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PRT 699 Master's Thesis Preparation

PRT 763 Application Issues in Geographic Information Systems.

PRT 764 Advanced Study in Geographic Information Systems.

PRT 795 Special Topics in Recreation Resources.

PRT 801 Seminar.

PRT 820 Special Problems.

PRT 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching.

PRT 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination.

PRT 893 Doctoral Supen ised Research

PRT 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research.

PRT 896 Summer Dissertation Research.

PRT 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation.


Degrees Offered:

Program Title











C. R. Gould, Head of the Department

Director of Graduate Programs:

M. A. Paesler, Box 8202, 515.8706, [email protected]

Graduate Alumni Distinguished Professor: G. E. Mitchell
University Professor: G. Lucovsky

Professors: D. E. Aspnes, J. Bemholc, K. T. Chung, S. R. Cotanch, D. C. Ellison, R. E. Fomes, C.
R. Gould, D. G. Haase, C. Ji, C. E. Johnson, J. Krim, F. Lado Jr., J. R. Mowat, R. J. Nemanich, M.
A. Paesler, R. R. Patty, S. P. Reynolds, J. S. Risley, D. E. Sayers, J. F. Schetzina, P. J. Stiles;
Visiting Professors: J. L. Hubisz; Adjunct Professors: J. E. Rowe; Professors Emeriti: J. W.
Cook Jr., W. R. Davis, W. O. Doggett, G. L. Hall, A. W. Jenkins Jr., K. L. Johnston, G. H. Katzin,
E. R. Manring, J. D. Memory, J. Y. Park, L. W. SeagondoUar, D. R. Tilley; Associate Professors:
H. Ade, R. Beichner, J. M. Blondin, M, A. Klenin, G. W, Parker HI, C. M. Roland; Adjunct
Associate Professors: J. F. Shriner Jr.; Assistant Professors: J. D. Brown, H. Hallen, L. Mitas, M.


C. Sagui, A. R. Young; Research Assistant Professors: K. J. Borkowski, N. Dietz, J. H. Kelley;
Adjunct Assistant Professors: L. S. Piano


Professors: J. Narayan, J. M. Danby, R. M. Kolbas, D. L. Ridgeway; Adjunct Professors: E. C.
Theil; Associate Professors: L. K. Norris

Research opportunities are available in the following areas: astrophysics, atomic and molecular
physics, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics and physics education.

Admission Requirements: Bachelor's degree in physics (or the equivalent) and the GRE
Advanced test in physics.

Doctoral Degree Requirements: Six semesters beyond the baccalaureate; core physics courses
PY721,781,782, 783, 785, 786.

Student Financial Support: Graduate teaching assistantships are available for new and
continuing students; research assistantships are normally available only to continuing students.


PY 501 Quantum Physics I.

PY 502 Quantum Physics II.

PY 506 Nuclear and Subatomic Physics.

PY 507 Elementary Particle Physics.

PY 508 Ion and Electron Physics.

PY 509 Plasma Physics.

PY 511 Mechanics I

PY512 Mechanics II.

PY 514 Electromagnetism I.

PY515 Electromagnetism II.

PY 516 Physical Optics.

PY 517 Atomic and Molecular Physics.

PY 525 Computational Physics,

PY(NE) 528 Introduction to Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy.

PY 543 Astrophysics.

PY(ECE) 552 Introduction to the Structure of Solids.

PY 561 Electronics for Physicists.

PY(MA) 575 Mathematical Introduction to Celestial Mechanics.

PY(MA) 576 Orbital Mechanics.

PY601 Seminar.

PY 610 Special Topics.

PY 615 Advanced Special Topics.

PY 660 Advanced Placement Physics for Secondary School Teachers.

PY 685 Master's Supervised Teaching.

PY 693 Master's Supervised Research.

PY 695 Master's Thesis Research.

PY 696 Summer Thesis Research

PY 699 Master's Thesis Preparation.

PY 71 1 Advanced Quantum Mechanics I,

PY 712 Advanced Quantum Mechanics II.

PY 721 Statistical Physics I.

PY 722 Statistical Physics II,

PY(ECE) 727 Semiconductor Thin Films Technology.

PY 730 Nuclear Structure Physics I.


PY 753 Introduction to the Structure of Solids II.

PY 754 Properties of Surfaces and Interfaces.

PY 781, 782 Quantum Mechanics I, II.

PY 783 Advanced Classical Mechanics I.

PY 785, 786 Advanced Electricity and Magnetism I, II.

PY 801 Seminar.

PY 810 Special Topics.

PY 815 Advanced Special Topics.

PY 860 Advanced Placement Physics for Secondary School Teachers.

PY 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching

PY 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination.

PY 893 Doctoral Supervised Research.

PY 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research.

PY 896 Summer Dissertation Research.

PY 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation.

Degrees Offered:

Program Title












Director of Graduate Programs:

J. N. Petitte, Box 7608, 515.5389, [email protected]

Professors: G. W. Almond, B. P. Alston-Mills, R. A. Argenzio, G. T. Barthalmus, B. L. Black, J.
T. Brake, V. L. Christensen, W. J. Croom Jr., F. W. Edens, K. L. Esbenshade, W. L. Flowers, R.
M. Grossfeld, H. F. Heatwole, T. E. LeVere, N. C. Olson, W. D. Oxender, R. M. Petters, M. A.
Qureshi, M. C. Roberts, R. M. Roe, T. D. Slopes, C. V. Sullivan, C. Teng, H. A. Underwood Jr.,
T. G. Wolcott; Professors Emeriti: E. V. Caruolo, C. H. Hill, J. F. Roberts, D. E. Smith; Associate
Professors: B. A. Breuhaus, G. S. Davis, C. E. Farin, J. E. Gadsby, S. L. Pardue, J. N. Petitte, S.
P. Washburn, M. D. Whitacre; Assistant Professors: R. J. Borski, P. W. Farin, S. L. Vivrette, C.
S. Whisnant; Research Assistant Professors: A. T. Blikslager

The physiology faculty is an interdepartmental group drawn from the departments participating in
the program. These departments include animal science, biochemistry, entomology, food animal
and equine medicine, poultry science, psychology, veterinary anatomy, physiological sciences and
radiology, and zoology. The program emphasizes the comparative approach implicit in this type of
organization and is designed to prepare individuals for careers in research and teaching.
Experimental animals available cover a wide range, from insects and other invertebrates to large

Admission Requirements: Students entering the graduate program in physiology should have a
bachelor's degree in a related biological or physical science. Undergraduate courses should include
physiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, calculus and physics. The Aptitude Test of the
Graduate Record Examination is required, and the Advanced Tests in biology and chemistry are



Master's Degree Requirements: On average, the M.S. degree requires two to three years.

Doctoral Degree Requirements: On average, completion of the Ph.D. degree requires five years.

Student Financial Support: Financial assistance for qualified students in the form of research
assistantships, fellowships and traineeships is available through participating departments.

Other Relevant Information: The physiology program is jointly administered by the Colleges of
Agriculture and Life Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. Graduate students enrolled as physiology
majors are located in the department of their major professor and may participate in departmental


PHY(ZO) 503 General Physiology I.

PHY(ZO) 504 General Physiology li.

PHY(ZO) 513 Comparative Physiology.

PHY 601 Seminar.

PHY(ZO) 602 Seminar in Biology of Reproduction.

PHY 610 Selected Topics.

PHY 620 Special Problems.

PHY 685 Master's Supervised Teaching.

PHY 690 Master's Examination.

PHY 693 Master's Supervised Research.

PHY 695 Master's Thesis Research.

PHY 696 Summer Thesis Research.

PHY 699 Master's Thesis Preparation.

PHY(ANS) 702 Reproductive Physiology of Mammals.

PHY(PO,ZO) 724 Comparative Endocrinology.

PHY(CBS,1MM,MB,P0) 756 Immunogenetics,

PHY(ANS,NTR) 764 Comparative Physiology of the Digestive System.

PHY(ANS) 780 Mammalian Endocrinology.

PHY 801 Seminar.

PHY(ANS,CBS,ZO) 802 Seminar in Biology of Reproduction.

PHY 810 Selected Topics

PHY 820 Special Problems.

PHY 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching.

PHY 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination.

PHY 893 Doctoral Supervised Research.

PHY 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research.

PHY 896 Summer Dissertation Research.

PHY 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation.


Other supporting course are available in biochemistry, biomathematics, biotechnology, cell
biology, comparative biomedical sciences, entomology, genetics, immunology, microbiology,
nutrition, pharmacology, poultry science, psychology, statistics, toxicology and zoology. Certain
courses on the interface between physiology and engineering may be taken after consultation with
advisor and the instructors concerned.


Plant Pathology
Degrees Offered:

Program Title







Plant Pathology





O. W. Bamett Jr., Head of the Department

Director of Graduate Programs:

D. F. Ritchie, Box 7616, 515.6809, [email protected]

Philip Morris Professor: T. A. Melton, III, P. B. Shoemaker

Professors: J. E. Bailey, O. W. Bamett Jr., D. M. Benson, R. I. Bruck, M. E. Daub, R. A. Dean, L.
F. Grand, J. Huang, S. A. Lommel, J. W. Moyer, C. H. Opperman, G. A. Payne, D. F. Ritchie, R.

C. Rufty, H. D. Shew, T. B. Sutton, C. G. Van Dyke; Research Professors: S. Leath; Professors
(USDA): A. S. Heagle; Professors Emeriti: J. L. Apple, C. W. Averre HI, R. Aycock, K. R.
Barker, D. F. Bateman, M. K. Beute, G. V. Gooding Jr., R. K. Jones, L. T. Lucas, C. E, Main, R.

D. Milholland, N. T. Powell, J. P. Ross, J. N. Sasser, H. W. Spurr Jr., H. H. Triantaphyllou, J. C.
Wells, N. N. Winstead; Associate Professors: D. M. Bird, M. Cubeta, E. L. Davis, B. C. Haning,
P. B. Lindgren, J. B. Ristaino; Associate Professors (USDA): M. L. Carson, R. G. Upchurch;
Assistant Professors: G. J. Holmes, S. Hu, F. J. Louws


Professors: E. B. Cowling, J. M. Davis, W. M. Hagler, Jr.; Associate Professors: C. L.

Plant pathology is committed to solving plant disease problems with research that focuses on
plant-pathogen interactions at the genomic, cellular, organismal and ecological levels. Approaches
include disease management, epidemiology, molecular biology and host-parasite interactions.
Focus areas are bacteriology, mycology, nematology, virology, soil-borne pathogens and
mechanisms of pathogenesis.

Admission Requirements: The general application procedures of the Graduate School noted at
the beginning of this section are followed. Normally domestic, but not international, applicants are
required to submit GRE results. A detailed statement of applicant interests and goals in plant
pathology is most useful to the admissions committee.

Master's Degree Requirements: Required courses include: PP 501, PP(CS,HS) 502, PP(MB)
503, PP 504, PP 505 and PP 506 plus one advanced course. Students serve as a teaching assistant
for one course.


Doctoral Degree Requirements: A diagnostic examination prior to enrollment is used as a guide
to course selection and to measure competency m the M.S. courses listed above. In addition,
students take PP 809 Colloquium, PP 801 Seminar and two advanced courses. Students serve as a
teaching assistant for two courses.

Student Financial Support: A limited number of one-half time assistantships are available on a
competitive basis. Benefits include in-state tuition, out-of-state tuition waver and health insurance
as covered under the Graduate School's 'Graduate Student Support Plan.' Applicants are
considered for assistantship support at time of application. Special supplements to assistantships
are available on a competitive basis for outstanding students.

Other Relevant Information: Fully equipped and staffed laboratories for research are available
in addition to greenliouse facilities and envirormiental growth chambers in the phytotron. Special
facilities for experimental work on diseases under field conditions are available at 16 locations
throughout the state. Microcomputers, library, mycological herbarium, photography laboratory
and interdepartmental electron microscopy center are additional features available in the


PP 500 Plant Disease: Principles, Diagnosis and Management.

PP(BO,MB) 501 Fungi and Their Interaction with Plants.

PP(CS,HS) 502 Plant Disease: Methods and Diagnosis,

PP(MB) 503 Bacteria and Their Interactions with Plants.

PP 504 Plant Nematology.

PP 505 Introductory Plant Virology.

PP 506 Epidemiology and Plant Disease Control.

PP(BO,MB) 575 Introduction to Mycology.

PP 590 Special Topics

PP601 Seminar.

PP 610 Special Topics,

PP 615 Advanced Special Topics.

PP 620 Special Problems.

PP 685 Master's Supervised Teaching.

PP 690 Master's Examination,

PP 693 Master's Supervised Research,

PP 695 Master's Thesis Research,

PP 696 Summer Thesis Research,

PP 699 Master's Thesis Preparation,

PP 708 History of Phytopathology,

PP 720 Morphology and Taxonomy of Nematodes.

PP 724 Advanced Plant Nematology.

PP 725 Molecular Biology of Plant Viruses.

PP 726 Botanical Epidemiology,

PP 728 Soilbome Plant Pathogens.

PP 729 Plant Pathogenesis.

PP(BO.GN,MB) 730 Fungal Genetics and Physiology.

PP 732 Genetics of Host-Parasite Interactions.

PP(CS,GN,HS) 748 Breeding for Pest Resistance.

PP(BO,MB) 775 The Fungi,

PP(BO,MB) 776 The Fungi - Lab,

PP 790 Special Topics,

PP80I Seminar,

PP 809 Colloquium in Plant Pathology,

PP 810 Special Topics,

PP 815 Advanced Special Topics.

PP 820 Special Problems.


PP 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching.
PP 890 Doctoral Preliminar>' Examination.
PP 893 Doctoral Supervised Research
PP 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research.
PP 896 Summer Dissertation Research.
PP 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation.

Poultry' Science

Degrees Offered:

Program Title







Poultry Science




G. B. Havenstein, Head of the Department

Director of Graduate Programs:

M. A. Qureshi, Box 7608, 515.5388, [email protected]

William Neal Reynolds Professor: W. E. Donaldson

Professors: J. T. Brake, V. L. Christensen, W. J. Croom Jr., F. W. Edens, J. D. Garlich, W. M.
Hagler Jr., G. B. Havenstein, J. P. Ort, C. R. Parkhurst, M. A. Qureshi, B. W. Sheldon, J. C. H.
Shih, T. D. Siopes, M. J. Wineland; Adjunct Professors: M. R. Bakst, W. L. Bryden, R. R.
Dietert, K. K. Krueger, K. A. Schat; Professors Emeriti: T. A. Carter, E. W. Glazener, P. B.
Hamilton, J. R. Harris, C. H. Hill; Associate Professors: K. E. Anderson, G. S. Davis, P. R.
Ferket, J. L. Grimes, S. L. Pardue, J. N. Petitte; Assistant Professors: D. K. Car\er, P. E.
Mozdziak, C. M. Williams; Adjunct Assistant Professors: T. F. Middleton


Professors: R. W. Bottcher, P. A. Curtis; Associate Professors: D. P. Wages

Course offerings and research programs are comprehensive in the areas of physiology, nutrition,
microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, genetics, pathology and toxicology. The demand
for men and women with advanced training in poultry science is far greater than the supply.
Opportunities exist for graduates in research and teaching in universities, government and private

Admission Requirements: Exceptions to the minimum 3.00 undergraduate grade point average
may be made for students with special backgrounds, abilities and interests.

Master's Degree Requirements: While there are no specific course requirements for the master's
degree in poultry science, most programs exceed the minimum 30 credit hours.


Doctoral Degree Requirements: Doctoral degrees are offered only through interdepartmental
programs in the disciplines of physiology, nutrition, genetics, toxicology, microbiology and
immunology. Associated research is done with domestic birds in the Department of Poultry
Science. Requirements are as given in the Graduate Catalog. Application should be made directly
to the specific discipline program.

Student Financial Support: Both research and teaching assistantships are available on a
competitive basis within the department. General requirements for these assistantships are as
described in the Graduate Catalogue. Other financial support may be available in the form of
graduate stipend supplementation, out-of-state tuition waivers or research grant support.

Other Relevant Information: The Department of Poultry Science occupies new facilities in a
three-story building on the main campus library. The department consists of about 25 faculty, a
support staff of approximately 50, 20 to 30 graduate students and postdoctoral associates, and 70-
100 undergraduate students.


PO601 Seminar.

PO 620 Special Problems.

PO 685 Master's Supervised Teaching.

PO 693 Master's Supervised Research.

PO 695 Master's Thesis Research.

PO 696 Summer Thesis Research.

PO 699 Master's Thesis Preparation.

PO 702 Biotechniques in Avian Biology.

PO 705 Physiological Aspects of Poultry Management.

PO(PHY,ZO) 724 Comparative Endocnnology.

P0(CBS,1MM,MB,PHY) 756 Immunogenetics.

PO(IMM) 757 Avian Immunology.

PO(ANS,NTR) 775 Mineral Metabohsm.

PO 801 Seminar.

PO 820 Special Problems.

PO 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching

PO 893 Doctoral Supervised Research.

PO 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research.

PO 896 Summer Dissertation Research.

PO 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation.

Degrees Offered:

Program Title










D. W. Martin, Head of the Department


Director of Graduate Programs:

D. H. Mershon, Box 7801, 515.1724, [email protected]

Professors: L. E. Baker-Ward, J. W. Cunningham, D. W. Drewes, W. P. Erchul, D. O. Gray, T.
M. Hess, J. W. Kalat, T. E. LeVere, J. E. R. Luginbuhl, D. W. Martin, D. H. Mershon, J. J.
Michael, R. W. Nacoste, S. E. Newman, F. J. Smith, B, W. Westbrook; Adjunct Professors: J. L.
Howard, W. E. Schlenger, W. W. Tomow; Professors Emeriti: K. L. Barkley, J. C. Johnson, H.
G. Miller, P. W. Thayer; Associate Professors: C. C. Brookins, S. A. Converse, A. G. Halberstadt,
M. E. Haskett, P. F. Horan, K. W. Klein, S. B. Pond III, A. C. Schulte, S. S. Snyder, M. A.
Wilson, M. S. Wogalter; Adjunct Associate Professors: B. B. Burrus, B. F. Corder, A. D. Hall, M.
G. Sanders; Associate Professors Emeriti: J. L. Cole; Assistant Professors: M. Y. Bingham, P.
W. Collins, R. E. Mitchell; Visiting Assistant Professors: D. J. Holden; Adjunct Assistant
Professors: B. H. Beith, J. W. Fleenor, C. L. Kronberg, C. E. Lorenz, B. H. Rogers


Professors: C. D. Korte; Assistant Professors: E. N. Wiebe

The Department of Psychology offers five courses of smdy leading to the Ph.D.: developmental
psychology, ergonomics and experimental psychology, human resource development,
industrial/organizational and vocational psychology, and school psychology.

Admission Requirements: Applicants should have satisfactory grades in all undergraduate work
and at least a "B" average in undergraduate psychology courses, satisfactory scores on the GRE
including the Advanced Test in psychology and three satisfactory letters of recommendation. The
Miller Analogies Test is also recommended. Match of applicants' research interests with current
faculty research is also considered.

Master's Degree Requirements: Specific course requirements vary by area. Typical programs
will include from 36 to 55 hours. The M.S. degree is available as part of work toward the
doctorate, but students wishing to obtain a terminal M.S. are advised to consider other programs.

Doctoral Degree Requirements: The graduate program for each doctoral student is determined in
conjunction with the student's graduate advisory committee and tailored to the needs, interests, and
accomplishments of the individual. Students can expect to take from 36 to 54 hours of credit
beyond the master's degree.

Student Financial Support: Many graduate students receive financial support in the form of
teachmg or research assistantships. Applicants should request such support when they apply to the


PSY 500 Visual Perception.

PSY 502 Physiological Psychology.

PSY(WGS) 506 Psychology of Gender.

PSY 508 Cognitive Processes.

PSY 51 1 Advanced Social Psychology.

PSY 510 Advanced Problems in Psychology.

PSY 513 Psychology and Law.


PSY(PHI) 525 Introduction to Cognitive Science.

PSY 553 Principles and Practice of Ecological/community Psychology.

PSY 558 Psychology and the African Experience.

PSY 582 Adolescent Development.

PSY 584 Advanced Developmental Psychology.

PSY 591 History and Systems of Psychology.

PSY 596 Advanced Educational Psychology.

PSY 620 Special Problems in Psychology.

PSY 641 Psychological Clinic Practicum.

PSY 651 Internship in Psychology.

PSY 680 Directed Study in Psychology.

PSY 685 Master's Supervised Teaching.

PSY 693 Master's Supervised Research.

PSY 695 Master's Thesis Research.

PSY 696 Summer Thesis Research.

PSY 699 Master's Thesis Preparation.

PSY 700 Audition and Other Non-visual Senses.

PSY 703 Biological Factors in Abnormal Behavior.

PSY 704 Learning and Motivation.

PSY 710 Special Topics in Psychology.

PSY 712 Attitudes.

PSY 713 Attribution.

PSY 714 Social Psychology: Small Groups Research.

PSY 720 Psychological Survey Operations.

PSY 721 Area Seminar in School Psychology.

PSY 722 Individual Intelligence Measurement.

PSY 723 Personality Measurement.

PSY 724 Psychological Intervention I.

PSY 725 Psychological Intervention II.

PSY 727 Psychological Consultation.

PSY 732 Theones of Intelligence.

PSY(IE) 740 Human Factors in Systems Design.

PSY{1E) 743 Ergonomic Performance Assessment.

PSY(IE) 744 Human Information Processing.

PSY(IE) 745 Human Performance

PSY 750 Area Seminar in Human Resources Development.

PSY 751 Human Resource Planning.

PSY 752 Action Research in Psychology.

PSY 755 Cross-cultural Research and Development.

PSY 756 Consumer Research.

PSY 757 Innovation and Technology: A Socio-technical Perspective.

PSY 535 Tests and Measurements.

PSY 761 Psychological Measurement.

PSY 762 Quasi-experimental Evaluation Design.

PSY 763 Systems Theory and Applications in Human Resource Development.

PSY 764 Survey of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

PSY 765 Vocational Psychology.

PSY 766 Personnel Selection Research.

PSY 767 Training Research.

PSY 768 Organizational Psychology.

PSY 769 Work Motivation.

PSY 770 Organization Development and Change.

PSY 785 Methodological Issues in Developmental Psychology.

PSY 786 Cognitive Development.

PSY 787 Social Development.

PSY 788 Adulthood and Aging: Cognitive and Intellectual Change.

PSY 789 Socio-emotional Processes in Adulthood and Aging.

PSY 792 Psychology of Families and Parenting.

PSY 795 Stress and Coping.

PSY 800 Introduction to Graduate Study in Psychology.

PSY(IE) 802 Area Seminar in Ergonomics.

PSY 807 Advanced Seminar in Research Design.


PSY 809 Psychology Colloquium.

PSY 820 Special Problems in Psychology.

PSY 825 Advanced Problems in Perception.

PSY 826 Advanced Problems in Cognition.

PSY 841 School Psychology Practicum.

PSY 846 Practicum in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

PSY 851 Internship in Psychology.

PSY 880 Directed Study in Psychology.

PSY 885 Doctoral Supervised Teaching.

PSY 890 Doctoral Preliminary Examination.

PSY 893 Doctoral Supervised Research.

PSY 895 Doctoral Dissertation Research.

PSY 896 Summer Dissertation Research.

PSY 899 Doctoral Dissertation Preparation.

Public Administration

Degrees Offered:

Program Title







Public Administration




Director of Graduate Programs:

E. O'Sullivan, Box 8102, 515.5070, [email protected]

Professors: D. M. Daley, M. S. Soroos, D. W. Stewart, J. H. Svara; Associate Professors: E.
O'Sullivan, J. E. Swiss, M. L. Vasu; Visiting Assistant Professors: S. K. Straus

Administrative specialties are available in the following areas: administration of justice,
association/ non-profit management, data management, environmental policy and management,
financial management, human resource management and urban/local government management.
The first doctoral program in public administration in N.C. providing advanced education in the
field of public management, the Ph.D. is intended to prepare students for teaching and research in
public management and related fields and as research specialists in governmental agencies and
public affairs research institutes.

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