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Lonach highland and friendly society. [Rules with list of

members.] 1825.
McHardy, Coghlan Maclean. Clan McHardy, arms, crest,

and tartan, with a short account of the origin of the name.

Lond. 1894.
MacKintosh, Charles Fraser. An Account of the confederation

of clan Chattan. Glasg. 1898. [The MacHardies, p. 174.]
Michie, Charles, Junr. [Notes on the family of Michie.] Pp.

119+1. No title. Priv. ptd. Calcutta, [1907].
Neil, James. Ian Roy of Skellater. 1902.
Smith, Alexander Emslie. Corgarff Castle : the scene of the

burning of the house of Towie. Abd. 1901.



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Court. Lond. 1913. [Right of way Deeside to Donside
over Pressendye.]
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or Coutts. Lond. 1879.
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[Vid. also correspondence column, 11 and 13 June.]
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Supplement. Edin. 1897.



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1887. 2nd ed. 1890.
Tillyfour. Dispersion of the Tillyfour herd of polled cattle.
[Banff, 1880.]

TOWIE, anciently Kinbethock or Kinbattock. A. and B. i, 61 1 ;
iv, 426, 772. Bulloch, 29, 3, 1884. P.E.S. iii, 567, 574.
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[Abd. 1900.]
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Gordon, David, and James Gordon, 1672. Trial. In " Records

of Justiciary Court," ii, 99-104.
Terpersie, Estate of. In " Scottish forfeited estates papers ".



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87. In " Miscellany of the Spalding Club," vol. V.
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persie. Invss. 1900.
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Minty, James. Reminiscences of a forty years' residence in

Turriff. Banff, 1865.
[Ogilvie, Joseph.] Memorials of Turriff parish school in the

fifties. Abd. 1911.
Sketch of the Turriff savings bank. Instituted August, 1816.

Banff, 1816.
Turriff almanac. 1913. Annually from 1876.
Turriff school magazine. No. 1. January, 1911. Banff, 1911.
Quarterly : current.
TYRIE. A. and B. i, 449; ii, 383; iv, 122, 680. Bulloch, 2, 5,
1885. F.E.S. iii, 642, 645; New Pitsligo, 644, 645. H.E.
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129 L


UDNY. A. and B. i, 357 ; Hi, 77. Bulloch, 21, 12, 1884. K S.
iii. 616, 618; ff.E. 93-105. M.G.C. \, 98. Misc. N.S.C. i,
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Waterton. 1857.
Leslie, John. Report of the Udny case decided in the General

assembly. May, 1850. 1850.
Pratt, John Burnett. Jamie Fleeman. Aberdeen Magazine,
Sept., Oct., and Nov., 1832.

Life and death of Jamie Fleeman, the laird of Udny's fool.

Abd. 1835. Many editions.
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Aberdeen Magazine, March, 1832.
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Orchardtown. Banff, 1890.
Udny of that ilk. Lond. 1877. Rep. from '* The Genealogist ".



Aberdeenshire constabulary. Reports, 1865. Annual — in pro-

Aberdeenshire parliamentary election of 1807. [The poll.] In
A J.N. and Q. i, 147.

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1823, and 1824.

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of Aberdeen. 1686.

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haven, 1843. 2nd ed., Aberd. 1879.

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dome of Aberdeen, 1633. In " Miscellany of the Spalding
Club," vol. III.

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deen. [1838.]

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graphy , antiquities, etc., i, 393.

[Curious example of notarial instrument illustrating the old law.]

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lists. 1909. In progress.

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eighteenth century. Banff, 1905.

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shire, 1503-1660. 3 vols. New Spalding Club. 1904-07.

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shire of Aberdeen. 1643. In "Miscellany of the Spalding
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1707. In AJ.N. and Q., vol. i.

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1780, with abstract of the late Game and Muirburn Act.

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[Dunecht mystery ; Northfleld murder; Dr. Smith, St. Fergus, etc.}

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Valuation Roll of the county of Aberdeen ; of the county of BanfiF;
of the county of Kincardine.

[Published annually in terms of the Act for the valuation of lands
and heritages in Scotland (1854, 17 and 18 Vict. cap. xci, § 1).]

Watson, William. Pauperism, vagrancy, crime, and industrial
education in Aberdeenshire, 1840-75. Edin. 1877.



Aberdeenshire. Reports by county medical officer and sanitary

inspector, 1891-. 1892-. In progress.
Aberdeenshire agricultural research association. Proceedings.

1888. In progress.
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[Annual vols, which, from 1873, relate only to England and Wales.]

in Scotland. Reports, 1873-. Lond. 1874-. Current.

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De I'enseignement superieur en Angleterre et en Ecosse.

Paris, 1870.

[Reports to the ministry of public instruction : interesting com-
parative estimates of educational methods, notices of school
and university in N.E. Scotland, administration of endowments,


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Some educational changes and what they imply. 1909.



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Annual — current.
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[Comparison as regards the quality of the education, between the
middle schools in England and those in Scotland.]

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shire. Lond. 1900^

[Rep. from yournal of Anthropological Inst., vol. xxx. Other con-
tributions in vol. xxxvii, and also in Biometrika, vols, v, vi.]

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Scotland. 1912.



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. . . Spittal of Glenshee, etc. [Geological.] Edinbtirgh New
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[Five fol. vols, of Ms. papers, piospectuses, and newspaper cuttings
in Univ. library, Aberdeen.]

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Phd. 1909.
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Aberdeen, Banff, and Elgin railway, Statements connected with.

Aberdeenshire a hundred years ago. Weekly Free Press : five

articles commencing March 28, 1885.
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1819. Proceedings. 1875-. In progress.
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[For the history of this work, see notes by P. J. Anderson, S.N^
and Q. 2nd ser. iii, 156. It was reprinted Edin. 1811, and m
Appendix to Souter's " Agriculture of Banff," 1812.]

Buttermaking in Aberdeenshire seventy years ago. I^ree FresSy

July 10, 1890.
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