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James P Snell.

History of Hunterdon and Somerset counties, New Jersey : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers online

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Online LibraryJames P SnellHistory of Hunterdon and Somerset counties, New Jersey : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers → online text (page 1 of 217)
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Hutgers llmuprattij




JAMES NEILSON. 1844-1937





Digitized by the Internet Archive

in 2010 with funding from

Lyrasis Members and Sloan Foundation





Illustrations and Biographical Sketches











The design of this work is to give the two counties treated an impartial, faithful
chronicle of their past from the date of earliest settlement down to recent times. Its scope,
as originally planned and laid out, seemed more than ample, yet so very much that was
valuable for record and for preservation was gathered in the rich historic field wherein we
have delved that, notwithstanding arduous labor at condensation, it has far outgrown its
proposed dimensions. The author only regrets that his labors must now cease, as every
passing day is adding 'to the treasures developed by historical research. But here the super-
structure is reared upon which the future historians of these counties may build. We have
striven to gather the scattered threads of the past and to weave them into a complete fabric,
to which the "Art preservative of arts" shall give immortality.

Over one year of patient, painstaking, and conscientious labor has been devoted to the
above design by the author and his numerous staff of assistants, supplemented by the con-
tributions of many of the ablest citizen's of these counties, — equal to nearly ten years of
constant effort of one person. The result is embodied in this volume; but the obstacles and
vexations attendant upon its preparation will hardly be realized by those who peruse its
pages. Lord Macaulay has said that perfection in historical composition was not attainable
by fallible men. If there be no errors of fact or date in the legion of items herein con-
tained, we shall feel that the great English historian was at fault.

AVe have given many items of local history which may by some be thought trivial or
beneath the "dignity of history." But who is competent to judge of what 'may be valuable or
interesting to those who come after us'.' Much valuable information has undoubtedly been lost
to the world by the fastidious views of many historical writers. Instead of polished sentences
or well-turned periods, truth in Us simplicity lias been our aim, — to go, as far as practicable, back-
to the original sources of information, and to verify by corroborative testimony whenever
possible, while correcting the errors of writers who have preceded us.

From colonial and other documents in the State archives, from county and township records,
family manuscripts, printed publications, and innumerable private sources, we have endeavored
to prepare a history which should be accurate, instructive, and an honor to the counties represented.

AW' will not here enumerate (as is customary with many authors) the volumes which have
been consulted in the preparation of this work, for several reasons: the lis! would till Beveral
pages, would be read by very few, and would be a needless repetition, as a large proportion of
them are given through the text in parenthetical references, foot-notes, etc.

\Ye are under special obligation, however, to the Reverends Geo. 9. Moii. DJD., Klein -
ington : Edward Tanjdre ( 'orwin, IU>., of Millstone ; Abram Messier, D.D., Somerville ; P. A.



Studdiford, D.D., Lambertville ; John B. Thompson, Catskill, N. Y. ; C. S. Conkling, Stockton ;
Aaron S. Laning, Pennington ; J. P. W. Blattenberger, Reaville ; W. W. Blauvelt, D.D., Laming-
ton; John C. Rankin, D.D., Basking Ridge; N. McConaughy, Somerville, and numerous other
clergymen ; to Doctors John Blane, Henry Race, Cornelius W. and George H. Larison, Geo.
R. Sullivan, Henry G. Wagoner, etc. ; to John M. Hyde and Matt. H. "Van Derveer, the present
county clerks, and the several township clerks, and public officials generally, of both counties ;
to the publishers of the Flemington Republican and Democrat; the Lambertville Beacon and
Record; the Clinton Democrat; the Somerville Gazette, Unionist, and Messenger, etc.; Hon.
Ashbel Welch and Martin Coryell, Esq., of Lambertville; Hon. John T. Bird, the late Hon.
Alexander Wurts, Charles Bartles, Esq., the late Col. J. C. Rafferty, J. B. Hopewell, E. Vos-
seller, Runkle Rea, etc., of Flemington ; Judge Foster, of Clinton ; Judge Joseph Thompson,
of Readington ; Hon. F. S. Holcombe, of Delaware ; Wm. B. Prall, of East Amwell ; W. R.
Srope, of Frenchtown ; Lewis H. Taylor, Esq., of High Bridge ; A. V. D. Honeyman, Esq.,
Hon. Alvah A. Clark, Hugh Gaston, Esq., John C. Garretson, Esq., Ed. A. Veghte, J. S.
Haines, Henry P. Mason, and others, of Somerville ; the McDowell family, of Bedminster ; Hon.
Calvin Corle, of Branchburg; John F. Hageman, Esq., of Princeton; Jacob Weart, Esq., of
Jersey City ; Hon. D. F. Beatty, of Washington, Warren Co. ; Wm. Pierson, Jr., M.D., Orange,
N. J. ; Judge James N. Reading, Morris, 111. ; Ellis A. Apgar, A.M., State Superintendent of
Public Instruction ; Joseph H. Hough, Grand Secretary of the M. W. Grand Lodge of New
Jersey, A. F. and A. M., and a multitude of others.

To the publishers also we would acknowledge indebtedness, not only for valuable assistance,
but especially for the elegant dress with which the historical body has been clothed and em-

The result of our labor, now ended, is submitted to the oitizens of Hunterdon and Somerset
Counties, with the assurance that this volume of facts, traditions, reminiscences, and memoirs
will be by them prized and cherished as the faithful record of their past and honorable career,
and as such be handed down to future generations.

Philadelphia, March JO, 1881.


The name of D. P. Kenyon is spelled Kinyon in some instances, in connection with the Savings Bank,
etc., in Bridgcwater township history, — an error occasioned by following printed copy, furnished with MSS.,
and supposed to be good authority.

On page 779, 31st line, for "1737" read 1837.



DISCOVERY imi O'MI'Itmv OF New Xmiihiums.
Knrly Navigators— Hondrick Hudson— The "Half-Moon"— Tho 1 nitod
Now Nothorlnnd Company — Colonization by the Dutch and D

M.v ;uid Do Vriea— Sir Edmund Ployden 9

IMiiin Occupation — The Original People.
Thi Ugonqnln Nation— The Delaware*, 01 Lennl-Lennpc— The "Tur-
11.." "Turkey," and " Wolf" trfbei 1 roditlons aa to the Orl
Delaware! U ids and Remains— Indian Title to Lands In Hunter-
don and Somerset— Indian Paths, etc 11

Niu Jersey under Daren ami English Rule.
Bwediih Settlement— Oceapatlon by the Dutch Subjection to th 1
lish in 181 i— Governors' Btc — Grant to the j
Jork, and transfer to Berkeloy and Corterel Edward ByUinga—
Quaker Emigration and Settlenion ilidnted—
Qovi rnoi lown to 1770 ■ 10

The Protriei art Got ernueni 01 v. tsr .1 1 1

i:.i i .1.1 oy under the Pro]
Thome ■ Kudyord I illl Ion with Ihc Pi ivim e ol Mi w York Gov-

ornora Barclay . Dudloj . II II m, tc Opposltioi

Opposition to the Proprietary Qovorni ' The Crish Surrender

Drown, In 1702 i\

ill IPTEB V.
Mi i,ii»i\ ami Somerset Counties is the Revolution.

The ('mi Hi. li O01 • 1 . The Com-

mltteajof I ion esi lem and 1 aqul j Iii lunl

1 1 fflrsl Provincial Con . 1 ■ . Che Mili-
tia and "Minute-Hen" The "Coromil 1 Safety" G

1 Ammunition 1 he Hunl

— Tho 1 Into an Indepen-
dent Stats The I!.. 1 1; . . the itnt I in '.any— The

Enemy's Advuueo tin .... -i. n. .... .1. . 1..

tin. Delaware The Fights ai Trenton and assanplnlf Battle <.f

ton Washington at Pluckamin — Captain 1
goes into Winter Quartei ai Horrj I m a

Hunterdon \Nn Somersbt Counties i\ the Revolution

Tho Marvelous CI Dton nnd

D C n. II iwe' .f tho ltriti-h ill

. 1 and Hunterdon I tlon In the

People Bklrmlsh al Weston, Somorset ('...— iii-u. 1 D

the British

i. ). by the Imai Icon I

Km; in ." Washington Rock"— Atl pi ■

onghold in the HI
iii.. \ni.'i [1 in \ 1 in. march thi Ion t" the

II.. \\ llsllill l..n' I

an. I Soul 1 Binndywtnc \

Irrollnghuyson's Expedition toStal

Carrier— The Tories Penn and Chew under Surveillance in Hu
County— Iaiiu I Council "f Safety, otc—

British evacuate Philadelphia and pass through New Jersey — Wash-

\ riny oroes at Coryell's — Battle ..f Monmouth, ■■!< -
an. 1 Hunterdon Troops behave gallantly— Cantons

Gen. Washington and Wife ai Somervllle — Five Soldiers Hung

Knox's Heodqnartoi I PIi ... -Grand Ball aud Supper—

Bimcoe's Bold in 1779— Burning of the Churob, Court-house,
. 11 Peter G. Voorhees killed The Ladies of Hunterdon and Somer-

soofthoWar- TheCurrency Patriotism andor War Burdens
— Proces! iii 60


Hunterdon ami Souei - in the Revolution


Continental I .1. Bstnbllshmei - Establishment— The

I . Iteri iiilin.' lllti.-.-i.- and Muster- J

raised, ai Hllitia The (juntas of tho Tw

•Mni 1 I. -Roster of Bev-

olutl inary SoliUers li th C tics, who served in the SI

liaand Continental Army


Slavery and 6 11 is Hunterdon \sd Somerset.

ii. Institution" In tho Seventeenth Centura* — Servants In the
Coloulul Days— Indian Slaves — Bedemptione 1

ery— 'II. ; ' 11. null. .1

by Negro Sluvei ffegi ; him in Hunterdon

. 1 Hi. hi in 1734 '.

Hanumtsston Bev. Dr. Blnloj and the "American Colonisation

' l"l

ill WTKK IX.

1 1

The Mlnlslnk Path— The Old Burlington Path— Tho ' Dppei
Road" and "Lower Bead"— 1

1 Compai


1 aobetween Trenton and Hew Bi 1 Swift-Sure

Coach-Lino"— The Trenl I I on Mail-Coach 1

-. .. Brunswick 1.. Plemlngton Express bines, etc. III. The
1 1 in [plenoy, ' tonst) notion, and Ot m-
plotlon . ' to. n The Central ltallroadof

v « Jorsej South Bran. 1. 1: illroad -Hi

Delaware and Bound I .-oy Bail-

rood and Canal Company — ".The Bel


Hunterdon intj I unties in the War o» the

i:> 11

the Poople ..f Hunterdon and Somorset— 1

1.. iii. the Ki.-I. I ..f clio

New - 1 ■



Tniitn I-
nor calls for Tin

. take the Field- I


ments of tbe Third Infantry — At the Battle of Gaines' 31111 — Heavy
Losses — Gen. Taylor Wounded — Crampton's Gap — Campaign of Chan-
cellorsville — Battles of the Wilderness— Its Last Fight, at Cold Harbor
— Regiment Mustered Out and Disbanded— Sketch of Brig.-Gen. George
W. Taylor — Roster of Officers and Men from Somerset County.... 119

Fifth and Sixth Infantry Regiments.
Hunterdon County furnishes a Company for each Regiment — Officers of
the Fifth and Sixth Infantry — Leave " Camp Olden" — Form a Part of
the Second New Jersey Brigade — Assigned to duty as the Third Bri-
gade, iu Hooker's Division — Movements on the Potomac — Battle of
Williamsburg— Fair Oaks— Losses in the Peninsula Campaign — En-
gaged at Bristow Station, Chantilly, etc. — Unflinching Bravery at
Gettysburg — Superb Behavior at Spottsylvania Court-house — Other
engagements — Muster Out — Rosters of Co. A, Fifth Infantry, and Co.
H, Sixth Infantry Regiments 124

Fifteenth Infantry Regiment.
Three Compauies from Hunterdon and Somerset — Leave for Washington
— Construct "Fort Kearney" — Tbe Fifteenth at Fredericksburg —
Michael Mulvey, Co. G, the first Man killed — Battle of Chancellorsville
— The " Wilderness" — Capt. Yanderveer and Lieut. Hamilton wounded
— Roster of Casualties in the vicinity of Spottsylvania Court-house —
In the Charge at Cold Harbor— With Sheridan's Army in the Shenan-
doah Yalley — Fisher's Hill and Cedar Creek Engagements — Maj. Boe-
man killed— List of Battles of the Fifteenth— Rosters of Officers and
Enlisted Men of tbe Companies from these Counties 132

Thirtieth and Thirty-first Infantry Regiments.
Rendezvous at Flemington — Both Regiments Mustered into Service
Sept. 17, 1862 — Officers of Regiments, and of Hunterdon and Somerset
Companies — Movements in Virginia, with the Army of the Potomac
— Promotion of Lieut-Col. Chadek, Major Ten Eyck, Major Honey-
man, etc. — The Two Regiments at the Battle of ChancellorsvilU 1 — The
Thirty-first Regiment, as Rear-Guard, hold the Enemy in Check —
Other Movements and Services of these Commands — Rosters of the
Companies from Hunterdon and Somerset Counties 142

Thirty-fifth Infantry, and Other Regiments.
Officers of the Thirty-fifth Regiment, and of Company A — Movements of
the Regiment in Virginia and in the Southwest — In the Georgia Cam-
paign, with Sherman — Capt, Angel killed — Battle of Decatur — In Front
of Atlanta — " March to the Sea" — Close of its Campaigning, and Mus-
ter Out — Roster of Co. A — Hunterdon and Somerset Men in other Regi-
ments: Co. F, Ninth Infantry; Co. E, Eleventh Infantry; Co. B,
Thirty-eighth Infantry 149

Educational and Statistical.
The Early Dutch enjoin the Support of a Schoolmaster, in 1629— First
Schoolmaster and School-house in New Jersey — The Scotch-Presby-
terians bring Schoolmasters with them — The Quakers and Schools —
Colonial Legislation— Tho Colleges— School-Fund created in 1817—
Subsequent [lOgifllatio p, etc. — Free Schools — Educational Statistics of
Hunterdon and Somerset Counties— Statistics of Population, etc.. 163

Physical GteooiiApHr and Geology of Hunterdon County.
Mountains, Streams, and other Physical Features of tho County — Goo-
logical Formations, etc 159

Land Titles and Settlement.
Title derivedfrom the Crown— -Deeds from Indians— Head-lands— Irregu-
larity in Surveys— Treaty with Indians, 1703— Dividends of Land-

Proprietary Tracts — Early Settlement — The Quakers make first Settle-
ment, in 1676— First Church— First Accurate Survey in Hunterdon,
1707— Tax-roll of 1722— Early Settlers in Various Portions of the
County — Early Bridges— First Road— Early Mills— During the Revo-
lution — Growth, etc 182

Organization and Civil History.
Hunterdon setoff from Burlington— Changes in its Territory — First Offi-
cers — Townships — Colonial Elections — Poll-List of 173S — First Deed on
Record— Innkeeper's Prices in 1722— Early Taverns Licensed— Ex-
tracts from " Records of the Proceedings of the Justices and Freehold-
ers, beginning 1739" — Wolf and Panther Bounties— First Meeting of
the Board at Flemington, etc 190

Courts and County Buildings.
First Courts — First Judges, Magistrates, and Grand Jury — Court-house
and Jail at Trenton — First Record of the " Cort of General Quarter
Sessions" — Extracts from "Minutes of the Hunterdon County Court"
—Notable Early Trials— Orphans' Courts— Trials for Murder— The
County Buildings 196

The Bench and Bar of Hunterdon County.
Hunterdon County noted for the Ability of her Judges and the Brilliancy
of her Bar — Early Colonial Judges— Judges and Justices — Samuel
Johnston, Samuel Tucker, Daniel Coxe, Isaac Smith, Moore Furman,
Jasper Smith, John Mehelm, John Dagworthy, Andrew Smith, Stacy
G. Potts, John Carr, John S. Stires, Joseph Reading, etc. — Eminent
Jurists — Early Lawyers — Later Lawyers — Biographical Notices of
George C. Maxwell, William Maxwell, Joseph Bonnell, Thomas Potts
Johnson, Samuel R. Stewart, Nathaniel Saxton, William H. Sloan,
Alexander Wurts, Garret D. Wall, Richard Howell, Samuel Lilly,
James N. Reading, Samuel Leake, George A. Allen, Richard S. Kuhl,



The Medical Profession of Hunterdon County.

Medicine and Doctors in the Early Days— Tho District Medical Society

of Hunterdon County — Biographical Sketches of the Physicians of the

County, both dead and living — History of Homoeopathy in Hunterdon,

etc 210

The Press of Hunterdon County.
First Newspaper in the State— The First Paper in the County — The Hun-
terdon Gazette, the Pioneer Paper in what is now Hunterdon— The
Hunterdon Republican— Clinton Newspapers— The Lambertville Press
—The Press of Frenchtown— Other Papers 235


Authors op Hunterdon County.

Prefatory Remarks— Sketches of Forty-soven Authors of tho County,

arranged Alphabetically, with List of their Publications 238



Sketch of the Hunterdon County Bible Society — Hunterdon County

Agricultural Society— County Grange, Patrons of Husbandry— Tho

Temperance Alliance — Teachers' Institutes— County Sunday-School

Association 245


Some of the Prominent Men of Hunterdon County.
Gen. Daniel Morgan— Gen. Philomon Dickinson— Gen. William Maxwoll
— Col. Charles Stewart— Col. Philio Johnson— Col. Joab Houghton —
Col. Marie Thompson — Col. Isaac Vniith — John Muhclm — John Hart —
Job ii Stevens— Robert Livingston Stevens— Edwin A. Slovene — Rev.
Peter Studdl ford— Rev. Casper Wack— Kcv. John Van dor veer— Rev.
George S. Mott, D.D.— Henry Jo. Maxwoll— Eli Bosenhury — Potor
Cramer— Charles W. Godown— Jj'mea M. Ramsey 251


Civil. List 01 II rKRDO
List of National, State, and Count; Officers


Ille 205

Bnritan (Ini Im IngFleml

Weal Amwell


I 301

if Frenchtown 10G

Irlo ill

Holland 421

Franklin 430


ii 1 '

Tewksbury -171

n 186


riii, I. hi 683

Borough of Clinton 1 1



Tim: PhYSIOAX FjSA i RSBT Coi mi.

Location— Extent— Boun,l;m Phj leal I eatu res— Geological Forma-

ii n The Bed Sandstone, Bed Shale, Limestone, Trap, .mil other

Books— Minerals and Mines, etc


T, ini, I'l k, il 13ES I'-, "in" mini v.
i J
I,.,,, Purchases Barlj Settlement! The Scotch Burly Dutch Set-
tlers, their Ways and Cust -, Style i f Building, et

who purchased Land In Somerset Count] a, '

El ei i i,,v, Org utizai ion, I a

I i \ I V .

Original Counties— Somerset as a Township,! a County

County TJ

i,,,l Horris Ooun-

i and franklin t"

Hiddlenx Tewksbnrj Township u

ni \i-ii:i; iv.
c,,i rts v," Coi b > r Bi ii disgs.

,' ii

i ll A i • I EB v.
i i,,i Roads ind Bri i " nti .

mention ol " Ways"or Boa
up Rarltan" OtherHlgl

of s. ,.,i Oountg New Jen rj Ttfrapl

—Harris I 6T8


'im Bex, h hi, l; in
i rset County emli

of ii, ■ P

L Sou thard, William I. ' ■. Mann, Willium

! :

Iluu-li M. GtlstdH, Ah.,1, 1

ii,' I', untj


[he i
graphl I ii 11,, -v... Willi, im si, UcKinack, Peter I.

Abraham Tan Boron, the Van Dei - sneka, Wil-

liam II.' Herri!], I H.

el,- .



Tiik Press of Soul rsrt

i .. r

b Past: Tht Sbmi


. Tht .Soirrr, Fb


UtD Alliums hi SoiIBRSBT I'm \TV.
ry — The Authoi nd Living,
; alphabetically, with Biographical Data and Listsof their
Publication! Oil

< ll IPTER X.

[nstltnti — County Sunday-

i.iv Temperani kultural



John Boyce, Sen I Stirling,

Capt John and Qen Potei i Strj cer, Al '

\ . Brown, Spence II. Cone;
T. DeWitt Talmago, John

ii len, Hon. Pel
Judge Balph Voorheee, Hon, Bynier 11. Vegbte, Willium 11.


I'll ll 1,1- i - NTT.

\,|li 1 , l| " :,Mil Rep-



- - rvlllo) 648


IlilM Eh


Worth PlainSald




Samuel Johnston 203

Samuel Tucker 203

Moore Furman 203

Jasper Smith 204

John Mehelm 204

Stacy G. Potts 204

Samuel Lilly 205

David Van Fleet 205

Abram V. Van Fleet 205

Benuet Van Syckel 205

George C. Maxwell 206

William Maxwell 206

Lucius H. Stockton 206

Thomas P. Johnson 207

Charles Stewart 207

Nathaniel Saxton 207

William 11. Sloan 207

Alexander Win ts 208

Garret D. Wall 208

Richard Howell 209

James N. Reading 209

Samuel Leake 210

Peter I. Clark 211

John N. Voorhees 211

George A.Allen 211

John T. Bird 212

Jacob Weart 212

Edmund Perry 212

Edward P. Colliding 213

Peter Vredenburgh 213

Nathaniel W. Voorhees 214

John C. Rafforty 214

Theo. J. Hoffman 215

John Rockhill 218

Juhn Manners 219

JohnBowne 219

Oliver Barnet 220

Isaac Ogden 220

Henry H. Schenck, Jr .'. 221

John Honoyman 221

Georgo P. Rex 221

John F. Schenck 222

James H. Studdiford 222

Edmund Poller 223

Nicholas J. E. do Belleville 223

John Blanc 224

Andrew B. Larison 230

John Lilly 230

Georgo R. Sullivan 230

Henry Raco 233

Ashbel Welch 289

P.O. Studdiford 291

Martin Coryell 292

Wm. McCready 293

Alr-.;,l„|, I II, II .1 ■ ■ >U ■ I ■■ ■ 294

(Jen. II. Larison botweou 294-295

Richard McDowell 295

Cornelius Arnctt 295

James 0. Weodon 296

JohnSproat 297

Charles Bartles 338

John C. Hopowoll 311

RuiikleR.a 311

Peter I. Nevius 342

'I i.l i,l,., between 348,349

Jacob Reed " 348, 319

CorneliuH W. Larison 308

.la sS. Fisher 367

Abraham Ten Brooke Williamson 807

VillianS t 368

William li. Prall 369


Joseph Williamson 388

Andrew Larason 388

Benjamin Larison — 389

Elisha Patterson Tomlinson 3S9

Isaac S. Cramer 390

Joshua Primmer 391

Wesley Bellis 403

JohnKugler 403

Matthew Family 404

Asa MacPhersou 442

Daniel Little 443

Asa Case 443

Hiram Deats 444

Daniel F. Bcatty 454

Cornelius Stewart 455

Nathan Lance 456

William W. Swayy.e 457

Sylvester II. Smith 467

Howard Servis 467

Samuel Creveling, Sr 4US

John C. Wene 468

Samuel Creveling, Jr between 468,469

W. S. Creveling " 468, 469

Martin H. Creveling " 468, 469

David F.Wene 469

Joseph W. Willever 409

William Tiusman 170

W. R. Little between 470, 471

Moses Robins " 470,471

N. Schuyler facing 480

Robert Craig 484

Samuel W. Salter 485

James N. Pidcock 504

B. A. Watson 604

John Kline 506

David M. Kline 606

Albert Shannon facing 607

Lambert B. Kline 607

Isaac Rowe. 607

Frederic A. Potts 619

William Egbert 520

Edward A. Rockhill 521

Charles Carhart 522

Josoph King 523

Joseph B. Probasco 524

Nathaniel B. Boileau 624

Jacob Cregar 531

David Neighbour 532

Robert Van Amburgh 640

Jonathan Dawes 641

John F. Grandiii, M.D 542

Josoph Ki'itts 543

William Piiterson 580

Richard Stockton 680

Potor D. Vroom 681

Samuel L. Southard • 682

William L. Dayton 582

Andrew Kirkpatrick 583

William Griffith 584

Thomas A. Uartwell 684

William Thomson 584

John M, Mann 584

Jacob Bergen 581

Jacob R. Havdenbergb 584

George Mrll ,1,1 585

(;,■ n. Frederick Frelinghuysen 585

.loh n Frelinghuysen 680

Theodore Frelinghuysen 586

Theodore Frelinghuysen, Jr 580

Frederick Frelinghuysen 687

Thoo. Frelinghuysen, Jr 587



Duiiiont Frollnghuyaen

Frederick T. Frclingliuyson

James S. Nevlus

Goo. H. Brown

Jas. 8. Green

Jii'i. P. Stockton

Bob* i Stockton


Almli A. Clark

I Hip

Jno, v. ringeman

.Im.. V. Voorhees

Isaiah v I'll'-

IlilK'li M. (iiistuli

.! is, .1. It.-rgoli

John n. Bartlne

A. v. |i, Honeyman

QarritS. Cannon

Abrnna Zabrlekle

John Boot?

Win. M. Mi Kitaack

Peter I. Striker

Abraham Van Baron

Lawrence \ .«" Dervoei

Henry \ an li.-iveor, of Sotnervillo..
Henry Van Derveer, of Pluckamin..

II. ■my ii. Van Derveei

Garret Von Doren

Ferdinand 8 Si henck

JncobT. II Sklllman

A.T. II. Van Doren

Win, 1'- H Klsaack

Win. II. Merrill

Peter Ten i:.. ■ i..

.ii". V.8 hi ni '<

m ory G Wagoner

Ohaunce.i U. Hold

Henry I'. \ an Den i

Daniel Portei

Abraham Messier

i:. s. Doughty


Davenport Family

Jn B I j

laron \ G ■ • in

Seymoui 0. Ti lutm in

.In.'. T, Van Do vwn

David Dunn

Al'iiuii .1, Powolson

G ^<' Mi Hi i.l.-

Wlllliim 1 1 ■■ i _■

i 'ii.-

Henry p. si ' >i*


.I..I.II Whitened

\ ii B oknw

WlUlara \ Mi D ■»■ II

A. W. McDowell

ii ni-

John G >■ b«mp

I ! ii '" llu W Si homp

W nth

i . Touretto

John Mi I n

I: I

William a. Van Dorn

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