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326 Francis Lynn Scrugj^s.

327 James !Mcrri\vether Scruggs.

No. 177.
Bledsoe Alexander Shelby, son of \\'inche-^ler
Bledsoe and !>.Iarian (Winchester) Siielljy, was a
merchant in St. Louis. No other information.
No. 178.
William LL Shelby, son of Winchester Bledsoe
and ^larian (Winchester) Shelby, was a merchant
in St. Louis. No other information.
No. 179.
F^dwin Shelby, son of Winchester I'ledsoe and
Marian (Winchester) Shelby, is an insurance
agent in New Orleans. No other information.
No. 180.
David v^hclby, son of Winchester Bledsoe and
Marian (\\'inchcstcr ) Shelby, is a lawyer in Okla-
homa. No other information.
No. 181.

Bettie Martin, daughter of Robert C. K. an 1
Priscilla (Douglass") Mariin, married W. C. I'lU-
terfieM. Had children —

328 ^^'illiam Buttcrlleld. L'nmarried.

138 Historic Sum.\i:r County, Trxn.

329 Robert M. lUittcrficld.

330 Xcllic JUmcrfieUl. Unmarried. Resides at Lit-

tle Rock, Arkansas.

Xo. 183.
Alice Martin, daujjluer of Dr. Robert C. K. and
Priscilla (Dout^la^s ) Martin, married \V. H. Hart.
No issue. After the death of ]\Jr. Hart, she mar-
ried John Lannahan, Auditor of the American
Telephone Company of Xew York. Died in 1907.
No issue.

Xo. 184.

Henry Douglass ]\Iartin. son of Dr. Robert C.
K. and Priscilla (Douglass) Martin, married Liz-
zie Xichols. Xo issue.

Xo. 186.
Robert C. K. ^^lartin. son of Dr. Robert C. K.
and Priscilla (Douglass) ^fartin, married Saral
Shelby Anderson. Resides in Xashville. Have,
one child —

331 IJettie Martin. L'nmarricd.

Xo. 187.
Maria Martin, daughter of Dr. Robert C. K.
and Priscilla (Douglass) Martin, married W. L.
Buttertield, who had prcvii:)usly married iier .lis-
ter, 15ettie. Had children —

332 Pettic Putterficld. L'nmarricd.

353 Duncan Putterficld. Lnmarried. ]ve>ides in

Xt>. 191.
Alva Kr^kinc Smith, daughter of Dr. Murray
Forbes and Phoebe (Desha) Smith, was born in
Mobile, Alabama. Married, tirst. William K. \"an-
derbilt, of Xew York: second. Oliver IL P. L«cl-
mont, who was born in Xew York. Xoveml)cr 12.
18,^8, son of .Augu'-tus r.elmont ; educated at the
I.'. S. Xa\al Academv. and >erved two years in the

Gexkalogy of Till-: Blkdsof. Family 139

navy ; then resigned. Was for some time a mem-
ber of the baiikin.f^ firm of August Bchnont & Co.
Elected to the Fifty-seventh Congress as a Demo-
crat. Died in New York, June 8, 1908. Had chil-
dren —

334 Consuela A'anderbilt, born in \e\v York,

March 2, 1877.

335 William Kissam \'andcrbilt, born in Xcw "^'ork,

October 26, 1878.

336 Harold Stirling \'anderbilt. born in Xew York,

July 6, 1884.

No. 192.

Mary A'irginia Smith, daughter of Dr. ^lurray
Forbes and Phoebe (Desha ) Smith, married, first,
Fernando Yznaga; second, W. G. Tiffany, of
New York.

No. 193.

Florence Smith, daughter of Dr. Murray Forbes
and Phoebe (Desha) Smith, married Gaston Dc
Fontenilliat. Had children —

337 Rence Fontenilliat.

No. 196.

May Blood, daughter of Henry and Carrie
(Shelby) Blood, married a Mr. Walsh. Resides
in Xew York. No information.

Xo. 197.

I.aura P.lood, daughter of Henry and Carrie
(Shelby) Blood, married Albert Converse, Ad-
miral in the U. S. Navy.

No. 199.

Claude r>lood, daughter of Henry and Carrie
(Shelby) Blood, married Harold Sanderson,
manager of the White Star line of steam>liii)S of
Liveri)ool. He was lo>l at sea.

140 Historic Sumner County, Ti:nn.

No. 201.

Thomas Mastiii, son of Gustavus L. and Mary
(Fearn) Mastin, married ]\Iary Irby Bate, dau;^d]-
ter of the late Senator W'ilHam B. Bate, of Ten-
nessee. Resides in Grand View, Texas. ]I?.\e
children —

338 Bate Maston.

339 ^lary Eleanor Masten.

340 Julien ]\Iasten.

No. 203.

James Mastin, son of Gustavus L. and Mary
(Fearn) Mastin, married Mattie Tutwiler of Ala-
bama. No issue.

No. 204.

Sallie Shelby ^Mastin, daut^hter of Gustavus L.
and Mary fhearn) Mastin, married Eugene I'.uck-
nor. No issue.

No. 20.=^.

Gustavus L. jMastin, Jr.. son of Gustavus L.
and Mary (Fearn ) Mastin. married Lucy Mat-
thews. Had children —

341 Tolin Mastin.

342 Sallie Shelby Mastin.

343 Clara Ma>tin.

344 Lucy Mastin.
34.^ I'Vank Mastin.

No. 206.

William Shcll)y Barry, son of Colonel W'illiani
]*". and Sarah (I-'earn) Barry, married. rir>t. I'^i-
nice Steele, a first cousin. ITad one child:

346 William Shelby Barry. Jr.

.Second marriage. Josc])hine 1 inllique-t. Ila'l
one child :

347 Josejihine I'arry.

Gi:xi:.\r.nGV of thk 15i.i:i)S0Il Family |4)

No. 207.

Tliomas Steele, son of Colonel Mathew and
Kate (I'Vaiii) Steele, married Lovic Strode. Had
children —

Shell)}' Steele.

Kate Steele.

May Steele.

Saliie Steele.

Stella Steele.

liernicc Steele.

Mathew Steele, Jr.

Annie Steele.

No. 208.

Saliie Steele, dau£,diter of Colonel Mathew and
Kate (Fearn) Steele, married John Newman.
Mad one child —

356 Robert F. Newman.

No. 211.
Robert Steele, son of Colonel Mathew and Kate
(Fearn) Steele, married Tillic \\'eaver. No issne.

No. 212.
Bernice Steele. dan.f,diter of Colonel Mathew
and Kate (Fearn) Steele, married William Shel-
by TJarry, her first cousin (No. 206). Had one
child— '

357 William Shelby F.arry, Jr.

No. 213.
Mathew Steele, Jr., son of Colonel ^Mathew
and Kate (Fearn) Steele, is a Ca])tain in the IJ.
S. Army, Sixth Rec;iment of Cavalry. Married
Stella Folsom. No issue.
No. 214.
Tracy Steele, son of Colonel Mathew and Kate
(Fearn) Steele, married Courtney Crutchfield.
1 lave children —
35.S Tracv Steele, Jr.
359 William Steele.

142 Historic Sumxi-.r Couxtv, Ti:xx.

No. 216.

Anna Steele. (laug;hter of Dr. George and Ada
(Fcarn) Steele, married Mr. Eager." Had eliil-
(Iren —

360 Annie D. F.ager.

361 Fearn J-lager. Died yonng.

No. 217.

Fearn Steele, son of Dr. George and Ada

, (Fcarn) Steele, married Sadie . Had one


362 George Steele.

Xo. 218.

Winston Fearn Garth, son of Colonel William
Willis and ]^Iaria Eliza ( I'earn ; Garth. marri< d
Lena Garth, a cousin. Had children —

363 William Willis Garih. Jr.

364 Alice F)ashiell Ganli. L'nmarried. Koides in

Ilnntsville, Alahama.

365 I\iaria Fearn Garth.

366 Horace liverclt Ciarth.

Xo. 220.

X^'annie Schlater. daughter of G. 1'.. an<I Ger-
trude (Piledsoe) Schlaier. married Mr. Randoli>h.
One son —

367 Schlater Randoljjh.

Xo. 221.

l-'lorence Pegucs Ulcdsoe. married Mr. Crof-
ford. She is a writer of wide reputation. Tluy
reside in Xe\v~ Mexico. Have children —

368 William CrolYord.

369 i;ioy Cro fiord.

370 Sallie CrotVord.

371 C)scar CrulTord.

GnxKALOGv or Tin: Bli:ix<ou: I'.\^flLv 143

No. 222.
O.scar F. Bledsoe, thirti, son of Colonel Oscar
F. and Sallie (Cannon) lllcdsoe. is a planter in
Mississij)])!. Married Lnlu Aldridge, grand-
danghter of the late I'. S. Senator, J. Z. George,
of Alississippi. lla\c children—



.- *

V .

> ^


■ jr*-j1(fa;-





OscAK rrrz.\i..vN Bi.io^soi:, Focrth

372 Lnln Bledsoe,

c>7Z Oscar V. Bledsoe, fonrth.

No. 224.
Mary I.on Bledsoe, danghter of Colonel 0>-
car V. an(l Sallie (Cannon) Bledsoe, married Dr.
D. :\r. MeCehee. Xo issne. Died 1904.

144 Historic Sumxkr Couxtv, Tenx.

No. 230.
Eliza Ann P.lcdsoe. dancihter of Thomas Jef-
ferson and Zettira (Reed) iUedsoe. married Abra-
ham Leonard Laird. Had cliildren —

374 Leonard Laird.

375 John IIam]>ton Laird.

376 Thomas Mines Laird.

■■ '''^■'



r\ ^




i i


\ \

] \

I 1


i i

LiLU Aliirich Blf.dsoh

Xo. 23 L

MoUie Craij];' Fjlcdsoe. dauij^liter of Thomas Jef-
ferson and Zettira (Reed) l'>knlsoe. married Wil-
liam W Powell. Had one cliild—
377 Charl'is Leslie Powell.

Gi^NF.ALOGv OF TJiK BijiDsot: Familv 145

Xo. 232.

William Duncan Elcdsoe. son of Thomas Jef-
ferson and ZcUira (Reed) liledsoe, married Luia
Lee. liatl children —

378 William lulward r.ledsoc.

3/9 Jlenry i.ee Jiledsue.

No. 235.

Thomas Mallory Bledsoe, son of Thomas Jef-
ferson anrl Zettira (Reed) Bledsoe, married \Vin-
cie Elizabeth Care}-, llave one child —

380 h'rances Estes Jjledsoe.

Xo. 237.

Stella Brent Bledsoe. daiii;hter of Thomas Jef-
ferson and Zettira (Reed) Biledsoe, married Mal-
vern Hill Wells. Have children —

381 As^nies Wells.

382 I'earl Sears Wells.

Xo. 239.

John W. Smith, son of Charle< E. and Mildred
(M alone) Smith, was born in Tijjton county.
Tennessee, May 24. 1857. Married Pearl Ken-
sey. Resides in Yarbro, Arkansas. Have chil-
dren — '

383 Mabel C. Smith.

384 Bulah W Smith.

385 Ralph B. Smith.

Xo. 241.

Catherine Smith, daughter of Chailes E. and
Mildred (Malone) Smith, was born July 22, 1867.
Married O. W. \\'illiams. of Memphis, Tennes-
see. IDied in ]n]\\ 1906. Had children —

386 Eillian Lillv Williams.
SR7 Charles W'illiams.
388 Blanch Willianis.

14C Historic Sumxiir Cuu.ntv, Texn,

No. 242.
I'rttie Sue Smith, daui^htcr of Charles E. and
I\Hld'-ccl (^fahiiie) Siniih, was born September
11, 1S69. ' Died in VM). Married W. P. Jirad-
ford, of Memphis. Have ehildren —

389 wViliam IJradford.

390 Hunt Ih-adford.

No. 244.
Sarah Winn. dau;^hter of Thomas W. and Su-
san (}lalone) Winn, was bom in Tipton county.
Marrit'l, first. ICdward ]\1. Jones, of Hartford,
Connecticut. 1 hid children —

391 Mab. I W^ Jones.

392 .Annie 15. Jones.

395 Tho'uas W^inn Jones. Unmarried.

Aft'ir the death of Mr. Jones, Sarah married
Jame; Clark, of Connecticut. 1 lad one child —

394 Katie Sue Clark.

Aher the death of Mr. Clark. Sarah married
Join I'aine. a native of England. They now re-
sid» in ^Memphis. No issue.

No. 245.

^/Villie P. \\"inn. daughter of Thomas \\'. and
Susan (Malone) Winn, was born in Tipton coun-
t} Married William H. Paine. Have their home
ii Covington. Tennessee. Have children:

395 Susan M. Paine.

396 William P. Paine.

397 John 11. Paine.

398 Ebenezer Paine.

399 iM-ank Trov Paine.

400 ^lary Elizabeth Paine.

No. 246.

Mary. A. Winn, daughter of Thomas W. and
Susan (Malone) Winn, was born in Tipton c<>un-
tv. Married Edwin Paine, one of three brothers.

Gf-xi:alogv ok Tiiii; BLiiDSOF. Family 147

two of wliDiii had married her elder si>ler>. They
resitle in Covini^ton. Have children —

401 Tom Pete I'aine.

402 Edwin Milton Taine.

403 Mary Airness I'aine.

404 Richard llayncs I'aine.

No. 250.
Jennie S. Pursley. daughter of Halem L. and
Mary C'athcrine ( Malone ) Pnrslcy. was born in
Sumner county. Tennessee, February 25, 1846.
Married John 1'.. Jones in 1866. Died in 1871.
and was buried in the family j^raveyard near
Union City, 'J'ennessee. Had chiMren —

405 John 15. Jones, jr.

406 Stephen M. J ones. Died in Xashvillc in 1897.

No. 251.
Laura Addie Pur.^ley, daughter of Halem L.
and Mary Catherine Olalone) Pur>ley. was born
in Sumner county, February 14. 1848. Married
in June, 1869, M. R. Shoflner, a native of Bed-
ford county. Had children —

407 Inez }kIoss Shoffner.

408 Maurice Shoffner. Died in infancy.

409 Kate Malone Shoffner.

410 Robert Shoffner. Died in young manhood.

No. 252.

Mildred Ceorge Pursley. davightcr of Halem
L. and Mary Catherine (Malone) Pursley. Avas
born in Sumner county. August 2. 1851. Died
at Jackson. Tennessee. April 1, 1894. and was
buried in Riverside cemetery.. On January 30,
1870, she was married to Jay Ciuy Ci<co. who
was born in New Orleans. April 25. 1844. Grand-
son of the ^^arquis Dc .Scso dc Touchaire ; de-
scended, 13th generation, from Don Carlos Dc
Scso, who was burned at the stake for heresv. at
\'alladolid, Spain, on October 29, 1559. Mr.'Ci-




4 * *

■> •* 4



FIVE GE:K'ERA7lO:NS^Ct:SOLi\:c>;vN r5-v:0L.Af < rhO.NV BLECSOtl

Genealogy of the Bledsoe Family 149

co's mother was a tlaui^litcr of Jiaron \\'czin>ki.
lie served in the Confederate army throui;hout
the war; then enj^agcd in new>pai)er work for
some time ; then visited his mother and brother
in Europe, and after si)ending' a year in travel on
the Continent, and visiting^ Ej^ypt. returned to
America. In 1(S75 he estabhshed "Cisco's Book-
store," at Jackson, Tennessee. Also edited the
Forked Deer Blade. In 18S8 he received from
l^resident Cleveland the appointment of U. S.
Consul in Mexico. In I<'ebruary, 1(S98, he was
ap])ointed .Assistant Industrial and Immii^ratiun
Aqent for Tennessee, for the Louisville & Xash-
ville railroad, which position he still holds. In
1879 he was elected a member of the American
Association ior the Advancement of Science. In
1904 he published a series of ])apers. "Counties
and County Seats of Tennessee. Their Origin,
and Sketches of the Persons for A\'hom They
Were Xamed." Has in manuscrijU a bioqraphical
dictionary of J'ennessee, and f)ne of Tennessee
authors. Is interested in lej-jidoptcra and .Ameri-
can arch:eoloy;y. lias children —

411 I'Vedrika Lillian Cisco, born Xovembor 28,

1870, in Tennessee.

412 Gcort^o Guy Cisco, born November 29, 1872. in

Tuscaloosa. Alabama. Now resides in .\ew
York. L'nmarried.

4L'> Bertie Cisco, born January 1, 187.^. in Tu>ca-
loo'^a, Alabama. Resides with her father in
Xa-hville. Unmarried.

414 Walter Jay Cisco, born July 24, 1877, at Jack-
son. Tennessee.

41.^ \'ictor W. Ci<co. born December 28. 1879. at
Jackson, Tennessee. Besides in .\ew ( )r-
leans. I'timarried.

-IIT) Mo/^elk- Cisco, born September 30, 1882. at
Jackson. Tennessee. Resides with her fa-
ther in Xa^luille. L'nmarried.

150 Historic Sumxkk County, Tlnx.

417 Rudolf Wezinski Cisco, born July 20, 1885, at

Jackson, Tennessee.

418 Rupcrto Francoise Cisco, born September 12,

1888, at Jackson, Tennessee. Now principal
of a school at Bon Ami, Louisiana. Unmar-

No. 254.

Dr. Hu£,di Law son Patterson, son of John Clen-
denin,^ and Eleanor (^Benson) Patterson, married
Mnria Sue Patterson. Platl children —

419 Lilla Edith Patterson. Xever married.

420 Loona Pearl Patterson. Unmarried.

421 James lienderson Patterson,

422 Elizabeth Benson Patterson. Unmarried.

423 Sue Belle Patterson. Unmarried.

No. 255.

Presley Foster Patterson, son of John Clen-
dening and Eleanor (P)Cnson) Patterson, married
Sallie Rowe. Have chikircn —

424 Jc.'hn Clendening Patter.-on. L'nmarried.

425 Salhe l-'oster Patterson. Unmarried.

No. 256.

Mary Jane Patterson, daughter oi J(jhn CIcti-
dening and Eleanor (]>enson ) Patterson, married
J. L. Sheppard. No issue.

No. 257.

Eleanor Obedience Patterson, daughter of John
Clendening and Eleanor (Benson- Patters*5n,
married Dr. G. W. !McGuire. Had children —

426 James Calvin -\IcGuirc.

427 Sue ^IcGuire.

No. 25S.

Sue Patterson, daugliter of John Clendening
and Eleanor ( IkMi^on ) Baltorson. married J. Mc-
Culluni. No children.

Gi:xKALociv OF THi; Blkdsok Family 151

No. 259.

Benjamin Bledsoe Patterson, son of Jolni
Clendeninj:^ and Eleanor (i'-cnson) Patterson,
.married llettic Dillon. Plad children —

428 John James Patterson.

429 Allie Foster Patterson.

430 Eleanor Benson Patterson.

431 Jimmie I). Patterson. P'nmarried.

No. 260.

Maria Patterson, daughter of John Clendening
and Eleanor (Benson) Patterson, married John
i\I. KinJ^^ Children died in infancy.

No. 261.

]\rattie Belle Patterson, daughter of John Clen-
dening and Eleanor (Benson) Patterson, married
P. \\'^ Nave. Had children—

432 Lcjvie Belle Nave.

433 Presley Ward Nave. Unmarried.

434 Hugh Benson Nave.

No. 262.

^'iolet Rachael Patterson, daughter of John
Clendcning and Eleanor (Benson) Patterson,
married Dr. J. J. Upshaw. Had children —

435 Lovie Ijclle Upshaw.

-13() Minnie Lee Up.^liaw. L'nmartied.
A.w Tazewell U]')shaw. Unmarried.

No. 264.

Joseph Thomas J'atterson, son of John Clen-
dening and Eleanor ( lien son ) Patter>on. married
Mollie Copcland. Had children —

43S Jiilin Thomas Patterson.

•l.VJ Juniaetta Patterson. I'nmarried.

44U Marv ICleanor I'atterson. Unmairied.

152 Historic Sumner County, Thxx.

Xo. 266.
Belle Shcrrell. daughter of A. A. and Maria IT.
(Patterson) Sherrcli, married ]M. C. Atkinson.
Had children —
441 William Shcrrell Atkinsfm.
4-12 Ola Maria SluMrell Atkinson. I'nmarried.

443 Alexus Siierrcll Atkinson. Unmarried.

Xo. 269.
Elizahcth Perkins, daughter of Drew M. and
Maria II. ( Patterson-Sherrell ) lV-rkin<. married.
Xo information.

Xo. 270.
Francis Perkins, daughter of Drew M. and Ma-
ria PI. (Patterson-Sherrell) Perkins, married P.
P. Carpenter. Xo issue.

Xo. 271.
Dr. \'ance T'crkins, son of Drew M. and Maria
IT. (]\atterson-Sherrell ) I'erkins, marrieil 2^1ollic
Fisher. Had child.ren —

444 M. W Perkins.

445 1). W. Perkins.
4-16 ]'>ancis Perkins.

447 l.Jelle Perkins.

Xo. 272.
!Maria Su-an Patterson, daughter of David
Shelby and Elizabeih ( Cheatham i Patterson,
married Dr. Hugh Lawson Patter>on. llad chil-
dren —

448 Lillian F.dith Patter>c)n. Xever married.

449 Leona Pearl Patterson.

450 James Henderson Patter-on.

451 I'dizabeth P.enson Patterson.

452 Susie Pelle Palterst^n.

Xo. 276.
David Henderson Patterson, son of David .Shel-
by and Elizaheth (Cheatham) Patterson, married
P>elle Sheflkld. .\o information.

Gkxealogv of Tiir: Blkdsoe Family 153

Xo. 278.
Cornelia Rcbecka Patterson, daughter of David
Shelby and l^Jizabeth (Cheatham) Patterson, mar-
ried \V. B. Stevens. Had children —
433 Jerentha Rentha Stevens.

454 Zana Stevens.

455 Anna 1 lendcrson Stevens. -

456 I'earl Stevens. Never married.

457 Coleman }kl\les Stevens.

Xo. 279.
X'irginia P.clle Patterson, daughter of David
Shelby and J£lizabeth (Cheatham i Patterson,
married, first, W. S. Patterson. Had children —

458 Alma \'irginia Patterson.

459 Ethel Patterson. Died in infancy.

460 Annie Sue Patterson. Died in infancy.

461 ^vlamie Patterson. Died in infancy.

After the death of her first hu.-vband. A'irgim'a
Belle Patterson married J. W. Yoimg. Had chil-
dren —

462 Robert Henderson Young.

463 David Whitfield Young.

Xo. 2S1.
D. C. Patterson Shcrrcll. son of Dr. J. L. and
AFartha l^liza (Patterson ) .Sherrell. married Mary
]\lcCoy. Had children —
-164 Horace I'A-erett Sherrell.
-165 Aleenc .Sherrell.
4()6 Howartl Sherrell.

Xo. 282.
\'iolctte Ann Sherrell. daughter of Dr. J. L.
and INIartha l-di/a ( Patlcrsnu ) Sherrell. married
Dr. 1'.. A. Stone. Had children -

467 I'jumett ivoy Stone.

468 Marv \'. Stone.
46«) Joe L. Stone.

470 A. Alcxus Sttjue.

471 ]''lo\(l .^tone.

154 HisioRic Sumxi-:r County, Tknn.

Xo. 283.
Jennie Shcrrell, daui^htcr of Dr. J. L. and Mar-
tha Eliza (Patterson) Shcrrell, married J. 11.
Stevenson. Had children —

472 Sherrell Stone Stevenson.

473 Lncilc Stevenson.

Xo. 284.
E. J\latt Sherrell, son of Dr. J. L. and Alartha
Eliza (Jt'atterson) Sherrell, married, first, Sallie
Ezell. One child —

474 l^aisy Mai Sherrell.

After the death of his first wife, E. :\Iatt Shcr-
rell married Sallie Moore. Xo issue.

Xo. 285.
Benjamin Shcrrell, son of Dr. J. L. and Mar-
tha Eliza (Patterson) vShorrell, married Annie
Smith, lla 1 children —

475 John Lawson Sherrell.

476 Lulu Sherrell.

Xo. 286.

James Paw >on Patterson, son of Loj^an Madi-
son and Priscilla ( Peatherwood ) Patterson, mar-
ried Lillie Hill. ] lad children —

477 Selwynnc J'attcrson.

478 \V. Clendeninc,^ Patterson.

479 Kate Patterson. Unmarried.

480 Lon Lee Patterson. Lnmarried.

481 ^Myrtle Patterson. L'nmarried.

482 James S. Patterson, l'nmarried.

483 \\'ill Lamh Patterson. Unmarried.

484 Carter J'attcrson.

Xo. 287.
\\'illiam .Shelby Patterson, son of Loi^an Madi-
son and I'riscilla (Lcathcrwood ) Patter>on, mar-
ried r.olle ]*atlerson. Had one child —

485 .Alma \'. I'atterson.

Gexkalogv of the Bledsok Family 155

No. 288.

Log"an Madison Patterson, son of Captain Lo-
gan Madison and Priscilla (Lcathcrwood) Patter-
■ son, married Maj^^gic Myers. Had children —

486 Edna Patterson.

487 Lillie Belle Patterson.

488 Logan Patterson.

489 Sam ^L Patterson.

490 Grady Patterson.


No. 290.

John Shelby Parruw, Jr., son of John Shelby
and ^Ma'-garet (Armstrong) J '.arrow, married a
daughter of Colonel llal Claiborne, of Nashville.
They reside in New York. ]\Ir. P.arrow died De-
cember 20, 1908. Have children —

491 John Shelby Barrow, third.

492 Washington Barrow.
492c7 Ann Barrow.

493 Clayton Barrow.

No. 291.

David Shelby \\'illiams, son of John Shelby and
Mattie (Sevier.) Williams, married, hrst, ^^lay Law-
son McGliee, of Knoxville, daughter of Colonel
Charles ^McGhee. No issue. Second. Mrs. James
Frazer, Jicc AX'ashington. of Nasiuille. No issue.
They reside at Glenn ClitT, near Nashville. Mr.
^^'illiams is \'ice-President of the hirst .\ational
Bank, and President of the Nashville Gas Com-

156 Historic Sumxf.r Couxty, Texx.

Xo. 294.

Anna Fassman Williams, daui^^hter of John
Shelby and Mattie (Sevier) Williams, married
Wentworth P. Johnson, of Norfolk, \irginia.
Have children —

494 Wentworth P. Johnson, Jr.

495 Shelby Williams Johnson (a daughter).
Three childrt-n died in infancy.

No. 296.
Maude Williams, daughter of John Shelby an'!
Mattie (Sevier) Williams, married Robert P.
Ponnie, of Louisville. Kentucky. Have children —

496 Shelby Williams lionnie.

497 Mattie Sevier Ponnie.

498 Robert P. Ponnie, Jr.

499 Hundley Sevier ISonnie.

No. 298.
Henry Ycatcman Williams, son of Jo-eph Min-
nick and Emily (Polk) Williams, married Mi-
Pitcher. No issue. Reside in Galveston, Texa-.

No. 299.
Joseph INIinnick Williams, Jr., son of Joseph
Minnick aiul l-jiiily ( Polk ) \Villiams. is a prac-
ticing lawyer ; resides in Olustee, Oklahoma.


Priscilla Shelby Williams, daughter of Jo-^cph
Minnick and l^mily (Polk) Williams, married a
Mr. Priggs, of Norfolk, \irginia. Have "H^'

^faria Shelb\- Passman, daughter of I'rank .'nv.
Anna Minnick (Williams) Fassman, married, :i
Mr. Prook. 1 lave one child —


Gi:xE.\L()GV OF Tiii£ Di.i:i)S0K Family 157


Anna .Minnick I'assman. dauqlitor of Frank
and Anna Alinnick (Williams) Fassman, married
Rev. J. (i. Shackelford. Have one child —


No. 306.

Marv Lei.<,di Walkins, dansjhter of Fci.q:h and
Willie (Kearney) Walkins, married William 11.
McCnlloch, of Fergnson, Missouri. Have chil-
dren —

503 lu-skin Watkins AlcCnlloch.

504 Flizabeth Zane McCnlloch.

505 William II. McCnlloch. Jr.

No. 308.

Willie P). Ross, son of William Fwini^ and
Marian (Watkins) Ross, married Fillie Peatros,
of Jackson Mississii)])i. Have one child —
507 VVillic 15. Ross.

. Xo.313.

l^ose Farrar Watkins, daughter of Erskine and
Alice (Petriej Watkins. married Calvin Wells,
Jr., a lawver, of lackson. 2\lississippi. Have one
SOS Alice Pclrie \\'ells.

No. 319.

■Marian Shelby Pleasants, daughter of Sanuicl
and Maria Pledsoe (Shelby") Pleasants, was born
in March, 1874. Married Rev. Oscar Havwood,
August, 18%. Died in 18'>8.

No. 32(3.

Pattie Hammond, daughter oi Judge b-li Shel-
by and l-'annie (Davis) Hammond, was born in
Riplev. Mississippi. June 6. 1868. Married Dr.

158 Historic Sumxi:r County, Tkxx.

Gcorj:;-e W. Jarnian. son of rrofcssor Georf^c W.
Jarmaii, who was for nianv years President <.'f
the S. W. B. University at Jackson, Tcnm-sco.
Residence. Xo. 54, W. 76tli Street. New York.
Have children —

509 George Wallace Jarman.

510 Shelby ] lamniond Jarman.

511 Martha Shelby jarman.

No. 321.
Orlando Davis Hammond, son of Jndgc Kli
Shelby and Fannie (Davis) Hammond, was born
in ^Memphis, Tennessee, November 6. 1871. Law-
yer by profession. Resides in New York. ]\lar-
ried at Rosemont, Pennsylvania, February 1''.
1901, Lillian Kirk :\rcDowell, of Holly Sprin.u-r^,
Mississippi. Have one child —

512 AL'irtha I'onner Hammond, born August 1.


No. Z22.
Cora Hammond, daughter of ^IcLaren and
Marv (Mayes) Hammond, married \\'esl<-'y
Owen. Resides in Texas. Has children. No

No. zi:^.

Ferdinand [McLaren Haiumond. son of M*-"-
Laren and Mary (.Mayes) Hammond, marrieii.
and has children. No information.

No. 324.
]\Lary Hammond, daughter of McLaren and
]\Iarv (Maves) Hammond, married and has chil-
dren. Xo information.

No. 325.
ILarry Hrmimond. sou of McLaren and !Mary
(Slaves) fhammond. married and lias children.

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