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New York has not always been the city of
Skyscrapers, of wonderful Bridges, Subways
and Tunnels. It has considerably developed
in the last 100 years, ranking now second to
London only in population, while the foreign
commerce exceeds by $50,000,000 that of
Hamburg, its nearest rival.

We are giving here a few illustrations of the
great city at different epochs to show that New
"\ ork IS the fastest growing tit\ in the v\

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The City Hall was built in PH at the spot wliicli wis then the City limit No o



cxtrcmily o[ llii pirk Diit irraiii;rin< nti ha. r br< n made to st on tear tins buil Imi: do

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Copyright, 1914, C Souha

New York's First Inhabitant Gazing at the Wonders of the Present City

Designed by Otis Litho. Co., N. Y. Courtesy of New York Hippodro

Published by


New York

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The Statue of Liberty

Bartholdi and presented bv
EnlighteninK the World. 'T
the torch will hold 12 peoph

tands upon Bedloe's Island, lYt miles southwest from the Battery. It was designed by August
he French in 1884. It is 151 feet high, standing upon a pedestal 155 feet, and symbolizes Liberty
he statue weighs 450,000 lbs., or 225 tons.^_Forty persons can stand comfortably in the head, and

©CI.A374589 /i -.

JUN 25 1914 ^ -



S. S, Lusitania and Mauretania» owned by the Cunard Line. Swiftest steamers in the world. Lusitania's record, 4 days
11 hours 41 minutes; Mauretania's, 4 days 11 hours 42 minutes: between New York and Liverpool. Both 790 feet long
and driven by four screws, rotated by turbine engines of 6S,000 horse power. Copyright by Geo. P. Hall & Son, New York.

S. S. Imperator of the IIamburg-.\merican Line; largest vessel afloat. Length, 920 feet; 57,000 tons displacement; speed,
22^^ knots an hour; 15 decks; gymnasiums, swimming pools, winter garden, grill room, restaurant, etc. Maiden trip June :i,
1913, from Hamburg. Capacity, 4,200 passengers, 1,180 crew.

Incoming; Steamship, Lower Bay. The port of Xew Yo k is the busiest in tlie world, 114 stean^-hip lines foLUs 1
and it is estimated that the yearly traffic exceeds 150,000,000 tons. The Statue of Liberty on Bedloe's Island is ther.
meet the expectant gaze of the immigrants. The torch is lighted all night.


The Naval Landing, the Slaiuc of Libiilv and Governo. s Isl

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stories, -116
and of the



oifice building
■rioiiic of the Weather Bureau

Bquitable Building, built on the site of th
January 9, 1912. It is a 38-story office buildir
block, with a floor area of nearly 45 acres. It i
$29,000,000. Copyright, 1913, by the Equitable

Equitable Building,
537.6 feet above the sti
I be a city of 15,000 wc
uilding Corporation, N.

ng an entire square
Iding and land cost

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TrlnHj BuildluK, at U

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consists of 70 pi

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