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1668 — James Meyler, coU. May 10 (F.F.R.). Dromin was held with Staban-
non and Mosstown from 1668 to 1769.

1675 — Robert Houghton, coll. R. Dromin (with Mosstown) and V. Sta-
bannon (D.R.). See Stabannon.

1699— Boyle Travers, coU. June 12 to same parishes (D.R.). See Stabannon.

1755 — George Jackson, M.A.. coll. July 18 to Dromin, Mosstown and
Stabannon (D.R.). See Stabannon. He res. Mosstown on Mar. 21,
1769, when it was united to Collon (D.R.). He res. in 1782 and Dromin
became united to Collon. See Collon for succession since.

1622— Hugh Griffith (R.V.). See Drumcar.

1847— Thomas Fielding Martin, Lie. Nov. (D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A. 1818 ; M.A.
1832 ; ord. D. 1819 ; C. Heynestown 1824 ; R. TyreUa 1859-78 ; lived at
Toberdoney ; d. in 1879 at Carrickmacross, bur. at Stabannon, Sep. 16,
aged 82.

Parish of Dromin, Notes. 253


Dromin=Iittle ridge : but in O.N.B.=J)Tvdm Fin or Fionn=Finn's
hill or white ridge.

Dromin was one of the Prebends of the Anglo-Norman Chapter of
Armagh of 1628 (see U.J.A. II, 249).

1441 — Primate Prene, considering as well the pious intention of his
immediate predecessor (Primate Swayne), who founded the Chapel and
Chantry of St. Anne, within the parish of SS. Peter and Paul of Drogheda,
granted and confirmed the R. of Dromin for the use of said chapel and
Chantry for ever, so that after William Hastye's death, the guardian of
the Chantry became Rector. Nov. 8, 1441 (D.R.).

In 1539 an Inquisition was taken on Mar. 5, 1539, in the church here,
before George Dowdall, Official, to enquire into the defects and ruinous
state of the church and Vicar's house, after the death of Rev. Wni. Corbally ;
the jury found to the value of 5 marks for dilapidations (D.R.).

1608-9 — Sir A. St. Leger was granted the 3rd part of the tithes of
Dromin {P.R.) at a rent of £1 13s. 4d. Irish.

1614 — The right of Patronage and Collation was granted to the
Primate 28 Feb. {P.R.).

1620 — Said Right confirmed in the Regrant of the See estate, 3 July

1622 — *' Church and chancel repaired, no house. Vicar non-resident,
Hugh Griffin [Griffith], Curate, at £6 138. 4d. a year, who reads Irish and
English" (K.F.).

1633— Primate Patron ; value of R. £40 {R.V.).

1658 — Corporation of Drogheda unsuccessfully claimed to present to
the R. of St. Fintan, Dromin (D'Alton's Drogheda).

1690— Church thatched {V.B.). 1692— "Church out of repair 13
years, but part of the chancel lately roofed by the Minister and the other
part he has promised to repair before winter. Chancel will cost £10, Body
£40 to repair. A visible distinction between chancel and body of church ;
no Bells ; parishioners meet by consent ; Service every 2nd Sunday in the
afternoon. Patrick Birn, Popish Priest, here 10 years ; one Art O'Neill,
Schoolmaster — a Protestant" (V.B.).

1764-5 — 4 Protestants, 216 Roman Catholics, no church, 1 chapel
{Pari. Ret.).

1766 — 67 Popish and 5 Protestant families in parish (Pari. Ret.).

The Patron Saint of the parish is St. Finian, also sometimes called
St. Fintan. His name is associated with St. Columba in the story, denied
by some as fiction, that St. Finian the abbot, having allowed Columba to
copy a MS. of the Gospels in the monastery here, claimed the copy on the
ground that according to the Brehon Law " to every cow belongs its calf " ;
hence a quarrel that led to the battle of Cooldremhne and the flight of
Columba to lona. The Patron Day falls on 12 Oct., and is still kept. The
monastery here was burnt by the Danes in 834. The churchyard in which
lie the ruins of the old church — portion of which is evidently 12th century
work, is now vested in the Ardee Rural District Council. The ivy,
if allowed to spread, will probably bring down this venerable ruin in
a few years. The ruins consist of what may be called a chancel 32 feet
8 inches, and the body of the church 36 feet 4 inches — total interior measure
71 feet 6 inches, exterior 57 feet by 16 feet. An archway on the N. side of
the chancel which has some old stonework in it has probably been made
of material taken from another part. There is a very large rath here,
which is described in Louthiana, &c. T)ie old Communion Plate — plated —
chalice and paten — is in possession of the R. of Collon, and inscribed :
" Dromin Church, 1848."

Bkoobds— see Collon.

254 Parish of Dromshallon, Rectors, &c.


From 1245 to 1870 the Precentors of Christ Church or Holy Trinity,

Dublin, were Rectors, the parish being impropriate to the Precentorship
(see Cal. Ch. Ch. Deeds 53 and 379, and D.R.). The Vicars and Curates
of the neighbouring parishes of Carrick and Rathdrummin seem to have
served the cure.


1450— Thomas McGlew, Chaplain (D.R.).

1590— William Barnewall, " Rector and Vicar " (sic) {M.R. Eliz.).

1633— George Thomas {R.V.).

1690 — Alexander Sherrald at £17 10s., of which the Precentor paid £2 lOs.

(V.B.); see Termonfechin.
1720— WiUiam Creighton {D.R.).

1720 — Thomas Tucker resigned Nov. 15 {D.R.). See Drogheda.
1748— William Ferguson {V.B.).
1757— John Gibson (V.B.). See Dunany.

1763 Ferguson {V.B.).

1775— Robert Leavens (V.B.).

1806— John Graves (V.B.).

1812-9— J. Robinson {V.B.). Probably "John Robmson," B.A. T.C.D.

1818-9— William Coddington (V.B.). Became R. Kilmoon 24 Jan., 1826.
1820-6 — Arthur Ellis does occasional duties and gets £10 ( V.B.). See Ardee.


Dromshallon. The O.N.B. and O.S.L. give its meaning as "Marshy
land," Joyce as the " ridge of the gallows " from sealan the executioner's

1472 — An Act of Parliament was passed making void a lease of the
Manor of Dromshallon, worth £10 a year, made to John Beggs (Reg. Christ

1548 — Lease to Patrick White, Drogheda, of the town and lands of
Dromsalan, parsonage, glebe, rectorial tithes, from 1563 for 55 years at £10.
Lessee to keep the church, chancel and house in repair, to procure a priest
to minister and pay heriots or 26/8, and also to receive the chantor and
his company with meat and drink for horse and man for a day and a night
when they go yearly to keep court at Dromsalan (Cai. Ch. Ch. Deeds No.

1633— Value not given in R.V.

1656 — " Such part of the tithes of Dromshallon as belong not to Mr.
Eccleston (being concealed) rented to Mr. John Whittington on 31 May
for £0 5s. Od." (Commonwealth Papers).

1690 — Church out of repair since the warrs ; no distinction between
church and chancel, former 12 yards — to cost £80, latter 6 yards, to cost
£40 to repair. The Chantor of Christ Church does not allow a competent
salary to maintain a Curate to officiate ; no Churchwardens ; no School-
master (V.B.). Egleston is the tenant of the tithes in 1692 (V.B.).

1764-5 — 70 Protestants, 400 Roman Catholics, no church, 1 chapel
(Pari. Ret.).

The graveyard is now vested in the Drogheda District Council,
but seems to be kept in a bad state (see Rev. T. Gogarty, C.C., in Memorials,
1909, p. 631).

Records extant : — None.

Parish of Drumbanagher, District Curates, &c. 255

©iefticf CvitaUe.

1845 — Edward Lindsay Elwood, Lie. Jan. 7 (D.E.), son of Rev. James E. ;
b. in Co. Roscommon, ent. T.C.D. Dec. 20, 1823 ; B.A. 1831 ; ord. P.
1836 (Limerick) ; m. Eleanor Hone 1840 ; became an S.P.G. Missy, in
Upper Canada 1848-57.

1848 — Joseph Chamney, District Curate, Lie. Dec. 21 {D.R.). See Dromiskin

1854— George Studdert, Lie. Nov. 21 {D.R.) ; res. in 1856 for Drumcar.
See Ardee.

1856— Charles Lendrick Maclean, B.A., T.C.D. Div. Test. 1854, son of
Samuel M., dentist, Stephen's Green, Dublin, and nephew of Rev. Wm.
Maclean, Preb. Tynan ; ra. Catherine, dau. of Wm. Lodge Kidd, M.D.,
of Armagh, by Sarah, dau. of George Patton of Tandragee ; was C. Killy-
man 1854 ; he res. about 1860 and obtained an educational appointment
in New Zealand ; died a few years ago.

1862— Robert Samuel Law, Lie. Jan. 2, 1863 (D.R.), son of Samuel L.
by Sarah, dau. of Admiral Hon. Sir Thomas Pakenham. His father was
son of Robert Law, Banker, Great Denmark Street, Dublin, by Eliza,
dau. of Wm. Johnston, Capt. 48th Regt., by Mary, dau. of George
Hamilton of Tyrella ; b. in Dublin, ent. T.C.D. as a Fellow Commoner
1850, aged 18 ; B.A. 1855 ; Div. Test. 1855 ; M.A. 1882 ; ord. D. 1856 ;
P. 1857 ; P.C. Meigh 1858-62 ; R. Drumconrath (Meath) 1872-92 ; m.
and had issue, including Ernest Law, Laracor, his eldest son ; he died
Jan. 19, 1892, and was bur. in Syddan churchyard, where also lie the
remains of his wife.


1872— John Hume Townsend, inst. July 29 (D.B.), T.C.D. B.A. 1868;
M.A. 1873 ; Div. Test. (2) 1870 ; B.D. and D.D. 1890 ; ord. D. 1870 and
P. 1871 ; C. St. Lawrence, Lim., 1890-2 ; [C. Dundalk 1872 ; res. Sep.
17, 1877 ; C. Holy Trinity, Tunbridge Wells, 1877-81 ; V. St. Mark's,
Broadwater Down 1881. Author of Life of Canon Hoare, 1895 ; Spiral
Stairs — Studies in Church Seasons for theYear, 1895-6 ; Still Upward, 1898.

1877— Thomas Benjamin Willson, inst. Nov. 9 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. (Sen.
Mod. Hist. Pol. Sci. and Eng. Lit.) 1872; Cluff Mem. Prize and Div.
Test. (2) 1874 ; M.A. 1876 ; ord. D. 1874 ; P. 1875 ; C. Kilmore Cathedral
1874-7; res. for C. St. Saviour's, Croydon, 1883; V. Shooter's Hill
(Rochester) 1897. Only son of Thomas Edkins W., M.A , of Upper
Mount Street, Dublin, by Maria, 2nd dau. of Thos. Willans, of Susan Vale,
Co. Dublin. He m. 23 June, 1879, Florence Jane, youngest dau. of Peter
Quinn, The Agency, Drumbanagher, M.P. for Newry 1859-65, by Sarah
Jane, dau. of Rev. Josiah Erskine, B.A., R. of Knockbride (Kilmore),
and has issue 2 sons — Thos. Olaf, M.A., Keble Coll., Oxford, and Maurice
Frank Campbell.

1883— Henry Taylor, inst. Nov. 20 (D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1875 ; M.A. 1879 ;
ord. D. 1877 ; P. 1878 ; C. Drummaul 1877-9 ; R. St. John's, Cloverhill
1879-83 ; res. in 1892 for Chapl. Hosp. Incurables, Dublin ; Chapl.
Female Orphan House, Dublin, since 1901.

1892— Francis Meredith Moeran, M.A., inst. July 19 {D.R.) ; res. in 1895.
See Derryloran.

1895— William Herbert Fitzmauriee, B.A. ; inst. Sep. 12 (D.R.) ; res. in
1897. See Richhill.

1897— John Thomas Waller, jun., inst. June 4 (D.R.), son of Rev. J. T.

256 Parish of Drumbanagher, Incumbents, &c.

WaUer, PaUaskenry {B. L.G.I.) ; T.C.D. B.A. (Sen. Mod. Hist, and Pol.
Sci.) 1890 ; M.A. 1895 ; ord. D. 1893 ; P. 1894 ; C. St. Thomas'?, Belfast,
1893-4; C. Dundalk 1894-7; res. for R. St. Lawrence's, Limerick in
1900 ; ra. 7 June, 1899, Alice Evelyn, dau. of Maxwell C. Close, D.L., of

1900— Arthur Joseph Johnston, inst. Feb. 19 and again 1907 (I).R.), T.C.D.
B.A. 1890; M.A. 1895; Div. Test. (1) 1897; B.D. 1901 ; ord. D. 1890;
P. 1891 ; C. Drumcannon 1890-5 ; R. Forkill 1895-1900. Brother of Rev.
A. W. Johnston, LL.D., Richhill. Married Oct. 19, 1898, at Ardee,
Flora, dau. of late Sir Erasmus Dixon Borrowes, Bart., of Barrettstown
Castle, Co. Kildare ; res. for R. KilcuUen (Kildare) 1909.

1910— Ernest Aylward Nelson, inst. Jan. 1 [D.R.), T.C.D. B.A. 1899; Div.
Test. 1900 ; M.A. 1902 ; ord. D. 1899 ; P. 1900 ; C. St. Peter's, Drogheda,
1899-03 ; R. Grange 1904-10. Younger son of Arthur Nelson, J.P.,
Registrar of Probate, Ardmore, Armagh ; m. June 15, 1904, Ethel
Gertrude, only dau. of George H. Daly, J.P., Donacamey House,

1875— John Beaufort Berkeley Barter. See Kilmore.

1877— Robert Winthrop Baldwin Sealey, B.A. See Ballinderry.


Drumbanagher=Druim beannchar=the ridge of the pinnacles or
pointed rocks. Drumbanagher up to 1870 was a District Curacy formed in
1845 out of 8 townlands in the parish of KUleavy. It has since then been
a separate Incumbency. The old Parish Church was consecrated as
St. Mary's on 22 May, 1731, and was used ai= the Parish Church of Killeavy
up to 1832 when another one was built at Cloghinny ; see Killeavy. The
present church of Drumbanagher was built in 1859-61. (Col. Close having
laid the foundation stone on 2 Sep., 1859,) ; and consecrated by the Bishop
of Kilmore for the Primate on July 18. 1861. It is near Goraghwood Station
G.N.R., conspicuous from the main line and Armagh branch.

The Communion Plate used in it up to some years ago formerly belonged
to the Private Chapel of the Primate in Armagh. This was returned and
the Plate of Movlary was lent to this church by the R.C.B. This includes
1 chalice and 2 patens — plated — inscribed ; " Moylary Church, 1796."
There is also a flagon belonging to the parish inscribed " The Parish Church
of St. Mary, Drumbanagher, Epiphany, 1873." Two stained glass windows
were erected in the church in 1875 to the memory of Sir Barry Close.

Records exta^s-t :— In P.R.O. Baptisms 1838-79, Marriages 1838-45,
Burials 1838-79 ; see also Killeavy and Meigh. Registers since above dates
in possession of Incumbent. In Office of R.C.B. : — Deed of Conveyance
of site of Church by Maxwell Close, 20 June, 1859 ; also Map of Church-
yard, showing the sites of old and new churches in 1859.

Parish of Drumcar, Vicars, 1220-1861. 257

DRUMCAR.— (Co. Louth.)

Between the years 120& and 1220 Ralph de Repenteny granted the
Church of St. Fintau, Drumcar, with its tithes, mills, fisheries and lands
to the Abbot and Convent of St. Mary's, Dublin {Chart. S. Mary's
Abb. Vol. I.).


1220— William, " Chaplain de Drumcar," witnesses a deed (Chart. S. Mary's


1227 — P , " Chaplain de Drumcar " {same).

1244— William, Vicar of Drumcar appears {Chart. 8. Mary's Abb., I, 336).
1413— William Galwey, inst. upon the pres. of Abb. and Conv. of St. Mary,

near Dublin (D.B.). He d. this year.
1413— John White {D.R.).
1427— John Prene {D.R.). See Archbishops.
1427— William Stradyll {D.R.) ; d. in 1428.
1428 — William Pencrick, inst. July 6 on pres. of John Pentney, " Lord of

Drumcarre," the Patron ; R V. 1622 has " Mar. 26 " as his date. There

seems to have been a dispute about this Pres.
1428— William Garvey, inst. upon pres. of the Abb. and Conv. of St. Mary's

Abbey, July 7. He seems to have entered into possession, for we find

him V. in 1431 and again in 1456 {D.B.).
1497— Patrick Moore or More appears V. {D.R.). He is living in 1509 as

V. {P.E.).
1519 — Wilhelmus, " Clericus de Drumcar " appears {D.B.). Perhaps he

was but Chaplain or Curate.
1521 — Nicholas Byrrell appears {D.R.). He res. in 1542.
1542 — Nicholas Waring, pres. Aug. 30 by the Crown, because of the sur-
render of the Abbey of St. Mary {P.R.). D.R. has Aug. 29.
Circa 1556 — John Price appears {D.R.) ; is d. in 1595.
1595— Hugh Griffith, pres. April 3 by the Crown ; is V. 1622 {R.V.). See

Stabannon ; is d. in 1625. A Hugh Griffith was R. Carrickfergus in 1599.
1625 — George Thomas, pres. May 6 by the Crown {P.R), "admitted"

[?=in8tituted] May 10, inducted May 20 {R.V. 1633). See Carrick.
1647 — Robert Chambers appears as V. and is residing in this year at Drogheda

{Carte Papers, Vol. XXI, p. 346).

The parish of Drumcar was united to Dunleer on 26 Aug., 1682, by

Act of Council. See Dunleer for Succession up to 1840. On Aug. 15,

1840, it was again constituted a separate parish (see Appendix 32 to Rep.

of Com. 1868).
1841— Cecil Smyly, pres. Dec. 13, 1840 {P.R.) Lie. to preach in School-
house April, 1841; inst. Jan. 13 [?3]) 1841 {D.R.); res. in 1856 for

Grange. See Carlingford.
1856— George Studdert, M.A., inst. April 1 {D.R.) ; res. in 1861 for Ardee, q.v.
1861— George Finlay, inst. Mar. 25 {D.R.), son of Dr. James F., b. in Dublm,

educated under Mr. Allen, ent. T.C.D. 1844, aged 16, T.C.D. B.A. and

Div. Test. (1) 1852; M.A. 1856; B.D. and D.D. 1875; ord. D. 1852;

P. 1853 ; 0. Fahan 1852-3 ; 0. Templeport 1853-4 ; C. Lower Langfield

258 Pabish of Drumcar, Vicars, Rectors, &c.

1855-7 ; C, Ck>llon 1857-61 ; res. Drumcar in 1873 : R. aones and Arch-
deacon of Qogher 1886-1903 ; m. in 1856 (1) Isabella King, (2) Sep. 5,
1889, Helen, youngest dau. of Rev. Joseph Chapman, Wykeham, Ck).
Carlow ; d. in 1905.

1873 — Robert James Shaw (afterwards Shaw-Hamilton), Inst. July 5, be-
came R. Tynan in 1886 and afterwards Dean. See Deans.

1886— Francis George Le Poer McClintock, M.A., B.D., inst. Sep. 23 ; Dean
of Armagh 1908. See Deans.

(gecfote Umptoptiaie,

In 1712, the rectorial tithes being in the Primate's hands, he endowed
the following clergy with same on condition that as Rectors Impropriate
they paid £50 annually to the P.C. of Moylary.

1712— Mossom Wye, LL.D., R. of Dunleer, coll. Jan. 5 {D.R.).

1789— James Alley, LL.D., R. of Beaulieu, coll. June 1 (D.E.).

1827— Richard Allott, Vicar Choral of Armagh, May 21 (D.B.). See

Circa 1831— Edward Groome, R. of Beaulieu, q.v.


Drumcar=Druim-caradh=the ridge of the weir {Joyce). The Patron
Saint was St. Fintan, who founded a monastery here. According to
tradition it was built at a place 280 yards W. of the old church, and called
Raire na bratar {O.S.L.). Cellach, son of Muirghis, Abbot of Dromcar, was
slain by Gertide, son of Tuathal 815 {A.F.M.). 869 — Condla, anchorite
of Drumcar died (ibid.). The Patron Day is July 29.

In 1541 by Inquisition the Abbot of St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin, was
found seised of the Rectory ; and the Grange of Core (sic) belonged to said R.
(Archdall Mon. Hib.). In 1575, by deed, dated Sep. 20, the R., Parsonage,
Church and Chapel of Dromcar with all the tythes for 60 years from 1582
were granted to Lord Ormond at the annual rent of £9 6s. 8d. Irish (P.R.).
Sir John Bath, Knt., seems to have rented same in 1630-1. We find a
surrender of them by Luke and John Bath in Dec. 1630 (P.R.) ; and William
DiUon, of Flinstown (Co. Meath) was impropriator in 1633 (R.V.) when the
value was £8. He died seised of the tithes 1642 (P.R.). In 1656 the
great tithes were rented by Henry Usher at £12 (Comm. Papers). Upon the
surrender of St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin, to which the R. was appropriated,
the right of presentation went to the Crown, which presented down to 1870.

In 1682, Primate Boyle having certified to the Lord Lieutenant and
Council that the respective situations and extents of the parishes of Dunleer,
Capocke, Disert, Moylary and Drumcar were contiguous, and that the
churches were ruinous except that of Dunleer, part of which was wholly
ruinous and the other part in mean condition and repair, they were united
into one parish 26 Aug., 1682, the parishioners of Drumcar, being allowed,
at their own charge, to build up that church, if they thought fit, to be a
chapel of ease to the parish of Dunleer, and to keep it in constant repair
and to make such allowance to a curate to officiate therein as the Primate
thought fit (D.R.).

In 1690 — " The churchyard out of repair, but ordered to be fenced
and kept from profane uses " (V.B.).

In 1711 — Aug. 11 — Primate Marsh purchased from John Foster of
Dimleer for £1800 a lease of the R. and rectorial tithes of Drumcar for 999
years. John Foster held the same by lease, dated Dec. 11, 1703, from

Parish of Drumcar, Notes. 259

Stephen Ludlow. On Aug. 13, 1711, the Primate demised the same to the
said John Foster for 21 years at £100 rent. His Grace settled the said
rectory and tithes on Dr. Wye and his successors the Rectors of Drumcar
for ever, on condition that they paid £40 annually to the P.C. Moylary
(See Papers ; see Rectors Impropriate).

In 1764 there were 12 Protestants and 363 Roman Catholics in the
parish, no church and no chapel (Pari. Bet.).

The present church of Drumcar was built in 1845 on the model of that
at Littlemore, near Oxford. It cost £1,550, of which the Ecclesiastical
Commissioners contributed £160 only (Appendix 31, Report of 1868). The
chancel was added in 1868. On Aug. 17, 1868, a faculty for alterations
in the church was granted. The parish was largely endowed by the first
Lord Rathdonnell, who was awarded the right of presentation after
disestablishment. The church was consecrated May 15, 1845, by the
Bishop of Meath for the Primate.

There is a handsome 3 - light east window. Two 2 - light
windows one on each side of the chancel are inscribed: " To the beloved
memory of John, First Baron Rathdonnell, born Aug. 26, 1798, Called to
Rest in Christ May 17, 1879." A 2-light window near the pulpit on the
south side has the inscription : " To the glory of God and in loving memory
of the Rev. Robert Le Poer M'Clintock. At Rest June 30, 1879. Erected
by his relatives and many friends." There is a very handsome brass mem-
orial tablet in the nave near the Vestry door to Admiral Sir Francis
Leopold M'Clintock, K.C.B. The west window has a brass in-
scribed : " This window was placed in loving memory of Anne Lady Rath-
donnell, 1890." She was wife of 1st Lord Rathdonnell and dau. of Rev.
J. H. Lefroy. There are also tablets to John M'Clintock, of Drumcar, M.P.,
b. 1769, d. 1865 ; Major Henry Stanley M'Clintock, b. 1812, d. 1898 ; George
Augustus Jocelyn M'Clintock, &c. See also Clonmore. Lord Rathdonnell
erected a handsome lych gate at the entrance of the churchyard about 16
years ago.

The ruins of the old church lie to the west of the present one. The
interior measurement is 69 feet by 20 feet ; a doorway and 4 windows

Mr. Garstin has copies of the inscriptions in the churchyard. On a
headstone, erected in 1802 by Joseph Breagy of Ardee there are 4 lines
in English verse with their equivalent in Irish, which is very uncommon
at that time. It has been photographed by the Rector, Dean M'Clintock.

The oldest inscription I could find here is on a tombstone within the
walls of the ancient church and is inscribed — " Here lyeth the ( Body of
Joseph I Costerdine, | who dyed Majrch ye 30th, 1745."

The chalice and 2 patens — plated — are inscribed : " Drumcar Church,
1842." A flagon was presented by the late Dean Shaw-Hamilton. A
collecting plate is inscribed : " Drumcar Church, 1843." A brass alms
dish bears the inscription ; " Presented by Isabella, Mary and Pauline
M'Clintock- Bimbury for the Service of God and in memory of their Confir-
mation, July 29th, 1892."

Records extant : — In Incumbent's possession imder Retention
Order : Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from 1841 ; also Vestry Book
since 1841.

26o Parish of Dromiskin, Vicars, Rectors and Vicars.
DROMISKIN. —rco Louth.)

[Fuller details about this Parish and its Clergy will be found in the Author's
History of Kilsaran, pp. 237 to 242.]

1313— William appears (Pipe Rolls).

1360 — Hugh Gerney or Germyn appears (D.R.), and again in 1361.

1398— Hugh Saunder (Cal. Pap. Lett., V, 110). In 1426 he gets a dispen-
sation for concubinage (D.R.).

1450 — Richard Saunder appears, and again in 1456 {D.B.).

1471— Thomas Sherloke appears (D.R.).

1514— Patrick Heweren is deceased (D.R.).

1520— John Ricard resigns {D.R.).

1520— Robert Ratclifl inst. Feb. 18 (D.R.).

1541 — Lewis Tydder or Kidder, pres. by the Crown Aug. 26 {P.R.) ; res.
1542 for R. Harryston (Ferns) 1543 and R. Rosslare 1543 ; d. 1551.

1542 — Richard MeMyde, pres. by the Crown April 29 (Fiants) ; inst. July 4

1559— Richard White, pres. by the Crown, is V. Oct. 17 {P.R.).

1604— Thomas Robinson {F.F.R.).

1614/5— Samuel Clayton (F.F.R.).

1615/6— Edward Lewis (F.F.R.) was R. Rathdrummin 1602.

1619/20— Michael Matchett, M.A. (R.V. 1622). See Dundalk.

1627/8— John Duff (F.F.R.).

1629— Richard Barron, inst. June 3 (F.F.R.), also V. Dunany.

(geciotti an^ (Picare*

1633— Thomas Lambert, inst. July 17 (F.F.R. and R. V. 1633) ; ord. P. 1625 ;
C. Marlmstown 1632/3 and C. Philipstown ; V. Dunany 1633. Was
appointed Commonwealth Minister here 28 June, 1658, at £100. His
P. Will was proved in 1661 ; mentions his elder son James and 2nd son
George (see Summary in Hist, of Kilsaran, p. 333).

1666— Caesar Williamson, D.D., appears (H.M. Rolls), also R.Kilsaran, q.v.

1673— Thomas Chambers or Chambre, coll. Aug. 19 [F.F. T.). See Kilsaran.

1678— Walter Smyth, inst. Aug. 19 (F.F.T.) and also to Preb. Kilcurly,
R. Dunbin and R. Baronatown; ent. T.C.D. 15 Feb., 1668, aged 16;
B.A. 1673 ; M.A. 1676. His widow Agnes lived at Drogheda 1714 to '33.
He was brother of the Archdeacon William Smyth, q.v.

1692 — Anthony Cope, LL.D., appears (V.B.). Was also Precentor and R.
Kllleavy. See Precentors.

1709— Benjamin Huson, M.A., coll. Oct. 28 [D.R.) ; held also the Precentor-
ship and R. Killeavy. See Precentors.

1720— John Singleton, M.A., coll. June 10 (D.R.) ; res. March 22, 1728;

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