James Nimmo.

Narrative of Mr. James Nimmo written for his own satisfaction to keep in some remembrance the Lord's way dealing and kindness towards him, 1645-1709 online

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Online LibraryJames NimmoNarrative of Mr. James Nimmo written for his own satisfaction to keep in some remembrance the Lord's way dealing and kindness towards him, 1645-1709 → online text (page 14 of 15)
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Turn BULL, George, 64.

Verbeck, M., 88.

Wallace, Captain, skirmish with

the students at Holyrood, 92.
Wardrop, John, of Strathavon, xxix.

John, marries the heiress of

Bridgehouse, xxx.

Watson, David, loi.

Whitefield, Rev. George, visits James

and Lady Jane Nimmo, xxxi.
Wodrow, Church History by, 26, etc. ,

Wood, Betrige, servant of James

Nimmo, 95.

Young, Patrick, cousin of James
Nimmo, 57, 61, 87, 91.

Of -»..._ <^


OF '

Printed by T. and A. Constable, Printers to Her Majesty,
at the Edinburgh University Press.

^cottisl) ^istoxv ^ocietj^.


The Earl of Rosebery, LL.D.

Chairman of Council.
David Masson, LL.D., Professor of English Literature, Edin-
burgh University.


Sir Arthur Mitchell, K.C.B., M.D., LL.D.

Rev. Geo. W. Sprott, D.D.

Rev. A. W. Cornelius Hallen.

W. F. Skene, D.C.L., LL.D., Historiographer - Royal for

Colonel P. DoDs.

J. R. FiNDLAV, Esq.

George Burnett, LL.D., Lyon-King-of-Arms.

J. T. Clark, Keeper of the Advocates' Library.

Thomas Dickson, LL.D., Curator of the Historical Depart-
ment, Register House.

Right Rev. John Dowden, D.D., Bishop of Edinburgh.

J. Kirkpatrick, LL.B., Professor of History, Edinburgh

^NEAs J. G. Mack ay, LL.D., Sheriff of Fife.

CorrespoJidijig Members of the Council.
Osmund Airy, Esq., Birmingham ; Very Rev. J. Cunningham,
D.D., Principal of St. Mary's College, St. Andrews ; Professor
George Grub, LL.D., Aberdeen; Rev. W. D. Macray,
Oxford; Professor A. F. Mitchell, D.D., St. Andrews ;
Professor W. Robertson Smith, Cambridge ; Professor J.
Veitch, LL.D., Glasgow; A. H. Millar, Esq., Dundee.

Hon. Treasurer.
J. J. Reid, B.A., Advocate, Queen's Remembrancer.

Hon. Secretary.
T. G. Law, Librarian, Signet Library.


1. The object of the Society is the discovery and printing,
under selected editorship, of unpublished documents illustrative
of the civil, religious, and social history of Scotland. The
Society will also undertake, in exceptional cases, to issue
translations of printed works of a similar nature, which have
not hitherto been accessible in English.

2. The number of Members of the Society shall be limited
to 400.

3. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council
consisting of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and twelve
elected Members, five to make a quorum. Three of the twelve
elected members shall retire annually by ballot, but they shall
be eligible for re-election.

4. The Annual Subscription to the Society shall be One
Guinea. The publications of the Society shall not be de-
livered to any Member whose Subscription is in arrear, and
no Member shall be permitted to receive more than one copy
of the Society's publications.

5. The Society will undertake the issue of its own publica-
tions, i.e. without the intervention of a publisher or any other
paid agent.

6. The Society will issue yearly two octavo volumes of about
320 pages each.

7. An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held
on the last Tuesday in October.

8. Two stated Meetings of the Council shall be held each
year, one on the last Tuesday of May, the other on the
Tuesday preceding the day upon which the Annual General
Meeting shall be held. The Secretary, on the request of three
Members of the Council, shall call a special meeting of the

9. Editors shall receive 20 copies of each volume they edit
for the Society.

10. The owners of Manuscripts published by the Society
will also be presented with a certain number of copies.

11. The Annual Balance-Sheet, Rules, and List of Members
shall be printed.

12. No alteration shall be made in these Rules except at a
General Meeting of the Society. A fortnight's notice of any
alteration to be proposed shall be given to the Members of the


WorJcs already Issued.


1. Bishop Pococke's Tours in Scotland, 174.7-1760. Edited by

D. W. Kemp.

2. Diary of and General Expenditure Book of William

Cunningham of Craigends, 1 673-1680. Edited by the Rev.
James Dodds, D.D.


3. Panurgi Philo-caballi Scoti Grameidos libri sex. — The

Grameid : an heroic poem descriptive of the Campaign of
Viscount Dundee in l689, by James Philip of Almerieclose.
Edited, with Translation and Notes, by the Rev. A. D.

4. The Register of the Kirk Session of St. Andrews. Part i.

1559-1582. Edited by D. Hay Fleming.


5. Diary of the Rev. John Mill, Minister of Dunrossiiess, Sand-

wick, and Cunningsburgh, in Shetland, 1742-1805, with ori-
ginal documents, local records, and historical notices relating
to the District. Edited by Gilbert Goudie, F.S.A. Scot.

6. Narrative of Mr. James Nimmo, a Covenanter. 1654-1709.

Edited by W. G. Scott-Moncrieff, Advocate,

In Preparation.

The Register of the Kirk Session of St. Andrews. Part ii.
1583-1600. Edited by D. Hay Fleming.

List of Persons concerned in the Rebellion (1745), with Evi-
dences to prove the same, transmitted to the Commissioners
of Excise by the several Supervisors of Excise in Scotland.
Presented to the Society by the Earl of Rosebery.


Glamis Papers; including the ^ Book of Record/ written by Patrick,
FIRST Earl of Strathmore (1647-95), the Diary of Lady
Helen Middleton, his wife, and other documents, illustrating
the social life of the seventeenth century. Edited from the
original manuscripts at Glamis Castle by A. H. Millar.

John Major's De Gestis Scotorum (1521). Translated by
Archibald Constable, with a Memoir of the author by ^Eneas
J. G. Mackay, Advocate.

The Diary of Andrew Hay of Stone, near Biggar, afterwards
OF Craignethan Castle, 1659-60. Edited by A. G. Reid,
F.S.A. Scot., from a manuscript in his possession.

The Records of the Commission of the General Assembly,
I646-I662, Edited by the Rev. James Christie, D.D., with
an Introduction by the Rev. Professor Mitchell, D.D.

' The History of my Life, extracted from Journals I kept since I
was twenty-six years of age, interspersed with short accounts
of the most remarkable public affairs that happened in my
time, especially such as I had some immediate concern in,'
1702-1 754. By Sir John Clerk of Penicuik, Baron of the
Exchequer, Commissioner of the Union, etc. Edited from
the original ms. in Penicuik House by J. M. Gray.

In Contemplation.

Sir Thomas Craig's De Unione Regnorum Britanni^e. Edited,
with an English Translation, from the unpublished manuscript
in the Advocates' Library.

The Diaries or Account Books of Sir John Foulis of Ravelston,
(1 679-1 707), and the Account Book of Dame Hannah Erskine
(1675-1699). Edited by the Rev. A. W. Cornelius Hallen.

^cottisl) ^istoxv ^otittv*






Abernethy, JameSj 11 Prince of Wales Terrace, Kensington,

London, W.
Adam, Sir Charles E., Bart., Blair- Adam.
Adam, Robert, Brae-Moray, Gillsland Road, Edinburgh.
Adam, Thomas, Hazelbank, Uddingston.
Adams, William, Royal Bank of Scotland, St. Andrew Square,

Agnew, Alex., Procurator-Fiscal' s Office, Court-House Buildings,

Aikman, Andrew, 27 Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh.
Airy, Osmund, The Laurels, Solihull, Birmingham.
Aitken, Dr. A. P., 57 Great King Street, Edinburgh.
Aitken, James H., Gartcows, Falkirk.
Alexander, William, M.D., Dundonald, Kilmarnock.
Allan, A. G., Blackfriars Haugh, Elgin.
Allan, George, Advocate, 56 Castle Street, Aberdeen.
Allan, Rev. William, Manse of Mochrum, Wigtownshire.
Allen, Lady Henrietta, Tusculum House, North Berwick.
Anderson, Archibald, 44 Connaught Square, London, W.
Anderson, Arthur, M.D., C.B., Sunny-Brae, Pitlochry.
Anderson, John, jun., Atlantic Mills, Bridgeton, Glasgow.
Anderson, WilUam, C.A., 149 West George Street, Glasgow.
Andrew, Thomas, Doune, Perthshire.
Amot, James, M. A., 57 Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh.
Arrol, Archibald, 18 Blythswood Square, Glasgow.
Arrol, William A., 11 Lynedoch Place, Glasgow.


Baird, J. G. A., Wellwood^ Muirkirk.

Balfour, Right Hon. J. B., Q.C., 14 Great Stuart Street, Edin-

Ballingall, Hugh, Dundee.

Begg, Ferdinand Faithfull, 6 Drapers' Gardens, London.

Bell, A. Beatson, Advocate, 2 Eglinton Crescent, Edinburgh.

Bell, Joseph, F.R.C.S., 2 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh.

Bell, Russell, Advocate, Kildalloig, Campbeltown.

Beveridge, Alex., 9 James Place, Leith.

Black, James Tait, Gogar Park, Corstorphine.

Black, Rev. John S., 6 Oxford Terrace, Edinburgh.

Blaikie, Walter B., 22 Heriot Row, Edinburgh.

Blair, Patrick, Advocate, 4 Ardross Terrace, Inverness.

Boyd, Sir Thomas J., 41 Moray Place, Edinburgh.

Bremner, James, Greenigoe Manor, Wick.

Brodie, T. D., W.S., 5 Thistle Street, Edinburgh.

Brookman, James, W.S., l6 Ravelston Park, Edinburgh.

Broun-Morison, J. B., of Finderlie, The Old House, Harrow-on-

Brown, Professor Alex. Crum, 8 Belgrave Crescent, Edinburgh.

Brown, J. A. Harvie, Dunipace House, Larbert, Stirlingshire.

Brown, Robert, Underwood Park, Paisley.

Brown, William, 26 Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Brownlie, James R., 10 Brandon Place, West George Street,

Bruce, James, W.S., 23 St. Bernard's Crescent, Edinburgh.

Bruce, Hon. R. Preston, Broom Hall, Dunfermline.

Bryce, James, M.P., 35 Bryanston Square, London, W.

Bryce, William Moir, 5 York Place, Edinburgh.

Buchanan, T. D., M.D., 24 Westminster Terrace, West, Glas-

Burnett, George, LL.D., Advocate, Lyon-King-of-Arms, 21 Walker
Street, Edinburgh.

Bums, George Stewart, D.D., 3 Westbourne Terrace, Glasgow.

Burns, John William, Kilmahew, Cardross.

Burns, Rev. Thomas, 13 Cumin Place, Edinburgh.


Caldwell, James, Craigielea Place, Paisley.

Cameron, Dr. J. A., 10 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh.

Cameron, Richard, 1 South St. David Street, Edinburgh.

Campbell, James A., Stracathro, Brechin.

Canie-Ross, Joseph, M.D., Shian Lodge, Penzance.

Carrick, John, 6 Park Quadrant, Glasgow.

Chalmers, Patrick H., of Avochie, 29 Albyn Place, Aberdeen.

Chambers, W. & R., 339 High Street, Edinburgh.

Chiene, Professor, 26 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.

Christie, Thomas Craig, of Bedlay, Chryston, Glasgow.

Clark, G. Bennet, W.S., 57 Queen Street, Edinburgh.

Clark, James, Advocate, 30 Castle Street, Edinburgh.

Clark, James T., Crear Villa, Ferry Road, Edinburgh.

Clark, Robert, 42 Hanover Street, Edinburgh.

Clark, Sir Thomas, Bart., 11 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh.

Clouston, T. S., M.D., Tipperlinn House, Momingside Place,

Cochran- Patrick, R. W., LL.D., of Woodside, Beith, Ayrshire.
Coldstream, John P., W.S., 6 Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh.
Constable, Archibald, 1 Nelson Street, Edinburgh.
Cowan, George, East Morningside House, Clinton Road, Edinburgh.
Cowan, Hugh, St. Leonards, Ayr.
Cowan, J. J., 38 West Register Street, Edinburgh.
Cowan, John, W.S., 7 Greenhill Gardens, Edinburgh.
Cowan, John, Beeslack, Mid-Lothian.
Cox, Edward, Lyndhurst, Dundee.
Craik, James, W.S., 9 Eglinton Crescent, Edinburgh.
Crawford, Donald, M.P., 60 Pall Mall, London.
Crole, Gerard L, Advocate, 1 Royal Circus, Edinburgh.
Cunningham, Rev. John, D.D., Principal of St. Mary's College,

St. Andrews.
Cunningham, Geo. Miller, C.E., 2 Ainslie Place, Edinburgh.
Cunynghame, R. J. Blair, M.D., 6 Walker Street, Edinburgh.
Currie, James, l6 Bernard Street, Leith.

Currie, Walter Thomson, Glendoick House, Glencarse, Perthshire.
Cuthbert, Alex. A., 14 Newton Terrace, Glasgow.


Dalgleish, John J., 8 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh.

Dalrymple, Hon. Hew, Lochinch, Castle Kennedy, Wigtownshire.

Davidson, Hugh, Braedale, Lanark.

Davidson, J., Kirriemuir.

Davidson, Thomas, 339 High Street, Edinburgh.

Davies, J. Mair, C.A., Sheiling, Pollokshields, Glasgow.

Dickson, Thomas, LL.D., Register House, Edinburgh.

Dickson, Dr. Walter G. W., 3 Royal Circus, Edinburgh.

Dickson, Wm. Traquair, W.S., 11 Hill Street, Edinburgh.

Dixon, John H., Inveran, Poolewe, by Dingwall.

Doak, Rev. Andrew, M.A., Trinity Free Church, Aberdeen.

Dodds, Rev. James, D.D., The Manse, Corstorphine.

Dods, Colonel P., United Service Club, Edinburgh.

Donaldson, James, LL.D., Principal, St. Andrews University.

Donaldson, James, Sunnyside, Formby, Liverpool.

Douglas, Hon. and Right Rev. A. G., Bishop of Aberdeen and

Orkney, Aberdeen.
Douglas, David, 15a Castle Street, Edinburgh.
Dowden, Right Rev. John, D.D., Bishop of Edinburgh, Lynn

House, Gillsland Road, Edinburgh.
Duncan, J. Dairy mple, 211 Hope Street, Glasgow.
Duncan, James Barker, W.S., 6 Hill Street, Edinburgh.
Dundas, Ralph, C.S., 28 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh.
Dunn, Robert Hunter, Belgian Consulate, Glasgow.
Dunsmore, W., Advocate, 13 Kilgraston Road, Edinburgh.

E ASTON, Walter, 125 Buchanan Street, Glasgow.
Ewart, Prof. Cossar, 3 Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh.

Faulds, a. Wilson, Knockbuckle, Beith, Ayrshire.

Ferguson, C. Carnie, Bridge of Allan.

Ferguson, James, 41 Manor Place, Edinburgh.

Ferguson, John, Town Clerk, Linlithgow.

Fergusson, T. M., Ayton House, Dowanhill Gardens, Glasgow.

Findlay, J. Ritchie, 3 Rothesay Terrace, Edinburgh.

Findlay, Rev. Wm., The Manse, Saline, Fife.


Fleming, D. Hay, 173 South Street, St. Andrews.

Fleming, J. S., 16 Grosvenor Crescent, Edinburgh.

Flint, Prof., D.D., LL.D., Johnstone Lodge, Craigmillar Park,

Forbes, Peter, Coultermains, Biggar.
Forbes, William, Advocate, 17 Ainslie Place, Edinburgh.
Forrest, James R. P., 26 North Nelson Street, Edinburgh.
Forrester, John, 29 Windsor Street, Edinburgh.
Foulis, James, M.D., 34 Heriot Row, Edinburgh.
Eraser, Professor A. Campbell, D.C.L., LL.D., 20 Chester Street,

Eraser, Hon. Lord, 8 Moray Place, Edinburgh.
Eraser, Patrick Neill, Rockville, Murrayfield.
Eraser, W. N., S.S.C, 41 Albany Street, Edinburgh.
Fraser-Tytler, Prof. James S., Woodhouselee, Roslin, N.B.

Gaedeke, Dr. Arnold, Professor of History, Polytechnikum,
3 Liebigstrasse, Dresden.

Gairdner, Charles, Broom, Newton-Mearns, Glasgow.

Galletly, Edwin G., 22 Albany Street, Edinburgh.

Gardner, Alexander, 7 Gilmour Street, Paisley.

Gartshore, Miss Murray, Ravelston, Blackball, Edinburgh.

Geikie, Archibald, LL.D., Geological Survey, 28 Jermyh Street,
London, S.W.

Geikie, Prof. James, LL.D., 31 Merchiston Avenue, Edinburgh.

Gemmell, James, 19 George iv. Bridge, Edinburgh.

Gemmill, William, 150 Hope Street, Glasgow.

Gibson, James T., LL.B., W,S., 28 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh.

Giles, Arthur, 107 Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Gillespie, G. R., Advocate, 5 Darnaway Street, Edinburgh.

Gillies, Walter, M.A., The Academy, Perth.

Gloag, W. E., Advocate, 6 Heriot Row, Edinburgh.

Gordon, Rev. Robert, Mayfield Gardens, Edinburgh.

Goudie, Gilbert, F.S.A. Scot., 39 Northumberland Street, Edin-

Goudie, Robert, Commissary Clerk of Ayrshire, Ayr.


Gourlay, Robert^ Bank of Scotland, Glasgow.
Gow, Leonard, Hayston, Kelvinside, Glasgow.
Grahame, James, 101 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.
Grant, William G. L., Woodside, East Newport, Fife.
Gray, George, Clerk of the Peace, Glasgow.
Greenshields, J. B., Kerse, Lesmahagow.
Greig, Andrew, 36 Belmont Gardens, Hillhead, Glasgow.
Grub, Prof. George, LL.D., University, Aberdeen.
Gunning, Robert Haliday, M.D., 12 Addison Crescent, Kensing-
ton, London, W.
Guthrie, Charles J., Advocate, 13 Royal Circus, Edinburgh.
Guy, Robert, 120 West Regent Street, Glasgow.

Halkett, Katherine E., Gordon House, Ham Common.

Hall, David, Elmbank House, Kilmarnock.

Hall en. Rev. A. W. Cornelius, The Parsonage, Alloa.

Hamilton, Sir Frederick W., K.C.B., Pitcorthie, Colinsburgh,

Hamilton, Hubert, Advocate, 55 Manor Place, Edinburgh.
Hamilton, Lord, of Dalzell, Motherwell.
Harrison, John, 36 North Bridge, Edinburgh.
Hedderwick, A. W. H., 79 St. George's Place, Glasgow.
Henderson, Joseph, 1 1 Blythswood Square, Glasgow.
Henry, David, 2 Lockhart Place, St. Andrews, Fife.
Hill, William H., LL.D., Barlanark, Shettleston, Glasgow.
Hislop, Robert, Solicitor, Auchterarder.
Hogg, John, 66 Chancery Street, Boston, U.S.
Honeyman, John, 140 Bath Street, Glasgow.
Hope, Sir John David, Bart., Pinkie House, Musselburgh.
Hunt, John, Fingarry, Milton of Campsie, Glasgow.
Hunter, Major, F.R.S., of Plas Coch, Anglesea.
Hunter-Weston, Colonel G.,of Hunterston, F.S.A., West Kilbride,

Hutcheson, Alexander, 10 Reform Street, Dundee.
Hutchison, John, D.D., Afton Lodge, Bonnington.
Hyslop, J. M., M.D., 22 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh.


Imrie, Rev. T. Nairne, Dunfermline.

Inglis^ Right Hon. John, Lord Justice-General, 30 Abercroraby

Place, Edinburgh.
Irvine, Alex. Forbes, Advocate, Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire.

Jameson, J. H., W.S., 12 George Square, Edinburgh.

Jamieson, GeorgeAuldjo,C.A.,37 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh.

Jamieson, J. Auldjo, W.S., 14 Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh.

Japp, William, Solicitor, Alyth.

Johnston, David, 24 Huntly Gardens, Kelvinside, Glasgow.

Johnston, George Harvey, 6 Osborne Terrace, Edinburgh.

Johnston, George P., 33 George Street, Edinburgh.

Johnston, T. Morton, Eskhill, Roslin.

Johnstone, James F. Kellas, 69 Princess Street, Manchester.

Jonas, Alfred Charles, 4 St. James' Crescent, Swansea. '

Kemp, D. William, Ivy Lodge, Trinity, Edinburgh.
Kennedy, David H. C, 27 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow.
Kermack, John, W.S., 10 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh.
Kinnear, The Hon. Lord, 2 Moray Place, Edinburgh.
Kirkpatrick, Prof. John, LL.B., Advocate, 24 Alva Street, Edin-
Kirkpatrick, Robert, 1 Queen Square, Strathbungo, Glasgow.

Laidlaw, David, jun., 6 Marlborough Terrace, Kelvinside, Glasgow.

Laing, Alex., Norfolk House, St. Leonards, Sussex.

Lang, James, 9 Crown Gardens, Dowanhill, Glasgow.

Laurie, Professor S. S., Nairne Lodge, Duddingston.

Law, James F., Seaview, Monifieth.

Law, Thomas Graves, Signet Library, Edinburgh, Secretary.

Leadbetter, Thomas, 122 George Street, Edinburgh.

Lindsay, Thomas M., D.D., Free Church College, Glasgow.

Livingston, E. B., 22 Great St. Helens, London, E.C.

Lorimer, George, 2 Abbotsford Crescent, Edinburgh.

Lorimer, Professor J., LL.D., 1 Bruntsfield Crescent, Edinburgh.


Macadam^ W. Ivison, 6 East Brighton Crescent, Portobello.

Maeandrew, Henry C, Aisthorpe, Midmills Road, Inverness.

Macbrayne, David, Jun., 17 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow.

M^Call, James, F.S.A., 6 St. John's Terrace, Hillhead, Glasgow.

M^Candlish, John M., W.S., 27 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edin-

M*^Cubbin, Wm. Fergus, Glendoon, Ayr.

Macdonald, James, W.S., 15 Lennox Street, Edinburgh.

M'Ewen, W. C, W.S., 2 Rothesay Place, Edinburgh.

Macfarlane, George L., Advocate, 14 Moray Place, Edinburgh.

Macgeorge, B. B., 19 Woodside Crescent, Glasgow.

M'Grigor, Alexander, 172 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.

M^Grigor, Alex. B., LL.D., 19 Woodside Terrace, Glasgow.

Macintyre, P. M., Advocate, 12 India Street, Edinburgh.

Mackay, iEneas J. G., LL.D., 7 Albyn Place, Edinburgh.

Mackay, Rev. G. S., M.A., Free Church Manse, Doune.

Mackay, James R., 37 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh.

Mackay, John, 41 Hamilton Terrace, London, N.W.

Mackay, Thomas A., 14 Henderson Row, Edinburgh.

Mackay, William, Solicitor, Inverness.

Mackenzie, A., St. Catherines, Paisley.

Mackenzie, David J., Sheriff-Substitute, Lerwick, Shetland.

Mackenzie, Thomas, M. A., Sheriff-Substitute of Tain, Ross.

Mackinlay, David, 6 Great Western Terrace, Glasgow.

Mackinnon, Professor, 1 Merchiston Place, Edinburgh.

Mackinnon, W., 203 West George Street, Glasgow.

Mackinnon, William, 115 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.

Mackintosh, Charles Eraser, 5 Clarges Street, London, W.

Maclagan, D. J., 7 James Place, Leith.

Maclagan, Professor Sir Douglas, M.D., 28 Heriot Row, Edin-

Maclagan, Robert Craig, M.D., 5 Coates Crescent, Edinburgh.

McLaren, The Hon. Lord, 46 Moray Place, Edinburgh.

Maclauchlan, John, Albert Institute, Dundee.

Maclean, Sir Andrew, Viewfield House, Balshagray, Partick,


Maclean, William C, F.R.G.S., 31 Camperdown Place, Great

Macleod, Donald, D.D., 1 Woodlands Terrace, Glasgow.

Macleod, Rev. Walter, 112 Thirlestane Road, Edinburgh.

Macniven, John, 138 Princes Street, Edinburgh.

M'Phee, Donald, 4 Kirklee Road, Kelvinside, Glasgow.

Macray, Rev. W. D., Bodleian Library, Oxford.

Main, W. D., 128 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow.

Makellar, Rev. William, 8 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.

Marshall, John, Caldergrove, Newton, Lanarkshire.

Martin, John, W.S., 19 Chester Street, Edinburgh.

Marwick, Sir J. D., LL.D., Killermont House, Maryhill, Glasgow.

Mason, Robert, 6 Albion Crescent, Dowanhill, Glasgow.

Masson, Professor David, LL.D., 58 Great King St., Edinburgh.

Mathieson, Thomas A., 3 Grosvenor Terrace, Glasgow.

Maxwell, Alexander, 9 Viewforth Street, Dundee.

Maxwell, Sir Herbert Eustace, Bart., M.P., Monreith, Whauphill.

Maxwell, W. J., Terraughtie, Dumfries.

Millar, Alexander H., 2 Norman Terrace, Downfield, Dundee.

Miller, P., 8 Bellevue Terrace, Edinburgh.

Miller, William, S.S.C, 59 George Square, Edinburgh.

Milligan, John, W.S., 10 Carlton Terrace, Edinburgh.

Milne, A. & R., Union Street, Aberdeen.

Milne, Thomas, M.D., 17 Mar Street, Alloa.

Mitchell, Rev. Professor Alexander, D.D., University, St. Andrews.

Mitchell, Sir Arthur, K.C.B., M.D., LL.D., 34 Drummond Place,

Moffat, Alexander, Southbar, Paisley.

Moffat, Alexander, jun., M.A., 37 Northumberland Street, Edin-

Morice, Arthur D., Fonthill Road, Aberdeen.

Morison, John, 11 Burnbank Gardens, Glasgow.

Morrison, Hew, Abercorn Place, Portobello.

Morton, Charles, W.S., 11 Palmerston Road, Edinburgh.

Muir, James, 27 Huntly Gardens, Dowanhill, Glasgow.

Muirhead, James, 5 Eton Terrace, Hillhead, Glasgow.


Muirhead, Professor, 2 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh.

Murdoch, Rev. A. D., All Saints' Parsonage, Edinburgh.

Murdoch, J. B., of Capelrig, Mearns, Renfrewshire.

Murray, David, 169 West George Street, Glasgow.

Murray, Rev. Allan P., M.A., Free Church Manse, Torphichen,

Murray, T. G., W.S., 11 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh.

Napier and Ettrick, Lord, Thirlestane, Selkirk.

Norfor, Robert T., C.A., 47 South Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh.

Ogilvy, Sir John, Bart., Baldovan House, Dundee.

Oliver, James, Thornwood, Hawick.

Orrock, Archibald, 17 St. Catherine's Place, Edinburgh.

Panton, George A., F. R.S.E., 95 Colmore Row, Birmingham.
Paton, Allan Park, Greenock Library.
Paton, Henry, M.A., 15 Myrtle Terrace, Edinburgh.
Patrick, David, 339 High Street, Edinburgh.
Patten, James, Advocate, I6 Lynedoch Place, Edinburgh.
Paul, Rev. Robert, F.S.A. Scot, Dollar.

Pearson, David Ritchie, M.D., 28 Upper Phillimore Place, Ken-
sington, London, W.
Pillans, Hugh H., 12 Dryden Place, Edinburgh.
Pollock, Hugh, 25 Carlton Place, Glasgow.
Prentice, A. R., 18 Kilblain Street, Greenock.
Pullar, Robert, Tayside, Perth.
Purves, A. P., W.S., Esk Tower, Lasswade.

Rampini, Charles, Advocate, Springfield House, Elgin.

Ramsay, John, Kildalton, Port Ellen, Islay.

Rankine, John, Advocate, Professor of Scots Law, 23 Ainslie

Place, Edinburgh.
Reichel, H. R., University College, Bangor, North Wales.
Reid, Alexander George, Solicitor, Auchterarder.
Reid, H. G., Stationery Office, Westminster, S.W.


Reid, J. J., B.A., Advocate, 15 Belgrave Place, Edinburgh,

Reid, John Alexander, Advocate, 2 Drummond Place, Edinburgh.
Renwick, Robert, Depute Town-Clerk, City Chambers, Glasgow.
Richardson, Ralph, W.S., 10 Magdala Place, Edinburgh.
Ritchie, David, Hopeville, Dowanhill Gardens, Glasgow.
Ritchie, R. Peel, M.D., 1 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh.
Roberton, Professor James, LL.D., 1 Park Terrace East, Glasgow.
Robertson, D. Argyll, M.D., 18 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.
Robertson, John, Elmslea, Dundee.

Robson, William, Marchholm, Gillsland Road, Edinburgh.
Rogerson, John J., LL.B., Merchiston Castle, Edinburgh.
Rosebery, The Earl of, LL.D., Dalmeny Park, Linlithgowshire.
Ross, A. Mackenzie, Launceston, Kilmalcolm.
Ross, T. S., Balgillo Terrace, Broughty Ferry.
Ross, Rev. William, LL.D., 7 Grange Terrace, Edinburgh.
Roy, WiUiam G., S.S.C, 16 Dublin Street, Edinburgh.
Russell, John, 7 Seton Place, Edinburgh.

Scott, John, Hawkhill, Greenock.

Shanks, James Kennedy, 18 W^est Cumberland Street, Glasgow.

Shaw, David, W.S., 1 Thistle Court, Edinburgh.

Shaw, Rev. R. D., B.D., Burnlea, Hamilton.

Shaw, Thomas, Advocate, 1 7 Dublin Street, Edinburgh.

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