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Governor Joskpii Dusha, of Kkntucky

General l^eslia had two sons, who distinsruislied
themselves in the Civil War; both were Captains
in Morc^an's command. C)nc of them. Captain
Jo. Desha, married Clnri-sa Roqan.

176 Historic Sumnkr Corxrv, Ti:nx.


Xo. 25.
Joseph Dcslia Pickett, son of James C. and
Eleanor (Desha) Pickett, was born in Mason
county. Kentucky, January 6. 1S2J. Graduated
from Princeton CoUeci'c in 1841 : complctetl his
course at Paris. I'rance. and afterwards traveled
extensively in Murope, Asia and Africa. Soon
after his return home he became a professor in
Bethany Collecfe. He was a member of the fa-
mous Secession Convention of \'ir^inia in 1861.
Joined the Confederate Army as chaplain; was
chaplain of the Kentucky Orphan iJrigade ; then
chaplain of John C. P>reckenridg;e's Division, lie
was at Atlanta throut^hout the siegce, ministering
to the sick, wounded and dNim^. He was called
"The l-'i^lninj^ Chaplain." and was loved and re-
si)ected by the whole army. 1 ie was the founder
of the Kentucky Relief Society, which did so
much to alleviate the sutlcrings of the Southern
soldiers. After the close of the war, he was at
one time ])rcsi(]ent of the Agricultural. ^Techani-
cal and Military College at Lexington. He was
Professor of English Literature in the Kentucky
Universit}- for many years ; President of the Col-
lege of .-\rts in \><77-78, and for a while was
Presi<lent of the I'.ible College. The last chair
lie filled was that of Professor of Metai)hy>io>.
Ancient and Modern Languages, in the Agricul-
ural and Mechanical College. 1878-79. Jn the
later }car ho was elected Superintendent of Pub-
lic instruction for Kentucky, which office he held
by successive reelections for twelve years. In
1891 he retired and removed with his family t<>
River ]'\)rcst. near l"hicag(», his sons being lo-
cated in business in Chicago. .\t the time of hi-^
death, in 1000. he was Cba]>lain-C.eneral Pro\ i-

Hon. .I()Si:i'h 1)i;siia I'kki;it

Gi:ni:aloc;v of Col. Isaac IJi.iidsoi; Link 177

ional Department of the Xortlnvcst, Confederate
Wtcrans. fie married Elizabeth Jean Ifolton.
Had children —

35 James C. Pickett. Died unmarried.

36 IHcanor Desha Pickett. Unmarried. Resides

in Chicago.

37 William II. Pickett. Died unmarried.

38 John Desha IMckett. Resides in Atlanta.

39 Elizabeth }5acon Pickett.

40 Montgomery 1>. Pickett. Resides in Chicago.

41 Annie Gleim T'ickett. Died unmarried.

Xo. 26.

John T. Pickett, son of James C. and Eleanor
(Desha) Pickett, was born in ^^aysvillc, Ken-
tucky. He received his early education in Scott
county; was aj)pointed to the Military Academy
at West Point ; afterwards studied law at the
Lexington Law School. Was for many years
L'^nited Slates Consular ^Vgent at \'era Cruz. Mex-
ico, and while there became interested in the
"Manifest Destiny" movements along the Gidf,
and soon distinguished himself as an active sup-
porter of the principles of the "Ostend Mani-
festo." Yielding to his military penchant, he
joined Lopez. Crittenden and others in the year
1850 in a crusade upon Cuba and personally com-
manded in a gallant light, against lu'avy odds, at
the battle of Cardenas: but the entire expedition,
like most others of its kind, was a failure. He
was commissioned by Louis Kossuth, as General
in the I huigarian Army. 1 le served with distinc-
tion in the Confederate Army as chief of stalY
to General Preckenriilgc. and represented the
Confederate States at the opening contest, as
Commissioner to the Republic of Mexico. Whilst
holding this j'tosition he urged the Confederate
Government to secure foreign intervention, and
strengthen the military resources of the Con-

178 Historic Sumniir Couxtv, Tk.nn.

federacy by freeing the ncc^aoes. callinir him to
the tielcl — a poHcy which was subsequeiilly fa-
vored, though unsuccessfully urged, by General
Robert E. Lee.

After the close of the war General Pickett en-
gaged in the practice of law at Washington. D. C.
He was an accomplished scholar, a graceful ami
vigorous writer, a superior linguist, a gentleman
of commanding presence and captivating address.
He married Kalherine Keyworth. of Washington.
D. C, where both died and are buried, lie had
children —

42 Eleanor Dc^ha Pickett. Died immarried.

43 Theodore [ohn Pickett.

Xo. 30.
Issa ]3e>ha, daughter of John Randolph and
l^Iarv P.racken (Curry) Desha, married \Villiam
Campbell Preston lireckenri-lge, at Lexington
Kentucky. September 19. 1861. Mr. Brecken-
ridge was born near Lexington, August 28, 183_/_:
graduated from Central College in April 18. - .^.
and from the law (!ei)artment of the University
of Louisville in 1857. lie was elected to Con-
gress as a Democrat in 1885, and scrveil four
terms, distinguishing himself as an orator and
for his great'ability as a lawyer. Had children —

44 Eleanor Desha jireckcn ridge.

45 Sophonisba Preston Precken ridge.

46 Desha Preckenridge.

47 Campbell I'reckenridge. Died in infancy.

48 Issa Desha lireckcnridge. Died in inlanc.v.

49 Robert .1. iJreckemidge.

50 'MiXYv Cuirv Preckenridge.

Xo. 32.
Marv Desha, daughter (.f John Kandolph anl
Mary Pracken (Curry) Desha, resides in Wa-Ii-
ington, D. C. ; unmarried. She was one oi ''"
founders of the .society of the Daughters o) lb-'
American Revolution.

Genealogy of Col. Isaac Bledsoe Line 179

No. 34.

Bledsoe Desha Harmon, son of Dr. and Ade-
laide 'D Armely (Desha) Harmon, was horn in
•Georfiretown Kentucky. Married AJarv lane Lof-

Miss Mary Dksua

tin. 1'hcy had chilchx'ii— •

51 Adelaide Dosha I larnion.

52 1 ii'len I larmnn.
5vS Kate I iarnion.

54 Irma Desha Harmon.

180 Historic Sum.nkr Couxrv, Tkxn.

SKVKNTIl c;i:n'1'.kati()\.
No. 38.
John Dcslia I'ickett. son of Jo.^cph and Eliza-
beth Jean (lloUon) I'ickett, married Jessie M.
Brownell. They reside in Atlanta, Geori^ia.
Have children —

55 Desha Pickett.

56 Cornelia Francis Pickett.

57 lean ]\lont£;;"onicrv Pickett.

58 Eleanor Desha P'ickett.

59 Jessie l-Llizaheth Pickett.'

60 Alontgoniery I'ickett.

Xo. 39.
Elizabeth P.acon Pickett, dang-hter of Joseph
Desha and Elizabeth Jean (Molton) Pickett, mar-
ried Professor A. A. lirucc. who is Dc^iu of the
Law Department of the North Dakota Uni\er-
sity. at Grand Forks. They have children —

61 Glenn P.rnce.

62 Edward ?^IcMaster Pruce.

No. 40.
Monti;omery 1'.. Pickett, son of Joseph Desha
and Elizabeth Jean (ilolton) Pickett, married
Alma Morgan Osborn. They reside in Chicago.
Have children —

63 Catherine AFontgomery Pickett.

64 Elizabeth Pickett.

No. 43.
Theodore J(jhn Pickett, son of Colonel John T.
and Katherinc (Keyworth) Pickett, married Sal-
lie V. Harris. They reside in Washington. D. C,
where Mr. Pickett practices law. They have no

No. 44.
Eleanor Desha iheckem-idgc, danghtcr of Wil-
liam C. P. and Issa (Desha) I'.rerkem-idge. mar-
ried Judge Lvman L'iuilkley at Washington City.

Gi:xEAr.OGV ok Col. Isaac Bi.kdsoi: Lini: 181

Tunc 24, 18S0. He is now Dean of the l.aw Do-
]jarlnicnt of llie University of the South, at Se-
wanee, 'J'enncssce. They have had four chiMren.
two of whom are dead, dyinr^ in infanc}'. The
Hvini^ arc —

65 Lyman Chalklev. jr.. horn June 1. 1898.

66 Issa Desha Cha'lklcy, horn .March 5, 1900.

No. 45.

Sophonisha Preston Breckenridge, daugliter of
Wilham C. P. and Issa (De>h;i) Breckenridge.
is \'icc-Dean of the Woman's Dci)artmcnt of the
University of Chicago.

No. 46.

Desha Breckenridge, son of Wilham C. P. and
Issa (Deslia) ]*rcckcnridg"e, married on Novem-
ber 17, 1898. Madge McDowell, a great grand-
daughter of Plenry Clay.

No. 51.

Adelaide Desha Harmon, daughter of Bledsoe
Desha and ]\Iary Jane (Loftin ) Harmon, mar-
ried Edward M. Kirtland. Had chiklren —

67 Maude Harmon Kirtland.

68 Helen Desha Kirtland.

No. 52.

Helen Harmon, daughter of Bledsoe Dc^lia
and Mary Jane (Loftin) Harmon, married Col-
onel James A. Baret. No issue.

No. 5?>.

Kate Harmon, daughler of Bledsoe Desha and
iMary Jane (Loftin) Harmon, married Clopton
J. Hammond. Had one child —

69 Iilii^aheih U. Hammond.

182 Historic Sumnltv Couxtv, Tenn.

eighth gknkkatiox.
No. 67.
Maude iraniion KirUand, daughter of Edward
M. and Adelaide Desha (Harmon) Kirtland,
married Perez Moicr.

No. 68.
Helen Desha Kirtland, daughter of Edward M.
and Adelaide Desha (Harmon; Kirtland, mar-
ried Stuart Dean.


No. 6.
Sally Bledsoe, daughter of Colonel Isaac and
Catherine (Montgomery) Bledsoe, married Rcv.
Samuel Gibson. Xn information.

No. 7.

Anlliony Bledsoe, son of Colonel Isaac and
Catherine (Montgomery) P.ledsoe, was killed bv
Indians April 21, 1794, near the residence of
General Daniel Snn"th, while boarding there and
attending school.

No. 8.

Polly Bledsoe, daughter of Colonel Isaac and
Catherine (McMitgumeryi Bledsoe, married \V il-
liam Read, of .'^umner county. Had children —

28 Margaret Read.

29 Katheritic Read.

30 Anthony Read.

31 Martha' Lytic Read.

32 b'rancis I'oyd Read.

33 Isaac de Brierkigh Kead.

34 Clarissa Reail.

35 Mary Read.

36 William 1 ladley Read. Died ycung.

37 CoriK-lia Read.

Gf.m -ALOGV or Cor.-. Isaac Bi.edsoi-: Lixi: 183

Xo. 9.
Katie IjIc'Isoc. dauj^litcr of Colonel Isaac and
Catherine (INlontsomery) L'.ledsoe, married Thom-
as Scnrry. Had children —
3S Clarissa Scurrw
y> ]\.ichard Scurr}-.
-10 Su-an Scnrry. Xo information.

41 William Read Scnrry.

42 Thomas Jetierson Scnrry. Xo information.

Xo. 10.'
Lytic Bledsoe, son of Colonel Isaac and Cather-
ine (MontG^omery ) llledsoe, married ]\Iiss San-
ford. Xo information.

Xo. 11.
Isaac Bledsoe, Jr., son of Colonel Isaac and
Catherine (Montgomery) Bledsoe. Xo informa-

Xo. U.
Clarissa IMedsoe. daug-hter of Colonel Isaac and
Catherine (Montgomery) I'.ledsoe, married Daviil
Lauderdale. Had three sons. Xo information.


Xo. 28.
Margaret Read, danghter of \\'illiam and Polly
(Bledsoe) Read, married Anthony Bled.^oe Xeely.
Had children —
4.^ Malvina Xeely.
-14 Kalherinc Prudence Xeely.

45 Martha Ann Xeely.

46 William Reail Xeely. Died in infancy.

Xo. 29.
Katherine Read, daughter (»f William and Pol-
ly (Bledsoe) Read, married Robert Rickman.
Had children —

47 Katherine Rickman.

48 Henry Rickman.

49 Samnel Rickman.

184 IllSTOklC StlMXKR COUXTV, Tf.xx.

No. 30.

Anthony Read, son of William and I'olly (liled-
soe) Read, married ]\Iiss Sanford. Xo intorma-

Xo. 31.

Martha L}tlc ]\ca<l. dauj^htcr of William and
Polly (Bledsoe) Ivead, was born in Snmner coun-
ty, July 4, 1802. Married Francis Roi^an, who
was born in Sumner county, September 14. 1798.
son of ilu|^h Rogan, i)ioncer. llad children

50 Ann RoL;'an. Died in infancy.

51 riuf^h Rot^an. Died in childlm-^d.

52 Clarissa RoL,^an.

53 William Ivead Roj^^an.

54 Charles IJrenard Rogan.

55 John Roii^an.

56 Janie- Leii^h Rogan. Died in infancy.

Xo. 32.
Francis l^oyd Read, son of ^^'illiam and J'oily
(Bledsoe) Read, married Kathcrinc l>am. Had
children —

57 Xancv Jane Read.

58 Mollic Read.

59 Martha Read.

Xo. 33.
Isaac de Brierleigh Read, son of William an<l
Polly (Bledsoe) Read, married, lirst, Teresa Be:-
lemy. second, Eliza Branch, daughter of (jOvern-
or Jhanch. of Xorth Carolina, member of Jack-
son's cabinet, and afterwards Governor of I'Nmi-
da. After .-tudying law in (lallatin he removed l"
Tallahassee, l-dorida. where he ])racticed. and
wdiere-he' became prominent in the 3Us and -!"■-•
He was a member of the Legislalure and of lh^
Convention which framed the first C(»nsiiuiti"n
of the Slate of Ilorida. He took an active par;
in llie Indian wars in thai Stale, holding vari"U>

Genealogy oi - Cor.. Isaac Dijldsoi-: Lim- 185

comniaiidiiit^ offices. A brigade of cavalry was
organized under orders of the Secretary of War
and commanded by General Read, lie eni^^ai^ed
in several duels, and was as.sassinated on the
■ streets of Tallahassee. He had one child, which
died youns^.

No. 34.
Clarissa Read, daughter of William and I 'oily
(Bledsoe) Read, married Joseph Aston. Had chil-
dren —

60 John Aston. No information.

61 Wiliam Aston. Xo inf(,irmation.

62 James Aston. Xo information.

No. 35.
Mary Read, daughter of William and Polly
(r>lc(l<oc) Read, married Rev. Hugh Hill. Had
children —

63 William S:urrv Hill.

64 Marv lane Hill.

65 ^[ariha Hill.

66 James Hill. Hied in infancy.

Xo. 37.
Cornelia Read, daughter of William and pDlly
(Bledsoe) l^ead, married Michael DulYy. Ihul
children —

67 William l\ead l!)uiYv. Xever married. Dieil

Tune S, 1907.

68 Hugh Duffy.

69 Frank Duffy. Died in young manhood.

70 Micha l-:ilen Duffy.

After the death of Mr. Duffy, his wife married
George Terry. Had one child —

71 Jefferson l^avis Terry. Di'.-d in infancy.

Xo. 3S.
Clarissa Scurry, daughter of Thomas and Katy
(Bledsoe) Scinry, married Thomas Woodson.
] lad one daughter —

72 Katie Wootlstju.

186 Historic Sumxf.r Couxtv, Texn.

Xo. 39.

Ricliard Scurry, son of Thomas and Katie
(lUedsoc) Scurry, was born in Sumner county.
Removed to Texas while a younq- man. and com-
manded a battery under General Sam Houston at
the battle of San Jacinto. He served one term in
Congress, 1851-53. Was for a time a mem.ber
of tiic Supreme Court of Texas. While hunting
he accidentally shot himself and died from the
woimd. He married and had one daughter —
73> Katie Scurry.

Xo. 41.

William Read Scurry, son of Thomas and Katie
(FUedsoc) Scurry, was born in Sumner county.
He learned the trade of printer ; studied law and
remoNcd to Texas and practiced in Houston. In
1861 he etitered the Confederate service as Lieu-
tenant-Colonel of the I-'ourth Texas r^Iounted In-
fantry. Early in 1862 his regiment was in a bri-
gade, which was sent to Xew Mexico. Colonel
Scurry commanded the brigade in several engage-
ments, and was the victor in every one of them.
In September of the same year he returned t*)
Texas and was commissioned a Brigadier-Gen-
eral. He commanded the land forces at Galves-
ton on January 1, 1863. He was in the Red Riv-
er campaign in 1864: and was in the battles of
Mansfield and Plea>ant Hill when General I'.anks
of the h^ederal Army was so signally defeated.
In the battle of Jenkins Ferry. April 30, 1864, he
received a mortal wound. He was called '"the
gallant and daring Scurry.'' Xo information a>
to his marriage or descendants.

. Xo. 43.

Malvina Xeely, daughter of Anthony I'dedsce
and Margaret (Read) Xeely, married Richard
Averett. Xo i.ssue.

Gkxkalogv or Col. Isaac 1]li:o.soi: Lint. 187

Xo. 44.
Katlicrinc rrudcnco Xecly, dauLHucr of An-
tliony liled.soc and Mart^aret (Read ) Xecly, mar-
ried Wesley IMakcinore. Xo issue.

Xo. 45.
Manila -Ann Xeel\-, daughter of Anthony Bled-
soe and Mari^aret (Read ) Xeely, married Ivob-
crt Bennett. iJad one child —
7?>a Malvina 13ennett, who married T. IJ. Mason,
and had one child, Richard Jarvis Mason.
Xo information.

si.XTii (^i:xi:ration',

Xo. 52.
Clarissa Rogan, daut^hter of Francis and Mar-
tha Lytic (Read) Rogan, married Joseph Desha.
She now resides, a widow, on a part of the orij^-
inal tract of land helong^ing to her grandfather,
Hugh Rogan. Xo children —

Xo. 53.
W'illiam Read Rogan, son of ]-Vancis and Mar-
tha Rytlc (Read) Rogan, was born in Sumner
county, February 7, 1837. In 1861 he answered
the summons of his country and enlisted in the
Confederate Army, in which he served to the
close of the war, in Morgan's command. He was
in the Ohio raid, and ])articii)ated in all the hotly-
conlcstcd engagements in which Morgan's bri-
gade took part, with the rank of Ca[)tain. lie
was a brave and gallant soldier, and like his dis-
tinguished ancestor, Hugh Rogan, was ever ready
for a brush with the enem\'. He now resides in
the old home of his father and grandfather, at
Rogana. On (October 19, 1858, he marrictl Sarah
Elizal)eth Cecil, who was born in Kentuckv. Oc-
tober 17. 1839. Had children—
74 -Ann Augusta R(jgan.

[88 Historic Sumxkr Couxtv, Tf.xx.

75 Joliii Malhcw Rop^an.

76 Ahirlha Lytic R(\iiati.

77 Frank Ro^aii. Died in infancy.
7'^ Charles Liernard Rot^an, Jr.

After the death of his wife, Sarah Elizabeth.
\\"illiani R. Ro^'^an married ^larv Hill. Have one
79 Clarissa Rogan, born in Xovcniber, 1901,
No. 54.

Charles Picrnard Ro.^'an, son of Francis and
IMartha LmIc (Read) Roi^an, was born in Sum-
ner county, January 6, lcS39. In 18()1 he entered
the Confederate Army and served to the close of
the war with credit to himself and to his country.
on the stall of deneral William B. Uate. He. like
his brother, William R., proudly wears the Cross
of Honor on his breast. On November 28, 1866.
he married Fetoris Cecil, who was born in Ken-
tucky, November 16, 1847. No issue.
No. 55.

John Rogan, son of I^'rancis and IMartlia Lytic
(Read ) Rogan. was born in Sumner county, ."^e])-
tcmber 24. 1841. He enlisted in the Confederate
Army at the beginning of the war. and served
to June 20, 1862, when he died at Tupelo. Mis-
sissippi. Never married.
No. ^7 .

Nancy Jane ]\cad, daughter of I'ranci-^ ]'.M}d
and Katherine ( Isam ) Read, married Mr. Jones.
No information.

No. 58.

Mollie Read, daugiuer of Francis Royd and
]\allierine (Isam) Read, married Mr. }*larkham.
No information.

No. 59.

Martha Read, (laughter of l^-ancis l'.'>y<l an.l
Katherine (ls;im) Read, married Mr. Seighman.
No information.

Gr:xi:.\i,ocv oi- thf, Bli-:dsoe I-'amiia" .189

No. 63.

WilHnin Scurry Hill, son of Kcv. Mugh aiul
Mary (Rcadj Hill, married Margaret Davis, sis-
ter of Sam Davis, the Confederate hero. Xf). in-

Xo. 64.

Alary Jauc Hill, daughter of Rev. Hugh and
Mary (Read) Hill, married Mr. Rohertson. Xo

Xo. 65.

r^lartha Hill, daughter of Rev. Hugh and Mary
(Read) Hill, married Mr. Robert^un. Xo infor-

Xo. 68.

Hugh M. Duffy, son of Michael and Cornelia
(Read) Duff}-, married I'^annie Desha. Had chil-
dren —

80 Eliza Dufly.

81 Cornelia Dufty.

82 Frank Duttv.

83 Fanny Duffy.

Xo. 70.

Micha Ellen Duffy, daughter of Michael and
Cornelia (Read) Duffy, married William H. ]j.
Satterwhite. Flavc children — '-

84 Xellic C. Satterwhite.

85 James A. Satterwhite.

Xo. 72.

Katie Woodson, daughter of Thomas anci Cla-
rissa (Scurry) Woodson, married Mr. Yarbrough.
Died in Texas. X(j information.

Xo. 73.

Katie Scurry, daughter of Richard Scurr\-, mar-
ried Mr. Terril. She resides at Dallas, Texas. Xo

190 Historic Sum.\f,r Couxtv, Ti:.\x.

Sli:Vi:\Tll GF.X F.RATIOX.

Xo. 74.
Ann Au£i:u>ta R(\<^-an. dau^^htcr of William
Read and Sarah l^Jizabeth (Cecil) Roijan, was
born in Sumner county. Auy^ust 23, 1859. Mar-
ried Harris 15ro\vn. who has for many years been
County Court Clerk for Sumner county, and who
is one of its most i:»rominent and useful citizens.
He was born in Sunnier county, March 18, 1858,
and married June 18, 1895. No issue.
No. 7S.
John Mathew Rogan, son of William Read and
Sarah Elizabeth (Cecil) Roc^an. was born in Sum-
ner county. September 13, 1866. Married on
April 26, 1899. Cecil \\"ahon. Died July 31, 1899.
No issue.

No. 7h.
^Jartha Lytic Ro,c::an, dauolucr of William Read
and Sarah Elizabeth (Cecil) Rogan. was born in
Sunnier county. September 12. 1869. Married
Jimc 16, 1897.' Dr. William Jam.cs Morrison, D.
D. S., of Na-hville. Have children —
86 William Rogan Morrison, born Februarv '>.

^7 Mary Cecil Morrison, born September 12. 1900.

88 Andrew Lawrence Morrison, born May 12.


No. 7^.
Charles Bernard Rogan. son of William Read
and Sarah l^lizabeth (Cecil) Rogan. was born in
Sumner county. September 6.' 1874. Married
^lary Callan. lie was commisisoned by President
McKinlcy a Lieutenant in the Signal Corps in the
war with Spain. :\n^\ did service in Cuba, and tlien
in the ]'hili])pines. After the close of the war he
was made a I.ieulcnant in the Regular Army, and
was later i)romoled to Captain, which rank he now
holds. Have one child —

89 Augusta Cecil Ivogan. born Augu.-t «'. 10(30.

Tin-: Ca(;i: FA>rii,v 191


William Caq^c. the head of llie Sumner county
Cage's, was horn in \'irginia in 1745 ; served in tiie
Revolutionary \\ ar with the rank of Major. }^Iarried.
first, Elizahcth Douglass, daughter of Colonel E(.l-
ward Douglass; secoml, Ann Morgan. Removed to
Sumner county, Tennessee, in 1785, and settled at
Cage's Bend. When the Territorial (jovernment was
organized, in 1790, he was ap]-)ointcd hy Governor
Blount. Sheriff of Sumner county, and by successive
appointments served to 1796, wdien he was succeeded
by his son, Reuben Cage, who servedi to 1800, when
he was in turn succeeded by James Cage. William
Cage tlied at his home in Cage's I'.end. March 12, 1811.
His tomb<t<ine bears this inscription : "William Cage,
a Major in the Rcvolutionar\' War. Died March 12.


.'^KCCJXn Gi:XI".K.\T10X.

1 William Cage and Elizabeth Douglass Cage had

children —

2 Priscilla Cage married William llalc, of Sulli-

van county.

3 W'ilson Cage married Roll)- Dillard, of Sumner


4 Reuben Cage married Polly Morgan, ctf Sum-

ner county.

5 William Cage. Jr.. married J'^annie Stret-t. of

Sunnier comity.

6 Sally Cage, twin of William, married Jack

Carr, of Sumner county.

7 James Cage, never married.

8 Edward Cage, married I-nizabetli Jarreti. of

.Sumner county.

9 John Cage, married Thankful Morgan, of Sum-

ner county.
10 Lofton Cage, married Xabury Gillespie, of
Smith countv.


11 Jcs>e Cage, married Polly lli]lcs])ic', of Sumner

ChiUlren of second wife:

12 Richard Cage. Xo information.

13 Harry Cage, married Catherine Stewart, oi


14 Albert Cage. Xo information.

15 Robert Cage, married Lucy llunley, of WiL-^on


16 Elizabeth Cage, married Harman Hays. The

celebrated Colonel Jack Hays, of the Texa>
Rangers, was their son.

17 I*at?cy Cage, married Thomas Morton.


Xo. 2.
Priscilla Cage, daughter of William and Eliza-
beth (Douglass) Cage, married William Hale.
Had cliildren —

18 Cage Hale. X'o information.

19 Elizabeth Hale. Xo information.

20 Sallie Hale. Xo information.

21 Xicholas Hale. Xo information.

22 Ivicharcl Hale. Xo information.

23 \\ ilson Hale. Xo information.

24 James Hale. Xo information.
2h Douglass Hale. Xo information.

26 J^riscilla Hale. Xo information.

27 Bcasman Hale. Xo information.

28 Cyrus 15. Hale, married Eliza Taylors.

29 William Hale. Xo information.

Xo. 3.
Wilson Cage, son of William and IClizabeth
(Douglass) Cage, married Polly Dillaril. Ilail
children —

30 Leroy Cage, married Miss Moore, of Smith


31 Polcman Cage, married Miss Dillar-i, of Smith


GkN'KAI.OGV of TlIK Cm.h 1-\\milv 193

32 I. ( )vciliiii C'li^c, married Miss Robo, of Smith


33 Eli/.al)i.ih Cage, married .Mr. Jhadley, of Smith


34 Priscilla CajL;e. married Norval Doui:;;lass, of

Sumner county.

35 Patsey Ca^e, married Mr. Kae.

36 Delia Caci^e, married \V. C. I5cck.

37 Harriet Cay^c, married Mr. i'.oyd.

38 WiUiam Cage, married Miss W'atkins.

39 Harry Cagjc, married Mi'-s .Mnlholland.

40 Adolplius \V. Caqe, married AJiss J'.oyd.

41 Wilson Cage, married Miss Criswell.

No. 4.
Reuben Cac^e, son of William and Elizabetii
(Doui^lass) Cage, married Polly Morgan. Mad
children —

42 Orville Cage, married, first, l.ouisa Douglass;

second. Miss Watson.

43 Xancy Cage, married Fred Watkins.
-14 I'.valine Cage, married Mr. .Xb-ton.
43 Lotiisa Cage, married Mr. Abston.

46 Arleline Cage, married Mr. (jilles])ie.

47 Soi)hia Cage, married Dr. jack I'ranklin.

No. 5.
William Cage, son of William and l-^lizabeth
(Douglass) Cage, married b^annie Street. Had
children —

48 George Cage. No information.

49 Maria Cage, married Foster Crutcher.

50 James Cage, married Sophia Wright.

51 Susan Cage, married Thomas Anderson.

52 I'jhvard Cage. No information.

53 Marcus Cage. No information.

54 L>curgus Cage, married b-lizabeth lames.

55 Rufus K. Cage, married Mary lioiMie.
?() \\ ilson t'age. .\o information.

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