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Reverend George B. Allen, on the 23d October, 1876. He now resigned on
the 22 November, and again was the Church of the Ascension without an
officiating clergyman of its own. The parish was then offered to the Rev-
erend R. T. Kline, whose acceptance was made known on the 2d of January,
1877. This clergyman remained with his congregation the better part of
eleven months, when he handed in a letter of retirement on the 21 of
November of the same year. Mr. McAllister again occupied the pulpit
from Sunday to Sunday, until on December 23, 1877, it was resolved to
call the Reverend David F. MacDonald, D. D. from Arkansas. This gentle-
man is the present incumbent.

Dr. MacDonald was, as far back as 1856, the first missionary of the Pro-
testant Episcopal Church in this county. He was located by the Bishop of
the Diocese at Benicia, where he labored amongst all classes with much
zeal. He had often conducted services in the parish where he is now rector
in a small building used as a Methodist church, and it was a graceful re-
membrance of former efforts which suggested, after the lapse of so many
years, the tendering of the pulpit to him. Long may he live to fill it.

The Church of the Ascension is situated on Georgia street, between Napa
and Sutter, and stands on an elevated knoll which commands a fine view of
the harbor and surrounding country, and has a seating capacity of two hun-
dred and fifty. A magnificent bell has been presented to it by Henry Sanger,
Esq. Sunday services are held at 11 A. M., and Sunday-school at 2.30 P. M.
There has been no evening service during the present winter. The members
number eighty. The superintendent of the Sunday-school is Wilberforce
Dudley ; the vestrymen — Professor W. F. Roe, Wilberforce Dudley, Thomas
Thornton, J. W. Breed, A. S. Carman, S. R. English, John Harris, O. W.
Vanderlip, C. H. Hubbs, R. B. Loyall, and J. C. Edgecumbe ; the senior and
junior wardens, and secretary and treasurer being respectively Messrs.
Hubbs, Roe, Breed, and Thornton.

First Regular Baptist Church. — This church was organized on November
21, 1869, a meeting being convened by public notice calling on all those
interested in establishing a regular Baptist church in Vallejo, to meet at
Red Men's Hall. The Reverend W. W. Hickie was chosen moderator, and
Eben Hilton, clerk. Each of the brethren and sisters herein named pre-
sented themselves, and were accepted by each other in unanimous vote of
fellowship for the purpose of organizing a gospel church, and being fellow
members of the same : W. W. Hickie, Eben Hilton, Esther Hilton, Stephen
Hathaway, Eleazer Frisbie, H. H. Dwyer, J. C. Voorhees, Anna Case, San-
ford Baker, G. W. Morgan and wife.

On motion of Mr. Frisbie, the Articles of Faith and Church Covenant, as
given in the Baptist Manual, published by the American Baptist Publication
Society, Philadelphia, was read, and by unanimous vote, as follows : pastor,


Rev. W. W. Hickie; deacons, H. H. Dwyer and Eleazer Frisbie ; treasurer,
Eben Hilton ; clerk, Sanf ord Baker, was adopted. The Rev. W. W. Hickie
continued his labors with the church until June 1st, following, when he
abandoned the profession, and public worship was discontinued until Dec-
ember 2, 1870, when the church called the Rev. J. H. Ruby as a successor,
and then commenced to hold worship in Farragut Hall ; and on June 13,
1871, an unanimous call was extended to Mr. Ruby to become its pastor.
He accepted, and continued in that capacity until September 1st, when he
resigned. On November 17, 1871, the church called the Rev. E. B. Hatch
to its pastorate.

On January 7, 1872, the American Baptist Home Mission Society hav-
ing granted material aid towards the building of a suitable house for public
worship, a committee was appointed with power to solicit subscriptions for
building the same. In November following they reported having received
subscriptions enough to warrant the commencement of a proper building,
and that General J. B. Frisbie had donated a lot and executed a deed for
the purpose ; but the piece of ground not being in a desirable locality, it
was thought best to purchase a plot on Capitol, between Marin and Sonoma
streets. A committee to superintend the structure was chosen, and the
work begun. On March 1, 1873, the church and lot, which had cost over
$4,000, was dedicated to the service of God.

The Rev. E. B. Hatch continued to be its pastor until February 1, 1876,
when, tendering his resignation, it was accepted. On that date the Rev. R.
F. Parshall was appointed to the pastorate, and, entering upon his duties on
March 26th, he continued to perform them until December 13, 1876, when he

The church was without a pastor and public worship until April 1, 1877,
when the Rev. T. A. Gill, Chaplain U. S. N., was ordered to the Navy Yard.
On his arrival a committee was appointed to wait upon him, with the
request that he preach on Sunday mornings, with which petition he cheer-
fully complied and entered upon the duties for an indefinite period. Mr.
Gill and his wife labored with the church until May 28, 1878, when he was
detached from the Yard, thus leaving the church once more without a
pastor. At this juncture Rev. Frank B. Rose, U. S. N., Chaplain on board
U. S. S. " Pensacola," volunteered his services and continued them until
October 13, when he, too, left the district. On October 27, 1878, the Rev.
E. H. Gray, D.D., was called from Washington, D. C, and he now directs
the religious welfare of the First Regular Baptist Church.

The present membership of the church is sixty-nine, the officers being as
follows: Pastor, Rev. E. H. Gray, D.D.; Deacons, H. H. Dwyer, Eleazer
Frisbie, and P. E. Jeffries ; Treasurer, H. H. Dwyer ; Clerk, W. B. Vankirk ;
Trustees, H. H. Dwyer, Eleazer Frisbie, P. E. Jeffries, A. McKannan, and
W. B. Vankirk.


The Sunday School connected with the church was organized February
1, 1870, Henry Hall, Superintendent. In June, 1871, J. C. Voorhees was
elected in that capacity, and filled it till January 1, 1879, when Mrs. Veeder
was appointed and now holds the position.

The Advent Christian Church of Vallejo. — The Advent doctrine was first
introduced into Vallejo by Elder D. D. Reid, of Santa Clara county, in the
fall of 1870. The first sermon was preached in the Methodist church. The
first series of meetings were held by Elder Miles Grant, of Boston, Mass., in
the Presbyterian church, the pastor most warmly encouraging and supporting
the good work. No attempt was at this time made to organize a church, as
it was supposed the converts would be well nourished and fed by the pastor
of the Presbyterian Church, who had been so blessed in the revival. But
very soon after Elder Grant's departure he began to oppose the doctrines
which had done so much good, and it became evident that the believers
must organize a church of their own. This was done on June 13, 1871, in
the building known as George's Place, a building bought in New York and
shipped around the Horn to San Francisco, set up and used in that city
and then taken down and removed to Vallejo. It had been used for the
vilest purposes of those early times, and it was indeed a novelty to hear
within its walls the voice of prayer, of praise, and of truth. The building
had been thoroughly cleansed and refitted for its new work.

The charter members were Job Washburn, Samuel Jamison, A. J. Young.
David West, George Redden, Mrs. George Redden, Mrs. Statira Snow, Mrs,
Ella P. Pettis, Mrs. Hannah P. Moore, and Mrs. A. J. Young. Many others
were in sympathy with the organization, but did not unite till afterward.
The officers consisted simply of a deacon and a clerk, Job K. Washburn and
A. J. Young, respectively, holding the positions. This church was organized
under Elder D. D. Reid. The first pastor was Elder 0. R. Fassett, from Min-
nesota, who had charge of the church for two years, preaching one-half the
time; while Mrs. Fassett preached the other half. They resided in San
Francisco. During this pastorate the chapel was built on Capitol Hill, on a
lot donated by General J. B. Frisbie. (Lot 14, in block 306). It was a
plain, unpretending structure 32x52, and cost about one thousand dollars.
The house was dedicated on Sunday, March 24, 1872, Elders Fassett and
Reid officiating. Experience soon proved the location of the chapel too
inaccessible to the people, especially in the rainy season, and it was decided
to move it. In April, 1874. it was moved to Georgia street and located on
lot No. 6, block 284, owned by Mr. Tripp and leased to the church for this
purpose, where it still stands. One hundred and fifty persons in all, from
time to time, have become members, but removals into other places have
reduced the membership to fifty, which has been the average number since
the first year of its history. Elder H. F. Carpenter became pastor of the


church on July 1, 1875, preaching his first sermon on July 4, and remains
its pastor at the present time, February 21, 1879. During every year of
his ministry he has done work of the most satisfying character and made
many converts. The church has maintained three prayer meetings every
week, characterized by warmth of devotion ; while the Sunday congregations
have usually been very good. The chapel has been neatly refitted within,
and, while the exterior is not particularly inviting, the inferior is very
pleasing and commodious.

A Sunday-School was organized December 10, 1871, which numbers at
present between forty and fifty members. Its interest and numbers are
now increasing. Its present Superintendent is George W. Morton. The
Church, in spite of the severest financial depression, has been always enabled
to meet its obligations without resorting to fairs, festivals, lotteries, grab-
bags and other unwarrantable methods, and is to-day out of debt. The
present officers are: Samuel Jamison, Job K. Washburn, Elders ; William
H. Pennell, John Thompson, Deacons ; John Pettis, Treasurer ; and Andrew
J. Young, Clerk.

Secret Societies, Associations, Etc. — Vallejo is second to no other city
in the State of California in the condition of its Lodges, save, perhaps,
with the single exception of San Francisco. The Masonic Order, as well
as that of the Odd Fellows, is in a most flourishing condition, while the
benefits which they confer is dispensed with a due regard to the lessons in-
culcated by the several Orders.

Naval Chapter, No. 35, R. A. M.~ The above Chapter was organized
under dispensation on May 20, 1868, and granted a charter on October 20th,
of the same year, its chartered members being : Lyman Leslie, J. M. Brown,
B. J. Taylor, P. B. Miller, Dan. Harrington, Benjamin Benas, E. G. Moden,
T. J. Crowlie and Philip Hichborn, the officers being Lyman Leslie, High
Priest ; J. M. Brown, King ; B. J. Taylor, Scribe. Since its first institution
the number of members has considerably augmented, there being now no
fewer than ninety-four on the roll. The officers for the current year are :
H. P., M. Myers; K., F. D. Mead; S., E. J. McDaniel; C. of H., Jonathan
Bond ; P. S., James Eoney ; R A. C, E. K. Holmes ; M. of 3d V., A. B.
Bertoschky ; M. of 2d V., O. H. Butler ; M. of 1st V., J. H. Jordan ; Guard,
John Thompson. The Chapter meets on the second Wednesday of each

Naval Lodge, No. 87, F. & A. M. — This is the oldest Lodge in Vallejo,
and was organized under dispensation on July 17, 1855. The first meeting
was held on August 4, 1855, when the following officers were appointed:
William Wilmot, W. M. ; Henry Hook, S. W. ; Joseph R. Bird, J. W. ;
Robert Brownlee, Treas. ; William Aspenall, Secy. ; L. W. Bean, S. D. ; Denis


Meagher, J. D.; John Lee, Tyler. On May 7, 1856, the Charter was
granted, the members being Abraham Powell, W. M. ; William Aspenall,
S. W. ; and Isaac Hobbs, J. W. The first meeting held under the new
charter was convened on May 28, 1856, with Deputy Grand Master William
S. Wells, presiding, when the following were elected to the various offices :
Joseph R. Bird, W. M.; Benjamin R. Mitchell, S..W. ; William Aspenall,
J. W. ; Robert Brownlee, Treasurer ; Alexander Guffy, Secretary ; L. W.
Bean, S. D. ; Denis, Meagher, J. D. ; and John Lee, Tyler. The present of-
ficers are : W. M. Christian Theodore B. Hallen ; S. W., George William
Simonton ; J. W., Martin J. Wright ; Treasurer, John E. Abbott ; Secretary,
George F. Mallett ; S. D., William Brownlie ; J. D., James H. Jordan ;
Stewards, Daniel W. Harrier and Rimmer Johann Rimmers Aden ; Marshal,
Andrew Jackson McPike ; Organist, Nathaniel G. Hilton; Tyler, Henry
Dexter; Trustees, John Brownlie, Martin J. Wright, George F. Mallett.
The number of members at present on the roll is one hundred and two.
The Naval Lodge meets on the third Tuesday of each month, at the .
Masonic Hall, N. W. corner of Virginia and Marin streets.

Solano Lodge, No. 229, F.& A. M. — Was organized under dispensation on
May 14, 1873, and received the charter on the 18th October, 1873, the
chartered members being: John Quincy Adams, P.M.; Ellis Edward Hartwell ;
Frank E. Brown; Orren H. Butler; William Carter; Frank W. Cushing;
John F. Denning; George C. Demmon; John K. Duncan; Joseph C. Edge-
cumbe; John Farnham; John Frey; William E. Frisby; Alden L. Hathe-
way; F. D. Higson; Adam A. McAllister; Edwin A. McDonald; Charles A.
Moore; Mattison Myers, P. M.; William H. Pettis; George P. Plaisted; Am-
brose J. Plummer; William F. Roe; John B. Robinson; David W. Rogers;
George E. Sides; Edward T. Starr; George Thompson; Joseph F. Wendell;
John T. Wells and John W. Winton. The officers under dispensation were:
F. W. Cushing, W. M.; J. T. Wells, S. W.; W. H. Pettis, J. W.; E. T. Starr,
Treasurer; A. L. Hatheway, Secretary; Rev. A. A. McAllister, Chaplain;
John Farnham, S. D.; George C. Demmon, J. D.; J. C. Edgecumbe, Marshal;
Frank E. Brown, organist; O. H. Butler, W. E. Frisby, Stewards; Henry
Stahl, Tyler, who continued to hold office until the next election. The
Solano Lodge is in a flourishing condition. There are seventy-four members
on the roll, who meet on the first Monday of each month. The present
officers are: R. W. M., O. H. Butler; S. W., James Roney; J. W., A. B. Ber-
toschky; Treasurer, A. J. Plummer; Secretary, G. C. Demmon; S. D., D. M.
McCool; J. D., J. W. Van Meeder; Marshal, John Harris; Stewards, J. W.
Winton, D. M. Hilliard; and Tyler, John Thompson.

Independent Order of Odd Felloivs, Golden State Lodge No. 216. — Was
organized in 1872, the chartered members being: John Hamill; V.W. Beck-
ford; I. M. Ruton; I. S. Halsey; F. J. Trapp; S. E. Wilson; S. N. Jamison;


A. Clark; C. H. Hubbs; Jos. Burton; C. H. Hodgkins; H. Bruce; M. M.
Moore; J. P. Fraser; J. Hobbs; George Woods; M. Handford, and S. E.
Wright. The first officers who served were: F. J. Trapp, N. G.; I. S. Halsey.
Y. G.; S. E. Wilson, R S.; C. H. Hubbs, P. S., and I. M. Ruton, Treasurer.
This lodge is in a most flourishing condition, there being 130 members on
its roll, the officers for the present year being: William Fraser, N. G.; John
McDonald, V. G.; George W. Martin, R S.; William Pressy, P. S., and E. M.
McDonald, Treasurer. Day of meeting, Wednesday of each week. Trus-
tees, I. S. Halsey, C. H. Hubbs, and B. Benas.

Knights of Pythias, Washington Lodge, No. 7. — Of all the charitable
organizations in the country, perhaps no other has labored under greater
disadvantages, and with more beneficial results, than the Knights of Pythias.
The first lodge was organized in Washington, D. C, February 19, 1864, in
the midst of civil strife, when society was in a disrupted state, and all secret
organizations considered political. Its importance and numbers have, how-
ever, steadily advanced, and now its condition is most flourishing.

Washington Lodge, of Vallejo, No. 7, was organized on September 17,
1869, and is the only one in the State which can claim the honor of being
organized by the Supreme Chancellor of the world.

The number of chartered members was eighty-eight, while the first offi-
cers who served were as under:

C. C, A. J. Perkins; V. C, C. M. Price; R S., A. C. Doan; F. S., R S.
Williams; B., G. A. Poor; G., E. A. Hersey; I. S., John Kennedy; 0. S.,
J. W. Williams.

The number of members on the roll for the present year is forty-two,
while the officers elected on January 1, 1879, were: P. C, J. Pincomb; C. C,
H. M. Moore; V. C, C. H. Bennett; K. of R and S, J. W. Jeffries; M. of
E., H. Englebright; M. of F., George A. Buxton; Prelate, J. W. Williams;
M. at A, T. K. Watson; I. G., W. H. Kenyon; O. G., H. J. Pelham. The
Knights of Pythias meet at Bed Mens' Hall, every Thursday evening.

Improved Order of Red Men, Samoset Tribe, No. 22. — Was instituted June
4, 1869, with the undermentioned chartered members : W. C. Lemon ; 0. L.
Henderson ; H. J. Ford ; C. M. Price ; Benjamin D. Egery ; Philip Mager ;
W. Williston ; J. Brownlie ; A. P. Alexander ; I. G. Martin ; L. M. Knibbs ;
T. W. Woodward ; James Currier ; J. G. Smith ; Henry Dexter ; W. H.
Green ; M. G. Winchell ; W*. E. Bristow ; Joseph Anderson ; James Borton ;
John Lawrence ; Wm. M. Starr ; Frank A. Leach ; J. H. Powell ; A. S.
Carman ; L. C. Kincade ; John Thompson ; Van B. Smith ; John W. Wil-
liams ; Frank R Currier ; James Frost ; Martin J. Wright ; John S.
Souther ; Ed. D. G. Fields ; Aug. M. Street ; 0. H. Bryant ; Edward W.
O'Brien; M. D. Tobin ; F. R Arnold; L. S. Patriguin; Charles E. Young;


O. K. Doan ; George Bassford ; George L. Quant ; M. C. Whitney ; John C.
Hale ; Thomas Evans ; James Blessington ; A. J. Chapman ; R. Caverly ;
J. N. Sanct ; James Jordan ; Con. Lunney ; J. G. Cornwall ; A. J. Perkins ;
0. B. Edwards ; W. M. Sullivan ; Charles J. Eger ; Wm. Moore ; F. C.
Bageley ; D. M. McCool ; John Reidfee ; Wm. M. Stannus ; Thomas Mc-
Farland ; Benjamin F. Pressey ; J. N. Stevenson ; A. J. McPike ; J. R.
Hogan ; A. C. Doan ; John McCarthy ; Walter F. Patterson ; H. S. Chap-
pelle ; John Lambert ; George A. Poor ; John Hesketh ; George P. Plais-
ted ; N. D. Toby ; James G. Massey ; F. D. Higson ; N. Carmichael ; I. M.
Ruton ; W. G. Walsh ; Milton Warner ; John McPhee ; James Carter ;
Alexander Anderson. The officers of the Tribes first appointed were W. C.
Lemon, Sachem ; O. L. Henderson, Senior Sagamore ; H. J. Ford, Junior
Sagamore ; C. M. Price, Chief of Records ; B. D. Egery, Keeper of Wam-
pum ; P. Mager, First Warrior ; W. Williston, Second ; J. Brownlie, Third ;
A. P. Alexander, Fourth ; J. G. Martin, First ; L. W. Knibbs, Second ; O. C.
Chamberlain, Third ; T. W. Woodward, Fourth Braves ; James Currier,
First ; J. G. Smith, Second Powwow ; Henry Dexter, Guard of Forest ; W.
H. Green, Guard of the Wigwam ; M. G. Winchell, First ; W. E. Bristow,
Second Sannap ; and Joseph Anderson, Prophet. The membership at one
time reached 98, but there are now only 30 on the roll. The Order is in
good standing ; it owns their hall furniture, a burial plot in the Union
Cemetery, all of which property is unincumbered, while the Tribe is free
from any financial embarrassment. The officers for the year are : Sachem,
Thomas Raines ; Senior Sagamore, Charles H. Bennett ; Junior Sagamore,
P. McArdle ; Chief of Records, John E. Hubbard ; Keeper of Wampum, M.
G. Winchell ; Financial Chief, James G. Smith ; Prophet, J. O. Allison ;
First Sannap, John W. Williams ; Second Sannap, B. D. Egery ; First War-
rior, James Jury ; Second Warrior, James Blessington ; Third Warrior, Ed.
W. O'Brien ; Fourth Warrior, O. C. Chamberlain ; First Brave, James
Frost ; Second Brave, R. W. Burton ; Third Brave, Alex. S. Smith ; Fourth
Brave, John Lorson ; First Powwow, H. D. Richardson ; Second Powwow,
Frank R. Currier ; Guard of the Forest, Van B. Smith ; and Guard of the
Wigwam, Barnard Tissell.

Grand Army of the Republic, Farragut Post, No. 12, G. A. R. — The
objects and aims of the Association are attending to the sick and wounded
soldiers who served honorably during the great rebellion ; the burial of
their departed comrades, and to cherish and encourage friendly feelings for
one another, which should animate the bosoms of all true patriots. This
post was organized on February 19, 1868, and re-organized in accordance
with general orders from Head Quarters in August, 1869. The chartered
members were Edward G. Haynes, William G. Oberend, N. C. McMegone-
gal, R. L. Duncan, E. C. Taylor, E. H. Forrester, E. S. Jenkins, John Ashton,


Joseph Anderson and John L. Gamble, of whom Messrs. Duncan and Taylor
are now deceased. The first officers elected to serve were J. L. Gamble,
Post Commander ; W. G. Oberend, Senior Vice-Commander ; Ed. C. Taylor,
Junior Vice-Commander ; Ed. G. Haynes, Post Adjutant ; E. H. Forrester,
Quartermaster. The number of members at present on the roll is thirty-
one while the officers for the present term are : Post Commander, George
L. Voorhees; Senior Vice-Commander, James Blessington; Junior Vice-
Commander, Thomas Riley ; Quartermaster, George A. Buxton ; Chaplain,
John Smith ; Officer of the day, Robert K. Hall and Officer of the Guard,
James L. Cilley. It is gratifying to remark that the funds of the Post are
in a satisfactory condition, no less a sum than four thousand six hundred
dollars having been paid out of its coffers between the date of its organiza-
tion and January 1, 1879.

Ancient Order of United Workmen, Vallejo Lodge No. 75. — This society,
a new one in the State of California, was organized and chartered on the
6th day of January, 1879. It has already a roll of eighty-three members,
while its officers are : P. M. W., Sanruel Kitto ; M. W., George F. Mallett ;
G. F. M., G. Winchell ; 0., William McWilliams ; recorder, James G. Smith ;
financier, Robert B. Barr ; receiver, S, S. Drake ; guide, G. W. Martin ; J.
W., Charles H. Bennett , O. W., George W. Edgecumbe. Days of meeting,
Monday in every week.

The " Vallejo Society of California Pioneers." — Was first established on
the 27th of May, 1869, having for its object the cultivation of social inter-
course and union among its members, and the creation of a fund for charit-
able purposes in their behalf ; to collect and procure information connected
with the early settlement and subsequent history of the county, and to form
such libraries and cabinets, and pursue such literary and scientific objects as
from time to time be determined, and in all appropriate matters to advance
the interests and perpetuate the memory of those whose sagacity, energy
and enterprise induced them to settle in the wilderness and become founders
of a new State. The chartered members of the association were Thomas
Aylward, Milo J. Ayers, Gustave Bergwell, Henry Buckland, Henry Clay-
ton, Fred Coyan, Henry Englebright, George Edgar, George B. Edgecumbe,
W. P. Edwards, John B. Frisbie, Thomas Gunderson, Alexander Guffy.
Jacob F. Griffin, George Gordon, Joseph G. Garrison, R. D. Hopkins, J.
Hamill, G. N. Hutchinson, I. S. Halsey, Isaac Hobbs, Henry Hendrickson,
Paul K. Hubbs, John G. Hudson, Ernest Hauff, Charles C. Hall, W. D.
Jones, Thomas Keating, John L. King, James R. Lee, Peter Laughran, John

A. Lay, O. A. Munn, Lyman Mitchell, Charles Murphy, James Mann, Wil-
liam McKenna, F. Marion, John C. McLeod, W. Narvaez, Charles O'Donnell,

B. T. Osborn, A. Powell, George A. Poor, R. Palmer, John Rose, William


Rawson, John Roache, E. C. Reynolds, D. C. Ross, W. S. Ricker, J. Regan,
O. H. Spencer, Henry Stege, Charles C. Southard, John Spruce, A. J. Shute,
E. T. Seavy, W. H. Vandine, John Woodall, Thomas K. Watson, Edward
Welsh, William Williams, John Ward. At this time General M. G. Vallejo
was elected an honorary member, while there were also admitted John Mor-
gan, J. D. Cornwall, W. Sullivan, C. C. Hall, John Walker, C. M. Poor, W.
C. Brooks, J. M. Findlay, J. V. Saunders, A. Strohsohl, E. B. Campbell, W.
H. Cheever, J. C. French, J. H. K. Barbour, M. Morrison, A. Peterson, J. A.
Carnahan, E. Whiting. The first officers elected were : president, John B.
Frisbie ; vice-presidents, Paul K. Hubbs, Gustave Bergwell, Abraham
Powell ; corresponding secretary, Robert D. Hopkins ; treasurer, Isaac S.
Halsey ; directors, Isaac Hobbs, 0. H. Spencer, Thomas Aylward ; and mar-
shal, Thomas K. Watson.

Many of these early pioneers have long ago been gathered to their fathers,

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