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prominent and successful physician and
surgeon of Poughkeepsie, is descended from
one of the old families of Dutchess county, his
great-grandfather, Jacob Lane, having resided
here before the Revolution. Jacob Lane had
two sons, Peter, and John G., our subject's
grandfather, who was born May 22, 1776, and
passed his life in the town of Beekman (now
Unionvale). He married Betsey Emigh, and
had twelve children: Thomas, Benson, Mar-
vin, Jackson, William, Reimselaer, Jeremiah,
Edward, Betsey, Hannah, Phcebe and Julia,
all of whom lived in Dutchess county except
Jackson, who moved to Michigan.

Edward Lane, father of our subject, re-
ceived a limited education in his youth, and at
an early age left home to support himself. He
embarked upon a whaling voyage, and several
years passed before he returned to his native
land. Having a bright intellect, he spent his

leisure hours in study, trying to gain as best he
could the education denied him in his earlier
years. On his return home he served on sev-
eral boats on the Hudson as pilot and captain,
and later became the owner of a schooner,
which at that time was the largest that ran to
Troy. In 1854 he married Jane A. Hall, a
lady of Dutch descent, and daughter of Gilbert
and Mary Hall. Three children were born to
them, as follows: Charles Edward; Celestia
A. died in infancy; and Irvin J. is a prominent
physician at Sing Sing, N. Y. In 1863 Ed-
ward Lane sold his schooner after a final trip
to Providence, R. I., accompanied by his family,
and he then bought a farm in Seneca county,
N. Y., whereon he lived three years, when he
sold it and purchased his present farm in Fish-
kill. ■

The subject proper of these lines, wnose
name appears at the opening, was born at
Clove, Dutchess county, August 16, 1855,
and lived with his parents until he was nine
years old, when he returned to his place of
birth in order to make his home with his uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Cutler, the
latter being his mother's sister, and as they
had no children they practically adopted our
subject. At sixteen he had obtained such ele-
mentary education as was afforded by the dis-
trict schools of the neighborhood, and was sent
to the Wesleyan Academy, at Wilbraham,
Mass. ; but before his course there was com-
pleted, his uncle's failing health caused him to
return and devote his entire attention to the
'sufferer. Upon the latter's death, in 1876,
he bequeathed to our subject the old home-
stead of the Hall family, and associated as it
is with memories of mother, grandparents and
others. Dr. Lane still retains it as a prized
possession. In 1876 our subject took the
business course at the Eastman Business Col-
lege, Poughkeepsie. On March 28, of the fol-
lowing year, he married Hattie A. Yoemans, of
Clove, by whom he has had two sons: Theron,
born February 27, 1878, who died in infancy;
and George Edward, born November 30, 1883,
who is at home.

In 1880 Dr. Lane entered the New York
Homeopathic Medical College, from which he
was graduated in 1883, and for five years he
successfully practiced his profession at Clove.
In 1888 he moved to Poughkeepsie, where his
abilities as general practitioner and specialist
in orificial surgery won for him speedy recog-
nition from the medical fraternity, as well as



from the public. From 1889 to 1894 he was
secretary of the board of examining surgeons
of the U. S. Bureau of Pensions; he is a mem-
ber of the Dutchess County Medical Society,
and of the New York State Homeopathic Med-
ical Society. While taking a prominent part
in the social life of the city of Poughkeepsie,
he still retains an active interest in local affairs
at his home in Clove, and he is a member of
the Christian Church there. He affiliates with
Triune Lodge No. 7S2, F. & A. M. ; Pough-
keepsie Chapter No. 172, R. A. M. ; Pough-
keepsie Commandery No. 43, K. T. ; Mecca
Temple of the Mystic Shrine; Poughkeepsie
Council No. 391, R. A.; with the I. O. O. F.,
Fallkill Lodge No. 297; and with the I. O. G.
T. , Lodge No. 80, and the International Su-
preme Lodge.

M. D., a prominent physician of Dutchess
county, residing at Dover Plains, is a de-
scendant, in the seventh generation, of (I)
Thomas W'ellman,' who in 1640 came to
America, probably from PoundsfordPark, Som-
ersetshire, England, locating in Lynn, Mass. ;
and also in the seventh generation, of Thomas
Bliss' and his wife Margaret, who likewise came
from England and settled in Springfield, Mass. ,
in 1639. Thomas Wellman' (I) died October
10, 1672, leaving no will. His estate was
settled by agreement of the heirs, which
agreement was accepted by the court, and is
on the records of the town of Lynn, Massa-

Thomas Wellman' (I) married Elizabeth
— [surname not now known], and by her had
si.x children, as follows: "I Abigail"; 'II Abra-
ham,' born about 1643, died in 17 17; Mil
Isaac,'- the date of whose birth is unknown,
but record says that he was living December
17, 1710; and°IV Elizabeth-, ''V Sarah'-, and
'VI Mary-, all three of whom were living and
not of age, at the time the agreement was
signed, March 22, 1673. Of this family Isaac'-'
(4) was the great-great-great-grandfather of
Dr. George M. Wellman. A descendant of
Abraham Wellman- (3) is Rev. Joshua W.
Wellman, D. D., whose home is at No. 117
Summer street. Maiden, Mass., and who was
born in Cornish, N. H., November 28, 1821.
His grandmother, Althea (Riplej') Wellman,
was a descendant, in the seventh generation,
of Governor William Bradford, of Plymouth

Colony, Mass. Rev. J. W. Wellman, D. D.,
is a member of the New England Historical
and Genealogical Society, and has quite full
records of the descendants of Thomas Well-
man, the immigrant of 1640. To him Dr.
Wellman, the subject of this sketch, is in-
debted for many of the events and dates
recorded herein.

Isaac Wellman'- (4) was married March 13,
1679, to Hannah Adams, who, it is thought,
in 1723 (being then a widow), moved with
her son, Isaac, to Norton, North Precinct .
(now Mansfield), Mass., as related farther on.
Her children were as follows: " I Isaac, ^
born February 7, 1680, died September 19,
1 681; '■' II Stephen', born September 6, 1681,
died January 21, 1767, aged eighty-five; '"III
Isaac (sd),-' date of birth not known, died in
1740, at Mansfield. Of this family Isaac ■' (2d)
(10) was the great-great-grandfather of Dr.

Isaac Wellman-* (10) married Mary Slafter,
who was born in November, 1688, the eldest
of ten children of John Slafter, of Lynn, Mass.
[See "Slafter Memorial," pp. 4-7]. In 1723
Mr. Wellman and family removed to Norton,
North Precinct, Mass., where he purchased
118 acres of land for the sum of 236 pounds
sterling, lawful money of the province of Mas-
sachusetts Bay, the deed bearing the date of
" this twenty-third day of May, Anno Domini,
1723, in the ninth year of the reign of our
Sovereign Lord, George of Great Britain,"
etc. Mrs. Mary (Slafter) \\'ellman died Jan-
uary 12, 1793, "in the 105th years of her age;
a religious woman." At the time of her hus-
band's death (1740) there were five children
in the family, the youngest of whom died soon
after, and the name of that child is not on
record. The others were as follows: "I
Isaac, ^ baptized June 8, 1718, died in Norton,
North Parish, December 30, 1804; 'TI Eb-
enezer,* born about' 1720, died February 11,
1776, in the fifty-sixth year of his age; "III
Hannah,^ baptized May 27, 1722; and "IV
Timothy,^ born about 1724. Of these Isaac*
(I I ) was the great-grandfather of Dr. Wellman.

Isaac Wellman^ (11) was a resident of
Mansfield. He married, August 4, 1748,
Hannah Wellman, of Attleboro, Mass., who
died November 29, 1794, at Mansfield. Her
ancestry is as yet unknown. Their children
were: ''I Peter,'' born August 7, 1750, died
May 28, 1791; '"II Ebehezer,-^ the grand-
father of Dr. Wellman; ''HI Mary,^ born



May 12, 1756; unmarried; and '*'IV Sarah, ^
born September 19, 1758, unmarried.

Ebenezer Wellman^ (16) was born at Mans-
field, Mass., September 22, 1752, and died
January, 183 1. When a young man he re-
moved to Vermont, where he purchased a farm
at Grassybrook, since called Brookline, in
Windham county.

Ebenezer Wellman' (12) (who was born
about 1720), married (first). May 28, 1747,
Sarah Payson, of Stoughton, Mass.; (second)
March 26, 1761, Priscilla Day, of Stoughton.
Children of first marriage: ''' I Joseph,'' born
December 28, 1747; '^ II Sarah,' born March
27, 1749; '-'III Samuel,^ born March 13, 1751;
"IV Benjamin,'* born March 18, 1753; -*V
Mary,' born June 9, 1755; -^ VI Judith,' born
February 9, 1757; and *' VII Phebe,' born July
2, 1759. Children of second marriage: '-''VIII
Oliver,'' born October 18, 1761; ^ IX Lucy,=
born November 30, 1763; -'*X Abigail,'' born
July 21, 1767; '-"■' XI Betty,' born March 24,
1769; and ^XII Ebenezer,^ born May 4, 1772.
Of these, Joseph^ ( 19) and Oliver' (26) rendered
military service in the Continental army, in
the Revolutionary war.

Timothy Wellman^ (14) (who was born about
1734) married, August 14. 1755, Rachel New-
land, of Norton, Mass. Their children (as far
as known) were: "I Timothy,'' born in 1757
in Mansfield, Mass., died in Brookline, Vt.,
March 8, 1842; ■'"-'11 John,^ [birth and death
unknown]; '"III a daughter [birth and death
unknown]; ■" IV a daughter [birth and death
unknown]; '*V Darius [birth and death un-
known]. There is no full record of their chil-
dren, but it is believed that it was their eldest
son, Timothy' 1 31), who married Lucy Skin-
ner, of Princeton, Miss. This son Tim-
othy^ (31) was a soldier in the Revolutionary
war, and was in the fight on Dorchester
Heights, Mass. There is evidence that he
was "a brave, generous and energetic man, a
true Christian and a public benefactor." At
the close of the war he removed to Brookline,
Vt. There is no record of the date of his mar-
riage, nor of his wife's family.

Peter Wellman' (i 5) married February 5,
1780, Hannah Capron, of Mansfield, Mass.
Their children were: *I Solomon,'' born De-
cember 21, 1780, died at Lowell, Mass. , July
13, 1 851; '^11 Hannah'' born January 20,
1783, died September i, 1874, aged ninety-
one years; 'Til Deliverance," born February
25, 1785; -'TV Christiana. " born February 26,

1788, died September, 1809; '"V Isaac,'' born
June 8, 1790. The widow of Peter* ( 15) mar-
ried, for her second husband, Solomon Grov-
ener, of Jamaica, \'t., September 15, 1796.
They had children, and she died about 1840,
in Jamaica, \'ermont.

Ebenezer Wellman'' (16) (grandfather of
Dr. Wellman) married in Mansfield, Mass.,
Miss Sarah Austin [no date of their marriage
given, and no record of her parentage or
birth]; she died in Brookline, Vt., September
16, 1803. Their children were: "I Sarah,''
born November 8, 1783; ^TI Ebenezer, "^ born
November 11, 1787, died March 20, 1852;
^'III Isaac,'' born May 20, 1790, died November
24, 1866; "IV Abigail Ann,'' born February 25,
1797, died February 28, 1865; '''V Marvin,"
born at Brookline, Vt., June 6, 1800; died at
Dover Plains. N. Y., March 20, 1876.

Timothy Wellman' (3 1 ), who married Lucy
Skinner, had by her twelve children, as fol-
lows: *'I Isaac," born January i, 1784, died
January 26, 1848, at Lagrange, Wyoming Co.,
N. Y. ; ''II Lucy," [date of birth unknown];
'*III Lucinda," born 1790; 'TV Asa," [birth
date unknown] died 1 820; '"V William, "[date
of birth and death unknown]; *'\T De Louis",
born 1796; ''-VII Hannah," born 1797; '^'VIII
Hiram," born 1799; '''IX Timothy," born 1801;
■"X Daniel," born November 5, 1802; -^'XI
Laura, " born 1804, died 1877; '^'XII Elmira",
born 1809.

John Wellman '' (32) married at Mansfield,
Mass., April 26, 17S4, Cloe Wellman, who
was probably youngest daughter of Elkanah
Wellman and his wife, Mehitabel Wellman.
Cloe Wellman was baptized in Lynnfield,
Mass., May 20, 1764. John and Cloe re-
moved to Brookline, Vt., and are reported to
have had two sons (58) and (59) [names not
known]. The family afterward removed to
Amherst, Mass., and conducted a forge, about
a mile north of the college buildings.

Solomon Wellman," (36) married Elizabeth
Tripp Leeds, daughter of Thomas Leeds, of
Dorchester, Mass. [date not known]; she
was born September 26, 1791, and died Sep-
tember 4, 1849. Their thirteen children were:
'*'I George," born March 16, 18 10, in Boston,
Mass., died April 4, 1864; '''II Eliza Ann",
born March 25, 181 1, in Boston, died June 9,
1875; "-'III Caroline Capron,' born August 23,
1 81 2, married Josiah Shaw, of Abington,
Mass. ; '*'IV Lucinda Boyden," born December
3, 1813, died January 26, 1833; '"'V Mary Eliz-



abeth," born January 21, 1S15, married Martin
Bayley Pierce, of Abington, Mass. ; '"VI Clar-
issa Slaria,' born December 9, 18 17; "'VII
William Lloyd,' born October 23, i8i9;"^VIII
Henry Ripley," born March 20, 1821, died
May 14, 1848; *IX Charles Payson," born De-
cember 13, 1823; "'X Otis,' born January 26,
1827, died in infancy ; ""XI Harriet Angeline,"
born March 25, 1828, married John Adams
Floyd, of Abington, Mass. ; ''XII Elisha,' born
October 21, 1830, went to California; '■^XIII
Lucinda Jane,' born January 26, 1833.

Hannah Wellman'' (37) married April 25,
1805, Jesse George, of Wrentham, Mass. He
was born October 22, 1783, and died Septem-
ber 5, 185 1. Their eight children were: "I
Emily,' born October 7, 1S05; '^11 Elizabeth,'
born November i, 1807, died July 8, 1834;
'■'III Hannah Maria," born April 8, 181 1, died
January 31, 1816; '"IV John Capron," born
November 4, 18 13, died November 2, 1882.
Resided in Boston; '"V Lyman Augustus,' born
March 17, 18 17, resides in Boston, Mass.; ™VI
Hiram,' born June 23, 1820, resides in Wrent-
ham, Mass.; '''VTI William Emerson," born
August II, 1823; *VIII Catharine Augusta,"
born July 20, 1826, died April 22, 1879.

Deliverance Wellman "(38) married Wind-
sor Wheelock, of Mendon, Mass. Their si.\

children were: "'I Clara Elizabeth," born ,

died September 18, 1857. She married her cou-
sin Hiram George, '(78) who survives and lives

in Wrentham, Mass. ; *"TI Charlotte," born ,

married Marvel Marr, and had as children
Waldo and Maria, who reside in West Thomp-
son, Conn. ; "^'III Nancy" [birth and death dates

unknown]; "IV Mary,' born , married

Philip Taft; had son Philip; *V Sylvia," born

, married Nelson Steere, and had children

Adelbert and Sarah, who reside in Burrillville,

R. I.;*VI Peter," born , married [name

of wife unknown], and had Joseph and Mary,
who live in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Christiana Wellman" (39) married Harvey
George, and hadMary'(87), who died in infancy.

Isaac Wellman" (40) married (first) Lucinda
Boyden; (second), Nancy Boyden, sisters, of
Medfield, Mass. He had at least seven chil-
dren by his first wife [names and births not
known.] He removed to Alabama, Genesee
Co.. N. Y. After his first wife died he re-
moved to Grattan, Kent Co.. Michigan.

Sarah Wellman" (41) married Zachariah
Holden [no dates]. Their children were: *T
Elmore" [dates of birth and death unknown].

married and lived in Dansville, N. Y. ; -''II
Elvira" [no dates given] died young.

Ebenezer" (42) married Susannah Moore
[no dates given]. Their ten children were:
*I Leavit K. ,' born December 25, 1809; "'11
Elvin M.,' born August 10, 181 1; ''Til Peter
Dallas,' born March 9, 1813; ''TV Norman An-
drews," born April 15, 181 5; '"V Mary Moore,"
born June 8, 1817; ''''VI Sarah Austin," born
September 22, 1819; ''"VII Abigail Marsh," born
October 23, 1821 ;'''VIII Marvin," born Novem-
ber I, 1823, died in Illinois; "^IX Luke,' born
January 3 I, 1826; '■''■'X Chelis," born 1829. The
first four were born in Brookline, Vt., the next
four in Montgomery, Vt., and the other two in
Avery's Gore, Vermont.

Isaac Wellman" (43) married July 1 2, 1 8 1 2,
in Brookline, Vt., Kesiah Robbins, daughter of
William and Kesiah (Benson) Robbins. She
was born July 6, 1792, and died November 24,
1866. They had only one child,'"" I Everett
Perry Wellman," born in Brookline, Vt., Jan-
uary 5, 181 3, died in Brookline, Vt., February
22, 1891.

Abigail Ann Wellman'' (44) married June
28, 1 8 14, Allen G. Andrews, of Providence,
R. I. They emigrated in 1814, to Hardin
county, Ky., and in 1828 removed to Mon-
mouth, Warren county. 111., where they spent
the remainder of their lives. Their ten chil-
dren were: ""I Sarah Elizabeth", born Octo-
ber 10, 18 1 7, married April i, 1S34, Nathaniel
Hopper; '"TI Allen Talbot (ist),' born March
10, 1819, died August 27, 1829; '"-Til Abby
Ann,' born November 28, 1821, married March
20, 1845, Norman Buck; '"^IV Roland Green,"
born March 17, 1823, married November 2,
1848, Ann Carter, and died August 4, 1849;
'"■'V Alexine Southgate.'born February 3, 1827,
married October 12, 1847, Elvin M. Wellman;
'""VI Lydia Beals,' born March 2, 1828, mar-
ried April 2, 1845. Seth Gates; "^VII Cynthia
Jane," born October 13, 1829, died August 13,
1843; '*VIII Elkanah W. ,' born August 26,
1 83 1, died March 19, 1834; '"TX Lusannah
R.,' born October 17, 1835, married February
25, 1853, William Ward; ""X Allen Talbot
(2nd),' born .April 19, 1837, married; lives in
Monmouth, Illinois.

Marvin Wellman "(45) (the father of Dr.
George M. Wellman), in April, 1822, became
a resident of Springfield, Mass. , where he spent
most of his life, engaged in conducting a store
at the corner of Maine and William streets. In
1 866 he sold his property in Springfield, and



home in Fay-
native town),
he brought
making his
On June 8,
a daughter


• born

returned to Vermont, buying a
ettevilie (near Brookiine, his
where he hved until 1872, when
his wife to Dover Plains, N. Y.,
home with his son. Dr. Wellman.
1826, he married Miss Mary Bliss
of Zenas and Mary (Babcock) Bliss, of Spring-
field. Mass. [See the Bliss genealogy as given
farther on]. The children of Marvin'' (45)
and Mary Bliss Wellman: ^"I Abigail,'
June 21, 1S27, did not marry; "'11
Bliss," born October 11, 1829, married
temberg, 1S61; "'III Isaac Austin (first),
December 11, 1S31, died February 25,
"*IV Isaac Austin (second\" born April 27,
1S34; "'V George Marvin" (the subject of this
sketch I, born February 24, 1837; "''VI Laura
Bliss," born August 5, 1S39, did not marrj'; ""
VII Emma Lucretia," born July iS, 1843,
married July 18, 1S88, James Y. Robinson, of
Kansas, a veteran Union soldier of the war of
the Rebellion. No children. They reside in
Ouenemo, Kansas.

Isaac Wellman'' (46), son of Timothy'^ (31)
and Lucy Skinner Wellman, of Brookiine, Vt.,
married April 21, 1808, Sally Bixby, who was
born in Brookiine, March 12, 1787. In 1824
they removed to Friendship, Allegany Co., N.
Y. Thence they removed to Wx'oming coun-
ty, N. Y. , where they spent the remainder of
their lives. They were deeply religious people
and belonged to the Baptist denomination.
Isaac"* (46) was a second cousin of Isaac" (43).
There were two branches of \\'ellmans in
Brookiine, \'t. , Isaac" (46) was a deacon and
preacher, and several of his sons were elected
deacons. Their children: "*I Chauncev,"
born July 16, 1810; "»II Nelson H.," born
April 21, 181 5, died December 21, i88_
Sarah C," born June 14, 1817, died 1885
IV Alvin," born May 17, 1822; "^'V Miriam De-
light," born September 26, 1S24, in Friendship,
N. Y. ; '-'\'I Harvey," born April 17, 1S27.
The first four were born in Brookiine.

Everett Perry Wellman" (^lOO) married
Electa Butterfield, daughter of Samuel and
Polly (Miller) Butterfield, at Newfane. Vt.,
August 13, 1840. She was born September
10, 18 1 3, and died June 9, 18S9. Everett
Perrj" (100) was a quiet, industrious farmer,
universally respected; and honored by his fel-
low townsmen by a seat in the\'ermont House
of Representatives. Their children: ^'M Mary
Abby Ann.* born October 20, 1846, at Brook-
line, Vt. ; '^ II Martha Electa,* born July 9,

1*1 1 1


I S49, at Brookiine, \'t. ; Mary Abby Ann" 1124),
married at Brookiine, November 16, 1882,
Judge Andrew Asa Wyman, who was born
March 12, 1830, and died suddenly November
21, 1894, of heart disease, upon the steps of
the capitol at Montpelier, Vt., where he was
in attendance as a member of the House of
Representatives. They had no children.
Martha Electa" (125) married, March 25,
1895, at Athens, \'t.. Rev. George Henry
Bolster, who was born in Alstead, N. H., Feb-
ruary 26, i860.

Mary Bliss Wellman" 1I12) married Sep-
tember 9, 1 86 1, at Ouincy, 111., John Sprout,
a native of Pennsylvania, a substantial farmer
and stock breeder. After their marriage they
removed to Monmouth, 111., where they have
since remained. Their children: '^"''I John
Wellman, " born September, 1S64; '■'• II Ma-
mie,* born August, 1867.

Isaac Austin Wellman i second) "(114) mar-
ried November 5, 1S79, at Solomon Rapids,
Kans.. Mrs. Sarah Mitchell, of the same place.
Mr. Wellman is a merchant, and resides at
Centropolis, Kans. They have had only one
child, ^^ I Emma May," 'born July 15, "1882,
at Centropolis, Kansas.

Dr. George Marvin Wellman ' ( 1 1 5) mar-
ried, at Otego, N. Y., on September 8, 1869,
Miss Jeannie S. Cole, daughter of James H.
and Augusta Cole, substantial farmers of Ote-
go, Otsego Co., N. Y. She was born at Ote-
go, N. Y. , July 3, 1849, and died at Dover
Plains, N. Y. , December 13, 1S86. Children
of Dr. George M." (115) and Jeannie S. Cole
Wellman: '"'I Marion Augusta,* born Novem-
ber 25. 1870; '* II Fred Browning,* born Au-
gust 31, 1877, died June 12, 1878; '" III
Maude Sherman,' born December 24, 1884.
Marion Augusta Wellman* (129; married at
Dover Plains, N. Y.. July i, 1896, Rev. Ed-
ward Duncan Kelsey ^a sketch of whom fol-
lows). They have one child '*-'I Marion Wellman
Kelsey.'' born at Sharon. Conn., May 17, 1897.

Dr. George M. Wellman, the subject of
this sketch passed his early life in Springfield,
Mass. In the high school of that city he pre-
pared for college, and in 1857 he entered Am-
herst College, where, working his own way by
teaching school, he completed the classical
course, graduating in 1861, receiving the de-
gree of A. B. Five years later the degree of
A. M. was conferred upon him. In 1861 he
entered the government hospital service at
Washington, D. C as ward master in Lincoln



Hospital, serving until 1864, when he obtained
an appointment in the Ordnance Office of the
War department, where he continued for four
years. In the meantime he had taken up the
study of medicine in the Georgetown Medical
College, Washington, D. C, where he gradu-
ated in 1868 with high honors, delivering the
valedictory at the commencement exercises in
Wall's Opera House in that city. Proceeding
to New York City, he then took a one-year's
course of study at the College of Physicians
and Surgeons.

In 1869 Dr. Wellman located at Dover
Plains, Dutchess county, where he soon built
up a large and lucrative practice. His plain
common sense, good judgment, thorough knowl-
edge of medicine and skill in surgery, at once
won for him the confidence of the people, and
his success was an assured fact. He is one of
the prominent members of the Dutchess Coun-
ty ^Iedical Society. As a citizen he stands de-
servedly high, and has often been urged to ac-
cept public office, but cares little for political

Rev. Ed\v.\rd Duncan KELSEY,who married
Miss Marion A. Wellman, is a son of Lysander
and Mary (Duncan) Kelsey, the former of whom
was born October i, 18 17, at Rutland, Vt.,
the latter on March 4, 1826, in Maysville, Ky.
They were married May 30, 1847, and became
the parents of the following children: Rev.
Francis Duncan, born February 15, 1849, re-
sides at Oberlin, Ohio; Charles Duncan, born
August 25, 1850, died August, 1874; Rev.
Edward Duncan, born January 16, 1853, at
Wheelersburg, Ohio, resides in Sharon, Conn. ;
Elizabeth Duncan, born March 15, 1855, mar-
ried to George S. Van Every, of Portland,
Oregon, resides at Los Angeles, Cal. ; Caro-
line Duncan, born October 31, i860, married
to Charles H. Hauks, of Washington, D. C. ,
resides at Tacoma, W'ash. ; George Duncan,
born August 28, 1864, has been twice married,
resides at Meadville, Penn. ; and Frederick
Duncan, born June 8, 1866, married and re-
sides at Juneau, Alaska. The father of this

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