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where he spent four years. He then emigrated to California, via Panama,
arriving in San Francisco November 13, 1859. Leaving his family in
San Francisco he proceeded to Suisun, this county. His place of resi-
dence being divided between Suisun and San Francisco, until 1861 when
he moved his family to Suisun, where he has resided continuously ever
since. In 1869 he, in company with R. B. Cannon, bought a ranch at
Cannon's Station, consisting of 1,040 acres, but in 1877 he bought out
Cannon's interest, and he and his son Earnest H. now own and conduct
the place together. Mr. Staples married Miss Sarah W. Cardwell, daughter
of Francis Cardwell, of Greenwood, Oxford county, Maine, on November
25, 1851. Ida E., born August 29, 1852, and died October 8, 1855 ; Earnest
H., born October 14, 1856 ; Julia, born June 2, 1866, and died June 19,
1866 ; M. C, born December 11, 1868, are the names of their children.

STOCKMAN, DAVID E., (deceased), was born in the city of New York,
February 7, 1833. Moved to Loudonville, Ohio, from which he emigrated
to California, settling in Suisun in November, 1856. While in this State
he continuously resided in Suisun, with the exception of a few months
before his death. He was one of the founders of the Engine Company,
and the Light Dragoons ; for a long time Chairman of the Union County
Committee ; a member of the Masonic Fraternity, and was identified with
nearly every public interest in this community.

STOCKMAN, D. MERRILL, a native of New York city, arrived in Suisun
March 1858. His brother having preceded him to this county is the
reason why he chose this valley for his future home. He had formerly
resided in Orange, Essex county, New Jersey, where his parents had
moved when he was quite young. In 1836, we find them in Delaware
county, Ohio, and again, in 1844, took up their abode in Ashland county.
Here Mr. Stockman was educated, and from whence he started for this
State in December, 1857. He was born August 22, 1830, and married on
April 9, 1862, Miss Emma A., daughter of T.> C. Everets, M. D. Their
children are May Ella, Lillie, Emma and Carrie ; D. Merrill, their only
son, was drowned in this town.

SWAN, HONORABLE THOMAS M., is a native of Harden county, Ken-
tucky, where he was born March 14, 1819, and is the fourth son of Thomas
Swan. After receiving his common school education, he was sent to
Elizabethtown to the Harden-county Academy, where all the languages
were taught, from which he graduated with honors. Commenced the
study of law, first, with Jesse Craddock and afterwards with Gov. John
L. Helm, of Kentucky; was admitted to the bar in 1842, after which he
practiced law in his native county. He was elected to the lower house


of the legislature for the sessions of 1848-9, filling that office with dis-
tinction. Emigrated to this State, via the Isthmus of Panama, settling
in Benicia on January 27, 1851. During this year he was elected District
Attorney for Solano county, and, in 1853, was elected County Judge. In
1859, was elected to the lower house of the California Legislature and
again in 1855. Came to Fairfield on May 9, 1858, for over twenty years
he has worked for the improvement of the Tolenas Springs.

TURNER, W. H., is a native of Macdingburg, Virginia, and was born
December 27, 1816, where he received his education and lived on a farm
with his parents till twenty years old. At the age of twenty-three, he
emigrated to Cape Girardeau county, Missouri, where he married Susan
J. Elliott, July 23, 1839. Here he lived and was engaged in farming for
seven years, when he moved to St. Clair county, Illinois, where he pur-
sued farming for two years ; came to California, leaving his family, cross-
ing the plains with an ox team, arriving in Nevada city, September 15,
1850, at which place he followed mining about five months, after which
he went to Red Bar, Trinity river, going into partnership with J. B.
Rentchler, where he remained about eight months, then went to San
Francisco, going East via the Nicaragua route, landing in New Orleans,
thence up the Mississippi river, Mr. Rentchler going to St. Louis and Mr.
Turner stopping at Cape Girardeau, where he met his family. After re-
maining there about two months, he again crossed the plains to this State
with an ox team, accompanied by his wife and six children and four men.
He arrived in Suisun valley, August 28, 1852. Five days after his arrival
he left his family in a small cabin about four miles north of Suisun, under
the protection of a gentleman, and he, with three men, went to Trinity
river, to look after his mine he had previously located, but only remained
about four days, and then returned home, settling on a farm about four
miles north of Suisun, building a house, the timber for which he brought
from the Napa red-woods. In December, 1860, he came to his present'
farm of 238 acres, situated about four miles north-west from Suisun.
His wife died October 11, 1867. The names of the children by this mar-
riage are, John H.,born September 12, 1840, and died July 9, 1866 ; Cebi-
ner C, born May 13, 1842 ; Richard W., born December 27, 1843 ; Louisa
J. Shaw, born January 2, 1846, died April 15, 1871 ; Juliette A., born
April 21, 1847 ; William W., born February 4, 1849 : Thomas B., born
November 4, 185»3, and died January 28, 1876 ; Charles M., born August
19, 1855 ; Frank, born August 23, 1857, and died December 6, 1863.

Mr. Turner again married, on September 27, 1871, Miss Salina V. F. Rogers,
in Virginia, and the following are his children : William H., born August
12, 1872 ; George K, born August 3, 1874 ; Edward, born September 19,
1876, and died October 3, 1876 ; Leland J., born November 15, 1877.


TAYLOR, WILLIAM H., is a native of Des Moines county, Iowa, and born
March 1, 1845. Here he resided until 1852, when he emigrated to James-
town, Tuolumne county, Cal., coming via the Isthmus, and arrived at that
place in December, of that year. After two years, he returned to Iowa, and
remained there until 1856, when he again came to California. At this
time he settled in Oroville, Butte county, Cal., where he married Eliza-
beth J., daughter of J. M. Vance, M. D., then a resident of that place.
In March, 1875, he came to Suisun, and has since been engaged in the
mercantile business, under the firm name of Vance & Taylor. Their
children are, Mary Alice, James Vance, Hattie May, and Jennie Belle.

VANCE, M. D., JAMES MONROE, the subject of this sketch, was born in
Rogers ville, Hawkins county, East Tennessee, 27th January, 1827. Some-
time during the year 1832 his parents moved to Battle Creek, Marion
county, Tenn., where the subject of this sketch received his primary edu-
cation. During his eight years' residence at this place his father died,
and he was then sent to live with a brother in Jackson county, Alabama,
finishing his education at the Missouri Academy. In 1840 he, with his
brother, took a residence in Arkansas, where Mr. Vance taught school two
years, then went to Memphis, Tenn., commencing the study of medicine
with P. H. Lane, M. D., and afterwards attended the Memphis Medical
College, from which he graduated January 28, 1848. Moved to Arkan-
sas, where he married Mary Butler, daughter of John Butler. They
changed their residence to Waldron, Scott county, Ark., where he not only
practiced his profession, but was appointed Land Commissioner, and spec-
ulated in lands, as well as carrying on a mercantile business. Emigrated
to California, settling in Oroville, Butte county, in 1856, where he was
elected to the State Senate, on the Democratic ticket, in 1859. Came to
Suisun March 1, 1875. His children are Mrs. Lizzie J. Taylor, Dr. A. W.,
and John B.

VEST, JOHN, is the proprietor of the Roberts' House in Suisun, and was
born in Ireland, December 15, 1826. He came to America when nine
years old, with his parents, settling in Washington county, N. Y. In
1851 he started for Calif ornia, arriving on June 13th of that year, locating
in San Francisco. Was engaged in mining for several years, after which
he moved to Marysville, thence over the mountains to Storey county, Ne-
vada, in 1862 ; thence to Washoe county, and on December 2, 1869, came
to this township, settling on what is now known as the Rush rancho. He
afterwards, in company with Thomas Melburn, bought a farm, which they
now own. Moved to Suisun, where he married Mrs. Margaret Roberts,
and has since been in charge of the Roberts' Hotel.


WATERMAN, ROBERT H., for many years a commander in the Mercantile
Marine, was born in the city of New York, March 4, 1808. In 1820, he
shipped on board a sailing vessel as a cabin boy, and -passed through all
the positions and grades of offices to master and owner of a full-rigged
ship. The latter office was conferred on him in 1833, which he continu-
ously held until 1851. Has five times sailed around the world. He
with Captain A. A. Richie, came to Fairfield, buying four leagues of land,
in 1848, after which, Captain Waterman permanently located here in 1850.
He is the founder of the town of Fairfield, and great credit is due him
for taking a lively interest in all that goes to make the county in which
he lives prosperous. Married Miss Cordelia, daughter of David Sterling,
of Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1846.

WELLS, JAMES T., was born in Lincoln county, Missouri, on September
24, 1845, and when quite young he, with his parents, moved near Quincy,
Lincoln county, Illinois, and in 1856 they emigrated to this State, coming
via Nicaragua route, arriving on January 19th, of that year. They im-
mediately settled in this valley, where he has since resided. Received his
primary education at the University of the Pacific, at Santa Clara, Cal.,
and finished the same at the Napa Collegiate Institute. He was first
appointed Deputy Sheriff in 1871, and has since held that position with
the exception of a short time while engaged as a Deputy Assessor. Mar-
ried Frances L. Donaldson, July 5, 1872. She died December 18, 1875.
Carrie Pearl is the only child by this marriage. He again married, Carrie
Johnson, daughter of C. Johnson, Esq., on June 6, 1878.

WENDELL, J. F., was born in Farmington, Franklin county, Maine, on
January 21, 1845. On October 2, 1854, he arrived, with his parents, in
San Francisco, via Nicaragua, and accompanied them to Crescent
City, Del Norte county, where his father had been one of the pioneer
settlers, in 1849. He studied law with Judge J. P. Haynes, and
was admitted to the bar in May, 1867. In the fall of 1869 Mr. Wendell
came to Vallejo, where he located as a practicing lawyer, continuing his
profession in that city until elected to the position of District Attorney,
in 1871, when he transferred his residence to Suisun, where he has since
resided. Mr. Wendell occupies a prominent position among the legal
lights of Solano county. He married, November 12, 1874, Emma G.,
daughter of James W. Kinloch, by whom he has, Susie S., born Decem-
ber 25, 1876, and an infant, born February 8, 1879.

WING, JOSEPH, (deceased.) The subject of this sketch was born in Bon-
stable county, Massachusetts, April 4, 1799. He married in his native
place, Mercy F. Crosby, a native of the same county. They moved to


Monroe, Madison county, N. Y.; thence to Hillsdale county, Michigan, Mr.
Wing coming to California in 1849; but his family returned to Massa-
chusetts, joining Mr. W. in August, 1852. After Mr. Wing's arrival in
San Francisco, in 1849, he kept store in the ship " Diantha ; " which he
had brought with him from Boston. He commenced running a brig to
Suisun Island — as it was then called — in the fall of 1850, and for some
time did nearly all the carrying business of the place. He was a man of
worth, and beloved by all who knew him. Morris, of San Francisco,
Chilbysworth C, of Roberts Island, and Joseph, Jr., are their children.

WING, Jr., JOSEPH, was born in Medina, Monroe county, N. Y., September
1,1838. He moved with his parents to Hillsdale county, Michigan, and
with his mother to Bonstable county, Massachusetts, and emigrated to
California, arriving in August, 1852, settling in Suisun. His father had
previously settled here. He is now Manager of the water-works, a trust
he has held with credit, both to himself and the company with whom he
is associated. He married Grace, daughter of Daniel McDonald, a native
of Massachusetts, on December 29, 1877. Ruby Elmer is their only

WOLF, WILLIAM, is a native of Germany, where he was born March 8,
1840, and educated in the German language. Emigrated to the United
States in 1853, where, locating in New York City, he finished his educa-
tion. In 1859 he went to Tallahassee, Florida, engaging in general mer-
chandising. Returning to New York City in 1863, engaging in manufac-
turing and importing. May 12, 1869, he moved to and settled in San
Francisco, Cal., and in August, 1870, came to Suisun, Solano county, where
he has since maintained a permanent residence. Was appointed by George
C. McKinley, Deputy County Recorder, and re-appointed to the same
position by E. F. Gillespie in 1874, which position he held until the death
of Mr. Gillespie in 1875, when he was appointed County Recorder by
the Board of Supervisors. After the expiration of his term of office, in
March, 1876, he was appointed to his present position of Cashier of the
Bank of Suisun. January 28, 1868, he married Carrie, daughter of
Raphael Meyer, of New York City. Acldie, their only child, was born
February 27, 1869.

WOLFSKILL, MATHIAS, was born in Howard county, Mo., August 11,
1810, where he resided for forty years, when, on May 16, 1850, he, with
his family, left for California, and, enduring the hardships of a journey
across the plains, arrived at the ranch of his brother, John R. Wolfskill,
on Putah Creek, on September 30th of that year, and resided on the
banks of that stream until he moved to his present property in Suisun


township, in the fall of 1866. His ranch comprises seven hundred acres.
He married, September 1, 1831, Permelia Ashcroft, by whom he has two
children alive, John, a resident of San Diego county, and Joseph C, who
resides with his father.

WOODS, JOHN, was born in Darke county, Ohio, November 5, 1825, and
in 1833 moved with his parents to Kosciusko county, Indiana, where his
father died and he was educated. In the year 1849 he crossed the plains
to California, by ox-team, and on arrival settled in Napa county, where
he engaged for a short time in mining, and afterwards in farming and
stock-raising, which he continued until 1860, when he came to this county
and located in Suisun valley, where he has since maintained a continual
residence. Was elected Public Administrator of Napa county in 1855,
Assessor for Solano county in 1875, and has held for several years, at dif-
ferent times, the minor positions of School Trustee and Road Master. In
1852 Mr. Woods paid a visit to his home, returning in the following year.
He married Cynthia A., daughter of J. W. Aldrich, of Solano county, and
has Nellie, Warren A., Clara, Sarah, and John.

BERRY, GEORGE M., was born in Marion county, Tennessee, May 6, 1837.
When about two years old, he, with his parents, moved to Christian county,
Ills., where he was engaged as a farmer until 1849, when they changed their
place of residence to Sangamon county, in that State. In the spring of
1863, Mr. Berry left home for California, crossing the plains with mule
teams, arriving in Suisun valley on July 26, 1863. Here he worked for
other parties for eighteen months, and then rented the land known as the
Barbour tract, for four years ; then bought a portion of the Keeney tract,
four miles west of Suisun, which he sold in 1877. He married Nancy
Barbour, September 5, 1869. She is a daughter of Nathan Barbour, a
pioneer settler in this county. George M. is their only child. Mrs. Berry
was born in Suisun valley, September 24, 1851.

Note. — The above was received too late for insertion in its proper place.



BALDWIN, J. M., was born in Troy township, Bradford county, Penn-
sylvania, June 14, 1826, where he resided until October 16, 1852, at which
time he left for California, via New York City, arriving in San Francisco
November 18, 1852. Having previously learned the carpenter's and
joiner's trade, he engaged in that pursuit. The Winter of 1852 and the
year 1853 he spent in Sacramento, after which he moved to Amador
county, working in the southern mines for three months ; thence to Placer-
ville. El Dorado county, working at his trade. In May, 1854, went to
Oregon, but after two months returned to San Francisco. July, 1854,
moved to what was then called Mormon Station, Nevada, where he
eno-aged to build a grist and saw mill. He afterwards went to Carson
Valley, followed farming until the Fall of 1864, when he came to Green
Valley township, purchasing his farm, where he has since resided. Mar-
ried Miss Carrie Cary, September 11, 1864. Katie, Bertha, J. Monson,
and Carrie Louise, are their children.

BIHLER, HENRY, born in Effingen, Grosherzogehun, Baden, on Septem-
ber 16, 1831, and emigrated to the United States, landing in New York
City in 1850, and next day went to Baltimore, Maryland, where he re-
mained for five years. In 1856 he came to Napa county, California, and
carried on the business of butcher in the city of that name for thirteen
years. In 1869 he moved to Cordelia, where he carries on his occupation
of a butcher. He married, May 9, 1858, Agatha Hock, by whom he has :
Louisa, born February 21, 1859 ; Wilhelmina, born October 1, 1860 •
Mary Agatha, born July 15, 1862 ; Sophia, born September 19, 1864 ;
William Henry, born May 27, 1366, since dead ; William Henry, died
September 6, 1867 ; Othilea, born September 14, 1868 ; Frederick W.
born December 22, 1870; Bertha, born December 15,1874, and George
Henry, born January 20, 1876.

HATCH, A. T., native of Elkhart county, Indiana; born January 31, 1837.
When six years of age his parents moved to Niles, Michigan, where he
attended common school for five years. He then went back to Elkhart,
and attended school until fifteen years of age, when he went to Michigan
City, Indiana, and clerked in a grocery store for his father for one year
His father had a bar in connection with the store, and as the whisky
business was distasteful to A. T. he left home, having only $17 in his


pocket, and went to Marquett, Indiana, and clerked for $10 per month,
for one year, and afterwards worked in a flouring mill at $15 per month
for six months, when he was appointed superintendent of the whole affair,
which position he held for one year, when he resigned. He then went to
Cincinnati, and clerked in a large dry goods house about four months,
after which he clerked in a hardware store for about one year, when he
emigrated to California, crossing the plains with a drove of sheep. A
gentleman in company with Mr. Hatch, C. C. Goodrich, walked all the
way, cooked for the company, and stood guard every third night. The
company started from Council Bluff's May 22, 1857, and arrived at Big
Meadows, in Plumas county, September 8th, the same year. He immedi-
ately went to the North Fork of the Feather river, and mined for Daniel
Kirkham about three months, afterwards engaged in mining and sheep-
herding for some time, and finally bought an interest in the Dutch Hill
mine, where he mined with good success until September 1860. He then
made a trip to Michigan, and on March 14, 1861, he married, at Cass
county, Michigan, Miss Mary Graham. On April 3, 1861, he and his
newly-wedded wife started for California, with horse team, bringing a
band of horses across with them. Arrived at Mountain Meadows August
22, 1861. In November he went to Cordelia county, where he and wife
worked for $40 per month, and in the spring he bought a ranch, and after
farming it one year lost his ranch, owing to a defect in the title. He
then leased it for one year, and on October 12, 1863, he went to Lander
county, Nevada, where he prospected for a short time, and then went to
Monmouth district, where he located several mines, among which was the
Niagara Falls, and from which he extracted a handsome fortune. In
January, 1871, he went to San Francisco, and in February following he
came to this county and bought the place where he now lives, consisting
of 264J acres, situated about three miles north of Cordelia. Has reared a
family of three children, one of whom is living, as follows : Arthur T.,
born August 28, 1864, and died June, 1870; Mary E., born June 2, 1868;
Jennie P., died September, 1871.

HUMPHREYS, JAMES H., of Cordelia, was born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky
October 9, 1824. He received his early education in Georgetown in that
State, and in 1839 removed to Hannibal, Missouri, with his parents. Ten
years later he emigrated to California and prosecuted mining for two
years at Placerville and vicinity. In the years 1851-53 he was in trade
in El Dorado county, and in the following year he located on the Sacra-
mento and Placerville road and dealt in hay and grain. In 1855 Mr.
Humphreys moved to Folsom, and there acted as agent for the Natoma
Ditch Company for five years. In 1860 he went into business in Lin-
coln, Placer county ; in 1863 moved to Colfax ; thence, in 1865, to Sisco,


Placer county, from which place he went to Truckee in 1868, and in 1872
located in Cordelia, where he has since prosecuted his trade, selling dry-
goods. Is postmaster of the district. He married, October 1858, Kathe-
rine Sullivan, who was born in Boston December 19, 1840, by whom he
has: Alice M., born 1859; Katie, born 1861 ; Harry J., born 1863; Daisy,
born 1868; Maggie, born 1871; Charles, born 1874, and Frank, born 1876.

JEWELL, W. T., is a native of Sacramento city, California, where he was
born on September 26, 1855. His earlier years were passed at the
Seminaries of Calistoga, in Napa county, and Rio Vista, Solano county,
after which entered business as clerk in the post office at Calistoga,
where he served during the years 1875-6. In the month of August in
the latter year he was employed as operator in the telegraph office at
Yountville, in the same county, and in April, 1878, he moved to Cordelia
and took charge of the telegraph office for Cal. P. R. R. Co. there, and
on February 1, 1879, he became agent for Cal. P. R. R. Co. and Wells,
Fargo & Co., which position he still holds.

JONES, F. S., was born in Windsor county, Vermont, March 1, 1828, where
he was primarily and academically educated, first in the common schools,
second in the Woodstock University. He changed his place of residence
in 1849 to Brighton, Mass., and emigrated to this State in 1853, crossing
via the Isthmus, settling in San Francisco, five years after which he
moved to Sonoma where he abode ten years when he came to his present
farm in Green Valley township, since maintaining a permanent residence.
He is the largest grape grower in the valley as well as the most extensive
manufacturer of all kinds of wine, which is fully set forth in the town-
ship history. Married in Sonoma, Mary, daughter of William Swift, a
native of Henry county, Kentucky, in 1858. Mary J., Frederick H. S.,
and Luman H. are their children.

PITTMAN, C. J., (deceased.) Born in England in the city of Bristol,
in the year 1824, and emigrated to California in 1850, where he engaged
in hotel keeping in Grass Valley, and conducting the International Hotel
in San Francisco, after which he moved to Grass Valley, there also pur-
suing the same occupation. In 1854 he returned to England and having
married^ he, accompanied by his wife, returned to the United States and
landed in New York City, but only sojourned there six weeks. Mr. Pitt-
man once more started for California in the fall of 1854, on board the
steamer " Sierra Nevada," and, arriving in San Francisco he became pro-
prietor of the City Hotel there, which he carried on for some time. In
1855 he settled in Cordelia, where he kept a hotel, and moving once more
in 1862, he built the Bridgeport house, which establishment is now kept
by his widow.


Mr. Pittman married in Bristol, England, Louisa J. May, of that city, May
28, 1864, by whom there is an only daughter, Carrie E. J. He died in

PIERCE, LEWIS, the subject of this sketch is a native of York county,

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