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Coi'Vh'KillTllJ, l<S';i, I5Y J. II. I'.llhl.lR.

Ai.i, N'Kiiirs i>'i:si:h'vi:ij

r<^J. HICAGO, center of terrestial space,

The millions see thy force, to watch thy pace,
As thy triumphal bustle constant .ij^athers force,
Whose march to s^dory fate's directins^^ course.
From every land thy people of thee boast,
Now live as free as waves that lash thy coast.
They came from hut and palace, farm and shop.
From cell and school, and vale, and mountain top.
Who speak thy name in every dialect
To praise thy wonder, whom thy laws protect.
With thee they found a home of care and peace.
To swell thy number and thy wealth increase.

g^ \A. Sialcs, propoiiioiial lo Ihcir [People's ^\\{,
Sent cniislani nuillilikk's, Ironi sa^c (o wil.
Wha( school hill ,^avc one ,^htk'iin,i^ polar star
To piilpil, loriim, press, lo ails and har?
The shops ol iiicchaiiisni ,i^avc royal " hands "
With hrain ami pnrposc, where Jesi.^n expands.
( )ld vacant cradles ol the east can rest,
Whose occnpanis (Jhica.^o since has hiessed.
Onr Nation, too, conferred its hi.i^h decree
On e|Lieen ol eiier.i^y lor ninety-three.
When nation alter nation send their hosl
Reality shall dawn, to hhish at hoast.

HAT hearth between the gulf and tideless lake
But gave some loving heart for you to take ?
Bright, brainy maiden, Eden's holy pride,
To bloom or wither, as a loving bride.
Old tlelds with rusty, paintless, useless plow
Within fence corner lies, and waiting now
For him who left it there, a man of fame,
Chicago prospered, and his honors claim.
What log school-house, decaying, gave but one,
A ragged boy, perhaps a widow's son.
Now graceful banker, or on Board of Trade,
With vaulted millions, energy has made.

^yO wind but blows some fragrance with its force
Within thy port, from ever shifting source.
What steam that whistles 'twixt two oceans' tide
But spends its force for you, as groom for bride?
What hot electric spark through cabled sea
But vibrates sound with golden tithe for thee?
What wheel that rolls with life and trade o'er steel
But serves thy bidding in commercial deal ?
What sail the breezes kiss they kiss for you.
As grain that's kissed with glist'ning, morning dew?
What tasselled stalk of corn maturing sap
But shoots for you, and drops within thy lap?

P>1X laden decades brini^ their wealth to store
Within thy limits, on thy wave-dashed shore.
Old "thirty-three" shall i^reet youn!^»- "ninety-three,"
Whose a^i(e and youth in purpose shall as^n-ee.
As cabin smiles on towerins^- walls of brick
To wonder why the walls are built so thick.
And old returnini( friends foriJ-et their tears
That once were sorrow, chan^ij-ed to gladdeniuiJ- years.
No buildini,'- left to show their humble start.
Yet proud to see the pros^n-ess in their heart.
The FIRE that mocked the tears and hands defied
Improved thy as^e with force intensified.

s;C['OW hail! fresh energy to guide thy course,
Ask every brain and hand to lend some force
To raise COLUMBIA FAIR above the past
In structural beauty, with dimensions vast.
The crowning efforts of free mind and skill
Man's triune force, BRAIN, ENERGY and WILL.
True masters knowing iron, steel and time
Erect to purpose true, to be sublime.
For style and cloth from toga to the robe
Shall there adorn all classes of the globe.
Where every tongue shall speak in native speech.
Rehearsing Babel, every ear to reach.

Ip^HERE shall the God of Liberty control,


So light of progress shines in every soul.
Elastic heat to melt despotic ice,
Prove liberty and virtue have no price.
Nor shall one grain of golden justice fail
When weighing acts in freedom's holy scale.
As children grow to seers, then teach them al
From granite steps of wisdom ne'er to fall.
They lead to virtue and immortal truth;
They lead to happiness from birth to youth;
They lead to age and bright, eternal love;
And lead to life's reward with God above.

ML AIL ninety-three, of epoch magnitude !

*^ ^ God's mighty purposes are now pursued.
The world He gathers as one brotherhood
With benediction for the highest good.
As science meets rehgion, art and state
With throbbing heart and pulse at normal rate,
The Christian, Jew, with Brahmin, and the Turk,
Shall sing and pray together as they work.
Protecting manhood's rights in state or court,
Rejoicing knowledge opens every port.
Then learn to know each other as we are,
Uniting people parted now, so far.

"HAT ages separated, darkness hid,
Shall come together as by wisdom bid.
The man of cold tradition, molded class.
The heart of love shall warm, as sun does brass.
The plain, cold thinker from old eastern sod.
Shall meet the Christian with his triune God.
The pale agnostic who can never tell
Just where he's sick, nor comprehend if well.
Shall meet as childhood does to ask the name.
In ten, new, flying minutes, friendship's claim.
To speak, to play, to romp, and then to sing,
All voices into one grand chorus bring.

^[Jl^HE world must be unfinished 'till that day,
^ When knowled^i^e tills cold space as blossoms May.
When men on knees of wisdom kiss the j^round —
Columbus did when continent was found,
Four hundred years with great Columbus tied.
But now his deeds are heat, with purpose red
To kiss the world anew, as bride her groom.
Declared in measured facts for all there's room.
The children of one Father, crowding space,
Who shall protect the weak of every race.
Whose mansions in the future are for those
Who love the truth, and truth for virtue chose.

^MIX thousand years of history, of blood,
"^^-^ Compiling old tradition, fire and flood,
Shall as a walking pyramid of light
Delineate their age in one grand sight.
When ignorance shall bow, and wisdom rise.
Crime vanish pale, and virtue kissed by eyes.
Fresh beauty leads the child, as truth the seer.
Together march as moments do in year.
Munificence and time together meet
To crown the good, and sandal bleeding feet.
One day shall be a thousand years to sage.
One hour of life well spent shall be an age.

teJ# HEN old returnini( nations find their home,
Shall learn on pyramids and royal tomb
That present nature sin^^-s another song,
So Oriental speech renew their tongue.
As new-born wrestlers come, as angels did
When visiting their hearth, as heaven bid.
The story of the Cross anew repeat
As Thomas, Doubt, Mohammed, all shall meet.
Then nation's budding freedom shall agree
That ninety-three was year of jubilee.
When Babel changed her tongues to English words
To learn true nature's sound from beast to birds.

" ,/^^ " PRIMAL sound of every baby throat,
Ir^-X, Q^ every animal from horse to goat.

Centrifugal all sounds from normal tongues,

Vibrating muscles bridging throat to lungs.

All sounds unite in English, thought as well,

Then scholar teach pure tone, and how to spell,

For ninety-three shall change old Babel sound.

As English letters meet the lost and found.

Then shall appear the unity of thought.

The war of blood be hushed, last battle fought,

And Christ be crowned with all that's in the name,

God's love is promised, who his virtues claim.

/^^(JJvH! grand Chicago, when thy work is done,
^-^ And last returning- blush of western sun

Has hid for night, and darkness rules to morn,

To rise in g-lory as of darkness born.

(As did Columbus to meridian hight.

Who born of darkness in a cloudy night),

Shall light the world progression's early home,

From Eg^ypt to Jerusalem, and Rome,

From Spain to Athens, where the sainted Paul

Claimed their Unknown was Jesus from the Fall.

Since liberty and conscience had no loss,

For sword was melted then into the CROSS.

^UpHY name shall still Chicago be, too wise
"^ To rival Rome in art, nor London's size.
But be the queen of freedom on the lake.
The greater of the two, to be awake.
No slumber in thine eyes whilst forces drive
To meet the future, let the present thrive.
Thy magnitude let wisdom measure slow.
Thy wealth and commerce blooming still to grow.
The lakes and States around thee sing thy praise.
The world in wonderment upon thee gaze.
Thy cross upon a thousand steeples tell,
Sweet liberty and justice rings each bell.



Hl^HE queen of great America shall greet
Each country in their national retreat.
Congratulating them where they reside
The welcome guests, new friends there to abide.
She prays perpetual interchange remain
In thought and truth, to all a mutual gain.
Columbus found this continent once lost,
Enlarging space, on waves of purpose tost.
The continental gates he opened wide.
Removing all that separated tide.

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