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ISC; Joseph Vliet, Uarch 27, 1865, to March 16, 1-77; Henry S.
Harris, Uarch 16, 1-77, present prosecutor.

John M. Sherrerd, Jan. S, 182 i ; Jeremy Mackey, Feb. 26, 1K.W; George
w. Kibble, D.t. 21, 1834 ; Aaron i;..i .-n

Norton. D« . 6, l-H ; i 18*9 ; Philip II.

Ilann, Deo. 16, 18 1 ; H llliam Uesh rase, Dec. 22, 1869; William L.

Hoagland, I .2 1,1864 ; William M.Mayleny, Dw. 19, 1 SCO; Qeorge

Lommosson, Jan. 7, ls74; Mm tin i . Swartaweller, Dee. 29, 1878.


I i feb.9, 1811; David M.8Ugor, Fob. 9, 1841, to I
i-i,,, Junes 1.1 . 1846, to Uarch 11, 1860; John 1

Band ,

1850, to Nm ' . i- i; Ji hii i T. Kern, Nov. 6, It i i, to Hi i
William F. Wire, Nov

« i

• w ,i ran ' .nut-. i to two Assembly

t Elected for three years under the constitutional amendmei I
; Died In office Uarch 11, 1850, and John F. Randolph was

t.. llll his i ipirod term.

i ii. 27, 1870, and hi B

pii.-.l term.



Not. 27, 1865, to Jan. 27, 1870; Henry Winter, Feb. 4, 1S70, to Not.
26, 1870; John Simerson, Not. 26, 1870, to Not. '47, 1S75 ; James E.
Moon, Not. 27, 1875, to Not. 27, 1S80; William L. Hoagland, Not.
27, 1880, present clerk.


1825.— January 10th, Peter Kline, Philip Kline; January 27th, Leflbrd
Haughawout; February Sth, Thomas Stewart; February 26th,
John Moore; Norember 19th, Jacob Taylor; NoTember 27th,
Archibald Robertson; December 9th, Frederick Salade.

1826. — January 2d, David Read ; January 4th, Elias Mushback; March
24th, Robert D. Stewart; April — , William Cooke ; October 21st,
Daniel Axford ; November 28th, James Davison ; NoTember
29th, John P. Weller; December 8th, Job Johnson; December
22d, Abraham Van Syckle ; December 29th, Garret Vliet.

1827.— January 3d, William Hankinson; January 6th, Wilson Hunt;
January 10th, Nathan Hoagland; February 9th, Isaac Gray;
February 14th, John Kearns ; NoTember 26th, James Dewitt ;
December 5th, John Carpenter : December 6th, Andrew Van

1828.— February 12th, William Allen ; March 12th, Israel Swayze ; March
18th, Joseph R. Baird ; March 26th, Caleb H. Valentine ; NoTem-
ber 22d, William Wilson ; NoTember 24th, George R. King, Gar-
ret Lacey ; December 2d, Ross Crane ; December 3d, Roger Wire ;
December 4th, Thomas Scureman.

1829.— March 7th, Henry Smith ; March 14th, Simon Wyckoff; March
18th, John Warno; March 21st, James I. Kennedy; April
14th, James Cook; April 27th, Jared Sexton; December 5th,
Philip Fine, Simon F. Wyckoff; December 10th, Andrew Van

1S30.— March 13th, Christian Cole ; March 20th, John Moore ; March 22d,
Joseph Kerr, George Mitchell ; NoTember 16tb, Samuel Read;
December 1st, William Cooke ; December 6th, James Blair ; De-
cember 11th, Frederick Salade ; December 21st, Jacob Taylor.

1831.— February 22d, Ziba Hazen ; February 25th, Cornelius Stout ; Feb-
ruary 28th, Robert S. Kennedy; March 5th, Kitchen Hart-
pence, Earliest Mann, Mark Thomson ; February 8th, Abraham
Warne; April 18th, David D. Shannon ; May 17th, Jacob Dern-
berger; November 21st, Amzi Brown ; November 29th, Barney
Bigler, Abraham A. Van Syckle; December 22d, James Hoag-
land, William Larison, Jr. ; December 29th, Daniel Axford.

1832.— February 15th, Garret Vliet ; March 27th, Isaac Shipman ; March
31st, John Kearns; April 11th, Jacob J. Hawk ; May 3d, John
C. Labar; June7th, Wilson Hunt; June 12th, John P. Miller;
November 7th, James Dewitt; November 10th, John Carpenter;
December '^uth, James Davison.

1833.— February 12th, Elias Mushback ; February 13th, William Wilson ;
March 27th, Israel Swayze; November 2d, William Ribble;
November 5th, John Andrews; November 6th, Ross Crane;
November 7th, Thomas Scureman; November Sth, William
Kinney ; November 21st, George Wire ; November 23d, Garret
Lacey; December 3d, John Stinson ; Dec. Sth, Jacob Kline.

1834.— January 13th, John R. King; February 12th, Spencer C. Smith;
February 13th, James J. Kennedy, Jared Saxton : February 14th,
Simon Wyckoff; February 17th, Samuel Hibler; March 4th,
Henry Smith, Samuel Barnes; March 17th, George W. Ribble,
Zadoc Adams, Isaac Wildrick ; March 22d, Henry Van Nest;
April 23d, James Cook ; November 2lst, Peter Kline; Decem-
ber 1st, James Fisher ; December 4th, John Moore, George Mit-
chell ; December loth, Christopher Cole ; December 22d, An-
drew Van Syckle.

1835.— March 13th, William B. McCullough ; March 14th, William R.
Sharp ; March 16th, Benjamin T. Hunt ; March 17th, Martin J.
Hulshizor; April 7th, Jacob H. Winter; April 24th, John Ful-
mer; April 30th, John Kline; November 4th, James Blair;
November 16th, Samuel Reed ; December 1st, Charles J. Ihrie ;
December 3d, Jacob Taylor; December 21st, William Cook.

1836.— February 3d, David D. Shannon ; February 9th, Abraham Warne ;
February 10th, Kitchen Hartponce ; February 23d, Ziba Hazen ;
March 18th, Cornelius Stout; November 23d, Isaac Young ; No-
Tember 26th, James Hoagland ; November 29th, John 1'. Weller,
Garret Vliet; November 30th, Abraham A. Van Syckle, Barney
Bigler; December 21st, William Larison.

1837.— November 10th, James Dewitt; November 21st, John M. Young;
November 29th, John Kelly; December 6th, George Croveling;
December 27th, John Howell, John S. Little.

1838.— January 10th, Archibald Robertson; February 1st, John McCain;
February 8th, Thomas D. Fair; March 8th, Caleb H. Valentin!
March 21st, Samuel Thomson; November 29th, George Ritchil
December 4th, Philip D. Weller; December loth, Joseph A.
Beaucos ; December 12th, Moses Shoemaker.

1839.— January 30th, George R. King; February 20th, Anthony B. Robe-
son, Archibald Davison ; February 22d, Jacob Kline; January
25th, Jacob Swisher; March 6th, Heury Smith; March 20lh,
David H. Armstrong; March 12th, Frederick Salade; March
14th, Benjamin T. Shoemaker ; March 19th, Peter Lantermi
March 20th, Peter Shinier, Jacob Sharp; March 23d, Charles
Scureman ; March 26th, Alexander H. Thomson ; March 27th,
Daniel Hull, Lewis J. Youngblood ; April 1st, Charles F. Robert-
son ; May 1st, Robert Steele ; May 2d, Joseph Hixson.

1840.— March 7th, Clinton Cole; March 10th, Ephraiin Camp; March
14th, Henry D. Swayze ; March 18th, John S. Robbins ; April
Sth, James Boyd.

1841.— February 9th, William R. Sharp; February 10th, Abraha
Warne; February lltb, Adolphus McConnell, George Cummins;
February 12th, James Blair, Matthias Brakely; February 16th,
Phineas Barber, John Hay ; February 17th, Robert T. Johnson ;
February 18th, Samuel Read ; March 6th, William Allen ;
March 9th, David Van Kirk ; March 18th, EphraimG. Coursen ;
November 17th, John P. Weller; November 23d, Isaac Young.

1842. — November 10th, Archibald Robertson; November 20th, James
Dewitt; November 22d, John Kelly; November 29th, John S.
Little , December 6th, George Creveliug.

1843.— January 25th, Thomas D. Fair; February 1st, Kitchen Hart-
• pence, Samuel Thomson ; February 4th, Isaac L. Cook ; Febru-
ary 6th, Sampson G. Howell; February 8th, John McCain;
February 14th, Charles Mushback; February 15th, Joseph
Karr; February 18th, William Larison; March 1st, Peter W.
Blair ; March 2d, Michael R. Butz ; March 3d, Robert Davison ;
March 4th, Samuel Davis, Jacob Arndt ; March 7th, Caleb H.
Valentine; March 15th, Aaron O. Barton; October 13th, Abra-
ham A. Van Syckle; November 7th, Martin J. Hulshizer; No-
Tember 101b, Ross Crane; November 11th, George Mitchell;
November 13th, Barney Bigler, Samuel Hibler ; December 5th,
John Fulmer; December 12th, Jacob H. Winter; December
13th, David D. Shannon.

1844.— January 11th, James Davison; January 13th, Lewis C.Reese;
February 2d, George R. King, Andrew Hill; February 3d,
Jacob Kline; February 7th, Robert Clayton, Samuel Barnes,
Jacob H. Hawk; February 12th, John G. Johnston; Feb-
ruary 13th, John C. Labar; February 14th, Tunis H. Tunison;
February 15th, Thomas Scureman, Archibald Osborne, Ben-
jamin Fritts; February 16th, William A. Johnson; February
23d, Joseph Hixson; March 13th, Peter Shinier; March 16th,
Robert Shay; April 2d, Abraham T.Maxwell; April 3d, John
Kearns, Isaac Reed (3d); April 10th, John Harden, Jr.; April
11th, Aaron L. Fleming; April 13th, Jacob Allen ; April 18th,
John W. K. Creveling; May 2d, Jonathan Shotwell.

1846— April 12th, Elijah Jones.

Under the ComtUulUm of 1844.

1845— May 9th, David Van Kirk, William Weller, John Kelly, William
R. Sharp, Jacob H. Winter, John Teel, Joseph L'Hommedieu,
William Beatty, Peter Mellick, John B. Ribble, Joseph H. May-
berry, Wesley Bangbart, James Fleming, Jonathan Petty,; April 7th, John W. Betts ; April
8th, Abraham II. Smith; April 22d, William M. Patterson;
April 28th, William Holt, Nathan S. Smith; May 8th, Lewis
C. Reese ; May 21st, Joseph Cramer.

1870.— May 13th, Josiah Dewitt; May 17th, C. C. Huntsman; June 11th,
David Vankirk; October 3lst, Morris R. Temple.

1871.— April 3d, John W. Wyckoff; April 4th, Israel Harris; April Oth,
Isaac L. Cook, John J. Vankirk, George W. Staley ; April 8th,
William Ramsey ; April 14th, William Smith ; April 21st, Heury
A. Kingsberry ; May 29th, Israel Swayze; May 2d, John H.
Hildebrant; May Oth, William C. Howell; May 26th, Joseph
A. Shrope, Aaron Cramer; May 27th, David Kugler, Samuel
L. Shinier; May 29th, Nathaniel Conklin; May 30th, William
Warman, Peter Cramer.

1872.— April 6th, William Feit; April 11th, John D. Faunce, Henry C.
Major; April 10th, Jacob C. Allen ; April 20th, John Chaniber-
lin ; April 23d, Jacob W. Welsh, Jr., Robert L. Garrison ; April
25th, Joseph Losoy ; April 28th, James V. Hay ; May 8th, Levi J.
Howell ; June 3d, Lewis M. Teel ; June 19th, Abraham Seigle.

1873.— April 11th, Alexander N. Boston; April 12th, John Colo; April
17th, William Luse ; April 22d, James Vliet, Robert S. Rice,
Peter R. Winter; April 23d, James M. Kennedy; June 2d, John

1874.— April let, L. Do Witt Taylor ; April 4th, Josoph Koch ; April 7th ,
Levi B. Gibbs; April 11th, George II. Jones, James Somerville;
April 14th, Edwin II. Biobor; April 20th, William M. Vannatta;
April 28th, William R. Bcoib, Daniel A. Young ; April 29tb,



William Tltsworth; Hay 12th, Robert A. Cole; May '16th, Abra-
l,;.,n Ii. Day ; May r.uli, Samuel Stewart; May 28tb, Beory

187n.— April lit, Joromlah D. Gray, Elbrldge 0. Wire, John D -

April 8d, Edward T. Lukena; April 4th, William Smith, Joaiah
Dewltt,8. Pieraon Cook; April 5th, John P. Lesher; April 7th,
William Howell: April 3th, Caapei Vetter; April 10th, Jacob
It. LoveU; April 12th, Joelah A. Shropo; Ipril 26th, Nathaniel
Oonklln, William Warman, David Vanklrk; April 27th, Coup
ion ii, AJbertaon, Ezra P. Oullck ; April 29th, Samuel L.

Shlmer, Isaac L. Cook; May 3d, Petor Cra r; May 26th,

Isruol Harris.

1877. — Murcli 31nt, .Ihiihh V. IInv ; April 2d, John Weber, Jr., Jot |

Anidt, Alimlinm Sciglo; April :i'l, Ni' h"hi II

VJlet; April 9th, Bolwri D. Uelroy, Jameii \. Swayso, PhlUp

\V. Squler, Alfred M. Smith; April 1 William D. Brands;

April -Hi'. John s. Ball.

1878.— April 1st, John Cole; April 2d, John Eilenberg; April 3d, Thud-

dijun G. Prlco, George Lotniison, .Iru Vh.l; Vj.ril 16th, John

0, Bennett; April 23d, Isaac Vough ; Hay 2d, Daniel Carllng;
May Nth, Abraham A. Garise; Bay 10th, Robert L. Garrison;
May 80th, Pater K. Winter.

Lpril 4tb, Ellshn M. Flei 5; lpril 8tb, Levi J. Howell ; April

12th, Be 1 Stawari . lpril 22 I.Johti H. Anglo.Josbua Jones,

Lewis M. Teel, William R. Been; April 24th, Samuel Labar,
William M.Vaonatta; April 26th, Abraham it. Day; May 3d,
Jacob f. l'otty; May 6th, Samuel S. Cramer; May rtl
Plr 1 on

1880.— April 1st, Joseph Koch; April 3d, Charles H. Cook; April 6th,

James Lomeraon, Daniel A. Young, Ci ln«0. Harris; April

L0tb,JobaO.Chambarlln; April 13th, Miller R.Nuun; May 1st,
Thomas T. Stewart.


1830.— October 18th, William 0. Morris.

iM'i, - .iulv [6th, Jeblel G. Bhlpman.

[at h 1, Henry McMlller ; September Oth, Isaac H.Norton.

1- . I, September 80th, Israel Harris.

1- , February Itb, John Hartwell; December 7th, George Boe.

I860. March Oth, William M. Patterson.

inuary 17th, Lewis 0. Reese; February Oth, John F. Domont

1805.— Janrinry 24th, Philip II. Ilium.

1808.— N0vemi.1T 80th, Oacar Jeffrey.

1 ni 20tb, Lewis M. Teel; July Bth, William It. Boers.

1870.— May Oth, Charles E. Vail.

1871.— April 6th, Robert A. Colo.

- binary 14th, Henry 8. Harris; November 18th, John W. Wyo-

'anuary sth, Jacob Selglo; January 81at, George M.Bhlpman;
[Oth, A. Somervllle; Fol raary27th, Jacob II. Drake;
March 3d, William 0. Howell; Marcl Itb, John Colo; June
Huh, John r. \\ . ■ 1 : ., ii \ ■■ . o -t ,1 r. , 1 ., 1. j. 1 1 Valentino; Sep-
tember 9th, Robert 8. Price; Novembei 19th, Daniel Vliet.

1-74 March 24th, William J. Hlldebrant; May7th, JobnO.Hartpenoe;

.ii 2d, .1 b V. Carter.

,ii Bth, William Tltsworth; November 16th, John B. Brook-
Bold; December 7th, Jacob C. Allen,

1876. Januarj 28th, Eugene J. Post; April 3d, Edmund T. Lukens;

May 80th, William K Ol ; Junr 23d, I barlr 5

Jane 27th, Nicholas Harris ; Novembei 24th, John D.Swoonoy ;
March 8th, Augustus P. II

1-7-, Fel j '.ih. John A. Bachman.

pn>.— May 26th, Petei D. Bunnell.

188U. — lunnary 10th, John 8 n; March 10th, Marshall R. Smith;

.ii [6th, Augustus J. Wood; September 27th, Daniel A.

Young; November ■J'.ub, . lames 1%. Moon; December 17th, Wil-
liam W. Lowry.

1881.— March 3.1, Ellaha M. Fleming.

Blnaaj B, Kennedy, app dnted August 5, 1862.

1 lout \ M. Wl ..appointed August 0, 1862.

William A. Robeson, appointed Augu I

i i October 18th, Utal Howell, John Kerns, Andrew Van Campen.
1826.— November lib, John Kerns, Henry BmlUl.Jaoob I Hawk.

j I. Jacob I. Hawk, H.-nry Smith. Jacob HcYaugb.
1828.— October 25th, Uzal O. Howell, Jacob I. Hawk.
1829.— February 12th, John s Smith ; October 19th, Isaac Wild
tob, ii I tchelL

i l ''. Runkle; November 20th, George Mitchell,

\ an Campen.

tp, John Linn.
1833. — October 16th, John Gibson ; December 6th, Isaac 0. Konkle.
1834.— November 6th, R iberi Shay.
1835.— Noven.

. . . , 18th, William H. Park.
1837.— November 15th, George W. I
1838 0ctober26th, Jacob Mott; November 8th, Boberl shay; Novem-

Oth, John holler.
1889.— October 28th, Joseph L'Hommodleu; November Bth, Robert Shay;

November 11th, John Loller.
1841.— October 6tb, Robert sharp.
[842. December 2d, Jacob Ilulshizcr; December 16th, Aaron

184-1.— February 6th, Aaron I.. Hemlng.
1846.— May 24th. David L.Armstrong; November 21st, Samuel

lie. ember 2d, John Mitchell.
1840.— June 2d, George Crockott ; November 17th, Kitchen Hartpence;

November 28th, Samuel Snovei
1847.— November 19th, Samuel Snoverj November 24th, Kitcb

J-tli. Kit. bell llatt-

peni e.

1848^-November22d,John II. Snmn

1849.— November 22d, Frederick 8. Yonght; December i-t, Kitchen

1861.— February 26th, Kitchen Hartpence; November 12th, John Rake-
man, John Snovcr.

1862.— November Bth, John II. Snover.

1863.— Novembei J''tb, Henry Dickson ; DecemberSth, John A. Buydam ;
|i ml. ei 19th, William Sears.

1854.— Novomber 4th, John Linn ; December 1st, John Snover, William
S 1 1 i I in.

1855.— December 26th, Moses C. Shoemaker, John Hoover.

1866.— December 4th, Aaron B. Mitchell.

1857.— November 20th, George Hod ; Decemlwr 14th, Robert Little.

1858.— November 13th, Gideon C. Anglo; December 31st, Robert Gal-

I860.— November 19tb, Gidoon C. Angle; December 07th, Robert LIttlo.

1860. — December 4th, Andrew R. Dennis.

1861.— December 3d, Andrew K. Dennis.

i n. ember 24th, Jacob Allen. Abraham Ilopler.

1868 — January 2d, George W. Williamson.

i . i j i. Abraham Ilopler; August 6tb, William I i

1805.— January 4th, William t reveling. William 11. L

29th, William I'reveling; December Mb, William It. Lauitiger;

Dect nil. .1 12th, John Gardner.
1866.— November 80th, Dennis Murray; December 26th, John Gardner,

William It. Laningor.
1867.— Novembor 21st, Dennis Murray; December 2d, William B. Lan-

inger ; December 24th, John Gardner.

1 29th, Lewis II. Mai

1809.— January 13th, Dennis Murray; 0ctober2d, William It. Lanlnger;

December ^Nt. John Ha ice; th, Lewis II. Mer-

l-7ti.- December Oth, ThaddeusG. Price.
[871.— January 5th, Andrew 11. Koukle: November 24th, Hugh II.

Slehsr; Not .or Oth, Thaddeus ■ ;. Price.

l-7i.— February 1st, Joshua Jones; November Jl-t, Hugh II. i'l-hei ;

November 26tli, Daniel Vanderbelt
1873. November 80th, John Tims; December 30th, Thaddeus I
1874.— July nth. Hugh 11 I . r 26th, John T. Dej

romber 22d, That) G P November 18th, John Hy-

lnali ; Noveie.





The Morris Canal was the earliest public improve-
ment which brought a market to the doors of the
people of Northwestern New Jersey. Passing through
the counties of Warren and Morris, and lying along
the borders of Sussex, it furnished the farmers and
miners of this region of country, for many years be-
fore the advent of railroads, an outlet for their pro-
ducts, and in turn supplied them with coal and other
commodities necessary to the well-being of the coun-
try through which it passes.

The canal was chartered as early as 1824, an impulse
being given to it by the success of the great Erie
Canal, which united the waters of Lake Erie with
those of the Atlantic Ocean. Its construction was
considered a bold and adventurous enterprise, — no
less an undertaking than to open canal navigation
between the Delaware and the Hudson, a distance of
102 miles, over hills at least 900 feet high. The
work was vigorously commenced soon after the in-
corporation of the company, and, after many delays
and discouragements, was completed in about ten

The canal was built 32 feet wide at the water-line
and 20 feet at the bottom, with a depth of 4 feet.
The locks were 75 feet long and 9 feet wide, the
whole being adapted to boats of twenty-five tons.

The first boats from Mauch Chunk to New York
passed over the canal in the summer of 1831. They
were loaded with Lehigh coal.* In April, 1837, there
were reported 400 boats employed, and the business
demanding a still larger supply. The Lehigh Coal
Company alone was shipping over it to New York
60,000 tons of coal.

The canal is chiefly supplied with water from Lake
Hopatcong. While the smaller elevations are over-
come by locks, the greater are surmounted by inclined
planes. East of the lake there are twelve planes
whose united elevations make 748 feet, and eighteen
locks rising in the aggregate 160 feet, making a total
elevation of 914 feet. West of the lake there are
eleven planes and seven locks whose aggregate lifts
are 760 feet. The boats are drawn up the planes by
means of water-power taken from the canal. The
country through which this work passes not only
abounds in mineral wealth, but is of great agricultu-
ral importance.

The cost of the Morris Canal and its appendages
was over $3,500,000. The Morris Canal and Banking
Company were granted exclusive privileges of water
communication across the State for ten miles north
and south of their canal.

The report of the company for 1879 was as follows :

' Mauch Chunk Courier, August, 1831.

"Capital stock paid in 52,200,000.00

Debts, funded and otherwise 1,103,164.60

Cost of canal and appurtenances 3,410,508.94

Repairs for 1879 99,784.62

Navigation, locks, and plane-tending, 1870 27,890.03

Superintendent and management 7,028.22

Income from tolls, passengers, etc 137,553.11

Dividends paid by Lehigh Valley Railroad,

lessees 158,500.00

" Jno. R. Fanshawe,

" Secretary."


The Central Railroad of New Jersey passes across
the southern part of this county from Phillipsburg
and Easton, making a curve northward and follow-
ing the valley of the Musconetcong along the border
of Hunterdon County to New Hampton Junction,
whence it bends eastward and crosses the State to its
terminus at Jersey City. This road is the most im-
portant in its connections, as well as the most inter-
esting in its history, of any of the railroads centring
in this county. It was the first to open communica-
tion across the State with the Lehigh valley and the
rich coal-mines of Pennsylvania, and pioneered the
way for many other connecting and competing rail-
road lines, opening up a rich country along its route,
and one of varied and interesting scenery.

The road from Elizabethport to Somerville was built
under a charter granted in 1831. The route to Somer-
ville was surveyed in 1835 by Col. James Moore, the
present chief engineer. In 1836 it was built as far as
Plainfield, and reached Somerville in 1839. Feb. 16,
1842, the State Legislature extended the time for com-
pleting the road until July 4, 1856. A new company
was chartered in 1847 to extend the road to Easton,
under the name of "The Somerville and Easton Rail-
road Company." In the fall of 1848 the road was
opened to White House ; the following year authority
was given the above-named company to purchase the
Elizabethtown and Somerville Railroad, and the name
of the consolidated company was changed to " The
Central Railroad Company of New Jersey." This
was carried into effect in 1850, the existing roads
brought under one ownership, and immediately there-
after, in the spring of the same year, the remainder of
the route to Phillipsburg was put under contract.
On the morning of July 1, 1852, the last rail was laid,
and the next day, in eight splendid cars (drawn by
the gigantic engine " Pennsylvania," decorated with
flags), the directors of the road, with their invited
guests and accompanied by Dodsworth's Band, sped
through the glorious landscapes of Hunterdon and
Warren, to the wonder of thousands of delighted
inhabitants, who thronged to the stations and greeted
the party with the firing of guns and the waving of
handkerchiefs and banners. From this time that
undeveloped country began to yield up its wealth.
Iron-works that had lain in ruins for the want of
fuel since the Revolution were rebuilt, and with the
advent of the thundering coal-trains began the ring
of tilt-hammers ; while the exchange of log cabins



for beautiful dwellings, and the foundingof churches,
schools, etc., marked the succeeding years of the his-
tory of this road.

The officers for 1880 were as follows : E. C. Knight,
President ; John Keen, Vice-President ; Samuel Knox,
treasurer and Secretary; F. S. Lathrop, Receiver;
Barnes Moore, Genera] Superintendent and Engineer;
W. W. Stearns, W. S. Polhemus, Assistant Superin-
tendents; Jacob M. Clark, Engineer; II. P. Baldwin,
d Passenger Agent; P. II. Wyckofif, General
Freight Agent. The directors were E. ' '. Knight, F.
S. Lathrop, F. A. Potts, J. J. Barne-, <;. <;. Haven,
Edward ( 'lark, Benjamin Williamson, John Kean, and
!■'. T. Frelinghuysen.

The capital stock of the company is $18,568,200,
while the value of the road and equipments is
120,000,000. For the year ending Dee. 31, L879, the
Balance net earnings was $1,371,579.64.


I'he lielviderc Delaware Railroad I i;i- it- eastern

terminus at Trenton, X. .1.. and its northwestern at
Ifanunka I hunk, X. J., where it forms a connection

With the great trunk-line of the 1 Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western Kail road. The route of this road is along
the beautiful valley of the Delaware, following its
Various windings through Mercer, Hunterdon, and
Warren Counties, and bringing into view the most

picturesque scenery in the latter county, which it

enter- at its extreme southeastern point. The whole
length of the road is sixty-eight miles, twenty-eight
nf which are in Warren County.

The lielviderc I lelaware Railroad \v:i- lpleted to

Lambertvillein 1850, to Milford in Februan . I8.~>3,aud
finished in 1854. It was leased to the United New
Jersey Railroad and Canal Company, Feb. 15, 1876,
and assigned to the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
March 7th of the same year. Its capital stock, paid in,
Is $994,050, its bonded debl is $3,4 W,500, and it- float-
big debt (being special bonds | is $156,081.77. The cost
Of the road and equipments had Keen $4,246,688.92.
The receipts from all sources for W.i were *71\1">2.31,

and the expenditures for the -a time $454,900,11.

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