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distroyed the Cristen peple all that ever he myght durynge vij

Tlian came a worthi knyght oute of Litell Bretayne that hight
Constant^-ne, the which was the kynges cosyne, and he came with
a grete oste and yave the Sarseyns a batayle, and ther was the
tirawntc slayne and all the Saresynes discomfited.

And tho came Costantync, of London, and ther he was crowned
kynge of Grawnte Brettayne, and after he regnid well and worthely
xxvj ye., the yere of our Lord CCCCxxiij° yere. And he hade iij
sonnes; the eldest heght Custance, and he was made a monke at Constance, Aurilam
Wynchester by his faders leva. And Aurylambos and liter were but constantinV^ ^^"
yonge children when her fader dyed, and none of them bothe were
not of age to ber the crowne, for ther was so grete wer and stryffe
in this londe. Tho was Urtager, Erie of Esex, he consayled
Counstance that was a monke for to forsake his abitt and to ber the
crowne, and LTrtager to be governour of the londe, so under that
forme he myght be made kynge, for Constaunce was innocent and
cowthc no skyll of wer. And so Constaunce was crowned kynge, Constance,
and he made Urtager his governour of his londe, and whan he had
regned iij j^ere he was slayne. Anone after that was Urtager made Urtager.
kynge, and the Bishop of London, hight Coslyn, and he, sent the ij
brethren Aurylambros and Uter into Litell Brettayne to norysshe
and fede till they came of age. Sonc alter came Lngest of Saxonye, Engest Rex Cancic.




Tci-ra divisa in octo

Merlion tunc crat
xiiij annoruni.


[I'Jter Pcndragon.

of the londc of Germayn, witli a grete noumbre of people whiche
were fayre folke, but they were not cristned ; and at tlie last they
encresid so faste in this londe that they over come the Bretones, for
they slewe in one daye with treyson xxxm'.lxij of gode knightes
and chevaleres of the best that were in this londe. And tho Engest
seysed all this londe in to his honde and hade Urtager in prison ;
and than he changed the name of this londe of Brettayne in to
Englonde and called the peple Englishe men, and the peple of the
londe that were Bretones fled into Wales and into Cornwayle. And
Engest devided this londe in viij parties, ande made him sylfe kynge
of Kente and lord of londe ; and at that tyme was ]\Ierlyon xiiij
yere of age. And this werre duryd in this londe xxij yere, the yer of
of our Lorde CCCCxlviij. And whan Engest had departid the
londe aftir his owne device in viij kyngdomes, that is to sey, Kent,'''
Esex, ]\Iydangle, Westsex, Estangle, IMorchelond, Derham, and
Ebrusam that nowe is called Yorkeshire. And this Engest was
kynge aboven hem all, and he regened xij yere.

Tho came Aurylambos and Uter his brother oute of Litell
Brettayne with a grete noumbre of peple, and all the Brettones that
were in Cornwayle and in oj^er parties of this londe that durst not
be seyne for drede of Engest, they came to Aurylambros and his
broj^ere to helpe hem dryve oute the Saxons. Fyrst he went in
to Walls, and there he slowe Urtager, and after Engest and his
peple were overe come and discomfid all the paynymes. And the
Saresynes sawe the people ];at were converted to God; and than
Aurylambros had regnid viij yere ; and he was enpoysoned with a
drynke and died slepynge, the yere of our Lord cccclxviij.

After him regned his brother Uter Pendragon, ]7e whiche was a
gode knyght and a worthi; and he weddid a fl^ire lady the whiche
was called Ingrene, that was the Erlys wife of Cornewayle, and she
came of the lynage of Cornebyus of Troye ; and at that tyme was a
grete abbicion for the londis name. Some did call hit Brettayne,
and some called hit Engelonde; and for the love that Uter had to
" The names of the eight kingdoms are repeated in a marginal note.


his wyfe, and for the gentill blodc that she came ofj lie namcil this
londc after liir name Ingernc, Engh^nd ; and upon hir he gate tlic
doughty Kyngc Arthure. And wlian Uter hade regncd wele
worthely xlvij ycrc, the yere of our Lorde vCxvj".

After that regncd the gode Kynge Arthur, the worthy con- Artlmrc
querour that conquered many a region. Fyrst he began at Irlande,
Skotlond, Norwey and Denmarke, Fraunce, Burgoync, Gascoyne,
Gyan, Lombardy, and Abnayne, and Romayne; and after he came
home ayene into Englonde and regned well and worthely xxvj yere,
the yere of our Lorde vcxlij^; but where he is beryed the story
make no mencion.

After the dethe of Brute unto the regne of Kynge Arthur rcgnid
in Englande diverse kynges, that is for to sey an C, of the whiche
was xvj Cristen.

After Arthur regned Constantync, Erie of Cornwaylc, in pcese Constantyno.
viij yere; and after fell grete stryfe a monge the lordes of the londc,
that every lord werred upon o]>er in dyverse partyes of Englond
duryng vj yere, the yere of our Lorde vclvj*^.

Aftir him regned Kyng Cordyif, and in his tyme fell so grete wcr Cordyff.
and stryfe with in this londe sylfFe thatt this londe was all moste
loste throwe werrc, &c. And than came the Saxsones in to this londe
that called hem selfe Englisshemen for the name of the name of the
Engest, for to conquer the londe, and werred sore upon the Bretons
and drove hem oute of this londe in to Walis and Cornwayle, and some
in to Litell Brettayne ; and ]>at tyme fell the grete myschefe in this
londe, that Cristendorae was distroyed through the Saxsones that
were paynymes and hcthen folke, for they keste downe houses and
chirches of religeoun, and quelled all the Cristen folke that they
myght come by; and whan the Saxsones had conquered the londe
of the Bretones tho they departed the lond a monge hem like as it
was in Egestes tyme; and this grete trowble and sorowe dured in
this londe xiij yere, the yere of our Lord vclxx.

And at that tyme regned Athelbryght, Kynge of Kent, and he Athjlbryght, Kyrj^o
was a gode man and loved well rest and pece; and he had a cosyne ■^^^°'"



Fundacio ecclesie
Sancti Pauli, A" Do'

Sygebert, Kyng of

Edwyne, Kynge of

Oswalde, Kyng [of]



that was called Sygeberde," that was Kynge of Westsex, and a no]?er
cosyne, that hight Elfride, the whiche was Kynge of Northe-
honiberlond; and thes thre kynges loved Avele peese; mo other
kynges ther were, but they were nojjinge of theire condicion;
and Athilbryght was chefe kynge a bouen hem all. And in the
XXV yere of his regne Seint Augustyne came in to Engelonde for to
cristen the Englisshe men that were come of the Saxones. And
therfor Seint Austyne is called postill of Englond, for he brought
fyrst Cristendome to Englisshe folke. But the Bretons that were
dwellinge in this londe were Cristen peple many yeres afore. And
whan Athilbrighfc was cristen and all his people, sone after he lete
make in the honour of God and Seynte Poule the churche of Poules
at London.

Anno of our Lorde vc.iiij'^^xviij was the fondacion of the chirche
of Poules by Altherbryght. And when this gode Kynge Alther-
bryght had regnyd after that he was cristened xxj yere, and so he
regnyd in all xlvj yere, and than dyed, the yere of our Lord
vjc.xvj. And in Athilbryghtes tyme Sygebert '^ was Kyng of
Westsex, and he was founder of Westminstre, anno of our Lovde

After that regned Kynge Edwyne of Northehomberlond above
all the kynges of Engelond, and he regnid xj yere, the yere of our
Lorde vjc.xxvij°.

After him regened Seint Oswalde, Kynge of Northehomberlonde,
and he regned above all the kynges of Engelond; and in tlie ix yere
of his regne he was martred, the yere of oure Lord vjc.xxxvj''.
Aftir hym regned Oswyne, his brother, Kynge of Northehumber-
londe, and whan he hade regned xviij yere he dyed, and lythe at
Tynmothe, the yere of our Lorde vjc.liiij^.

After hym regnid Cadwaladere of Leyceter for chefe Kynge of
Englonde, and he was a Breton ; and when he hade regned xij yere
ther fell grete stryfe in this londe be twene the Bretones and the

ft The "ge " in this name, in both these places, alike in the te.xt and in the margin,
is an interlineation by another hand.


Englisslicmcn, that every kynge Averred upon o]?cr. And the same

tyme loll so gretc derthc of skarssytc that men myght nc]?er goto

mete nor drynke to by for no money, for almancr comes and frutes

fayled; and all manor of bestis, bothe wilde and tame, both foulcs

and fysshes, dyed in all manor partes of Engclundo, that men myght

no vitaylc gett, so grete skarssete tlicr was; and at that tymc fell

the grete mortallte of pestilence, that peplo dyed sodeynly goynge

in the stretes, with gronyng, fuesynge, and coughynge, slepynge

and wakynge, and in all maner weyes pcplc dyed. Than Kyng

Cadwaladre, seynge this gretc vcngeaunce, he toko a serteync meyne

Avith him and went him to shippe and forsoke his owne kyngdome,

and wont in to LytcU Brottayno to his cosync, Kynge Aleyno, Alanns Rex.

and after wont to Eome and j'ere dyed, the ycre of our Lorde


After that Cadwaladre had forsake his owne londe and was in ,
Litell Brettayne, came the noble Queue Sexburga, with a grete Sexbm-f^a.
nombie of people oute of Saxony, and they toke up all the londe
of Northehomberlande to West Walls; and at that tynie were many
kyngis in this londe in dyverse parties, and thei Averred everyche
upon other, and the strongest parti be nome the feblest partyos
londes ; and so this Aver endured many yerys be twone the Bretons
and ihe Englissh. And so, at the laste, Kynge OfFa regnid as for OfTa.
cheffe Kynge of Englonde ; and he lete make the Abbaye of Seint [J^']"K O^'i fouiidcr
Albonys, and ho regnid xxvij yere, the yore ot our Lord vijc
and iij*^.

After him regned his bro]7cr sonne, Kynge Alffryde, a godc man Alfryde.
and a welbelovyd of all his people, and he regnid xxvj yere.

After him regnid Kynge Osbryght of Northhomberlond, the Osbngiit.
"whiche Avas slayne in plaync batailc ; ho regned xxvj yere.

After him regnid Kynge Godcyne of Denmarke, and he made Godeyne.
werr in this londe durynge many yers, and he regnid xxvij yere.

After him regnid Kynge Albryght of Laycester, the whiche Avas Albryght.
a gode man and a troAve, and loved well peese, and in the viij yere
of his regne he Avas martred, and litli at Hertforde.





Danys cam yn to

Edmonde Kyng [of]
Estangle that n[ow]
is callyd Northfolfk]
and Southfolkc.

Alurede was th[e]
fyrst anoynted Kyng
of Englond, and be
was anoynt[ed] at
Rome by Pope Leo
the iiij"'and h[e]
was Kyng of Southe-

Edwardus [j] ante

After him regnid Kynge Elle of Northeliomberlonde, in grete
weire and strylFe, durynge xxx yere.

Aftir hym regned Kynge Kenelme, a gode man and an holy,
and loved well God and Holy Chirche, and in the v'' yere of his
regne he was martred, and lithe at Wynchecombe, the yere of our
Lord viijc.xxv yere.

An one after came Danys in to Engelonde for to conquer the londe,
and made grete werr, and distroyed Cristen peple, and gate all the
contrey off Northeliomberlonde and Estangle. This wer duryd in
this londe xxx yere by the kynge him selfFe and his successores, the
yere of our Lorde viijc.lv.

After him regned Edmond, Kynge of Northefolke, and of all the
contre of Southefolke ; and tho came the Danys off Northeliomber-
londe and werred upon Englissh men many yeris. After that Hubla
and Hungar, that were princes of the Danes, came to Bury, and
tlier the gode Kynge Edmonde was take, and they bounde him to
a tre and sliotte him with brode arowes, and after smote of his liede;
and so was Seint Edmond, the gode kynge, martved, the xv yere of
his regne, the yere of our Lord viijc.lxxj". After that regned
Kynge Aluerde of Southcscx, and he werred upon the Danys, and
at the last discomfied them and toke the kynge prisoner, and
brought him to London; and than he besought the kynge of grace,
and seyde he wolde become Cristen for his love, and never to make
were a yenes him ; and ther Kynge Alurede brought him to West-
minster, and ther he was baptysed and called Athelstone. And than
were all the Danys cristened that were in Engelonde ; and for grete
joye that Kynge Alured had for the Danys were converted to God
he lete make a grete feste and after levid in pees; and Kynge Adel-
ston went home in to Denmarke ayen. And whan Kynge Alurede
had regned al most xxx yere he dyed, and lieth worthely enterred
at Wynchester, the yere of our Lord ixc primo. After him regnid
his sonne that was called the first Edward ; he was a gode man and
a trewe, and lovyd well pees. And whan he had regned xxiiij yere
he dyed, and lithe at London. And the seyde Kynge Edwarde hade


iiij sonncs, Atliclston, Edmoncl, Eldvcd, and Edwyn. And that
tymc rcgncd the godc knyght Gy of Warwykc, &c.

After Edwarde regned his eldest sonne Athelstone. And in liis Adelstonc.
tynie was Seint Donstonc borne; he rcgncd xvj yerc, and licth at
^Midmcsburyc. -' Aftyr hym rcyned hys brother Edmonde, and he Edmomlc.
reyned vj yere, and lyeth at GUistynbery.

After him rcnge his broj^er Eddrede ; he rcgncd ix yore, and lythe Eddrcde.
at ^Vynchestre.

After him rcgncd his broker Edwyn, crowned at Kyngcston ; Edwync.
and whan he liade regned iiij yere he died, and lieth at Wynchester,
the yere of our Lorde ixc.lxj.

After Edwyne regnid his sonne Edgare, and crowned at Kynge- Edgare,
ston, the wheche was a gode kynge and a worthl; and in his tyme
rcgncd the doughti knyght Bevcs of Hampton. And whan this
gode kyng had rcgncd xvj yere he dyed, and lieth at Glastonburye.

After Edn-ar regnid his sonne Edward the Sccounde, a gode Edwardus ij"' ante
kynge and an holy ; and in the iiij yere of his regno his step is^^mf mitiratus
moder letc him be marterd, and lieth at Shaftisberye, the yere of (s'f)-
our Lord ixc.iiij^^ primo.

After hym rcgncd his broj^er Ethcldrede, crowned at Kyngcston, Etheldrede.
and he had a sonne that hight Edmonde Irensidc. And in his
tymc come Ivynge Swcyne of Denmarke in to J^e londe for to
conquer this londe. And Kynge Etheldred fled into Xormandye,
and ther he wedded the Dukes doughter, and begate on hir ij
sonncs, Alured and Edwarde, and after came a yene in to Engelonde This Edward is the
with his iij sonncs and conquered the lond a yene of the Danes, ro^fesso^u^. "^'^
and afterward levid in pees; and so he regned al most xxxv yere,
and lith at London at Poules.

Aftir him regned his sonne Edmond Irensydc, the therd Edmond Edmond Irensyde,
of Engelonde, and he regned after his fader all moste ij yere. And i^^^gj-e!"'™'*"''
after that he was slayne, sone after that his fader was dede, through
a false Dane that hight Edryght of Stratton; and than he was
beryed at Glastonburye, the yerc of our Lorde M'xvije.

■ This sentence is added in by the hand of the marginal aunotator.


Knotte Edmond After liym reffned Kynge Knotte, the wliiche was a Dane, and

Irensydes sones. . i -i? iit-'ijj

he sent over the see to Denmarke |7e twoo brothers Jj^dward and

Edwyne, the whiche were right eyres of Engelonde ther to be

distroyed. And Edward went him in to Hungerye, and ther he

wedded the kynges doughter ; and for he was exiled oute of

Englonde, he was called Edward the Outelawe. And whan that

Kynge Knought had regned xix yere he dyed, and lithe at Wyn-


The yere of our Lorde M^ quatragesimo secundo tunc erat a

Nativitate Jcsu Christi usque ad regnum Sancti Edwardi regis et


Fluxerunt divisum ^ in Anglia centum et septaginta ^ quinque

reges, de quibus Oswynus, Oswaldus, Ethelbristes/ Kenelmus,

Edmundus, Edwardus, martinizati;'^ Constans, Edwaldus, Sebertus,

Wynfridus, Etheldredus, Edbertus, OfFa and'^ Kynredus in monacha-

tum sepulti, anno M^xl.

After the dethe of Kynge Knoght the Englisshe men wolde not

suffre the Danes no more to regne in Engelonde, but drove hem

Sanctus Edwcardus et oute of this londe. And than was tlie gode holy man Seint

unctusTextii* ^"°'''' Edward the Confessoure crowned Kynge of Engelonde; and in

Ang[lia],etfuit iij'" the ij yere of his regne he was crowned at Wynchester, the yere
rex Edwardus ante „ tiit- ait t c ,ii ^ .

Conqucstum. Tanieu 01 our Lord M'xlij^ And lie was the lyrst anoynted kynge that

Kex Alver[edus] g^gj, ^^^^ jj-^ Eno-elande, and he resfned well and worthely; and he

luit unctus ante h[acj , n ' o j '

per papam Leonem did make many gode statutes and lawes, the whiche ben used yette

uij""' in oma. -^ ^^^ londe; and he wedded a wyfe and levyde in clennes and

virginite all his lyffe, and so he dyed, and lith at Westmester

shryned. The forsaide gode Kynge Edwarde regned here xxv

yere, the yere of Lorde mUxv*^.

Rex Haraldus. After the dethe of Seint Edward, Harolde, Duke of Westsex, that

was Godewynes sonne, a Dane, had sesed al Englonde in to his honde

a yene the right. And therfor he regned but a while for his

untrouthe, for he was sworne upon a boke that he shulde have

wedded Duke Williams bastard doughter of Normandye, and

" Sic in MS.


Harolde sluiklc have kepte the rcaline of EngelonJ to Duke

AN'illiains be hove, but Harolde seised alle in his owne hondis, and

therfor Duke AVilliani conquered the londe of him and slowe him

in bataillc in the seconde yere of his regne in a felde beside

Tonbrygge. And Kynge HaroU lithe buryed in the abbaye of

^Valtham, the yere of our Lord M'lxij. And the bataill was done

upon Seynt Kalixtes daye, &[c].

After him regned William Bastarde that was Duke of Normandy, Willelmns

the whiche conquered all Engelond, and discomfide all the Danes,

and drove hem oute of Englond, and after conquered all Scotland,

and made the Kynge of Scottis his liege man. And he was crowned

at AVcstminster on Cristmas day ; ami whan he had regned xvij

yere, ]?o he made AVilliam Rouse his secundc sonnc Kynge of

Engelond,'' and him selfe went in to Xormandye and levid there iiij

yere after; and tho he fell seke and dyed, and lithe beryed at Cane William Rowse ij'"'
^ -V' 1 • filias, dyed w'owtc

m Xormandye. ^ j-^sue.

Aftir him regned his sonne William the Rous, the whiche was The iijJe sone of

crowned at Westmester by his faders lyve, the yere of our Lorde Wyllia.n Conqueronr

-' J ^ -' was callyd Jtycharu,

m'Ixxxvj'"; whiche kynge was a contraryous man bothe to God and whiche decesyd.
to Holy Chirche, for he distroyed and kest downe xxvj townes and
lij chirches and houses of religion for to make the Newe Forest;
and after he was slayne with an arowe in the same forest, the xxiij
yere of his regae, and lieth at Wynchester.

After him regned his brother Henry Bewclek, the iiij sonne of Hemitus Primus
William Conquerour, the whiche is called the first kynge Henry of "'i'"* ^•>"^-
Engelonde, and he was crowned at Westmester the v day of August,
the yere of our Lord m'.c. Anone after he spoused Dame Maude,
Kynge Matelyns'' doughter, of Scotlond, and upon hir he begate
ij sonnes, William and Richarde, and a doughter, the whiche was
maryed to the Emperour of Almayne. And after the kynges ij

» In the margin occurs the following note by another hand: ''Robert Cm-thos
primogeuitus cai Willelmus Conquestor in sua morte reliquit sibi totam Normaniam,
ut habetur in alia cronica."

*> Malcolm.





Ilenricus ij''

Martirium Sancti
Thome Cantuariensis

Ricardus Primus.

Rex Johannes.

sonnes were drevyn over the see in a tempest of weder. And when
Kynge Henry the First had regned ahnoste xxxv yeie he dyed and
lithe beryed at the abbaye of Redynge, wherof he was founder, the
yere of m^c.

After him regned his neve we Stephen, the which was kynge
Herryes sister sonne, an erlis sonne of Boleyn, and he was crowned
at Westmester anone after that his uncle Kynge Henry was dede;
and that was no right; for Henry the empres sonne shulde have be
kynge after the right rule and lyne, and therfor was grete stryfe be-
tw[e]ne hem; and whan Kynge Stephen had regned all moste xix
yere he died and lieth at Feversam. After Kynge Stephen regnyd
Henry the Secunde, that was the Empresse sonne, and he was
crowned at Westmester on the day of Conception of Our Lady by
for Cristmas the yere of our Lorde M^C.liiij. And in the xvj yere of
his regno was Seynt Thomas, at that tyme Archebisshope of Caun-
terbery, marterd for the right and feythe of Holy Chirche, the yere
of our Lor M^clxxj*^. This Henry helde a paramour besyde the
queue, the whiche was called Rosamoundes Bowre. And by the
queue he had ij sonnes, Richard was the first, and John was the
secunde. And when he had regned xxxv yere he dyed in Fraunce,
and lieth at Fownte Everrard, the yere of our Lorde M'ciiij^'^ix'^.

After him regned his sonne Richarde the Fyrst, the whiche was
called Richard the Conquerour, and he was crowned at Westmester
sone after his faders disses, and after he wente into the Holy Londe
with a grete oste of peple, and ther he werred upon the hethen
folke and gate ayene all that Cristen men had lost a for tyme; and
as this worthi conquerour came homwarde he mett with his enmyse
at the Castell Gaylarde, for ther he was shott with a quarell and
died in the x yere of his regne, and he was buryed at Fownte
Everarde be side his fader, the yere of oure Lorde M'.c.iiij'^^xix, and
died withoute yssewe.

Aftir Kynge Richarde the Fyrst regnid his brother John, that
ever was a contraryous man to God and to Holy Chirche and to all
the comyn peple, and therfor all Englond was enterditcd for vij


ycre; ami in his tymc Scint Hcwc of Lyncolc dlcdc. And in his
tymc was lost niychc londc of Gascoync, Brcttaync, and Nor-
niandy. And in his tymc was grctc derthe, for a pcny lofe was
woithc xij"; and for his wckid rede a monkc of the Abbay of
Swyncshede yavc him poyson to drynke, and so he died in the xviij
ycre of Ids rcgne, and lieth at AVorcester, the ycre of our Lord

The ycre of our Lord M'c[c]iiij "xviij was the fundacioun of the
Fre[re] Prechores.

The ycre of our Lorde M^CCvj was the fundacioun of the order
off the Frere Menures.

After the dethe of Kynge John was crowned his son Kyng Henry

the Therde, at Glowceter, on Seint Symons day and Jude, of a

leget of Kome that hight Swalowe," that come into Englond to make

peece be twene Lowes of Fraunce and Kynge Hcnrye ; and in the

iiij yere of his regne he was crowned at Westmester, of the Erche-

bisshopc of Caunterbery, by the comen assent of all the lordes of

Englonde; and in the same yere was Seint Thomas of Cauntcrberye Translacio Sancti

translated; and in the yere of grace n'ocxx*^, and in the xlviij yere Anno Domini 1220.

of his regne, began the werre betwene Kynge Herry and his lordes

of the realme for diverse causes for the comyne wele of Englond,

and therfbr was the batayle at Lewes on Seint Pancras daye in

May; and ther Sir Symonde Momford, Erie of Leycester, had the

victorye; and in that battaylie the kinge him selfe was taken, and

Sir Edwarde his sonne ; and Syr Richarde, Earle of Cornwayle, that

was the kynges brother, and many oj^er lordis were in warde of the

forsaide Sir Symonde. And the nexte yere after thatt"^ and the

next yere after that^ aboute the myddis of August was the batayll of Batyl of Ewssh[am].

Evessham be twene Kynge Henry and the barones of this londe, and

ther was slayne Sir Symond Mound ford and his sonne and many

other lordis, and in the Ivij yere of his rcg[n]e he died, and lieth

at Westmester, on Seynt Edmondis day M'ccxiij.

Aftir Kynge Henry regned his sone Edsvarde the First with Edwanlus Trinnis

post Conqucstuni,

' Gualo. '' So in il>^.. repeated.



wyth the longe

Eclwardus ij"' post

Destruccio Templari-

Edwardus Tertius

Sanctus Thomas
comes Lancastric

longe shankes, tlie whiche was crowned at Westmestre sone after his
faders death in the yere of grace Micclxxiiij.

This Kynge Edwarde was a gracious man, for wher so ever he
came in any londe he had the victorye of his enemyes ; and he toke
homage of Kynge Elysaundre of Scotlonde, and discomfyde Newlyn
Preince of Walis, and conquered all the londe, and toke Irlonde in to
his honde. And by his first wyfe he hade a sonne that was called
Edwarde of Carnervan ; after that died the quene. And tho he

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