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he came to Poughkeepsie, and engaged in the
carriage and sleigh-making business with John
P. Myers, afterward carrying it on on his own
account until 1853, when he took George
Lockwood into partnership with him. The
firm prospered, and in 1888 they sold their
business and retired. Mr. Streit invested in
real estate in Poughkeepsie, which at the pres-
ent time is very valuable. In politics, he was
a Republican, although he never sought public
office, was made a member of the board of
village trustees of Poughkeepsie, and repre-
sented the Fourth ward as alderman in 1854.
In early manhood he became connected with
the Presbyterian Church, with the interests of
which he was associated until his death. He
was twice married; by his first wife, Martha
Wigg, daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (De
Groff) Wigg, and born December 23, 181 r,
married January 31, 1838, died in October,

1861, two children were born: a son who died
in infancy, and a daughter, now Mrs. Elizabeth
Raub, of Poughkeepsie. By his second wife,
Rebecca Matilda Duncan, he had one child, a
son who died in infancy. Mr. Streit died
March i, 1891. He will always be remem-
bered as an honorable, upright man, who
gained and held the respect and esteem of his
fellow citizens. He was identified with the
industries of the city, and for many years was
a director in the Poughkeepsie National Bank.
His taste and enterprise, courtesy and probity,
were noteworthy, and in no sphere was he more
honored than in the Church where his name
was recorded nearly all his manhood. His
widow is living at the old home, and in 1886
she purchased her own old homestead at
Unionvale, near Millbrook, New York.

Elizabeth Streit (the daughter of our
subject by his first wife) was born in the city
of Poughkeepsie, married James M. Raub, of
Raubsville, Penn., who died July 20, 1872;
they had two daughters: Alma, now Mrs.
Halsey Haines Cheney, and Lena, now Mrs.
John Morton Swift.

ROBERT FORSTER (deceased) was born
in Canada March 14, 182 1, of English

and French ancestry. The father died when
Robert was a small boy, and the latter went to
New York City, where he received his early

Mr. Forster learned the machinist's trade
with John Matthews, with whom he lived for
several years. While in Mr. Matthews' em-
ploy as foreman of the factory, our subject was
married June 6, 1843, to Emma Manning. In
1846 he came to Poughkeepsie, and followed
his trade, that of a machinist. In 1S47 he
built the apparatus for the manufacture of soda
water, and engaged in the bottling business,
in which he was the pioneer in Poughkeepsie.
He first started in the retail business, which
soon rapidly increased to wholesale, and he
supplied the trade of Poughkeepsie and other
cities. He was an active member of the fire
department, but would never hold a political
office. His business, which is now the largest
in the city, is carried on by his widow, she has
an adopted son, George, who assists her. He
married Miss Emma Louise Hager, and they
have three children: Grace T. , Emma N.
and Robert. Mrs. Forster also has in her
employ James Du Bois, who has been with her


cojoiEJiOBArrrs biograpbical record.

since 1S55. and Robert William Polhemus. a
nephew, who has been with her since 1873.
Mr. Forsier died in Poughkeepsie June 2S,

Charles Manning. Jr.. the father of Mrs.
Forster. was bom at Hyde Park. Dutchess
county, in 1795. where he spent his boyhood
attending public schools. He was a soldier in
the war of 1S12. On Januajy 4. 18 17. he
was married to ^^iss Maria Tra\-is. who was
bom in the town of Pleasant Vallej-. August
16, 1795. and children as follows were bom to
them: Elizabeth and Hester ^^both deceased^ :
Emma: Sarah, who married William S. Pol-
hemus, of Poughkeepsie: James, and Charles.

the latter being deceased.

Mr. Manning was

engaged in farming in Hyde Park until i S26,
when he went to New York City and went into
business there. Later he returned to Dutch-
ess county, and died January 2. 1S57.

Charles Manning, the grandfather of Mrs.
Forster. was a farmer in the town of Hvde

moved to the town of Egremont. Berkshire
county, where he carried on agricultural pur-
suits until bis death, which occurred August
II, 1870.

Henry E. Codding, bom June i6, 1S26.
obtained his elementary education in the com-
mon schools of Berkshire county, and com-
pleted his literarj- training in the old Lenox
.■\cademy. His active business life was all
devoted to farming in the town of Egremont,
where he died November 24, 1S96. A con-
scientious, earnest. Christian man. for several
years he was deacon in the Baptist Church,
and officially served as justice of the peace,
being appointed by the governor of Massachu-
setts. In December, 1S49, he was united in
marriage with Miss Emeline. daughter of
Stephen Eldgerley. of Glendale. Berkshire Co.,
Mass.. and thej- became the parents of three
children: Marcia R. . who was bom November
9. 1S50. and is now the wife of .\lfred J. Hub^
bard, of LeRov. N. Y. : Clara G., who was

Park, where he was bom July 17, 1771. He bom May 11. 1S32. and died in June. 1S92;
married Miss Elizabeth Myer. who was bom
April 20. 1772. and they had fourteen chil-
dren. Charles Manning, the great-grand-
father, was one of the early pioneers of the
town of Hyde Park. Isaac Travis, the ma-
ternal grandfather, was bom in the town of
Pleasant Valley. February 10. 1763. and was
married to Miss Elizabeth ConkUn, who was
bom June 3, 1760. They had nine children,
of whom. Maria, the mother of Mrs. Forster,
was the fifth.

GEORGE H. CODDING. M. D.. a leading
_ ph\'3ician and surgeon of Amenia. Dutch-
ess count\'. was bom at Egremont. Berkshire
Co.. Mass.. August i, 1S54, and comes of a
family that for several generations have been
prominent agriculturists of that county. His
great-grandfather. Cobb Codding, whose birth
occurred at Taunton. Mass.. in 1774. became
a prosperous farmer and lumberman in the
town of Washington. Berkshire county.

There. Ephraim Codding, the grandfather.

was bom Febniarj- 20. iSoo. and spent his

da\-s upon his father's farm. .\t

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