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in the same year. Primate Lindsay was his former Diocesan at Killaloe.
The Primate in his Will left £100 to his niece Mary Dobbins and £2
to her two daus., which she had by Mr. Snugg. So she married [James ?]
Dobbins as her 2nd husband. This accounts for his appointment as
Precentor and R. Killeavy in 1720 and for his subsequent promotion,
to this dignity, a month before the Primate's death. Dobbins died in

1733 — Charles Este, M.A., Archdeacon, coll. Feb. 9 ; installed
Feb. 13 (D.R.). See Archdeacons.

1736 — John Brandreth, M.A., Dean, pres. by the Crown on
May 14 ; inst. May 18 ; installed May 24 (D.R.). See Deans,
where extracts trom his Will concerning Kilmore are given.
He died 3rd October, 1764.

1765— Alexander Bissett, D.D., Preb. of Tynan and Arch-
deacon of Connor ; pres. by the Crown sede vacante Jan. 24
{P.R.) ; inst. Jan. 30 {D.R. and F.F.R.).

He came of an ancient Aberdeenshire family, being the 2nd son of
Major William B. of Lessendrum (see B.L.G.). He was educated at
Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford.

40 Chancellors, 1765-1813.

He was Chancellor of Down 1748-'59 ; Archdeacon of Connor 1759-'82 ;
Preb. Ballymore 1757-'9, and Preb. Tynan 1759-'65. He m. Jane,
dau. of General Bockland of Knighton, Isle of Wight, and had ( 1 ) Maurice
George; (2) William, D.D., also Chancellor in 1817, see below; (3)
Alexander, ancestor of late Rev. Robert Elrington Bissett ; (4) George,
D.D. ; (5) Henry, and two daus., to one of whom, Jane, b. 11 May, 1762,
d. 12 Feb., 1771, there is a memorial in Kilmore Church.

He died in 1781/2, and by his P. Will, dated Nov, 1, 1769, proved
16 Feb., 1782, he made Jane, his wife, sole exor ; left Maurice, his eldest
son, his " gold watch, made by Graham," ..." as he is already pos-
sessed of the real estate of his grandfather " ; to his 3rd son, Alexander,
his large gold watch, " as he is already possessed of more money than I
can give." The rest of his estate is to be divided between those of his
children that have no benefit from Captain George Bocland's legacy.
An inventory made by him and attached to his Will, says that his estate
was worth £6,475.

1782 — Brabazon Disney, V. of Ardee, coll. Mar. 27,; installed
April 12 {D.R.).

He was the 2nd son of John D. of Stabannon (see Leslie's Kilsaran,
pp. 116-7), b. 1711 ; ent. T.C.D. as a Fellow Commoner Nov. 19, 1726 ;
Sch. 1729 ; B.A. 1731 ; M.A. 1734 ; B.D. 1745 ; D.D. 1746 ; Fellow 1736 ;
Senior Fellow 1746-'61 ; Reg. Prof, of Laws 1747-'9 ; Abp. King's
Lecturer in Divinity 1754-'61 ; Reg. Prof, of Divinity 1761-'90 ; Preb.
Loughaall 1769-'76 ; Chanc. Christ Church. Dub., 1771-88 : R. Staholmok
and Cruicestown (Meath) 1788-'90 ; V. Ardee 1776-'82. Married
Patience, dau. of H. M. Ogle, M.P. for Drogheda, and had five sons,
including Rev. Brabazon D., Rector of Slane, father of Dean Brabazon,
W.D. of Armagh. He died in 1790, and was buried in St. Peter's, Dublin.
His P. Will, in which he is simply described as " of Dublin City, Clerk,"
dated 22 May, 1777, was proved 4th Feb., 1793. He left to his wife
Patience £300 per annum (in addition to £200 under marriage settlements)
and a house in Drogheda left him by her brother John Ogle, and a house
and grounds bought from his son. Alderman Wm. Ogle, with power of
appointment among children. Eldest son Wm. is under 21. £8,000
left to four younger sons — Brabazon, Thomas, Robert, and Edward ;
guardians of children Wm. Ogle, John Leigh, Rev. Robert Leavens ;
wife sole exor ; four codicils. He had bought a Commission for his son
Thomas, and apprenticed Edward to John Patrick, merchant, also bought
lands of Galtrim, Boycetown and Mitchelstown in Meath, and had
obtained a living for his son Brabazon, etc.

1790 — William Lodge, coll. March 13 ; installed Mar. 17 {D.R.).
He was the son of John Lodge, Keeper of the Rolls. He was born
in 1742. T.C.D. Sch. 1759 ; B.A. 1761 ; M.A. 1764, afterwards
LL.D; Pres. to V. St. Andrew's (Down), March 14, 1769; V.-Choral,
Armagh, 1770-'80 ; R. Lissan, 1770-'l ; R. Ballinderry and Tamlaght,
1771-'80; R. Clonfeacle Mar.-Nov., 1777; R. Derrynoose, 1780-'90.
He was appointed the first Keeper of the Public Library of Armagh
Aug. 29, 1785, and held that post with the Chanc. and R. of Kilmore till
his death. He m. Mary, dau. of John Olphert. of Ballyconnell, Co.
Donegal (M. L. dated June 1, 1771). She d. in 1799, aged 45. A Latin
inscription on a monument to her, erected in Armagh Cathedral Church-
yard is given in Rogers' Memoir of Armagh Cathedral, p. 124. He died
on Feb. 23, 1813, and a large collection of his MSS., including Succession
Lists of the Clergy of Armagh and other Dioceses, was purchased by the
Armagh Library from his representative. (See Reeves in U.J. A., New
Series I, 87-'9). Hig son Richard, of Ballinahone, Armagh, became a

Chancellors, 1813-1871. 41

Captain in the Army, and had a dau. Anna, who m., circa 1824, Charles
Tisdall, of Mt. Tiadall, Co. Meath. Dr. Lodge's dau. Mary m. Thomas
Wybrants Olphert.

1813 — Richard Bourne, M.A., coll. Aug. 2 ; installed Sep.
II {D.R.).

Was Preb. of Monmohenock in St. Patrick's, Dublin, 1779-'81 ;
Chanc. St. Patrick's, Dublin, 1781-1810; R. BaUinderry, 1793-1805;
R. Kildress, 1805-13 ; Dean of Tuam, 1810-'13. He died at Kilmore
(Co. Armagh) 16 July, 1817, aged 65. His son William became Preb.
Rathangan and R. St. Andrew's, Dublin. (See C.F. II, 120, etc.). There
is a tablet to his memory in the north gallery of St. Werburgh's Church,
Dublin, erected by his three surviving sons.

1817— William Bissett, M.A., D.D., coll. Aug. 23 ; installed
August 30 (D.R.).

Born 1758, the 2nd son of Rev. A. Bissett, D.D. (see above). Was
educated at Westminster School, and Christ Church, Oxford, where he
became Sch. in 1775; B.A. 1779, and M.A. 1782, also B.A. in T.C.D.,
1804 ; became Chaplain to the Marquis Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant ;
P.C. Ballymakenny, 1785-'91 ; Preb. Loughgall, 1791-1807 ; R. Donough-
more, 1807-'12; R. Loughgilly, 1812-'7. He held also R. Clonmore,
1794-1807. Was Archdeacon of Ross, 1804-22, which he held with this
dignity. He became Bishop of Raphoe in 1822. He m. Jane, dau.
of Rev. Christopher Erie, and succeeded his brother at Lessendrum,
but d. s.p. on 5 Sep., 1834, during a holiday in the Scottish Highlands
at Lessendrum, and was bur. in Scotland. A tablet to his memory was
erected by his clergy in Raphoe Cathedral (see C.F. Ill, 359). He
printed a work for his parishioners at Loughgall in 1807 entitled : —
" The Complete History of our Lord Jesus Christ," Dublin, 1807.
(See also Brady's Records of Cork, and B.L.O.).

1823— Edward Chichester, pres. by the Crown Feb. 28 ; inst.
Mar. II (Cotton has " 14" in error) ; installed April 5 (D.R.).
He was the son of Rev. Wm, C, Rector of Culdaff, and brother of
Sir Arthur C, of Green Castle. T.C.D., Sch. 1793; B.A. 1795;
M.A. 1817. He was R. Culdaff, 1793-1800 and 1807-23 ; R. Cloncha,
1800-23. He was the father of Rev. William C, afterwards Lord O'NeUl.
See Peerages. He published : — " Deism compared with Christianity,"
2nd ed., 3 Vols., 8vo (London), 1844. He died in July, 1840.

1840— James Jones, coll. July 31 ; installed August 51 (D.R.).
T.C.D. B.A. 1813 ; M.A. 1822.

He was the 3rd son of Rev. James Jones, of Merrion Square, Dublin,
R. of Urney, by his first wife Lydia, dau. of Theobald Wolfe ; was b. in
1791 (see " Marsham " B.L.6.). He was R. Keady 1823-'5, and R.
Derrynoose 1825-'40. He m. ia 1835 Isabella, dau. of Rev. Thos. Quin,
of Wingfield, Bray, and had issue (1) James, b. 10 June, 1838, d. 26 Aug.,
1902; (2) Thomas John, Col. (Retd.) R.A., of Lisnawilly, Dnndalk,
b. 16 Dec, 1839 ; (3) John George, Vice-Admiral R.N., b. 9 June, 1844 ;
(4) Ellen Catherine, of Forthill, Dundalk, and (5) Isabella Elizabeth,
who d. 30 April, 1878.

A brass tablet in Armagh Cathedral records that he " died Jan. 24,
1871, aged 78 years. He was the confidential friend and C'aaplain
of two Primates, the survivor of whom records the love and respect
which were felt for him by all sorts and conditions of men." He was
buried in Kilmore churchyard.

42 Chancellors, 1871-igio. Treasurers.

After disestablishment the Chancellorship became severed
from the Rectory of Kilmore.

1871— John Young Rutledge, D.D., R. of Armagh ; inst. May
21 ; installed May 27 {D.R.). ; died Aug. i, 1872, aged 48.
See Armagh.

1872 — Benjamin Wade, M.A., R. of Donoughmore ; inst.
Sep. 9 ; installed Sep. 13 {D.R.) ; d. in 1889. See Donough-

1890 — Robert James Shaw-Hamilton, D.D. ; inst. Jan. 10 ;
installed Jan. 13 (D.R.) ; res. in 1900 for the Deanery.
See Deans.

1900 — Thomas Gabriel Stokes, M.A., R. of Carnteel ; inst.
Aug. 13 ; installed Aug. 14 {D.R.) ; res. in 1909. See

1910 — Edward Waller Hobson, M.A.; R. of Portadown ; inst.
Feb. 2 ; installed Feb. 4 (D.R.). See Portadown.


1433 — David McDewyn appears (D.R.). He was Preb. of

Ballymore in 1433. He was still Treasurer in 1455 (D.R.).
1520 — Matthew McKeon appears. He died in 1527 {D.R.).
1527— Eugenius McEgyrr, coll. Oct. 28 {D.R.).
1544 — Patrick y Mulkequena is mentioned in this year as

" a former Treasurer of Armagh " (D.R.).

1617— Theophilus Buekworth, B.D., coll. Sep. 18 {F.F.T.).

He held the Treasurership and R.Creggan in commendam with
his Bishopric of Dromore. He is Treas. in 1622 and again
in 1633 {R.V.). He died in 1652. See Armagh.

[1627/8.— The Lib. Mun. states that John Watson was pres. by Patent
to the Treas. and R. MuUabrack in 1627-8, but the Treas. does not
seem to have been vacant and on no other occasion is it found united
with MuUabrack, so that this is probably^an|error.]

Treasurers, 1662- 1773. 43

1662 — John Forward, inst. Feb. i to Treas. and R. Creggan
V. Dundalk, R. Heynestown and V. Haggardstown (F.F.T.).
He seems to have res. Dundalk in 1664, but we find him,
Treas. and R. Creggan in 1666 {D.R.).

A John Forward, son of Robert F., Dean of Dromore, ent. T.C.D.
June 24, 1659, aged 19, and a John F. is mentioned in the Subsidy Rolls
of Braganstown, Co. Louth, in 1667.

1667— William Smyth, M.A., inst. April 24 (F.F.T.). He
res. this in 1677 for Chancellorship. See Chancellors.

1677— Tobias Pullein, M.A., coll. Sep. 8 (F.F.T.) ; res. in 1682.
See St. Peter's, Drogheda.

1682 — Andrew Brereton, coll. May 18 (F.F.T.).

He was the son of Rev. Robert B., and was b. in Queen's Co. and
educated in Dublin. He ent. T.C.D. Sep. 9, 1661, aged 17, and became
Sch. and B.A. ; m. Frances Archdall in 1664. He held also from 1693-5
the V. Pierstownlandy (Meath) ; He died in 1695. His son Francis, born
at Newtown, Co. Dublin, educated at Drogheda, ent. T.C.D. as a Pen-
sioner Oct. 2, 1685, aged 17.

1695— William Dalgarno, M.A., coll. April 20 (D.R.).

He was R. Ballyclog from 1682 and R. Clonoe from 1686, and held
these parishes with this dignity. He died in 1727. There is a tablet
to his memory in Clonoe Church.

His P. Wm, dated 25 Feb, 1724-5, was proved 24 Aug., 1727. He
left his estate to five unmarried daughters — viz., Jane, Elizabeth, Anne,
Alice, and Mary, except lease of Clantibracken left to grandchild Jane
Corbet, and £8 to Protestant poor of Clonoe parish. Executors, his
five unmarried daughters. Overseers : Robert Lyndesey, Robt. Cope
and Rev. Samuel Close. Witnesses : Bar. Cope, Henry Conlon, Thos.

1727— William White, coll. Nov. 4 ; installed Nov. 11 (D.R.).
T.C.D. B.A., 1697 ; M.A. 1700.

He was Dean of Kilfenora 1716-'24, and R. Arboe 1724-'27, and was
probably the William White, M.A., who was Curate of St. Nicholas'
Without, Dublin, and Drunmconran or Clonturk, and was suspended in
1712, Nov. 25 {Miscdl. MSS. P.R.O.). He held this barely six months,
dying in 1728.

1728— Hugh Hill, coll. May 16 ; installed May 21 (D.R.).
T.C.D. Sch. 1720 ; B.A. 1722 ; M.A. 1725 ; B.D. and
D.D. 1753.

He was uncle of the first Baronet of this name. See Baronetages.
Having held this dignity for forty years he died in 1773. The P. Will
of Rev. Hugh H., D.D., of Cavendish Row, Dublin, was proved 15 June,
1773. He left his son Edward all his estate in Moun thill, Co. Armagh,
to his wife Elizabeth an annuity and a life interest in his estate at
Aghoghill and the use of his Dublin house. His dau. Elizabeth to get
moiety of estate of Aghoghill after her mother's death ; his son Rowley,
£1,200 ; hip grandson Hugh mentioned. A bequest of £50 to Incorpor-
ated Society for a school in Creggan was revoked in a codicil.

44 Treasurers, 1773-1817.

1773— Francis Hamilton, coll. and installed July 29 {D.R.).

He waa son of James H., and was bom at Lisbum, and ent. T.C.D.
as a Pensioner April 27, 1726, aged 16 ; B.A. 1730 ; M.A. 1733 ; B.D.
and D.D. 1751 {Reg. T.C.D.). He was C. Donaghenry, 1736 ; C. Bally-
clog, 1744 ; C. Youghal, 1746-'53 ; R. Dundalk, Dunbin, Dmmglass,
and Tnllaniskin from 1754. He resigned Drumglass and TuUaniskin
on being appointed Treas., but continued to hold Dundalk and Dunbin.
He resided in Dundalk. He died in 1783, and his P. Will, dated 7 Aug.,
1780, was proved 29 Nov., 1783. Directs Edenderry, Lavaghary and
Ballymagown in the Manor of Carbrackbeg and Co. Armagh, held on
lease of 28 June, 1737, for 959 years and " left to me by my stepmother,
Jane Hamilton, of Downpa trick, deceased," to be sold ; £500 to eldest
dau. of Sir Edw. Loftus, Bt., by his wife Lady Anne ; plate to " my niece
Lady Loftus"; coffee pot to wife of Rev. Dean Dobbp ; £500 to Rev.
Robert Berkeley, D.D., R. Midleton, Co. Cork, and his youngest son
Rev. Wm. B. ; portrait of Sir Kenelm Digby to Lord Clanbrassil ; £200
to Cath. Braddell, maid to my late wife ; servant, Thomas Merrin ; books
to Rev. Thomas Caulfield, R. Kiilyman ; residue to Sarah Howard,
dau. of Robert H., of Dominick Street, Dublin, by his wife Sarah. Ex-
ecutor said Robert Howard, who got probate. Witnesses : — Jn. Richard-
son, Jn. Harlow.

1784 — James Archibald Hamilton, M.A., afterwards D.D.
coll. Mar. i ; installed Mar. 12 (D.R.) ; res. in 1790 for
Preb. Tynan. See Preb. Mullabrack.

1790 — Hon. Percy Jocelyn, coll. Mar. i8 ; installed Mar. 25
{D.R.). T.C.D., B.A. 1785.

He was the 3fd son of the 1st Earl of Roden (see Peerages). From
1787-95 he was Treas. of Cork and Ballinadee. He held R. Tamlaght
with the Archdeaconry of Ross, 1788-90 ; Preb. Disert (Lismore), 1796-
1809, which latter he held with the Treas. Armagh. He became Bishop of
Ferns in 1809, and was translated to Clogher in 1820. He was deprived
in 1822 by a Court, consisting of four Bishops — Kilmore, Deiry, Dromore,
and Raphoe — held at Armagh (see Ann. Register 1822 — Appendix to
Chronicle, p. 138). He died at Edinburgh Dec, 1843, and was buried
in the new cemetery there. {C.F. Ill, 43, 84 ; Brady's Records I, 23).

1809— Henry Stewart, D.D., pres. by the Crown Sep. i6 ;
inst. Sep. 23 ; installed Oct. 8 ; inducted into R. Creggan
Oct. 20 (D.R.) — Cotton's dates here are wrong. He res.
in 1817 for R. L^oughgilly, q.v.

1817 — Charles Atkinson, LL.D., coll. Sep. 9 ; installed Sep.
13 (D.R.) : ent. T.C.D., 1788, aged 17 ; ord. D. 1793. R.
Forkill 1795-1817.

He was the son of Rev. Guy Atkinson, of Cangort, King's Co. (V. Trim,
1753-67 ; R. of Aghoghill, 1767-95), by Jane, dau. of Jackson Wray, of
Co. Donegal. He m. (1) in 1793 Thomasine, dau. of Rev. Alexander
Clotworthy Downing, R. Leckpatrick, Derry, and had by her 4 sons
and 4 daus., one of whom m. Arthur Hill Reed, of Donnybrook, Co.
Tipperary. He m. 2ndly on 22nd June, 1 832, Jane Letitia, dau. of Rev.
Arthur Ellis, V. of Ardee, by whom he had one son and one dau. He
died in March, 1851, and his P. Will was proved in the same year. See
also Forkill.

Treasurers, 1851-1910. 45

1851 — Josiah Francis Flavell, M.A., coll. April 19 ; res. for
Preb. I^oughgall, Feb. 11, 1852, because he feared being shot
at. See Preb. Mullabrack.

1852 — William Barlow, coll. March 16 {D.R.). Son of James
B., lawyer, Dublin.

T.C.D., B.A. 1812 ; M.A. 1818 ; was ord. D. 25 April, 1815 (Kilmore) ;
was P.C. Eglish, 1826-'37 ; V. Carlingford, 1837-'52. He m. in 1825
Catherine, dau. of Thomas Disney, of Rocklodge, and was the father
of Rev. James W. Barlow, F.T.C.D., and grandfather of ]\Iiss Jane
Barlow, the authoress. He had also Thomas Disney, b. June 15, 1828
(see Creggan, Curates) ; Brabazon John, b. 1831; Arthur Edward, b.
Feb. 24, 1835 ; John Lambert, b. Aug. 16, 1841. He died Jan. 19, 1871,
aged 78.

After his death, on DisestabHshment the Rectory of Creggan
became severed from the Treasurership which is now a
dignity, without Cure of Souls.

1871 — Charles King Irwin, B.D., afterwards D.D., R. lyough-
gilly ; inst. May 22 ; installed May 30 {D.R.) ; res. 1875
for Precentorship. See Precentors and Loughgilly.

1875 — Jonathan Rogers Chomley, B.D., Rector of and pre-
viously Prebendary of Loughgall ; inst. April 13 ; installed
May 18 (D.R.). Res. in 1883 for Precentorship. See

1883— William Edward Meade, D.D., Rector of Ardtrea ;
inst. Oct. 8; installed Oct. 22 {D.R.). See Archdeacons.

1885— George Alexander Chadwick, D.D., Rector of Armagh ;
inst. June 3 ; installed June 6 (D.R.). See Deans.

1886— Charles King Irwin (Secundus), D.D., R. of Derry-
noose ; inst. July 8; installed July 13 {D.R.). See Arch-

1894 — Thomas Gabriel Stokes, M.A., R. of Carnteel; inst.
March 3 ; installed March 5 {D.R.) ; res. for Chancellorship.
See Carnteel.

1900 — Thomas Jordan, D.D., R. of Magherafelt ; inst. Aug.
25 ; installed Aug. 27 {D.R.). Died in 1908. See Maghera-

1908 — Edward Waller Hobson, M.A., R. of Portadown ; inst.
Oct. 16 ; installed Oct. 28 (D.R.) ; res. for Chancellorship.
See Portadown.

1910 — Forde Tichborne, M.A., R. of Tynan ; inst. Feb. 10 ;
installed Feb. 12 (D.R.) See Tynan.



I20I — Luke Netterville appears {Reg. St. Thos. Abb., p. 44,
and Chart. St. Mary's Abb. I, 55). He was elected Arch-
bishop by the Chapter on Aug. 13, 1217 (Cal. Doc. I.). The
King at first demurred to the election, but subsequently
confirmed it {Cal. Doc. I., July 6, 1218).

12 19 — Laurence appears {Chart. St. Mary's Abb. I, 154 and
II, 28. Reg. St. Thos. Abb., 276). He is in office 1229.
{Cod. Clar., 46).

1237 — Robert Luttrell, pres. by the Crown, sede vacante, 18-20
Oct {Cal. Doc. I.). Was Treas. St. Patrick's, Dublin, 1223-
49 and had been Vice-Chancellor of Ireland in 1236.

1244— William de Culna is Arch, of Armagh or Uriel {Reg.
St. Thos. Abb., 296. Chart. St. Mary's Abb. I, 336). See
Prof. Lawlor in I.C.Q., July, 1909, p. 241).

1246— Andrew appears, 8 Id. Oct. {Cal. Pap. Lett. I, 228, and
Theiner, 147).

1247— William de Nortfeld, pres. by the Crown to the Arch,
of Uryel [=Armagh] sede vacante, July 10 {Cal. Doc. I.).

1254 — Bertram appears and is Arch, up to 1261 {Cal. Pap.

Lett. I, ^o6=Themer, p. 45. Cp. Cal. Charter Rolls, 1257,

P- 37).
1265— Michael appears {MS. T.C.D. F.i. 18).

1269 — Bricius (or Brictius) appears {Chart. St. Mary's Abb.
II, 38). He became Dean.

1300— Nicholas de Mellifont {MS. T.C.D. F.1.18).

1308 — William Carrerie was made Archd. " per mortem N. de
Mellifont ; " he had also a R. in I^anguedoc and was a Canon
and Prebendary {Cal. Pap. Lett. II, 44). See next two

1308— William de Birton, King's Clerk, receives a grant of
the Archdeaconry from the Crown, "which has the right
of pres. on account of the voidance of the See." April 15.
{P.R. Eng.).

1310 — Gilbert Carrerie, Arch, and Canon of Armagh, staying
in the Court of Rome receives from the Crown protection
for one year, July 21 {P.R. Eng.). He is probably the
William C. of 1308.

Archdeacons, 1365- 1427. 47

13 — Maurice O'Culean {MS. Marsh, C.F. III).

1365 — William Morice appears (D.R.) and again in 1369

{D.R.). [ ? Was he Archdeacon of Derry in 1369.]
1384 — Maurice Sweetman appears {P.R., June 12, 1390).

He was probably related to the Archbishop and appomted befoie the
death of the latter m 1380. He was R. Kilkerly in 1378, and in 1386
was made a Preb. of Ferns as M.A., but held the stall for only a few
months. See 1427 below.

1387 — Thomas Barton, pres. by the Crown, sede vacante, May
17 {Cal. Pap. Reg., 1385, p. 311).

1398 — Stephen Garnon. The Archdeaconry was vacant this
year by his death {Cal. Pap. Lett. V, 178).

1398 — William O'Mulehrewy received Papal Provision for
the Archdeaconry 14 Kal. Feb. [Cal. Pap. Lett. V, 178)-
This was afterwards cancelled {Cat. Pap. Lett. V, 106).

1402 — Richard Moore is appointed by Papal provision [D.R.)
and is pardoned by the Crown July 28 {P.R.). See Ter-

1409 — Thomas Bache exchanged this Archdeaconry for the
Precentorship of St. Patrick's, Dubhn {D.R.).

He was Archdeacon of Meath in 1400, and Chief Baron of the Ex-
chequer and Treasurer of Ireland, 1403 {C.F. V, 44 ; Healy's Diocese
of Meath II, 277 ; and P.R.).

1409— William Perroun, Pyroun, Piron or Pyrson, LL.B.,

Prec. of St. Patrick's, Dublin, and R. Kilmactalway, be-
came Archd. by exchange with Bache and was confirmed
in it by the Crown May 17 {P.R.). He was R. Dunbin in
1414 — Roger Stedman, pres. by the Crown (C.F.).

He is styled " Archdeacon of Uriel "=Armagh in MS. T.C.D., F 1. 18.
A person of this name appears in 1438 as Preb. Tipper kevin in St. Patrick's,
Dublin (C.F.).

1426 — William Somerville appears. He res. in 1427 (D.R.).
He was pres. by the Primate to R. Philipstown in the
Ardes in 1430, and he was a Canon of Armagh 1440-55

1427 — Maurice Sweetman, Archd. of Armagh is deceased this
year. See 1384 above, and also next entry.

1427 — William Haddesors received Provision for the Arch-
deaconry Nov. 17 and bound himself for its first fruits.
Nov. 27, " vacant by the death of Maurice Sweetman."
{Cal. Pap. Lett. VII, 498, and Ann. Hih. 2). But see next.
He seems to have renounced his Collation on Dec. 20 (Cal. Pap.
Letters VII, 498,559) ; but on 4 Non. Dec, 1428, " William Haddesors,

48 Archdeacons, 1427-1477.

Priest of the Diocese of Armagh (who had received dispensation as the
bon of a married man and unmarried woman) " was dispensed to hold
the Parish Church of Derver and the Archdeaconry of Armagh, value
together not exceediag 40 marks (Col. Pap. Lett. VIII, 68). Haddesors
was R. Derver in 1426 (D.R.), and had been R. Mitchelstown (Meath).
He received Provision for the Canonry of Glemethan (sic), Dublin,
on the death of Thomas Rossell, on 2 Kal Nov., 1429 {Gal. Pap. Lett.
VIII). He became Bishop of Meath in 1430.

1427-^Richard Rowe, coll. May 5 {D.R.).

On 29 Nov. he, as Archdeacon, was excommunicated " propter suam
contumaciam et precipue propter usurpationem nostre jurisdictionis
injustam." He res. the Archdeaconry on 28 Oct., 1429 {D.R.). The
distance of Rome from Armagh accounts for the confusion of these
entries concerning Rowe and IIaddesor=«.

1431 — Nicholas Alexander, Archdeacon of Armagh, exchanged
with John Prene for the V. St. Peter's, Drogheda, {Cal.
Pap. Lett. VIII, 508-9).

He was R. Dromin, 1411 ; R. Dunbin, 1414 ; R. Clonmore, 1422. He
was succeeded in V. St. Peter's, Drogheda, by Henry Patton in 1454,
being deceased that year {D.R.).

1430 — John Prene, LL.B., official of the MetropoHtical Court
of Armagh ; exchanged the V. St. Peter's, Drogheda, for
this Archdeaconry and held with it the V. Termonfeckin
for about three years " wrongly believing that he had been
sufficiently dispensed by Papal authority." On 4 Non.
Aug. and 10 Kal. Sep., 1434, he got a papal dispensation
to resign both and to hold two other incompatible benefices.
Having resigned them he was collated to both by papal
provision {Cal. Pap. Lett. VIII, 502, 508-9). In 1437 King
Henry VI demanded two-thirds of the profits of his benefice
with a fine, for his having been two years absent from Ire-
land without leave {D.R.). He became Archbishop in 1439.

1439/40 — John White, pres. by the Crown ; inst. Jan. 9
{D.R.) ; installed by Donald O'Callaghan, Prior of the
Culdees, on January 21 {D.R.).

He seems to have held only for a few months, and perhaps was the
John White who was Archdeacon of Meath in 1450 and until deprived
by the Bishop in 1482 or 3 {MS. T.C.D., F. 4, 30).

1440 — Peter Chambre, coll. June 6 {D.R.).

1441 — John River, R. of the Church of Notlemgra (sic). Diocese
of I^ondon, IvIv.B. and " Abbre viator lyitterarum Apostolic-
arum," to be granted the Archdeaconry {Reg. Eug. IV,
March 24, quoted in Ann. Hih., 21).

Neither his name nor that of the parish in London Diocese appears
in Hennessy's Eepertorium Ecdesiasticum Londinense.

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