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.-. .1 Sqnler'a to White Pon I

John V. Ci tannin, Roadmasti - I Irst, from Marka-
boro' bridge dowi i... torj road to Ihe brldgi I

' from the mill to the ci — roads by S. J. Sqnler'a
butrki No. 8. — l.ihn 0. Crisman, Roadmoster. I I rat, from Kli/41 Hull

'■; I,

topofthe hill In 1 third, from

iwn line to Heurj U. Sherrcr's.

John W. Warner, Roadmaater. Fr die croaa-ronda

by 8. J. Sqnler'a, up lo Warnei -. 1 ■ Mud r ,1
bUlricl Ho. 6.— Androw K. Vase, Roadmaater. First, from the Kill

, Charlea WIntermnte'i saw-mill, Irom the to Ihe county

u U ly line bj Anden .n'a to John Shi

county line neai

from Isaac B.

to Philip Tltman'a, thence to Benjamin Em ne' h

ond, from Tltmai to .

ibove the Slabtown echo
I me.

N iwbe ker, Boa In m Dlvor'a

comer, .1 , mute'a, up loJohi Konklo'a

""' , "'" v ' ■ lilla'i hit in the

snip; third, from the cooper-ahop tu the counly line.
District ATo. 8.— Daniel Kl ,. First, from the Blaira-

'■'"" llm to the mountain 1 «d,tb

Intt Blue Mouul

Blalnrto* 1 lus saw-mill ; third.fr the moun

Ullls' cornel In IheHlckorj >wamp

unty line,
and up to the top ..1 thi ; laquany

road by Kintner's,
I 9 h's.

Hardwick was erected by royal patent early in the
itury, probably m1m.hi 1713. The earliest record
of .1 town-meeting now extant is the following:

" u •' ( Deboral Pettlt, Jr., and ror

"'" '""" ; 'ii tl Ighthdaj

there the following ] oraoui wen ■ b |br the -■ vera! offl

■'•-nil Dyer, lown Clerk; Uwrei

1 \.ir..i, BanUna

i Lundy,
Samuel SIod.J lin Wai N


imuel Luudy.Sami Dlldlne, Daulol Bar-

Ni. "'

We are enabled fr..in the records to give the fol-
lowing list of officers for Hardwick township, from
177) to 1880, which also includes the township of
Frelinghuysen to 1848, the year in which it was set


it: i 76,J ilah Dyei ; 1777-1 . lge Arm-

■ r; 1808,
Andrew Sbaw Muahback; 1842-44, John Miller;

1816-47, J

Smith] i:. Kunkle: 1858-60, Philip V.

65,1876-78, John It. Kookle; 1806-76, Bmbla D. Mann; 1879-80,
John v. SaTercooL

00NSTAB1 I 8.
1771, Lawrence Daker, Isaac Bell; 177... Thomas Season, ba

1771), Frederick 8novor, Daniel Ueaaon; 1777-78, George BoOown,
ii, Abr. Fulkinson; 1780, Joseph

l! '■'■ l ">' I i ] 178^

Uauao.WllUam I U Uurtry;1783,Jo

•'•''■ > . Jonathan I'.uit; 1787, Jonathan

Pettlt, William Armstrong; 1788, Archibald SUnson; 1789, Abram
Mtddli | iac L an .

Ing, BnoeOoble; 1792, I

Brown; 1784, John Klrkpntrick, James Sqnler;

Mini. Ilil.l.i, John Linn; 1796, PhiUp Fusbinder, Joseph

Hull; 1707, Isaac Coureon, Bases Lain; 1798, Daniel Barker, 8am"

. SUrer-

thorn,Adam Bibler; 1801, George Tank Stepl

Vanhorn, Peter Wi rmi : „, j,,i,„

Hankluson; 1805, Daniel ll.uk.

Vanh. i i.i...

nor; 1808, Ieauc France,

Isaac Sir.iil. ; lsi.i. Frederick Snorer.Jr., base France, Dai

; ii . .i-i.ii Armstrong, Ji , Daniel

Ina in: 1812, William Dlldlne, James Stlna in, John Arm
Jr.; 1813, William Dll II Qlbbs; 1814,

i i i •■' Inl mute, William Coal „. wtn-

, " r " 1 ■ George Vase, W i 1816, iaaa. Wintermute,

William i ..,,;, f. Bo] ; 1-17, a.

Bankinaon, William Armstrong i,,, and Tunis


John F. SnoTer, Whltli I

Whitley Edws a„nt; 1820-21, Tbomaa a.

Dildine, W. Edwards, ] i i \ qj|.

dine, John Brown; 1823, William Allen, John Moore, John Ilrown;
l82 *i ' .William Allen; 1827-32]

tsano Wildrick; 1833-36, John 0. Bazen i . Oooko,

J°l" i [841 42,

1 i. ii ii.ii.

1844, John Cox : 1M\ William Armsti
William Armstrong; 1M7. William Am
Wilson, .lr. ; 1818, Hahlou Wile i i - \

, lr. « F. V.— .

John V. Crisman, Benjamin
Vbught, .i.i... I

I, .1. v. Crisman . I t, ,i. v.

' \ Crlam in, Jacob , .were, J.

arers, Andrew It. Bill; 1871, J -
' ; 1-7J. William I.. Null. ii, .1. > I
■ Waltore: 1876, William I
u V, Walters; l^77-7>, William ii. Lambert, w. \ . \\.,h. ;
\v. v. Walters, Robert Drumm; 1880, . uarlea Vaaa, W, V. H

By consulting the records of the count) board of

old Sussex County, we hit enabled t..

give a li-t of the freeholders of this township from

raization of Sussex County, in 1754, to 1880,

inclusive :

' ll ' 1 " 1 l-'ii.'iy. < Barker,

. i:i.hraim Darby,



1759-61, Thomas Tan Horn, Ephraim Darby ; 17G2, Ephraim Darby,
Richard Wilson ; 1763, George Allen, Abram Bescherrer ; 1764, Jona-
than Collins, George Allen ; 1765, Sampson Dildine, Samuel Lundy ;
1766-72, Richard Hunt, Samuel Lundy ; 1773-75, Daniel Harker,
Jacob Lundy ; 1776, Jonn Shaw, Uliah Dildine ; 1777, William Han-
kinson, Henry Cooper; 1778, John Roy, Steven Shiner; 1779, Jacob
Doderer, Richard Hunt ; 1780-82, William Hankinson, John Shaw ;
1783, Thomas Reason, John Armstrong; 1784-80, Joseph Gaston,
Thomas Heason ; 1787-88, Isaac Lanning, Thomas II eason ; . 789, John
Shaw, Alexander Linn ; 1790-91, John Shaw, Gershom Goble ; 1792,
John Armstrong, John Shaw ; 1793, Isaac Lanning, John Roy ; 1794,
Francis Glover, Gershom Goble ; 1795, Jacob Courson, Henry John-
son ; 1796-98, Henry Johnson, Levi Howell ; 1799-1S00, Levi Howell,
Abraham Shaver ; 1802, Levi Howell, Jeremiah Allen; 1803, Levi
Howell, Stephen Roy ; 1S04-5, Daniel Corles, Col. John Courson ;
1806, Jeremiah Allen, David Gustin ; 1807-10, J. Allen, James Prim-
rose ; 1811-13, Col. Abraham Shaver, Daniel Corles ; 1814-16, Daniel
Corles, James Primrose ; 1817, Isaac Lanning, James Primrose ; 1818,
James Cooke, Robert C. Shaw; 1819-21, James Primrose, James
Cooke; 1822-24, George Mushback, Daniel Gustin; 1825, Myal 0.
Howell, George Mott ; 1826-29, George Mott, Jacob Armstrong ; 1830
-33, Jacob Armstrong, Jacob Simmons; 1834, Jacob Armstrong,
George Ryman ; 1835, George Ryman, John Simpson ; 1836-40, Jacob
Armstrong, Robert T. Johnson; 1841, Robert T. Johnson, James
Simpson ; 1842-45, Baltus T. Kein, Robert D. Stiner; 1846, David
Read, Abram Newman; 1847, David Read, Robert Blair; 1848-50,
Jacob S. Mott, William Sears; 1851, John Moore, Nelson Smith;
1852-53, Nelson Smith; 1854, James Hill; 1855-56, Frederick S.
Vonght; 1857-59, Embla D. Maun ; 1860, John K. Teel; 1861, no
name recorded ; 1862-63, John V. Crisman; 1864-66, F. S. Vought;
1867-69, Charles Konkle ; 1870-72, 1878-80, William V. Walters ; 1873,
Philip W. Squire ; 1876, David B. Shuster ; 1877, Jacob C. Van Horn.

1774, Ebenezer Willson ; 1775, John Laing; 1776-77, 1795, Gershom Go-
bel ; 1778, William Hankinson ; 1779, Ezekiel Ayers ;* 1780, William
Armstrong; 1781, 1784, George Armstrong; 1782, Stephen Shiner;
1783, John Armstrong; 1785-87, Francis Glover; 17S8-89, Frederick
Snover ; 1790-92, Thomas Heason ; 1793-94, Stephen Roy ; 1796, Lovi
Howell ; 1797-99, 1818-19, Isaac Lanning ; 1 800-3, Frederick Shaver ;
1804-5, Col. John Courson ; 1806, John Courson, Sr. ; 1807-10, Abra-
ham Shaver, Jr.; 1811-14, 1820-23, Aaron Hazen; 1815-17, John
Tillman; 1824, 1826-29, 1831-33, Wilson Hunt; 1825, David Luse;
1830, John Mushback ; 1834-41, Robert Blair; 1842^5, John C. Ha-
zen ; 1846-47, David L. Armstrong ; 1848-50, 1854-57, Jacob T. Vass ;
1851-53, Charles Wintermute, Jr.; 1858-60, Robert M. Teel; 1861-
67, Charles H. Newbaker: 1868-74, Isaac S. Vass; 1875-77, Jacob S.
Huff; 1878-80, Philip Van Horn, Jr.


At the town-meeting in 1774, the gentlemen elected
to fill the position of " town committee" were called
" a committee to settle with the overseers of the poor
and to assist them." The words " and for other pur-
poses" was added in 1775, and in 1779 they were
called a " commission of appeals and a committee to
settle with the overseers of the poor." In 1781 their
title was changed to " committee to settle all the
public business of the town." In 1799 it was known
as " committee of the town." In 1801 the title of the
committee was " committee of five." In 1843 it was
called " township committee," and in 1844 changed
again to " town committee," which title the commit-
tee still retains. The following comprises the list
from 1774 to 1880, inclusive :

1774.— Samuel Lundy, Sampson Dildine, Daniel Barker, Thomas Heason,

Benjamin Ilcaton.
1775.— Samuel Lundy, Mark Thomson, William Hankinson, Josiah

Dyer, Stephen Shiner.

* In 1779, Mr. Ayors, the collector elected, subsequently resigned, and
Joseph Reder was appointed by two of the justices of the peace to fill the

1776-77. — The names of the committeemen were not recorded.

177S. — William Hankinson, Henry Cooper, Abraham Giles.

1779. — Aaron Hankinson, Samuel Kennedy, John Roy.

1780. — John Armstrong, Samuel Landon, George McCown.

1781. — John Armstrong, Abraham Johnson, Charles Roads.

1782. — Gershom Goble, John Armstrong, Abraham Johnson.

1783. — Francis Glover, Isaac Lanning, Thomas Heason.

1784.— Garret Albertson, Gershom Goble, Peter B. Shaver.

1785.— Thomas Heason, Gershom Goble, Charles Pettit.

1786.— James H yndshaw, Garret Albertson, John Roy.

1787. — Names of committee not recorded.

1788. — Garret Albertson, Abraham Shaver, Alexander Linn.

1789. — Garret Albertson, Adam Green, Alexander Linu.

1790.— G. Albertson, Nathan Hazen, Alexander Linn.

1791. — George Allen, Esq., Thomas Heasou, Alexander Linn.

1792. — John Armstrong, Thomas Hasou, Isaac Shaver.

1793. — Isaac Courson, Mark Thomson, J. Gaston, Esq. »'

1794. — John Armstrong, John Courson, Abraham Shaver.

1795. — Francis Glover, Samuel Johnson, Joseph Gaston, Esq.

1796.— Francis Glover, Alexander Linn, Samuel Johnson.

1797. — Thomas IIe;ison, Esq., Isaac Shaver, Jonathan Johnson.

1798. — Isaac Shaver, Joseph Gaston, John Armstrong, Gershom Bartow,

Antony Squires.
1799. — John Armstrong, Joseph Gaston, Isaac Shaver, Daniel Harker,

Thomas Heason, Jr.
1800. — Jeremiah Allen, J. Armstrong, John Ogden, John Courson, Peter *

1801. — Jeremiah Allen, John Ogden, Esq., J. Armstrong, Esq., Col. John

Courson, Josiah Dyer.
1S02— William Cook, Nathan Hazen, Joseph Demand, Oren Kerr, Ger-
shom Bartow.
1803-4. — Jeremiah Allen, Nathan Hazen, Joseph Demand, Oren Kerr,

George Wintermute.
1805. — Abraham Dildine, Jr., Nathan Hazen, Joseph Demand, Aaron

Kerr, George Wintermute.
1S06.— Daniel Cooke, Abraham Shaver,

niand, Mark Thompson.
1807.— John Courson, Esq., John Ogde

Thompson, John Locke.
1808-9.— John Ogden, Esq., John Cou

Thompson, Daniel Cooke.
1810.— John Ogden, Esq., Willi;

son, Daniel Cooke.
1811-12.— Abraham Shaver, J

Thompson, Leyi Howell.
1813.— Dr. Elijah Everitt, Isaac S

Shaw, Levi Howell.
1814.— Amos Shiner, Theophilu

Shaw, John R. Howell.
1815.— Ephraim Green, Jr., Frederick Boughn

Shaw, John R. Howell.
1816. — Abraham Shaver, Jr., Frederick Boughner, Peter Minkle, Isaac

Hankinson, John F. Snover.
1817.— George Van Horn, Frederick Boughner, Peter Minkle, Isaac Win-
termute, John F. Snover.
1818-19.— George Van Horn, John Ogde:

Shaver, Abraham Shaver? Jr.
1820-21— George Van Horn, John Ogde

A. Shaver, Abraham Shaver.
1822.— George Van Horn, Samuel Laing, Samuel Harki

Shaver, Grant Fitch.
1823. — Isaac Lanning, Samuel Laing, Nathan A. Shaver, Samuel Harker,

Grant Fitch.
1S24— Myal O. Howell, Samuel Laing. Nathan A. Shaver, William Green,

Isaac V. Courson.
1825.— Isaac Dennis, Abraham H. Cooke, Grant Fitch, John Mushback,

George Wiutermnte.
1826. — Isaac Dennis, Isaac Shaver, Grant Fitch, John Mushback, Isaac

1827.— Edward Sharp, Isaac Shaver, John F. Snover, John Mushback,

Isaac Lanning.
1828.— Abraham Wildrick, William Allen, Jr., John F. Snover, John

Mushback, Samuel Laing.
1820— Abraham Wildrick, Willi;

back, Samuel Laing.
1830— John Vought, Jr., William Allen, Jr., David Li

John F. Snover.

r., James Primrose, Joseph De-
, Esq., Joseph Demand, Mark
son, Esq., John Shaw, Mark
l Hankinson, John Shaw, Mark Thump-

Isaac Smith, Audi

litli, A 1 . 1 ;

Hunt, Abraha

Shaw, Mark
i Shaver, Jr., Robert C.
o Shaver, Jr., Robert C.
Joseph Gruber, Andrew

n, Esq., Aaron Hazen, Nathan A.
, Esq., Samuel Harker, Nathan
Nathan A.

. David Luco, John Mush-

, Isaac B. Smith,



1831. — John Vonght, Jr., William Allou, Jr., George Mott, Isaac B

Smith, John F.8nover.
1832.— John Vonght, Jr., William Alloc, Jr., Jacob Dnnn, Isaac B. Smith

John F. Bnover.
183.').— John Vouch!, Jr., Hampton B. Annstro ' Dunn, Isaac B.

Smith, Robert U, Tool.
1834.— John Voucht, Jr., Isaac B. Smith, It ibart M. Tool, Jacob Dunn,

Abraham Newman, Jr.
1835.— John Vought, Jr., Ikiuu: B. Smith, Th as ll. Hanklnson, Iaaao

Dennis. Abraham Newman.
183U.— Johu Voughi, Jr., Iaaao i>. Smith, Thomas H. Hanklnson, Isaac

Dennis, Martin \ i
1837.— John Vonght, Jr., Iaaao n. Smith, Thomai ll. Hanklnson, roartJn

Vol ., Qaoi ge \ an J ■ - . ■ d, Esq.
1838.— John Vonght, Inunc II. Smith, Sampson G. I I..W.1I, Martin Vaw.

■ Van ll Esq.

1830.— John Vouch!, Jr., Alexander II. Thomas, Sampson 0. Howell,

Muriln Vus*, George Van Born, I
1840.— John Vonght, Jr., Alexander ll. Thomas, Sampson 8. Howell,

Thomas Hanklnson, Martin Vase.
1-11 — George Van Horn, John Vouch!, Jr . Samp-mi G 1 1., well, J;ini'-i

Blair, Martin Vass.
1842. — Bomue] Hoyberry, John Nought, Jr., Moaes HaMD,Jamas Ulair,

William vTlntormuti
1843.— Samuel >luyl..-rr.v, Nelson Smith, Moses Hu7.cn, James Blair, Wil-
liam Wlntennote.
1844.— Samuel Mayhcny, Nelson Smith, William A. Dnrllng, James

lihiir, William Wlntermute.
1846. — Abram H.Gook, John 0. Konklo, Thomaa H. Hanklnson, Janies

Blair, I. or! La

1840-17, Ahniin II. Oook, John Konkle, Thomas II. Hanklnson, Honry

M.it, Levi Lannlng.
1848-40.— Michaol Hetzel, Isaac SaTercool, George W. Conklln, Isaac B. j

Konkle, Charles B Intermut -

1850— Hugh S. Wlntermute, Isaac Saver... .1, William It. Hill, Jacob M.

I'. rge W. Oonklln.

18AI. Isaac SaTorcool, Ellsha Cook, William B. Hill, William Scars,
I . ii i . I ... .i.

y 1852.— Isaac Saver I, Blisha Cook, William It. QUI, James Bill, Isaac

i.. Counmn.
' , Savor o il, Ja oh I. Vass, William it nni. James HU1, Isaac
I.. Courson.
/ 1854-65.- Isaa.- Barer - i. Lemnol F. i„ Wilson, William it. Hill, Alfred

l.iiluli.i '. I - i i I, i iirsoll.

1868.— Isaac SaTercool, Lemne! I L Wilson, William B. Hill, Alfred

I.aiuin.i i, Isaac 0. Ki.ukie.
i-.: SB I Savor i. L. F. Wilson, W. It. Hill. A. Lambert, Charles
w in I- lui.ie. Jr.

i B k>I, i M. Divers, W. it. Hill, A. Lambert, C. Wln-

tormute, Jr.

I. l M Miie.-. W. It. Hill, James D. Lanterman,
Join W, Warner.
1803.— I. Bavercool, J. U. Divers, W. It. Bill, Frederick s. Vonght, J.

W. Warner.

1804.— I. Bavareool, J. w. Divers, w. It. Bill, Robert M. Tee], J. w.

1806-07.- I. Save I, base it. Konkle, W. It. mil, it. M. Teal, J. W.

Worm r.
1808-ou.- i Savei ill; Konkle, I.. F L. Wilson, W. B. Hill, William

I.. Lanterman.
1870.— I. Bavercool, John I,. Tool, PbUIp W. s.|ui.-r, W. I.. Lanterman,

m. Teel.
1871. i. Bavercool, J. L. Teel, P. W. Squier, W. L. Lantorman, Charles


1872.— I. Sav.-r. I, J, L.Tool, i. It. Cookie, W. I. Lanterman, a Konkle.

1873.— I. Sovorcool, I. It. Konkle. w. I.. Lanterman, Jacob C. Von Horn,

Jacob K. Hull.
1874— w. I.. Lanterman, Samuel Cola, Clark BIB, J. 0. Tan Born,

Sedgwick Vass.
1-7 Samuel Cole, Clark BUI, W. L. Lantorman, J. a Van Born, H.

U. Button.
1870.— Samuel Cole, Blram Branca, John C. Crisnuui, Philip Van Born,

Jr., M. M Button,

Cole, II. Franco, J. O. Crisnuui, P. Van Horn, Jr., Isaac S. Vass.
1878.— John 0. Orlsm i ii B. Toss, Philip W. Bqoler. Osca

oppoiDtad to nil vai an. > iii pla

18T8 80. .i I in man, [.8. Vass, tin un I'm

,\"l -SilltS

1774, Joseph Dyer: 1775, Aaron Hanklnson; 1770, John Armstrong;
1777-78 ' ph Gaston; 1781, George
McCowIng; 1782-84, Alexander Linn; IT" ., I larret Albortson ; 1787,
1782, 1760-9 >, 1707-1817, 1840 24, George Armstrong;
1703-04, Daniel Hunt; IT'.'"., Henry Johnson; IT'.iO, Gorshom Bar-
tow; lsH, Inn- Wii.i. ii.-; 1810, John BkHoweU; lsii., George

I. -I. IVildrick; 1830-31,

Henry Mingle; 1832 S3, 1848 60,John Moore, Esq.; 1834-41,1846-
47, David H. Armstrong; 1842-44, Henry I ■«, nugh

S.WIntonnoh 8, tel I i . vwi- m; 1866-60,

Philip W. Squlor; 1873-77, Oscar Snook; 1878-80, Marcus a Hill.


The first record we find of this committee is in the
list of officers for L884, and in lsiriln- number ap-
pears to In' t'l'iliiri'il I ic |iiTsini, ami t lie title

ehanjre.l tn "superintendent of schools." We give
the list entire from 1*:!4 to tin- time the law was
changed abolishing the office of township superin-

1834. — Levi Lannlng, Sa 1 Lalng, Dr. Boderick Bylngton, James

I i| . Di. William P. Vail.

1836.— John Boyd, Lovl I. inning. Dr. Boderick Bylngton, .lames Cooke,

Esq., Dr. William P. Vail.
1830.— Imuic Dennis, I.. Lannlng. J. Cooke, Esq., Dr. B. Bylngton, Dr.

w. P. Vail
1837.— Dr. It. Bylngton, William Mattoch, David Lose, Isaac tanning,

Esq., Alexander II. Thomp-ni.
1838.— I>r. R. Bylngton, Abraham H.Cooke, Alexander H. Thompson.
1830-11— Dr. It. Bylngton, A. II. Cooke, William W. Wilson.

1842.— II v Bollock, M.D.Jolm Albright, M.B., Willhun Sears.

L843 i Berry, William 0. UcGee, William w. Wilson.
i-ll Peter Butler, William C. McGee, Jacob Armstrong.

1846 !■ I. W, W, w,i- Rev. W. 0. McGee, Ira K. WBson.

1847.— Bev. William C. McGee.
1-1- la llucli S. \\ iiitcrinute.
I860.— William VTIet
1851-53. — Jacob M. Divers.
1854.— Nolson Smith.
1865-67.— Elijah ll ml In n
1- <a '.'.- .Ralph Titus.
1800-64.— Mi.ha.l Hetzel.

1866.— Aloli/.. M. Hatch.

1806.— Lemuel F. L. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson appears upon the record as the last
"superintendent of schools" tor Hardwick township.

V.— SCllool.s.

There are but two school districts in this township,
numbered 78 aud 79, and bounded as follows:

Hardwick Centre District, No. 7s. i- bounded on
the east by Districts 26 and 28 of Susses County, on
the southeast by District 59 of Frelinghuysen town-
ship, on the south and Bouthwest by Districts 69 and
60 of Frelinghuysen and 78 of Blairstown, on the
west by Blairstown township, and on the north by Dis-
triet No. 7'J of Hardwick. The school-house is lo-
cated near Slabtown, is valued tit 150, and has a
seating capacity of 80 pupils. Total number of chil-
dren in the district between the ages of 5 and 18 years,
48. Number of children between the air.-* of 5 and
18 years enrolled on the school register during the
year. 86, Number of months the school was kept
during the year. 9. Average attendance during the
year, 13. One male tea. 'her was employe. 1 during
the year. Total amount of money received for school
purposes during the year, (300.



Franklin Grove District, No. 79, is located in the
north end of the township, and hounded on the north-
east by Sussex County, on the east by District No. 26
of Susses County, on the south by District No. 78 of
Hardwick, on the west by Blairstown township, and
on the north by Pahaquarry township. Total amount
of money received for school purposes in 1880, $300.
Value of school-house, $250. Total number of chil-
dren in the district between the ages of 5 and 18
years, 65. Number of months school during the year,
9. Number of children between 5 and 18 years of
age enrolled on school register during 1880 was 55.
Average daily attendance during the nine months'
school, 16. Seating capacity of the school-house, 40.
One male teacher employed.

Total amount of apportionment from State appro-
priation for Hardwick for 1879 was $600. Total
amount received from all sources for public school
purposes for 1879 was $600.


When this township was cut down to its present
boundaries it was left with but one church edifice,
which once belonged to the Christians. It has not
been occupied, save semi-occasionally, for many years,
and there is no church organization in the township
at the present time.


There is but one cemetery in Hardwick, and that
is located in the south part of School District No. 78,
on the road from Slabtown to Marksboro'. The Vass,
Hill, Konkle, Savercool, Walters, Van Auken, Lam-
bert, Crisman, Kilpatrick, Hunt, and some other fam-
ilies are represented among the interments.


This society is one of the things of the past, and the
men who formed it have all passed away. In the
year 1829 or 1830 (date uncertain, as the records are
lost) the "Hardwick Temperance Society" was
formed upon the basis of the old pledge. Judge John
Armstrong was its first president. It was deemed ad-
visable to hold public meetings upon the subject, and

at one of these, held at Johnsonsburg, in the old Epis-
copal church, a profoundly impressive sermon was
preached by Rev. J. Kirkpatrick, of Hunterdon
County. Another meeting was held in the Snover
School District, near what is now Hardwick Centre,
in August, 1832, at which Judge Armstrong, then
eighty-three years old, presided, and William C. Mor-
ris and John M. Sherrerd, Esqs., of Belvidere, and
Rev. Dr. George Junkin, president of Lafayette Col-
lege, delivered addresses. The use of the school-house
had been refused by the trustees, and the meeting
was held in the woods adjacent. It was a memorable


The pioneer grist-mill in this township was built
by Peter B. Shafer about the close of the Revolu-
tionary war. The old mill-site is now occupied by
the saw-mill of A. J. Hill, who is engaged in the lum-
ber business and the manufacture of axe-helves.

In 1790, Judge Armstrong built a forge a short dis-
tance above Paulina for the purpose of making re-
fined iron from pig metal, and, the business proving
unprofitable, he abandoned it after a few years.

The walls of the old cotton-factory, built by Col.
Mark Thomson, on the Hardwick site of the Paulins-
kill, about half-way between Paulina and Marksboro',
are still standing, and the factory was in operation as
late as 1835. The property is now owned by J. I. Blair.

The pioneer saw-mill at Marksboro' was built by
Mark Thomson previous to 1800, and now owned by
Jacob Van Horn.

The sash- and blind-factory at Paulina is operated ■
by Heltermeyer & Snyder.

The old Wintermute saw-mill is still in operation,
and owned by George Wintermute.

The sorghum-factory, below Wintermute's mill, on
the Paulinskill, is owned and operated by G. Sim-

The saw-mill and tannery property at Slabtown is
now owned by James Hill.

J. McGrath owns and operates a saw-mill on Blair
Creek. The saw -mill on Jacksonhurg Creek is owned
and operated by N. Conklin.

The Alexander Dunn grist-mill, at the head-waters
of Blair Creek, is owned and operated by William



Enowltoh i- ■ of the northwest townships of

the county, ami was formed from Oxford in 1764, and

embraced at that linn- all of Blair-town ami a part of

1 1 opt' low n- hips. The name of the township was de-
rived from its natural features or the appearance of
it- surface. It is bounded on the northeast by Blairs-
town, southeast by Bope and Oxford, southwest by
the Delaware River, and northwest by Pahaquarry
township, and covers an areaol 25.13 square miles,
or 16,088 acres of land, The soil in the valley of
Paulinskill and along the Delaware River is a rich
alluvial mould, while that portion lying up against

the Blue Mountain is a mixture of i glomerate and

gravelly loam, and the southeastern portion of tin-
township is a mixture of different soils, according to


The surface of this township is very uneven, bi ing
covered bj a larger number of small hills or knolls,

a ■ of which are li stone knobs. From the large

number of knolls the township derived its name, and
for many years was known and written Eno/l-town.
The Blue Mountain forms the north border, between
this town-hip ami Pahaquarry, and the northwest
corner of this town-hip lies in the celebrated Water
Gap. The principal streams are the Paulinskill,
which crosses the township from northeast to south-
west and empties into the Delaware a short distance

below Columbia village j Yard's Creek, whicl pties

into Paulinskill at Eainesburg; and Bhawpocusaing
and Centreville Creeks, which flow southwesterly into
the Delaware River. There arc two other small

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