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Red Hook; married December 11, 1873; one child.

Flatt Rev. G. Lewis, p o Tivoli, rector of St. Paul's church,
born in Washington, Conn Feb. 8, 1819, settled in this
county Sept. 1, 1859; first wife Sarah D. Willard, of
Greenfield, Mass., married in 1848; children four; sec-
ond wife Clara Gibson, of Great Harrington, married
in 1856; children five.

Proper Norman S., p o Bed Hook, farmer and architect, 134
acres, born in Livingston, Columbia county, Nov. 9,
1834, settled in this county in 1871,' is president of
Farmers' Town Mutual Insurance Co.; wife Martha
E. Tioklepaugh, of Schoharie county, married March
30, 1871. Parents David and Helen Proper, natives of
Columbia county.'

Queen Daniel V., p o Tivoli, overseer for E. A. Livingston, born
in Red Hook Jan. 19, 1819, has been president of the
village; wife Julia Ann Oakley, of Columbia county,'
married June 10, 1042; children six, three living —
Montgomery, Frances, Lillie. Has been in same busi-
ness twenty-five years. Father Samuel Queen.

Rockefeller Wm., p o Madalin, restaurant keeper, born in New
York city, settled in this county in 1863. Father Wal-
ter Rockefeller.

Rooketellor Peter I., p o Upper Red Hook, farmer. 134 acres,
born in Orange couoty in 179 1, settled in this county
in 1S'.>6, was in war of 1812. died June 7, 1874; wife
Elizabeth Petrie, born in Columbia county in 1800,
married in 1817; one daughter, one grand-daughter—
Ellen P. Wright, two great-grandchildren— Florence
E. and Evert F. Wright.

St. John Horace W., p o Bed Hook, manufacturer of carriages
and wagons, and machine repairer, born in Orange
county in 1838, settled in this oounry in 1866; wife
Mary T. Lambertson, married in 1868, died April 9,
1878 ; children four living. Parents Samuel and Nancy
St. John.

Salpaugh Jonas, p o Madalin, proprietor of Madalin Hotel,
born in Germantown, Columbia county, settled in this
county in 1860. Father Conrad Saulpaugh.

Saulpaugh Eugene, p o Tivoli, farmer and fruit grower. 118
acres, born in Bed Hook 1854; wife Kva D. Sagendorf,
of Germantown, married in 1876; children two.
Father, Edward, son of John I. Saulpaugh.

Saulpaugh Robert, p o Madalin, farmer, 106 acres, born in Bed
Hook March 28, 1833, has been highway commissioner;
wife Bachel Clum. of Germantown, married Nov 17,
1859; children one living— Robert Franklin. Parents,
John 1. and Maria (Lasher) Saulpaugh.

Sands Charles E., p o Annandale, farmer, 80 acres, born in N.
Y. city Feb. 27, 1834, settled in tbla county in Novem-
ber, 1859, was supervisor In 1878; wife Letitia Camp-
bell, of N. Y. city, married in 1857; children six.
Soudder Rev. E. -C., p o Upper Red Hook, pastor of St. John's
Reforined church, born in Ceylon in 1828, has been
missionary in India for twenty years; was educa-
ted at Western Reserve college of Hudson, Ohio,
ordained in 1855, called to this church in 1877, installed
its pastor in 1878 ; wife Sarah Tracy, of Ohio, married
in 1855; children seven living.

Shook Alv.a D. and Edward L.. p o Rock City, grain farmers,
born on same farm. Father, John A. Shook, born on
this farm, was son of John Shook, who bought same
farm when a yoyng man.

St. Stephen's College, p o Annandale.

Shook Aaron, p o Bed Hook, farmer, born in Red Hook, Deo. 6,
1811, is collector; wife Catharine Maria Cramer, born
in this town Nov. 2, 1813, married Deo 14, 183?): chil-
dren seven. Parents, John and Cornelia Shook, na-
tives of this town.

Stickle Phillip H., p o Hed Hook, farmer and (supervisor, 250
acres, born on this farm Aug. 21, 1842; wife Nellie
Ring, of Bhinebpck, married in 1863; children two liv-
ing— Alva . and Frank Stickle. Parents, Peter and
Sally Stickle.

Straat George R., p o Annandale, farmer, 200 acres, born in
tills town Sept. 7. 18i!2; wife Caroline Clum, of Cler-
mont, married in 1849; one daughter— Luella. Father,
■Anthony A. is son of Anthony Wtraat.

Sturges Hon. Edward, p o Madalin, farmer, assessor and ice
dealer, *13 acres, born in Columbia county in 1823, set-
tled in this county in 1871^ was member of assembly
two years; wife Helen Clum, of Coin mbia county, mar-
ried April 2, 1849; children four. Parents, Petfr stur-
ges, native of Conn., and Cornelia, of Columbia county.

Tanner Almelia Staats, p o Madalin, farmer 118 acres, born in
Bed Hook; husband Henry Tanner, died March 8,
1872, was married May8, 1855; children one— Catharine
0. Father, Henry Staats. one of the prominent busi-
ness men of the town, died Nov. 9, 1874,

Teal Andrew E., p o Red Hook, farmer, 110 acres, born in Rhine-
beck /^prir26, 183-i; wife Emeline Traver, of Rhinebeck,
married June 10, 1856; children two living. Parents,
Henry G. and Jujia Ann (Traver) Teal.

Teator John N., p^o Upper Red Hook, carpenter and joiner,
born in Red Hook Feb. 26, 1830, is highway commis-
sioner; wife Maggie Hart, of Livingston, Columbia
county: children one — Bertha. Parenis Jacob P^ and
Catherine Teator, natives of thU county.

Teator Andrew, p o Upper Red Hook, farmer and fruit grower,
182 acres, born on same farm Feb. 19, 1819; wife Butti
Monfort, of this county, married in 1854; children two
— Alida E. and William S. Father, Henry H.,is son of
Henry Teator, who was in the Revolution,

Ten Broeck Lorenzo, p o Bed Hook, farmer, 111 acres, born in
Livingston, Columbia county, Oct, 9, 1843, settled in
this county in 1844; wife Susie E, Nelson, of Wappin-
eer's Falls, married March 9, 1870; children two— S.
Nelpon and Addie. Father, Samuel Ten Broeck, of

Thompson Wm. F. and J. M., p o Red Hook, farmers, 69 acres,
born in Bed Hook. Wm. F. is married, and J. M, single.
Parents, George and Catherine Thompson, natives of
this town.

Tinklepaugh Edward L., p o Bed Hook, farmer, 140 acres, born
in Clermont in February, 1852, settled in this county
in 1876; wifeAdaPlntner, married Oct. 10, 1876. Father,
Capt E. L. Tinklepaugh, native of Columbia county.

Tompkins Peter, p o Bed Hook, farmer and grain raiser, 498
• acres, born in Milan Jan. 3ii, 1810; wife Eliza C. Lown,
of Rhinebeck, married in 1837, died Aug, 31, 1874; chil-
dren nine living. Parents, Aristides and Elizabeth
(Bice) Tompkins

Traver Edgar L,, p o Bed Hook, farmer and stock dealer, 260
acres, born in Bhinebeck March 'J2, 1829. has been
supervisor and assessor: first wife, Anna M. Snyder,
second wife Catherine Benedict: cbildreu two. House
he now occupies is a stone mansion built 150 years
' Bgo. Father, Evert L, Traver. native of Rhinebeck.

Vosburgh George S,, farmer, 151 acrrs, born in Red Hook April
6, 1814, has been deacon and elder of the church thirty-
eight years; wife Maria Proper, of Clermont, married
in March, 1846; children eight living. :Pareiits Jacob
and Hannah Vosburgh.

Williams Rev. J. L., p o Madalin, pastor of 1st Baptist church,
born in Saugerties June 16, 1842, settled in this county
April 1, 1876, was ordained May 24, 1876; wife Emily B.
Jones, of Saugerties, married June 19, 1866; children
three living. Was educated at Saugerties institute,
and engaged in mercantile business until called to


Aokert D E , p o Bhinebeck.

Ackert Phillip J,, p o Rook City, farmer, 141 acres, born in

Rhinebeck in 1832, has been custom house ofBcer in

New York, is married and has one child,
Allen George F., carpenter, born in town in 1857; wife Eva,

daughter of Wm, E. Worden,
Barton R. C , dealer in feed and grain, born in this county in

Barringer Robert L , p o Bhinebeck, cooper, horn in Bed Hook

in 1849, has been inspector; wife H. Loure, married In

Bowne I, S, p o Bhinebeck.
Brooks E,, p o Bhinebeck,
Carroll W. and Son, p o Rhinebeck,
Cramer Baronet, farmer, 12i acres, born iu town in 1804; wife

Catharine Hendricks; children two.


Collins Martin W., p Bhinebeok, school commissioner, born in
Pleasant Valley Oct. 14, 1847; wife Emily M. Foster, of
Pleasant Valley, married Deo. -SO, 1877; children one.

Cottiag Frederick, p o Bhinebeck.

Crandall Gurnsey, farmer, S75 acres, born in Milan in 1835; wife
May A. Teal, has been teacher seventeen years.

Cramer John N., p o Bhlnebeck.

Cramer Charles J^, farmer and owner of cider mill, born in this
county in 1813, has been justice of village; wife K.
Van Steenbergh; children two.

Covert Michael P., principal of public school, born in Charlton,
Saratoga county in 1814, settled in this county In 1843.

Coombe John, p o Bhinebeok.

De Garmo James M., p o Bhinebeok.

Eaton Alfred G., p o Bhinebeck, teamster, born in Montgomery
county in 1639, settled in this county in 1868; wife Ella
Davis, of Albany county, married in 1866; children

Eighmy George, p o Bhinebeok, wagon and carriage manufac-
turer, has been collector and assessor; wife Catherine

Eighmy Alvln, p o Bhinebeck.

Esselstyn George, p o Bhinebeck, attorney and counsellor, born
in Claverack, Columbia county. Sept 37, 1841, settled
in this county March 20, 18f)5;. wife Florence Cowles, of
Farrington, Conn., married June 17, 1868; children 7.

Emerson B. B., p o Bhinecliff.

Elseffer Louis D., p o Bhinebeck.

Fellows George, p o Bhinebeck, is an agent, born in Bhinebeck
in i8:i0. has been assessor; wife Elizabeth Bing.

Gallagher Charles, farmer, 54 acres, born in Ireland March 17,
1806, settled in this county in 1865, is married ; children

Gallagher Herschel, p o Bhinebeck, farmer, 136 acres, born in
N. Y, city in 1853, settled in this county in 1864; wife
Estelle Williams, of Bhinebeck, married in 1878; chil-
dren one. Pioneer family of Williams live near vil-
lage of Bhinebeck.

Gillender Theophilus, p o Bhinebeck, justice of peace, born in
N y. city July 31, 1814, settled in this county Jan 1,
1832, owns one acre of land; wife Jane Ann Schell, of
Bhinebeck, married June 4, 1834; children four.

Green Bobert M., p o Rhinpbeck, farmer and fruit grower, 137
acres, born in Milan in 1827, has been commissioner
of highways; wife Ann E. Vail, married in 1851 ; chil-
dren seven.

Greene Walter M., born In town of Bhinebeok in 18.33, owns 135
acres; wife Mary J. Town; children two.

Guilford D. H , p o Bhinebeck, merchant tailor, bom in Man-
chester, Eng. in 1833, settled in this county in 1852; wife
Julia Mack ; child ren six living ; 1st wife Harriet Myers.

Grube Andrew, p o Bhinebeck.

GrifBtb J. G , p o Bhinebeck, clergyman.

Hammick Joseph T., manufacturer of pianos and organs, born
in New Haven, Conn July 26, 1826, settled in this
county May 1, 1867: wife S. Emeline Newman, of Bgre-
mont, Mass., married Dec. 24, 1855.

Hermans A. J., born in town of Bed Hook, house built in ITOO.

Hamling J. C, po Bhinebeck.

Hutchings Alfred H , p o Bed Hook, farmer, 188 acres, born in
Columbia county in 1841, settled in this county in 1860;
wife Henrietta Finder, of this county..

Hutton George, silversmith, settled in this county in 1817. ■

Hill Edwin, p o Bhinebeok, born in Winchester, N. H. Feb. 3,
1820, settled in this county in February 18 il; wife Cath-
erine Cramer, of Bhinebeck, married Oct. 22, 1845; chil-
dren tbree.

Hager William H.. p o Bhinebeck.

Heermance Martio, p o Bhinebeck.

Hester Thomas E.. p o Bhinecliff

Johnson William 'J., p o Bhinebeck, restaurant, born in town in
183!!, has been an organist; first wife Helen Jackson;
second wife Jane Cross; one adopted child.

Judson N. W. tr., p o Bhinebeck.

Kipp J. H , farmer, 5 acres, born in town of Bhinebeck in 1829,
has been supervisor; wife Fannie M. Lewis, of 01ster
countv, married Nov 24, 1858; children seven.

Kip Miss Catherine, p o Bhinebeok, ancestors came in this
county about 1688.

Kip William Bergh, p o Bhinebeck.

Kiley Thomas, p o Bhinebeok, coachman, born in Ireland in
183*. settled in this county in 1855; wife Mary Doran,
of Ulster county; children nine.

Kellye Bobert, n o Bhinebeck.

Latson H. p o Bhinebeck.

Lewis William H., p o Bhinebeck, farmer, 3.33 acres, born in
Ulster county in 1814, settled in this county in 1837,
has been collector and assessor : wife Eleanor Eip,
married April 23, 1835 ; children six.

Lett L. Walter, p o Bhinebeok, pastor of Reformed Church,
born in Brooklyn Aug. 12, 1853, settled in this county
Sept. 13, 1879.

Luther Philip, p o Bhinebeok, farmer, born in Bavaria, Ger-
many, settled in this county in 1871 ; wife Catherine
Schroth, of Germany ; one child.

Lansing Dr. B., p o Bhinebeck.

Lowns, William A., p o Bhinebeck.

McGrath T. Frank, p o Bhinecliff.

Mendell P. J., born in Germany in 184.5, settled in this county
in 1871 ; barber, wife Lovinia Fiex.

Murch David, farmer, 132^ acres, born in Germany in 1828.
settled in this county in 1840 ; wife Maria Deidiick of
Bhinebeck ; children three.

Monfort James A., p o Bhinebeck, dealer in flour and feed,
born in town Feb. 2, 1842, has been justice of the
peace ; wife Anna Tiaver, married March 2, 1864;
children tbree.

Olmsted A. F., D. D., p o Bhinebeok, minister in Prot. Epis-
copal Church, born in East Harttord, Conn., Aug. 22
1818, settled in this county Nov. 1, 1866 ; wife Caroline
E. Olmstead, of Catskill, Greene county ; married
Oct. 3, 1644^

O'Brien John, p o Bhinebeok.

Ostrom John G., p o Bhinebeck.

Palmer T. G. j o Bhinebeck.

Pells David HT, p o Bed Hook, farmer, 261 acres, born in Bed
Hook in 1821. Is married, children, two.

Pottenburgh Jacob H., p o Bhinebeck, born in town of Bhine-
beck May 15, 1835 ; wife Adda Marshall, married in
1860, one child.

Proper Bobert, p o Bbinebeck, farmer 144 acres, born in Colum-
bia county, settled in this county in 1856 ; wife Miss
Weatherwax, of Millan, married in 1842 ; children,
three living.

Quick Peter B , p o Bhinebeck, lumber dealer, born in Bhine-
beok Oct. 20, 1834 ; wife Isadore J. Thompson, of Bed
Hook, married Nov. 6, 1656 ; children, two living.

Bamsdell Electus, p o Bhinebeck, farmer born in Greene county
in 1835, settled in this county in 1874 ; wife Carrie Van
Steenbergh. Electus has been teller in the Nat. Bank.

Bider Lewis, p o Bhinebeck.

Bobson Walter S , carriage trimmer, born in Poughkeepsie,
March 1, 1842, has been constable nine years; wife
Susan A. IJeever, of Putnam county.

Bosenkranz Louis, dealer in tin ware and stoves, born in New
York City in 1849, settled in this county in 1868; wife
Annie Wade, married July 3, 1869 ; children three.

Boof, I. H., p o Bbinebeck.

Bussell Isaac F., born In this county in 1799, has been post-
master over twenty years, and supervisor three years.
First wife Eliza Briggs, married in 1822. children twelve.
Second wife married in 1860. Isaac F. was soldier in
the revolutionary war, father Isaac Bussell one of
early settlers in the county.

Bynders Jacob, p o Bhinebeck, dealer in boots and shoes,
born in town in 1613 ; wife Charity Bynders.

Savage Thomas S. p o Bhinecliff, pastor of Church of the As-
cension, b'orn in Middletown, Conn., in 1804. settled in
this county in 1869, has been foreign missionary, was
in Yale College in 1825 and in medical college in 1833.

Schell William B., p o Bhinebeck, born in Bhinebeck in October
1814 ; wife Hannah Schell,of Bhinebeck ; children two.

Schozver Mrs. G. W. p o Bhinebeck.

Schultz B. F., p o Bhineclifl, steamboat owner, born in town of
Bhinebeck in isn7,has been captain thirty years ; wife
Mary Banker, married May 6, 1829 ; children six.

Shaffer Alonzo B.. p o Bhinebeck, blacksmith, born in town of
Bhinebeck in 1845 : wife Martha Eighmy, married in
1866; children four.

Shop Henry, p o Bock City, farmer, 86 acres, born in Bhinebeck
in 1808 ; wli'e Ann E. Lown, one child. Shop and
Lowns old residents.

Seooi H. N., p o Bhinebeck.

Scott Bev. L. Walter, p o Bhinebeck, clergyman.

Sherwood Isaac, wholesale grocer, born in this county in 1819,
has been assessor ; wife May E. Herrick, of Duchess
county, married in 1845, one child.

Sipperly Wm. H., p o Bhinebeck, harness manufacturer, born
in Bed Hook in 1812, has been town clerk two years ;
wife Lucy M. Bickert, married in 1861, one child.
Family were early residents.

Smith William A., p o Bhinebeck, cigar manufacturer, born in
town of Bhinebeck in 1843, has been collector. Father
Edward Smith

Strobel William D. D.D., p o Bhinebeck, clergyman, born in
Cbarlestown, S. C, May 17, 1808, settled in this county
in 1851 ; wife Abby Anne Engs, of New York City, mar-
ried May 7. 1845 /children five living.

Smith E. M. p o Bhinebeck

Thorn J. H., p o Bhinebeck, cashier 1st Nat. Bank born in
Milan Sept. B, 1839 ; wife Henrietta E. Thorn, of
Clinton, married April 23 1868 ; children, two.

Thorn William H.', p o Bhinebeck, bank clerk, born in Milan
July 22. 1864 ; wiloEUen E. Coon, of Bed Hook.married
July 22; 1879.

Tompkins John, p o Bhinebeok, farmer, 126 acres, born In
Milan Dec. 13. 1803 ; first wife Amelia Straat, of Bed
Hook, one child; second wife Mary Tompkins.

TenBroeck Walter L , p o Bhinebeck.'

Traver Alexander, p Bhinebeck, farmer, 145 acres, born in
town of Bhinebeck in 1821 ; wife Cornelia Traver, of
Bhinebeck, married about 1850; children, three.

Traver Virgil C, p o Bhinebeok, retired farmer, born in Bbine-
beck Nov. 19, 18S9; wife Jane M. Judson,of Bhinebeck,
married March 30, 1858.

Trempor Bros., p o Bhinebeck,

Traver Alexander S , p Bhinebeck.

Traver E S., p o Bhinebeck, farmer.

VanSteenburg Wm., p o Bhinebeck, farmer, 80 acres, born in
1618; wife Margaret Benner, of Bed Hook, married
June 3, 1852.

Wells Frank B., p o Bhinebeok.

Welch Simon, p Bhinebeok.

Welch Alfred, farmer, 118 acres, born in town in 1811, has been
justice of peace; wife Jane V. Eighmy, of Bhinebeok;
children, tour.


Way James E., p o Rhinebeok, farmer, 90 acres, born in Colum-
bia county in 1832, settled in tbis county in 1847, has
been trustee First Pres. cburch ten years; wife
Martha Fellows.

Welch John M., p o Khinebeck, farmer, 120 acres, born in town
of Bhlaebeck in 1842; wife Florence A. Holmes, mar-
ried April 14, 1874, one child. Holmes family old resi-

Westfall Frank, butcher, born in town in 1845, has been col-
lector; wife Sarah E. Westfall. Frederick Ootting,
born in town July 20, 1805, farmer, retired, has been
asseseor and town auditor, is married and has two
children living.

Wirtz M. p o Bhinebeck.

Wygant M, H., p o Rhinebeck.


Allen George L,, p o Willow Brook, farmer, 132 acres, born in
this county in 1830: wife Maryetta Smith, of Randolph
Vt., married in 1852, two daughters.

Ambler S. H„ p o Stissing, merchant, born in Connecticut in
1824, settled in tliis county in 1840. is postmaster;
wife Olive Bois, of county.mnrried in 1P50; children five. •

Beckwith Qeorge, p o Stissiog, farmer, 180 acres, born in this
county in 1814; wife Abby E. Thompson, born in town,
married in 1848; children seven. Father was in war of
1813, and grandfather in war of Revolution,

Butts J. W.. p o Mclntyre, farmer and produce agent. 250 acres,
born in town in 1835, is now supervisor; wife Tamma
A. Humphrey of town, married in*l86I; children three.
Grandparents were among early settlers in county.

Carman Leonard S., p o Bangall, farmer, ICO acres, born in
county Jan. 3. 1821; wife Emma J* Preston, born in
town . in 1837, married in 1857; children two. Great-
grandfather one of first settlers in town of Dover.

Carpenter Morgan, p o Shekomeko, farmer 30ii acres, born in
town in 1854; wife Virginia Bartlett, of Virginia, mar-
ried Dec. 14,1876.

Carpenter T. S., p o Shekomeko, farmer, 1,000 acres, born in
town in 1828, has been member of Assembly and super-
visor four terms; wife Sarah Wilson, of county, mar-
ried in 1860; children six.

Conklin Mnlford, p o Attlebury, farmer .309 acres, born in
coi.nty in 1819, has been supervisor and excise com-
missioner; wife Mary E. Husted, born in town, mar-
ried in 1844; daughters three.

Gookingham Piatt V., p o Shunpike, farmer, 83 acres, born in
town in 1841, has been inspector of elections; wife
Antonette B. Preston, of town married in 1862; chil-
dren, four. Grandparents came to county at early day.

Cornelius Alfred M... p o LaFayetteville, farmer, 200 acres, born
in Stanford, Dec. 30, 1S30, has been assessor ,and in-
spector of elections; wife Louisa S. Kowe born in
Milan, married Sept. 13, 1859; children two. '

Cooper Gilbert, p o Bangall, farmer, 255 acres, born in town of
Fishkill, March 23, 1820.

Cornelius F. J, p o Willow Brook, farmer 240 acres; born in
county in 1889; wife Bosanna S. Drum, born in county
iq 1831, married in 1858; children three.

Deuell Geo. S., p o Bangall, farmer and apiarian, 145 aeres,born
in town in 1830; wife Maria S. Haigbt, born in county,
married in 1865; children three. Homestead purchased
in 1827.

Earle Mary E., p o Stanfordville, farmer, 147 acres, born in Con-
necticut in 1839, settled in county in 1864; husband
Martin Earle, married in 1850, died in 1863; children

Eddy Robert H., p o Amenia City.

Ferris Miss S. A., p o Bangall; father John Ferris died in 1865.
His father and grandfather were among early settlers.

Fridy Orrin F., p o Stanfordville, farmer, 110 acres, born in Al.
bany in 1843, settled in county in 1862; wife Phebe C.
Buckmoer. of Indiana, nmfried in 1866; children four.

Germond H., n o Willow Brook, farmer, 194 acres, born in town
in 1S21; wife Emily Adsit, of this county, married in
1843; children four. Father among early settlers.

Getmond S. W., p o StiFSin?. farmer. 200 acres, born in county
in 1838, has been supervisor. Father born in county.

Guernsey Daijiel W., p o Poughkeepsie, attorney, owns lOX
acres of land, born in Stanford, March 29, 18.S4; wife
Emily Millard, born in Pawling, mariied June 10,1870;
children five.

Haight Thomas 0., p o Bangall, farmer and fru^t grower, born
in county in 1809, 143 acres.

Haight A. V., p o Bangall, farmer, 283 acres, born in town in
1828; wife Phebe E, Davis, of county, married in 1851;
children five.

Haight Jas. B„ p o Bangall, miller, born in county in 1838; wife
Susan M. Hart, of county, married in 1870; children
two; has been in milling business in Bangall since 1873.

Husted Margaret, p o Attlebury, farmer, 220 acres, born in
county in 1841; husband Ebenezer Husted, married
in 186u, died in 18T4, two sons.

Hoag E. B., p Attlebury, farmer, 300 acres, born in county in
1807; wife Roxanna Culver, of county, married in 1830:
children five; celebrated golden wedding May SO, 1880
in home where last forty-eight years of their married

* life has been spent.

Knapp Albert, p o Willow Brook, farmer,174 acree,born in town
in 1841, has been assessor, was in late war; wife
Amelia M. Swift, married in 1868, one adopted child.

Kinney G. B„ p o Amenia, farmer 630 acres, born in Amenia in
1816; wife Elma Tripp, of town of Washington, died
Feb. 13, 1860; children three; grandfather obtainefl
title to same land from king of England,

Knapp Amos B., p o Stanfordville. farmer, 460 acres, born in
town Sept, 25, 1808, has been supervisor and commis-
sioner of school and highways; wife Eliza Smith, of
county, married in 1829; children ten; grandf-atber
Amos Knapp,wife Mary Brownell, married in 1778.

Knapp Edgar, p o Stanfordville. farmer, 72 acres, born in town
in 1843; wife Hattie Flagler, born in county, married
in 1859; two sons, farm was located by grandfather
over lOOyears ago.

Knickerbocker H. J., p o Stanfordville, merchant, born in
county in 18^; wife Eliza Fredinburgh, of town,
married in 1871; children two, grandfather was one of
Little Nine Partners.

Losee Sarah M., p o Stanfordville.

Losee Elmore, p o Bangall, physician, born in Saratoga county,
May 23, 1821, settled in county in 1849, graduated in
Castleton, Vt., in 18^6 and commencec practice in
same year; wife Frances E. Merrit, born in Ontario
county, married in 1855, one daughter.

Miller J. H., p o Stanfordville, merchant,born in county in 1842;
wife Phebe J. Husted, of county, married In 1862; one
child: parents and grandparents were early settlers.

Palmer Samuel, p o Mclntyre, farmer, 75 acres, born in Con-
necticut in 1814, settled in county in 1835, has been
deputy sheriff fifteen years and custom house officer
four years; wife Lucretia Allen, of Columbia county,
married in 1840; children two. ■

Pultz M. T., p o Stanfordville, physician, born in county July
17, 1843, graduated from college of physicians and suk-
geons of New York, a^udied with Dr. VanVleet, of
Bhinebeck, and commenced practice inStanfordjJune
9. 1868; wife Alice Clark of county,' married Jan. 11,
1877; children two.

Pulver Henry, po Amenia, farmer, 207 acres, born in Pine
Plains in 1806; wife Jane E. Cook, born in Amenia in
1808, married in 1829, died August 2!, 1880; children five.

Online LibraryJames H. (James Hadden) SmithHistory of Duchess county, New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers → online text (page 123 of 125)