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Groton had as many bridges over the Nashua, in 175 1,
as at the present time, and in nearly the same places.
The present road between Tovvnsend and Groton, after
entering the limits of the town of Pepperell, is situated
further north than the one surveyed and accepted for the
county road, at that time, which is now discontinued.
Considerable feeling was manifested between the citizens
of the two towns. The people of Townsend accomplished
their object, whether justly or not, through the adroit
management of two or three sharp men.

It appears that wild animals, either ferocious or timid,
were not numerous here, when the town was settled. The
bear and the wolf had receded from the sound of the
woodman's axe. Occasionally one of these animals would
make a raid on the flocks and herds. Eldad Bailey, a
truthful old gentleman, now eighty-seven years old, says
that he saw Capt. Zacheriah Hildreth shoot a bear near
his (Mr. Bailey's) house, when he was a boy. The ani-
mal had a piece of a log chain-link in his body, which he
probably received from the gun of an Ashb}- man who
shot at him with that ammunition, a considerable time pre-
vious to his capture. Deer in pairs, and in small herds,
were seen at times. An effort was made, for a long time,
to protect these animals from the pitiless marksmen. Two
officers were annually chosen, called deer-reeves, whose
duty it was to inform if any one molested the deer at cer-
tain times during the 3'ear, and to assist in punishing the
offenders against the regulation of the town concerning
that animal.


In 1734, the town chose three hog-reeves. The duty
of these officers was to take care of the hogs, which were
allow^ed to run at large for more than eighty years after
the incorporation of the town. The hogs "were rung," as
it was called ; that is, a piece of wire was put through the
upper part of the hog's snout, bent in the form of a ring,
and twisted together at the ends. When the creature
commenced subsoiling, the wire would cause pain and
prevent the operation. The animals were prevented from
going through fences, by a wooden yoke. If the citizens
neglected to put this regalia on their porcine workmen,
the hog-reeves were obliged to do it for them for which a
regular fee was allowed. A little mirth always attended
the election of these officers. The three latest married
men were sure to be chosen on this board. No one ever
became angry, or considered himself insulted, bv being
honored with the office, but patiently waited to see how
much fun he could have with his successors.

During the time that the town constituted one parish,
tithing-men were chosen, at each annual town meeting,
whose duty it was to see that the Sabbath was properly
observed, and particularly that people attended public
worship on that day. At the present day, and for the
last twent3'-tive 3'ears, the tithing-men of Townsend have
been elected from that class of persons who seldom or
never attend sanctuary services, or trouble themselves, in
the least, about what is done on the Sabbath dav.



Marriages of Townseiul People from the Incorporation of the Town
to the Piesent Time.

The following account of the marriages of Townsend
people was drawn from various sources and different
records. It contains every marriage, of w^hich there is
any record to be found, performed within the tirst hundred
years after the incorporation of the town. The records
made by the Rev. Mr. Hemenway concerning baptisms
are very full, but the names of many parties joined in
wedlock by him, are not on record. Mr. Dix and Mr.
Palmer have both left a complete record of the marriages
performed by them. The orthography of the christian
names has been preserved, so that Rebecca, Sibyl, and
other names, will be found spelled differently. Should
this chapter appear too long to the reader, let it be borne
in mind that marriage is the key to domestic life. Perhaps
genealogists yet unborn will run it over with interest.

Marriages performed by Rev. Phinehas Hemenway :

1737. Januar}' 4, Thomas Hadley, Townsend, Sarah
Wheeler, Townsend.

Joshua Wheeler, Townsend, Mehitabel

Hadlev, Groton.


1738. March i, Jonathan Stevens, Townsend, Sarah

S artel 1, Groton.

May 24, Timothy Whitney, Townsend, Submit
Parker, Groton.

September 15, Nathaniel Richardson, Townsend,
Elizabeth Stevens, Chelmstbrd.

Samuel Wheeler, Townsend, Ruth

Wheeler, Lancaster.

1739. June 6, John Brown, Townsend, Mary Stevens,


1741. December 2, Zacheriah Emery, Townsend, Esther

Stevens, Townsend.

1742. June 23, Jonas Woolson, Nevy Ipswich, N. H.,

Susanna Wallis, Townsend. .

September 14, John Coftran, Suncook, N. H.,
Margaret Waugh, Townsend.

1743. March i, Isaac Farrar, Townsend, Sarah Brooks,


March i, Daniel Adams, Townsend, Keziah
Brooks, Townsend.

1745. September 3, Benjamin King, Towaisend, Sarah

Taylor, Townsend.

March 19, Seth Brooks, Townsend, Elizabeth
Stevens, Townsend.

1746. December 16, David Sloan, Townsend, Lydia

Melvin, Townsend.

1749. December 5, William Richee, Peterborough, N.H.,

Mary Waugh, Townsend.

June 22, Joseph Rumrill. Townsend, Lucy
Stevens, Tow^nsend.

1750. December 13, William Stevens, Townsend, Sybil

Farnsworth, Groton.

December 13, Jonas Stevens, Townsend, Ruth
Farrar, Concord.

December 15, Jonah Farwell, Groton. Lydia
Farnsworth. Groton.


1751. December 26, John Robb, Peterborough, N. H.,

Elizabeth Creiton, Townsend.

1752. January 9, John Avery, Townsend, Mary Farns-

worth, Groton.

1753. March 27, Samuel Manning, Jr., Townsend,

Abiza Avery, Townsend.

June 27, Jonathan Patt, Townsend, Sarah Hosley,

1754. January 17, William Clark, Jr., Townsend, Sarah

Locke, Townsend.

February 14, John Chandler, New Ipswich, N. H.,
Lydia Taylor, Townsend.

1756. December 14, Joseph Baldwin, Townsend, Mary

Searles, Townsend.

1757. May 30, Samuel Lawrence, No. i, Mary Avery,


March 24, Andrew Spaulding, New Ipswich,
N. H., Abigail Martyn, Pepperell.

April '27, Daniel Taylor, Townsend, Elizabeth
Cummings, Dunstable.

December 22, Jonathan Crosby, 3d, New Ipswich,
N. H., Lydia Chandler, Westford.

1758. March 30, Andrew Searles, Townsend, Lienor

Heald, Townsend.

April 20, Josiah Robbins, Townsend, Hannah
Lams, Hollis, N. H.

May 24, Peter Heald, Sliptown, Sarah Belcher,

September 25, Nathaniel Sartell, Townsend,
Katherine Hemenway, Townsend.

November 23, Ebenezer Hemenway, Dorchester
Canada, Elizabeth Moor, Dorchester Canada.

December 14, John Stevens, Hollis, N. H.,
Mary Boson, Townsend.


1759. March 15, Oliver Heywood, Townsend, Anna

Taylor, Townsend.

March 21, Jeremiah Ball, Townsend, Mary
Stevens, Townsend.

May 24, Ebenezer Giles, Townsend, Esther
Baldwin, Townsend.

November 6, John Wallis, Jr., Townsend, Martha
Pudney, New Ipswich, N. H.

December 14, Jason Russell, Harvard, Elizabeth
Farwell, Townsend.

1760. January 8, Thomas Heald, New Ipswich, N. H.,

Sybel Adams, New Ipswich, N. H.

February 6, John Button, New Ipswich, N. H.,
Susanna Ball, Townsend.

April 22, Isaac Wallis, Townsend, Jane Russell,

These are all the marriages on record, performed by
Rev. Mr. Hemenway. Twelve leaves have been cut out
of the first book of church records, apparentlv with some
dull instrument, and in a very rough manner. Whether
these leaves contained marriage records is unknown, but
the presumption is that they did, for the ministers of those
times kept these records.

Marriages performed by Rev. Samuel Dix : —

1761. March 4, Richard Richardson, Townsend, Eliza-

beth Barrett, Townsend,

July 13, David Holden, Townsend, Sarah Hemen-
wa}', Townsend.

July 22, Samuel Sanderson, Townsend, Lydia
Boynton, Townsend.

October 20, Mr. David Taylor, Concord, Mrs.
Sarah Hemenwa}-, Townsend.

November 7, John Patt, Townsend, Bathsheba
Wood, Townsend.


1762. April 12, Ephraim Warren, Townsend, Sarah

Keazer, Groton.

August 26, Timothy Chandler, Townsend, Mary
Walker, Pepperell.

1763. January 8, Alexander Mcintosh, Milestrip, N. H..

Mary Graham, Townsend.

February i6, Ebenezer Baldwin, Townsend, Mary
Hubbard, Townsend.

October 6, Benjamin Ball, Townsend, Rachel
Boynton, Townsend.

December 8, Ebenezer Albee, Townsend, Rachel
Avery, Townsend.

1764. February 21, Josiah Robbins, No. i, Marv

Campbell, Townsend.

April 3, Stephen Hildreth, Westford, Esther
Manning, Townsend.

May 29, Samuel Douglass, Slip Town, N. H.,
Molly Conant, Townsend.

June 15, John Nichols, Lancaster, Silence Stow.

December 19, Levi Whitney, Townsend, Rebecca
Clark, Townsend.

December 19, William Barrett, No. i. Sarah
Robbins, No. i.

1765. January 28, Robert Waugh, New Ipswich, N. H.,

Elizabeth White, Townsend.

April 12, Benjamin Wheeler, Pepperell, Hannah
Davis, Townsend.

June 13, David Brown, Groton, Lydia Stevens,

June 13, Nathan Conant, Townsend, Betty
Stevens, Townsend.

December 5, Benjamin Spaulding, Townsend,
Mary Heald, Townsend.

^ December 11, John Swallow, No. i, Mollv
Hall, No. I.


1765. December 11, John Jetts, No. i, Lois Lawrence,

No. I.

James Stevens, Jr., Townsend, Martha

Brooks, New Ipswich, N. H.

1766. November 13, Abraham Gates, Townsend, Su-

sanna Whittemore, Dunstable.

December 25, John Graham, Townsend, Margaret
Sloan, Townsend.

1767. December i, Benjamin Jefts, No. i, Martha

Sloan, Townsend.

December 8, Robert Campbell, Jr., Townsend,
Elizabeth Waugh, Townsend.

1768. Abijah Wyman, Ashby, Betty Stearns,


■ Eldad Spafford, Townsend, Lucy

Spaulding, Townsend.

December 22, Peter Butterfield, Townsend,
Hannah Butrick, Townsend.

"1769. January 5, Abijah Joslin, Ashburnham, Keziah
Farrar, Townsend.

January 11, Lemuel Patt, Townsend. Hannah
Butterfield, Townsend.

February i, Joseph Blood, Mason, N. H., Ruth
Dunster, Mason, N. H.

February 14, Joseph Davis, Ashby, Sarah Camp-
bell, Townsend.

June 28, William Withington, Ashby, Martha
Locke, Ashby.

November — , Benjamin Wilson, Townsend. Din;h.
Baldwin, Townsend.

December 19, David Baldwin, Pepperell, Elizabeth
Boynton, Townsend.

December 21, James Campbell, Townsend.
Rebeckah Adams, Townsend.

1770. November — , Thomas Hubbard, Townsend,
Hannah Conant, Townsend.


1771. May 30, Edmund Tarbold, Mason, N. H., Mary

Hildreth, Townsend.

July 10, Jonathan Robbins, Chelmsford, Elizabeth
Emery, Townsend.

August 15, Johrj Conant, Townsend, Sarah
Farrar, Townsend.

September 17, Henry Price, Esq., Townsend,
Lydia Randall, Townsend.

September 24, Thomas Eaton, Townsend, Lucy
Davis, Townsend.

October 17, Seth Robbins, Mason, N. H.. Sarah
Scripture, Mason, N. H.

December 24, Nathaniel Bowers, Jr., Pepperell,
Sarah Sartell, Townsend.

1772. February 6, Andrew Ross, Mason, N. H.,

Rebeckah Robbins, Mason, N. H.

February 6, Joseph Giles, Townsend, Mary
Whitney, Townsend.

February 7, Jonathan Darby, Ashby, Mahitabel
Wheeler, Ashby.

May 20, James Hildreth, Townsend, Esther
Fletcher, Westtbrd.

May 21, Daniel Adams, Jr., Townsend, Lvdia
Taylor, Townsend.

July 8, John Lawrence, Mason, N. H., Lefe
Holden, Mason, N. H.

August 20, Benjamin Wilson, Townsend, Bath-
sheba Patts, Townsend.

September 10, Jason Williams, Cambridge.
Abagail Albee, Townsend.

John Cragin, Temple. Sarah Spaulding.


John Meeds, Ashby. Mary Winship,


December — , Aaron Eaton, Ashb}', Marv
Wheeler, Ashbv.


1773. January 19, Jotham White, Townsend, Katherine

Read, Townsend.

February 4, Nathan Conant, Townsend, Esther
Emery, Townsend.

May 20, Jacob Upton, Ashby, Mary Chirke,

October 14, Phineas Hemenway, Groton, Elizabeth
Taylor, Groton.

1774. February 23, David Pierce, Billerica, Sarah

Stevens, Townsend.

December 20, Asa Heald, Townsend, Rebeckah
Merrill, Townsend.

1775. March 30, Aaron Scott, Townsend, Elizabeth

Wallis, Townsend.

April 13, Thaddeus Smith, Ashb3s Saleme Jones.

October — , Jonas Fitch, Pepperell, Annie
Shattuck, Pepperell.

November 9, Joseph Adams, , Lucy Blood,


1776. February 15, Elijah Shattuck, Pepperell, Olive

Read, Pepperell.

February 15, Abijah Mosier, Pepperell, Hannah
Varnum, Pepperell.

February 15, Oliver Proctor, Jr.. Townsend,
Mary Manning, Billerica.

February 29, Simeon Blanchard, New Ipswich,
N. H., Elizabeth Shattuck, Pepperell.

James Nutting, , Hepsibah Roll",


April — , Abel Shattuck, Pepperell, Hannah
Hobart, Groton.

May 8, Jedediah Jewett, Pepperell. Rachel Blood,

July 10, Eleazer Buttertield, Townsend, Mary

Brad street, Townsend.

Julv 16, Abner Brooks, Townsend, Anne Hobart,


1776. April 3, Eleazer Shattuck, Pepperell, Mary Blood.


October 28, William Blood, Townsend, Abagail
Holt, Townsend.

November 21, Andrew Mitchel, Lunenburg, Rox-
anna McDonald, Hollis, N. H.

December 3, Joseph Cutter, Jaftrey, N. H., Rachel
Hobart, Pepperell.

December 19, Nehemiah Tarbell, Groton, Martha
Dodge, Groton.

1777. March — , James Sloan, Townsend, Beulah Wil-

son, Townsend.

April 2, Samuel Nevers, Woburn. Anna Wyman.

April 22, Thomas Warren, Jr., Townsend, Perses
Heald, Townsend.

April 29, Robert Ames, Groton, Mrs. Susanna
Warren, Groton.

April 29, William Stevens, Townsend, Abagail
Green, Townsend.

May 6, Joseph Cummings, Swansea, N. H., Lucy
Warren, Groton.

May 7, Josiah Spaulding, Westford, Jemima Shat-
tuck, Pepperell.

May 29, Joseph Heald, Pepperell, Elizabeth
Hobart, Pepperell.

May 29, Simon Green, Pepperell, Deborah Woods.

June 3, Solomon Pearse, Townsend, Eunice Far-
rar, Townsend.

June 24, Phinehas Astan, Raby, N. H., Elizabeth
Spaulding, Townsend.

September i, Zachariah Hildreth, Townsend,
Elizabeth Ke\^es, Westford.

September 29, John Clark, Townsend, Dorcas
Wyman, Townsend.

October 7, Moses Warren, Townsend, Martha
Reed, Townsend.


1777. October 14, Abel Parker, Pepperell, Ede Jewett,


November 26, Ebenezer Davis, Rindge, Mariah
Whitney, Pepperell.

December 24, Jeremiah Crosby, Pepperell, Eliza-
beth Gilson, Pepperell.

December 25, Samuel Cole, Falmouth, Mary
Pearse, Pepperell.

December 26, Jacob Baldwin, Jr., Townsend,
Elizabeth Holt, Townsend.

1778. January 14, Elijah Wyman, Townsend, Abagail

Wetherby, Pepperell.

February 24, Samuel Stone, Jr., Ashby, Sarah
Wallis, Townsend.

February 26, David Baldwin, Pepperell, Elizabeth
" Blood, Pepperell.

March 16, John Parker, , Abagail Blood,


May 7, Daniel Spaulding, Townsend, Rebeckah
Osgood, Raby, N. H.

May 7, Nathaniel Sartell, Pepperell, Abagail
Laughton, Pepperell.

May 26, John Farwell, Harvard, Mrs. Sarah
Warren, Townsend.

July — , Benjamin Lawrence, Jr., Groton, Re-
bekah Woods, Groton.

July 16, Benjamin Adams, Townsend, Mary
Stone, Ashby.

October 29, Leonard Foster, Pepperell, Lucv
Wetherbee, Pepperell.

December 7, Rev. Nehemiah Porter, Ashfield,
Mrs. Elizabeth Newell, Townsend.

1779. January 21, Benjamin Hobart, Groton, Elizabeth

Brooks, Townsend.

January 28, Jacob Blodgett, Mason, N. H., Sarah
Taylor, Townsend.

January 29, Moses Shattuck, Pepperell. x\bigail
Woods, Pepperell.


1779. February ii, Moses Blood, Pepperell, Abigail
Shattuck, Pepperell.

March 4, Eleazar Davis, Townsend, Martha Ste-
vens, Townsend.

March 4, Josiah Davis, Townsend, Sarah Saw-
tell, Townsend.

May 27, Job Brooks, Temple, Sarah Hildreth.

June 17, Isaac Warren, Groton, Eunice Farns-
worth, Groton.

-, Joseph Woods, , Mary Waugh.


1780. March 9, Henry Turner, Townsend, Abigail

Scott, Townsend.

May — , Benjamin Brooks, 3d, Townsend, Emmy
Richardson, Townsend.

June — , Ephraim Warren, 3d, Townsend, Sarah
Proctor, Townsend.

July 13, Oliver Green, Pepperell, Dorothy Hil-
dreth, Townsend.

July 13, Benjamin Sartell, Townsend, Sybil Patt.

November 13, Levi Whitney, Shrewsbury. Mrs.
Lydia Price, Townsend.

December 28, Jonathan Dix, Townsend, Mercy
Wilson, Townsend.

1781. February i, Hinksman Warren, Townsend, Esther

Taylor, Townsend.

February 8, Daniel Clark, Townsend, Sarah Rob-
bins, Carlisle.

February 13, John Hosley, Pepperell, Sarah
Woods, Pepperell.

February 22, Josiah Seward, Raby, N. H., Sarah
Osgood, Raby, N. H.

March 22, Caleb Blood, 3d, Groton, Hephzibah
Jewett, Pepperell.


1 781. April 3, Jonathan Coneck, Townsend, Zervia
Wheelock, Townsend.

June I, Dr. Samuel Hosley, Townsend, Mary
Farrar, Townsend.

June 21, Elijah Dodge, Townsend, Elizabeth
Sartell, Townsend.

August 23, Levi Proctor, Carlisle, Sarah Emery,

September 20, Jonathan Barron, Pepperell,
Rebekah Powers, Pepperell.

October 4, Israel Sloan, Townsend, Rebekah
Wilson, Townsend.

December 10, Josiah Richardson, Townsend,
Abigail Dix, Townsend.

December 13, John S. Frary, Swansay, N. H.,
Joanna Wyman, Swansay, N. H.

December 13, Daniel Holt, Jr., Townsend, Mary
Butterfield, Townsend.

December 13, Jonathan Pearse, Townsend,
Hannah Perham, Townsend.

1782. January 8, Nehemiah Blood, Pepperell. Abigail
Sartell, Townsend.

January 31, Isaac Kidder, Townsend, Susanna
Sherwin, Townsend.

March 7, Zacheus Witt, Jaffrey, N. H., Hannah
Sartell, Townsend.

March 7, George Woodward, Raby. N. H., Jane
Wallis, Raby. N. H.

May — , Elias Barron, Concord, Sarah Burge,

, John Sherwin, Townsend, Keziah

Adams, Townsend.

May 30, David Hall, Mason, N. H., Margarett
Graham, Townsend.

June 13, Seth Johnson, Townsend, Betty Brown.

June 19, Daniel Conant. Townsend. Millecent
Farrar, Townsend.


1782. July 2, Jonas Campbell, Townsend, Ruth Colburn.


July 4, Daniel Campbell, Townsend, Lucy Emery,

July 25, James Withy, Jr., Mason, N. H., Anna
Brown, Mason, N. H.

August 12, Jacob Wetherby, Mason, N. H., Grace
Pattin, Raby, N. H.

November 7, Benjamin Barrett, Mason, N. H.,
Hannah Scripture, Mason, N. H.

, Nathaniel Healy, Worcester, Lois

Maynard, Townsend.

, Enoch Cummings, Swanzey, N. H..

Sarah Warren, Townsend.

December 2, Asa Merrill, Townsend, Esther
Warren, Townsend.

December 10, Jonathan Jefts, Townsend, Lydia
Hosley, Pepperell.

, Samuel Buttrick, Townsend, Mrs.

Sarah Richardson, Townsend.

1783. February 12, Jonathan Patts, Jr., Townsend,

Rebeicah Town, New Ipswich, N. H.

March 4, Isaac Wallis, Jr., Townsend, Rebekah
Farrar, Townsend.

April 29, Abel Foster, Townsend, Mary Wood.

May I, John Wright, Jr., Mason, N. H., Hannah
Russell, Raby, N. H.

May 6, Joseph Rumrill, Jr., Townsend, Abigail
Lampson, Townsend.

September i, Jesse Maynard, Townsend, Exercise
Brown, Townsend.

September 8, Samuel Scripture, Jr., Mason,
N. H., Elizabeth Barrett, Mason, N. H.

October i, Jedediah Jewett, Pepperell, Mrs. Mary
Baldwin, Townsend.

October i, Benjamin Ball, Townsend, Mary
Farrar, Townsend.


1783. November 25, Abraham Gates, Ashby, Lucy

Rumrill, Townsend.

November 25, Nathaniel Smith, Jr., Mason, N. H.,
Mary Barrett, Mason, N. H.

December 11, Josiah Barnes, Concord, Lucy
Hildreth, Townsend.

, Jonathan Bailey Townsend, Sarah

Holt, Townsend.

December 25, James Proctor, Jr., Westtbrd, Esther
Wright, Westford.

1784. May 20, Abner Adams, Townsend, Molly Sartell,


May 20, John Stevens, Jr., Townsend, Sarah
Waugh, Townsend.

June 30, Daniel Adams, Townsend, Mrs. Sarah
Phelps, Lancaster.

August 19, Josiah Richardson, Townsend, Su-
sanna Wallis, Townsend.

September 16, Daniel Lawrence, Townsend, Lucy
Roe, Townsend.

November 12, John Blood, Pepperell, Olive Ball.

1785. February 7, Joseph Barrett, Mason, N. H., Jane

Campbell, Townsend.

February 22, Ephraim Lamson, Townsend, Marv
Stevens, Townsend.

May 12, Amos Blood, Pepperell, Sarah Blood,

, Daniel Brown, Townsend, Mary Ball,


October 31, Samuel Dix, Jr., Townsend, Chloe
Dix, Reading.

December 15, Jonathan Holt, Townsend, Hannah
Adams, Townsend.

December 15, Joseph Felt, Packersfield. Elizabeth
Spafford, Townsend.


1786. January — , John Atwell, Jr., Hollis, N. H.,

Rebekah Lawrence, .

, Jesse Baldwin, Townsend, Chloe Gas-
sett, Townsend.

February 9, Samuel Stevens, Lancaster, Mary
Wallace, Townsend.

, Samuel Searle, Townsend, Hannah

Butterfield, Townsend.

March 4, Stephen Warren, Townsend, Mary
Giles, Townsend.

June 22, Elisha Sanders, Lunenburg, Pattv Duns-
moor, Lunenburg.

June 26, Ebenezer Ball, Jr., Townsend, Hannah
Smith, Townsend.

November 30, Isaac Farrar, Jr., Townsend,
Hannah Dix, Townsend.

December 14, Edward Tarble, Mason. N. H.,
Rachel Hildreth, Townsend.

December 20, Phinehas Baldwin, Townsend,
Sarah Searl, Townsend.

1787. January i, Edward Richards, Rockingham, Vt..

Eunice Locke, Townsend.

February i, Noah Hardy, Packersheld, Sarah
Spaffbrd, Townsend.

, Henry Jefts, Townsend, Elizabeth

Waugh, Townsend.

February 7, William Weston, Townsend, Rebekah
Ball, Townsend.

March i, William Wallace, Townsend, Polly
Price, Townsend.

March 15, John Giles, Townsend, Susey Baldwin,

March 20, William Elliott, Mason, N. H.,
Rebekah Hildreth, Townsend.

March 22, Nathaniel Shattuck, Pepperell, Hannah
Ball, Townsend.


1787. June 14, William Stacy, Townsend, Hannah
Stevens, Townsend.

, John Waugh, Jr., Townsend, Esther

Spaulding, Townsend.

October 4, Ebenezer Ball, Jr., Townsend, Phebe
Wesson, Townsend.

November 8, James Sloan, Townsend, Molly
Searl, Townsend.

1788. , John Emerson, Townsend, Keziah

Brooks, Townsend.

February 5, James Pratt, Halifax, Sarah Giles,

February 7, Benjamin Wallis, Ashby, Betsey
Walker, Ashby.

, Josiah Bright, Ashby, Hepsy Rice.


April 16, Jesse Maynard, Townsend, Sarah
Richards, Townsend.

April 26, George Farrar, Townsend, Rebekah
Price, Townsend.

October 30, Benjamin Wellington, Ashbv, Marv
Hill, Ashby.

November 27, Jonathan Pearse, Townsend, Esther
Spaulding, Townsend.

November 27, John Smith, Townsend, Hannah
Shattuck, Townsend.

November 27, John Gilson, Monkton, Lucy
Darby, Ashby.

December 16, Joseph Hey wood, Chelmstbrd.
Susannah Ball, Chelmsford.

1789. . Asa Stevens, Townsend, Sarah Hodg-

man, Ashby.

, Joseph Pingrey, Salisbur^■. N. H..

Sarah Sanders, Ashby.

February 7, David Spafford, Townsend, Lucy
Sherwin, Townsend.

March 19, Benjamin Spaulding, Townsend, S\bil
Wallis, Townsend.



1789. April — , Asa Heald, Townsend, Jerusha Carter,


May 6, John Giles, Townsend, Marv x\danis.
Raby, N. H.

May 7, Robert Searl, Townsend, Azubah Butter-
field, Townsend.

May 14, Samuel Brooks, Townsend, Sarah
Phelps, Townsend.

, Elijah Haughton, Ashby, Sarah

Ballard, Townsend.

October 22, Thomas Powers, Holies, N. H., Mrs.
Jane Sloan, Townsend.

1790. February 2, Jonathan Taylor, Heath, Nancy

Phelps, Townsend.
February 18, Josiah Whitney, Waltham, Mar\

Barrett, Ashby.
February 25, Asa Whitney, Townsend, Mary

Wallis, Townsend.
March 2, David Petts, Townsend, Nabby Flagg.

April 5, Moses Burge, Townsend, Betty Stacy,

May 25, William Johnson, , Lucy Barrett.

May 25, Richard Warner, Townsend, Hannah

Wheeler, Pepperell.

June 30, John E. Stone, Ashby, Dorcas Lawrence,

October 21, .James Searl, Townsend, Sallv Patten.

Raby, N. H.
November 25, Jabez Green, Townsend, Abigail

Hildreth, Townsend.
November 27, Samuel Buttrick, Weston, Hannah

Bemis, Weston.
December 23, William Stevens, Townsend, Rachel

Ball, Townsend.
, Abel Green, Raby, N. H., Hannah

Farrar, Townsend.


1791. February 2, Rev. Ebenezer Hill, Mason, N. H.,

Polly Boynton, .

February 3, Benjamin Hobart, Townsend, Bett\'
Woods, Townsend.

February 17, Nathaniel Bailey, Jr., Townsend,
Molly Baldwin, Townsend.

March 3, Nathan Conant, Jr., Townsend, Mary
Dix, Townsend.

March 10, Perin Richards, Townsend, Anna
Wallis, Townsend.

March 16, Levi Green, Ashby, Patty Earl, Ashby.

May 25, Joseph Walker, Ashby, Ruth Jenkins,

June 13, Lemuel Petts, Jr., Townsend, Milly
Wood, Pepperell.

July 14, Asa Walker, Ashby, Alice Clark, Ashby.

September 22, David Wallace, Townsend, Betty

Online LibraryIthamar B. (Ithamar Bard) SawtelleHistory of the town of Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts : from the grant of Hathorn's farm, 1676-1878 → online text (page 26 of 29)