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19, 1776. This battalion served in the
expedition to Canada and took an active
part in the operations before Quebec in
May and June 1776. He was commission-
ed captain in Third Battalion, second
establishment, New .Jersey Continental
line, Nov. 29, 1776, and died in service
in April 1777, during the Revolutionary

Adj. Geu. Stryker has also William
Gordon, a minute man of Monmouth
Couuty Militia, also another a minute
man in the Middlesex Militia, and also
a William Gorden, who served as a
private in the Fourth Company, Captain
John Burro wes commanding. Colonel
Oliver Spencer's Regiment. Continental
Army, served in the Indian Campaign
against the Six Nations in Western
Pennsylvania from May to November,
1779, also served as a private in Captain
Jonathan Holmes' Company, Second
Regiment, New ersey Continental line,
during the Revolutionary War. There
is tradition that William Gordon, the
father of the "old sexton," was buried
during his time, opposite the mon-
ument to the "old sexton," and that his
sou William was buried in the same plot
of David Gordon. These records are
very conflicting, who can give correct?

The following are certified records at
Trenton : "It is certified, that the rec-
ords of this office show that David Gor-

don served as a private in the Eastern
Battalion, Morris County, New Jersey,
Militia ; also as a private in the New
Jersey State Troops ; also private in the
First Battalion, Second Establishment :
New Jersey Continental Line, and in
the Sixth Company commanded by Cap-
tain Jeremiah Ballard, Third Battalion,
Second Establishment ; served in the
Indian Campaign against the six na-
tions in Western Pennsylvania from
May to November, 1779 ; private in Cap-
tain Alexander Mitchell's Company,
First Regiment ; detailed to Colonel
Francis Barber's New Jersey Light In-
fantry Battalion, and served in the Vir-
ginia Campaign from April to October,
1781 ; took part in the seige of Yorktown,
and was present in the battle of York-
town and surrender of Lord Cornwallis,
October 19, 1871,— during the Revolu-
tionary War." The following are the
records from the War Department at
Washington, D. C, "The records of
this office show that David Gordon en-
listed July 24, 1777, as a private in Cap-
taiu Jeremiah Ballard's Company, Third
New Jersey Regiment, commanded by
Colonel Elias Dayton, Revolutionary
War to serve three years. His name ap-
pears on the rolls from June 1777, to
August 1780, without additional data."
The records also show that, "David
Gordon served as a private in the 5th
company of foot, first New Jersey regi-
ment, commanded by Colonel Mathias
Ogden, Revolutionary War. He enlist-
ed, date not shown, to serve during the
war. His name appears on the rolls for
January, 1781, to February, 1783, with-


out additional data." The records
further show that, "David Gordon en-
listed, date not stated, as a private in
Captain Jonathan Dayton's Company,
New Jersey regiment, commanded by
Colonel Mathew Ogden, Revolutionary
War, to serve during the war. He
joined March 1, 1783, and his name is
borne on the rolls for March and April,
without additional data."

As David Gordon was born Oct. 23,
1759, monumental record Sept. 22, it will
show that he enlisted before he was 18
years of age, and continued in the service
nearly six years. His father, William,
was 40 years of age, and his grandfather,
Joshua, in the 60's. David Gordon died
July 23, 1852, the funeral sermon was
preached by Rev. Barnabas King from
text, 1 Peter 4th chapter 7th verse.

Joshua Gordon may have had a broth-
er William, as the first mortgage on rec-
ord at Morristown, N. J., is as follows :
"An abstract of mortgage from William
Gordon and Jemima his wife, of Han-
over, in the County of Morris, and
Province of New Jersey, to David Ogden,
of Newark, in the County of Essex, and
province aforesaid. Dated the 5th July,
1765, of all that tract of land, situate
lying and being at Hanover, in the
County of Morris aforesaid, containing
eighty-one acres and seventy- three
perches, and is bounded northerly and
easterly, partly by the land of Benja-
min Howell, and partly by the land of
Zachariah Baldwin deceased, and south-
erly and easterly by land of Samuel
Parrit, being the plantation whereon
the said William Gordon now lives and

by him purchased of Samuel Parrit, for
the sum of one thousand and seventy-
seven pounds and ten shillings current
money of New Jersey at eight shillings
the ounce to be paid on the twenty-first
day of May next, expiring the date of
said mortgage with lawful interest for

Recorded the 8th day of August, 1765,
by me — A. Moore, D. Clerk."

From this and other records it will
show that this Gordon family was early
located in Morris county, the exact loca-
tion of Joshua and William is not
known, but it is probable at or near

David Gordon, born 1759, enlisted
July 24, 1777, and served in the Revolu-
tionary War nearly six years, as the rec-
ords show, married while on furlough
Mar. 17, 1780, Nancy Southard, a daugh-
ter of Timothy, Jr., who lived at or near
Rockaway. Children : Phebe Canfield,
born Nov. 11, 1780, married (1) Asepth
Patch, Jan. 1, 1804; (2) William Mer-
riam. She was buried at Rockaway ; no
records of children. William, born Nov.
19, 1782, married Elizabeth Rochelle, of
Sparta, N. J., Aug. 27,1803, lived at
Rockaway. While on a business trip to
Baltimore, Md., to introduce a method
of extracting iron from cinder refuse of
the forges, was taken sick, returned to
New York, called at a hotel and request-
ed a room to rest, and was told they had
none for a drunken man, he acted so
strangely, he insisted that he was a sick
man, and inquired for Ithamer Ayres,
who was sent for and removed to his
house where he died. He was buried at


Rockaway near his father, David, but
there is no monumental record of the
same. Susannah, born Oct. 10, 1785, mar-
ried Ithamer Ayres, lived at New York
and was buried at Brooklin. No records
of children. Amy, born Sept. 25, 1787,
married (1) Timothy Losey, Dec. 19,

1807, lived at Upper Lougwood ; (2)

Tuttle, probably buried at Berk-
shire Valley. No other records. Naomi,
born June 29, 1790, married John
Fichter, son of Frederick and Mary
(Witty), Oct. 9, 1813. He was born
May, 1791, died Nov. 17, 1870. Both
buried at Berkshire Valley. For chil-
dren — see Fichter family. Mary, born
Oct. 26, 1793, married David E. Estill
Feb. 22, 1813. He was born Dec. 3,
1788, died Jan. 6,1876. She died Dec.
2, 1880. Both buried at Oak Ridge.
Lived at Milton, N.J. Children : Nancy
Gordon, married Ephriam Lindsley, of
Dover, N. J. He was born Nov. 8, 1810,
died Aug. 28, 1884. He married (2)
Ursula F. Gage, of Dover ; Sarah mar-
ried Stephen A. Lindsley. He was born
1817, died July 17, 1897. William Gor-
don, born Jan. 13, 1818, married Eliza
Green Feb. 1844, died Sept. 4, 1849,
buried at Oak Ridge. Had one child.
Mary Joanna, died Oct. 17, 1851, aged 5
years, 2 months and 3 days. James,
born Nov. 3, 1822, married Ann M.
Demorest Feb. 2, 1854, died June 19,
1860; Eliza T., born Sept. 4, 1823, died
Mar. 14, 1851 ; Catharine J., born Aug.
6, 1829, married Nelson Hamlin Feb. 4,
1852, died June 20, 1852 ; Elizabeth, born
Jan. 1, 1831, married Jacob L. Fichter,
died Jan. 29, 1851 ; Abram Losey, born

Mar. 25, 1833, married Mary F. Thomp-
son, died May 17, 1869. She was born
Mar. 1837, died Jan. 1873. Mary
Samantha, born Jan. 18, 1843, died Aug.
23, 1857 ; John Gordon, died young July
13, 1848. Nearly all the children died
before middle age of consumption, and
nearly all buried at Oak Ridge.

John, born July 30, 1796. died 1813,
buried at Rockaway.

Sarah Beach, born Get. 7, 1800, mar-
ried Abraham Losey, lived at Milton.
No records of children.

Parnell Beach, born Sept. 10, 1803,
married John Mott, Jr., of Rockaway,
Apr. 2, 1830, died Feb. 17, 1895. He was
born .July 17, 1799. died June 27, 1865.
Both buried at Rockaway. Children :
John Gordon, Nathaniel Revo and Sib-
bah. John Mott, Jr., married (1) Sibbah
Talmage, daughter of Capt. Job, July
28, 1818. She was born Sept. 15, 1800,
died Sept. 7, 1828.

Children of William and Elizabeth
(Rochelle) Gordon : John Harvey, born
Oct. 26, 1805, married (1) Nancy Atno
Sept. 4, 1824. She was born Feb. 1.
1805, died Mar. 25, 1829. (2) Mary Ann
Fichter Dec. 25, 1830. She died Aug. 5,
1879. He died Oct. 4, 1855. All buried
at Rockaway Valley, N. J. David,
born July 30, 1808; Anna Maria, born
Aug. 16, 1810, married Charles Lewis,
of Orange, N. J. ; William Moses,
born May 26, 1817, married Frances
Elizabeth Turnsr, who was born
Apr. 4, 1819 ; Amy Eliza, born Nov.
9, 1819, married Jacob Price, went West
in 1855, and enlisted and was killed in
war of 1861-5 ; Charles Lewis, born May


22, 1824, died young.

Children of John Harvey Gordon and
Nancy Atno : Abram Losey, born Nov.

23, 1825, died about 1880, never married ;
Ann, born May 8, 1827, married Garrett
Jacobus Jan. 1, 1848, lived at Whitehall,
N. J., died Feb. 14, 1859. He was born
Mar. 22, 1897, died Apr. 7, 1866 ; Joseph,
born Jan. 30, 1829, died June 26, 1829.
Children by second wife : David Reeves,
born Oct. 17, 1831, married Eliza Jaco-
bus, died about 1890 ; Mary Elizabeth,
born Apr.. 20, 1833, married John R,
Stires Dec. 16, 1855. He was born Apr.
25, 1835. Martha, born Dec. 26, 1834,
married John E. Huyler June 4, 1853.
He was born Apr. 15, 1830. Nancy
Atno, born Feb. 28, 1837, married
George W. Gladson Mar. 28, 1860. He
was born Feb. 8, 1832. William, born
March 6, 1839, married Susan Ann
Unaugst June 27, 1860. She was born
Sept. 14, 1843. John Jacob, born Jan.
15, 1841, married Margaret Blanchard,
of Rockaway, Jan. 25, 1861. She was
born Jan. 24, 1843. Charles Wesley,
born Nov. 8, 1843, married Mary Hixon
May 20, 1869. She was born Apr. 15, 1846

Children of William and S. A.
(Unangst) Gordon : Laura, born Jan. 16,
1862, married Cyrus Byran Dixon, of
Rockaway Valley, N. J., Oct. 28, 1884.
He was born Dec. 10, 1860. Children :
Clifford, born July 1885 ; Homer, born
Dec. 1890 ; Russell, born Sept. 1893 ;
Bryant, born Oct. 1895 ; Florence, born
Mar. 1898. Frederick, born Mar. 3, 1864,
married Annie Trimble Oct. 24. 1889.
She was born Feb. 1, 1866. Child, New-
ell, was born Sept. 26, 1890. Mary, born

Apr. 6, 1869, married Charles Kincaid,
Jr., May 25, 1898. He was born June 7,
1864. Harry, born Sept. 27, 1880, at La-
fayette College.

Children of John Jacob Gordon :
Florence, Martha, William, Nellie.

Children of Charles Wesley Gordon :
Bertha, Kate, William, Adaline and

Children of William Moses and wife
Frances : Susan Ann, born Sept. 7, 1839,
married Moses Hand Dec. 7, 1857, living
at Lyons Farms, N. J. ; Wm. Henry,
born Dec. 23, 1841, died aged six weeks ;
David, born May 23, 1843, married Caro-
line Sands ; John Harvey, born July 14,
1848, married Clara Heise ; William, (2)
born Jan. 23, 1851, removed tolndiauola,
Iowa; Charles, born Nov. 1, 1854, re-
moved to Thompsonville, 111. ; Albert
Augustus, born Jan. 15, 1856, died aged
2 years, 6 months ; Josephine, born July
31, 1859, married, 1882, James Bailey.

Children of Moses Hand and wife
Susan A. : Ada Frances, born Oct. 8,
1851, married Wm. Woodruff Feb. 22,
1874 ; Henry Theodore, born Dec. 8,
1859, married Anna Clump May 30,
1881 ; Emma Irene, born Aug. 18, 1863,
died young ; Marietta Stella, born Oct.
29, 1869, married Preston LaForge Ben-
nett Sept. 5, 1888.

In some of the old Rockaway records
mention is made of one Charles Gordon,
a possible resident of Rockaway, and a
probable brother or son of Captain Will-
iam Gordon. He was born 1775, died
1815. The marriage records at Morris-
town County Clerks Office, have his
marriage to Hannah Perkins May 10,

2 37

1795, by Ebenezer Ooe, J. P., and a mar-
riage (2) to Elizabeth Perkins, probably
sisters, Mar. 2, 1799, by Rev. John J'
Carle, of Rockaway. He had children :
Lewis, born Dec. 14, 1791, who married
Hannah Gard, daughter of Captain
Daniel, and died Aug. 1876 ; Isaac, who
lived near Boon ton, was murdered and
robbed by George Ackers or Ackerman,
who was hung for the murder at Morris-
town about forty years ago. Isaac had
a sou Samuel in the war of '61-5, and
died near Booutou July 1900. Eliza,
married John Harvey ;Charles, Deborah,
married Michael Doleu ; Sarah, married
John Mills ; Stephen, Amanda, married
John Thorn ; Hannah, married Godfrey

Lewis and Hannah (Gard) Gordon
lived at or near Berkshire Valley, and
had children : William A., born Mar. 26,
1820, married Amy C. Dickersou, died
Apr. 1, 1861. She was born Apr. 26, 1824,
died Aug. 5, 1895. Both buried at Berk-
shire Valley. Daniel Gard, born Jau.
25. 1824, married Sarah E., daughter of
Benj. H. Corwin, died Jan. 21, 1896 ;
Abbie M., married Win. N. Spencer.

Daniel Gard Gordon had son Beuja-
miu C, born Nov. 30, 1848. He married
(1) Jennie Maria, daughter of Job A.
Talniage, Apr. 13, 1871. She was born
June 25. 1851, died June 2, 1875, buried
at Hill Cemetery. (2; Frauces Shuster,
daughter of Jacob, Sept. 20, 1880, aud
had sou Lewis, born Feb. 17, 1886.

David Gordon, or Gaudeu, a probable
brother of Joshua, born about 1724, aud
died Feb. 7, 1790, was resident at Rock-
away, and mentioned in the old records.

He married (1) Hopeful Wood July 27,
1747 ; (2) Elizabeth Stausborrough,
Apr. 8, 1753, had children baptized at
Morristown : Mary, Samuel, Jeremiah,
Hopestill, John, Providence, William,
Mary, Joseph, David, Robard and Seth.
He was resident at Rockaway after

Since writing the above, I have
copied the following facts taken
from the original Bible Records of
Timothy Southard, now in possession of
Frederick Gordon, of Boonton. This
important record will correct some state-
ments found in the Southard and Palmer
families, and is further connected with
the Gordon family. The records were
formerly held by David Gordon, the
"old sexton."

Timothy Southard, born Oct. 6, 1736,
married Susanna Sworden May 16,

1762. Tradition has that Timothy
Southard served in the Revolutionary
War, and died from the effects of ser-
vice Jan. 31, 1777. At the bottom of
said record, in another hand writing, is
Timothy Southard died Jan. 31, (date of
year torn), aged 40 years, 3 mouths and
25 days, this would make date of death
as above.

Susanna Randal died Oct. 16, 1796,
aged 55 years. She was born Apr. 23,
1741, and married second John Randal,
of Denville. Susanna Sworden had a
sister Sarah, who married Stephen
Beach aud lived opposite Denville depot.
All are probably buried at Rockaway,
but no records of same. Children :
Anne, (also called Nancy), born May 4,

1763. She married David Gordon, died


Feb. 1859, aged 89 years. Buried at
Rockaway. Mary, born Mar. 27, 1795.
No other records. Married but name
unknown. Amy, born Aug. 20, 1769, mar-
ried Moses Hopping, who lived at and
owned Weldou, and afterwards Hope
well, was forgeman, and owned forges
there. Date of death and place of burial
unknown. Phebe, born Oct. 2, 1772,
married William Mitchel. He was a
tailor by trade, lived at Franklin, and
removed to Ohio. No other records.
Neomi, born, (name of mouth torn), 5,
1775, married Silas Palmer, lived at
Rockaway, gives date of birth that of
Phebe, Oct. 2, 1772, which is an error.
Children — see Palmer family. Silas,
date of birth wholly toru, probably
about 1777. Silas was married, name
unknown. He had a son Timothy, who
taught school many years, was a lawyer
and died near Lake Hopatcoug, N. J.
A daughter Mary married Levi Harvey.
Silas lived near Rockaway and was

burned to death by falling in a charcoal
pit, which he was attending.

Of the children of David Canfield,
who married Deborah, a sister of Thom-
as Kinney, Samuel is said to have
served in the Revolutionary War ;
Timothy, lived and died near Cran-
berry Pond, now Silver Lake, N. J. ;
Phebe, married, name unknown, and
lived at Hibernia, N. J. ; Henry, no rec-
ords ; David, married and lived at,
Franklin, where Joseph Zeek now lives,
and Experience, called "Peeney" never
married, lived with her brother David.
Both buried at Rockaway, but no rec-
ords of burial.

The Thomas Kinney above mentioned
was born 1731, died Apr. 3, 1793, married
Elizabeth Gordon, a probable daughter
of Joshua, was born 1736, died Apr. 23,
1789. He had children baptized at Mor-
ristown : John and Jabish, June 22,
1760; Abraham, Sept 26, 1762.

Clx ftarriman familp.

It may be well to mention some of the
peculiarities of autography and pronun-
ciation of our early settlers. They were
a plain people, without time or inclina-
tion to show great learning, and general-
ly made themselves comfortable and
happy with the use of five hundred well
chosen words of the English language.
Words of three or more syllables were
frequently contracted to two in proper
names, with accent on the first. This
Harrimau or Herrimau was reduced to
Herman, and occasionally written so.
Harrison to Hars'n, Casterliue to Catlin,
Shawauguck to Shongum, Elizabeth-
town to 'Lisbeth, New York to York.
Custom "nick- named" the given- names
of persons, and sometimes wholly
changed them. The final e and the
abominable final k were seldom used in
writing which probably gave Webster
the American idea.

John Harrimau was a well-to-do inn
keeper in New Haven, Ct , in 1646. He
had wife Elizabeth. His sou John was

baptised at New Haven Jan. 24, 1647,
attended Harvard College, married Han-'
nah Bryan, a daughter of Richard, of
Milford. Ct., Nov. 20, 1672. She was
born 1654. He was a settled pastor of
the first Presbyterian church at Eliza-
bethtowu, N. J., Oct. 1, 1687. He was
given a laud grant of one hundred acres
by the Proprietors Feb. 20, 1693.

Children : John, born 1674, married
Abigail Whitehead, daughter of Isaac,
some authorities say of Morristown, N.
J., others of Elizabethtown. Isaac
Whitehead and wife Mary Brown had
children born at New Haven : Susanna,
Isaac, Mary, Sarah, Samuel, Joseph,
Grace, removed to Elizabethtown 1664
aud had Nathaniel and Abigail* who
married John Harrimau. The White-
head family probably removed to Morris
county at a later date. John and Abigail
had children : David, who was i»t Yale
College in 1711 ; Hannah, born 1693,
married John Hendricks, buried at Eliza-
beth Mar. 15, 1732; Abigail, married


John Clark. John Harrimau made will
Feb. 17, whice was probated Mar. 22,

Samuel, born June 25, 1676 ; Ann,
born July / 5, 1678 ; Mary, born Nov. 7,
1680.; Alexander, born 1682, died 1695 ;
Leonard, born June 15, 1683, died Feb.
1, 1696 ; Richard, born Aug. 9, 1685 ; Jo-
seph, born about 1686, married and set-
tled at Rockaway, at the "Harrimau
place" now occupied by Walter Free-
man, previous to 1730. The name Den-
ville was not known at this date, being
named about the time of the Revolution
from John Den, who settled near the
Den Brook where it unites with the
Rockaway River. Joseph died 1758,
and was probably buried at the "Harri-
mau burying-ground ;" Stephen, was
born 1689. Of the children of Rev. John
Harrimau, Joseph is perhaps the only
one of the family who settled at Rocka-
way ;

Children of Joseph, (no record of
wife's name) : John, married Miriam
Blockmau, probably of Rockaway ; Han-
nah, married Noah Beach, son of Ben-
jamin, resident of Hanover, N. J. ;
David, no records ; Sarah, born Dec. 25,
1715, married Abner Beach, son of Ben-
jamin, at Rockaway, now Denville ;
Mar. 1734, lived near Denville depot.

Children of John and Hannah (Harri-
mau) Hendricks, of Elizabeth : Hannah,
Sarah, Lydia, David, born 1723, died at
Elizabeth May 1732.

Children of John and Abigail Clark :
John and Abigail.

Children of John and Miriam, all born
born at Rockaway : Jemima, married

John Pipes, of Rockaway, was Revolu-
tionary soldier; John, married (1) Sarah
Price Jan. 31, 1750 ; (2) Loisa (Allen) TV1-
mage, daughter of Job Allen, and widow
of Daniel Talm ige who was killed at bat-
tle of Lackawaxeu July 22, 1778. John
and Loisa lived near the present David
Lash farm. Joseph, born Dec. 1, 1751,
married Abigail, daughter of Elder John
Clark, of Rockaway, Jan, 17, 1804, by
Rev. James Richards. He died Jan. 8,
1829. She was born 1778, died Jan. 10,
1855. Both buried at "Harrimau bury-
ing-ground" at Denville. Stephen, died
not married, was Revolutionary soldier;
Richard, married Catharine Peer. She
was born 1757, died Feb. 13, 1827, buried
at Rockaway. Jacob, was buried at
Denville, "S. H.," marked on a rough
stone, marks the grave. Married Affle
Jones Deo. 1, 1795, by Rev. D. Baldwin,
had one child, Hannah, who married
Carter Bruen Sept, 18, 1803. David,
married Hannah Hicks, of Rockaway,
June 3, 1803 ; (2) Agnes Jackson ; Han-
nah, married Samuel Liudsley ; Bath-

sheba, married Moore ; Sarah,

died in middle age, not married.

Children of John and first wife Sarah :
Joseph, married a Hedges and removed
to Michigan ; Tristam, married Anu
Tice Apr. 1797 ; William, married Sarah
Serriu or Searing, of Meudham, June
1797 ; John ; Rhoda, married John
Palmer, sou of Jacob, Mar. 26, 1796, re-
moved to Vermont ; Johanna, married
Jacob Peer, died 1816, buried at Rocka-
way ; Jemima, married John Daniels, of
Rockaway ; Mary, married John
Bowlsby. Children by second wife


Loisa : Daniel, married Lydia Cooper,
daughter of John aud Lydia (Beach)
Cooper, Mar. 2, 1811 ; Miriam, married
Aaron Palmer, son of Jacob, and re-
moved to Western New York ; Huldah,
married Joseph Casterline, of Franklin,
Jan. 13, 1803.

Children of Daniel and Lydia : Ann
Eliza, married a Flarrity, no children ;
John, Charles, Elizabeth Price, Sarah,
baptized Feb. 1828 ; Catharine, Mary,
Stephen Beach, baptized Feb. 1824.
This family all removed to St. Louis,

Children of Joseph and Abigail
(Clark) : Joseph, born Nov. 1805, mar-
ried Mary Lee, widow of Elias, had one
child, Caroline, died Aug. 5, 1853,
buried at Denville. Miriam, born Jan.
1807, died Mar. 15, 1814, buried at Den-
ville ; Cynthia, born Feb. 2, 1810, mar-
ried Joseph F. Lash Feb. 18, 1837, He
was born Aug. 19, 1811, died Apr. 10,
1891. Both buried at Denville. Nancy,
born Feb. 2, 1810, (twin), married
Anthony Zeek Mar. 23, 1854, lived at
Hiberuia, N. J., no children, died May
29, 1893 ; Lucy, born Nov. 2, 1819, mar-
ried Gabriel Lindsley Feb. 9. 1838, lived
at Rockaway, had one child, died May
6, 1839, buried at Denville.

Children of Joseph F. Lash and wife
Cynthia : Nicholas, born Feb. 27, 1839,
was soldier in Civil War ; Loisa, born
Sept. 6, 1841, living on the old home-
stead ; Sarah, born May 17, 1843, died
about 1886, buried at Denville ; John,
born May 4, 1845, died Sept. 10, 1870 ;
David, born June 9, 1848, married Eliza
J. Sanders Jan. 1, 1876. She was born

July 16, 1859. Children : Thomas, born
Cct. 16, 1876; George, born Sept. 14,
1878 ; Ada E., born Aug. 2, 1882.
■ Children of Richard and wife Catha-
rine Peer: Elizabeth, born Jan. 6. 1778,
died Dec. 6, 1834, buried at Rockaway ;
John, died, not married Aug. 27, 1850 ;
Mary, born Dec. 2, 1783, not married,
died Dec. 29, 1849, buried at Rockaway ;
Sarah, also died not married, date un-

Among the near neighbors of the
Harrimans, Aliens and Kitchels
in Revolutionary times was one Andrew
Hubbard, who came with his wife and
two children from Germany and settled
near Hibernia previous to the Revolu-
tion. He was a smelter by trade. There
is a tradition that the soldiers came and
blindfolded him, took him away where
he worked six monthsin a cave, molding
bullets for the army. His family was
well cared for, but he was not allowed
to communicate with them, at the end
of six months he was brought home,
blindfolded, and well paid for his ser-
vices, Where was the cave in the

He had nine children, the following
are only recorded : George, married
Abigail VanDerhoof, of Montville, N.
J., Mar. 15, 1810, was a forgeman, and
lived between Kitchel's and Beach
Glen, removed later to Whippany, N.
J., and died there. Elizabeth, married
Andrew Hiler ; Catharine, married Will-
iam Sherman, lived at Milburn, N. J. ;
Rosy, married Anthony Zeek, lived at
Hibernia ; Mary, born 1777, married
David Powers, Esq., of Rockaway, died


Nov. 1819. He was born 1770, died

Dec. 4, 1840. Both buried at Rockaway.

Children of George Hubbard : Eliza,

married Sheldon ; Mahlon,

married Monroe, and died at

Whippany ; Mary Ann, married

Smith, and removed West and died

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