 2b. .330 3 15
Rutherf' 4 2 1
Lacey.3b... 2 1
Meegan.c. .416
Guptil.rf. . .321
Kellogg. p.. 4 1 2

Moore, c. . 3 7 1
4 I Markley,2b. 3 2 4
2 .41331

2 Barney.rf. .40000

3 Bell, lb 2 10 4

2 3 1
VanZandt.lf 2 12

4 1 Junger.p. .20020

! Dough'ty.2b 10
♦Barnes. . .. 1

Totals... 31 10 27 17 l| Totals... 27 3 27 15 2
Com.-Subsistence. . . 10 2 1 0—4
Empire 00000000 0—0

*Batted for Moore in 9th.

Runs — C.-S.: Buchanan. Curtis. Lacey. Meegan
Runs earned — C.-S., 2. Two base hits — Curtis.
Rutherford, Guptil. Sacrificehits — Breivogle, Mosher,
Lacey, Bryan. Stolen bases — Curtis, VanZandt.
Bases on balls — Off Kellogg, 3; off Junger. 3. Struck
out — By Kellogg, 7; by Junger, 5. Hit by pitcher —
by Kellogg, 1 (VanZandt). Left on bases — C.-S., 6.
Empire, 5. Double plays — Dixon to Markley, Dixon
to Bell, Bryan unassisted, Kellogg to Mosher. Umpire
— Irwin. Time of game — 2.10 Scorer — Moeller.

Atlantics AB.H.PO.A.E
Emerson. If. 4 1 3 C
Edwards, lb 5 19
TSulli'n,3b. 4 112 4 4
WSulli' 4 3 2
Yingling.c. . 4 1 4
Reeves,2b.. 3 1 3
Davis.rf .40 1 00
Horrigan.p. 4 2

3 1


Ancon AB.H.PO.A.E.
! RDren' 4 4 2
LDren'n.rf. 3 10
Pearman,3b 5 3 12
Smith, rf. 2b. 4 10 5 2 3 19 10
Hunter,2b,ss 4 12 11
Caldwell.c. 4 1110 1
Fechtig.lf. 4 10 11

Hull.p 4 3

Potter ,ss ...
Gamble.lf .00000

Totals... 36 8 27 10 1 Totals. . .35 10 27 12 7

Atlantics 4 10 10 0—6

Ancon 10 10 0—2

Runs — Atlantics: Emerson (2), Edwards, T. Sullivan
W. 3 lilivan, Yingling; Ancon: R. Drennan (2). Runs
e ,1 — Atlantics, 2; Ancon, 1. Two base hits —
ELv.vrds, T. Sullivan. Smith, R. Drennan. Sacrifice
lii.-; —L. Drennan (2). Nygren. Stolen bases — Emer-
s/i. Davis (2), Edwards, R. Drennan. Pearman.
I' • .itig. Bases on balls — Off Horrigan. 1; off Hull, 2.
Stru ': out — By Horrigan, 3; by Hull, 7. Hit by pitcher

;,- Horrigan. 1 (R. Drennan). Left on bases —

Atlantics, 5; Ancon, 10. Double play — Smith to
k/'.'-n to Pearman. Umpire — Lawler. Time of
-2.00. Scorer — J. K. Monroe.


Atlantics AB.H.PO.A.E. 4 6 2 6

C <; AB.H.PO.A.E.

B Yl',i' 4 2 10
B i >gle,lf 4 2 10
I u .,2b.. 4 112 2 4 18 10
Rutherf' 4 2 3 2 1
Lacey.3b .53330
5 18 11
5 10

Guptil, rf.

Kellogg. p-

4 17 1

Edwards, lb. 3 2 10 5 1110

Reeves,2b.. 3 10 4 2
Herring.C.c 10 2 10

Thompson, c. 2 14 2 2

Emerson.lf. 4 12 1

Hei'g,G..3b 10

Davis.3b... 4 12

Osborne, rf.. 4 10

Horrigan.p. 4 13 1

Totals... 39 11 27 17 5 Totals... 34 7 27 16 12

Com.-Subsistence... 5 10 10 1—8
Atlantics 2 3 9 10 0—6

Runs— C.-S.: Mosher (2), Rutherford, Lacey (2),
Meegan, Guptil, Kellogg; Atlantics: Hennessy, Ed-

wards (2), Sullivan. Reeves. Emerson. Runs earned —
Atlantics, 4; C.-S., 3. Two base hits — Buchanan,
Mosher, Edwards, Osborne. Stolen bases — Davis (2.)
First base on errors — Atlantics, 6; C.-S. 2. Bases on
balls — Off Kellogg, 4; off Horrigan, 4. Struck out — By
Kellogg, 6; by Horrigan, 7. Hit by pitcher, 1 (Reeves)
Wild pitches — Horrigan, 3; Kellogg, 1. Passed balls.
Thompson (21. Left on bases — C.-S., 4; Atlantics, 6.
Double plays — Sullivan to Hennessy; Kellogg to
Lacey. Umpire — Freel. Time of game — 2.15. Rain
delayed game 15 minutes. Scorer — J. P. Mead.

Davis ran for Reeves in second inning; Davis and
Sullivan ran for Reeves in seventh inning.

G. Herring and C. Herring were put out of game in
the second half of the second inning for disputing the
umpire's decision. Thompson took C. Herring's
place, and Davis took G. Herring's place.

Empire AB.H.PO.A.E.
Bryan,3b.. 4 10 4 1
Moore.c... 3 13 ..30332
Barney.rf... 4 2
Wright,2b. .4002 1

Bell, lb 3 13

VanZandt.lf. 4 10
Murphy, cf. 3 1 4

Junger.p. . . 2

12 1

Totals... 31 6 2411 5

Ancon. AB.H.PO.A.E.
RDren' 5 5
LDren'n.rf. 4 10
Pottei ,ss. . . 3
Smith, 2b.. 4
Tinsley, If. 3
Pearman, 3b 3 4 15
Caldwell.c 4 8 1
Hull, p. . . . 4

1 3

tons structural material for Atlantic Division; 1,085
tons steel rods for Pacific Division; 1 ,500 car wheels for
Mechanical Division; 4,934 pieces steel rail, 84 bags
cork, 17,000 cases dynamite, '249 pieces galvanized
pipe. 15 cases benzine for stock. t r if*.

ftt Abangares^ March 9. from New Orleans, with six cases
castings for Atlantic Division; 24_pieces_castings for
Central^Division; 15,451_feet B._M. yellow pine lumber
for Mechanical Division; 200 pieces switch stands,
1.148 bales prairie hay for stock.

Zacapa, March 9, from New York, with 50 caskscop-
per ingots for Mechanical Division; 875 bales prairie,
59 drums lubricatingoil for stock.

13 3


Totals. . 34 10 27 14 4


A statement o! classified expenditures under the Isthmian Canal Commission to January
31, 1911, follows:


of Civil Admin-

of Sanitation.

Department of


and Engineering.

General Items.


Total to June 30. 1909..
Total, fiscal year 1910. .

71,426 87

137,665 14

2.202.370 20



September. 1910


December, 1910

2 647 140 51







Family Quarters.

Applications for married quarters were on file March
1, as follows:

Empire 1 1 3 0—5

Ancon 3 2 1 — 6

JBatted fov Junger in 9th inning.

Runs — Empire: Barney (2i Bell, Van Zandt, Mur-
phy; Ancon: R. Drennan (3J, L. Drennan, Potter,
Smith. Runs earned — Empire, 3. Ancon 2. Two
base hits — Moore, Barney. VanZandt. Home Runs —
Barney. Sarifice hits — Moore, Junger, L. Drennan,
Smith. Stolen bases — R. Drennan (2). Bases on balls
— off Junger, 2. ofi Hull, 4. Struckout — by Junger, 2;
by Hull 5; hit by pitcher, — by Junger (Tinsley). Left
on bases — Empire, 5; Ancon, 10. Double plays — Cald-
well unassisted; Dixon to Bell. Umpire — Irwin. Time
of game — 55. Scorer — J. K. Monroe.

The league baseball game between the Empire and
Commissary-Subsistence teams, to be played at Empire
park on Sunday, March 19, 1911, will be played for the
benefit of Conductor C. C. Fitzpatrick. There will be
music by the Marine Band.

The Atlantic second team defeated a team repre-
senting Gorgona shops by a score of 14 to 6 in a game
played on the Lincoln House grounds in Colon on
March 5.

The Corozal baseball team defeated the "Commis-
sary Outlaws" at Colon on March 12, by a score of 7
to 0.

Z., on January 22,at 3. 30p.m., Mabel C.Henderson of
Pittsburg, Pa., to I. H. Fleischman of Atlanta, Ga.,
the Rev. H. A. Brown officiating. Canal Zone residence,

Supplies for Canal Work.

The following steamers, with supplies for the Isthmian
Canal Commission, arrived at the ports of Cristobaland
Colon during the week ending March 11, 1911:

PrinzJoachim, March 6, from New York, with five
cases copper wire, 3 barrels valves for stock.

Allianca, March 7. from New York, with 28 crates
wheelsonaxlesforAtlanticDivision ; six piecescable chain *
for Pacific Division; eight reels wire rope for Mechan-
ical Division; 72 pieces drill bits, 52 cases machinery
for Panama railroad; 10 bundles shovels, 24 cases
incandescent lamps, 12 cases dish pans, 12 cases air
brake material, 12 packages school desks, 1 1 cases steel

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