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Pembroke, and Syr Nicholas TwyfFord and Sir Adam Fraunces,
knyghtes, with in a shortt tyme. And this was called the Hurlynge

William Walworthe, [ Watyr Begette ^ ao ••••e

Maire 1 John Knyghtcott i *' '

This yere the kynge hade of every man and woman be twene Ix
and xvj yere xij d., for the whiche ]>^ rysinge afore be ganne.
John Norhampton, J Jolm Rote \ \o e

Maire I John Hende J

This yere, the vij day of Januer, on a Saterdaye, Qucne Anne
came to the Toure of London, and the Sonday followinge she was
weddid to Kynge Richard the Secounde. And the xxiiij day of
Maye was a grete Erthe quawe.


A post Dunstanum post tempore mcridianuin
C circulum vixi terre motuin tibl dlxi;'
John Norliainpton, ( Adamc Bainnic ■) .

:Mair I Jolin Cely j ^^ vj .

This yore the Bysshoppe of Norwyche went in to Flaimdres and
slcwc many Flcmynges. This yerc was John Norhaniton, John
More, John Xorbury, dampned in the Tourc of London for cer-
teyne congregaciouns tliat were made a ycncs j;*^ pose.

Nicholas Bremble, f Nicholas Exton "| .

( A vii*'
i\Iair 1 John Fresche J ** '

Nicholas Brcmblc, (" Symond Wynchecombe ^ ^^ ...^

Miiire I John More j ^'-^ '

This yerc the kynge wentt in to Scotlonde with a riall power

and distroyed all the londe to the Scottes see.

Nicholas Bremble, ( John Oro;on ) , .

• • A ix .

j\Iaire i John Churcheman J

This yere went the Duke of Lancaster in to Spayne for to cha-

lanire the crowne.

Nicholas Exstone, f William Staunton "j

Meir 1 William More 1


This yere was the Erie of Arondell mad Amell of the see, and

toke in that yere Ixxx'''^ ^' shippis of enmyes and mo with xiiijai' ton


Nicholas Exston, ( William Yenor 1 . . •

} A XI
^layre l Hugh Fasthalffe 3 -^ '

This yere was a grete dissencion amonge the lordls, that is to

sey, the Duke of Glowccster, the Erie of Derby, the Erie of

Arondell, the Erie off Warwyk, and the Erie of Notyngham, a gaync

the Erie of Oxynford, and the Erie of Southfolke, and the Erche-

bysshope of Yorke, Sir Eobert Trcsylyan, and Sir Nicholas Bremble,

the whiche Sir Robert and Sir Nicholas were drawen and hanged,

and the Erie of Oxynforde and the Erie of Southefolkc lied in to

* I confess the meaniug of these Hues is beyond ixiq.— Editor.
^ " Ixxx"*." So in MS.


Braband, and tlier died, and the Erchebysshuppe of Yorke fled in

to Scotlonde and ther died, and all ther godes fell in to the kynges


Nicholas Twyffor, ( Thomas Austyn 1 ao "-e

Mail- I Adam Carlhill 1 ^° '^'^'•

William Venor, [ John Walcotte 1 . ^ ...^

Maire 1 John Loveney J '

This yere was a grete Pestylence.

Adame Bamme, ( Thomas Vyment ~|

Maire 1 John Fraunces j "^ *

... r Harry Vanner ■) .

John Hende, Maire 1 t i, ci i ^^ ^ A° xv^

I John bhodworth J

This yere was the Mayre and botlae the Shoryves were putt

downe of her ofFyce, and Syr Edwarde Delyngrege made wardeyn

by the kynge. And after him Syr Bawdewyne Radynton in the

XV yere of the kynge and Gebonde Mandfeld and Thomas Newnton

chosyn ShorefFys, and London rawnsoned at a M^ marke.

,,..,,. „ r Gylberd Mansfeld 1 .

VVilham Staunton < rn, at . > A° xvf .

( ihomas JNeunton J -^

John Hadle, Maire { ^Zfa Wyirngton } ^' ^"J'"

This yere on Witsondaye dyed Queue Anne and lithe at West-
mester ; and in the same yere the kynge wentte in to Irlonde and
toke all the rebelles of that londe.

T 1 T- ^ ^T • f Thomas Knollys ) .

John tresshe, Meire < ^xr-u- -o \. ( A" xviif .

t Wilham Bramton j -^

This yere came the kynge oute of Irlande.

William More, f Roger Elys l

Maire I William Heryngham J ^^ ^^^'•

Adame Bamme, J Thomas Welford ")

Maire t William Perker J ^^' ^^'•

This yere Queue Isabell was wedded to Kynge Richard at

Caleys. And also the same yere, the xxi day of June, was the Duke

of Glowcester, the Erie of Arondell, the Erie of Warwyke, the


Lord Cobham, Sir Thomas of Arondell, the Erclicbysshoppe of

Caiinterburye were a rested, and the Duke of Glowcester was sent

to Caleys and ther mortherd, and the Erie of Arondell behedid at

tlic Toure Hill on Seint ]\Iatheus Eve. And the Erie of War-

wyke, tlic l-^rle of Arondell, the Lord C^obham, and Sir John

Cheyne, Avere dainpned to perpetuall prieon.

Richard AVytino-ton, ( William Ascame )

i A.° xxi''

Mairc ' John Wodcok ) ^ ^ J •

This yere the kynge made v Dukes and a Markes and iiij Erlys.

Fyrst was the Erie of Derby was made Duke of Herforde, and the

Erie of Rutlonde Duke of Arondell, and the Erie of Kent Duke of

Surre, the Erie of Hontyngdon Duke of Excester, and the Erie

Marchall Duke of Xorthefolkc, the Erie of Somersed Markes of

Dorsott, and the Lord Spencer Erie of Glowceter, the Lord Nevell

Erie of Westmerlond, Sir Thomas Percy Erie of Worseter, and Sir

William Scroope Erie of Wilshire.

Drew Baryno-tyn, ! John Wade j .

} A*^ xxii®.
Mayre ( John Warner ) " "^ *

This yere dyed the Duke of Lancaster and is buryed at Seint
Poules in London. Also the Friday after Seint Peter and Poule
the Duke of Lancaster after his fader disses came in to Englonde,
with him his sonne Thomas Arondell that was Erchebysshoppe of
Caunterbury, and they londed in the northe contre at a place called
Ravenspore, to whom came in haste the Erie of Northehomberlonde
and his sonne Sir Harry Percy, and many other lordis with grete
power, and thei went to Brystowe wher thei fonde Sir William
Scropc, Tresourer of Engelonde, and Sir John Busshe, and Sir
John Grene, and all were be heded. And in y monthe of Septem-
bre the kynge resseyved liis dignite in the Toure of London.

Thes bethe the names of the jNIaircs and Shoreffes of the Cite off Henricns iiij'"
London in the regne of Kynge Henry the iiij^'^, the whiche was
crowned at Westmestre in the daye of Translacioun of Seint Edwarde,
the yere of our Lord M'iij^lxxxxix.'*

" The words follo-ning " Seint I-Ldwardc" are added by the Corrector.


Thomas Knollys, I William Walden 1

Maire I William Hide I ^' ?""'''•

This yere the vj day of Feverell were all the seales of blanke
chartours brent at the Standarde in Chepe, and the x**^ day of
Marche Kynge Kicharde the Secunde ^ was brought from Pomfret
Castel whereyn he decessyd ^ to London in to Powles, and the nexte
day after he was caryed to Langley to be buryed there yn a howee
of freersJ' And in the same yere was the Erie of Kent, the Erie
of Salisbery, be hedid at Susseter." And Sir Thomas Blunt, Sir
Eauffe Lomney, Sir John Cely, and Thomas Venter, were be hedyd
at Oxenford. And Sir John Plolond and the Duke of Excester
were be hedyd at Plaschey. And the Lord Spencer was be hedid
at Bristowe.

John Fraunces, t John Wakele

Maire I John Gnotte

This yere was the Batel at Halydon Hyl.'^

John Shadworthe, ( William Venor
Maire I John Frelyngham

This yere the kynge spoused Dame Jane, Duches of Brettaynge.
And the same yere apperyd stella comata v wekys in Leynte. Also
the yere the Priour of Launde and Sir Roger Claryngton and viij
Frerys Menoures were drawen and honged upon a day.

John Walkott, \ Eichard Marlowe


A° iij'

Maire ( Eobert Checheley \ ^ '

This yere, on Mary Mawdelen day,'= was the Bataylleof Shrowys-
bury, and ther was Syr Harry Percy slayne and Syr Thomas Percy
his eme take, and ij dayes after he was drawe and hanged, and the
Erie of Stafford slayne under the kynges baner.

" The words " the Secunde " and " from Pomfret — decessyd " are inserted by the
Corrector in the margin."
*> " there — freers." These words are inserted by the Corrector.
" Cirencester. ^ This sentence is inserted by the Corrector in the margin.

° "on Mary Mawdelen day." These words are inserted by the Corrector.


W'illlam Askam, [ Tliomas Faukencr ) ,

r , I A" V .

Claire ( Thomas Polle )

This ycre was William Serle, that mordercd the Duke of Glow-

cester at Calleys, drawcii, hanged, quartcide, and belieded " at


T 1 TT 1 -vr • r William Lowthc ) .

John Ilende, Mane ^ ^ , c- -i ( A" vf.

( Stcphyn bpilman J

This yore on the Monday in Witsonweke Syr Roger Scrope,
lu'chebysshoppc of Yorke, and the Erie Marchall, were behedid at
Yorke. The same yere was a gretc frost that endured xv Avckes
and m[o].''

John Wodcok, f Harry Barton \ \o "e

Maire I William Crowmer J "^ '

Richard Wityngton, (" Nicholas Wotton "i ao •••th

Maire I Geffrey Brooke J ^"-^

This yere the Eric of Kent spoused the Duches doughter of

William Stawnton, ( Harry Poumfrett 1 ao • c

Mair 1 Harry Halton J

This yere the Erie of Nothehomberlonde and the Lorde BardollfF
was be hedid. Also the same yere was a stronge frost that duryd
XV wekys, and the Erie of Kent was slayne in Brettayne.

Dreugh Barentyn, j" Thomas Duke | ^

Mair I. William Xorton J

Richard Marlowe, | John Lane \ \o 'e

Meire I William Chechiley j -^ *

Thomas Knolles, ( John Penne \ ..^

Maire 1 Thomas Pyke j A xij .

This yere came Enbassatours from the Duke of Burgoync to
have men a gayne the Duke of Orlyance. And the Prince sent
over the Erie of Arondell and the Lord Cobham with other dy verse

» " and beheded." Added by tbe Corrector.

^ This sentence beginning " The same vere " in added by the Corrector.


Robert Chechiley, ( William Eeynwell | ...^

Maire 1 John Cotton J ^' ^"J'*

This yere Thomas the kynges sonne was made Duke of Cla-
rence, and he wente over the see with a faire mayne in help ynge
of the Duke of Orlyaunce a gayne the Duke of Borgoyne. Also
the same yere the kynge lete smyte a newe mynte the noble lesse
wight than the olde noble by halfe apeny wight of gold.

This yere in one day were iij floddys yn the Temmys water. '"^

William Waldren, ( Rauffe Lovenam 1 ao ••••e

Maire I William Sevenoke J ^ '

And in this yere dyed the kynge, and lithe enterred at Caunter-

The names of the Maires and ShorefFes of London the whiche
Henricus Quintus. were in the tyme of the regne off Kynge Henre the v*''*', the wliiche
was crowned at Westmestre the ix*^'' day of Aprel, the whiche than
was Passyon Sonday and a grete raynye daye.'' This yere the
kynge lete fetche frome Langley the bonys of Kyng Richard the
ij''° '^ to Westmestre in to the tombe that he did make him selffe for
hym and his Queue Anne. And the same yere Sir John Oldcaste
was a rested in to the Towre, and after brake oute of prison.

Wylliam '^ Crowmer, f John Sutton i

Mair 1 John Nicoll i ^^° P


This yere Sir John Oldecastell with many o]?er lordcs and
heritikes had emagened the distruccion of the kynge and of Holy
Chirche, but the kynge with stode hem and toke many of them,
which were drawe and hanged and brentt, galowes and all, to the
nombre of xlij" persones, but Sir John Oldcastell scapyd.

" This sentence is added in the margin by the Corrector.

'' The words following "Westmestre" in this sentence are added l)y the Corrector
and carried out into the margin.

" " the ij''^ " is interlined by the Corrector.

•> The name was " John'' in the text, but it is ci'ossed through and " Wylliam "
is written oyer. The Corrector has added the following note in the margin, relative
to the year of his mayoralty: " Prime, f^uia bis fuit maior civitatis."


Tliomas Fawkcncr, f Jolin MiclicU j ..^

Mail- I Thomas Alcyn ) ■^

This ycrc was bvcnt in Sinythfcld John Claydon, Skynncr, and
Ricliarde Gutmyn, Baker, for hcrytekys. Also the same yere the
kynge toke his jorncy toward Normandy, and at Southchampton
the Eric of Cambrygc and the Lordc Scropc and Sir Thomas
Graye were be hcdcd for conspirynge of the kynges dethe. And
]'an the kynge passed the see with iiijc shippcs. And the xvj day
of August he landed a litell from Ilareflete and leide a sege to the
townc, and conteneued to the xx day of Septembre, and tlian was
the towne yoldc to ourc kynge. And than the kynge wente
towarde Caleys, and on Crispine Crispianis day at Agyncortte all
the rialte of Fraunce come be for the kynge to lett him of his The liatel of Agyn-
Avey. And the kynge faughte with hem and discomfid them and l','"'^*; '" ^)';;.'^"^^.°'.'

-' ^ J tn o ^ the (l;iy ot Ciyspiiu

slewe many lordis and other peple, and toke many prisoners, Dukes, :>iul Crispynian bcynj
Erlisj and othir lordes. And on the xxiiij day of Novembrc the ^''^"
kynge with his prisoneres came to London.

Nicholas Wotton, ( Aleyn Everarde ")

]\Iaire 1 William Cambryge J -^ '

This yere the Empour of Almayne came in to Engelond and [EJmpcrowre of
was at Seint Georges fest. And at the procession the kynge went '^^™^°'
a bove him, and at the masse the kynge sate a bove him, and at the
mete the kynge sate on the right honde of the empcroure. And
the Duke of Bedforde, Chaunsler of Englondc, sate on the lifte
side of the Emperour, and the Beshuppe of Dyvelyn and dukys that
came with the Emperour sate on the right honde of the Kynge.
And the first sotilte that came on the table was our Lady armyno-
Seint George and an angill doinge on his sporys. The secounde
sotilte was Seint George fightynge with the dragon, and the spere
in his honde. The therde sotilte was a castell, and Seint Geoj-ge
and the kynges doughter ledyng the lambe in to the castell gate.
Also this yere Duke William of Ilolond came in to Engclonde.


Harry Barton, f Robert Wityngton ) ao •"•«!

Mayre 1 John Coventre ) -^

This yere the kynge sailed in to Normandy and londed the first
day of August be syde Towcke and toke the towne and castell sone
after; on our Ladye day the Nativite the kynge wan the towne of
Cane, and sone after the castell. Also the Duke of Clarence beseged
the towne of Bayue and wan hit. And the same yere the kynge
wan many other townes and castelles and stronge abbeyes longe
be for the fest of Seint Edward in Octobre.

Richard Merlowe, f Harry Rede I a o c

Maire I John Gedney I

This yere the generall counsell was endyde atte Custaunce, and
an unyversale pece made in Holy Chirche and a Pope chosyn,
whiche was called Martinus quintus. Also Sir John Oldcastell
was take and dampned at Westmestre, drawen and brentt, galows
and all. Also the same yere the kynge besegide the towne and
castell of Falloyes and gate hem bothe ; also the towne and castell
of Shirebrough yelden to the Duke of Glowcester. And after the
kynge gatte Pountelarge and many other streynthes. And a boute
Lammas the kynge layde sege to Rone.

William Sevenoke, f John Pernesse )

Maire I RaufF Barton i ^° ^'J''

This yere on Seint Wolstones day the towne and castell of Rone
was yolde to oure kynge.

Richard Wityngton, r John Boteler -j .g ..

]\Iaire \ Robert Wytyngham J ■^ '

This yere the kynge came to Troyes in Champayne where he
was worthely resseyved of all the lordys spirituall and tcmporall.
And on the morowe the kynge mett withe the Queue of Fraunce
and Dame Kateryne hir doughter and the Duke of Boyrgoyne in
the body of Seint Petris churche ; and after they went up to the
auter and there the articles of the pees were redde and othes made
on eyther syde. And then was the kynge and Dame Kateryne
ensured togeder. And on the morowe after Trinite Sondaye, that


is to sey the iij d;iy of June, he spoused Dame Katcryne in tlie
seide chirclie of Scint Peter in Troycs, and the kynge was made
Regent and Eyre of Fraunce.

"William Cambrvge, I John Wellis )

A" viii*'
Maire ' John Botler ) "^ *

This yere the ix day of Feverell the kynge and the Quene The Coronacyon of
Kateryne came to London, and the xxj daye of the same mo[n]the ^"'^"^ a eiyne.
she was crowned at Westmester, and the fest was holdcn in the
grete hall.

Oif the Feste of jj'^ Cronacioun of Quene Kateryne and of Service.
Fyrst, the quene sate in hir astate, and the Erchebysshoppe of
Caunterbury and the Bysshoppe of Wynchester satte upon the
righ[t] honde of the quene, and the Kynge of Scottis sate in his
estate upon ]>e lyfte hand of the quene. And the Duches of
York and the Countes of Huntyngdon sate upon the same side.
And att every course nexte the quene the Bysshoppis were servid,
covered as the quene, and than the Kynge of Scottis and other
lordis. And the Duke of Glowcester was Surveour, and the Erie
Marchall knelyd in the right side of the quene holdyng in his
honde upryght a septure, and the Knyght Marchall holdyng a
no]>er septure on the lifte syde of the quene. And the Countesse
of Kente slttinge on the right fote of the quene. And the
Countesse Marchall sytting on the lifte fote of the quene.

Also this same yere sone after Wytsonday the kynge sayled in

to Fraunce and laide a sege to the Cite of ]\Iewes Embrye'^ and

contenewed forthe. This yere was a new wedercok set u[p] on

Powles stepyl.*^

Robert Checheley, i Richard Goslynge i . .

\ ^ . A" ix°

Maire ( AVilliam Weston j

This same yere on Seint Nicholas day Henry the kynges sonne Henricns vj"" natns

was borne at Wynd^ore, and in the monthe of Maye the Cite of ;;^;i^^|J;J^^'f^^^;^^^^^^^^^

Nicholai episcopi, A"
» Meaux en Brie. Domini M'"iiij'=xxj".

•> The last sentence is added by the Corrector in the margin.




Henricus quintus
ultimo August! diem
cla[u]sit e[xtre]mum.
Et sic vixit post
nativitatem lilij sui
Henr[ici] vj" xxx**
et octo septimanas
[et] fere duos dies.

Mewes in Brye was yolden to the kynge. Also the same monthe
the quene shipped at Hampton, and so passed the see in to Fraunce.
Also in this yere the last daye of August dyed Kynge Harry the
v*^ at Boys Vynsent with outc Parys, whos bonys the viij*'' day of
November at Westmester were enterred.

The names of the maires and shoreffes of the Cite of London in
the tyme of the regne of Kyng Henry the vj'^.

William Waldren,

William EstfFeld
Robert Tetersalle

A° prime.

This yere the xxj day of Octobre (betwene vij and viij of the
clok a fore none in the Cite of Parys") dyed Kynge Charles of
Fraunce. Also the first day of Marche William Tayler was brent
in Smythfeld for eresy. Also the secounde day of March Pownt-
melayne was yolden to the gode Erie of Salysbury. Also John
Duke of Bedford, the kynges uncle, Regent of Fraunce, spoused the
Dukys sister off Burgoyne.

William Crowmer,

Xicholas Jainys
Thomas WandisfFord

A" ij'

This yere the xxj day of Octobre was the Parlement holden at
Westmester. And the xxvj day of Xovembre the kynge was brought
in to the Parlement. And the same daye the kynge remevid to
Waltham, and the Parlement was engorned in to the xx day after
Cristmas. This yere the xiiij*'' day of Feveryere dyvers bylles were
cast in London and in the subbarbys of the same a yeust mer-
chantes strawngers.'' Also the xiiij day of Feverell Sir John Mor-
tymer was dampned be Parlement, hanged, drawe, and quarterd for
brekynge of prison.

TiT- T 11 TVT • i Symond Seman >

John Mzehell, Ma.re | /„,^„ ^^^^^^^ j A» iij«.

" This parenthesis is inserted by the Corrector.

^ This sentence is inserted by the Ccrrector in the upper margin of the MS.


This ycre in the monthc of Octobre the Duke of Glowcctcr and
his Duchcs say led to Caleys and so forth e in to Ilenaude wlier was
his wiffes critage, where he was at the fyrst worssliupfully rcsseyvcd,
but after they sett nott by him, and so came home and lefte his
lady at ^Moynys in Ilenaude. And then the Duke of Burgoyne
beseged hir and wanne the towne and brought hir to Gawnte in
Flaundres, but she scaped from thens and came in to Ilolonde,
and there longe tyme helde wer a yenes the Duke and put him
dyverse tymes at the worste.

John Covcntre, i William Mildred \ ao ••••

Maire j John Brokley | "^

This yere on Witsonday the kynge was made knyght at Leyseter
of my Lorde of Bedford, and the kynge made xxxiiij'' other knyghtis.
Also the same yere was a grete dissencioun be twene the Duke of
Glowcester and the Bysshoppe of Wynechester that tyme Chauncyler,
for the whiclie all London a rose with the Duke a yenest the for-
saide Bysshoppe.

John Keynwell, : Robert Arnold I a o e

Maire I John Hygham i

This yere be for Shroftide the Bysshoppe of Wynchester saylled
over to Caleys, and sone after the Duke of Bedford and his Duches.
And upon our Lady day the Annonciacion the Bysshoppe of
Wynechestre was made cardenall in Seint Islavy chirche of Caleys,
beyng ther present the Duke of Bedfford and his Duches. And
be for the masse be gan, the whiche the Bysshoppe shuld doo, the
popis cosynne brought in the cardenalles hattc, and with grete
reverence sett it upon the auter, and ther hit stode all the masse
tyme. And whan the bysshoppe had songe and was un revessed,
ther Avas done on him an habite in maner of a freres cope off fyne
scarled furred with puryd graye. And than he knelid downe upon
his kneys befor the auter, while the Popis bullys were red to him.
And the first byll was his charge, and the secounde byll was that


the pope confermed that he shulde have still all the benefies that
he ha the in Englonde. And whan this was done the Duke of
Bedforde went up to the auter and toke the cardenales hatt and
sett it on the bysshoppys hede and abeyed to hym, and after warde
toke him all wey above him. This yere Wylliam Wa[we] was
drawen, hanged, [and] quarterde.''

John Gedney, | Harry Frowyk i

Maire I Kobert Otley \ ^° ^^''

This yere the Duches of Holond, vvhiche longe tyme was besegid
and vexid by the Duke of Burgoyne, understondynge that no
remedy nor helpe was ordeyned for hir in Ingelonde, and also
cosiderynge that the Duke of Glowcester hadde for sake hir and
spowsed a no]?er woman, by gode and wyse consayll submytt to be
governed afterward by the Duke of Borgoyne. Also the same yere
the Cardenale came to London upon Seint Gylis daye, and the Meir
Shoreffes and the craftis of London rode a gaynes him in a gode
a rayc.

Harry Marton, ( John Abbott 1

• I A° vii^

Maire ( John Duffhous ) ^ '

This yere sone upon Midsomer the Cardenall saylled over the
see with a f;^yre mayne waged to werre upon the lordis of Prage.
But a lite a for the departynge of the Cardenall oute of Englonde
the Erie of Southefolke, the Lord Talbott, the Lorde Scalys, and
many ojjer lordys, knyghtis, and squiers were taken, and many
slayne at the sege of Orlyaunce, and the sege broken.
William EstfFeld, ( Eauff Holond j

Maire | John Kusse i ^"-^ '

This yere on Seint Lenardes ^^ daye in Dessembre the kynge was
crowned at Westmestre (the dominical letter B ^).

" This sentence is added by the Corrector.

'' Corrected from " Lauernce." The Corrector ought also to have noticed that
"Dessciuhrc" should have been November.
* The parenthesis added by the Corrector.


Nicholas Wotton, f Water Churchcscy

Claire- I Robert Large

T 1 ,,r ,,. r Stephen Browne -j .

_ Jol... W clhs { ,^,P^ ^j^^,^^ I A" X'.

This ycrc the kyng went in to Fraunce and the xiij day of
Decenibre Avas lie was crowned in Parys."*

This ycrc the kyngc came oute of Fraunce in to Ingclonde in

savcte to the Cite of London. And the JNLairc, Aklurnien and

Shoryvis with all the comenalte of the Cite him resseyved right


T 1 T^ ^r • r John Padysley 1 -

John Perneys, Man- | j^,^,^ q, J^ | A" xj«.

This yere was a gre clepes on Seint Botholles daye.

r Thomas Chalton -j

John Jirokley, Maire -^ j i r > A" x\f.

_, , ^^ , ,- . r Thomas Barnwell 1 .

Robert Otley, Maire .. ■, ^^ f A° xiif .

•^ t bymond Lyre J ''

This yere was a grete froste, the whiche dured from Seint
Katerynes daye to Seint Yolantynes daye. And the vintage of
wyne came ovir Sheters Hill in cartys from Gravisende.

Harry Frowick, r Robert Clopton -j ....

]\Iaire | Thomas Catworthe j ■^

This yere hit was oppenly knowen that the Duke of Burgoyne
was forsworne unto the Crowne off Engelonde, for in this yere he
laide segc unto Caleys, and he lete make a grete bastyle, the whiche
bastile oure men of Callcys wanne, and toke ther in many prisoners,
and slowc all the remnante, and forthe with brent it. And that
tynic the Duke of Glowcester, the Duke of Northfolke, the Eric of
Huntyngdon, ]>c Erie of Stafford, the Erie of Warwyck, and many
o]7er cries, baronez, knyghtes, and sqwyers, were poynted to goo
to Calleys to breke the sege. But the peple of Calleys had broke
the sege or they were redy, and jjat tyme every lord founde a cer

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