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Sole Proprietor omH Governor of Ptnntylvania, (Lc, d:c. ; Bom in London. 164 4
DUd at Rutcombc, 171S; Buried at Jordant.

" Only thf (itHont of the just

Smdl fM(tt and hlouom in the dust."




Mlillsi, Eegisiterg, auti Serlis!,




P E NN ,




®2ailliam ^enn,





Sonlion :



NDKX to Wills and Ad-
ministrations Granted
and Pkovki) in the Prero-
gative Court of Canter-
bury to the Families of
Penn, &c., 1383 — 1700.

1383— Ji.hn reiiTie,
1478— Rilph Penne.
ir)03— Richanl Penne.
1551) — Thomaa Peiuie.

„ John Penne.
157(>— David Penne, Es-i.
1572 — Anthony Penne.
1573— Oilbert Penue.
1575 — John Pi iiiie.
1579— Edward Pen.

„ Henry Pen,
1584— Richard Penn.
15Sn— Anthony Penne.
1501 — Anthony Penne.

„ Gilbert Pen.
1692— William Penne.
1.5!»:i— Jolin Penn.
loUi)— Ji)lin Penne.
16H;— Cswald Pen.
lf,17_ William Penn.
1618— Joanna IVne.

„ Thomas Penn.
1628— Thonia.s Penne.
1634 — Ii.hn Penne.
1637— William Penn.

„ — Ursula Penn.
1611 — Thomas Penn, of Warwick.
1643— Edward Penn, of Bucks.
1645 — Henry Penn, of Bucks.
1616 — Geor{,'c Penn, of Kent.

„ — Paul Penn (Adnion.) of Bucks.

„ — William Penn (Admon.) of
1646— George Penne
1648- William Pen.















-Michael Penn.
E<lward I'eiin.
Robert Penn.
-William Pcini.
-Thomas Peini.
William Penn.
Edmond Penn.
Francis Penn.
Thom:is Penn.
Symon Penn, of London.
-Humphry Penne, Kent.
Gill)ert Penne, of Worcester.
Thomas Penn of Middlesex.
Alice Penne, of Worcester.
Oswald Penn, of Romford.
Giles Penn, of O.xford.
Walter Penne, of Worcester.
Henry Penne, of Kent.
Catherine Penne, of Worcester.
-Thomas Penne, Bucks.
John Penn, cif Oxford.
Cheval Penn, of Hartford.
■William Penn, of Middlesex.
Sir William Penn, of Loudon.
-Thomas Penn.
-William Penn, F. P.
George Penne, of Dorset
Oliver Penn, of Dorset.
-Stephen Penn.

-William Penn, Esq., of Bucks.
Oswahl Penn, of Surrey.
Elizabeth Penne, of Dorset.
Richard Penn, of War^\^ck.
Sarah Penn, of Bucks.
Thomas Penn, of Bristol.






HE following letters from
William Penn, and from
other perfons, form part
of a larger correfpondence
which appears to have been copied
out by dired:ion of Col. Nicholfon,
Governor of Maryland in 1797, and
forwarded by him to Lord Bridge-
water, then Firft Lord of the Ad-
miralty. It is probable, therefore,
that other copies may exift in the
Government Archives.

They relate entirely to what is
perhaps not a very interefting fubjedt,
the quarrels and difputes of the au-
thorities of the feveral colonies ; who
were then, it is unneceiTary to re-

4 Correfpondence Relat'mg

mark, whi^llv independent of each
other. Tliey have, however, hcen
thouL^ht worthy of a place in this
volume on account of their connec-
tion with fo remarkable an individual
as Mr. Penn, and ihowing the nature
of the accufations made a^ainft him,
and thofe appointed bv him. There
is much more of the fame kind,
and of illegal exactions, harbouring
pirates, 6cc. againft the Quaker juf-
tices. Pcnn was at that period rc-
fiding in England, and the government
of Pennfilvaniawasthen adminiftered
by his deputy. Col. Markham, who
appears to have carried on matters
with a hiirh hand. Whether the


complaints arc well-founded or not
it is, of courfc, impofl'iblc to elicit
from an ex parte ftatement ; but
there is very little doubt that the
dominating fedl in each Colony, be
they Churchmen in Virginia, Pu-
ritans in New England, or'(^\kers

to JVilltam Penn. 5

in Pennfilvania, and whether they
had left their homes to avoid perfe-
cution or not, were by no means
averfe to exercifing a Httle when
they had the power themfelves.

E. E.

6 Correfponde?ice Relating

Mem :

IFTER 1 had attended S^ Tho-
mas Trevor the A tturney Gen",
when were hv his order allio attending
Mr. Pen, Col. Winthrop, Mr. Balfe
in hehalf of themfelves and other
the proprietors, about his Majeftvs
appointing Atturneys Gen"^" in y^
feveral proprietorys ; Mr. Pen and
Col. Winthrop came to me on y*
19^*^ of Odlober 1696 not far from
the Atturneys Chamber and told me
y^Adt for preventing Frauds &c was
made to enfnare honert: people.

That he had the Regalia, and did
not value y'^ A(ft 20 of October, Col.
Winthrop told me y^ introducing y'
ad: was a barbarous thing

E. Randolph.*

Annapolis, January 18, 1697.
True Copy,


* Mr. Randolph proceeded as a Crown

to William Penn.

Warminghurft i6 06t. 1697

Edward Randolph,

I SHALL not fail to oblige Col.
Markham to ufe his Authority to
right y^ Intereft of y^ Crown in all
refpedls, and if thou expedleft my
letter befides thou (halt have it. But
to be very plain, I doe exped an
other fort of Correfpondence ; and
y* thofe which have been y^ Inftru-
ments of railing this Smoake ag^* my
province will quench y* Fire which
feeds it ! or I mull fling away my
Scabbard, and openly deted: and im-
peach too : and I neither fear my
matter, nor my Intereft to back it.
Fory^a man and his Family and his

Commiflioner to Pennfilvania, where his quar-
rels with Col. Markham ended in the latter's
throwing him into prifon : a violent a6l, which
was one of the caufes of the latter's depofition.

8 CorrcJp07ide?icc Relating

tricnds IhoiiKl Ik- 1 mothered in a
Dull iiKilicc has raifcd, and aggravated
only to difpollefs us (as I am ahle to
prove) by y*^ partys concerned in y*
plot, is fcandalous to all y' (love ?)
truth more than trick. And I ex-
pert, if \vc arc to live good Friends,
y^ Thou wilt here, as well as there,
doc thy utmoft to lay thefc things
before thou goeft which, as it will
flicw a reality, will oblige one y*
dares be juft to Fricndihip ; and y*
on thefe Terms will ihew himfelf,
thy allured friend

Will. Pen.

I intend to write again before
thou goeft.

To Edward Randolph Efq.
at y* Cuftom Houfc London.

The original of this Copy I left

to William Penn. 9

in ye hands of Mr. Henley Com-
miffioner of y^ Cuftoms.

E. Randolph.

True Copy

FF" Nicholson.

Warminghurft 22 Ober. 97

Col. Nicholson,

I AM forry y* any man y* values
himfelf upon his charadler {hould
fo much forget it, as to a6t an un-
neighbourly part, which is y^ fofteft
term I can find, to engage thy pa-
tience to read and weigh this com-
plaint of mine, ag^* thee to thy felf.
When Thou lef'ft England, I
well remember, thou wert pledged
to defire to fee me, and at y* time
ofFerd me friendly offices. I took
it as became me, very civilly and
kindly : After y^ I feared no night-
ftabs, or fecret defigns againfl: me

10 Corrcfpondc77Cc Relating

and niv intcrrt ; for I cant help
believing any gentleman, when he
gives me fo much ground for it.

It is true, Thou has fliewed Col.
Markham an exterior Rclpcdt for
fome time : but y^ makes him take
this late turn of treatment lo much
y*^ harder. For if he were as culpa-
ble, as he is reprefented ; me thinks
he might firft have been advifed of
fuch irregularitvs; and if not fpeedily
mended thou mufl: complain at home.
But inftead of this method, to carry
fmoothly there, & at y^ fame time
to encourage Ed"'^'' Randolph to im-
peach him and y^ province here, two
years fuccefl'ively and y" tirft invade
the province by Force, Drums beat-
ing, and Colours flying : & after-
wards write a^ainfl: us ; and all this,
immediately after an appearance of
a good Underftanding ; leems to me
not very prudent ; 6c to be fure, very

to William Perm. 1 1

A letter of Complaint to Mark:
with a warning, in cafe he were not
more carefull, to complain at home,
with an order to y^ MefTenger to
take his receipt for y^ letter, would
have more effectually touched him,
and have obliged his care, or expofed
him much more to cenfure upon

But this is not all. Govern"^ Ni-
cholfon, when in my province, upon
his return home, if not as he came,
made it his bulinefs to fpy holes in
our Coat, and glean up our weak-
nelTes (if any were) by afking and
pumping at private Houfes, how
they were governed, what Trade,
what fhips frequented them : if they
were injured or oppreffed in any re-
fpecft, as I am affured from y™ ;
which has not a good face with it,
in my opinion ; nor can it tend to
peace among y^ Kings Subjects &
Colonies. But yet a more difmgen-

12 CorrcJpo?ulcficc Relating

nous thing I complain ot, to wit,
holding a corrcfpondcncc with peo-
ple in my province in order to expt)le
y* Government at home ; which
muft end in y*^ difgrace of it, if not
in mine, and my fuffering Familys

This is what I believe Col. Ni-
chollon would think very ill in mc ;
it I (hould, or could provoke any of
our Friends in Maryland ; or any
elle to ferve thee fo ; Thou wouldl^
punilh it fevercly.

I know y^ Ci'^ Snead, G' Jones
(lately of M land) and one Moor 6cc
have been thy Correfpondents ; at
leaft arc of a Cabal, to blow us up.
And for y'" to doe this, and never fend
me one word of any real mifcarriage,
6c what they would have redrelied;
is villanous in them, and in Gover"^
Nicholfon not well : being litter for
independant Soveraignties ; y" per-
fons of y^ fame Nation and Alle-

to William Penn. 13

giance. Truly thefe things trouble
me. Had Col. Nicholfon fent me
word of any mifcarriage, or carelefs,
if not corrupt pracftifes of o"" faults ;
I could have taken y^ Information
moft friendly, and begged his over-
fight, as y^ greatefl favour he could
doe me.

There are two ways of doing all
things ; a faire and a foul ; a rough &
a foft method. It could not have
hurt Col. Nicholfon to have fhewed
us, y^ firft time at leaft, his fairer
and fofter fide. I omit thy particular
heats againfl us, thy Imprecations
upon poor Philadelphia, and that
there fhall be as many Bills fet up
there, as houfes in a while ; be-
caufe y* may be y^ fruit of paflion :
yet out of the abundance of y^ heart,
y^ mouth fpeaketh ; as faith our
bleffed Saviour. Nor will I take
notice of faults in thy own charge
and Government, of which I have

14 Correfpondaice Rclat't?jg

heard many, and foul enough, if
true ; for yts not my hufinefs : Nor
have I once aggravated you to thy
Dilfervicc : but have oftener cxcufcd
thv exxelles, y" ferved inyfelf of y*";

# •f * *

and y* for y*^ fake of fomc good qua-
Utys I have heard of Thee, by fonie
y* knew thee, before thou kneweft
America. And therefore in my
complaint with many more, about
y^ lo'^ (per head?) calculated plainly
to our prejudice (it being only exe-
cuted upon us) Virginia and New
York being allowed to efcape y*
cruel incumberance, and indeed op-
prelTion ; and what is in its own
Nature, an high mifdcmeanour ag"*'
Mother-Countrey-Engl'^ I worded
it without v^ leaft perfonal reflexion?
And in o*^ friends memorial to y'
Lords of Trade and plantations about
ysc jQib Qf Xobacco per head, Thou
art not fo much as named. And I
muft doe y"' y*-" juftice to fay they

to William Penn. 15

have not played y^ Capt. Snead to
thee : but with great regards to
thy reputation, faying nothing y*
was ill, and feveral things y^ were to
thy Advantage. And in my reply
to thy anfwer to G. Carpenters &c
petition, there is not one Incinuaton,
but what flridily belongs to y^ bufi-
nefs, and in Terms fhort & decent,
I hope.

I fay not this to befpeak anything
butjuftice, and hearty good neigh-
bourhood ; if it may be ; and if it
can't be ; we muft fhift for ourfelves.
But becaufe thy Friends, who have
written to thee, have affured me it
will be better, and y^ we fhall live
with more regard to a friendly Com-
merce and Correfpondence ; I have
writ this to let thee fee it is in thy
power, if thou pleafeft, to have a
better underftanding, to our own
fatisfaftion, y^ good of y^ provinces,
and their happier Intercourfe, and y*^

1 6 Co7'rcJpo?idcnce Rclati?Jg

Crowns true Tcrvlcc. And it this
meet with a right Reception, and y'
I am not mifunderll-ood, thou wih
always find me

Thy kind neighbour
and real Friend

Wm. Penn.

True Copy.

FF" Nicholson.

I THANK God, I abhor all indiredl
methods, as at conniving at forbidden
Trade, or y^ abufe of y*^ Crown in a
lawful one. And if any are faulty
in my propriety ; as I am innocent
fo I am furc I would not endure,
but punifli it to extremity, if among
them. Tho here itfelf fo full of
officers, and checks, it happens too

When Ed. Randolph arrives there,
he will be able to fay more upon y*

to Willi ufn Penn. 17

head, and y^ Regulations y* are fixed
for prevention. In which I allfo
had my ihare in propofing fome of
y™, and aggreeing to others ; as y^
Lords well know ; which I heartily
wifh may be obferved

W. P.

For Col. Nicolfon
Governour of Marylanden.

True Copy

FF. Nicholson.

N. York 30 Xber — 97

Mr. Brook (amongft other things)
acquainted y^ Govern^ Col. Fletcher,
y* Mr. Pen was in great Efteem at
Court ; and by what I have under-
ftood he has been very inftrumental
to difplant Col. Fletcher from y^
Government.* Yet fome fhort time

* Col. Fletcher had been the governor ap-
pointed ad interim by the Crown, till Penn's
authority in Pennfilvania was definitively fettled.
See Hepworth Dixon's " Life of Penn."

i8 Corrcfp07ulc7icc Relating

lu'f(^rc Mr. Brooks his departure,
Mr. Pen took an opportunity to tell
xMr. Hrook, y' y^ icU was to be re-
moved from yC^ Government and y'
he had enough aga"* you to effedt it,
y' he might acquaint Col. I'lctcher,
if he had a mind to y^ Government
of Marvl'* ; he advifed him only to
make fome ft ay in thofe parts and
doubted not procure v' Government :
for Col. Fletcher, who I know ut-
terly abhors fuch intreagues, is fully
refolved to depart hence in his Ma-
jeftys fliip y*^ Richmond.

The above is part of a letter from
y' Hon'''^ Col. Nicholas Bayard one
of his Ma^'' Council of N. York &
fent to

FF" Nicholson.


Part of Col. Bavard's letter to his Excellency
coiicerniiiB Mr. rcnii.

to Wtlliam Penn. 19

Philadelphia May 8" 6*"^ 1698.

I RECEIVED yo'' Hon'^ by Edward
Randolph Efq"" who I have been at
New York with, and have fent
home agrievances under y^ Seal of
York to S"* Ben : Bathurft and Coppys
to fome of y^ Lords Commiflioners.
I have received a letter ffrom Coll:
Quarry by which I find Mr. Penn
has found a way to make him his
ffriend. I underftand he has helpt
him to moft of Charles Saunders
bufinefs ; intereft blinds moft men ;
he gives me to underftand that Mr.
Penns intereft is fo great as if the
King writes to him particularly from
fflanders and fatisfyes him of his pro-
ceedings there : as if he were of his
privy Councill. I fuppofe it is on
purpofe to make us defift from mak-
ing our cafes known at home ; I
would have fent yo"" Hon"" a copy of

20 Correfpondcnce Relating

his Letter hut Mr. Randolph luis put
mc in hopes of feeing you this way.

S"^ when at York I was to waite on
Coll. Hletcher, who told me y' Mr.
Penn had writt to him to linger or
hover (I know not which) thcfe
parts for fome little lime and he
doubted not hut gett him the go-
vernment of Maryland ; if his in-
tereft at Court be as he pretends ; 1
wilh I were out of his government :
here is no living for any y' are not
(fakers without it be altered ; we
had better live under the ffrench
King, I would gladly fell my Intereft
for half y*^ worth, than rtay if it
continues —

I pray God protedl y' Hon' you
having him on yo"^ fide need tear no
penns y* can fpake or write again R
you. S"^ I have little news to acquaint
yo' Ex"^y with, my Lord Bellemount
has caufed Coll. ffletcher to give
fecurity for his anfwering to fuch

to William Penn, 21

matters as (hould be obliged ag' him
at home.

My Lord is very much of Liefly's
lide, which makes great heart burn-
ing on y^ other fide w*^^ makes things
y* were almoft fForgot revived ; Pray-
ing yo' Hon^ to pardon y^ trouble
of thefe long Scrols from yo*^ Ex^'^y^
mofl humble & moft faithfull

Obedient fervt

Rob: Snead.
A true Coppy

FFN Nicholson.

2 2 Correjpondcficc Rclat't?Jg



Mcmorafidum of freer a I matters re-
** /jting to Mary hind and Pen/il-
" vania dilated to me by f Go-
*' vernor of Maryland at Patuxe?it
" Mayzt'^ 1698."

The Cafe of
Maryland and

lARYLAND lyes under great
inconveniencye by the Re-
niKTion of Government in Penlil-
vania, by their illegal! Trade, and
by the manufactures there let up
with which in time they will fupply
the wants of this Province.

Mr. Edward Randolph hath been
lately there and difcovered fome late
illegall prad:ifes in point of Trade
and hath fent home an account to
the Comm" of the cuftom houfe.
As to their Civill Government all
men know the partial 1 and foul

to William Penn. 23

judgement of the Quaker Juftices.
The only way to be fatlsfied is to
fend over or to appoint Commif-
fioners to examine into their frauds
and abufes of all forts.

All which, will further appear by Mr. wm. Pens
Mr. Pens letter to his Excellency
by feeing how induflrious He is
to fupprefs any informations given
againft his illegall praftifes.

His Excellency thought it not
expedient to anfwer Mr. Pens letter
or to hold any correfpondence with
him without your Lordfhips com-
mands or dired:ion which if He re-
ceive He doubts not but to give your
Lordfhip full fatisfadion.

The threatening expreflions in Fraudulent
Mr. Pens letter againft Mr. Ran- °"""s-
dolph are remarkable. And what
he fais about procuring for Coll:
Fletcher the government of Mary-
land as in Coll: Bayards letter, By
all which appears the delign he has

24 Co?'rcfpo?i(lc?icc Relating

to advance the Reputation of his in-
terefl: in P'ngland by pretending to
remove (jovernors and trighten in-
feriors into obedience unto hinifelf
by deterring them to give any ac-
counts of his proceedings. And his
excellency doubts not but that he
will ufe all his interefl: to remove
him for his endeavours to promote
the churches and fchools, and to op-
pofe the illegallity of his Trade, his
harboring of pyrates and entertain-
ing runaway fervants, and managing
the Trade of Maryland both Lawfull
and unlawful! — which that He mii{ht
hinder his Ex'> hath put them under
reftridtions by obliging their Traders
to come to Annapolis and William-
Trade of Pcn- fladt. Thefe traders from Penfil-

filynnia and . . . i r

Maryland. vania pay nothmg to the lupport of
the Government nor are of any ufe
or defence unto it beini: of the Na-
ture of Scotch Pedlars. In hne his
Ex'^y takes his Ma^'>^ and Mr. Pens

to Willia7n Penn, 25

intereft to be as oppofite as the french
Trade hath been formerly to that of
England. If Mr. Pen fhould objed:
that there is or can be no inland
Trade from Penfilvania to Maryland
it is obferved that there are two or
three pafTages, one from the head
of Bohemia River to Apoquimini
which is but 8 miles. From whence
by fleddes from boats They bring all
manner of merchandife and run our
Tobacco from hence. There is one
other palTage from the head of Elk
river to Newcaftle of 16 miles be-
fide other roads from the Lower
parts of our country to wards theirs.
Memorandum That an addrefs was
made to the Lord Comm^ laft year
about the divilionall line to be fetled ;
The inhabitants of the two Provinces
now feating themfelves every year
nearer y^ one to y^ other fo that there
is no necefTity to have this done.
His Exy defires that if Mr. Pen

26 Corrcfpofjdefice^ &^c.

or any other pcrfon have anything
The Governor to objea to huu That They may
Stand, on his ^ ^y^ ^'.^^^■^^. jp writing hgn it and

Vindication. ^"»- •■' r i

give fecuritv to prolecute the accu-
fation that 'he may have his legall
remedy againft them if they fail to
make it good. And that in fuch
cafe he may have leave to come over
fea and vindicate himfelf And all
his Ex^>' Friends are defired not to
concern themfelves about any fuch
reports but only aflift him in obtain-
ing fuch leave for him, which if it
be not to be done without quitting
the Government he had rather quit
that, than the Vindication of his Re-
pute and Innocence.

Memorand :
Mr. Pepys. That Mr. Pepys now a palfenger

from Penfilvania be called to give
an account of their illcgall manage-
ment before he be taken off by Mr.
Pen as was Mr. Jones.




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