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earliest was John Potts, who began to preach in 1820
or thereabouts, and was for a long time a useful and
valuable minister of the Philadelphia Conference.
Ralph Arndt, a son of John Arndt, was one of the
most prominent Methodists of the county. When
the New Jersey Conference divided he became a mem-
ber of the Newark Conference; he has been presiding
elder. Another minister, George W. Smith, a son of
Samuel Smith, of Port Colden, enjoys a high stand-
ing among his brethren in the ministry. Having no
means to procure an education, he educated himself
by his earnings, graduated at Drew Theological Sem-
inary, and has preached in and around Newark for
several years.

There has always been in connection with the
church a Sunday-school, which has done its part in
adding to the power and influence of the church.


May 80, 1872, a meeting of the members and friends
of the Protestant Episcopal Church was held at the
Van Doren House, and an organization effected, under
the auspices of the Rev. Mr. Martin, of Hackettstown.
It was intended to be a " mission" of the church at
the last-named point. The officers elected were Rev.
Mr. Martin, President; J. O. McClellan, Secretary;
and William Appleby, Treasurer. Meetings were
held at first in the Good Templar's hall, in Matti-
son's Block, on alternate Sabbaths, Rev. Mr. Martin
and others officiating. Later, they met in what is
now the Methodist chapel, on the corner of Washing-
ton Avenue and School Street. But, for some cause,
the laudable efforts to found a church of this faith
were not fruitive. At the present time the church
here has no chapel, and seldom holds services.


This church was started here over twenty years ago,
and Rev. Wm. Myers was the first pastor. Others
who served the church were John A. Hammon, J. R.
Davis, and Jas. Henry Turner. But the church be-
came badly disorganized, and so continued for some
time, until the advent of Rev. Amos Brown, two or
three years ago, who is entitled to the credit of up-
building the church. He gathered together the scat-
tered flock, kept them in harmony, and made acces-
sions to their number. The present pastor is Rev.
Carlos Green. Number of members, 24. It sustains
a Sabbath-school of about 32 members. The erection
of a church was commenced in 1879, which, although
not fully completed, is used by the society. The pres-
ent trustees are James Miller, David Simons, and
George A. Lidy.


Prior to the erection of a church, mass was cele-
brated in Washington at the house of James Allen.
The Aliens, contractors on the Morris and Essex

Washington i;<iKon;ii.


Railroad, wen- among the early and mosl prominent
families of the Roman Catholic faith located at this
point, and did much towards sustaining worship in the
days when the church was weak and few in numbers.
The Rev. Fathers I:. Leonard and Francis O'Neil ol
Hew Hampton Junction] held occasional services
here prior to 1X70. The lirst settled pastoi
Patrick E. Smyth, came here in 1871, but in 1872 was
transferred to Madison, N. J. h was during lii- pas-
toral charge thai the church edifice was built. The
corner-stone was laid on Sunday, .May 5, 1872, with
appropriate ceremonies, the Very Rev. Dr. ( 'arrijran,
vicar-general of the diocese of Newark, officiating,
Issisted bj Fathers McKin, of Trenton, O'Reilly, of
rbillipsburg, O'Neill, of Hampton Junction, and
Smyth, the pastor here. The church was 1 completed
in the summer of 1872. It is located on Belvidere
Avenue, is 40 by 75 feet, and cost about $12,000. P.

i !. Keely was the architect. It ran i ifortablj seat

800 persons.

The present pastor, Rev. Patrick A. Treacy, took
Charge of "St. Rose's Parish," Oxford, of which this
elmivii i- an adjunct, in 1873. The parsonage was
erected in 1875, by Father Treacy, the funds for the
game being given by Thomas Halloran, deceased. A
i\ was established in lxxo. This ehureh lias a
present membership of nearly 200 persons. Its pas-
tor has charge also of the Oxford and Belvidere
churches, this parish being in the diocese of Newark.
3ei ces are held in Washington three Sabbaths in

each month, in the morning.


In the numbered bcI 1 districts of the county the

"Washington District" is known as No. 31. The
earlj school-houses of this district are mentioned in

the uistorj of the township. The present scl 1

building is one of the most conspicuous objects in
the borough. It is a uoble structure, and one of
which the town may well be proud. It was
in 1873 7 1, al ti co i of $24,

The school trustees in L868 were Nathan Dilts, W,
II. Boyd, and Dr. N.Jennings. At the present time
(1881) the hoard is composed of the following-named
gentlemen: Jacob Creveling, Jacob V. Carter, and
William E. ( 'ummings.

When Washington «a- ii rporated as a borough,

in 1868, it- educational interests were duly consid-
ered, as is shown in the following section, excerpted
from its charter :

Ind In it tmucud, That Hi.' nil I borough shall I mill. | to it-

Ju-i proportion ol the » I J ol this m ,1c, lobe ascertained in tha

mar In which th< nnot m In III loin ertalned,

•iihji'. l in Ihu prut : i .„■„ shall I b-

i Just mi. I ,..|iii. ill

Inliabltntil ul tin i. n nshlp ol » , i i, In tlti

"■ii. . mil I |Uad to all II |usl and equitable

the tioy ami property now belonglug to the inhab-

jwtoi i the township ol v ., „|,„ ,,

. ihall i a
Bvldwl betweon lite ii i i orough on.l township ol VI

County, In proportion to Ibe taxable propertyand rotables as Uued by
the assessor at the last assessment, within Ibe reepectire lie.

igb and township, and any money ..r property to which the

■ milled dull be applied, ander th |

undl.for the purpose end In the manner for and In
which they aro now authorized to Is nahlp, and the tald

-hull also be entitled to receive ii- |n otaof the proceeda

of the surplus revenue apportioned t.. the -• y, In the

same manner as thoaei nnty."

The Bchool statistics of this district for the year
1879, the last lull school year for which a report had
been published when tin- article was compiled, pre-
sent the following facts : Amount of money received
from all sources for public school purposes, $4493;
present value of school property, $25,000; number
of children of school age in the district, 608, of whom
520 were enrolled on the school register during the
year; number of teachers employed, 7. of whom 6
were females.

.1. Terwilleger is the present principal.


Masonry, alike in it- symbolic, capitular, cryptic,

ami chivalric branches, is represented in Washington

by the lodge, chapter, council, and commandery.

All of the-e organizations meet in Masonic Hall,


\M' I I i:-l \ \ I [OS \l BANK.

loeated in the third story of the briek block On the

corner of Broad Street and Washington Avenue, v.
liner lodge-hall can be found in Northern New Jer-
sey. It is artistically frescoed and elaborately fur-
nished; connected therewith are a bani|Uet-hall and
an armory.

UANSF1 iODGE, No. SI, \. r. \M> a. m.

••Mansfield LoiL'e, No. :;i." was organized under

dispensation of the Grand Lodge, granted Aug. 28,
1814, and the first meeting was held on the 81st of
that month, at which session the following were
present :

■ ,i.i. Duaenl art r,W. W : R il ert Thorn Bunklo,

B Gitalin, visitor D

- ■ , jtro ttm.

October 81st, Brothers Dusenberry and Thompson
were appointed a committee to attend the '.rand

the iviit.mii.il j

:, William D. I



Lodge at Trenton, and present the petition for a war-
rant to establish a regular lodge at this place.

The following are the names of the officers and
members of Mansfield Lodge, No. 31, held by dis-
pensation in Mansfield, in the county of Sussex, from
the date of dispensation to Nov. 7, 1814 :

Caleb Dusenberry, Esq., M.; Col. Robert C. Thompson, S. W. ; Adam
Runkle, J. W.; David P. Shrope, Treas.; Samuel S. Gregory, Sec; Philip
Stires, Tyler; Benjamin T. Hunt, Cornelius Mclntire, Joseph Barton,
Johannes Hex Pardee, Henry Hankinson, John P. Robeson, Peter K.
Weller, James Baird, Imla Drake, Joseph V. Wilson.

At the November session of the Grand Lodge " a
petition was presented by Brother Caleb Dusenberry
and eleven others, all Master Masons, praying that a
warrant may be granted unto them to form a new
lodge, in the township of Mansfield, in the county of
Sussex, to be called Mansfield Lodge, No. 31, was
read, whereupon, after due consideration, it was

" Ordered, That a warrant do issue to Caleb Dusenberry, First Master;
Robert C. Thompson, Senior Warden; and Adam Runkle, Junior War-
den, of said lodge."

In accordance with the above action, the Grand
Master issued the warrant. It bears date of Nov. 8,

Where the lodge met in its infancy the records do
not state. The first mention is of date Jan. 9, 1815,
when a committee was appointed to ascertain " upon
what terms a suitable room or building can be pro-
cured for this lodge." The report of this committee
is not recorded, nor of a later committee appointed
for a similar purpose ; but, Sept. 18, 1815, " Brothers
Hankinson and Wilson were appointed to wait upon
Brother Drake for the purpose of being informed
whether it will be inconvenient for him to accommo-
date this lodge hereafter with a convenient room, and
report to the next stated meeting." Further than this
the records are singularly silent upon the matter.

The number of members in October, 1815, was 31.

In 1816 the first visit was made; the brethren met
with Hope Lodge, No. 26, on St. John's Day. August
5th the W. G. M., Aaron B. Woodruff, favored Mans-
field Lodge with his presence ; he died the following
year. Brothers Robeson, Cox, and Hankinson were
chosen the representatives to the annual session of
the Grand Lodge, held November 12th.

In 1820 the brethren met with the Easton Lodge
on St. John's Day. Members at this date, 37. In
1824, for the first time, celebrated the birthday of St.
John the Baptist.

The officers since 1814 have been as follows :

Worshipful Muateru.— 1815,* Robort C. Thompson; 1810, John P. Robe-
eon; 1817-18, Robort C. Thompson; 1819, Joseph Barton; 1820, David
Parke; 1821, Lambert Bowman; 1822, Abner Parke; 1823, Lambert

Senior W<trdem. — 1815, Henry Hankinson; 1810, Nicholas Cox; 1817,
John P. Robeson; 1818-10, David Parke; 1820, Joseph Barton; 1821,
Abner Parke; 1822, Joseph Barton; 1823, Robort C. Thompson.

Junior Wardens.— 1815-10, Richard Rounsofolt; 1817, David Parke;

• "Officers elected on the Btatod lodge night noxt before St. John the
angelist'e Day in every year." — Ezbract'from By-Lawa.

1818, Benjamin Egbert; 1S19, Samuel Thompson; 1820, Aimer Parke;
1821, Samuel Raub; 1822, Imla Drake; 1823, George Weller.

The last meeting of which there is any record was
held in June, 1824. After that time the lodge became
inoperative, and remained dormant for many years,
and was finally resuscitated as No. 36, as below given.


was instituted, under dispensation, March 1, 1855.f
A few months later it received its charter, but lost its
old number, 31 ; henceforth it was to bear the number
"36." A. P. Berthoud was the first Worshipful Mas-
ter, serving as such until December, 1861. His suc-
cessors have been as follows :

Dec. 1801 to Dec. 1803, John T. Stewart; Dec. 1863 to Dec. 1806, William
M. Stires ; Dec. 1866 to Dee. 1867, John V. Mattison ; Dec. 1867 to
Dec. 1869, James D. Taylor; Dec. 1869 to Dec. 1871, Madison K.
Raub; Dec. 1S71 to Dec. 1874, Elam W. Alleger; Dec. 1874 to Dec.
1877, Jacob C. Wandling; Dec. 1877 to Dec. 1879, John B. Kelsey ;
Dec. 1879 to Dec. 1881, Elam W. Alleger.

An interesting ceremony occurred Sept. 17, 1874, at
the close of the communication of Mansfield Lodge,
in the presentation of Past Master's jewels to James

D. Taylor, J. V. Mattison, M. K. Raub, and E. W.
Alleger. Jewels were on another occasion presented
to Past Masters Berthoud and Stires.

The officers for 1880, elected December, 1879, were
as follows :

E. W. Alleger, W. M. ; William Stites, S. W.; Jacob Trimmer, J. W. ;

Aug. Creveling, Treas.; J. K. Fulper, Sec.; John B. Kelsey, S. D.;
Hugh Extou, J. D.

And the appointed officers as follows :

Rev. J. H. Egbert, Chaplain; William C. Thompson, Sylvester Groff, SI.
of C; A. n. Vough, H. S. Groff, Stewards; D. F. Beatty, Organist;
A. B. Stewart, Tyler.

In December, 1880, the following officers were
elected for the ensuing year, — 1881 :

E. W. Alleger, W.M.; William Stites, S. W. ; William C. Thompson,
J. W.; Aug. Creveling, Treas.; Joseph E. Fulper, Sec; John B.
Kelsey, S. D.; J. F. Tinsman, J. D.

The present trustees are Madison K. Raub, J. D.
Taylor, and W. C. Thompson. The stated communi-
cations are held in Masonic Hall, the first and third
Thursdays in each month.


Under dispensation granted July 11, 1860, Temple
Chapter was started at Phillipsburg. A warrant for
the same was granted at the next session of the Grand
Chapter, in September, 1860, the charter bearing date
of September 1 1th of that year. The first officers were

f Immediately following the proceedings of a stated meeting hold
June 5, 1824, the record book gives the " Revised By-Laws of Mansfield
Lodge, No. 31" (to which are attached 207 names, A. P. Berthoud boing
the first, and Edward Plotts the last), and then appears the minutes of a
session hold at "Washington, N. J., March 1, A.L. 6855" (1855), prefaced
with tho following sentence: "Mansfield Lodge, formerly No. 31, was
convened in their room . . . under a dispensation by Most Worshipful
Graud Master Bro. E. Steward. Worshipful Master Bro. J. Black, of
Warren Lodge, No. 13, being appointed Deputy G. M. pro tern., presided
in tho chair, whereupon the following brothers wore duly installed c
oers for the ensuing year : A. P. Berthoud, Master ; Richard Atno, S. W. ;
William P. Sanno, J. W. ; Mahlou Slack, Treus. ; Peter R. Winter, See.;
Benjamin Taylor, S. D. ; William Wiggins, J. D. ; Ellas Smith, Tyler."

Washington i;oko('i;ii.


E. Jl. Bird, High Priest; Valentine Mutchler, Emi-
nent King; and Samuel Freeman, Kmincnt Scribe.
Since lli.-il lime' (lie following litivc officiated :

Ulgh /',-..■.(*.— 1861, Rev. Jama Y. Mitchell; 1802, John V. Mattison;
i . . i ii nil. i; i" i i. -, .i. \ M..ui-..i, i-i.i , \ i' v.. hi
ll.V. Mattison; I868.P. H.Bann; I860, J. 0. McClelland; I870-72,johu

IF. W ill;- l.-T.:, U.K. Banb; i-ti 76,N. Jennlns. 1877-80, W.O.


Eminent Kingi — lxnl.S. T. Moor.-; 1 - ■.-', II l"i"

Hull; 1864-86, A. P. Borthoml ; 1866, John U. Alleger; I -'.7, C. II. Hano;
1868, J. 0. McClelland; 1868 71, A. B. Stewart; 1672, M. K. Baub; 1878,
Iff, Jennings; 1-71 76, «l llllam C. Th impt in; 1877 79, J. C. Wandllng. .
J880, E. H . Alleger.

/:„ /,-.,/.. 1861, J. T. Mattlaoa ; 1862, H HnO"; 181 '

■m , i I i i. ■, Jiimi - e Van D n; 1866, W. P. Sanno; 1867, C

11. BoUlngshead; 1808, A. B. Stewart; i I I lohn I H Into"!* 1870-

71, 1M. K. Banb; 1872, J. I. Trowbridge; 1873, William C, Thompson;
1N71-7I',, J.O.WandllDg; 1877-79, E. W. Alleger; 1880 M. K. Banb.

The membership has been as follows: I860, 16;
L861, 17; 1862,82; 1868,29; 1864 no returns) ; 1865,
25;1866, 40; 1867, 55; 1868,50; 1869,61; 1870,76;
1871,88; 1872,88; 1873,94; 1874,91; 1875, 98; 1876,
102; 1877, 96; 1878, 85; 1879, 87 ; 1880, 88.

In December, ].sti4, u resolution was adopted to
remove the chapter to Washington, subject lii the
Decision of the Grand High Priest, who granted a dis-
pensation for thai purpose Feb. 28, lsi;.">. Hut prior
to this ( Feb. 14, 1865) the chapter held its first meet-
ing in Washington, at which there weir 26 petitions
for membership received. In 1874, I I members with-
drcw to form Eagle Chapter, No. 30, Phillipsburg. In
1S67, .1. V. Mattison was elected Grand Sign Priest.
In L869 the records and property of the chapter were
destroyed by fire.

The Stated eonvoealions are held on the second
Tuesday of each month. The ollicers for 18X11 are:
Wmi. 0. T wn, M i: II. P.; B. W. Alleger, EC. K ; M. K. Banb, K.

8.; a 1'. siu.it-, Trees ; J. E. l-"ol|>-r. Sec; Jai I.. Shields, C. of

II.; Bylvestei Groff, P. s ; John Plttenger, It. A. C.i H. s. Groff, G.

M. of 3d Voll; 0. B Lunger, G. M. or 2d Veil; J. B. Kelsey, G. M.

of l-i Veil; Ber. John II. Egbert, Chaplain; II. A Van Fredenburg,

Organlal ; A. B. Stewart, Tyler.

The trustee* are E. W. Alleger, Joseph A. Shrope,
and Madison K. Raub.

Instituted Sept. II, 1866. The warranl bears the
names of J. V. Mattison, T. I. M. ; L 6. Berthoud,
D. I. M.j and E. II. Bird, P.C.of W. The stated as-
semblies of the council occur on the third Friday in
each in. .nili, ai Masonic Hall. The ollicers for lxxn
arc a- follows :

m . h v. Baub, T. Ill Maatoi , W .... Thompson, D. [II. Master; Jos.

3. Carter, f O.ol w ; B". 8. Groff, Trees. j J. E i

ii. im Winter, 0. of G. ; B. W. Johnston, ol ; P. It. Wcllor.

Bteward; J. K. Boagland, .Mumlm! ; A. B. Stewart, Sentinel,

The trustees are Abraham B. Stewart, Benrj

Winter, and W. < '. Thompson.

in: moi.w I OMM \m.ikv, s 6, K. T.

March 26, 1867, the Grand I lommandi r, W. W.
Enow, constituted De Molay Commandery, at w i
[ngton, with 9 members, whose names were A. T.

Berthoud, E. II. Bird, George Hamilton, C. II. Hol-
lingshead, A. B. Stewart, A. < ». Loomis, J. V. Matti-
son, W. E. W'anic, and George T. Woolston. After
installing the ..nicer-, the Grand Commander con-
ferred the order of Knighthood upon six candidal.'-.
The charier is dated Sept. 11, 1866. 'flic -. - ion- at
that time were held in what was then known a- Ma-

sonic I [all, now the town ball, owned by the borough

The first officers 1867) were J. V. Mattison, E. C;
C. II. Ilolliicj-hcad. G.j George T. Woolston, C.-G.

The first return to the Grand Commandery. which

was for L867, -how- 16 members. There was no return
in the grand body the ensuing year, but A. P. Ber-
thoud was Eminent Commander. In 1869 the officers
were C. H. Hollingshead, B.C.; A. B. Stewart, G. ;

< i. T. Wool-ton, ( '.-i !. ; and 19 members wen- reported.
I i that date to the present time the officers have

been aS follow- :

Command J.I Mattti m, 1870 7j ; M. K lv ...
.11.1 nlper, 1877 90.

\ B. Stewart, 1870-71; M.K. Baub, 1872; A B.Stew.
art, 1-7; 71; J, E. Fulper, 1876-70; J. 0. Wandllng, I-77-7 1 .; John
Krutika, 1 - ".

M : r \ r. Bti wart, 1872 ; J. B.

Fulper, 1878 71; J. C, Wandllng, 1878 76; John Franks, 1877-79; C.C.
We ton, I - ...

Th. commandery has been very prosperous and

grown rapidly in numbers. During the five years
ending with 1875 it gained 53 member-. Since that
date it has lost many members by death and removal,
but the number on it- roll- at the present time I De-
cember, 1880) is 63.

In lsi'.s the commandery occupied a hall in .Matti-
son Block, but in the fire of 1869, which destroyed
the building, they lost all their property, including

their n rd-. Alter the lire the commandery met

for a time in the old Masonic Hall, their former
quarters, but as soon as the Mattison building was re-
built, about a year later, they located there, along
with the other Masonic organizations of the place.

"De Molay" own- a banner which cost upward- of
three him. Ire. I dollars. Upon it i- painted a full-
length portrait of Jacques De Molay being burned at

ill. jtake. Tl ilj member of thi- commandery

who attained to high official station in th.- Grand
Commandery was J. V. Mattison, who. in Septem-
ber, 1869, wa- elected Grand Commander,

The stated conclaves of this body arc held the sec-
ond and fourth Wednesday- of each month. The
pi.-, ni ollicers (1879-80) are as follows:

Sir J. KTulper, X.O.; SlrJ a Wandllng, Gen. ; Sll i I

-,, Ber. John II Egbert, Pn late Sh 0.1 Wi iton, 8.W.;
i J. w, ; sir Wi,,. i: Call, rreai . Bb U. K.

Banb, Be. . Bli J B.Wluklejr, Std -Bearer; Sll B v.... IJew,
Bwd Bearer ; Sir Wm. C. 1 ilrP.B. Weller, l-i

Gnai i Board ; Sll - T ibn Plttlngi .. Id Guard ;

- , \ B Btewart, Bent.

M \N-I II ii- I 0DGI , S" IJ, I- o. ii. I .

was instituted at Washington, June 10, 1846, by 1».
D.Grand Master Benrv McMiller. The charter was



granted upon the application of John C. Winter,
John L. Cisco, John Kearns, James Nutt, John Van
Nest, James Doolittle, John Evans, Jacob Petty,
Peter Scott, William M. Warne, John P. Davis, Wil-
liam Cole, Sylvester Smith, William W. Strader, and
Isaac Q. Burrows. The officers first elected were
John C. Winter, N. G. ; John Kearns, V. G. ; John
P. Davis, Sec. ; Peter Scott, Asst. Sec. ; Jacob Petty,

On the 12th day of June the lodge met and or-
ganized, the M. W. Grand Master in the chair, as-
sisted by Past Grand D. G. Fitch. They presented
the charter and installed the officers. The Noble
Grand proceeded to business. It was ordered that the
constitution and by-laws of Covenant Lodge, No. 13,
be adopted by the lodge until such time as the lodge
shall form a constitution of its own. It was also
ordered that they meet every Friday evening until
otherwise ordered.

The lodge first held their meetings in a building
belonging to Imla Drake, Esq. It was a rough build-
ing, used in connection with the store, situate on the
southeast corner of what was called the " Square," and
known as the " Bowery." They occupied this room until
April 1, 1852, when they fitted up a hall in the upper
or third story of the hotel on the northeast corner of
said square. In this location they remained until
1854, when they moved into the room built for them by
the Odd-Fellows' Hall Association, which was on the
north side of what is now Washington Avenue, east
of the Square ; they occupied this until about 1872,
when they leased the third story of F. M. Ueihlein's
(bakery) building, on the south side of Washington
Avenue, which they still occupy.

The lodge from the first progressed steadily. At
the end of the first year they numbered 55 members.
It has had its ups and downs, like most other societies,
but on the whole has been very successful. There
have been initiated and admitted by card since its or-
ganization 437 members. The largest accession in
any one year was in 1868, when 64 were initiated.

April 23, 1847, the lodge filed in the clerk's office
of the county of Warren articles of incorporation,
with William Cole as president, James Doolittle,
John P. Davis, John L. Cisco, Joseph W. Rounse-
ville, and John C. Winter as directors.

June 10, 1847, the lodge celebrated the anniversary
of their organization. The meeting was held in the
Methodist Episcopal church, and addresses were de-
livered by Brothers Burr, Past Grand D. G. Fitch,
and the Rev. Mr. Crane.

The lodge held their meetings on Friday evenings
until Oct. 1, 1852, when they changed it to Saturday
evening, and has since remained unchanged.

Aug. 5, 1854, the propriety of building a hall was
discussed by the lodge, and resulted in forming an
association of Odd-Fellows to erect it, the lodge
taking 174 out of the 250 shares sold. In 1872, the
lodge room becoming loo small lor [he membership,

the building was sold. From this sale the lodge
cleared over $3000. The building is now occupied
by Messrs. Groff & Cyphers.

The list of Noble Grands from its organization is
as follows :

Johu C. Winter, John Kearns, Wm. M. Warne, Jas. Doolittle, John P.
Davis, Wm. Cole, Jos. Curl, Win. L. Cyphers, Wm. Sweeney, Wm. P.
Sanno, Wm. W. Strader, J. W. Rounseville, B. E. Wuitmore, A. P.
Berthoud, Jos. A. Shrope, Job. Vliet, Wm. Paxson, Jacob Strader, Jr.,
Jos. C. Felver, Alex. McClary, C. S. Strader, James Sumerville,
Jesse S. Castner, D. W. Sino, Wm. Tietsworth, Lemuel Gardner, Geo.
T. Woolstou, Juo. Wandliug-, Alpheus Babcock, Wm. A. Herrick, C.
H. Hollingshead, Geo. Hamilton, F. P. Waymoutb, Wm. M. Stires,
Wm. Campbell, George M. Pence, Jno. R. Pence, John 11. Bowlby,
Wm. J. Heldebrant, Wm. H. Apgar, Jas. M. Smith, E. W. Alleger,
Peter 0. Einehart, M. B. Conine, Henry Thompson, T. H. Gulick,
Geo. Watts, Wm. Weller, Wm. Gerard, Wm. M. Weiknecht, Hugh
Exton, A. J. Swenson, A. W. Baker, Wm. Aten, Jno. P. Kelsey, C.
W. Christine, John Everitt, Thos. Taybum, Geo. Taylor, D. M. Em-
mons, E. P. McCaun, and Theodore A. Hedden.

Online LibraryJames P SnellHistory of Sussex and Warren counties, New Jersey : → online text (page 144 of 190)