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The names of the Kcpers and Baylyfles of the Cite of London in
the tyme of Kynge Richarde the fyrst, the whiche was crowned iij Ricanlus Primus.
daye of Septembre.

Henry Cornliill, Richard Rcmcr, Baylyves A" priino.
The same day of the kynges coronacion all the Jewes that were
fownde or myght be take were distroyed as well be nyght as by

John Herlyon, Roger Duke, Baylyves A° ij.
AVilliam Averyll, John Boknott, Bayllives A" iij^.
Nicholas Dukett, Peter Newlyn, Bailyves the iiij° yer.
Roger Dewke, Richard Aleyn, B. the v yere.
W illiam Fitzlsabell, William FitzArnulff, B. the vj.
The same yere the kynge comyng homard warde from Jerusalem
was take wythe the Duke of Ostrych and was rawnsoned, and for to
pay his rawnson euche other chalis throwe this londe was coyned in

Robert Besaunt, Jokerell Josue, Bay lives the vij.
Gerrard Antilache, Robert Durant, B. the viij.
Roger Blont, Nicholas Dukctt, B. the ix''.
Costotinus ArnulfF, Robert Lovell, B. y x^ ycre.
This yere dyed Kynge Richard, and lythe at Powntlarge.
The names of the Kepers and Baylyves in Kynge" Johns tyme, Kcx Johauncs.
the Assencion daye of our Lorde at Westmcster.

Arnolde ArnulfFsone, Richard Darthy, B. ]>^ j yere.



A" x" Keg;is Joliannis,
a" veio Domini 1210.

Primus major, quia
ante fuerunt ballivi.

This yere tlie kynge had of every plowelond in ]7is lond iij s.

Roger Dosett, Jamys Darthy, B. the ij yere.
This yere died Seint Hugh of Lyncolne.

Water FizAlis, Simond Alderman, B. the iij yere.

Norman Blonden, John Ely, B. the iiij^.
This yere Englond and Walys was enterdited, the whiche dured
V yere.

Water Browne, William Chamburlayne, B. ]?° v yere.

Thomas Averyll, Hamonde Bronde, B. the vj*^.
This yere began the Order of Frere Prechurs.

John Waldgrave, Richard Wynchestre, B. the vij''.

John Ilolylonde, Edmond Gerrard, B. viije.

Roger Wychester, Edmond Hardell, B. ix.
This yere Henry the kynges sonne was borne, and the enter-
dityng sessed.

All presentes that was Kepers and Baylyves at that tyme were
put downe, and chosyn Mayr and ShorefFcs for the (ate of London.

Petyr Duke

1211. iij.

1212. iiij.

Harry Allwyn, Mayr

Thomas Nell J

i Shoryffis

1213, iiij.

This yere the chirche of Seint Mary Overes was fyrst fownded.

iPetir Joswe )

William Glond i ^^'^ ""J''

AdamWittley ) ^^^^ ^..^

Stephen Legras ) ^ '

This yere the kynge wente in to Irelonde, and made the rebelles
sogetis to hym.

Josevus Petresson ) .g ...y

John Garlond '

This yere Sowthewerke, London, the Brygge, and the most part
of the Cite of London, was brent.

Raff Holylond
Costantyne Joswe

Harry Alwyn, Meir

Harry Alwyn, Meir

the xiiij*^.


This ycrc the stone biyggc was fyrstc be gon, and Castell Bay-

nardc destroyed.

,,^, -o Ai AT • ( Martyn FizAlis j ^^^ ^„c

1214, imj. Eoger Aleyn, Mcir \ ^ "^ ^ the xv''.

° J ' I Petyr Batte i

c 1 Ar T\r • { Salman Basynge ) , c ^, -c

bene .Mercer, Meir tt , -r. \ V ^^i •

( Hugh Basyng )

William Hardell, I John Travers i , ^ ^^■■c

Meir ( Hugh Basynge j

This yere, the morne after Seint Lukys day, dyed Kyng John,
and is beryed at Wursceter.

The name of the INIeyres and ShorcfFes of London in the renge Ilenricus iij"«.
of Kyng Henry the iij'', the wliiehe was crowned at Glowcestcr in
thest " of Simond and Jude.

Jacob Alderman, r Benet Coventre ^ 1 " '

Meir | William Blunttravers i

c 1 AT -M • f Thomas Bokerell \ ao::c

Serle Mercer, Me.r { j^^^^ jjolylond H '^ '

Serle Mercer, Meir | J°''" ^^'^'.^ ] V "}'■

L Josevus bpicer J

This yere the kynge had of every plowe londe ij s. And the

same yere Seint Thomas of Caunterbevy was translatyd, 1 yere aftir

that he was martred.

Richard Wymbyldey \ ....^

John Waylle i '"^ '

o 1 TIT Tir j Richard Renger 1 An p

Serle Mercer, Meyr { j^^^^^^ j,^^^° | A^ v^

Richard Rengee | ^^

Josevus Ruff J "^ '

This yere the kynge was in purpose to caste downc the wallys
of London.

Serle Mercer, Mcir { ^j'^'^-"'' f <="f'^ , } tl,e vij«.

l. Ihomas Lambcrd '

» So in MS.
CAMD. 80C. F


Richard Renger, j William Joyner 1 ^|^^ ^...e

Mair I Thomas Lambard 3

This yere came Frere Mynours first in to Englonde.

John Travers -j

Andrewe Bokerell J ^

Richard Renger,

Roger Duke ~)

Martyn FizWilliam J *^'® ""'•

Stephen Bokerell T ,

^ j the xj.

Harry Cobham

This yere all the weerys that were in Temmes were distroyed by
the kynges ordynannce. And the same yere the kynge graunted to
the Cite of London waren.

Roger Duke, Meir j ?|^P^^^ ^f ^^^^^ | A" xij^ ^

L Harry Cobham J

This yere the kynge grawnted that eche SherefFe of London
sholde have ij Clerkis and ij Sergauntes and no moo. Also the
kynge graunted to the Citezeynes of London that thei shulde have
a Comyne Seale, Y whiche shulde be in kepynge of ij Aldermen
and ij Com[en]ers of the seid Cite. And that the seid seale shuld
not be denyed to any comener of the seide Cite whan hit is reson-
ablye asked. And nothinge be taken for the seid seale, &c.

■D -r* 1 T\T • r Water Wynchester ") .o •••e

Roger Duke, Maire < ^ , -.^. -r , r -A- xiij^

^ ' I Robert FizJohn J "^

Andrew Bokerell, f Richard Watyr 1 a ••••

Mair l John Wouborne J

This yere was ordeyned that from that day forwarde shold never
after ShorefF of London be in Office lenger then one yere.

And[r]ewe Bokerell, f Mighell of Seint EUyns | .
Meyre t Water of Denffeld J

" Owing to an erroneous entry before the last paragraph which is crossed out,
this and all the subsequent years of the reign have been dated a year in advance
and afterwards corrected, as far as the 39th year, originally written "xl", in which
the numeral letters are simply crossed out without further correction.


Andrcwc Bokercll,

I A"


Harry Edylinctory ) .

Gerrard Battc J ''

Symond Marye | ^„

Koger Bontt j '' '

Rauff Ashcwy | ^^

^ John Norman 3 "J*

This ycre was a grete wyndc and an crthequakc.

Andre wc Bokerell, f Gerrard Battc 1 a •

^Maire 1 Robert Ardell J

This yere the kynge spoused the eldest doughter of the Pro-

vynce '^ at Caunterburye.

Andrew Bokerell, f Harry Cobham

Mair I Jordeyn Coventre

TTTMT T i\i • f John Tolesan 1 ao ^^^o

William Juyn, Mair < ^ _, . (^ A xxj .

V Gervys Lord wan J

t>- 1 J T^ X AT • r John Wilhale 1 »o -v

Richard Date, i\Iair ■' J- A" xxij^

t tiohn Saundres J
This yere Edward the kynges sonne was borne.

Rauffe Grene, Maire | ^^^"?^^ ^^F^ } A. xxiij^

I liaufi Ascheheme J

Richard Renger, J John Gysors \ a o yviiii

Mair 1 My hell Truy i ^'

/ John Wayle 1 ^o ^^^e^

Stephen de Bongey, ) Thomas Durham J

Maire ) John FizJohn

I Rauff Aschewy

Rauff Ashewy, r Hudi Blunt "I .o

-I A 1 T, ( A xxvij^

iNlayre (. Adam Bassynge j

This yere Newlyn Prynce of Walys mcved wer a gayne the

kynge, and Gryffyn, Xewlyns sonne, icll outc of the Tourc of

London and brake his neck.

^,. 1 1, rp ^r . r Rauffe Spicer \ ko

.Michell 1 ony, i\lcu- ■ ^,. , ,!. > A xxviii.

I Nicolas Batte J -^

" So iu Mb. The wold " the "' before " rrovyncc"' is interlined in a later band.

j A°




Kobert Cornliill
Adam Bentley
Symond Mary
Lawrens Frowyke
f John Wayle

Nicolas Batte
Nicholas Joce
Geffrey Wynchester
Haffe Ardell
John Tolesan
Geffrey Basynge
William FizRichard

John Gysors, Mair

Roger FizRoger,

Maire I

IMichell Tony, Maire

John Nornya, Meir i

This yere the Cite of Damaske was won with Cristen
Adam Basynge, ^ Lawrens Frowyke

Maire { William FizRichard

This yere be gan Frere Austines fyrst in Engelonde
f William Durham
I Thomas Wyndborn
r John Norhampton
1 Richard Pykard
f William Asshewey
I Robert Bylton

This yere was Seint Peter of Melayne martered.
i Stephen Oystergate

John Teson, Maire

Nicholas Bamme,

Rauff Ardell, Maire

Rauff Ardell, Maire

John Gesors, Maire

Harry Walmote
Martyn Bokerell

/ John IMynor
Richard Ewell
William Asshewey
Thomas FizRichard

^ Robert Catlegre
John Adryan
Thomas Cornhill


A° xxix.
A. xxxj^

A° xxxij°.

A° xxxiij''.

A° xxxiiij.

A° xxxvj°.
A° XXXV ij''.
A. xxxviij.

A° [xl].''
A° xlj^
A° xlij°.
A" xliij^
A° xliiij°.

" Crossed out.



This ycrc tlic kyngc Ictc gadcr the scowtagc, that Is to sey of

every knyghtes fee throw Englond xl s.

( Adam Brovvnyng | ^., ^^^,

,„.,,. ,,. , ,r . ) -lohn Norliainpton J

\\ ilham Kiche, Meir ,, , , i-, , ,
) Kycliard 1 ykard

', llichard Coventre

Thomas FizThomas, ^ Phclip Walbrokc

]\Iairo I Richard Taylor

This yere was the batayllc of Lcwys, and Stella comata apercd

XV wckys.

[ Robert Mom piers

Osbern Bukessell

Thomas Fiz Tliomas, j Thomas Lampforde
Maire Gregory jMukessell

Edward Blunt
Peter Augre

John Ryche, Costos | ^ , ^J ^

I John vvalmc

Almanus Godicli, f John Adryan

Costos ^ Lucas Bradcourt

Water Hermy

William Duranson

Hugh Thomas, Mair ] ^,\ ' '^^T",?
I Robert Cornhill

This yere the kynge did translate Seint Edward in
shryne, and in the same yere was the erj^e quake.

I Watyr Porter

John Adryan, I\Iaire Vi i • i

I Gregory Rokisley

. Harry Waleys

This yere the stepill of Bowchyrche fell downe and did myche A" Do' M'.ij.c.iij^ix.


T 1 A J AT • f Robert Mylkotte

John Adryan, 31 aire { ^ ^, -^

-^ I Petyr Cosyn

" CoiTccted from "xlvij."

A" xlvj^
A" xlvj."

A" xlvij.

A" xlviij.

A" xlviij.


A° Ij.

A" lij".

A" liij.
to a precious

A" Ivj^

I A" ivij."



This yere died that noble kynge, whose bones ben burjcd at
Edwardus Primus. Thes bethe the names of the meyres and shereffes in the regno of

Kynge Edwarde the First.

William Hervy, r John Home

Meir | Water Porter

Harry Walleys, Meir | Nicolas Wynchester

t Harry Coventre
Gregory Rokysley, f Lucas Madcourt
Meire 1 Harry Frowycke

This yere was a grete erthe quake.

John Home
Rauff Blunt
Robert Bras
RaiF Fyner
John Adryan
Water Langley
Robert Basynge
William Morle

Gregory Rokysle,

j A«


j A«


1 A«


j A°


1 A°


j A«


j A°


Gregory Rokysley,

Harry Walleys,

A° viije.

[ A°


This yere the house of Frere Prechours was first founded at
Castell Baynarde.

/ Thomas Box
Raffe More
William Farendon
Nicolas Wyncliester
William Meyre
Richard Chykwell
Rauff Blunte
Ankyrtyn Betle

This yere Newlyn Prince of Walls was take and beheded.

Harry Walleys, [ Jordane Godechepe

]\Icire ^ Martyn Box


j- A^ xj^


j A^xij^



Roger Rokesley,

RaufTe Southe, Meir

Cartsteyne, Meire

Stephen Cornliill
Robert Rikyslc
Watyr Blunt
Jolm Wade
Thomas Gros
, AVilliam Antony
William HarfforJ
Thomas Stanys
William Betayne
Thomas Caunterbury
Fult Edmond
Salmon LangiFord

f Thomas Romayne

I William Lyre

A" xiij^
A° xiiij^
A" xv°.
A" xvj^
j- A° xvij''.
j A" xviij°
j A° xix°.

This yere the kynge ordeyncd that all the Jewes that were
dwellinire in this londe shulde be exiled for evir.

RaufFe Blunt, Maire

Sir John Kyrton,

Rauffe Blunt
Hamond Box
Harry Belle
Ellyse Russell
INIartyne Ambreshire
Robert Rokysley
Richard Glowestre
Hary Box
John Donstable
Adam Alyngbury
Thomas Southe
Adam Fulham

I A" xx^
} A'' xxj".
[ A" xxij.
I A" xxiij''.
I A" xxiiijp.


This yere the kynge toke the towne and castell off Berwyke, and
ther were slayne many Scottes.

Sir. John Kyrton, f William Stafford
Costos 1 John Stafford

j A°j




This yere the kynge did a grete batayll in Scotlonde.

Edwardus ij''"

Harry Walles, Meire
Elys Eussell, Meire

Syr John Bhmt,

Sir John Bluntt,


Richarde Soperlane
Thomas Cely
Harry Fyngreth
John Anetres
Lucas Averyng
Eichard Camhe
Robert Taylor
Petyr Basynge
Hugh Proude
Symond Parys
William Commate
John BurfFord
Roger Paryce
John Lyncolne

This yere the lordis of Scotlond were sworne liege men to the
kynge of Engelonde.

! Reynold Underle \ ....^

William Cosyne ) ^ '

bymond Benett -j .

Geffrey Conditt j ^ ^^""^ "

This yere died the noble kynge, whos bonys ben buried at

Thes bethe the names of the Meires and Shereffes of the Cite of
London in the tyme of Y regne of Kynge Edwarde the Secunde.
Thomas Romayn, f William Furney
Maire I

j A° xxvij*'.
j A" xxviij^
j A" xxix^
j A° xxx^
[ A" xxxj^
A° xxxij''.
I A° xxxiij^'

j A"


Nelle Drury

This yere the kynge spowsed Isabell, the kyngcs doughter of
Fraunce, and in the same tyme profFessied tlie holy chanono of

Thomas Romayne, | William Basynge ] ,.

I John Boteler i ^° 'J"'



Nicolas Faryn^i^doii,

Kicliard Boshani,


John Gysors, INIeirc

r Roger Palmer
\ John Edmond
f Syniond Cropp
I Pctyr Blakcney
f Symond Morwade
1 Eichard A\^imbrd

} A" IHj'^

This yere was Edward the kynges sonnc borne at Wyndsore on
Seint Bricys daye.

ijohn Lam buy "i

5- A*' vie
Richard Lutkyn j ^ '

Adam Burton "j

Hugh Gayton j ^° ^^J''

This yere the kyngc went in to Scotlond with a riall power.

r 1 ^ AT- f Stevyn Abyngdon i

John Gysors, Meir j ^\r■u• u i i, A° viif .

•' «- vV ilham Bedyngham j ^

Stephen Abyngdon, [ Ilamond Goodchepe

Meire 1 William Bedyngton


This yere the towne and the castell of Berwyk was lost throwe
treson of Peris of Spaldynge ['^ whom the kyng had put there to
kcpe the towne with many burgesys of the same towne, where fore
the chyldren that were put in hostage thorugh the burgesys of
Berwyke folowde the kynges marchalse many dayes fetterd in strong
yrens. And after that cam two cardynals in to Englonde to make
peace be twene Englond and Scotlond. And as they went toward
Durham to have consecrate one IMaster Lewys of Beamount
Bysshop of Durham they were robbyd uppon the more of Wyngles-
dome, of whiche robrye Syr Gylbert of Mytton was atteynt, take,
drawne, hangyd, hys hed smyt of, and quarterde. And the same
tyme be fel many myscheves in Englond, for the pore people dyed
for hungre, and so faste that uncthe men myght bury them. For a

* This bet-n-een brackets has been added by the CoiTector at the top of the page,
fo. 2ib.




John Wyngrave /

This yere were the
fyrst nobles, d'l. nobles,
and farthynges of gold
made, for a fore this
tyme there was no
mony but sterlyng.

quarter of whete was then at xl s., and two yere and di. whete was
at X marke a quarter, in so moche that pore people stole chyrdern
and ete them, and all so ete howndes, hors, and cattes.]

William Palmer

Eauff Gawston

John Pryour

William F urn ex

John Pulteney

John Dollynge

This yere the kynge helde his Parlement at Yorke, and Sir
Hugh Spencer sone was made chefe Chamburlayne of Inglonde.
Hugli Chykwell, J Symond Abyngdon

Meyr I John Preston

This same yere was bothe Lord Spencer and his sonne exiled
oute of Ingelond, and, sone after, the kynge commaunded ayene
to the Lordis governaunce.

r William Pordon
i Reynold Condyt
Rychard Costantyne
Richard Akeney
John Grantham
Roger Ely
( Adam Salysbury
1 John Oxynford
I Benett Fullham
i John Gawston

I A° x^
j A° xj^
j A° xij^

I A" xiij''.

Nicholas Faryngdon,

Hamond Chykewell,

Nicholas Faryngdon,

Hamond Chykwell,


A° xiiij^
A'* xv^
A° xvj".
A° xvije.
A° xviij^

This yere the Bysshoppe of Exceter,*^ that tyme was " Tresorer
of Inglonde, was be heded at the Standarde in Chepe.
Rechard Betey, / Gilbert Mordon

1 Jol


John Cotton

A° xix.

"^ The original reading was " Oxenford," which has been corrected into "Exceter "
by a later hand.



This yerc tlic kynge was deposed and Edward his sonnc made

The names of the Mcire and Shereffes of London in y yerc of i'J^vara«8 uj"
the regno of Kynge Edwarde the iij°.

Hamond Chikwcll, f Richard Deryng \ . ,, .

Maire ^ Roger Chaunccler -'

This yere tlie kyngc spoused the Erlis doughter off llcnawde.
And in the same yere the kynges fader was morthcred at the

castell of Berkele.

Richard Dctcrynge

Harry Darcy
Richard Deterynge
Rofjer Chaunccler

Hamond Chikwcll,

A" ij^
A° iij^

John Grantham,

r Symond Eraunces

A° iiij'

Harry Chamburlcyne
This yere was Roger Alortymer honged for holding of the

Richard Later

Harry Gesors

Robert off Ely

Thomas Herwolde

John of ]\Iokkyng
' Andrew Aubry
This yere was Berwik yolden to oure kynge.

Nicholas Pyke
) John Howsbonde
J William Haunsed

John Haunseyd
f John Hyngeston
l Watyr Turkc
/ Watir j\Iordon
) Rauff Upton

AVilliam Beklcsworthc

John Xorthhalle

Symond Swanlond,

John Powntney,

John Powntney,

Reynold Condit,

John Powntney,

A'' v^.
A° vij^

I A°viij^

I A" ix''.

J A° x*-.

j A'^xj^.

I A^xii".


Harry Dacy, Mairc

A° xiij'

Watyr Neell

Nicholas Crane

William of Pounfret ) ....

Hugh of Markeber 1 "^ *

Andrewe Awbrye ] ^ ^^^^ t^^°\^^^"^ A° xv.

*- lioger or J^ orsham )

This yere was the bataylle of Slews in Flawndres.

f Adam Lucas I ao

John of Oxynford, | Bertilmewe Denmarke ' "^ *

Maire j Richard of Berwyk i .

f ; A" xvii°

\ John Rokysle \ -^

Symond Frawnces, r John Lovekyn 1

Maire \ Richard of Kyllyngburyi -^

In this yere was an erthe quake.

John Hamonde, J John Sewarde I a o •

Maire 1 John of Haylham j

This yere began the knyghtys of the Garter a yene.
John Hamonde, [ Geffrey Wyngham i

Maire I Thomas Legge )

This yere was the kynge of Scotlonde take and bro3te in to

Richard Lacer, r Edmond of Evynhall 1 a o

Maire | John of Glowcester J ^^-^ '

This yere was the Batayll of Cressy and the Sege of Caleys, be
gonne 1346.

Geffrey Wychyng- r William Clapton j ^^ ^^..^^

ham, Maire \ John Croydon )

This yere was Calys wonne and yelde to Kynge Edwarde.
Thomas the Gaye, f Adam Brabanson ) . „

Meir 1 Richard of Basyngstoke i

This yere was the fyrst Pestelence.

Harry Lotfkyn, r Harry Pykard |

Meire j Symond Dolseley ^ '^" """""'J'-



John Turke, Mairc

r Adam Bury

j RaufFc of Lynnc

This yere was the grete Pestclence.

I A''


liicliard Bcslyng-
bury, Claire

Andrewc Aubry,

A° xxvj®.


Adam Fraunccs,

Thomas Legge,

Svmond Fraunces,






C John Nott
I William of Worscter
f John Wrothe
I William Styryntropc
John Pcche
John of Stody
William of Weldc
John Lytcll
r William of Tudham
I Richard of Smolt
r Watyr Frost
i Thomas of Lardon
This yere the kynge of Frauncc was brought in to Ingelonde
prisoner, the whiche Prince Edwarde toke in ])'^ felde at the
Batayle of Peyters. And the Cro\v[n]e off Scotlond yelden to oure

A" xxx^
A" xxxj*'.

r Richard Notyngham

Harry Pycard, Maire -I m -n i i

J J > I Ihomas Dolsle

f Stephanus Caundiche

John Stood V, ]Maire •) -n .-i -r? t.^

- ' (. Bertilmewe I'restlynge

John Lovekyn, | John of Burys

Maire ^ John of Banys

Symonde Dolse, c Symond of Bodyngton

jMaire | John of Chechester

This yere was the threde Pestelence.
f John Denys
John Wrothe, Maire -^ j^^^^ Andrewe

> A^xxxij^.
i A" xxxiij^
[ A° xxxilij^.
I A°xxxv^

[ A" xxxvj^.

» The following note occurs in the margin opposite the 28th year: " This yere
were the fyrst g[ro]tes and di. grotes, that is to s[aye] iiij d. and ij d. of sylver
made, [and] afore ther was no monye l)[ut] the noble, the half noble, the [far]thjTig
of gold and sterl\-ng o[f] sylver."'


William Holbeche

T 1 T-. 1 T»r • f >vimam noiDecne ■» .

John reche, Maire -J t erv } A"xxxvii

' \ Jamys or iarae J ^^

This yere was a grete wynde on Seint Mawres daye.

Stephen Candysh, J John de Seint Albonis 1

Meir I James Andrewe J ' "^

r Eichard of Croydon "|

John Isotte, Maire | j^^^^^ ^.^^^^^ | A° xxxix


A" xl«

Adam of Bury, r Symond of Mordon

Maire | John of Medfford

Adam of Bury, Mair 1 t i t> i ti .i

.. ' „ John Brekyllesworthe ) .

to 1?^ xvij day of „,, t i j A° xlf.

-r J J Ihomas Ireionde 1 **
Janyuer ;

John Lovekyn, f John Warde ;

Maire 1 Thomas Atlee j •'

James Andrewe, f John Tornegold r "^ -^^"J

]\Jaire I William Dikeman ] '^^^^^

( comata.

This yere was the fourthe Pestilence, and in the monthe of
Marche apperid.'^

r Adam Wymondham l

Symond Mordon | ^^^^^^ ^^^,^^^^^ \ A« xhiij^

This yere went Sir Robert Knollis in to Fraunce with a grete

John Chcchester, r John Fyll i ao i

Maire | Hugh Holbech i ^° ^^^'•

This yere was called the grete dere yere, and that same yere was

a quarter of whete at iilj nobles.

r William Walworthe i

John Bernys, Man-e | ^^^^^^ q^^^^^^ \ A° xlvj«.

f John Philpott j

John Pyell, Man-e | ^ieholaus Bra.nbyll 1 ^° ^l^^^'

" So in MS. Doubtless the words •' stella comata "' written above under the
regnal year ought to have been inserted here.


T 1 T^ ^r • r Robert llattfeld i ^ , ...

John Levnys, Maire . , ,., , , A" xlvuf .

-' \ Adamo htablc \ '"

This ycre was rJohn Norwoi'cl, mercer, slaync att the Blacke
hcthe at a wrestelynge.

Adam of Bury, c John Aubryc )

Tvr • •.' T 1 17 111 A'^xlix".

iMairc ) John l^ysshehed )

William Wahvothe, i Richard Lyons

IMaire 1 William AVoodhows \ ^° ^•

T 1 TT- 1 Tir . r 'Tohn Iladlcy i

John \\ arde, Maire { wt-^v -r u A° li.

' ( Wdliam Newport 1 -^

This yere was the wode Satyrdayc for the Duke of Lancaster at
Sir Johnis Inne of Prys ; the same yere was the v pestelence. This
yere dyed Prince Edwarde, and lithe at Caunterburyc.
, ,, . [ John Northehampton J
Adam Staple, Maire { j^^^^^.^ Launde ! ^" 1^^-

This yere was Adam Stable deposid of his meyralte by John
Duke of Lancaster on Palme Sondaye eve, that is to sey the xij
day of Aprile. And in his stede was made Nicholas Bremble.
And on the same day was John ]\Iynsterworthe hangged and heded.
And on Seint Albones even dyed Kynge Edwarde [the thirde],"*
and is enterred at Westm ester.

Thes bethe the names of the Maires and Shoreffes of tlie Cite of Ricardus ij-i"'
London in the tyme of the renge of Kyng Richard the ij"^.
Nicholas Bremble, | Andrewe Pykeman j

Maire I Nicholas Twyfford i ^' P"^°-

This yere every man, woman, and childe after the age of xiiij

yere payd to the kynge iiij d.

r Thomas Cornwales )

'• John Philpot, Mayre | ^^^^^ 3^^^^^ j A° ij«.

"^ The woril^ between brackets :u-e inserted by the Corrector.
'' Th3 names and heading for this year arc supplied by the Corrector at the foot of
a page.


This yere was a busliell of whete at vj d. And a galon of white

wyne at vj d. and a galon of rede wyne at iiij d.

f John Aylsdon )

John Hadle, Maire | ^^,.jj.^^^ ^^^^^^^ \ A« uf.

This yere was the Parlement at Northampton, and ther was
Kyrkeby drawen and hanged for the dethe of Marshaunt Janyn.
And in the same yere, be for the feste of Seint Michell, were the
gallyes in Temmes brent at Gravysende; and for the same cause was
Sir RaufFe Ferres appellyd. In the same was a bataylle at West-
mester be twene Sir John Aunsell, knyght, appellaunt, and Thomas
Katerton, defendaunt. And in this yere come a grete peple oute
of Kentt and Essex to London and brent the Savey and a parcell
of Seynt Johns and the maner of Heybury. And so entryd in to
London and fette oute of the Toure the Erchebysshoppe of Caunter-
bury, the priour of Seint Jonys, and a Frere Robert Halys, and
Frere William Appylton, and a Frere Menor, and John Legge, a
sergeaunt of armes, and Richard Somner, were be hedid at Towre
Hill. And Richard Lyons behedid at the Standard in Chepe. And
on the morowe after was William Walworth, Nicholas Brembyll,
John Philpott, and Robert LaAvnde, made knyghtis in Smythfeld.
And uppon SamiFord Hill was the Erie Marchall, and the Erie

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