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California July, 1871, and landed at Stockton, where he remained two
years, when he returned to his native State, where he remained until
June, 1874, when he returned to California, and settled in Stockton for a
short time ; and thence to Union Island, where he resided about one year.
Came to this county in February, 1877, and settled in Lagoon valley, pur-
chasing the old Scarlett ranch of J. M. Elliott, comprising 330 acres of
land, where he now resides. Has a family of nine living children — four
by first wife, and five by second, as follows : Mary E., born July 21, 1849 ;
Elsie L., born June 4, 1850 ; Millie Ann, born Dec. 6, 1853 ; Margaret
Jane, born Jan. 11, 1855; Laivery J., born July 27, 1864; Granville T.,
born Dec. 12, 1866 ; Johnny, born Nov. 26, 1871 ; William, born Nov. 26,
1875 ; Viola Jane, born May 26, 1878.

KORNS, LEVI, was born February 16, 1829, in Pennsylvania ; and at the
age of one year, moved with his parents to Holmes Co., Ohio, where he
was educated. Emigrated to California, on January 5, and arrived at
Sacramento February 27, 1852 ; thence to Marysville, where he remained
one year farming ; from here he went to Oregon ; but after a stay of only
nine months returned to this State, and engaged in farming at Yreka,
where he also worked in the mines five years ; and in the fall of 1858
visited his native State. In September, 1859, he came back to California
and located in Vaca valley. Purchased his farm of one hundred and
twenty-five acres, known as the " Bunker Hill " ranch, in 1870, on which
he now resides. Mr. Korns married, August 21, 1878, Mrs. Hattie Thomp-
son, of Fredonia, N. Y., who was born May 25, 1841.

LONG, S. W., was born in Versailles, Kentucky, March 17, 1822 ; and
when still young moved with his parents to Clay county, Missouri. In
1846 he enlisted and took part in the Mexican War, under Captain O. P.
Moss, Col. Doniphan, and General Taylor, in Company C, 1st "Regiment


Mounted Volunteers. In the following year was discharged ; and return-
ing home, he remained there until 1849, when he started across the plains
for California, arriving at Sacramento on August 7, 1849, having per-
formed the long journey in four months, and meeting with neither let nor
hindrance on the way. Mr. Long passed one year at the mines at Long's
Bar; and in March, 1850, he came to Vacaville, where he has since re-

MARSHALL, R. C, received his education at the Western Reserve Col-
lege, at Hudson, Summit county, Ohio, and, after a term of three years,
he taught school for six. In 1850, he emigrated to California and reached
El Dorado county, where he engaged in placer and quartz mining. In
1855 he was joined by his family and settled in Grizzly Flat, where he
resided until 1858, when he moved to Vacaville on a visit, but during his
stay his residence at Grizzly Flat was consumed by fire; he, therefore, did
not return thither but remained in the vicinity of Vacaville. Mr.
Marshall was born in Weathersfield, Trumbull county, Ohio.

MORTON, HENRY, born in Genesee county, New York, January 4, 1839.
Came to California, June, 1864, by sea and the Isthmus of Panama,
landing in San Francisco, but soon after proceeded to Vacaville, where
he is engaged in farming.

PENA, DEMETRIO, is, without doubt, one of the oldest settlers in
the county ; born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1826, he accompanied his
parents to California in 1840 and arrived in Los Angeles, where they re-
mained one year, and, in 1841, came to Vacaville. His father, in com-
pany with Manuel Vaca, took up ten leagues of land in and around Vaca
valley, including the site of the present town of Vacaville. In 1844, the
subject of this sketch, in company with his father, moved on his present
rancheria in Lagoon valley, comprising 800 acres. He married, in 1849,
Miss Inez Berryessa, of Sonoma, by whom he had a family of twelve
children, there being now alive : Neavis, David, Juan, Seto, Isabella and

PLEASANTS, WILLIAM J., born in Lincoln county, Kentucky, May 31,
1834. His parents went to Missouri in 1835 and followed farming until
1849, when they emigrated to California, arriving first at Bidwell's Bar,
in 1849, and, in 1850, they moved to Pleasants' valley, Solano county.
He married, December 3, 1857, Miss Nancy Hopper, by whom he has
eight children, four sons and four daughters : Sarah Alice, born Nov. 11,
1858 ; Ansal Putnam, born Feb. 6, 1861 ; Emma Belle, born Mar. 18,
1863 ; Lydia Tolitha, born Feb. 28, 1865 ; Wm. James, Jr., born June 30,
1867; Laura Frances, born Dec. 16, 1869 ; Thomas Royal, born Aug. 5,
1872 ; Russel Mason, born Dec. 18, 1874.


ROGERS, JAMES ROE, was born in Kentucky, November 14, 1826,
and, at the age of fourteen, moved with his parents to Missouri, where he
remained until Spring of 1850, when he emigrated to California, making
the trip across the plains with ox teams. He first settled in Sacramento,
where he bought a hotel on the road leading from that city to Bear river,
Grass valley and Nevada. This business he followed until early in 1857,
when he left for Poor Man's, Nelson and Hopkins' creek, on Feather river,
and from there to Middle Yuba, where he worked until the Fall, whence
he proceeded to the southern mines. In the Spring of 1853, he paid a
visit to the State of Missouri, once more crossing the plains in the Fall of
the following year and located in Santa Rosa valley, Sonoma county, en-
gaging in stock raising. In the Fall of that year he purchased a farm of
five hundred acres in Elmira township, on which he now resides. Mr.
Rogers married, first, in Sacramento, September 15, 1853, Miss Mary Ann
Williams, she died June 4, 1865 ; and, secondly, January 14, 1866, Miss
Laura C. Church, of Dixon, who was born June 15, 1844. His family
consists of six children, four by his first and two by his second wife ;
their names are : Ann Eliza, born October 9, 1854, died January, 1857 ;
Commodore Perry, born February 17, 1857 ; Seldon M., born April 26,
1859 ; Zilla N., born September 25, 1861 ; Celia May, born May 30, 1873;
and Bertie Agnes, born January 16, 1876.

SCARLETT, J. E., was born May 8, 1853, in Iowa, and at the age of seven
years, moved with his parents to Oregon. In 1862, came to this county
with his father, W. W. Scarlett, and settled in Suisun valley. In 1874,
returned to Oregon and remained one year, when he returned to this
State and county, and entered the Baptist College, at Vacaville, which in-
stitution he attended for three years. He then went to Los Angeles,
where he engaged in the butchering business, for a short time ; thence to
Bakersfield, where he engaged in same business until 1879. On April
1st, 1879, he returned to this county and settled in Vacaville, buying out
James Rogers, in the butchering business, and entered into partnership
with Geo. F. Wooderson, where .he still continues the business.

SEAMAN, H., was born in Prussia, October 12, 1826. In 1837, emigrated
to United States, and lived in Ohio until 1852, when he emigrated to
California, -crossing the plains, and landed at Sacramento in July of
the above year, where he resided for seven years, running a hotel the
major portion of the time. In January, 1859, came to this county, and
settled upon the present farm he now owns, comprising 2,200 acres, in
Putah canon, about four miles west of Winters. Married Miss Ellen
Ryan, August, 1865. She was born in November, 1834, in county Lim-
erick, Ireland. Has had one child, John Henry, who was born August
19, 1867, and died March, 1874.


SMITH, W. W., born May 11, 1832, near Glasgow, Barren county, Ken-
tucky, where he received his early education, and at the age of twenty
moved to Abingdon, Illinois, where for five years he worked at the trade
of cooper. Next entered the Abingdon College, but after two and a half
years was obliged to relinquish his studies on account of sickness. In the
spring of 1864 he emigrated to California, first settling in Napa city, June
1st, of that year, where, in the following .fall, he purchased the farm
known as the Spring Garden Nursery ; he also bought the farm now
owned by Henry Bassf ord, but continued to reside on that first named for
ten years, with the exception of one year which he passed on that in So-
lano county. In the fall of 1873 he acquired the tract of land on which
he now lives, which comprises one hundred and sixty -five acres, about
one-half of which he has set out in fruit trees. He married, March 12,
1857, Miss Matilda C. Marshall, who was born in Knox county, Mo., by
whom he has had three children, two of them, Genevra, and Rosa Ophelia
are still living.

STAHL, J:, was born March 14, 1844, in Somerset county, Pennsylvania,
on September 10, 1864 ; entered the army, Company G, 93d Pennsyl-
vania Volunteers, was in the battles of Petersburg and Sailors' Run, and
remained until the close of the war, 20th June, 1865, when he returned
home to his native State. In August of the above year he went to Illi-
nois, and worked at his trade (wheelwright) until the fall of 1866, when he
returned to Pennsylvania, and remained but a short time. Emigrated to
this State, making the trip by water, in 1866, landing in San Francisco
on November 6th. He went directly to Amador county, and worked on
a farm until spring opened, when he went to San Louis Obispo, at which
place he remained but a short time. Came to this county June 16, 1867.
In the fall of 1869 he returned to the place of his birth ; thence to Illi-
nois, where he spent the winter, and in the spring of 1870 went to Texas,
remaining a short time; thence to Missouri; thence to Iowa, and in 1871
returned to California, and settled in Vacaville, this county, where he still
resides and follows his trade.

THISSELL, G. W., born April 25, 1829, in Morgan county, Ohio, where he
was educated, and learned the trade of carriage-making, which he fol-
lowed until he left his native State, March, 1849, when he started for
California. He stopped in Mashaska county, Iowa, with his brother
Ezra, until March, 1850, when he set out on his long trip across the plains
with an ox-team, and landed at a town known at that time as Hang-
town, and is now known as Placerville, October 16, 1850, where he fol-
lowed mining until May, 1851, when he established a hotel, and in July
was one of the parties who formed a company and commenced the second
tunnel that was ever run in the State, after which he found very rich


diggings, taking out as high as $125 to the pan. Followed mining, in
connection with the hotel, until 6th of January, 1852, when he returned
to native State, and from there to Iowa, when he married Miss Asberrene
Chambers, May 8, 1851, who was born February 5, 1831, in Bartholomew
county, Indiana. In March, 1853, again emigrated to this State, re-cross-
ing the plains with ox-teams, and again settled in Hangtown, and fol-
lowed same business as in 1850-1 until July, 1855, when he came to this
county and settled in Suisun valley, and followed farming. In July,
1857, took up his abode in Pleasants' valley, settling upon the present
tract of land upon which he now resides, comprising 165 acres, adapted
to fruit-growing. Has 6,000 fruit trees, most of which are apricots ; also
10,000 grape vines, all foreign varieties. Has a family of six children, as
follows : Mary E., born June 6, 1852, on the loop fork of the Platte river ;
John N., born November 29, 1856 ; George W., born April 25, 1858 ; W.
E., born July 4,1861; Sarah E., born July 15, 1865; Minnie L., born,
May 23, 1870.

TROUTMAN, GEORGE W., born in Hardin county, Kentucky, March,
1836, where he received his education. At the age of eighteen went to
Illinois, and until the spring of 1855 followed farming, when he emigrated
to California, and settled in Sierra county, there working in the mines
until August, 1861 ; he then came to this county and purchased a tract of
land, between Vacaville and Elmira, which he worked till the spring of
1866, next moving to Vacaville, and from there on to property bought by
him in Gibson Canon, where he resided from 1874 to 1876. He after-
wards disposed of this tract and purchased an adjoining piece on the
south, containing ninety-three acres, upon which he now has his residence.
Married May 15, 1872, Miss Essie Gamble, who was born in Beloit, Rock
county, Wis., in December, 1854, and has one child living, Susan Irean,
born July 22, 1875.

W00DERS0N, G. F., born in Bangor, Maine, October 10, 1849. When
fourteen years of age he left school and entered the Provost Marshal's
office, under Captain Elijah Low, as clerk, remaining there until the close
of the war, when the office was abolished in November, 1865. He then
went into the employ of Bicker & Ireland, dealers in and importers of
crockery, where he stayed until October, 1868, when falling into ill-health
he went to the north of Vermont, sojourning there until July, 1875, when
he came to California and settled in Vacaville, going into the employ of
Gates & Long, butchers, until October, 1877, when he, in partnership with
J. R. Rogers, bought out the firm, and have since carried on the business.
Married Miss Susan B. Pease, August 1, 1872, at Coaticooke, Canada, who
was born April 25, 1856. Had one infant, who died at the age of three




ELLIOT, GEORGE T., is a native of Genesee county, New York, and
born October 12, 1834. His father died when he was but two years old,
and at the age of eleven he was sent to reside with James Relya, in the
pineries of Allegany county N. Y., who agreed to give him an education.
Young Elliot was furnished with an abundance of work, but no school-
ing, which did not accord with his inordinate love for knowledge. For
three years he was subjected to this treatment, but, during the time, man-
aged to master Dayball's Arithmetic, by diligent application during his
leisure moments, and after the toils of the day was over, and many times
midnight found him at his studies. Returned to his native county — being
only fourteen years old — engaged in farming during summers, and at-
tending schools during the winter, and in 1854 graduated at the Warsaw
Academy, in his native State. After traveling in Upper Canada, and all
the Western States, finally settled near Rockford, Winnebago county,
Ills., where he was engaged as clerk in a store, having full charge of the
business, until he was obliged to seek other employment on account of
over work and ill health. After regaining his health he taught school
two terms. Moved to Cheshire county, New Hampshire, in 1855, taking
charge of a wooden manufacturing establishment for one year. Married
here Sarah L. Trowbridge, on March 12, 1856. She was born December
24, 1838, at Swanzey, Cheshire county, New Hampshire, and is a grad-
uate of Mount Csesar Seminary. Mr. Elliot moved near Watertown, Jef-
ferson county, Wis., where he was appointed Deputy Sheriff, and in con-
nection with the duties of his office, taught school in winters, also studied
law. In 1859, went to Columbia county, Wis., where he farmed and
taught school. After one year he returned to Cheshire county, N. H.,
taking charge of a blooded stock farm, remaining until April, 1861, when
he emigrated to this State, making the trip by steamer, settling on the
Wolfskill grant in this county. In June, 1864, he took a claim in Maine
Prairie precinct, six miles from Maine Prairie, where he has since main-
tained a continuous residence, and engaged in farming and stock raising.
Although he pre-empted only 160 acres, he now owns about 1200 acres of
land. He has taken an active interest in the political affairs of the
county, making his first speech at a primary election in old Washington
Hall, at Silveyville, in 1863. In 1872, during the Greeley campaign, he
lectured in several counties through the State, under the direction of the
county committee. In 1876, addressed large audiences in the counties


down the coast for Hayes. Has lectured on temperance, and made
speeches all through this county. Has been Deputy Grand W. C. T., and
in that capacity lectured in many of the counties of the State, as well as
before the district session of the Grand Lodge, in Yolo county, in 1877.
Has practiced his law profession in Maine Prairie for the last three years.
In every position which, in his eventful life, he has been called to fill, Mr.
Elliot has been successful in the highest sense. He has left an untar-
nished record and unspotted reputation. As a business man he has been
upright, reliable and honorable. In all places, and under all circum-
stances, he is loyal to truth, honor and right, justly valuing his own self-
respect, and the deserved esteem of his fellow men, as infinitely more
valuable than wealth, fame, or position. None excel him in unselfish
devotion and unswerving fidelity to the worthy recipients of confidence
and friendship.
Hattie Eleanor, born Aug. 12, 1857, George Albert, born June 15, 1860, died
January 25, 1876, John F., born February 25, 1863, Chas. R., born Sept.
6, 1866, Joseph D., born May 20, 1870, and died July 10, 1870, and
Harold E., born October 18, 1874, are his children.

TUCK, J., born in York county, Maine, January 22, 1823. When about
seven years of age he went with his parents to Niagara county, New
York, where he lived about seven years. His parents then died and he
went to Lawrence county, Michigan, where he made it his home, but was
in Ohio a portion of the time until about eighteen years old. He then
went to Illinois and farmed and run a threshing machine for five years.
From here he went to Dodge county, Wisconsin, and farmed for about
four years when he went to Appleton and engaged in grocery and lumber
business until the fall of 1851, when he emigrated to California via
Panama. In January, 1852, he settled on the Vaca grant, about two
miles east of Vacaville, where he lived for about four years, and then
settled on his present farm about two and a half miles south-east of
Batavia. He married Ella Eugle August 21, 1869. She was born in
Indiana, December 13, 1840. Frank E. and Geo. C. are their children.



BEGUHL, HENRY, was born in the State of Mecklenburg, Germany, where
he received his education. At the age of twenty-one he sailed in a Ger-
man ship as carpenter, this being his trade, which he followed for three
years. He left the ship in New York City and came to California in
January, 1852, and stopped in San Francisco about six months, thence
proceeding to Redwood City where he worked at his trade until 1855,
then purchased a fourth interest of the sloop " Caroline," of which he was
in command till 1859, when he sold his interest and left for San Francisco.
Married February 6, 1859, Miss Amelia C. Jurgensen who was born in
Holstein, Germany, July 26, 1836, and the day after, coming to Solano
county, he settled on a quarter section where the Shiloh church now
stands, but sold out in the following June and moved upon the ranch,
containing 640 acres, where he now resides, four miles west of Rio Vista-
When Mr. Beguhl first located there was only one house between him
and Sacramento. He has owned real estate in the county since 1855.
His living children are Lena A., born November 7, 1859 ; Mary E., born
January 4, 1863 ; Johannah A., bom October 29, 1865 ; Henry J., born
August 19, 1867 ; John P., born November 1, 1869 ; Minnie M., born
April 10, 1873 and Bertha C, born August 10, 1875.

BROWN, D. B., was born in Exeter, Penobscot county, Maine, April 22, 1848 :
When six years old his parents moved to Wilmington, North Carolina,
remaining there till the breaking out of the rebellion, when they emigrated
to this State, settling at Oroville, Butte county, in the winter of 1862,
where the subject of this sketch attended school. After clerking in a
hotel at Marysville for some time he went to the mountains of Yuba
county, working in a saw mill, afterwards engaged in mining one year or
over, after which he went to San Francisco, attending Heald's Business
College, graduating in 1867. He then followed clerking for a period of
two years, a portion of this time being in the employ of the Merchants'
Forwarding Line and Meeker, James & Co. of San Francisco. He then
went to Benicia in the employ of J. G. Johnson, J. W. Jones and J. Hoyt ;
from here he went to Collinsville in employ of T. P. Hooper, where he
remained for two years, and then went to Emmaton and stopped two
years ; thence to Antioch, clerking ; then to Vallejo, and from there to
Isleton, Sacramento county, and built a saloon which he conducted about
one year and then took up his abode in Amador county and clerked in


store for some time, and then came back to Isleton, and from here to Rio
Vista where he rented River View Hotel which he runs at the present
time. Married September 18, 1878, Miss Sarah A. Pease, who was born
September 26, 1852, in Columbia county, Wisconsin.

BRUNING, JOSEPH, was born in Vichtee, Grand Duchy, Oldenburg, July
18, 1822. When about twelve years old he went to the city of Amster-
dam where he was employed as clerk in a general merchandise stoi'e for
about six years, after which he followed the sea for twelve years. In
1850 he came to this country and landed in San Francisco and immedi-
ately went to the mines on Yuba river. He then went to San Francisco
and enjrao-ed in the hotel business which he followed until 1858, when he
came to this county and settled on the Los Ulpinos grant, the present
site of Rio Vista, where he has resided ever since, carrying on farming on
a large scale. Has also several large and commodious warehouses. Mr.
Bruning married Miss Gertrude Blase April 25, 1855. She was born in
Osnabrick, Germany, July 25, 1829.

BUTLER, N. C, born in Tennessee, January 16, 1826. When about eighteen
months old he moved with his parents to Morgan county, Illinois, where
they lived for three years, and then moved to Warren county where they
lived until 1839 when they emigrated to Iowa City, Iowa, where his
father built the second house ever erected in that city. He died Novem-
ber, 1845. N. C. remained there until 1850 when he crossed the plains
to California, arriving at Washington on the Yuba river September 26th
of the same year, leaving his mother at Iowa City who is still living at
the advanced age of 76. The subject of this sketch mined at Washington
for about one month and then went to New Town where he mined until
March of the next year. He then went to Bidwell's Bar on Feather river
where he mined for about two months and then engaged in merchandis-
ing at Little Grass Valley for about three months. He then mined on
the Alabama Bar on the Yuba river until September. He then mined
for about one year at Sucker Flat. He came to this county in fall of
1852 and settled in Suisun valley, two miles west of Suisun, on 80 acres
of land, where he farmed for one year. He then went on to the farm
commonly know as the Lewis Winn place, situated in the upper end of
Suisun valley, where he farmed for one year. He then bought 80 acres
adjoining the first farm that he lived on when he first came to the county,
where he farmed until 1856. He then bought 33 acres of R. H. Water-
man about two miles north of Fairfield where he lived until the fall of
1859, when he moved to Fairfield where he made a business of training
horses, and held the office of Constable for four years. In the fall of
1869 he moved upon the farm where he now lives, about eight miles
north-west of Rio Vista. He owns and farms 320 acres of land.


Mr. Butler married Miss Paulina Barker in December, 1853. -She was born
in Estill county, Kentucky, April 18, 1825. Their children are Mary E.,
deceased, Arthur W., Henry W., Leathie J., Mary E., Lulu B. and John H.

CARTER, ROBERT C, is a native of Reding, England, and born Feb-
ruary 3, 1834, emigrating to America with his parents in 1841, the
family taking up their residence in Brooklyn, New York, where the sub-
ject of this sketch was educated in the public schools of that city, and
where he resided until March, 1852, when he came to California, remain-
ing in San Francisco until 1859, when he came to old Rio Vista, in com-
pany with his father, Robert Carter, who had come to this State. They
carried on a fish cannery, it being the first one operated on this coast.
This business they followed until their buildings were swept away by the

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