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ated in the suburbs of Dixon, where he now resides. He married, April
23, 1868, Miss Francis A. Hood, who was born in Iowa, June 20, 1850.

MERRYFIELD, JUSTICE C, is a native of Wyoming county, New
York, having been born there on February 7, 1818. In 1836, he went to
Ogle county, Illinois, where he resided until 1850, and in that year came
to California across the plains with horse team ; arrived in Placerville in
July and worked in the mines about one year when he moved to a farm
in Sacramento county, residing there until January 1, 1857, when he
located on anotheV farm two miles north of Silveyville, Solano county,
where he lived until 1864, when he settled in Silveyville, and has since
resided there. September 4, 1861, was elected a Justice of the Peace for
Vacaville township and held the office for that and after for Silveyville
township until he resigned, December 29, 1874. In 1876, was elected
President of the Bank of Dixon, a position he now holds ; is a Director
and one of the Auditing Committee of the Granger's Bank of San Fran-
cisco, to which he was elected in 1874. In 1873, was elected one of the
Executive Committee of the State Grange and was re-elected three times,
he is now serving his fourth term as Master of Dixon Grand Lodge. Is
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the California College at Vaca-
ville. Mr. Merryfield has been thrice married. He married, third, Mrs.
Lizzie Crathers, August 10, 1876, who was born in Oakland county >
Michigan, January 9, 1843.

McKINLEY, GEO. C, born in Madison county, Illinois, July 2, 1832. In
1840, he moved with his parents to Missouri and then commenced his
studies, which he finished in Gonzales county, Texas, whither he went in
1845. In 1852 he emigrated to Los Angeles county, California, along
with his father and mother, but, as there was much trouble in that district
in respect to land titles, at the end of seven months they left for Sac-
ramento ; when here he was employed in the nursery and vegetable garden
of Paul Hamilton, where he continued for three years. In 1855, Mr.
McKinley made another trip to the southern counties of the State in
quest of land, but finding the former stumbling blocks still prevailing he
remained but a short time and then returned to Sacramento, from whence
he made for Lynchburg, near Oroville, and for two months pursued min-
ing and finally returned to Sacramento. On October 6, 1856, he and his
parents settled on the knoll south of Dixon, where the cemetery is now


located, and there pitched their tents, which was soon followed by the
construction of a dwelling house. Mr. McKinley's father was an un-
fortunate passenger on board the steamer " Washoe " when she blew up
near Rio Vista, on September 4, 1864, when he received injuries which
resulted in his death at Sacramento, September 21, 1864. His mother
still resides with him. In September, 1871, Mr. McK. was elected County
Recorder, an office which he held for two years. He married, December
17, 1860, Miss Emeline Benton, who was born in Jo. Daviess county, Illi-
nois, September 28, 1842, by whom he has : William B., Addison B.,
Charlotte, deceased, George, Robert L., Sidney S., Paulina, Lucino D.

McPHERSON, ALEXANDER, is a native of Nova Scotia, where he was
bom in July, 1836. In 1855 he emigrated to California, landing in San
Francisco early iu October of that year and proceeded to Sierra county
and commenced mining, a pursuit which he labored at until 1861, when he
purchased a farm of one hundred and sixty acres from Charles Pearson,
in Maine Prairie township, Solano county, which he managed until 1873
and then sold out. He, thereupon, acquired the adjoining farm on which
he resided until 1878, when his house was destroyed by fire, compelling
him to take up his residence in Dixon, where he now resides. He married
Miss Sarah Newell, in September, 1861.

NYE, ALFRED B., was born at Stockton, San Joaquin county, Cal, Octo-
ber 25, 1854, but resided principally in Tuolumne county, until six years
of age, when he was taken by his parents to Plymouth county, Mass.,
where he remained till 1871. In this year he returned to Calif ornia, and
commenced acquiring the printer's trade in the office of the "Vallejo
Chronicle;" subsequently became the local editor for that publication, and
in April, 1877, purchased the " Dixon Tribune " newspaper, of which he
is the present editor and publisher.

REDDICK, HARDIN, was born in Stokes county, North Carolina, June
13, 1810. Here he was educated. In 1835 moved to Monitau county,
Missouri, where he engaged in farming until 1849, when he came the
" overland route " to California, arriving in Sacramento on August 18th
of that year. He removed to Yuba county, this State, soon after, where
he prosecuted mining for ten days ; when he was prostrated with sickness
for eleven months, enduring all the sufferings incident to a camping life.
On his recovery, he returned to Missouri, via Panama, engaging in farm-
ing for two years, and returned to Sacramento, Cal., in September, 1853,
and soon after settled on the farm where he now resides. His early resi-
dence here was replete with hardships, he having to live under a tent for
the first month. Married Susan Dearing, October 29, 1835 ; she was born
in Stokes county, N. C, February 3, 1818. Their children are John W.,
Sarah A., and Catherine.


ROHWER, HANS, was born in Holstein, Germany, February 25, 1832.
In the spring of 1852 he emigrated to Iowa, and remained there till 1854.
In this year he crossed the plains to California, arriving at Placerville
October 25th, and engaged in mining until September, 1856, when he set-
tled on the farm where he now resides, about one mile south-east of Dixon.

SILVEY, ELIJAH S., received his early education in St. Charles county,
Missouri, where he was born, March 26, 1819. In 1849 he came to Cali-
fornia, accompanied by his wife, whom he married on March 2, 1843, and
his two children, arriving at Benicia in October, of the same year, where
they resided until 1851. In this year they returned to Missouri, and in
the next (1852) once more crossed the plains to California, bringing one
hundred milch cows with them, and settled on the plains, where Silvey-
ville now stands. The Silveys were the first settlers in this section of the
county, and gave their name to one of the townships of Solano county.
Mr. S. kept a hotel and saloon at the time of arrival, but a few years
thereafter people commenced to locate, and a considerable town sprung
up, which was, however, removed to Dixon on the completion of the rail-
road in that quarter, Mr. Silvey died November 11, 1869. His widow
is the oldest settler at Silveyville. Their children are ; Elmira J.; born
December 19, 1846 ; Lucy, born April 30, 1848 ; George R., born Novem-
ber 4, 1850 ; Edward A., born June 28, 1853 ;' Edmund, born October 10,
1856 ; James, born May 24, 1858 ; Florabelle, born November 4, 1861 ;
Lee E., born July 11, 1867.

SIMMONS, Jr., REV. J. C, is a native of the State of Georgia, having been
born in Butts county, May 26, 1827, and graduated at Emory College,
Oxford, Georgia, in 1848, after which he ministered in the Methodist
Episcopal Church South, in that State. In 1852 he was sent to Califor-
nia as a missionary, reaching San Francisco February 26th of that year.
He was sent to Grass Valley, Nevada county, Cal., filling that appoint-
ment for two years. In 1854 he moved to Stockton, where he remained
for two years, at the end of which time he was sent to Mariposa, and
thence to San Jose, remaining two years at each place, when he was ap-
pointed Presiding Elder of the San Francisco district, a position which he
held for one year ; he then moved to Sacramento, and there ministered
for two years, In the fall of 1862 he moved to Santa Clara, remaining
there one year, thence proceeded to Petal uma, Sonoma county, where he
ministered for two years and a half, and during the third year was elected
Professor of English Literature in the Pacific Methodist College at Vaca-
ville, a position he retained until the removal of the institution to Santa
Rosa, in Sonoma county, in 1870. The following year he was employed
as Sunday School Agent for the Conference, and in the fall of 1871 was


appointed, for the second time, Presiding Elder for the San Francisco dis-
trict, holding the office for one year. In 1872 he was stationed at San
Jose, after which he left for Santa Rosa, where he was Presiding Elder
for that district for four years. In the fall of 1877 he was appointed
agent for Pacific Methodist College, but during the year was moved and
stationed in San Francisco. In 1878 he was a delegate to the General
Conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia, in May of that year, and in October
he moved to Dixon, and has since had pastoral care of the Methodist
Episcopal Church South there. In the fall of 1877 Mr. Simmons was ap-
pointed to deliver the quarter-century sermon at the session of his Con-
ference held in Santa Rosa. In 1852 he assisted in the organization of
the Pacific Annual Conference, and is the only effective member now left.
Mr. S. married, June 28, 1853, Miss Margaret R. Campbell, of Madison-
ville, Hopkins county, Ky., by whom he has five children : John C, Jr ;
Mary Blythe, William A., James H., and Mardis C.

SMYTHE, PETER, was born in Ottawa county, province of Ontario, Cana-
da, May 10, 1836, and there received his early education. In the fall of
1853 he emigrated to Oregon, and engaged in mining operations, at Sail-
or's Diggings, for one year, when he moved into Klamath county, where
he embarked in farming, which he prosecuted for nine years. In June,
1863, Mr. Smythe came 'to Silveyville township, Solano county, and set-
tled on a farm about three miles from Dixon, where he remained till 1868,
and then moved into that city, being employed in different mercantile
firms until 1874, when he started in the lumber business for himself, in a
yard situated on the west side of the railroad and north of the depot. In
1861-2 he held the office of Justice of the Peace in Klamath county, Cal.,
and has served one term in a like capacity in Silveyville township, hav-
ing been elected thereto in 1874. In April, 1878, on the incorporation of
the City of Dixon, Mr. S. was elected City Trustee, and in the organiza-
tion of the Board was elected Secretary, which office he still continues to
hold. He married May 3, 1868, Miss Anna Brown, a native of Edenderry,
King's county, Ireland, by whom he has one child, Christiana M. J. T.

TIMM, PETER, born in Holstein, Germany, November 18, 1836, where he
learned the trade of a cabinet maker. He then emigrated to Iowa, and
worked on a farm for four years. In 1859 he crossed the plains to Cali-
fornia with an ox-team, arriving at Placerville September 20th of that year.
For his first two years he engaged in mining, and then embarked in farm-
ing, after which he worked at his trade in San Mateo county, until 1864,
when he settled on a ranch, about five miles east of Dixon, on which he
resided for four years ; he then sold out, and purchased that on which he
now lives, situated half a mile north-east of Dixon. In 1872-3 Mr. Timm


was Deputy Assessor of the northern end of the county, and in 1874-5 he
was Tax Collector for the whole of Solano. When the City of Dixon
was first -started, Mr. Timm moved a large proportion of the houses from
Silveyville and Maine Prairie. He is a Steward of the Society of Dixon
Grangers, No. 19. He married, in May, 1867, Miss Cecilia Benk, who was
born in Holstein, December 25, 1846, by whom he has Laura A. ; Henry ;
William; Louisa.

UDEL, DOCTOR 0. 0., (deceased), was born in Ohio, June 8, 1820, where
he received his education, and graduated in medicine. When twenty-
four years of age he went to Iowa, and commenced the practice of his
profession, which he continued for five years. In 1850 he came to Cali-
fornia, crossing the plains with horses, which were stolen from him when
near Salt Lake ; he, therefore, was forced to undertake the balance of the
journey on foot, accompanied by his four companions, which was accom-
plished by their arrival in Yuba county, where he remained till the fol-
lowing year, and then returned to Iowa. In 1852 he once more crossed
the plains ; on this occasion, bringing with him his wife and two children,
as well as a drove of cattle. He now settled near Winters, but on the
Solano county side of the Putah creek, and confined himself to the rais-
ing of stock and farming, which he followed as long as he lived. In
1860 he located on the farm now occupied by his widow, situated four
miles west of Dixon. He died there on December 11, 1872. Doctor
Udell married, November 6, 1848, Miss Caroline Winton, who was born
in Crawford county, Pennsylvania, January 17, 1827. Their children are :
Alva, David, Edwin, Olivia, May, Carrie (deceased), George, Blanche,
Ralph, Grace.

WEIHE, EDWARD, born in Germany, July 30, 1830. In 1850 came to
California, and for five years engaged in mining in El Dorado county.
For the next four years he followed the cigar trade in San Francisco, and
for two years more in Stockton, whither he has moved his business. Mr.
Weihe then proceeded to Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras county, and there
opened an establishment for general merchandise, which he continued for
nine years, when he removed to San Francisco, and commenced a produce
business, which he carried on for two years. In 1871 he settled in Dixon,
where he engaged in the liquor and cigar trade, in connection with which
he carried on an exchange and broker business. Mr. Weihe married,
November 17, 1863, Miss Minnie Trencehel, who was born in St. Louis,'
February 12, 1843, by whom he has Gustavus A. P., Otto A., Frederick
W., Bertie E., Florence C.

Online LibraryJ. P Munro-FraserHistory of Solano County...and histories of its cities, towns...etc. .. → online text (page 57 of 57)