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annis 1523-25

With an Introduction by




Published by DAVID NUTT

At the Sign of the Phoenix



Edinburgh : T. and A. Constable, (late) Printers to Her Majesty



v. a





Of the Naveroyse that the Picardes besieged in the castell
of Moucounsell ......

clxxxx. How certayne burgesses of Amyens wolde have delyvered
the cytie to the Naveroyse ; and of the great famyne
that was than in the realme of Fraunce











Of the Naveroise that were beseged in saynt Valery by
the Pycardes ; and howe the realme of Fraunce was
full of Naveroyse .....

Of the Naveroyse that the chanone Robersart disconfyted
in Beauvoyse, nere to the towne of Craule

Of the Naveroyse that yelded up saynt Valerys to the
Frenchmen, after they had ben long besieged .

Howe sir Philyp of Naver reysed up a thre thousande
Naveroyse, to have reysed the siege before saynt Valerys

Of the Naveroyse that sir Peter Audeley brought on a
night to have takenne the cytie of Chalons

Howe the Erie of Roucy was taken prisoner the seconde
tyme .......

Of the thre queues and the Naveroyse that were besieged
by the duke of Normandy in Melune

Howe the lorde Broquart of Fenestrages and other
Frenchemen ordayned their bataylles against the lorde
Eustace Dambreticourt, and the Englysshmen in Cham-
payne .......

Of the batayle of Nogent, bytwene the lorde Broquart of
Fenestrages, of the nacyon of Lorayne, on the Frenche
partie ; and sir Eustace Dambretycourt, of the nacyon
of Heynault, on the Knglysshe partie .










cc. Howe the robbers and pyllers that kept fortresses in Fraunce,

began to declyne by myracle . . . .24

cci. Howe the Frenchemen refused the peace that the kyng had

made in Englande . . . . . .26

ccii. Howe sir Eustace Dambretycourt was delyvered out of prison

by great raunsome . . . . . .28

cciii. Howe sir Broquart of Fenestrages made hymselfe to be payed

of his wages of the duke of Normandy, regent of Fraunce 29

cciiii. Of the journey that sir Robert Canoll made in Berry and
Auvergne ; and of the lordes and gentylmen of the countre
that pursewed after hym . . . . 30

ccv. Of the Almayns that abode the kyng of Englande at Calys,
to ryde with hym into the realme of Fraunce, kyng Johan
beyng styll prisoner in Englande . . . .32

ccvi. Of the great host that the kyng of Englande brought into
Fraunce to make warr there, kynge Johan beyng prisoner
in Englande ; and of the order of the Englysshe hoost . 34

ccvii. Howe the kynge of Englande departed fro Calys, and of the
order of his hoost in ridynge thorowe Picardy, and so to
the cytie of Reynes .....

ccviii. Howe the kynge of Englande besieged the cytie of Reynes
and of the castell of Charigny taken by the Englysshemeu
And of the warre that began agayne bytwene the duke
of Normandy and the kyng of Naver

ccix. Howe the lorde of Roy disconfyted the lorde of Gomegynes
and howe the castell of Comercy was taken by the Eng
lysshmen ......




ccx. Howe the kynge of Englande, as he wente, wasted and de-
stroyed the countrey ; and howe he came to Aguyllon,
and there taryed ; and of the great provision that came
after his hoost . . . . . -5°

ccxi. Howe the king of Englande put the realme of Fraunce into
great trybulation, and of the prophecies of the Frere of
Avignon, and of the Englysshe busshment layde for them
of Parys ....... 53




ccxii. Of the forme and tenour of the charter made of the peace
before Charters, bytwene the kynges of Englande and
Fraunce ....... 59

ccxiii. Howe, after the peace made, the kyng of Englande and the
Frenche kynge called eche other bretherne ; and of the
warres of Bretayne ; and of the hostages that were
delyvered to the Englysshmen, or the Frenche kyng were
delyvered out of their handes . . . .70

ccxiiii. Of the commyssaries that were ordained on both parties to
avoyde the garisons in the realme of Fraunce ; and of the
companyons that assembled toguyder in the realme of
Fraunce ; and of the great yvelles that they dyde . . 75

ccxv. Howe the lorde James of Burbone and his company were
discomfyted by the companyons ; and how the Pope made
to be cryed a Croysy after these companyons had taken
the bridge saynt Spiryte, and of the auuswere that they
made ........ 82

ccxvi. Of the dethe of the duke of Lancastre, and of the occasyon
of the warre bytwene the Frenche kynge and the kynge of
Naver ; and howe the prince of Wales came into Acqui-
tayne, and of the order that was taken in Englande . 89

ccxvii. Howe the Frenche kyng and the kyng of Cyper toke on
them the croisey agaynst the infydeles, and of the great
purchase that the kynge of Cyper made for that entent
with many kyngs and princes in dyvers places in
Christendome . . . . . .92

ccxviii. Of the Frenche hostages that were in Englande, and of the
purchase that the kynge of Cyper made for his croisey
into the Holy Lande. . . . . -95

ccxix. Howe the Frenche kyng retourned into Englande, and there
dyed ; and howe the duke of Normandy defended hym
agaynst the Naveroyse ; and howe Mante and Meulent
were taken ; and howe sir Bremont de Lavall was dis-
confyted . . . . . . .99

ccxx. Of the obsequy of kynge Johan ; and howe Charles the v. his
son was honorably crowned at Reynes ; and of the begyn-
ning of the batayle of Cocherell .... 107

ccxxi. Howe by the counsel of sir Bertram of Clesquy the Naveroyse
discended fro a hill to fighte with the Frenchemen ; and
how the Captall was taken prisoner . . .112

b vii



ccxxii. Howe the Englysshmen and N.iveroyse were disconfyted at
the batayle of Cocherell ; and howe the Freuche kyng
made his brother duke of Burgoyne ; and of the castelles
and forteresses that were wonne after . . .119

ccxxiii. Of the coronacyon of kynge Charles the fyfte . .121

ccxxiiii. Of the journey that the duke of Burgoyne made agaynst
the garysons Naveroyse ; and of the socour that the
French kyng sent to sir Charles of Bloyes . .123

ccxxv. Howe sir Charles of Bloys came agaynst the erle Mount-
fort in ordynaunce of batayle ; and how sir Johan
Chandos came agaynst hym ; and howe many were in
eche batayle . . . . . .130

ccxxvi. Howe sir John Chandos discounted the batayle of therle
of Auxere ; and how sir Bertram of Clesquy was discon-
fyted and taken, and the lorde Charles of Bloys slayne
in the batayle ; and of the pitefull complaynt that the
erle Mountfort made for his dethe . . 137

ccxxvii. Of the truse that was taken to bury the deed, and of the
batayle of Alroy ; and howe dyvers castels yelded up to
therle Mountfort ; and howe he besieged Campercoren-
tyne . . . . . . .142

ccxxviii. Howe the erle Mountforte dyde in Bretaygne . 144

ccxxix. Howe the peace was made, so that the erle Mountfort
shulde abyde duke of Bretaygne ; and how the Frenche
kyng rendred to the lorde Clysson agayne his lande ;
and of the mariage of the duke of Normandy ; and
howe the captall of Beufz became Frenche ; and after
renyed it agayne . . . . . .146

ccxxx. Howe Henry of Spayne, bastarde, persevered in his enter-
prise . . . . . . .156

ccxxxi. Howe kyng Dampeter of Spayne requyred ayde of the

prince of Wales agaynst his brother Henry the bastarde 158

ccxxxii. Howe Henry the bastarde alyed hym with the kynge of
Arragon, and of the men that the prince sent for ; and
howe the prince was counsayled to pursue his warre ;
and of the lorde Dalbret, who disconfyted the seneschall
ofTholouse . . . . . .170













Howe the companyons lette their prisoners departe on
their faythes, but the Pope defended theym to pay any
raunsome ; and of the wordes that the kyng of Mallor-
ques hadde to the prince, and of the princes departynge
into Spaygne . . . . . 179

Of the passage of the prince, and howe he passed and all

his company . . . . . .188

Of the great somons that kynge Henry the bastarde made ;
and howe he sent to the prince to somon hym to batayle ;
and howe sir Olyver of Manny toke the kyng of Naver
prisoner ....... 191

Howe certayne of the duke of Lancasters company were
discomfyted ; and of the counsayle that kyng Henry
wolde nat beleve ; and of the letters that the prince
wrote to kyng Henry ; and of the counsayle that sir
Bertram of Clesquy gave to the answere of the same
letters ....... 198

Howe the prince comaunded his people to be redy to
fyght ; and howe kynge Henry ordered his batayls ;
and howe they fought fersly togyder ; and of the
comfort that kyng Henry dyd to his people . . 204

Howe sir Bertram of Clesquy was discomfyted, and he
taken, and kyng Henry saved himselfe ; and of the
Spanyardes that fledde ; and of the nombre of the deed
bodyes ; and of the cyties that yelded them up to kyng
Dampeter; and of the answere that he made to the
prince . . . . . . .212

Of the honour that was gyven to the prince for his victory
in Spayne ; and howe king Henry came into Fraunce
to make warre on the princes landes ; and of the
answere that kyng Dampeter sent to the prince ; and
howe the prince departed out of Spayne and came in to
Fraunce . . . . . . .219

Of the besynesse that was the same tyme in Fraunce . 227

Howe the barons of Gascoyne complayned to the Frenche
kyng of the prince of Wales ; and howe kyng Henry
returned into Spayne ; and of the alyaunces that kyng
Dampeter made ; and of the counsayle that sir Bertram
of Clesquy gave to kyng Henry ; and howe kyng Dam-
peter was discomfyted ..... 229




ccxlii. Howe kyng Dampeter was taken and put to dethe, and
kyng Henry agayne kyng ofCastell; and of the tenoure
of certayne letters touchynge the Freuche kyng and
the kynge ot' ESnglande ; and of the counsayle that was
gyven to kyng Charles of Fraunce to make warre to the
kyng of ESnglande ...... 237

ccxliii. Howe the Frenche kynge sente to somon the prince of
Wales by a pell to apere personally in the ehanibre of
the peres of Fraunce in Parys, to answere there agaynst
the barons of Gascone ..... 246

ccxliiii. Howe the duke ot' Ferry, and dyvers other that lay in

hostage in ESnglande, returned into Fraunce . . 251

ccxlv. Howe therle of Fyergourt, and the vycount Carmane, and
other barons of Gascone discomtyted the seneshall of
Rouergue . . . . . . • -53

ccxlvi, Howe in this season the French kyng drewe to him certayn
of the capitayns of the companyons ; and howe he sent
his defyance to the kyng of ESnglande . . . 255

ecxlvii. Howe the defyaunces were delyvered to the kynge of
ESnglande : and howe the erle of saynt Poule and the
lorde of Chastellon conquered the countie of Poietou . 25S

ccxlviii. Howe the kyng ot' Fuglande sent great nombre of men of
warre into the fronters of Scotlande : and howe the duke
of Berry and the duke of Anjou made their somons to go
agaynst the prince of AVales .... 260

ccxlix. Howe the kyng of ESnglande sent the erle of Cambridge
and therle of Penbroke to the prince his sonne : and
howe they passed by Bretayue .... 262

ccl. Howe the erle of Cambridge and the erle of Penbroke
arryved at Angolesme ; and howe the prince sent them
to overryn the countye of Fyergourt . . . 264

ccli. Howe sir Johan Chaudos toke Tarrvers ; and howe the

erle of Piergourt layd siege to Riauville, in Quercy . 267

cclii. Howe the archebysshop ot' Tholouse, at the French kyuges
desyre. converted the cytie of Caoure and dyvers other
townee ; and howe the duke ofGuerles and the duke of
Jullyers defyed the Frenche kyng . . . 26S

celiii. Howe the duke of Burgoyne was marved to the dou^hter

of the erle of Flaunders ..... 272



ccliiii. Howe the constable of Fraunce and the constable of Hey-
naulte reysed up men of warre to assayle Arde ; and
howe the fortresse of Rayuvylle was taken, and the
Englysshmen slayne . . . . .275

cclv. Howe the seneshall of Poictou burned and exyled the
lande of the lorde of Chauvigny, and toke with assaut
the towne of Breuse, the whiche was newly before
turned Frenche ...... 277

cclvi. Howe Sir Robert Canoll was made chefe governour of the
princes company ; and howe sir Perducas Dalbreth
turned Englisshe ...... 279

cclvii. Howe sir Robert Canoll and sir John Chandos departed
fro Durviell without wynnyng of it, and went and
besieged the garyson of Domme .... 283

cclviii. Howe sir Robert Canoll and sir Johan Chandos departed
fro Domme without wynnyng of it, and went and toke
Gauaches and Rochemador, and dyvers other townes
that were tourned Frenche .... 284

cclix. Howe the erle of Cambridge and the erle of Penbroke

toke by great advyse the garyson of Bourdell , . 286

cclx. Howe sir Robert Canoll, sir Johan Chandos, and sir
Thomas Phelton ordered their people, and retourned to
the prince ....... 288

cclxi. Howe the Englysshe companyons tooke the castell of
Bellperche, and therin the duke of Bourbons mother ;
and also they toke the stronge castell of saynt Severe,
in Berry ....... 290

cclxii. Howe the castell of Roche sur Yone was yelden up to
the Englysshmen ; and howe the capyteyne therof was
beheeded by the commaundement of the duke of Anjou . 292

cclxiii. Howe the duke of Burgoyne departed fro the cyte of
Roen, to thentent to fight with the duke of Lancastre ;
and howe they lodged eche agaynst other at Tournehen . 295

cclxiiii. Howe sir John Chandos brought the countre of Anjou in
great trybulacion ; and howe he wasted and distroyed
the landes of the vycount of Rochchoart, except the
fortresses ....... 298




cclxv. Howe sir Loys of Sanxere came on therle of Penbroke,
and slewe dyvers of his men, and besieged the erle in
an howse ....... 300

cclxvi. Howe sir John Chandos came to the socoure and rescue

of therle of Penbroke ..... 303

cclxvii. Howe quene Philyppe of Englande passed out of this
mortall lyfe, and of the thre requestes that she desyred
of the kyng her husbande or she departed . . 307

cclxviii. Howe the duke of Burgoyne departed fro the duke of
Lancastre without batayle ; and howe the duke of
Lancastre went to Calys ..... 309

cclxix. Howe the countrey of Vermandoyse and the countie of
saynt Poule were wasted, and sir Hugh of Chastellone
taken . . . . . . • 3*4

cclxx. Howe sir Johan Chandos was slayne in a batayle, and

finally the Frenchmen discomfyted in the same batayle . 317

cclxxi. Howe the lorde of Coucy and the lorde of Pomyers wolde
nat entre into the warre, nother on the one parte nor
on the other ; and howe the lorde of Malevale and the
lorde of Maruayle tourned French e . . . 325

cclxxii. The copy of the letters sent fro the kynge of Englande
into Acquitayne ; and howe Chasteleraut was taken,
and Bellperche besieged by the Frenchmen . -3^7

cclxxiii. Howe the erle of Cambridge and the erle of Penbroke
ledde away fro the garyson of Bellperche the duke of
Burbons mother and all tho that were within . . 332

cclxxiiii. Howe the duke of Burbon gave leave to all his men to
departe when he knewe that the lady his mother was
ledde away ....... 333

cclxxv. Howe the duke of Anjou came fro Tholouse to Parys ;
and howe kynge Charles sent hym with the duke of
Berry his brother into Aquitayne agaynst the Eng-
lisshmen ....... 335

cclxxvi. Howe sir Bertram of Clesquy departed out of Spayne and
went to Tholous, where as the duke of Anjou receyved
hym joyously ...... 338

cclxxvii. Howe they of Monsac and of Mountpellyer yelded them
to the duke of Anjowe ; and of the duke of Berry, who
layde siege before the cytie of Lymoges . . . 339
















Howe trewse was made bytwene Englande and Scotlande ;
and how sir Robert Canoll brent and exyled the
countrey of Picardy and Vermandoyse . . . 343

Howe they of Noyon toke the Englysshmen that had set
fyre in the Bysshops Bridge ; and howe the Frenche
kyng sent for sir Bertram of Clesquy . . . 346

Howe they of Lymoges yelded them to the duke of Berrey ;

and howe he brake up his army . . . 349

Howe sir Robert Canoll entred into the realme of Fraunce
with a great nombre of men of armes, and came nere to
the cytie of Parys ..... 352

Howe sir Bertram of Clesquy made great warre in the
countie of Lymoges ; and howe he toke the castell of
saynt Yriell ...... 354

Howe the prince of Walles toke the cytie of Lymoges ;

and howe foure companyons dyd marveyls in armes . 355

Howe the cytie of Lymoges was brent and distroyed, and
the bysshop dely vered fro dethe ; and howe sir Bertram
of Clesquy was made constable of Fraunce . -3^7

Howe sir Bertram of Clesquy and the lorde of Clysson
discomfyted at the bridge of Bolayne certayne of sir
Robert Canols company ..... 360

Howe Pope Urbane dyed ; and howe Gregory was chosen ;
and howe sir Raymon of Maruell was taken of the
Englysshmen . . . . . .362

Howe the prince lefte the duchy of Acquitayne in the
kepynge of the duke of Lancastre ; and how four Breton
knightes toke the castell of Mount Paon . . 365

Howe the sayd foure knyghtes Bretons defended themselfe
valiauntly agaynst the duke of Lancastre ; and howe
fynally the duke toke them all four to raunsome . 368

Howe the duke of Lancastre gave lycence to all his people
to departe, and returned hymselfe to Burdeux ; and
howe therle of Pons turned Frenche ; and howe the
seneshall of Poytou assembled togyder a company . 371

Howe the seneshall of Poictou toke Mountcontour ; and
howe Sir Bertram of Clesquy toke dyvers townes and
castels in Rouuergue ; and howe he besieged the cite
of Duses ......





cclxxxxi. Howe they of Duses yelded them up to sir Bertram ; and
howe sir Robert Canoll was in the kyng of Englandes
displeasure ; and howe at the request of the lordes his
peace was made agayne ..... 376

cclxxxxii. Howe therle of Herforde and dyvers Englysshmen dis-
comfyted in Bretayne on the see dyvers Flemynges
that assayled them ..... yjy

cclxxxxiii. Howe the kyng of England sent a great navy to the see
agaynst the Flemynges ; and howe the peace was made
bytwene them ..... 378

cclxxxxiiii. Howe the kyng of Mayllorques was in displeasure with
kyng Henry of Spayne, and after went and made warre
to the kyng of Arragon ..... 379
cclxxxxv. Howe the duke of Lancastre wedded the eldest dough ter
of kyng Dampeter of Spayne ; and howe the confedera-
cions were made bytwene the French kyng and the
kyng of Spayne ...... 380

cclxxxxvi. Howe the duke of Lancastre ordayned governours in
Guyen, and ledde his wyfe with hym into Englande ;
and howe the kynge of Englande ordayned the erle of
Penbroke to be governour of Poictou . . . 382

cclxxxxvii. Howe the erle of Penbroke departed out of Englande to
go into Poyctou ; and howe the Spaynierdes fought
with hym in the havyn of Rochell . . 385

cclxxxxviii. Howe they of Rochell towne wolde nat rescue therle of
Penbroke ; and howe the seneshall of Rochell and the
lorde of Tanyboton and other came to socour the erle . 387

cclxxxxix. Howe therle of Penbroke was taken prisoner by the
Spanierdes ; and howe they departed fro the haven of
Rochell with all their prisoners ; and the same day the
captall of Beufz came into Rochell . . . 389

ccc. Howe sir Yvan of Wales discomfyted the Englysshmen in
the yle of Gernsay ; and howe the Frenche kynge sent
into Spaygne for men of warre to ley siege to Rochell . 392
ccci. Howe the kynge of Englande was sore displeased for the
takyng of the erle of Penbroke ; and howe sir Bertram
of Clesquy toke the castell of Mountmorillan . . 394

cccii. Howe the constable of Fraunce besieged Mountcounter ;
and howe he departed thens to go to the duke of Berrey
into Lymosyn to besiege saynt Severe . . . 397




ccciii. Howe they of saynt Severe endurynge a great assaut, yelded
theym up to sir Bertram ; and howe the cyte of Poiters
tourned Frenche . . . . . .401

ccciiii. Howe the Frenchemen tooke the captall of Beufz before
Subyse in batayle ; and howe they of Rochell tourned
Frenche ....... 404

cccv. Howe Sir Bertram of Clesquy, constable of Fraunce, toke
dyvers castels in Rochell ; and howe the kynge of Eng-
lande toke the see to come to reyse the siege at Thouars . 411
cccvi. Howe Sir Bertram of Clesquy leyde siege to the castell of
Syreth ; and howe thenglysshemen were disconfyted ;
and howe the countreis of Poictou, Xaynton, and Ro-
chell, were clene delyvered out of the Englysshmens
handes . . . . . . .417

cccvii. Of the siege of Bercerell, of the dethe of the kyng of
Scottes, and of the peace bytwene the Frenche kyng
and the kynge of Naver ; and howe the duke of Bre-
tayne fledde into Englande ; and howe the constable of
Fraunce conquered his duchy .... 423

cccviii. Howe ther were a certayne ordayned in Englande to kepe
the countre ; and how therle of Salisbury, sir Wyllyam
Nevell, and Philyppe Courtney, with dyvers other men
of armes, entred into the see and landed in Bretaygne ;
and howe the constable of Fraunce went thyder, and
the duke of Bretaygne wente into Englande . . 425

cccix. Howe the Frenchemen lay at siege at foure sondrie places
at ones ; and howe that Roche sur Yone yelded them-
selfe and became Frenche ; and how the Englysshmen
came before Brest ...... 429

cccx. Howe dyvers Englysshmen were slayne and disconfyted
by the lorde of Subyse before Rybamont ; and howe the
garysons of Soissonois disconfyted thenglysshmen . 434

cccxi. Howe the hostages that were layd by them of Dyrivall
were beheeded ; and howe sir Robert Canoll beheeded
agayne all suche prisoners as he had ; and also of the
duke of Lancasters journey .... 440

cccxii. Howe dyvers townes yelded up to the French kyng in
Gascoyne ; and howe sir Hewe of Chastellon retourned
fro prisone ; and howe the castell of Bercerell, in Nor-
mandy, yelded up and became Frenche . . . 446

2:c XV





Howe the duke of Bretayne arryved in Bretayne, where
as he toke perforce dyvers townes and castelles ; and of
the truse that was taken bytwene the Frenche kyng and
the kyng of Englande and their alyes . . 451

cccxiiii. Of the journey that the lorde of Coucy made in Host-
rydge, and of the dethe of the prince of Wales ; and
howe there coude no treatie of peace be made bytwene the
two realmes ; and also of the dethe of kynge Edwarde
the Thyrde of Englande ..... 455

cccxv. Howe the Frenche kyng sent to the see many shyppes ;
and howe dyvers townes in England were brent ; and
howe the duke of Burgoyne toke dyvers castels in
Picardye, as Arde and other about Calys . . 461

cccxvi. Howe the warre began agayne bitwene the Frenche kyng
and the kyng of Naver ; and howe the kynge of Naver
lost the countie of Evreux, all except Chierbourke, the
whiche w;is besieged by the Frenchmen ; and of the
journey that the duke of Lancastre made in Bretaygne . 465

cccxvii. Howe the castell of Alroy, in Bretayne, was yelden up
Frenche ; and of the Frenche garysone that was set at
Mountbourge agaynst them that were in the garyson of
Chierbourke ...... 469

cccxviii. Of the journey that the duke of Anjou made agaynst the

Englysshmen in the countrey of Burbonoyse . . 472

cccxix. Of the scrimysshes done before Bergerath ; and howe the
Englysshmen, Frenchemen, Gascoyns, and other, fiersly
encountred eche other ..... 476

Howe the Englysshmen were overthrowen, and the greattest
lordes of Gascone taken ; and howe Bergerath became
Frenche, and dyvers other townes and castelles in those
marchesse, by the armye that the duke of Anjowe made . 479

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