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owns 6,000 acres. He has been a large stock raiser, but for the past
three years has turned his attention to grain raising.

WINTER, H. E., was born in Stark county, Ohio, on January 27, 1832.
Here he received his education. When seventeen years old he emigrated
to Elkheart county, Indiana, where he remained one winter, thence to St.
Joseph county. Here he apprenticed himself to a shoemaker for three
years, then went to Goshen, county seat of Elkheart county, Indiana,
following his trade. Four years thereafter he located in Middleburg,
clerking in a store for two years, and returned to Goshen, following the
same occupation in a hotel, City Hall, etc., until April 18, 1861, when he
started overland with horse teams for this State, arriving in Sacramento
in August following. After working in that city one month he went to
Bloomfield, Sonoma county, working at his trade six months ; thence to
Suisun, this county. Two months thereafter he made a short trip to
Sacramento and San Francisco, and returned to Suisun, opening a boot
and shoe shop in the fall of 1862. In March, 1871, moved to San Fran-
cisco, remaining five years, then came to Bird's Landing, where he now



AGEE, CHRISTOPHER C, is a native of Buckingham county, Virginia,
where he was born, February 26, 1826. When about six years old he re-
moved with his parents to Charleston, and there received his education. In
1839, his parents again removing, he accompanied them to Lewis county,
Mo., where he was employed as a clerk and bookkeeper for seven years,
and then started in business on his own account, which he continued for
four years. In 1849 he crossed the plains to California, arriving at Sacra-
mento on September 4th of that year, when, shortly after, he and his
brother (W. W. Agee) built the first store ever opened in Nevada City,
Cal. He also worked at the mines with very good success. In 1852 he
returned to Missouri, and purchased and improved a farm, on which he
resided for five years, and then, selling out, he proceeded to Iowa Point,
Kansas, on the Missouri river, and again engaged in trade, which he car-
ried on for about four years, when he sold out, still holding his private
property, and went with an ox-team to Pike's Peak, but not meeting with
encouragement, at the end of two months he returned. Mr. Agee then
traded his private property at Iowa Point for land in Carroll county, Mo.,
and also bought another farm in north-eastern Missouri, where he resided
for two years ; then he located in Illinois, where he speculated for a
couple of years, when he sold his Missouri possessions, and once more
started for California, with mule and ox-teams, accompanied by his
brother-in-law, J. A. Ellis; arrived in Sacramento September 4, 1865.
On arrival he rented a tract of land from Judge Curry, which he farmed
for ten years, residing on the ranch for the first three years, the remainder
being passed in Dixon. He also farmed four hundred acres of his own
land in Yolo county, and, in November, 1877, he moved on to the place
where he now lives, situated four miles north-east of Dixon. Mr. Agee
married March 4, 1852, Miss Elizabeth J. Ellis, who was born in Oldham
county, Kentucky, December 18, 1832, and has had Mary E. ; William E. ;
Susan ; and Walter L. ; all of whom are deceased ; and living, Charles F.
and Lillie C.

CLOUTMAN, JOSEPH F., born in New Hampshire, May 3, 1825, and when
seven years old moved with his parents to Kittery, Maine, where he re-
ceived his education. In 1841 or '42 he proceeded to Boston, Mass., and
there was employed in a grocery store for one year, when he commenced
to learn the trade of a house and sign painter. In 1849 he came to Cali-


fornia, by way of Cape Horn, arriving at San Francisco September 14,
of that year. On arrival he settled at Sacramento, and followed his trade
until the following year, when he removed to the mines, there remaining
for six months ; he returned to Sacramento, and once more established
himself as a painter, which he continued till 1858. In this year Mr-
Cloutman settled in Yolo county, Cal., farming and keeping a dairy there
for three years, at which time he moved into Solano county, and located
on the farm on which he now resides. On September 3, 1862, he was
elected a Justice of the Peace for Tremont township, which office he held
for eight years. On September 6, 1871, was elected Supervisor of Dis-
trict No. 3, and held that office for three years, being for two years Chair-
man of the Board. Was finally elected Constable of Tremont township
on September 5, 1877, an office which he continues to hold. While a
resident of Sacramento Mr. C. was twice burned out and twice flooded
out. He married in 1846 Miss Mary J. Whitehouse, a native of New
Hampshire, where she was born October 7, 1827, by whom he has Addie
C. ; Miriam, (dead) ; George F. ; Charles H. ; Willie F.

FOSTER, GEO. W., was born in Lafayette, Missouri, November 11, 1829,
where he received his education and farmed, until the spring of 1853,
when he started across the plains for California, arriving at Lake Wash-
ington, October 19, of the same year, and then ran a ferry boat for two
years. At this time he made a return voyage, via Panama, to his home,
returning at the end of two months to the Golden State, accompanied by
his mother and four sisters, and settled on the place where he now re-
sides, at Tremont Station. Mr. Foster owns and farms three hundred and
twenty acres of land ; he is also proprietor of the warehouses, and con-
ducts the shipping of all grain from that point to San Francisco and other
ports. He married October 17, 1860, Miss Gincey L. Wall, who was born
July 1, 1843, in his native county, and has Mary J'., (deceased) ; William
W. ; Arthur T. ; Everett E. ; Elnore P. ; Ethel.

GUTHRIE, B. J., born in Richmond, Virginia, November 28, 1828, and when
three years old removed with his parents to Lawrenceburg, Kentucky,
where he received his primary education ; when thirteen, he again accom-
panied his parents to Illinois, and there finished his schooling. When
here, his parents died. Mr. Guthrie then went to St. Louis, and com-
menced life as a cabin-boy, on board a river steamer ; after which he be-
came a steward, and finally a pilot, on the Mississippi river. In April,
1852, he proceeded across the plains, to California, and, arriving at Dia-
mond Springs in July, he opened a hotel, which he managed until June,
of the following year, when he went to Prairie City and mined until Jan-
uary 1, 1864, when he settled on a farm about three miles south-west of


Davisville, where he now resides. He owns nine hundred and fifty-five
acres in Solano county, and thirty-two in Yolo county. Mr. G. married,
December 11, 1856, Miss Bettie A. Judd, who was born in Trumble county,
Ohio, February 26, 1835.

HYDE, SEPTA FILMORE, was born in Vermont, June 7, 1819. When
fourteen years of age he removed to Clinton county, N. Y., where he
finished his education ; here he settled, and, in company with his brother,
S. E. Hyde, carried on a large machine, blacksmith, and carriage shop.
In 1849 he transferred his business to De Kalb county, Illinois, where he
also engaged in farming, until his starting for California, in April, 1852,
accompanied by his wife, nee Miss Caroline Moore, whom he had married
on February 9, 1843. Embarking at St. Louis for St. Jo., while on board
the steamer, Mrs. Hyde died from the effects of an attack of cholera, and
after her burial, her afflicted husband prosecuted his lonely journey across
the plains, with his two young children — Phoebe R, and Asa F., the eldest of
them not yet being four years. On arriving in California he proceeded
to Placerville and worked in the mines till January, 1853 ; he then went
to Diamond Springs, where he labored at lumbering up to November,
1856. In 1855, moved to Amador county, and was engaged in lumbering,
when he settled on the place where he now lives, ten miles north-east of
Dixon, situated in Tremont township, on the county line. Mr. Hyde
was elected a Justice of the Peace for Tremont township on October 18,
1871 ; an office which he still continues to fill ; has been a Notary Public
for the district, and was mainly instrumental in the establishment of the
first school district in Tremont. He married, secondly, July 7, 1855, Miss
C. J. Saunders, who was born in Lewiston, Niagara county, N. Y., May
25, 1829, by whom he has Lena, Fred W., Leland S., Carrie M., Alvert.
The children by his first wife are the above-named Phcebe K. and Asa F.

HYLAND, WILLIAM, was born in Ireland, in the year 1828, and emi-
grated to Maryland, where he resided until 1856, when he came to Cali-
fornia, via Panama, arriving at San Francisco February 14th, of that
year. He engaged in mining at Webber Creek until August, when they
removed to Tremont township, and located there till May, 1857, when he
returned to the mines, sojourneying there up to the month of February, of
the following year, and then re-located in the Suisun valley, on one hun-
dred and sixty acres of land, situated about four and a half miles north
east of Dixon City. Mr. Hyland married, September 26, 1852, Miss Ann
McCann, a native of Ireland, who died April 21, 1877, from the effects of
an accident caused by a horse, when aiding hor husband in some farm
work. Their family consists of Mary A., Anna Eliza, Maria J., Emma,
(deceased) William H., Alice G., Arthur, Allen A., Florence E., Nettie F.


SNEAD, S. M., is a native of Campbell county, Virginia, where he was
born September 10, 1823. When seventeen years of age he joined the
Mexican expedition under General Scott, where he served for three years,
returning to Virginia at its close, and commenced to learn a trade. In
1849 emigrated to California, and engaged in mining until 1852, when he

. began draying in Sacramento in the following year. He next went to
the Eastern States, returning in 1854, bringing with him a drove of
horses, and settled on a ranch on Cache creek slough, where he engaged
in stock raising until 1861. This year he moved to the farm on which
his family have resided since his death, on January 25, 1879. Mr. Snead,
May 1, 1858, married Miss Mary McGuire, who was born in New Orleans,
July 12, 1840. Their children are : John R., Samuel R., Stephen L.,
Katie A., Minnie L., Winneford F., and Lucinda M.



BROWN, 0. P., received his early education in Howard county, Missouri,
where he was born, June 11, 1820. He studied in 1838-40, and prac-
ticed it in that State until 1845, when he moved to Iowa, and located in
Fremont county, where he again prosecuted his legal business until 1853,
when he emigrated to San Joaquin county, California, and made farming
his principal occupation. In 1874 he commenced a law practice in Dixon,
which he continued for about a year, and in 1875 was elected a Justice
of the Peace for Silveyville township, an office which he still holds. Mr.
Brown married, in 1843, Miss Francess Frigitt, who was born in Clay
county, Missouri, December 27, 1825, by whom he has Lizzie T., James J.,
(deceased), Hiram P., (deceased), Bennett C, Ann B., Prentiss, and Francis C.

COLEMAN, NAPOLEON B. S., born in Woodford county, Kentucky, Janu-
ary 25, 1831. In September, 1848, he graduated at the Commercial Col-
lege at Louisville, Kentucky, and in the Spring of the following year
went to Jackson county, Missouri, and entered into partnership with John
F. McCauley in the commission business. In May, 1853, this firm, in
company with two more gentlemen, purchased about 2,000 head of cattle,
and crossed the plains to California, arriving at Sacramento September
13th of that year. In the following year the quarternal partnership was
dissolved, when the subject of this sketch proceeded to Volcano, Jackson
county, California, and opened a mercantile and mining business, being
joined in these operations with his brother, J. W. Coleman, now a promi„
nent stock-broker of San Francisco. In 1859 Mr. N. B. S. Coleman
arrived in Silveyville township, in Solano county, and settled on a farm
five miles southeast of the present site of Dixon City, but at the time
there was only one house in the corporation limits, which was owned by
Thomas Dickson. Mr. C. prosecuted farming till 1872, when he moved
into Dixon, where he has since resided, being engaged in real estate oper-
ations, farming and stock-raising. In 1869 he was elected County As-
sessor, and served for a term of two years. He owns about 1,000 acres
of land. On March 13, 1855, Mr. C. married Miss Martha J. Kelley, who
was born July 5, 1836, by whom he has eight children, viz., Eugene F.,
Alvin L., John W., Fannie S., Napoleon B. S., Mattie L., Lulu M. and
Cimrie E.


COTTEN, JAMES W., born in Polk county, Illinois, December 28, 1832.
In that State he received his early education, which he finished in Mills
county, Iowa. In 1851 he went to St. Joseph, Missouri, where he re-
mained one year, and then proceeded to St. Louis, and there learned the
trade of a sawyer. October 22, 1855, Mr. Cotten left for California, by
way of Panama, landing in San Francisco December 11th of that year. On
his arrival he proceeded to Amador county, where he passed that Winter,
and in the following Spring started for the mines in Placer county, where
he stayed until 1857, and then repaired to the Suisun valley, there farm-
ing for one year, on a location near Dixon; on the expiration of which
he transferred his labors to San Jose, where he engaged in the lumber
trade. In the Fall of the year 1859 Mr. C. returned to Illinois, and there
embarked in the like business, which he gave up at the end of two years
and went back to his former home in Iowa. In 1864 he started for Idaho
Territory, in company with George Russell, and went into the hotel busi-
ness on the Weiser River* In the following year he again began farming,
which he continued till 1868, when he returned to Dixon and re-engaged
in agricultural pursuits, which he gave up in 1872, and opened agencies
for real estate and insurance. Was appointed a Notary Public, October
31, 1874, and on March 6, 1878, was commissioned a Justice of the Peace
for Silveyville township — positions which he still continues to hold. Mr.
Cotten married, November 29, 1873, Miss Priscilla J. Evans, who was
born in Amador county, California, April 24, 1857, and has an only child,
Lucy May, born January 2, 1875.

CURREY, ROBERT J., is a native of Benicia, Solano county, California,
having been born there December 30, 1851, where he remained until the
Spring of 1860, when he went to New York and stayed one year. In
1864 he was sent to Santa Clara College for two years, and from there to
a seminary in Oakland, Alameda county, where he studied for three
years. In the Fall of 1870 he entered Yale College, New Haven, Con-
necticut, and graduated in 1873; after which he returned to the Pacific
Coast, and in the following Spring was appointed Aid on the United
States Coast Survey, which position he resigned in 1875, and located on
a farm four miles north of Dixon, where he now resides. He is the
owner of 640 acres.

DASHIELL, W. A., was born in Somerset county, Maryland, on May 6,
1825. In the years 1835-40 he attended college in New Jersey. In the
following year he entered the Military Academy at West Point, from
which he graduated in June, 1845. He next traveled through the West-
ern States until the spring of 1849, when he came to California and
engaged in stock raising in Sacramento until 1853, when he left the


Pacific coast for Missouri, and there purchased sheep and cattle, with
which he returned to this State, arriving in Los Angeles in December,
1853 ; and from thence proceeded to Sacramento, there following his
avocation until 1856, and then moved into Solano county. From 1859
to 1862 he was traveling, after which he once more settled in this county;
was agent for the California Pacific Railroad Company for three years
when it first came through Dixon, since then he has been dealing in
stock ; is an insurance and real estate agent ; held the office of Assessor
for the Third District, to which he was elected September 4, 1867. Mr.
Dashiell married, December 25, 1854, Miss Hester McKinley, who was
born in Illinois, April 19, 1834, by whom he has : Matilda, Katie, Char-
lotte, (dead) Edward E., Agnes, George B., Fred., Annie, Benjamin, Hester,
Robert, and Jessie.

DICKSON, THOMAS, was born in Pennsylvania on June 4, 1800. In
1804 he moved with his parents to Allegany county, New York, and
remained there for about fifteen years, when they moved to Indiana. In
1832 served as a soldier in the Black Hawk war ; in 1835 emigrated to
Iowa, and in 1853 came to Diamond Springs, California, prosecuting
mining for one year. In the following year he forsook the gold region
and removed to Solano county and rented a piece of land one mile in a
north-easterly direction from where the city of Dixon now stands. Mr.
Dickson built the first house within the corporation limits of that city in
the year 1855, which he has since enlarged. He has engaged in farming
ever since he settled in the county. Mr. D. married, in 1833, Miss J. P.
Hood, a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, who was born December 13,
1813, by whom he has : Elizabeth F., born February 1, 1834 ; William
B., born April 16, 1836 ; Martin A., born January 2, 1840 ; Henry A.,
born March 31, 1843 ; Nathan, born August 12, 1846 ; James, born Feb-
ruary 13, 1849, (since dead) ; Eva B., born July 14, 1853, and James,
born December 4, 1855, (since deceased).

DINSMORE, REV. J. 3YL, was born in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania,
February 19, 1851. In 1861 he removed to Lawrence county, where he
received part of his education, which he completed in Ohio. In 1875 he
attended the Western Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania, and in the
following year proceeded to San Francisco, where he entered the Theo-
logical Seminary of that city and graduated April 26, 1878, after which
he left for Dixon, Solano county, and took charge of the Presbyterian
church there, he being now the resident pastor.

DUDLEY, J. M;, was born in Oswego county, New York, September 7,
1830. In 1836 he moved with his parents to Indiana, where he received
his education, and after taught school during the winters of 1849-50-51.


In 1852 he crossed the plains to California, and, on arrival at a place
where Dayton in Nevada State now stand, Mr. D. was stricken down
with fe.ver and confined to his bed for several months. As soon as able,
after his recovery, he went to the mines. On account of sickness he was
delayed in Carson valley during the winter of 1852-53. After his recov-
ery he mined in Gold Canon. As soon as the snow had sufficiently
melted he continued his journey and settled on the Sacramento river,
where he farmed for three years. In 1856 he removed from thence to
Dixon, this county, near where he now resides. On first arriving in
this section he taught school at Silveyville for four terms, since when he
has given his undivided attention to farming. Mr. Dudley served two
terms as Legislator in 1862-G3, and in 1873 was defeated for the Senate
by H. E. McCune. He was a Delegate to the Constitutional Convention
which was convened at Sacramento in September, 1878. Mr. D. is a
Republican in politics. He married November 24, 1857, Miss Elizabeth
F. Dickson, born in Madison county, Illinois, February 1, 1834, by whom
he has : Lucy J., Earl D., Frederick M., George D., and Elizabeth.

ELLIS, JAMES ADDISON, (deceased), was born May 1, 1842, in Lewis
county, Missouri. At the commencement of the late war he enlisted as a
private in Col. Glover's regiment of Union troops, and was engaged in
north-west Missouri in the darkest days of that section. Mr. Ellis was
wounded in a skirmish in Marion county and for many months lingered
between life and death, but finally recovered. He was a member of the
Masonic and Odd Fellows fraternities, and also a Granger, in which he
occupied a prominent position. In 1864 he married Miss Henrietta
Johnson, and came to California in the following year, since which time,
up till his death, he was a citizen of Solano county, residing near Dixon
where he engaged in farming. He left a farmily of two girls, Carrie E.
and Emma M., who now reside with their mother on the farm in Silvey-
ville township.

FRAHM, GEORGE, is a native of Schleswig Holstein, Germany, having
been born there on June 27, 1851. In 1867 he emigrated to California,
arriving in San Francisco in August of that year, and proceeded without
delay to the San Joaquin valley, where, in company with his brother, he,
being one of the first agricultural settlers, commenced farming operations,
which he continued until 1871. Left that section of the country and
proceeded to Sacramento, where he started, as an errand boy, in a whole-
sale candy factory, and by good conduct and application, worked his way
to the positions of salesman, book-keeper, and manager, respectively. In
1875 he removed to Dixon, Solano county, and jointly, with his brother,
purchased the City Hotel; he bought out his brother on July 1, 1877,


since when he has conducted the establishment alone. In 1876 Mr.
Frahm was instrumental in the building of the German Lutheran Church,
in Dixon, and became President of its Building Committee. In -1878 he
was elected foreman of the Fire Company ; and is one of the City Trust-
ees, as also City Treasurer. Mr. Frahm married August 17, 1877, Miss
Amelia Hall, a native of Solano county, who was born March 6, 1859.

HALL, RICHARD, was born in Ireland, March 11, 1819. When four years
old he accompanied his mother to Canada, his father being dead. He
there learned the trade of a shoemaker, which he followed till seventeen
years of age, when he removed to St. Lawrence county, N. Y., and again
prosecuted his calling till 1849, when he transferred the scenes of his
labors to Illinois ; farming there till the spring of 1853, in which year he
started across the plains for California with an ox team, arriving in Sac-
ramento September 10, of that year, and worked at his trade until Octo-
ber 5, 1854. At this time he took passage for the Eastern States, on
board the steamer " Yankee Blade," from Sacramento. When seventy
miles from Santa Barbara, she struck a rock and became "a total wreck,
fortunately, with no loss of life, but much discomfort. This catastrophe
was the cause of Mr. Hall once more turning his face towards the port
which he had just left, and there re-purchased his former place of busi-
ness. In the fall of 1854 he settled on the Wolfskill and Barker grant
where he farmed till 1857, when he located on the tract of land on which
he now resides, two miles north of Dixon. On first arrival here Mr.
Hall carried on a hotel, in connection with his farm ; the former, however,
he gave up, in 1869. As far back as 1861-2, he was the proprietor of
the Union Hotel, in Sacramento. He married, first, on December 1, 1839,
Miss Frances N. Hayne, who died November 6, 1868, leaving him ten
children. Secondly, he espoused Mrs. Amelia Audnup, September 29,
1871, who was born in Preble county, Ohio, August 21, 1822.

MACK, DARIUS, born in Vermillion county, Indiana, February 24, 1829,
In 1854, he left his native State and emigrated to California, arriving at
Sacramento in February, 1854. He first kept a ferry for his brother, A.
H. Mack, at Sutterville for one year, after which he opened a hotel at the
same place, and then went to Folsom where, in company with his brother,
H. B. Mack, he managed a small store and mined during three years. In
1857, he settled near Dixon, where he has lived ever since. He married,
May 21, 1860, Miss Cynthia J. Cotten, who was born Febrnary 10, 1847.
by whom he has: James H., born May 4, 1861 ; Darius W., born Decem-
ber 26, 1862, deceased 1863 ; Hozra B., born February 6, 1866 ; Sophonia
J., born November 5, 1867, deceased 1878 ; Lottie L., born December 11,


MAYES, JOHN S., was born in Knox county, Indiana, March 29, 1829,
and went to Missouri with his parents when five years old. In April,
1850, he started for California, arriving at Placerville August 7, of that
year, and worked in the mines until 1853, when he commenced teaming,
an occupation he followed up to 1856, where he settled on his farm, situ-

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