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described that the holders thereof treated them as
' floating patents,' to be run out with a gum-elastic
chain, and accordingly located them to suit their
fancy, caring little how distances were stretched so
long as their very flexible consciences did not recoil
before the magnitude of their own greediness. The
southward bounds of the lands thus located the report
assumes to be the rightful boundary between the two
provinces, and takes it for granted that the Jersey
settlers, who were remote from the seat of their
colonial government, isolated, and practically with-
out any representative in the Provincial Assembly,
and who, consequently, were compelled to submit to
what they could not prevent, concurred in so regard-
ing it. Rut this was not, and could not, be true.
Even in the final settlement of the controversy, when
New York obtained all that the commissioners could
with the least approach to decency award her, her

t Centennial Addr.



line did ii"t come down aa far south as the boundary
of these famous pal snts."

The New York report was transmitted to England

jnd laid before Hie Maj: i\ i icil. Wl-il ii w i-

pending, the authorities of Sussex I lounty persevered
in extending their jurisdiction over portions of thi
disputed territory, and with Buch success that the New
York Assembly, in June, 1 T i iii . received a petition in
win h itwas stated tual the Precinct d Minicink
had 1 >• -< - 1 1 wholly wrested from the Colony of New
York, and is qow subject to the Government of New
Jersey." Therefore the New York Assembly passed
an act submitting the dispute to such commissioners
as the < Vnu ii of I rreat Britain might be pleased to ap-
point; and the Assembly of New Jersey concurred in
thesa by the passage of an act, Feb. 23, 1764, set-
ting forth that, " by reason of the unsettled stati of
mita of the two colonies, doI onlj the extent of
their respective jurisdictions remains uncertain, and
the due and regular administration of government in
both colonies is by that means impeded, but also fre-
quent and dangerous riots have been occasioned and
are still likely to arise between the borderers, as well
concerning the extent of the respective jurisdictions
aa the property of the soil, to the great disturbance of
the public peace and the manifest discouragement of
Hi- Majesty's subjects in the settlement and improi e-
meiit of that part of the country."

Pursuant to these acts of the Legislatures of New
York and New Jersey, the King of Great Britain,
by royal commission bearing date of Oct. 7, 17G9,
appointed certain commissioners to determine the
boundary line j which dutj thej performed, fixing it
where it now is, and the two Legislatures ratified and
confirmed it by joint act in 1772. The titles to lands
held by Jersey grants on the north and by New York
grants on the south of the line were confirmed I
respective possessors, and the King of Great Britain
gave his royal approval to the whole proceeding on
Sept. l, 1778.

ill \ PTEB I V.


The following list contains the uames of persons,
either residents or natives of the county, who have
held civil offices under the general government, the

State, or the county, together with the tin t -

Bon. John Linn ; 1837 IS, Hun Bumnel Fowler; l - IT 19, Hon
Richard E. Sdmll; 1803 87, II- I n; 1873 77, Hon.

I ill' Ml.

.ii DOES OF THE 81 PREME I 01 B I.
Ron. John OIoti i Symmi - i, 1777.

Bon. Tlionuu G R.roraoii, app il I I

Hot i ■ ippolated v. »( nil

Hon. Martin By anon, Appointed March, l-.v..

• Centenulal Addrea, pp I-, IS.


Eon. Daniel Haines was G«n rnor and r.r-officio

chancellor of the State of New Jersey from October,

i January, 1845, under the old constitution,

and was elected Governor under the new constitution

in November, I s 17.

Whitfield S. Jolineun, 1S01-06.
Hen I Kvlsey, 1871-81.


Susse.\ County, on its fi rs t erection, in 1753, united
with Hunterdon and Morris in Bending a representa-
tive to the General Assembly, and continued so to do
for nineteen years.

On May 10, 1768, an act was passed empowering
each county to -end it- own representatives, and al-
lowing t" Sussex County two members. The acl was
at once sent to England for the sanction of the king
and council, but it did not immediately receive the
royal approval. In December, 1769, the Assembly
appointed a committee to write to Benjamin Frank-
lin, then in London, requesting him to use his in-
fluence and exertions to obtain His Majesty's approval
of the bill. The royal sanction was granted on Dec.
9, 1770; the confirmation was proclaimed in New Jer-
sey in 1771. and on Aug. 7. 1772. Thomas Van Home

and Nathaniel Pettit were elected the first representa-
tives of the county of Sussex. To be eligible to the
office at that time required the ownership of one thou-
sand acres of land or five hundred pounds sterling,

English money ; no one was allowed to vote who did
not own one hundred acre- of land or was not worth

fifty pounds sterling in real and personal property.

Mr. Pettit served in the Assembly till the royal
authority over the province was superseded by the
adoption of the first constitution, on July -. 1776.
Mr. Van Home died in 1775, and Joseph Barton wa

elected to till the vacancy; he continued a member

till the constitution was adopted. The constitution ol

177ii allowed to Sussex, in common with the cither

counties, one member of the. council and three rep-
resentatives in the General Assembly. They were

elected, and the members of both Houses have I n

chosen as follows, down to the present time:

, . ■ .

m, tula Brown.

i ollum, Benji HeCnllongh.

ni II, John den • - ly, Bdmund Haiti


U irtli Uron U n
I icil Hugh Mm. WUIIam

Maxwell, Aaron Uankinaon.
mi II, Robert Hiaija; A - mlily, i-

,.,,1, Robert II

i mm II, Hark Thorapaon; Aa» ml ly, kai

limit- I



1789. — Council, Boliert Hoops; Assembly, Aaron Hankinson, Charles

Beardslee, John Rutherford.
1790. — Council, Robert Hoops; Assembly, Aaron UanUiiison, Robert Og-

deu, John Rutherford.
1791-02.— Council, Charles Beardslee ; Assembly, Aaron Huukinsou, Wil-
liam Helmes, Valentine Bedleman.
1793-94.— Council, Charles Beardslee; Assembly, William McCullough,

Peter Sharp, Martin Kyerson.
1795. — Council, Charles Beardslee; Assembly, George Armstrong, Peter

Sharp, William McCullough.
1790— Council, Charles Beardslee ; Assembly, William McCullough, Peter

Sharp, Peter Smith.
1797— Council, Charles Beardslee; Assembly, Peter Sharp, Peter Smith,

Thomas Ai mstrong.
1798.— Council, Charles Beardslee; Assembly, John Gustin, Joseph Gas-
ton, Levi Howell, William Runkle.
1799— Council, Charles Beardslee; Assembly, Juseph Gaston, Levi How-
ell, William McCullough, Silas Dickerson.
1800.— Council, William McCullough; Assembly, Levi Howell, Silas

Dickerson (Speaker!, Joseph Gaston, Joseph Sharp.
1S01-2.— Council, William McCullough; Assembly. Levi Howell, Silas

Dickerson (Speaker), Abram Shafer, John Linn.
1803.— Council, William McCullough; Assembly, Levi Howell, John

Linn, John Johnson, Abram Shafer.
1804.— Council, John Linn ; Assembly, John Johnson, Levi Howell, Wm.

Kennedy, Joseph Sharp.
1805— Council, George Bidleman ; Assembly, Levi Howell, Joseph Sharp,

William Kennedy, William Armstrong.
1S00.— Council, Jacob S. Thompson ; Assembly, Henry Hankinson, John

Coureen, Daniel Harker, William A. Ryerson.
1807.— Council, Barnabas Swayze; Assembly, Henry Hankinson, Aaron

Kerr, Daniel Harker, John Cox.
1S0S.— Council, Barnabas Swayze; Assembly, Henry Hankinson, Aaron

Kerr, William Kennedy, John Cox.
1809.— Council, Uarnabas Swayze; Assembly, Aarau Kerr, John Cox,

William Kennedy, Richard Edsall.
1810. — Council, Barnabas Swayze; Assembly, Win. Kennedy (Speaker)

George Bidleman, Joseph Sharp, Richard Edsall.
1-11.— Council, Barnabas Swayze; Assembly, William Kennedy, Joseph

Sharp, Richard Edsall, Gerret Vliet.
1812 — Council, Barnabas Swayze ; Assembly, Joseph Sharp, IS'. W. Blither-,

ford, Simon Cortright, James Davidson.
181:1-15.— Council, William Kennedy;* Assembly, Simon Cortright,

Joseph Sharp, IS. W. Rutherford, James Davidson.
1SI0 — Council, Thomas Van Kirk: Assembly, Abram Bidleman, Peler

Decker, Robot (J. Thompson, William Darrah.
1817.— Council, Thomas Van Kirk ; Assembly, Abeam Bidleman, Jeremy

Marker, R. C. Thompson, George Beardslee.
1818.— Council, Thomas Van Kirk ; Assembly. Thomas Tcasdale, Jeremy

Mackoy, R. C. Thompson, George Beardslee.
1819.-Cuum.il, Robert W. Rutherford; Assembly, Thomas Teasdide,

Jeremy Mackey, IS. C. Thompson, George Beardslee,
1820.— Council, Robert W. ltuthcrfurdj Assembly, Jacob Hornbook,

Abram Shafer, Peter Kline, Joseph Coryell.
1821.— Council, William T. Anderson; Assembly, James Egbert, Lefflet

Houghawout, Thintias Tcasdale, Benjamin Hamilton.
1822.— Council, Jeremy Mackey; Assembly, James Egbert, Leffeit

1823.— Council, Jacob Thompson; Assembly, Thomas Tcasdale, Aluam

Newman, Joseph Coryell. Joseph Chandler.
1824.— Council, Jacoh Thompson; Assembly, Evi A. Sayre, James Eg-
bert, Joseph E. Edsall, Swayze f

1825.— Council, Thomas C. Ryerson ; Assembly, Joseph Chandler, Nathan

A. Shafer.
1820— Council, Thomas (.'. Ryerson; Assembly, Joseph Chandler, Hiram

1827.— Council, Samuel Fowler; Assembly, Joseph Chandler, Illram

1828.— Council, Thomas C. Kyerson ; Assembly, Josoph Chandler, Hiram

1829.— Council, David Ryors

1830-31.— Council, David liye

Peter M ark lo.

» Vico-Presldonl in 1815.

t Warren County was set off Nov. 20, 1824.

i; Assembly, James Evans, Peter Mar-
011 ! Assembly, Simeon McCoy, John Hull,

1832. — Council, Peter Markle; Assembly, Benjamin Hamilton, Joseph

Green, Peter Young.
1833. — Council, Samuel Price; Assembly, Benjamin Hamilton, Joseph

Green, Peter Young.
1834 —Council, Samuel Price; Assembly, Joseph Green, Joshua Shay,

Benjamin Hamilton.
1S35. — Council, David Ryerson; Assembly, John Strader, Joshua Shay,

Joseph Linn.
1S3G. — Council, Samuel Price; Assembly, Joseph Linn, John Strader,

Benjamin Hull. •
1837-38— Council, Richard R. Morris; Assembly, William J. Wilson,

Isaac Shiner, John Hull.
1S39h10. — Council, Daniel Haines; Assembly, Joseph Green, Samuel

Truax, William H. Nyce.
1841-42. — Council, Alexander Boyles; Assembly, Isaac Bonnell, David

Hynard, Nathan Smith.
l c 43-44.— Council, Benjamin Hamilton ; Assembly, Timothy Cook, Abra-
ham Dunning, Jesse Bell.
1845. — Senate, Benjamin Hamilton; Assembly, Thomas D. Armstrong,

John Hunt, Peter Young.
184G-47.— Senate, Nathan Smith ; Assembly, Thomas D. Armstrong,

Peter Hoyt, Jacob Horubcck, Jr.
1848.— Senate, Nathan Smith ; Assembly, Martin Ryerson, Peter Hoyt,

Jacob Hornheck, Jr.
1849. — Senate, Joseph Green ; Assembly, Guy Price, William Simouson,

Jacob Hornheck, Jr.
1850. — Senate, Joseph Green ; Assembly, Guy Price, William SimouBon,

Daniel Decker.
1851. — Senate, Joseph Green ; Assembly, John B. Stinson, Timothy E.

Shay, George W. Colver.
1852-53. — Senate, Isaac Bonnell ; Assembly, Benjamin Hamilton, Jr.,

Luther Hill, Timothy E. Shay.
1854. — Senate, Isaac Bonnell; Assembly, Daniel D. Gould, James L.

Decker, Aaron K. Stinson.
1855— Senate, Zachariah H. Price; Assembly, Daniel D. Gould, Richard

E. Edsall, William Smith, John W. Opdyke.
1850 — Senate, Zachariah H. Price; Assembly, Daniel D. Gould, William

Smith, Johu W. Opdyke.
1857. — Senate, Zachariah II. Price; Assembly, Sandford McKeeby, Wil-
liam Smith, John W. Opdyke.
1858.— Senate, Andrew A. Smalley ; Assembly, Abraham Shinier, Charles

Mackerly, Daniel D. Decker.
1859.— Senate, Andrew A. Smalley ; Assembly, Martin Cole, Charles Mac-
kerly, Daniel D. Decker.
1800— Senate, Andrew A. Smalley; Assembly, William H. Bell, Charles

Mackerly, Daniel D. Decker.
1801.— Senate, Peter Smith; Assembly, William H. Bell, Thomas N.

1802-03— Senate, Peter Smith ; Assembly, William H. Bell, Itobert Ham-
1804.— Senate, Joseph S. Martin; Assembly, Samuel Fowler.t William

M. Iliff, Richard E. Edsall,
1805-00— Senate, Joseph S. Martin ; Assembly, Francis M. Ward, William

M. Iliff.
1807-09.->-Sonate, Richard E. Edsal I J Assembly, Hiram C. Clark, Samuel

H. Hunt.
1870. — Senate, Richard E. Edsall ; Assembly, Lebbeus Martin, Peter

1871.— Senate, Richard E. Edsall ; Assembly, Lebbeus Martin.g
1872.— Senate, Richard E. Edsall ; Assembly, Francis M. Ward.
1 873.— Senate, Samuel T. Smith ; Assembly, Francis M. Ward.
1874-75. — Senate, Samuel T. Smith ; Assembly, William Owen.
1870-77.— Senate, Francis M. Ward; Assembly, George Greer.
1878.— Senate, Francis M. Ward ; Assembly, Lewis J. Martin.
1879-81.— Senate, Thomas Lawrence; Assembly, Lewis J. Martin.


The first judges of the Common Pleas in Sussex
County were Abraham Van Campen, Jonathan Robe-

X Mr. Fowler died the first week of tho ses
! tion Richard E. Edsall was cbosou to fill tho \

, and at a special elec-

t Kodistricted under tho census of 1871); one member elected.
|j From 1787 to 1804, the judges of the Orphans' Court were ido
vith the judgos of the Court of Common Pleas.



sun, John Anderson, and Jonathan ivnit, appointed
in L753, by royal ordinance of "i- Majesty George
III., to organize the County Courts. Judge Van
Dampen remained upon the bench until August, L766,
Huring which linn he "a- the presiding officer of tin 1
cciiiri, and, as appears by the minutes, was rarely ab-
benl from his seal during its sessions. The following
appointments of judges were made by the same au-
thority: 1760, John Hackett; 1761, Joseph Hull ami
Richard Gardner ; 1764, Hugh Bughes. Thesewere
the last appointments by the ( Irown.

The following justices sat at times npon the bench
from 1753 to 1765, and some of them still later: Obe-
diah Ayres, Richard Gardner, Japhei Byram, Peter
Decker, Samuel < Irowell, Abram Van Auken, Anthony
Van Atia, Morris Robeson, Joseph Sail, John Wil-
|on, John Rosenkrans, Lemuel Barrett, Thomas Van
Home, Robert McMurtry, Jacoh Starn, Hugh Hughe
and Nathaniel ivttit. Four of these -viz., Hackett,
pull, Gardner, and Hughes -were promoted bj being
appointed judges, as above.

! ri 5 Joseph llnphoa.

fcrtl SO, 1708. Jacob 8ti

Kit. 27, 177_- .i.i.-..i. Mini,- Samnol Lnndy.

hpl i :. 1770.— John Clevee Symniea, John Barber, Mark 3 ■

. anCampen, Antl y Bro lerick, William Norcross.

Sept. 24, 1777.— Anthony Broderick, John McMurtry, Jacob Uol

Timothj Symmes.g
Nov. 17, 1779.— Rohsrt Ogtton, Robert Hoope, John MoMurtry, Isaac

Uartiu, Danh 1 I

othj 8j m i, Jauoes Bunnell.

178-1— John Hi Hnrtry, Robori Hoops.

1 1 I ii li.v Byiumes.

1788. Hugh Hughes, Abraham Van Campen, Snmnel Knykendal.
pov. 20, 1780 Koberl Hoope, John McMurtry, Evi Adams, George

Allen, Francis P

Not. 23, 1790.— Wllllnm Hi Imi
Nov. j.;, iT'.n . - Kvi Allium,

■ ii i. Piatt, Jomitli

tub. a, IT'.'.. William Hell

Maxwell, Gnlsberi Sutpliln.
Nov. i, 1700. Abraham Van Campen.
m ii i, :. 1707. K iben Bonvors.

16, 1709 Daniel Pre. . October 20th, William Holmes, Evi

. George Allen,
Nov. 30, i-"' Samuel Kennedy, John Maxwell.
Kb 9,1801 -Murk Th |».n.TI in. I.UWI .-,.l.i ..In,.-; V-

rember24th, BoIhuI Beavors, Peter Van Nest, John Armstrong.
Rov, I, 1803, Robert Denlsoii, William Mi Cullongh.

Bldlemau, HM Adams, Barnabas Swayio.

Sol i i. 1800 lohn Ho ing, John Linn.

Rot I 00 Robi Silas Dlckerson, Daniel Pi

i ii Stewart, 91mi n Cortrlght.

bo. 8, 1807 John toward, John Ion, J I

Boy. 23, 1808.— Thomas Van Kirk, William U lOnllongh.
un 10 00, Barnabas Swayxe, Montgomery fleudiug.
Hot. i. 1810 John Liun, John Arnutmng.

• Rlohard Gardner was ^. ■ i ir mil by King G
VNewJorsoy, Hn. Pnnnella Mondon.of Port Jorvls, has Itihorpos-
privnto soal of Rlohard Gardner, l>y whum ii was pn

mi i .uii. -I n Ii ma le ol Uvi r, an I thi ml oonalii I Ih

" ii G."su in imaly woveu Into oach other ae t" ipell snUrebj the two

Si i i. 1 1 No\ 14, 1700, ; Reap|

I in plai o ol John Ulayes Sj tea, I

Hi , nod Noi I

'.[■ii, Murk Thomp-


>- ; November 23d, Ba John

1 right.
Feb. 3,1812 Jamea Huston Oclbbei rtb William Kenned
Hall, John Ogden.Tliomaa Stewart.

. Hour) 9 maker, John Giutl i i rry.Thoa.

Bnllmau, Jacob Kerr, Evi Adams, Tl lai Annstroug, N\ illlaoi El-

13.— William McCullough, Thomas Van Kirk, Bamuei Price,
Feb. 0, 1814.— Ephraim Green, Jr ; Octobei 28tb, Bamabo
Montgomery R

15. — lohn Armstrong, John Linn.
1 1 li. i". 1810.— John Johnson.

Cob. 0,1817. Morris Robeson, Waltoi I. Shea, John 8 uu i ;Novembei
Oth, William Konuedy, JobnOgden, Thomas Stewart,
istln, Stephen Cortrlght.
Oct. 27, Is:". -John Armstrong, John Linn; Novembei l6tb,John John-
son, ' h.nli- Carter, Robert Thompson.
Nov. 21, 1821. — John Somen, Daulel Swayze, I Ahraliam

Hunt. Walter I.. Shea,

i..i gden, Thomas Stewart, John GustlujOcI

Benjamin Ralsey.

John Sloll, William McCullough, John Kinuey, Jr., Aaron

Hagen, ph Y Miller.

hi .:. 1820 w ..it.. I.. Shea.

John i.n-tiii. Benjamin Halaay.
■ -Benjamin Slot!, Joseph Y. Miller, Aaron Hoxen.

Fob. 20, i I ' Isull, John II. Ball.

Sov. 0,1830 - unnol Price.

March 14, It 12 Roberl II. HcOarter, EIi'ils L'Honuidlen.
Jan. 21, 1833 VI ilti i I Shea, Nathan A. Shafer, John Bell, John II.
Hull; October 26th, James Stoll, Joseph Y. Miller.

17. Nathan A. Shafer, Robert H.McCarter, Ellas L'Homadien.
lohn H. Hall.f Walter L. Shea, Thomas Teas- 4
dole; Fehrnary 28th, Nathan Smith; October 1st, JuniesSlntc, Sam-
uel I:

i- 10 Robt ii P. Hell.
Feb. 27, 1840 Chnrli Lewis, Henry J. Coursen.
,1841 Lewis Unwell.

Nutlmii A. Sliafer, Robert II. McCarter, John D.Everitt
Jan.3,1843. WaltorL. Shea, Thome I Ells L'Homadoau, John

Bell; February Id, Nathan Smith; October 27th, J ph Greer,

Aiartah Davis, Isaac Shiner, Samuel S. White; November 16th,
Jotihun Shny.
Jan. 12, 1844.— Joseph Northrnp; Mur.li 13th, Joseph Lint -
Price, Enoch A. tyors, Richard B. Morris.


1846.— M - Dannlng, term expired April, 1840.

1848,— .l..hn II. Hall. i. nil expl April, 1861.

1817. — Hem term oxpired Vpril,1862.

1848. — li.hu D. Everitt, term expired IprlLJ
i 1849.— 1'

! 1850. — Moses Dannlng, term expired April, 18
1861.— Isaac Bhlner, term expired April, 1856.

I ixpln I Api II

1863 Henry K. Wlnans, nrm expired April, 1858.
ph Greer, term i

i- i William Byi i ■■■• Price,

i- ,t i ni ii 1 lyere, term expired April,
1868.— Henry K. Wlnans, term expired Apr!
I860.— William Hnot, die i

Enoch A lyers, term axpin i Ipi II, LSI 7.

miii Hunt, deceased, tin
April, ISI I,
1803,— Honty K. Wlnans, nrm expired April, 1808.
i-.. I John Townsend, resigned 1868.
i-'.7 William M I 1871.

1808 Henry K. VI loans, term expired April, 1873.
1808, Hi

mil term; resigned 1871 to aooopl appoint,
menl as 8 3tati R tndolph.

' ihn lllff, rice Kalsey, ref.ie.tn-f ; t.-rin axplred 1874

. appointed law judge under act of l-
sxplred \pnl, 1870.

' Resigned 1041.



1873.— John B. Huston, term expired 1S7S; reappointed April 1,1879;
present county juilgo.

Jeremiah Condy Russell, appointetl Nov. 29, 1753.
John Gregg, appoiuted June 14, 1757.
John De Hurt, appointed March 27, 1760.

Drake, appointed, 177G.

Charles Rhodes, appointed August, 17S3; reappointed in 17S8, 1793, and

November, 1798.
Jacob Thompson, appointed February, 1800.

John Johnson, appointed October, 181)5; reappointed November, 1810.
Ephraim Green, Jr., appointed 1S15 ; reappointed 1S20.
David D. Chandler, appointed 1825.

Joseph E. Edsall, appointed March, 1831; reappointed February, 1836.
John H. Hall, appointed February, 1841.
William Smith, elected February, 1846.
Thomas I. Ludlum, elected February, IS51.
Lyman A. Edwards, elected November, 1854.

James J. Martin, elected November, 1859; re-elected November, 1804.
Lewis J. Martin, appointed 18CS.
Peter A. Van Syckle, elected November, 1869.
George H. Nelden, elected November, 1874; re-elected November, 1879;

present county clerk.

Joseph Brackenridge, appointed Nov. 12, 1753.
Morris Robeson, appointed Oct. 10, 1754.
Peter Sehenck, appointed Nov. 12, 1757.
Isaac Hull, appointed 1760.
Ephraim Darby, appointed Nov. 16, 1763.
Jacob Stain, appointed Nov. 20, 17GC.
Hugh Hughes, appointed Dec. 18, 1769.
Thomas Potts, appointed June IS, 1772.
Archibald Stewart, appointetl June 12, 1775.
Philip Dodderer, appointed 1777.
William Kerr, appointed October, 1779,
Mark Thompson, appointed October, 17S2.
William Kerr, appointed October, 1785.
James Hyndshaw, appointed October, 1788.
Mark Thompson, appointed October, 1791.
James Hyndshaw, appointed October, 1794.
Charles Pemberton, appointed October, 1797.
George Bidleman, appointed October, 1800.
Charles Pemberton, appointed October, 1803.
John Gustin, appointed October, 1806.
Ephraim Green, Jr., appointed October, 1809.
John Linn, appointed October, 1812.
Daniel Swayze, appointed October, 1815.
William Darrah, appointed October, 1818.
Van Cleve Moore, appointed October, 1821.
George Mushback, appointed October, 18^4.
Benjamin Hamilton, appointetl October, 1825.
Lewis M. D'Camp, appointed October, 1828.
Uzul C. Hagerty, appointed October, 1831.
Alexander Boyles, appointed October, 1834.
John Broderick, appointed October, 1837.
George H. MeOartcr, appointed October, 1840.
Andrew Shiner, appoiuted October, 1843.
Jos. A. Oaborn, appointed November, 1846.
George II. Nelden, appointed November, 1849.
Frederick Arvis, appointed November, 1852.
Richard E, Edsall, appointed November, 1855.
Peter S. Decker, appointed November, 1858.
Charles Arvis, appointed November, 1861.
James Smith, appointed November, 1864.
Jesse Ward, appointed November, 1867.
Thomas T. Simonson, appointed November, 1870.
William E. Ross, appointed November, 1873.
William E. Ross, appointed November, 1870.
James L. Decker,* appointed November, 1879.


Jeremiah Condy Russell, appointed surrogate of Sussex and Morris
Counties, Nov. 26, 1753.

* Present Hhoriir.

Thomas Anderson, appointed 176S; reappointed Nov. 5, 1799.

Daniel Stuart, appointed Dec. 2, 1S03.

William T. Anderson, appointed Dec. 2G, 1822.

Thomas Teasdale, appointed Dec. 9, 1823; reappointed Nov. 8, 1828.

Grant Fitch, appointed Oct. 25, 1833.

David Thompson,! appointed Oct. 10, 1848.

Daniel S. Anderson, elected Nov. 7, 1848 : re-elected in November, 1851,

and November, 185S.
Charles Roe, elected November, 1863; re-elected in November, 1868, and

November, 1873.
Gabriel B. Dunning,! elected November, 1878.

1754-59.— Thomas Woolverton,|| Hardwick.
1759-64.— Samuel Lundy, Hardwick.
1764-67.— Ephraim Darby, Newton.
1767-76.— Samuel Lundy, Hardwick.
1776-77.— Capt. Daniel Harker, Hardwick.
1777-79.— Peter B. Shafer, Hardwick.
1779-80.— Gabriel Ogden. Newton.
1780-81.— Timothy Symmes, Walpack.
1781-84.— Edward Dunlap, Newton.
1784-91.— John Armstrong, Hardwick.
1791-96.— George Armstrong, Hardwick.
1796-1805.— Thomas Anderson, Newton.
1805-22.— Daniel Stuart, Newton.
1822-48.— David Ryerson, Newton.
1848-51.— Theodore F. Anderson, Newton.
1851-54.— Edward C. Moore, Newton.
1854-57.— Thomas N. McCarter, Newton.
1857-60.— Samuel Whittaker, Wantage.
1860-64.— Thomas R. Everitt, Newton.
1864-67.— Dr. Franklin Smith, Newton.

18G7-73.— Levi Shepherd, Newton. ,

1873-76.— Dr. Robert A. Shepherd, Newton.
1S76. — Joseph Anderson, Newton.
1877-79.— Dr. Robert A. Shepherd, Newton.
1879.— Joseph Hill, Newton.
1880.— Theodore Morford, Newton.


Anderson, Mores, Newton; Andress, Oscar, Stillwater; Ball, Stephen C,
Ogdensburg; Beardsley, Samuel, Hamburgh; Beatty, G. B„ Sparta;
Bissell, Joseph H., Stanhope; Bray, N. K., Branchville; Cole, Mar-
tin, Montague; Davidson, Charles S., Andover; Decker, Job J., An-
dover; Dennis, Samuel, Deckertown; Hendersbot, J. A.,Swartwood;
Hockenbury, E., Becmerville; Hotnlen, W., Haincsville; Howell,

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