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cluding many States. To the city of Kearney,
Neb., he presented a handsome bronze bust
of his distinguished cousin, Maj. Gen. Philip
Kearny, the typical captain of the Civil war,
in memory of whom that municipality was
named. In acknowledgment of this gift, the
General received a handsonie set of resolutions
of thanks from the Mayor and a committee of
the Board of Aldermen of the city of Kearney,
dated January 27, 1892. The General also
donated valuable books to the public librar}* of
Kearney. The State of Nebraska was likewise
indebted to General de Peyster for a handsome
chapel, erected by him at Nebraska City, a gift
through the very Rev. Robert W. Oliver, dean

*Watts de Peyster Missionary Home,

Kingston. N. Y., June VZ, 1894.
Rec. A. M. Grifffn, Mailalin. N. K., Pastor of de Peyster Memorial
Mfithodisi Chnrrh:

Dear Bro.— At the District Convention of the W. H. M. Society,
of the Kingston District, recently held in the St. James Church,
Kingston, N. Y.. Mrs. Mary Fish Park read a communication from
Mrs. Dr. James M. King, stating that Gen. de Peyster had donated a
fine property within the bounds of your charge to the W. H. M.
Society, of the New York Conference, to be used as an Italian Home.
And. on motion, it resolved by a unanimous raising vote that the
thanks of the Convention be tendered General de Peyster for his
magnificent gift through the Rev. A. M. Griffin, Pastor at Madalin,
N. Y.

We shall esteem it a favor it you will kindly inform the General
of the action of the Convention. Yours Truly.

Mrs. O. a. Merchant, Mrs. E. S. Oseos,

Recording Secretary. President.

Dear General— I take pleasure in presenting this to yon.
which explains itself. Yours, Etc..

Arthur M. Griffin.

I-l-l W. 12-Jd Street, New York, Jane 7. 1894.
Gen. de Peyster:

Dear SiR~The ladies of the Committee on Italian Girls Indus-
trial Home, at their monthly meeting, held at the residence of Mrs.
King, on Tuesday last, passed a hearty and unanimous vote of
thanks to you for your noble and munificent gift to their work, which
I was authorized to convey to you by letter.

Trusting that you may be blessed in the gift, and that the Watts
de Peyster Home may be the means of lightening the burdens from
many lives for years to come, and that our Society may prove wise
almoners of your bounty, I am. in behalf of the Committee,
Gratefully Yours.

Martha Griffin, Secretary.



of Nebraska, and in memor)- of the General's
dead soldier sons. This building was afterward
taken down, and its materials — at all events,
its tablets in memory of his sons — was re-
moved to Kearne}'.

Something of the same kind occurred to a
church v;hich the General finished in Altoona,
Penn., as a memorial of his youngest daughter,
Maria Beata, which church, contrary to orig-
inal understanding, was torn down and rebuilt.
Nevertheless, the Memorial Parish School and
Parsonage which he erected were allowed to
stand unchanged.

Another gift of note by the General will be
the handsome library building which is being
erected at Lancaster, Penn., a donation to
Franklin and Marshall College.* The com-
memorative character of this noble benefaction
will be made known in the following simple
and modest tablet, which has been very much

Tims Luiuahv is Kuected







Who. Beahixi; ikith Xa.mes. Seeks tu Coxtixte ix theik


To General de Peyster must likewise be
credited the notable gift of the "Annex" to the
Leake and Watts Orphan House, of which
great charity his grandfather, Hon. John
Watts, Jr., was the founder, relinquishing an
immense inheritance that it might be devoted
to the establishment of this splendid institu-
tion. The inscription upon the Annex, built
by General de Peyster, is as follows:

•Franklin and Marshall College.

Lancaster, Pa., July 0, 1894,
General ./. Wultn tie Peyster:

Dear Sir — I have the honor to inform you that the Board of
Trustees at its annual meeting, held on the ITthult.. was officially in-
formed that, during the past year, "General John Watts de Peyster.
Litt. D, of Tivoli. Dutchess Co., N. Y.. presented to the library of
the College nine hundred and twenty volumes (he had previously
presented three hundred and twenty volumes), many of which are
quite valuable." [In all some seventy boxes of books have been
presented.) The corresponding secretary was. therefore, directed to
convey to General de Peyster the hearty thanks of the Board for his
great kindness; and it was further ordered that this action bespread
upon the minutes.

Permit me to say that it affords me pleasure to be the medium
of this coinmunicalion, and to assure you that your generosity is
gratefully appreciated by all the friends of the Franklin and Mar-
shall college. Yours very truly,

Jos. H. DuBBS. Corresponding Secretary.


Leake and Watts Orphax Hoi'se,

ouigixai.i.v fofxded a.vd exdowei) hy


was Ekected as a Me.muhial of His Yoi'xgest (.'hii.d.

My Mother,

JlSTlX.V Maky,

BoKX 2IjTH October, Isoi; Died 3Sth .Iilv. 1S21.

Wife of Frederic de Peyster.

FOR .iO Years Clerk of the Board of Thistees. L. & W. (). H.,

AXD OF heh Mother.

Jane de Lancey \Vatts.

BoHx .iTH September. 17.5i;: Died 2xd March. ISOS.


Dwelt First in thy (iRAXUMOTHER. Lois [Fa.viois Holiness],
AND Thy Mother. Eunice [happy victory)." (2 Timothy i. 5.)
John Watts de Peyster.

The following letter from the late Gov-
ernor Abbott, of New Jersey, explains itself:

: * State of New Jersey.

Great Sea! : Executive Department,

(,(,l,g : Trenton, February 9, 1891.

; General J. Watts de Pevster,
: state of New Jersey: 59 East 21st St.

; i Xew York City, X. Y.

Dear Sir: It gives me great pleasure to transmit
to you to-day the thanks of the" legislature of New Jersey
for your gift to this State of an equestrian portrait of your
kinsman, the gallant General Kearny.

In forwarding to you this certified copy of their ac-
tion, please let me express my thanks officially for this
generous act on your part, anti believe me.
Yours very truly,
(Signed Leon Abbott, Governor.

Commonwealth of New Jersey.

Whereas, Gen. J. Watts de Peyster, of New York
City, has presented to this State a large equestrain por-
trait of the late Major-Gen. Philip Kearny; therefore,

Ri'Kolred (the House of Assembly concurring), That
the thanks of the Legislature of this State are hereby
given to Gen. de Peyster for his generous gift of the
picture of one of New Jersey's most gallant soldiers of the
late Civil war.

Rexolrtd, That his Excellency the Governor be re-
quested to forward a certified copy of this Resolution to
Gen. de Peyster.

I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution is a true
copy of the original as passed by the Senate, February
2, 1891. John Carpenter, Jr.

Secretary of Senate.

I hereby certify that the foregoing resolution is a true
copy of the original as passed by the House of Assembly,
February 3, 1891. Thomas F. Noonan, Jr.

Clerk of the House of Assembly.

59 East Twentv-first Street. New York,
Hi:^ Excellency Leon Abbott,

Governor State of New Jersey.
Dear Sir: I desire to acknowledge in fitting man-
ner the receipt of the concurrent Resolutions of the Hon-
orable Legislature of the State of New Jersey in regard to
my gift of the etiuestrian ])ortrait of Maj-Gen. Philip
Kearny, my only male cousin on my mother's side, with
whom I was brought up in the house of our dear grand-
father, Hon. John Watts, and to whom my eldest son and
namesake was Aide-de-Camp, and while doing so I desire
to emphasize my appreciation of the handsome manner
in which you transmitted to me the resolution.
Yours \'ery Truly,
[Signed] J. W.\'tts D'e Pevster.

Brev: Maj-Gen., S. N. Y.

Similarly, the following official communi-



cation from the government of the State of
Pennsylvania requires no comment ;







office of the

Secretary of the Commonwealth,


Executive Department,
In the Scnnti, March CVIh, 1S91.
Whereas, Brevet Maj.-Gen. J. WATTS de PEY-
STER, of No. 59 East Twenty-first street, New York
City, author, soldier and public-spirited citizen, from his
private collection of paintings, has presented to the State
of Pennsylvania an Equestrian Portrait of one of Penn-
sylvania's most gallant sons : i\Iaj.-Gen. SAMUEL
PETER HEINTZELMAN, who was born in Manheim,
Lancaster county, September 30, 1805, and whose service
in the Army from his graduation at West Point Military
Academy in 1826, until his death, May 1, 1880, is the
special pride of his native State ; therefore, be it

Resii/ved, By the Senate (the House of Representa-
tives concurring). That, as evidence of the appreciation
of this generous and valued gift, the thanks of the people
of Pennsyleeinia be, and they are hereby extended to Bre-
vet Maj.-Gen. J. WATTS de PEYSTER.

Resolved, That the portrait of General HEINTZEL-
MAN be appropriately marked and placed in the State

E. W. Smilev,

Chief Clerk of the Senate.
John W. Morrison,
Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives.
Approved the 7th day of April, Anno Domino one
thousand eight hundred and ninety-one.

Robert E. Pattison,





Pennxi^leiinia, ss:

William F. Harritv,
Secretary of the Commonwealth.

59 East Twenty-first Street,
New York, April 18th, 1891.
His Exeelleney, Robert E. Pattison, Ooeernor of the Com-,
monwealtli. of Pen?isi/lvania :

Sir: — Accept this effort inadequately to express mv
appreciation of the exquisite manner in which the vote of
thanks for the Equestrian Portrait of Major-General
HEINTZELMAN has been transmitted to,
Very respectfully and gratefully,

J. Watts de Peyster.

The documents subjoined, from Gov.Werts,
of New Jersey, and the Clerk of the House ot
Assembly of that State, record another hand-
some gift to that Commonwealth of two paint-
ings of Gen. then Capt. Kearny's famous
charge up to the very gate of Mexico, and a
bronze medallion of the General.

Executive Department, State of New Jersey.

Trenton, June 9, 1894.
Gen. J. Watts de Peyster, Tivoli, N. Y.

Dear Sir: It gives me great pleasure to enclose you
a properly authenticated copy of the resolution passed
by the legislature of the State of New Jersey at its last
session in reference to gifts made by you to this State.
\'ery truly yours,
George T. Werts, Governor.

The State of New Jersey.

Whereas, Gen. J. Watts de Peyster, of New York
City, has presented to this State two beautiful paintings
of the charge made by Gen. Philip Kearny, of New Jer-
sey, in the Mexican war, and a bronze medallion of Brevet
Maj.-Gen. Robert McAllister, of the New Jersey \'olun-
teers; therefore.

Resolved (the Senate concurring). That the thanks of
the Legislature of this State are hereby given to Gen. de
Peyster for his generous gift of pictures of a spirited
charge in battle made by New Jersey's most gallant
leader, and the bronze relief of one of her truest heroes
in the Civil war.

Resolved, That his excellency, the Governor, be re-
quested to forward a certified copy of this resolution to
Gen. de Peyster.

I certify that the above is a true copy of a resolution
offered in the House of Assembly of New Jersey by Mr.
Olcott, of Essex, on April 17, 1894; duly adopted by said
Assembly on said day, and returned by message from the
Senate, April 18, 1894, as having been duly concurred in
by the Senate. "j. Herbert Potts,

Clerk of the House of Assembly, Session of 1894.

Similarly, by a resolution adopted in the
New York Assembly March 20, 1894, and by
the Senate March 31, 1894, "Brevet Maj.-
Gen. J. Watts de Peyster, a public-spirited
citizen of this State," was tendered "the
thanks of the people of the State of New
York " for the gift of a bronze bas-relief repre-
senting a notable Revolutionary scene at West
Point. The text of the resolution is as follows:


By unanimous consent, Mr. Gray offered for the con-
sideration of the House a resolution in the words fol-

Whereas, Brevet Major-General J. Watts de Peys-
ter, a public-spirited citizen of this State, has presented to
the State a bronze bas-relief representing the " Encamp-
ment of the Continental Troops at West Point on the
Hudson, during the Revolution;" therefore,


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