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of Derry, and Edmund K., Bishop of Limerick. He died on Jan. 30,
1825. He published :—

An Address to Parents and Sponsors on the subject of Confirmation
(12mo, Dublin, 1823), and several occasional sermons, including one
preached at a Visitation (4to, London, 1815). (See C.F. and Reynell's
Succession of Derry).

1825— Edward Stopford, coll. Feb. i6 {D.R.) ; T.C.D. B.A.
1794 ; M.A. 1799 ; LI^.B. and LL.D. 1821 ; ord. D.,
1798 ; P., 1799.

He was grandson of Dr. James Stopford, Bishop of Cloyne. Had
been R. and V. Donoughmore (Ross), 1804-5 ; R. Tullagh (Ross), 1806-23 ;
R. Killybegs, 1808-25 ; Vicar-General of Raphoe, 1817-25 ; R. Derry-
noose, 1823-5. Became Bishop of Meath in 1842 ; consecrated in Armagh
Cathedral. He published : —

1. A Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Raphoe, Caused by two
Letters of Rev. Robert McGhec (8vo, Dublin, 1833). Also anonymously :

2. The Scripture Account of the Sabbath Compared vnth Archbishop
Whateley's " Thoughts on the Sabbath " (8vo, Dublm, 1837).

He died on Sep. 17, 1850, and was bur. at Ardbraccan. His 2nd son,
Edward Adderly Stopford, LL.D., P.C. of Caledon and afterwards
Archdeacon of Meath, was author of the well-known Handbook of Ecclesi-
astical Law, dbc.

Archdeacons, 1842-1885. 57

1842— John Whitley Stokes, pres. by the Crown Dec. 10;
inst. and installed Dec. 24 {D.R.).

He was the son of Rev. Gabriel Stokes (see Baronetages), and was born
Sep. 15, 1800 ; T.C.D. B.A., 1821 ; M.A., 1829 ; C. Urgien up to 1825 ;
C. Ferns, 1825-7 ; Treas. Leighlin, 1827 ; Preb. Edermine (Ferns), 1827-32,
R. Enniscorthy, 1832-42 ; R. Ardcolm circa 1837. He died at the
Rectory, Aghalow, on Tuesday, Nov. 27, 1883, and was bur. at Aughna-
cloy Dec. 1, 1883— (Reeves Notes on G.F.). There is a brass tablet
to his memory in Armagh Cathedral Chapter Room.

In consequence of Disestablishment, on his death the
parishes of Aghalow and Carnteel were severed from the
Archdeaconry. The succeeding Archdeacons, though holding
parishes, hold them not as attached to the Archdeaconry
which under the Diocesan Scheme carries a salary of £200
only. The net value of the living of Carnteel, etc., attached
to the Archdeaconry was in 1869, £1,167 7s. 6d. — the greater
part of Aghalow had for sometime been made into a Perpetual
Curacy. (See Aghalow and Caledon).

1883 — Robert Vickers Dixon, inst. Dec. 5 ; never installed

The son of Robert and Mary D., born at 43 Stephen's Street, Dublin,
10 July, 1812 ; educated at Rev. Thos. Huddart's School ; ent. T.C.D.
as a Pensioner 27 Oct., 1827, aeed 15 ; B.A. 1833 ; Heb. Prize, 1836 ;
Fellow, 1838 ; M.A. 1839 ; B.D. and D.D. 1862 ; Erasmus Smith Prof,
of Experimental Philosophy, 1848 ; ord. D. 1838 ; P. 1839 ; J.P. for
Co. Tyrone ; became R. Clogherny 1853, which he held till his death.
Preb. Tynan, 1872-5 ; Preb. Loughgall, 1875-83. He took a large part
after disestablishment in Diocesan work, and in 1878 the Primate,
Clergy and Laity of the Diocese presented him with a purse of £250
and a magnificent silver salver, " in grateful recognition of rare ability
and patient labour as exhibited in the construction of the Diocesan
Financial Scheme." He m. in May, 1847, Kate, dau. of Samuel Maclean,
33 Stephen's Green, Dublin, and sister of Rev. Charles Maclean,
Drumbanagher, by whom he had two sons and one daughter. He died
on Ascension Day, May 14, 1885, after a tedious illness, at Clogherny
Rectory, and was bur. in Clogherny churchyard. A memorial tablet
in Clogherny Church bears the following inscription : —

" Venerabilis | Robert! Vickers Dixon. D.D., | Archdiaconi Armachi-

ensis | Annos XXXII hujus parochiae dUectissimi rectoris | Magistratus

I Olim Collegii SS. Trinitatis juxta Dublin Socii | in omnibus officiis

bene merentis | Memoriam hoc marmore viridem volunt | Amici. |


His eldest son, H. Maclean Dixon, m. May 12, 1874, Katherine Frances,
youngest dau. of Charles Foote, Wiltshire. His younger son, C. H.
Dixon, M.D., A.M.S., died at Cairo Sep. 26, 1883. His dau. is Mrs. K. E.
G. Browne, of Mullaghmore, Omagh.

58 Archdeacons, 1885-1910.

1885— William Edward Meade, inst. May 28 ; installed May
29 (D.R.).

Born 24 Feb., 1832, 3rd of eight sons of Rev. William M., Rector of
Inchinabacky, Co. Cork, of the family of the Earl of Clanwilliam, by his
wife, Anne, dan. of Robert Boyle Warren, of Kinsale (see Peerage).
T.C.D. Sch. (Ist in Science), 1856 ; B.A. (Sen. Mod. Math.), 1857 ; Div.
Test (2), 1857 ; Bp. Law's Prize, 1857 ; M'Cullagh Prize, 1858 ; M.A.
1860 ; Fellowship Premiums, 1859, '62, '63 and '64 ; B.D. and D.D.
1873 ; ord. D. 1862 ; P. 1863. He was R. Ardtrea 1863-'94 ; Preb.
Mullabrack, 1877-'83 ; Treasurer of Armagh, 1883-5 ; Representative
Canon of Armagh and Preb. Donoghmore in St. Patrick's, Dublin,
1882-'5 ; Examining Chaplain to Primate Knox, 1886-93 ; acted as
Hon. Sec. of Armagh Synod and Council from 1883 to 1894, and also
as Hon. Sec. of the General Synod from 1880-94. He was a Diocesan
Nominator and Representative for Armagh in the R.C.B. and Examining
Chaplain to the Primate. Was elected ad interim Bishop of Armagh,
by the Diocesan Synod, Dec. 5, 1893, and consecrated Bishop of Cork
Cloyne and Ross on the Feast of the Epiphany, 1894, in St. Patrick's
Cathedral, Dublin, by the Archbishop of Dublin, assisted by the Bishops
of Cashel and Ossory. He m. in 1864 Mary Ferrier, dau. of Fleetwood
Churchill, M.D., of Dublin. There is a portrait of the Bishop in Cole's
Records of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, which was dedicated to him.

1894 — Charles King Irwin, inst. Mar, 3; installed Mar. 5

T.C.D. Sch. 1854 ; B.A. (Jun. Mod. CI.) 1857 ; Div. Test (2) 1858 ;
M.A. 1860 ; B.D. and D.D. 1877 ; ord. D. 1860 ; P. 1861. Born at Porta-
down Junejl7, 1837, the son of Rev. Charles King Irwin, D.D., Precentor
and R. Loughgilly ; was C. Derrynoose 1860-6; C. Kilmore 1866-72;
R. St. Saviour's 1872-3 ; R. Brantry 1873-9 ; R. Derrynoose 1880-93 ;
R. Clonfeacle 1893-6; also Financial Sec. of Armagh Diocese 1870-94;
Hon. Sec. Armagh Synod and Council since 1894 ; Treas. of Armagh
Cathedral 1886-94 ; Examiniag Chaplain to the Primate since 1889 ;
Diocesan Nominator and Representative Member of R.C.B. ; R. Armagh
since 1896 ; m. April 14, 1873, Mary Waller, 3rd dau. of Rev. Charles
Crossle, R. of Kilcluney, and has issue ( 1 ) Rev. Chas. King, R. of Brantry,
q.v. ; (2) James Crossle, b. 3 May, 1875 ; (3) Elizabeth Ensor, m. J. C.
Scott, M.D. ; (4) Rev. John King, b. 9 Sep., 1877 ; (5) Mary Crossle ;
(6) Isabella Anne.



I.— QpreBenbaneB of ®tuffa6tacft.

The Rectory seems to have been held by the Prior of the
Culdees before the Reformation. (See C.F. Ill, 49 ; U.J. A.
II, 247, and Appendix to Ult. Inq., and also under Deans and
Precentors above.)

1613 — John Hart, " Doctor of Physic, Preacher," coll. Oct.
26 as " Hunt " {R.V. 1622), resident in 1622.

John Hart was in possession of this Rectory on Sep. 4, 1625 (Ult. Inq.)
and he got a grant of land for a glebe here in 1628 (P.R.). A John Hart
was Established Minister under the Commonwealth at Tabosnae at £150
in 1656.

[1627 — John Watson is said to have been pres. by Patent
to the Treasurership of Armagh and the R. and V. Mulla-
brack with clause uniting it to Clonkernie Feb, 8 {P.R.,
Lib. Mun.). It is probable that there is some error in the
Patent, for neither the Treasurership nor Mullabrack was
vacant at the time. See Treasurers and last entry. A
John Watson became B.A. T.C.D. in 1622 ; M.A., 1631 ;
and Dean of Ferns, i662-'6.]

1629 — John Richardson, Preb. of Loughgall, was pres. by the
Crown to " Vic." (should be " Rec. and Vic") of Mulla-
brack, alias Clonkernie " with clause uniting it to I,evally-
eglish [Loughgall] Dec. 2 {P.R.). According to R.V., 1633,
he was admitted on Mar. 29, 1629.

He was tlie son of John R., of Warmington, Warwickshire. See Prebs.
Loughgall. He was not, as Cotton thought, the J.R. who was Arch-
deacon of Derry.

1634 — Henry Leslie, inst. Sep. 30 {F.F.R.). He was allowed
by Letters Patent, dated Sep. 24, 1635, to hold the Preb.
in commendam with the Bishopric of Down. In 1637/8
he was made First Prebendary by the Royal Charter.

Born in 1580 in Scotland, a scion of the noble family of Rothes ;
educated at Aberdeen, came to Ireland 1614, where he was ord. P.
8 April, 1617, and on June 19, 1619, was made Preb. Connor (Lift. Mun.)
and about the same time Rector of Muckamore. We find him V. St.
Peter's, Drogheda, in 1620, and in 1622 he held the R. Beaulieu and the
R. Kilcluny also (R.V. 1622). In 1624 he became also R. Clonoe and
R. Arboe. He was made Dean of Down 10 April, 1627, and
Treasurer of St. Patrick's, Dublin, in 1632. He seems to have res.
Arboe and Clonoe in 1632, and Beaulieu and Drogheda in 1634. He
was consecrated Bishop of Down at St. Peter's, Drogheda, by Archbishop
Ussher on Oct. 4, 1635. He became a chaplain to Charles I. In 1641
" he had improved his Bishopric to more than £1,000 a year ; and he had
£200 a year out df his parsonage of Mullabrack. ... He had lost two

6o Prebendaries of Mullabrack, 1634-1674.

years' income, £2,400. ... He had a lease of the parsonage of Termon-
maguirke diiring Mr. Blythe's life, which netted him £80 and was worth
£140 if set at its full value."— (Dep. 1641, T.C.D.). During the Com-
monwealth period he received £120 a j'ear out of the funds of his See.
At the Restoration he was translated to the Bishopric of Meath in 1661,
but soon after d. in Dublin at a great age (about 80, but C.F. V. says
" only 65 ") on 7th April, 1661, and was bur. in Christ Church, Dublin
{Furd. Entries ; see C.F. Ill and V, and also Arboe below). His P. WiU
was proved in 1661. He m. Jane Swinton and left 3 sons — (1) Robert,
Bishop of Dromore, (2) James, (.3) WUliam, and 2 daus. His yovmger
brother George was a Preb. Lismore and R. AghoghUl. He was ancestor
of the Leslies of BaUybay, Co. Monaghan. (See Peerages, B.L.O. and
Records of Leslie Family, by Colonel Leslie, 3 vols. 8vo, 1869. For an
account of his Avritings see Harris's Ware).

[1657 — William Caldwell was Commonwealth Minister at Mullabrack this
year (Comm. Vol. A/25 P.R.O.). See Ballymore Preb.

1657 — John Jones was Commonwealth Minister here for some time (Comm.
Papers, P.R.O.). He had been minister at Seagoe soon after {Comm.,
Vol. A/21, 149). A John J., Curate of Castlecaragh [? Castleterra] is
mentioned in the Carte Papers (XXI, 346) as residing in Dublin in 1647.
A John J., M.A. T.C.D., was pres. by the Crown to Chanc. of Cashel
Mar. 20, 1666, and d. in April, 1678.]

i666 — Henry Jenney (the first of four in succession of this
family) signs the Declaration of Allegiance, etc. as Preb.
on Sep. 5 {D.R.).

A Rev. Henry J., perhaps the same, was Minister of St. Michael's-on-
Wyre, North of Preston, Lanes., in Sep. 1851. He had for several years
been " Curate " of Stalmine, near Poulton-on-Fylde, where he had £50
per annum granted him by the Committee of Plundered Ministers
(cf. Church Survey). He was probably only a short time at St. Michael's.

The Jenney family were settled in Norfolk and Suffolk, and were
descended from William J., a merchant of St. Laurence's Parish, London.
(See Ball Wright's Ussher Memoirs, also Atkinson's An Ulster Parish,
and B.L.G.). John J. of Great Cressingham Hall, 2nd son of Sir
Christopher (b. 1486), m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Spring of Bocking,
and had issue (1) WiUiam of Great Cressingham, (2, 3, 4) Thomas,
Edmund, Christopher, all d.s.p., (5) Henr}' m. ^lary Smyth and had
issue Jolin, Thomas, Henry, and Christopher. Great Cressingham was
sold by Thomas in 1688. A Henry J. was bap. at Gt. Cressingham in
1601 (W. Ball Wright). See next two entries

1674 — Christophilus Jenney, M.A., afterwards D.D., signed
the Declaration as Preb. on Aug. 28 (D.R.) [? brother of

He was in Derry during the Siege of 1689. See Cal. Treasury Papers,
Vol. XI, where we find the Petition of Christopher (sic) Jenny, elk.,
showing " that at the Siege of Londonderry he was Captain and Chaplain
in Coll. Monroe's Regt. after which by His Majty's. established in both
these posts as Captain and Chaplain reformed " and " that in the list
lately made up for the London officers he is inserted only as Capt.,"
praying " he may be paid as Chaplain also to enable him to return into
Ireland " where he had left his wife and six young children, dependent
on him. Warrant for Establishment, dated Sep. and Feb, 1689/90.
See also April, 10 1693. — " Report on Petition of Christophilus Jenny,
elk., not granted though the Lords think his merits and sufferings
entitle him." He was one of the envoys sent out to meet the reliever*

Prebendaries of Mullabrack, 1674-1741. 61

of the siege ; cp. Dean Swift's verses on Hamilton's Bawn. He was
attainted by the Parliament of 1689. He res. the Preb. of Mullabrack
on 9th Feb., 1690 " in order to go abroad, partly on his own, partly on
public affairs." He was appointed by the Crown R. Arboe and R.
Ardtrea 7 Aug., 1695, and he also held the Archdeaconry of Derry from
1695-1702, and the Preb. Rathmichael in St. Patrick's, Dublin, 1702-13.
He is mentioned in the Subsidy Act of 1698 and was Chaplain to Lord
Deputy Capel. He m. Mary Ussher of the Primate's familj'', and d.
Feb. 29, 1723/4, being then R. Arboe (q.v.) and Ardtrea.

1690 — Henry Jenney (the second of same names), Chaplain to
the Archbishop of Dublin ; coll, Oct. i {D.R.) ; son of the
foregoing Henry J.

But. T.C.D. Nov. 28, 1671, aged 16 ; Sch. 1673 ; B.A. 1676 ; M.A. 1682 ;
B.D. and D.D. 1701 (Eeg. T.C.D.). He held also the Preb. of Dromara
and R. Shankill (Lurgan)from 9 Aug, 1687; V. Seagoe 1687; R. Seagoe
1692, Became Archdeacon of Dromore and R. Donaghcloney Aug. 2,
1690. He res. Mullabrack in 1707, and died 20 Nov., 1742. His P. Will,
undated, was proved 3 Feb., 1742/3. By it his wife is to have rent of
lands in Seagoe and Derryanville and £240 at interest in hands of Col.
Henry Monroe, of TuUylish, deed., and £200 more ; leaves to his son
Rev. Dr. Henry J. for his eldest son Henry, £500 ; to his son Robert,
elk., now in America, £400 if he comes over for it ; his dau. Elizabeth
Lambert, £600 ; his dau. Jane Sadler — in trust for her children — £500 ;
his dau. Usher, £100 ; his grand dau. Elinor Barton, £200 ; and his 5
grandsons James, Richard, Benj., Nathaniel, and Henry Barton, £100
each, etc. A codicil made 27 Oct., 1741, states that his son Christophilus
had died [8 Oct., 1741, aet. 48 — Monument at Termonfeckin] since the
Wni was made, leaving 5 children — namely, Henry, Brabazon [who took
the name of Brabazon], Christophilus, Elizabeth [m. 1758 John Clinch]
and Ann [m. 1762 Anthony Garstin, then High Sheriff of Co. Louth].
Dr. Jenney left £2,000 for the last four ; £100 to his grandson John
Barton and the residue to Henry, eldest son of Christophilus. [This
H.J. m. in 1759, and became Capt. Royal L-ish Dragoons].

Rev. W. Ball Wright has kindly placed at my disposal the results of his
researches into the history of this family, and Mr. J. R. Garstin, whose
family derived the name Christophilus from this family has also a large
collection at Braganstown for a history of these Jenneys and the branch
which took the name of Brabazon and lived at Termonfeckin.

Near Dundalk to the N. W. are the ruins of a fine house still called from
Christophilus J. (father of Mrs.Garstin) "Taffy Jenny's Court, ' ' or The Park.]

1707/8— Henry Jenney (the third of both names), M.A.,
afterwards D.D., coll. Jan. 20 (D.R.). He was the son of
the last named. He res. Mullabrack in 1733 for the Arch-
deaconry of Armagh, and became R. Armagh (q.v.) in 1738.

1733— Caleb De Butts, IvL.D., coll. Mar. 7, 1732/3 (D.R.).
He had been Preb. Ballymore i732-'3, was previously V.
Trim and R. Rathcore 1726-32 and R. Clonard and Castle-
rickard (Meath) i722-'6. He was Vicar-General of the
Province and official Principal of Armagh from Oct. 24,
1732. He died in Feb., 1741, and was bur. in St. Andrew's,
Dublin. His P. Will was proved in 1740/1.

[1740 — Lord Blayney is here mentioned in C.F. on authority of Lodge's

Peerage, VI, 358, but it is a mistake, for a Preb. of Derry. See C.F., III,

50 and 342.]

62 Prebendaries of Mullabrack, 1741-1790.

1741— William Godley, coll. Feb. 28 {D.R.) ; T.C.D. Sch.
1718 ; B.A. 1720 ; M.A. 1723 ; B.D. and D.D. 1752. He
had been Preb. Ballymore 1733-41.

He was at one time Chaplain to Brigadier-General Dormer's Regt.
(Boulter's Letters, II, 79). He was V.G. of the Province. He died
in 1779, and was bur. in St. Peter's, Drogheda, where his tomb exists
and where his son John was also bur. in 1806. In the S. gallery of that
church there is a handsome monument with a long inscription to his
memory. His P. Will, dated 21 Nov., 1777, was proved 22 Nov.,1779
He left his wife Elizabeth £150 a year and a house in Dominick Street,
Dublin ; bequests to his sons Richard, John, and William, his daua.
Mary Pringle and Elizabeth Vincent, his nephew John Vanhumrigh ;
£20 to the poor of Mullabrack, £20 to Rev. Squire Barker, Curate. His
eldest dau. Mary m. at St. Mary's, Dublin, 2 May, 1767, Major-General
Henry Pringle, Slst Regt., son of John P., of Caledon, and had by him
with other issue Lieut.-Gen. Sir William Henry Pringle, G.C.B., M.P.,
who m. Harriet Hester, only dau. of Hon Edward Eliot, M.P., and d.
1840. He had a sister Margaret Charity, who. m. (M.L. dat. 1783) John
Graham, Alderman of Drogheda.

1780— John Jones, coll. Jan. 4 (D.R.) ; T.C.D. Sch. 1737 ;
B.A. 1739 ; M.A. 1742 ; lyly.B. and LL.D. 1743.

He is believed to have been a native of Wales and a relative of Primate
Hoadley. He d. in 1790, and was bur. in Mullabrack where there is
a mural tablet with the inscription : — " Sacred to the memory of | the
Rev. John Jones, LL.D., | Rector of this Parish, | who having uniformly
followed I the example of his Master | the great Shepherd of the Flock, (
was called Nov. 29, 1790, at the age of 80 | to receive that blessed
salutation | Well done, etc. | His daughter Mary Field | urged by her
affection and gratitude | and still more by the worth of his character |
has erected this monument." His eldest dau. Sarah m. Henry, son
of Hon. Chas. Hope Vere ; and his dau. Mary m. Rev. John Field, Curate
of Derrynoose, whose dau. Anne m. Rev. James Graham, R. of Pomeroy.

1790 — James Archibald Hamilton, coll. Dec. 28 {D.R.). Being
detained by urgent affairs in England, he was granted
extension of time for induction.

He was b. 1748, the son of Col. Hamilton by Jane dau. of Monsieur
Givardot [who m. as her 2nd husband Arthur Blennerhassett and was
mother of Juliana B., wife of Michael Tisdall, of Charlesfort, Co. Meath,
mother of Juliana, wife of Alex Hamilton, K.C., of Newtownhamilton].
He was educated at the Royal School, Armagh, whither he moved
from Athlone (where probably his father was quartered) when he was
six years old in 1754, with Rev. Arthur Grueber D.D., who was appointed
Head Master in that year. He ent. T.C.D. on 1st Nov., 1765, under
Rev. Robert Law, B.D., as Tutor, and grad. B.A. 1769, B.D. and
D.D. 1784. He was R. Kildress 1776-'84 ; P.C. Lisnadill 1780-8 ; Preb.
Dunbin 1784 ; Treasurer and R. Creggan 1784-'90 ; Preb. Tynan 1790.
He held with Preb. Mullabrack the Archdeaconry of Ross 1790-
1804, and the Deanery of ClojTie 1804-'15. He was appointed the
first Astronomer of Armagh by Primate Robinson, the founder of the
Observatory, on July, 31. 1790. He m. Jane Bunbury — probably a
dau. of Matthew B. of Kilfeacle. His dau. Harriet m. circa 1797 Peter
Holmes, and his dau. Jane m. in 1800 Alexander Holmes, of Scribbles-
town, near Finglas. He died at the Observatory Nov. 21, 1815, and was
bur. at Mullabrack. He published several scientific papers in the
Trans. R.I. A. See Stuart's Hist, of Armagh and the Memoir of Armagh
Observatory, also C.F., Vol. I. He had a private observatory at
Cookstown, 1780-90.

Prebendaries of Mullabrack, 1816-1877. 63

1816 — John Jephson, coll, Jan. 24 ; installed Jan. 27 (D.R.) ;
T.C.D. Sch. 1784 ; B.A. 1785. He was R. Tartaraghan
1791-1816, and V. Portloman (Meath), 1801-16, and V.
Portshangan (Meath), 1803-16. He m. Charlotte Smyth
in 1794 ; died in 1826.

1826 — Samuel Blacker, coll. May 2 (D.R.).

He was born in 1771, the son of Rev. St. John B., Rector of Moira
and at one time (1783-'98) Preb. Inver (Raphoe) — connected with the
Blackers of Carrickblacker — by Grace, dau. of Maxwell Close, of Elm
Park, and sister of Major-General Sir Barry Close, Bart. ; T.C.D. Sch.
1790 ; B.A. 1792 ; M.A. 1796 ; LL.B. and LL.D. 1823 ; was ord. P. Nov.
30, 1795. He m. (1) Mary Anne, dau. of David Ross,Rostrevor, by whom
he had issue Henry and Elizabeth, (2) Elizabeth Margery, dau. of Thos.
Douglas, of Grace HaU ,by whom he had issue, St. John Thomas, of Bally-
longford, J.P., D.L. ; Thomas, Samuel, Frances, Isabella and Theodosia
Grace. There is a tablet to the memory of his 2nd wife (who died 2nd
Oct., 1836, aged 48) and to his dau. Theodosia-Grace (who d. 10 May,
1847, aged 23) in Mullabrack Church. He died on 3 Jan, 1849, aged 77.
There is a memorial window to him in Armagh Cathedral, erected by
his children St. John Thomas, Frances and Isabella (see also B.L.G.
" Blacker-Douglas.")

1849 — Lord John De la Poer Beresford, coll. Mar. 9, 1849.
He was ord. D. 1841 ; P. 1842 ; C. Kilmore 1841, R. Barons-
town 1844-9.

He was the 2nd son of the 2nd Marquess of Waterford and brother
of the 3rd Marquess. He became 4th Marquess of Waterford by the death
of his elder brother on 29 Mar., 1859, and res. this Preb. on Nov. 1, 1859
(see Peerages). On the front of Markethill Chapel of Ease, which cost
iE500, there is a tablet with the following inscription : — " This tablet
is erected by the parishioners of Mullabrack in grateful acknowledge-
ment of the munificent gift of this Chapel of Ease by their Rector, the
Most Hon. and Rev. John De La Poer, Marquess of Waterford, on his
retirement from the Incumbency, 1859."

1859— Joslah Francis Flavell, coll. Dec. 7 {D.R.) ; St. John's
College, Cambr., B.A. 1826 ; M.A. 1829 ; Vicar-Choral of
Armagh i834-'5i ; Treas. and R. Creggan i85i-'2 ; Preb.
lyoughgall i852-'9.

He res. the Rectory of Mullabrack on Oct. 25, 1875, but retained the
Prebendal Stall until his death at Mullabrack on 28 AprU, 1877, aged
73 years. He was bur. in Armagh Cathedral churchyard, where lies
buried also his wife Helen Fleming F., who d. at Mullabrack 23 Feb.,
1896, in her 96th year {Tombstone. Inscriptions). He belonged to a
Norfolk family.

On his resignation of the Rectory, the Prebendal Stall
became separated from the parish, which is no longer the
corps of the Prebend of Mullabrack.

1877 — William Edward Meade, D.D., inst. Oct. 4 ; installed
Oct. 9 {D.R.) ; res. for Treas. 1883. See Archdeacons.

64 Prebendaries of Ballymore, 1343-1618.

1883 — Robert James Shaw, D.D. (afterwards Shaw-Hamilton),
inst. Oct. 9 ; installed Oct. 22 (D.R.) ; res. for Chanc. 1890.
See Deans.

1890 — William Moore Morgan, LL.D., inst. Jan. 11 ; installed
Jan. 13 ; res. 1908 for Precentor {D.R.). See Precentors.

1908 — Nicholas Hopkins James, D.D., inst. May 29 ; installed
May 30 {D.R.). See Clonfeacle.

II.— (prefien^drteB of (gdffgtnore.

1343 — Roger Sampford held possession, while living at the
Roman Court, by Pap. Dispensation, of a Preb. of Armagh
or the parish church of Tamlacklkieth with its churches and
chapels ; and neglected to obtain holy orders ; dispossesed
in 1346 {Cat. Pap. Petitions, I, 72).

1346 — Charles Maeheda, Chaplain to Cardinal of St. Anastasia,
dispensed to hold this church, with Canonries in Tuam,
Armagh, Annaghdown, Derry, and a Prebend of 10/- in
Annaghdown, \ part of the fruits of Donachmore (Derry)
and a moiety of AtochHl (Connor), value together ;^3 los.
{Cal. Pap. Pet., I, 1346).

1361 — "Master Hugh," Prebendary of Ballymore, appears
among the holders of Irish benefices, resident in England
who are summoned to attend the King's Court at West-
minster in this year [Rymer's Foedera III, 610). Query,
was this Charles Maeheda [=McHugh] ? Query, was his
stall Ballymore in St. Patrick's, Dublin ? as Mason, p. 123
supposes, calling him simply Hugo. See C.F. II, 188,

1362— Patrick McKamyll, elk., appears (D.R.).

1365 — Owen O'Lorkan appears (D.R.).

1414 — Denis Macnalbad is deceased. See next entry.

1414 — Eugenius O'Lorchan, son of a priest and an immarried
woman, ordained b}^ Papal dispensation, to be coll. to R.
of Tampleacalaid, void by death of Denis Macnalbad.

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