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Wheeler Mulford, p o Hosted Station, farmer, 304 acres, born
in county in 1840; has been commissioner, auditor,
and inspector of election; wife Sarah F. Collins, born
in Pine Plains, married in 1867.

Wiltsie John, p o Hiisted Station, blacksmith, born in Pine
Plains ij 1838; wife Emily J. Mills, born in county,
married in 1858; children five. Her father was in war
of 1812.

Wilbur.Jeptha S., p o Pine Plains, farmer, S63 acres, born in
this town in 1817, is p.8sessor; wife Mary Story, born
in this town, married in 1847; children four.

Wilber Henry C, p o Pine Plains, physician, born in Pine
Plains in 1845.

Wright George L., p o Mt. Boss, merchant and miller, 28 acres,
born in county in 1836, is justice of the peace and
post-master; wife Mary Ann Guernsey, born in coun-
ty, married in I860; children two.


Akerley Frank L., p o Pleasant Valley.

Barton George, p o Washington Hollow, farmer, and overseer
of turnpike, 144^ acres, born in Amenia in^March 1811,
has been town auditor; wife Mary Ann Holmes, born
in Pleasant Valley in 1812: one child— Milton H., died
in 1876. Father, . Joshua Barton, born in Saratoga

Beecher H. T., p o Pleasant Valley, clergyman.

Briggs Anthony, p o Pleasant valley, farmer. 229 acres, born in
Pine Plains in l8;i9, has been justice of peace 13 years,
and supervisor one term; wife Hannah White, born in
townot Washington in 1830; married in 1852; children
two— Davis W., and Homer Everett.

Brown Egerton, p o Washington, farmer, 96 acres, born in New
York city, Jan, 11, 1855, settled in county in 1880.
Father, Stewart Brown, of Baltimore, died in New
York, Jan. 31, 1880; children nine— seven sons, two

Davis T. 1,, p o Pleasant Valley.

Davis George Fred, p o Foughkeepsie city, teacher of penman-
ship, born in England in Jan., 1835. settled in county
Nov. 1859; owns 170 acres land; wife Debby L Tobey,
born in town of Poughkeepsie, married in Sept. 1867.
one son, now twelve years of age; was a miller in
Oneida county from 1850 to '59; came to Poughkeepsie
with H. G. Eastman, who died in July, 1878.

Divine Abram, p o Pleasant Valley, farmer, 160 acres, born in
same place in 1831, has been assessor six years, and
su'pervisor two terms; wife Phoebe W. Drake, born in
LaGrange, married April 15, 1857; children four.
Father, Jonathan Divine, born in Pleasant Valley in

DuBois W., p o Crura Elbow.

Dwan John M., p o Pleasant Valley, physician, born in Orange
county in 1833, settled in county in 1861 ; wife Mary B.
Wiley, born .in Pleasant Valley, married in 1863 ; one
son. Graduated in Albany in 1860; has been practicing
in Pleasant Valley for twenty years. -

Herrick William, p o Salt Point, farmer, 190 acres, born in
Milan in 1820, has been assessor and supervisor; wife
Elizabeth Brown, born in town of Washington, mar-
ried in 1840; children five.

Lamoree George po Salt Point, farmer, 260 acres, born in
rirSLn, *"*y '" ^*',^' ^'^ "^8° J^st'ce °' peace, su-
three Rhinebeck, married in 1846; children

Lawton G«o;;e«Tpo Salt Point, farmer, 116 acres, born in
Ohio in 1840, settled m county same year, is justice of
peace, has been supervisor several terms. Father,
T .. ,1 1^"*° Lawton, born in 18(18. Lawyer
Lent F Stockton, p o Pleasant Valley.

Marshall Albion, p o Crura Elbow, farmer, 107 acres, born on
same farm. Father, Isaac P. Marshall, born in Pleas-
M. „=!, n SS. **"??' '""s many years supervisor.
Marshall Theron R.po Crura Elbow, farmer, 219 acres, born
in Pleasant Valley April 1.3, 1831, has been assessor
Si ?I«*^'^S^ : Viie, Elizabeth Marshall, married Oct.
T ' ,i. Two sons-Israel D., and Robert L. Father,
Israel Marshall, born Aug. 14, 1796, died July 13, 1873
Mother born m Stanford, March 23, 1799, still living.
Masten Calvm B. 0., p o Washington Hollow, f riiit grower Ind
farmer, 145 acres, born in Pleasant Valley in 1845,
wife Phoebe Van Vleok, born in Washington in 1842
married in 1860; children two— Willard P., and Lena
ivr„ T o ., Father born in Pleasant Valley in 1785, died in 1864.
Mc Leod F., p o Pleasant Valley.

Pell John p o Washington Hollow, farmer, 73 acres, born in

New York City in 1820, settled in this county in 1857

has been assessor two years ; wife Caroline Seake,

born in New York City.married in 1855; children— four

Tj ■ V :, 'i7'°S- was grocer before settling in this county.

Pnohard Rev. A. B., p o Pleasant Valley.

Eussell Benjamin H., p o Pleasant Valley, farmer, 2.35 acres,
born in Fishkill in 1816 ; wife Miss Stoutenbergh, born
in Pleasant Valley, married in 1871 ; four sons living
William Bussell born in Putnam Co.
Shoemaker William E., p o Bock City, farmer and drover, 80
acres, born in Bed Hook in 1823; has been supervisor
and assessor, held position in custom house three
years; wife Phoebe Ostrara, born in Bed Hook, mar-
ried in 1845; foursons.
Sherons S. W., p o Washington Hollow.

Stringher Henry, p o Crura Elbow, farmer, 60 acres born in
town of Clinton in 1831; wife Kate Briggsi born in
Hyde Park, married in 1851; one child— Ida.
Van De Water George, p o Salt Point, farmer, 250 acres, born in
Hyde Park in 18S1. Has been assessor one term; set-
tled on farm in 1844. Wife Elizabeth' Phillips, born in
Poughkeepsie, married in 1843. Children, five living-
William, Marquis, Wilson A., Carrie B , and Libbie.
Father, William Van DeWater, born in Poughkeepsie
in 1788, died in 1835. ^

Van Wagner Amos M, p o Crura Elbow, farmer, 208 acres; born
in Ulster County January 20, 1818, settled in this coun-
ty in 1864. Wife Julia A. Lattin, Ijorn in Clinton, mar-
ried in 1871. One son— Claude. Parents, Eli and Julia
VanWagner Eli A., p o Crura Elbow, farmer, 356 acres; born in
Ulster County in 1820, settled in this county in 1863.
Wife Julia Lyon, born in Clinton, married in 1844.
Three children.
Whitaker William, p o Salt Point.
Wheeler Danial P., p o Washington Hollow.


Adrianoe Walter, p o Foughkeepsie, retired.

Avery E. W., p o Poughkeepsie.

Albro William C, p o Poughkeepsie, counselor at law, born in
Genesee Co., August 16, 1848. settled in this county in
1854, owns house and lot ; gmduated from Colurabla
Law school in 1874, opened ofQce in 1875 ; wife, Theo-
dora Bogei's, of Poughquag, married Nov. 3, 1875 ;
. children one.

Allen Henry, p o East Poughkeepsie .

Beadle E. L., p o Poughkeepsie.

Barmore Edward, p o Moore's Mills, farmer, 60 acres ; born in
Union Vale in 18:^5, has held several town ofSces ;
wife, Lucy E. Wanzer, of Conn., married in 1858 ;
children 3— Clark, born in 1862 ; Mary E., in 1868 ; Em-
ma J., in 1869. Clark C. Barmore, born in West-
chester county in 1806, died in 1873; wife, Mary C.
Allpy, born in 1812, married in 1832; died in 1880;
children seven.

Baker O. I. M., p o Foughkeepsie.

Bartrum J. W., p o Wappinger's Falls, lawyer, born in Union
Vale, Dec. 25, 1843; wife, Mary E. Eaton, of Bradford,
N. H., married June 11, 1867; children two,

Bayley Guy C, p o Poughkeepsie.

Beardsley William J., p o Poughkeepsie, manufacturer, born in
Poughkeepsie April 14, 1842; wife Louisa McLean, of
Foughkeepsie, married Dec. 25, 1864; children two.

Banks James L., p o New Hamburgh.

Birdsall T. P., p o Wappinger's Falls, physician, born in Or-
ange county in 1855, settled in this county in 1879;
wife, Cynthia C. Green; born in Bristol, Vt., married
IVIaroh 30, 1878,

Barratt John W., p o Poughkeepsie, '

Bishop S. H., p o Poughkeepsie.

Bissell George K, p o Poughkeepsie,


Black A. P. , p o Foughkeepsie. hotel proprietor, bom in Salis-
bury, Ct., March 20, 1825, settled in this county in
188u; owns 336 acres; wife, Sarah C. Black, of Colum-
bia county, married Aug,, 20, 1847.
Blankenhorn Charles, p o Foughkeepsie. clerk of surrogate
court; born in Foughkeepsie Nov. .30, 1848; wife,
Mary Blankenhorn, of Foughkeepsie, married Jan.
28. 1879.
Boshart William F.. p o Foughkeepsie, job printer, born in Phila-
delphia, Deo. 3, 1S42, settled in this county in 1844,
■wife Ellen L. Boshart of roi]ghkeepsie,married Nov. 22,
1868, children 7.
Broas Benjamin S., p o Foughkeepsie.

Bowne Charles fi., p o Foughkeepsie, merchant, born in Fish-
kill June 19, 1818; wife, Mary Haggerty. of New York
City, married Dec. 22, 1846; children five.
BrinkerhotC C. W., p o VanWagner.
Boecher August, p o Foughkeepsie.
Bockee Jacob, p o Foughkeepsie.

Brower W. H., farmer and cider manufacturer, 45 acres; born
in LaGrange in 1845; wife, Augusta Tanner, married
in 1872; one son— Charles, born in 1878.
Bissell H. F., p o Foughkeepsie, marble dealer.
Burhans Geoige W., p o Foughkeepsie, farmer, 107 acres, born
in Foughkeepsie, Feb. 23. 1843, has been Inspector ol
election; wife, Carrie E. Flagler, marritd in 1871;
children four. Fatter, Edwin Burhans. born in New
York in 1818, came to this county in 1819; wife, Jane
VerValine, born in this county in 1815, married in
1841; children two.
Baker Lewis, p o Foughkeepsie, City Cbamberlin.
Burhans George H., p o Pleasart Valley, farmer, 200 acres;
born in this county in 1829: wife. Susan Stone, mar-
ried in 1846; children 4. William Burhans, born in this
county in 1781, died in 18B7; wife. May Smith, married
in 1806, died in ]845; children, seven living. John
Storm, born in this county in 1801, died in 1879; wife
Naomi McDonald, of Putnam County, married in 1819;
children six.
Butler S. V. H.. p o Foughkeepsie.

Butts Allipon, p o Foughkeepsie, lawyer, owns house and lot,
born in Stanford, 'Oct. 2, 1852; is deputy county clerk;
wife, Phebe D. Mosher, of Stanford, married Dec. 16,
1876; one child.
' Connelly Thomas, p o Foughkeepsie. *
Gary C. G., p o Foughkeepsie.
Carpenter B. P., p o Foughkeepsie.
Clark Allen M., p o Moore's Mills.

Churchill D. S., p o Elm Centre, retired merchant, born in
Scotland Feb. 29, 18,35, settled in this county Aug. 10,
1860, owns 20 acres of land; wife, Bebecoa L. Smith,
of Scotland, married Dec. 23, 1859; children five.
Campbell C. N., p o Foughkeepsie.
Coleman H., p o Foughkeepsie.
Carpenter L., p o Foughkeepsie, grocer.

Gofdn Alexander H., p o Foughkeepsie, retired farmer, born in
Washington June 7, lfc('5, has been Member of Assem-
bly, Town Clerk, andAssessor; wife, Jane Vincent, born
in Washington, married Sept. 2, 1835; children two.
Carman John L , p o FouglJkeepsie, liveryman.
Congdon Jesse O., p o Moore's Mills, born in LaGrange in 1796,
died in 1861; wife, Anna Maria Moore, born in this
county in 1799, married in 18a7; one child— Susan M.,
born in 1830.
Caldwell J., p o Foughkeepsie.

Caire Adam, p o Foughkeepsie, owner of pottery, born in Bava-
ria, Germany, April 14, 1834, settled in this county in
1840, has been Alderman six years; wife Fannie Caire,
of Gloucester, Eng., married Sept. 2, 1855; children, six.
Cooper John R..p o Pou^hlieepsie, physician and surgeon, born
in Foughkeepsie, Jan. 25, 1834, has been- Supervisor,
Alderman and Health Officer; wife, Aletta J. Schenck
of Brooklyn, married Feb. 18, 1850; one child.
Coutand G. E., p o Foughkeepsie.

Crumb George W., p o Foughkeepsie, ma'nufacturer, born in
England in Sept., 1848, settled in this county in 1849;
wife, Sarah W. Dean of Mass,, married Oct. 5, 1860;
children three — Chas. L., Jessie D. and George.
Colwell C. M.. p Foughkeepsie, carpenter and builder.
Gorlies Walter, p o Foughkeepsie, insurance agent.
Carpenter S. HI., p o Foughkeepsie.
Camack E. W., p o New Hamburgh.
Uavibs William A., p o Foughkeepsie,
Divine, B. C, p o Pleasant Valley.

Davis Theodore W., Foughkeepsie, civil engineer, born in Pine
Plains June 9, J844; wife, Mary E. Tallman of Great
Barrington, Mass., married Oct. 24, 1866; children
DeGarmo A., p o Foughkeepsie.

DeLacey William L., p o Foughkeepsie, lawyer and printer, born
in Pennsylvania July 10. 1844, settled in this county
Nov. 1, 1866. has been Justice of the Peace four years;
wife, Weltha A. Wiley of New York city, married
March 28, 1868; children three.
Dudley James Hervey, p o Foughkeepsie, iron founder; born in
Stanford July 14, 1817; has oeen Supervisor four years;
wife Charlotte Wlttioe, of Fishkill; married Jan. 4,
1842; children four— two living.
^ Dutcher Lawrence W., p o Foughkeepsie, Superintendent of
Poor, born in Dover Jan. 14, )820; wife, Mary Quimby
of Ulster county; married July 81, 1870, children two.
Davis T. W., p o Foughkeepsie, banker. •
Dickinson Jonathan, p o Foughkeepsie,

Doughty Augustus, p o Foughkeepsie.

Dutcher James E., p o Foughkeepsie, Member of Assembly.

Dorland I. E , p o Foughkeepsie.

Downing Henry L., p o Moore's Mills, farmer, 125 acres, born in
La Grange In 1831; wife,- Martha A. Van Vlaok, born
in this county in 1883, mariied Oct. 19, 1853; one son-
George C, born May 17, 1865, father, James L. Down-
ing, born in Long Island in 1798, came to this county
and died in 186n.

Dutcher David V., p o Freedom Plains, farmer born in La-
Grange iri 1833; wife, Sarah P. Dutcher, born in this
county in 1832; married in 1872. Abraham Dutcber,
born in this county in 1801, died in 1861; children Ave.
Abraham Dutcher, born in this county in 1778; died in

DuBois F. W., p o Foughkeepsie.

DeLamater P , p o Foughkeepsie, prop, of feed store.

Eastman M. M., p o Foughkeepsie, retired.

Elting R., p o Foughkeepsie, dealer in pictures, frames and
artist's materials, born in tJlster county in 1847, set>
tied in this county in 1864.

.Elsworth E., p o Foughkeepsie.

Ettinger A., p o Foughkeepsie.

Fanning W. A., p o Foughkeepsie.

Farringlon Wm. B., p o Foughkeepsie, importer of china and
earthen ware, born in Pleasant Valley, has been director
of Foughkeepsie National Bank; wife, Eleanor C. Far-
rington, of New York City, married in October, 1863.

Poster Walden, p o Foughkeepsie.

Faust Otto, p o Foughkeepsie.

Flagler Isaac P., p o Foughkeepsie, farmer, 19? acres; born in
this county in. 1850, Father Isaac P., born in this
county in 1600, died in 1839. Paul Flagler, born in this
county in 1770, diedi.in 1854.

Plad John, p o Foughkeepsie.

Flagler P. D., p o Foughkeepsie, farmer and Assessor, born in
La Grange in 1823; wife, Julia McComber, born in
Otsego county; married in 1849; children, six. Rebec-
ca D. Flagler, born in this county in 1801, married in
1821. died in 1878; children, six.

Frear William D., p o Foughkeepsie.

Frost Joseph G., p o Foughkeepsie. undertaker, born in Fough-
keepsie, Feb. 6, 1839; has been Collector and Supervis-
or; wife, Rebecca C. North of Foughkeepsie ; married
June 14, 1865; two daughters and two sons.

Gerow Elizabeth H., po Foughkeepsie.

Good Robert, p o Foughkeepsie.

Gillen Joseph, p o Foughkeepsie, express agent, born in Wood-
stock, Ulster county, Aug. 9, 1832, settled in this coun-
ty in 1846; wife, Mary, married April 1, 1850; children,

Gill Anna, p o New Hamburgh.

Gibson Richard H., born in New York city in 1854, settled in
this county in 1879; owns 160 acres land.

Goring Edward M , p o Wappinger's Falls, druggist and general
store, born in Manchester, Eng , in 1828. settled in
this county in 1836; has been Collector and Member
of Assembly: wife J. E. Thompson, of Pleasant Valley,
married In 1850; children three— Thompson B., Maria
J.. Frescott C.

Guylee & Millard, p o Foughkeepsie, proprietors of machine

Guernsey Daniel W., p o Foughkeepsie, attorney, owns 296
acres of land, born in Stanford, March 89, 1884; wife
' Emily M. Millard, married June 10, 1870; children
four— Eleanor, William, Lydia and Daniel, Jr.

Hathaway S. V., p o Foughkeepsie.

Hart Benjamin H., p o Foughlieepsie, farmer, 189 acres, born
in Long Island in 1811, settled in this county in 1838.
died in 1775 ; wife Elizabeth Hiohols, born in Long
Island, married in 3837, children seven.

Haight A. W., p o Foughkeepsie.

Harvey Albert B., p o Foughkeepsie, physician, born in Massa-
. chusetts March 2, 1817, settled): in .this county in 1844 ;

wife Mary Phalen, of Vermont, married December 1,
1842; children eight.

Hare George S., p o Foughkeepsie.

@asbrouck Henry, p o Poughkeepsie, carriage and hardware
dealer, born in Ulster county July 23, :850, settled in
this county in 1875.

Hart William H,, p o Foughkeepsie.

Haviland James, p o Freedom Plains, farmer, 160 acres, born in
New York in 1806, came to this county in 1847, died in
1877; wife Anna Brown, of LaGrange, married in 1845;
one adopted daughter— Sarah, born in 1868. John D.
Brown, born in this county in 1789, died in 1875; wife
Mary Sleight, born in this county in 1786, married in
1811, died in 1857 ; children six.

Hartley J. P., p o Foughkeepsie.

Hebard Newton, p o Amenia. cashier of bank, born in Fough-
keepsie Oct. 14, 1837, owns 580 acres of land; wife
Hattie B. PerLee, of Amenia, married Oct. 5, 1864.

Henry James, p o Manchester Bridge, farmer and dairyman,
200 acres, born in Ireland in 1847, settled in 1860; wife
Joanca Hickey, of Ireland, married in 1874 ; one
child— James, Jr. Father, James Henry, born in Ire-
land in 1818, came to this county in 1860, died )n 1867 ;
wife, Martha Neval, pf Ireland, died in isn ; children
Hense Nelson, p o Foughkeepsie.
Herriok C. B., p o Foughkeepsie.
Hodge Thomas A., p o Foughkeepsie.


Haubenstel Wm., p o Poughkeepsie, dealer in boots and shoea.

Holridge Leason E., p o Poughkeepsie, dealer In crockery, born

in Northampton, Mass., Sept. 15, 1843. settled in this

county in 1819, has been alderman ; wife Sarah Parish,

of New York, married June 20, 1868 ; children two.

Howard Sherman, p o Manchester Bridge.

Howard James, p o Foughkeepsie, farmer 465 acres, born in Pawl-
ing, in 1804. haybeen Supervisor and Member of Assem-
bly; wife Ann Dodge, of Pawling, married in 1827, died
in 18$i0;children five— Maria A., Frances H., Caroline A.,
John D. and Jay. Thomas Howard, born in Pawling.
Howard John D., p o Poughkeepsie, farmer, S45 acres, born in
this county in September, 1886, has been supervisor
two years ; wife Adaline B. Barnes, of Duchess county,
married in 1861 ; children seven.
Howland Courtland S , Foughkeepsie, under sheriff, born in
Washingti)n county, August 18, 1845, settled in this
county in 1863 ; wife Henrietta Seaman, born in
Foughkeepsie, married J.an. 2, 1866 ; one child.

Humphrey Abram S., p o Foughkeepsie, druggist, born in
Beekman Oct 13, 1848, has been Alderman ; wife Mary
I. Vigoes, of Kingston, married Oct. t, 1873.

Huntington George, p o LaGrangeville, physician and surgeon, .
born in Long Island in 1850, settled in this county in
1874 ; wife Mary E. Heckard, of Ohio, married in
October, 1874 ; children three.

Hunter Robert H., p o Poughkeepsie, lawyer, born in Fough-
keepsie July as, 1846, has been U. S. commissioner and
Sostmaster ; wife Emma L., of Foughkeepsie, married
anuary 8, 1880.

Holbrook Mellen R., p o Poughkeepsie, physician and surgeon,
born in New Hampshire Ptb. 7, 1824, settled in this
county Oct. 20, 1861. has been President of Oswego
county medical society and permanent member of
New York State medical soCiBty ; wife Mary E.
Loddell, married May 8, 1861, died Sept. 23, 1863.

Ingraham H. G., p o Foughkeepsie, insurance agent.

Innis George, p o Poughkeepsie.

Innis'Aaron, p o Poughkeepsie, president of city bank.,

Johnston Walter M., farmer, 48 acres, born in New York city
Nov. 22, 1S30, settled in this county in 1855 ; wife
Charlotte M. L^Due, married in 1863 ; children three-
Mary E., Mattie F. and Lottie.

Joy W. A.,p o Poughkeepsie.

Johnson A. W., p o Wappingers Falls,

Johnscon H. P. C, p o foughkeepsie, proprietor of Buffalo

Jewett Mrs. J. B., p o Poughkeepsie.

Ketcham William M., p o Poughkeepsie, attorney and coun-
sellor, born in Dover, 'Apiil 5, 1857.

Kaess William, p o Foughkeepsie, proprietor of billiard room,
born in New York city Aug. 26, 1842, settled in this
county in February, . 1866, has been chief of flre
department; wife Garoline Kaess, of Germany, mar-
ried in December, 1864.

Knight R. L., p o Poughkeepsie.

Kimlin John H., p o Poughkeepsie, city alderman.

Kenvortby Richard, p o Poughkeepsie.

Kennedy Patrick, p o Poughkeepsie.

Lamb Joseph T., p o Poughkeepsie, physician, born in New
York city July 9, 1836, settled i.T this county Dec. 4,
1870 ; wlte Catharine Gibney, of Ireland, married
June 18, 1861 ; children five.

Lawrence Abraham B,, p o Poughkeepsie, farmer, 138 acres,
born in this county May 31, i829, has been assessor
six years ; wife Margaret A. Barnes, married in 18S5 ;
children six— Eugene T., Willet J., Irving G., Theron
E., Josephine, and Frpd. C. Jacob Lawrence, born in
this county in 1798, died in 1833 ; wile Phebe Badgeley,
borain this county in 1802, married in 1821 ; children

Lawson Casper, p o Poughkeepsie, farmer, born, in Poughkeepsie
Nov. 32, 1823, has been assessor, is now supervisor,
was formerly a boatman on the Hudson and at one
time oontroled twenty boats on that river ; wife Eliza
Nichols, of Passaic, N. J , born Dec. 12, 1821 ; children
living six.

Lawson George C, p o New Hamburgh, carpenter, born m
Poughkeepsie Sept. 17, 181*, has been justice of pf ace
and associate judge ; wife Clara Lawson, of New
Hamburgh, married June 9, 1868 ; children two.

■Lott Christopher I., p o Poughkeepsie, born in Kings county.
Long Island, Nov. 9, lt>27, settled in this county June
9, 1879 ; wife Lydia Salisbury, married Sept. 28, 1868 ;
children t;wo.

Lindley A. F, p o Poughkeepsie.

Matthews Samuel, p o New Hamburgn.

Mansfield S., p o Poughkeepsie.

Matthews James M., p o Foughkeepsie. '

McSwiggan Michael J , p o Poughkeepsie.

Merritt William T., p o Poughkeepsie. '

McWhinnie T-, p o Foughkeepsie, manufacturer, born in Fough-
keepsie Mar. 20,-1842 ; wife Fannie Whitwell, of Pough-
keepsie, married June 1, 1871 ; children two— Mary E.
and Fannie J.

Mann James H., p o Poughkeepsie, dental surgeon, borp in
Ulster county in 1825, settled in this county in 1856,
owns about 60 acres ; wife Isabella A. Mann, of
Rahway, N. J., married Jan. 1, 1851.

Mase Sylvester H., p o Poughkeepsie, born in FrattsviUe,
Greene county, March 35, 1832; settled in county m
18B9, is supervisor and sheriff ; wife Almira Cornell, of
Albany county, married in May, 1854 ; children ten.

Miller J. G., p o Poughkeepsie.

Marten J. G., p o Poughkeepsie, station a»ent.

Mary Cyrus, p o Poughkeepsie, editor of Daily Ifews, born in
Columbia county Jan. 6, 1825, has been superintendent
of public schools ; wife Harriet J. Billings, of Buffalo,
married in 1845; children three- Aaron C, Clarence
L,, and Cora L., (deceased).

Marill I., p o Poughkeepsie

Millard William B , p o New Hamburgh, dealer in building
materials of all kinds and coal, born in New Ham-
burgh June 10, 1836 ; wife Cordelia A. MilJard, of
New York city, married Feb. 8, I860 ; children two.

Monfort Charles, p o Freedom Plains, farmer, 135 acres, born in
Fishkill in 1838 ; wife Mary Yarington, of Orleans
county, married Ang. 9, 1869 ; children two — Minnie I.,
born iu 1870, and Samuel S., in 1873. John J. Monfort,
born in this county in 1801, died in 1867, mason and
farmer. W. B. Shepherd, born in this county in 1836 ;
wife Lucy Bird, of same county ; children two.

Miller John P., p o Poughkeepsie.

Miley John, p o Poughkeepsie.

Miller C. D., p o Foughkeepsie.

Monfort John A.", p o Pleasaut Valley, farmer, 150 acres, born in
Fishkill in 1818 ; wife Julia A. Phillips, married in 1840.
Henry A. Monfort, bom in this county in 17^, died
in 18.34 ; children three.

Moon Charles, p o Poughkeepsie, grocer.

Moore John B., p o New Hamburgh, cooper, born in Bergen
county, N. J., Aug. 11, 1848, settled in this county
April 1, 1874 ; wife Anna E. Strippel, of East Fishkill,
married April 23, 1873 ; children five.

Moore Alfred H., farmer and miller, 220 acres, born in La
Grange in 1843, was appointed postmaster in 1870 ;
wife Phebe Willits, of Long Island, married in 1868 ;
children three— Herman W., Jacob Willits' and Daniel.

Myers Francis, p o New Hamburgh.

Myers George D., p o Poughkeepsie, foreman in Buckeye
foundry, born in Foughkeepsie Feb. 7, 1839, has been
alderman ; wife CarolinaVirginia, married Oct. 30, 1879.

Myers Berthold, p o Poughkeepsie. .

Nelson Reuben W., p o Wappinger's Falls, painter, born in
Springfield, N. J., Nov. 16, 1818, owns 3 acres of land,
has been justice of peace ; wife Mary A. Phillips,
married Feb. 25, 1842 ; children three.

Nichols Thomas G., p o Poughkeepsie, editor of Sunday Courier^
born in Boston Jan. 8, 183.3, settled in this county in

Ney A., p o Poughkeepsie.

Online LibraryJames H. (James Hadden) SmithHistory of Duchess county, New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers → online text (page 121 of 125)