James Bell Forsyth.

A few months in the East : or, A glimpse of the Red, the Dead, and the Black seas online

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viction that this great project will soon take such
hold of the English mind that Her Gracious Majesty,
or the Heir Apparent to the throne, will, in obedience
to the wishes of Her subjects at home, no less than
of these colonies, cross the Atlantic, not only to be
welcomed to this, the brightest appanage of the
British Crown ; but to turn the first sod of that great
iron road which will, as it were, bind the British and
Indian Empires by bonds of iron. But, strong as
these bonds may be, they will yield in strength to
those bonds of love and affection felt for her in these
colonies, which now are, as I hope they ever will be,
" strong as a rock of adamant." With three times


three I call on you to drink the toast I have the honor
to offer " Our Railways and Ocean Steamers,"

Note. A Pamphlet, entitled Nova Britannia, published in
Montreal, by A. Morris, Esquire, A.M., in 1858, contains some
most valuable information on this subject.

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