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Oratorios with Sir George Smart, 1822-23. Prof of Harp at R. A. 'M..
Secretary do. Dismissed from the R.A.M. on his character becoming known,
1827. Cond. at King's Theatre, London, 1S26-32. Travelled with Madam
Anna Bishop in America, Europe, and Australia. D. Sydney, Australia, Jan.
7, 1856.
Works. — Oraiorio : Le Deluge Universel. Operas: Les Heritiers de Paimpol,
1813 ; Alphonse d'Aragon, 1814 ; Les Heritiers Michau, 1814 ; Les Noces de
Gamacle, 1815 ; Le Roi et la Ligue, 1815 ; La Lettre de change, 1S15; La
Bataille de Denain, 1816; Un Mari pour etrenne, 1816. Method for the Harp.
Ballets: Beniowsky ; or, the Exiles of Kamschatka ; Le Corsaire, etc. Fan-
tasias, Studies, Variations, Concertos and Arrangements for Harp. Bohemian
Melodies, harmonised, Lond., n. d. Songs, etc.

Bochsa was the leading harpist of his time, and was one of the most influential
teachers of that instrument. His compositions for the harp still survive, but his
memory is best kept green through his pupils or their descendents. Parish -Alvars
and J. B. Chatterton were his best-known English pupils. Of his private character
nothing need be said. His harp compositions are brilliant in style, and afford
ample scope for performers.

BOCKMUHL (Robert Emil). German violoncellist and comp., B. Frankfort-
on-the-Maine, 1820. Is still living as a 'cellist and teacher.
Works. — Didactic work on the Violoncello. Fantasias, Divertissements,
Caprices, Concertos, Sonatas, etc. for the violoncello, with accompaniments for
piano or orchestra,

These works possess some value for those who are studying the instrument.

OC — BOH 103


BODDA. See Pyne (Louisa).

BODENSCHATZ (Erhard). German comp. and collector, B. Lichtenberg
[1570]. D. Qiierfurt, 1638. Famed for his collections of ancient sacred
music, especially " Florilegium Fortense, Pars prima continens cxv. cantiones
selectissimas, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 vocum," Lipzig, 1603. Second part, 1606.
"Psalterium Davidis," Leipzig, 1605. "Harmonia Angelica," 1608, etc.

BOEHM (Carl Leopold.) Austrian comp. and violoncellist, B. Vienna, Nov. 4,
1806. Writer of concertos, etc.

BOEHM (Joseph). Bohemian violinist, B. Pesth, 1798. S. under Rode. Debut
at Vienna, 1815. Prof, at Vienna Cons., 1819-48. Mem. of Imperial band,
Vienna, 1821. Retired in 1868. D. Vienna, Mar., 1876.

Works. — op. i. Polonaise for violin, with quartet accomp. ; op. 2. and 3. Vari-
ations for violin ; op. 4. Two polonaises for violin and quartet accomp ; Five
variations for violin and orch., op. 8 ; Four variations (Rossini) for vn. and orch.,
op. 9 ; Concertino for vn. and orch., op. 10. Quartets for strings, etc.

This professor has the honour of having taught more musicians who have attained
eminence as violinists than perhaps any other master. Ernst, Joachim, Singer,
Helmesberger, and L. Strauss are among the more noted. Personally he was an
able performer and composed some serviceable music for his instrument.

BOEHM (Theobald). German flute-player and inventor, B. Munich, Bavaria,
1802. Chap. -master at Munich. Perfected his system of fingering for flutes,
oboes, clarionets, etc., 1831. Received Prize medal at Exhibition of 1851,
London. D. Dec, 1S81.
Works.— Fantasias for the Flute, opp. 8, 21, 23, 24. etc. Variations. Polon-
aises. Rondos. Studies. " Ueber den Flotenbau und die neuesten Verbesser-
ungen desselben," Mayence, 1847, etc.

Boehm patented the well-known system of fingering for keyed instruments, which
is named after him. See History of the Boehm Flute, by Christopher Welch,
M.A., Lond., 1883. It makes easy the performance of difficult solos, but as
mechanism, adds much to the weight and detracts from the tone of the instrument.
Recent improvements have modified its defects and perfected its capabilities as a
solo-performing instrument. The in\ention has been adopted by many makers.
His work on the flute has been translated as "An Essay on the Construction of
Flutes, giving a History and Description of the most recent Improvements, with an
Explanation 'of the Principles of Acoustics, applicable to the Manufacture of Wind
Instruments," by W. S. JSroadwood, Lond., 1882.

BOEHNER (Johann Ludwig). German comp. and pianist, B. Toesselstadt,
Gotha, Jan. 8, 1787. A good teacher and capable performer. D. i860.
WoiiK?,.— Pianoforte, etc.: Variations, op. 3. Quartet for Pf., vn., alto, and
'cello ; Variations, op. 6. Concertos : Pf. and orch. , in E flat, op. 7 ; in D, op. 8 ;
in C, op. II. Serenade for orch. in F, op. 9. Concertos for Pf., op. 13 and 14.
Sonata, op. 15. Fantasias, op. 19 and 20. Fantasia for clarinet and orch. in C,
op. 21. Fantasia, Pf., op. 22. Variations for horn and string accomp., op. 24.
Fantasia, Pf. duet, op. 60. Overture: Der Dreiherrenstein, for orch. Twelve
quartets for stringed instruments. Motets. Songs, and other vocal music.

BOELY Alexandre Pierre Francois). French org., pianist, and comp., B.
Versailles, April 19, 1785. D. Paris, Dec. 27, 1858. Comp. much Pf. and
org. music, duets, trios, etc.

BOEBS (J. C.) Dutch violinist and comp., B. Nimeguen, 1812. Writer of
symphonies, psalms, songs, Pf. music, etc.

BOHB.ER (Maximilian). German comp. and violoncellist, B. Munich, 17S5.
S. 'cello under A. Schwartz. 'Cellist in Court band at Munich. S. under
Romberg. Resided in Paris till 1830. Principal 'cellist at Court of Stuttgart.
Travelled in Russia and America, 1838-43. Travelled in Holland, Belgium,
and England, 1847. Composed music for the violoncello, etc. D. 1867.

104 BO I — BOI

Other members of this family were talented musicians, but notably Anton
BoHRER (1783-1852), who composed much good music for the violin. His works
extend over loo op. numbers, and include concertos, etc. Caspar Bohrer, father
of the foregoing (B. Mannheim, 1744. D. Munich, 1S09,) was a famous trumpet-
player. Anton's daughter Sophie (1828-1849) was a pianist of some ability.

BOIELDIEU (Francois Adrien), French comp., B. Rouen, Dec. 16, 1775.

Chorister in Rouen Cath. S. under Broche, the org. there, till 1791. Went

to Paris, 1794. Prof, of Pf. at Paris Cons., 1800. Married to Mdlle.

Mafleuroy. 1802. Was unhappy in this union. Went to S. Petersburg to

avoid his wife, 1802. Appointed Chap. -master to Emperor of Russia, 1802.

Returned to Paris, 1811. Accompanist to the King's Band, 1815. Married

to Mdlle Philis, his first wife having died. i8i6. Member of the Institut, 1817.

Prof, of C<3mp. at Paris Cons., 1817. Mem. of Legion of Honour, 1821. D.

Grosbois near Bordeaux, Oct. 8, 1834.

y^OKKi. — Operas : La Fille coupable, Rouen, 1793; Rosalie at Myrza, 1795;

La Famille Suisse, Paris, 1797 ; I'Heureuse Nouvelle, 1797 ; Le Pari, 1797 ;

Zoraime et Zu'nare, 1798; La Dot de Suzette, 1798; Les Meprises Espagnoles,

1799; Emma, ou la Prisonniere (with Cherubini), 1799; Beniowski (by Duval),

1800; Le Calife de Bagdad (by St. Just Dancourt), Paris, Sept. 16. 1800; Ma

Tante Aurore, Jan. 13, 1803 ; Le Baiser et la Quittance (with Mehul. Kreutzer, and

Nicolo), 1803 ; Aline, reine de Golconde, St. Petersburg, 1S04 ; Amour et Mystere ;

Abderkhan ; Un Tour de Soubrettte ; La Jeune Femm^e colere, 1805 (Paris, 1812);

Telemaque, 1806; Les Voitures versees (by Dupaty), 1808; La Dame invisible,

1808; Rien de trop, 1810 ; Jean de Paris, Paris, April 4, 1812 (in English by

Bishop, London, 1814) ; Le Nouveau Seigneur de Village, 1813 ; Bayard a

Mezieres (with Cherubini, Catel, and Nicolo),' 1814; Les Bearnais (with Kreutzer),

1814 ; Angela (with S Gail), 1814 ; Fa Fete du Village voisin, 1816 ; Charles de

France, ou Amour et Gloire (with Herold), 1816 ; Le Petit Chaperon rouge, 1818 ;

Blanche de Provence (with Berton, etc.), 1821 ; Les Trois Genres (with Auber)

1824 ; Pharamond (with Berton and Kreutzer), 1825 ; La Dame blanche (from Sir

W. Scott's "'Monastery" and "Guy Mannering"), Opera Comique, Dec. 10,

1825, London. Covent Garden, Jan. 2, 1827 ; Les Deux Nuits (by Bouilly and

Scribe), 1829; La Marquise de Brinvilliers (with Auber, etc.). 1831. Instrumental

music, church music, etc.

Boieldieu w is the founder of modern French opera, and himself an excellent
composer of co nic operas. His music is beauiiful. fresh, and rarely trivial, and he
seems to have lieen in possession of a great command over the more cheerful capa-
bilities of instrumental expression. The adaptability of his music to the comic
situations constantly occurring in his works is so obvious and apt as to do away with
the feeling of iacongruity which arises when consideration is given to the stupidity
of a libretto and the beauty of its music. The genial character of the music to
"Jean de Paris" is typical of most of his works. Boieldieu's instrumentation is
always effective, though scored for a smaller orchestra than is now considered
necessary ; and some of his overtures are occasionally heard in concert rooms ;
while those to "La Dame Blanche " and " Le Calife de Bagdad " are in constant
use in small orchestras all over the world. The pieces by which he is best known
in France and elsewhere are those named " Le Calife de Bagdad." "Jean de
Paris," and '' La Dame Blanche," which latter is especially deserving of praise, as
much for the a'.;reeable melodies interspersed throughout course, as for the never-
fliggi'ig spirit and freshness of its general treatment. "Jean de Paris " was adapted
to the English stage by Bishop, and with other operas "of Boieldieu was very suc-
cessful. "The Calife de Bagdad" overture alone survives, but not a few of
Boieldieu's minor pieces are constantly in use on the Continent. The best works on
Boieldieu are tlie following : — " Boieldieu sa vie, ses"oeuvres, son caractere, sa cor-
respondance." by A. Pougin, Paris, 1875.

His son, Ad.uex L. V., B. Paris, November 3, 1816. S. under his father, and
obtained consi lerable success as a composer. D. Combs-la-Ville, near Paris,
July, 1883 Among his operas may be njLmed Marguerite. 1838 ; L'Aieule, 1841 ;
Le Bouquet de I'lnfante, 1847 ; La Butte des Moulins, 1852 ; La Fille Invisible,
1854 ; La Halte du Roi, 1875. He also comp. masses, cantatas, etc.

BOISMORTIER (Joseph Bodin de). ^French comp., B. Perpignan, 1691. D.


Paris, 1765. Writer of operas, cantatas, motets, sonatas, concertos, serenades,
strin^ music, etc.

BOISSELOT (Xavier). French comp. and Pf. manufacturer, B. Montpellier,
Uec. 3, 181 1. Writer of cantatas, operas, Pf. music, etc.

BOITO (ArrigO). Italian comp. and poet, B. [Milan, February 24], Padua,
1842. S. at Milan Cons, from Sept., 1853 Visited London, 18S0.

Works. — Mefistofele, opera, Milan, Sep., 1868 ; Bologna, Oct. 4, 1875 ; London,
July 6, 1880. Ero, e Leandro, opera (MS.) Le Sorelle d' Italia, Allegory, libretto
only. Poetical works, various. Marcello — one of the "Great Musicians" Series,
edited by Hueffer.

The work by which Boito has suddenly become known to the musical world is
" Mefistofele," an opera which owes 1 luch of its success to the music and legend so
skilfully blended. Boito has endeavoured to transfuse his opera with an interest
wholly apart from the conventional musical and dramatic elements. How far he is
justified in making use of an additional motive cannot be now entered into, but it
may be pointed out that Wagner has in a different fashion furnished a precedent.
The psychological opera is a novelty in many respects, but it does not follow that
the idea of embodying the principles of good and evil in the action of a theatrical
entertainment is by any means new. We find in the mediceval miracle plays and
mysteries, characters which are intended to typify not only the primary elements of
good and evil, but their numerous sub-divisions. In them evil, or the devil, assumed
a tangible shape ; appearing as a tailed and horned monster. The Mefistofele of
Boitos opera, as in Gounod's, is also a tangible devil, representing evil, but shorn
of certain appendages which formerly carried terror into the hearts of old world

BOLCK (Oskar). German comp. and pianist, B. Hohenstein, Mar. 4, 1S39.
Presently a conductor and teacher in Germany.
Works. — Pierre Robin, opera, Altenburg, 1874 5 D^r Schmied von Gretna
Green, opera, Leipzig, 1882, Paris, 1884 ; Six Lieder for voice and Pf.,
op. 5 ; Madchens Gestandnisse, for voice and Pf., op. 7 ; Sechs Charakterbilder in
2 books, for Pf., op. 46 ; Herbstklange, Five songs for barytone or contralto
voice and Pf , op. 51. Two anthems published by Messrs. Novello & Co.

BOMBET, See Beyle (Henri).

BOMTEMPO (Joas DomingOS). Portuguese comp. and pianist, B. Lisbon,
1775. Settled in Paris, 1795. Visited London. Director of Lisbon Cons.
Knight of the Order of Christ, Portugal. Director of Court Band, etc. D.
Lisbon, Aug., 1842. He comp. Operas, Church Music, Pf. Music, etc., and
wrote a Method for the Pf.

BONA (Valerio)- Italian ecclesiastic and comp., flourished at end of i6th cent.
Wrote a work on counterpoint (1595), masses, motets, madrigals, etc.

BONAWITZ (Joliann Heinrich). German comp., B. Durkheim-on-the
Rhine, Dec. 4, 1839. S. at Liege Cons. Resided for a time in the United
States. Teacher and comp in London. Comp. The Bride of Messina, opera,
Philadelphia, 1S74. Ostrolenka, opera, 1875. Irnia, Lond., 1885. Requiem
Mass, Lond. , 1881 . Concertos, sonatas, etc., for Pf. Songs and other vocal music.
As a pianist. Heir Bonavvitz has given "Beethoven Recitals" and "Historical

Concerts" in Germany, Austria, P'rance, etc., and has been on concert tours with

Dr. J. Joachim in Germany, Italy, Russia, etc., in 1880-82.

BONAZZO (Griuseppe). Italian double-bass player and comp, B. 1824. D.
Trieste, 1880.

BOND (CapeD- English comp. and org., lived in Coventry during middle of last
century. The dates of his birth and death are unknown. He was org. and
cond. of the first Birmingham Musical Festival, 1768.
Works. — Six Anthems in Score, one of which is for Christmas Day, 1769. Six

Concertos for 4 violins, tenor, and 'cello, with thorough bass, 1766. Glees and



BOND (Hugh). English org. and conip., B. Exeter, beginning of i8th century.
Lay-vicar Exeter Cath., 1762. Org. of Ch. ofS. Mary Arches. D. 1792.

Works. — Twelve Hymns and four Anthems, for four voices, Lond., n, d.
Glees and Songs.

BONFICHI (Paolo). Italian comp., B. Livraga, Lodi, Oct. 16, 1769. D.
Dec, 1S40. Wrote oratorios, etc.

BONMARCHE (Jean). Belgian comp. of church music, B. Ypres, 1520. D. (?)

BONNYBOOTS. An English singer and dancer of much fame in the reign of
Queen Elizabeth bore this nickname.
Noticed in Hawkins' " History of Music."

BONOLDI (Claudio). Italian tenor vocalist and comp., B. Piacenza, 1783.
D. 1S46. Comp. Pf. music and songs.

BOOM (Johann Van). Dutch comp., B. Utrecht, Oct 15, 1S07. D. Stock-
holm, 1S72. Wrote music for the Pianoforte, on which he was a performer.
His father and brother were composers.

BOOSEY & CO, English music publishers, established about 1819 by Thomas
Boosey. Published originally valuable copyright works by Hummel, Romberg,
De Beriot, Rossini, and a number of popular Italian operas. In 1854 they
were deprived of the exclusive right of publishing Italian operas by a decision
of the House of Lords.
They publish a large amount of vocal music, and their publications include songs
by Abt, G. B. Allen, Balfe, Benedict, Blumenthal, Claribel, F. Clay, F. H. Cowen,
Miss Dolby, Virginia Gabriel (March), A. S. Gatty, Hatton, G. Linley, J. L.
Molloy, Pinsuti, Richards, Sullivan, and J. Thomas. The instrumental publi-
cations include compositions by Beethoven, Benedict, Cowen, Favarger, Gollmick,
Kuhe, Mozart, Oury, Richards, Rubmstein, Thalberg, Schumann, etc. Among
their Series of publications may be also mentioned the " Royal Edition of Operas,"
edited by Messrs. Sullivan and Pittman ; the "Musical Cabinet," comprising
Operas arranged for Pf. solo. Albums of Vocal Music, etc. ; their Royal Edition of
Song Books and Operatic Albums ; " The Cavendish Music Books;" Collections
of Standard Songs and Pf. Music, etc. In addition to the works already
mentioned they publish the large choral works of Bach, Handel, Mendelssohn,
Beethoven, Sullivan, Webbe, Cowen, Boyce, etc. " The Choralist " is the collec-
tive tiile of a large body of concerted vocal music issued in good style in penny
numbers. They also issue a great number of popular tutors for various instruments,
and publish some standard theoretical works. Their " Military Journal, " established
in 1845, is an important annual collection of band music. In addition to their
publications, Messrs. Boosey manufacture an improved class of military band

BOOTH (Karl Edmund Otto von). German comp., violonist, org., and

pianist, B. Schloss Weinheim, Weinheim, Baden, March 13, 1842. S. music

at Carlsruhe Cons. S. violin under Concert-meister Will, a pupil of Spohr.

Debut as violinist in Town Hall, Birmingham, 1853. Settled permanently in

London, 1856. S. composition under B. Molique ; organ under Dr. Steggall.

Org. at St. Matthew's, Bayswater, 1868-75.

Works. — Symphony in C minor (MS.) ; Operetta, Prizes and Blanks (MS.) ;

A Cantata (MS) ; Overture, Godiva, for orch. (MS.) ; Marchia Funebre, for orch,

(MS.) A Te Deum in D ; Anthems and Church Services. Sonata Quasi Fantasia,

for ovgan ; Offertoires for org. ; Quartets and Quintets for stringed instruments

(MS.) ; Victoria March for orch. ; Sonata in A minor for violin and Pf. ; Do. in

D for violin and Pf. ; Romance in F for vn. and Pf. ; Morceaux Faciles : Ten Easy

pieces for violin and Pf. ; Wanderlieder — sketches for Pf. ; Gavotte and Bouree for

Pf. Songs: Fancies; The Star Angel; Break, break, break; Autumn Leaflets;

The Broken Tryst ; Greeting ; Pretty little Warbler, stay ; The Fisher ; Beautiful

May, four-part song, etc.

BOBDE, See Laborde.

BOR — BOX 107

BOEDESE (Luigi), Italian comp., B. Naples, 181 5. S. at Naples Cons.
Went to Paris, 1834. Resided there from 1834.
H'j has composed a number of light operas, such as Zelimo e Zoraide, 1834 ; La
Mantille, 1S37 ; L'Automate de Vaacanson, 1S40; Jeanne de Naples, 1840; Les
Deux Bambins, 1848, which have achieved temporary popularity.

BORDOGrNI (Marco). Italian comp. and vocal teacher, B. Bergamo, 1788.

S. under Simon Mayr. Debut in opera at Milan, 1813. Appeared in Paris,

1819. Prof, of vSinging in Paris Cons., 1820. Chevalier of Legion of Honour.

D. Paris, July, 31, 1856.

Bordogni trained a large number of vocalists who have attained to eminence in

the profession, and wrote a great quantity of vocal exercises, solfeggi, and other

works of great use to teachers of vocalisation.

BORDONI. See Hasse (Faustina B.)

BORGtHI (Luigi). Italian violinist and comp., B. ( ? ) S. under Pugnani.

Teacher in London about 1780. Violinist at Handel Commemoration, 1784.

D. (?)
Works. — Op. i. Six Sonatas for the violin; op. 2. Three concertos for the
violin ; op. 3. Six solos for the violin ; op. 4. Six duets for 2 violins ; op. 5. Six
duets for 2 vns. ; op. 6. Six duets for violin and viola ; op. 7. Six duets for viohn
and 'cello. Symphonies for full orch. Italian canzonets, songs, etc.

BORNACCINI (Giuseppe). Italian comp., B. Ancona, 1805. Writer of
cantatas, masses, motets, operas, etc.

BORREMANS (Joseph). Belgian comp , B. Brussels, Nov. 25, 1775. D. Dec.
15, 1858. Writer of operas, masses, etc.

BORTNIANSKY (Dmitri Stepanovitch). Russian comp. and writer, B.
Gloukoff, Ukraine, 1751. S. at Moscow and St. Petersburg under Galuppi.
Do. at Rome, Naples, and Bologna. Director of Empress's Choir, 1779. D.
Sept. 28 (Oct. 9), 1825.
Works. — Psalms, masses, operas, etc.

BOSANQUET (R. H. M.) Contemporary English writer, and Fellow of S.
John's College, Oxford, has written a work entitled "An Elementary Treatise
on Musical Intervals and Temperament," Lond., 8vo, 1876.

BOSCHI (Giuseppe). Italian bass vocalist, B. at end of i8th century. Appeared
in London, 171 1 and 1720. Sang in London at Italian opera till 1728, when
he disappeared. He sang principally in operas by Handel, and was con-
sidered one of the greatest bass vocalists of his period.

BOSIO (Angiolina). Italian vocalist, B. Turin, Aug. 22, 1830. S. at Milan
Cons. Debut, July, 1846, in I DueFoscari," at Milan. Sang in Italy, Spain,
Paris, and America with much success. Married to a Greek gentleman, 1851.
Appeared in London, July, 1852, in "L'Elisir d'Amour." Reappeared again
at different periods. D, St. Petersburg, April 12, 1859.

BOSSENLIENGER (Heinrich Jacob). German comp., B. Cassel, Oct. 27,
1838. Writer of operettas, lieder, etc.

BOTTESINI (Giovanni). Italian double-bass player and comp., B. Crema,
Lombardy, Dec. 24, 1823. S. at Milan Cons. Cond. of orchestra at the
Havannah theatre, 1846. Travelled in Britain and Europe as contra-bassist.
Leader of orchestra at Italian opera, Paris, 1856. Travelled in Germany,
Holland, Belgium, France, and England, 1857-58. Returned to Italy, 1859.
Teacher and composer there.
WoRK.s. — Operas: Christope Colomb, Plavannah, 1846; L'Assedio di Firenze,

1856 ; Santa Radegonda ; II Diavolo della notte, 1S59; Marion De Lorme, 1862;

Vinciguerra, 1870; Ero e Leandro, 1879; La Regina del Nepal, 1880. Methode

Complete de Contre-basse, Paris, n. d. ; English translation, Lond., n. d. Songs,

chamber music, etc.

To a powerful and fine tone Bottesini adds great powers of execution and delicacy

of phraseology. His rendering of many difficult pieces of violin music is superior


to that of a number of violmists, while it cannot be doubted that in chamber music
he is unsurpassed. His school for the double bass is the best ever penned. His
other compositions are unknown in Britain, but they are highly spoken of in
authoritative biographical works.

BOTTOMLEY (Joseph). English comp., org., and pianist, B. Halifax. York-
shire, 17S6. S. under Grinishaw, Watts, Yaniewicz, Lawton. and Woelfl.
Org. ol Parish Ch. of Bradlord, 1S07. Org. of Parish Ch., Sheffield, 1S20.
D. [?]
Works. — A Dictionary of Music, London, 1816. New System of Practising

and Teaching the Pianoforte..., Sheffield, 4to, n. d. Six Exercises for the Pf.

Rondos and airs for Pf. Divertissements for Pf. and Flute. Twelve Sonatinas for

Pf. Songs, Glees, etc.

BOUCHER (Alexandre Jean). French violinist and comp., B. Paris, April
II, 1770. D. Paris, Dec. 29, 1S61.
This performer travelled extensively in Spain. France, Germany, and Italy, and
was everywhere received with much enthusiasm consequent on his extraordinary
powers as a mechanical violinist. He composed concertos and sonatas for his

BOUFFET (Jean Baptiste). French comp. and Professor of Singing, B.
Amiens, Oct. 3, 1770. D. Paris, Jan, 19, 1835. Wrote operas, church

music, songs, etc.

BOUL ANGER (Ernest Henri Alexandre). French comp., B. Paris, Sept.

16, 1815. S. at the Cons, under Alkan and Halevy, 1830. Gained first prize

for comp., with " Achille," a cantata. Prof, of Singing at Paris Cons., 1871.

Mem. Legion of Honour, 1869.

Works. — Operas : Le Diable a 1' ecole, 1842 ; Les Deux Bergeres, 1843 '> Una

Voix, 1S45 ; La Cachette, 1847 ; Les Sabots de la Marquise, 1854 ; L' E'ventail,

i860; Le Docteur Magnus, 1864; Don Quichotte, 1869; Don Mucarade, 1875.

Cantatas, Pf Music, etc.

BOURGAULT-DUCOURDRAY (Louis Albert). French comp., B. Nantes,

Feb. 2, 1840. S. at Paris Cons. Gained " Granil Prix de Rome," with

"Louise de Mezieres," cantata, 1865. S. at Rome till 1S68. Returned to

Paris, 1868. Founded an Amateur Choriil Soc. in Paris for performance of

works by great masters. Lectured on Musical history, etc.

Works. — Louise de Mezieres, cantata, 1865; Stabat Mater, for chorus, org.,

and orch., 1868; Dieu notre divin pere, sacred cantata; Fantasia in C. minor for

orchestra, 1874 ; Gavotte and Minuet for f^f. ; Cantata, written in honour of Sainte

Fran^oise d' Amboise, duchesse de Bretagne, 1876. Souvenir d' une mission

musicale en (irece et en Orient, 1876. Trente melodies pi.pulaires de Grece et d'

Orient. Conference sur la modalite dans la Musique Grecque, Paris, 1879.

This composer is an eminent antiquary, and his collection of Greek and Eastern
melodies is valuable, as also are his remarks thereon. A number of his composi-
tions have been given in London, while in Germany and France he is generally
well known. His compositions are spoken of in terms ol much approval by both
British and Foreign writers.

BOURGES (Jean Maurice). French operatic comp. and writer, B. Bordeaux,
Dec. 2, 1812. D. Paris, April, 18S1. Comp. "Sultana," an opera, 1846, etc.

BOURNE (C. E.) English writer, author of "The Great Composers ; or, Stories

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