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the Doctor is also an ardent Democrat, and
socially holds membership in the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows and the Royal Arcanum,
both in New Jersey lodges; also in the New Jer-
sey Society of the Sons of the Revolution.
Professionally, he is a member of the Dutch-
ess County Medical Society.

DAVID COLE (deceased) was one of the
most genial and whole-souled men of
Dutchess county. He had accumulated a
good property by his own thrift and industry,
owning at the time of his death the property
in the town of Red Hook, known as the Will-
iam Waldorf farm, which contains sixty-nine
acres of rich and fertile land. His tastes
always inclined him to agricultural pursuits,
and that industry found in him a most able
representative. He was a son of David Cole,
a leading farmer of the town of Rhinebeck,
Dutchess county.

In 1846 our subject was married to Miss
Catherine Lewis, who was born in Woodstock,
Ulster Co., N. Y., in 1825, and educated in
the common schools of that place. To this
worthy couple were born six children, (i)
James Lewis was born in the town of Red
Hook, and when eighteen years of age enlisted
in the Union army at Albany, N. Y., becom-
ing a member of the United States Cavalry.
In an engagement he was taken prisoner by
the Rebels, and while confined in one of those
loathsome Southern prisons contracted the
measles, from which he died when in the nine-
teenth )'ear of his age. (2) Prudence is the
next in order of birth. 13I Alida married Al-
fred Henion, and had four children — Jennie
Louise, born March 24, 1872; Philip Hiram,
born November 9, 1874; Watson Lewis, born
January 9, 1879, and died in infancy; and
Ethel Catherine, born August 21, 1888. (4)
Luella is the fourth in the family. (51 Eliza-
beth died in infancy. (6) Philip Henry was
also born in the town of Red Hook. He be-
came a student in Union College at Schenec-
tady, N. Y. , and also attended the New York
College for one year. He then became pro-

fessor in the former institution, which position
he held until 1895, at the same time being
pastor of the Second Reformed Church at
Schenectady. He has been quite an exten-
sive traveler, having visited Europe several
times. He married Miss Anna Furbeck, of
Schenectady, and they have two children:
Edward Martin, born August 30, 1892, and
Lewis Furbeck, born June 6, 1893.

Garrett Lewis, the father of Mrs. Cole,
was a native of Woodstock. Ulster county,
and during his boyhood and youth attended
the public schools of the locality. He fol-
lowed farming as a lifework. He was united
in marriage with Miss Fannie Ewyrie, of the
same place, and they became the parents of
ten children, as follows: Bowen remained
single; William H. married Nellie Kipp; John
married Eliza Smith: Christopher married
Sophia Homer; Marie married .Andrew Wol-
vern: Nellie married John Whittaker; Leah mar-
ried Peter John; Philip died in childhood; Mat-
thew died in infancy; and Catherme (widow
of David Cole, of this review) completes the

ish and Church records, and other infor-
mation quite conclusive, tell us that the first of
the Carpenters, of whom this sketch relates,
was a German of the name of (I) Gotlieb Zim-
merman, who about the year i 500 emigrated
from Prussia to England, where he angliced
his name to Caleb Carpenter. William and

(II) Richard Carpenter are supposed to have
been his immediate descendants, and the only
children of their parents to attain to man's es-
tate, (II) Richard being the only one of the two
who left issue. William was engaged exten-
sively in ship chandlery, and later in the ship-
ping business, chiefly with the West Indies,
and when he died in 1700 at the age of ninety-
seven years, he left an estate said to have been
valued at three million pounds sterling, devised
by will (bearing date 1684:1 to his legal heirs,
who are supposed to have been his nephews

(III) Ephraim and Timothy Carpenter, then
residing in America; and Josiah and Phebe Car-
penter (both then residing in Wales), children
of (III) Ephraim Carpenter, only son of (II)
Richard Carpenter.

(Ill) Ephraim Carpenter had issue: Eph-
raim, (IV) Timothy, Josiah, and Phebe, who
died in Wales; the other three emigrated to



America about the year 1678; but Josiah re-
turned to Wales a few years afterward, and
died there. Ephraim and (I\') Timothy pur-
chased a large tract of land of the Indians on
Long Island, in the then Province of New
York, embracing a large portion, if not all, of
the town of Hempstead, and settled thereon at
or near what is now known as Jerusalem.

(I\'i Timothy Carpenter was born in Eng-
land December 19, 1665. About 1688 he mar-
ried Mercy Coles, of Oyster Bay, Long Island,
and a short time thereafter they moved to
Westchester county. Their family consisted
of the following children: John, born June 13,
1690; Hulda, August 29, 1692; Jeptha, Decem-
ber 18. 1693; i\') Benjamin. March 25, 1696;
and Timothy, Jr., April 1, 1698.

(V) Benjamin Carpenter was born in
Westchester county, N. Y. , March 25, 1696.
and for his first wife married. October 30. 1 7 1 8.

Dinah . who was born March 19, 1698.

Children as follows were born to them: Eliza,
September 12, 1719; Elijah, December 23,
1722; Ezra, May 6, 1726; Luther, August 16,
1730; Sarah, July 11, 1734, and (VI) Caleb,
September 25, 1736. After the death of his
lirst wife, November 3. 1758, (\') Benjamin

married Lydia . born August 4. 171 2.

died November 25. 1778. (V) Benjamin died
March 26. 1778 or 1779.

(VI) Caleb Carpenter was born Septem-
ber 25, 1736, in Westchester county, N. Y.

For his first wife he married Amy , who

was born November 25, 1738, and children as
follows were born to them; Sebe, born July 4,
1760; Benjamin, April i, 1762; Mary, June
26, 1767; Lydia, August 4, 1769, died August
-7. 1796; fVII) John, October 20, i77i;Zeno,
December 8, 1773, died February 8, 1795;
Ruth, January 24, 1776, and Caleb, October
24, 1778, died December 3, 1814. The
mother of these died January 18, 1795, and
for his second wife iVI) Caleb married Zip-
porah Kip, who died February 12, 18 18, aged
sixty-nine years. (\T) Caleb died December
20, 1826.

(VIIj John Carpenter was born at White
Plains. Westchester county. October 20, 1771.
and died October 10. 1828. He was married
February 16. 1799, to Amy Green, who was
born January 7, 1781, daughter of Isaiah and
Elizabeth Green, and children as follows were
born to them: Leonard, November 8, 1799;
(VIII) Emory, March 5, 1801; William G.,
October 24, 1802; Jacob, November 24, 1804;

Caleb, February 5, 1807, and John G. . in No-
vember. 181 2. The father of these followed
farming exclusivel}', and he and his wife were
members of the Hicksite Quakers Society.
He died 10th 9th Mo., 1828, she on 8th 7th
Mo., 185 1, aged seventy years, six months,
one day.

(VIII) Emory Carpenter was born March
5, 1801, in Westchester county, where he
lived until he was sixteen years old, and then
came to the town of Clinton, Dutchess county,
later removmg to Ulster county. In that
county, at New Paltz, by Rev. Bogardus, Oc-
tober 22, 1825, he was married to Jane Ann
Du Bois, who was born April 15. 1806, in
Plattekill, Ulster county, daughter of Joseph
and Abigail ( Coopen Du Bois. of Ulster coun-
ty, whose children were: Jane Ann, Hannah,
Martha, Rachel, Josiah C. and Elias M.
Joseph Du Bois was a lifelong farmer. Peter
Du Bois, son of Jacques, who was the Hugue-
not who emigrated to America in the year
1674, was the great-great-great-grandfather of
William J. and J. Du Bois Carpenter, both of
Poughkeepsie. His descendant, Elias Du Bois.
married Elizabeth Tompkins. Soon after their
marriage (VIII) Emory Carpenter and his wife
located on a farm near Poughkeepsie, later re-
moving to New York for a time. They had
the following children: Edmund, born June 29,
1826, died September 10, 1827; Caleb, August
25, 1827, died August 5, 1828; (IX) William
J., December 10, 1828; Amy J., May 8, 1831;
(IX) J. Du Bois, March 14, 1833; Harriet N.,
November 13, 1834; George E., May 13, 1836;
Elias Du Bois, December 11, 1837; and Jacob
G., August 2, 1843. Of these, William J. lives
a retired life in Poughkeepsie; Amy J. married
Capt. Smith, who is deceased: Harriet N. be-
came the wife of Nathan Williams, of Ulster
county; George E. is a clerk with his brother,
J. Du Bois; Elias D. is captain of a steamer
on the Hudson; and Jacob G. has been con-
nected with the Brooklyn Kn^o^lf for twenty-
three years. After leaving the farm near
Poughkeepsie, the parents moved to another
in the town of Lagrange, where the father died
August 17, 1844; politically, he was a Demo-
crat, in religious faith a Hicksite Ouaker. The
mother, for her second husband, married Sel-
leck Carpenter, August, 1856. She died June
10, 1891.

(IX) Josiah Du Bois Carpenter, one of the
leading and oldest grocers of Poughkeepsie,
was born at New Paltz, Ulster Co., N. V..



March 14. 1833. When one year old he was
taken to Poughkeepsie, where he attended the
district schools until fourteen years of age, and
then studied with his uncle. Josiah C. Du Bois,
after whom he was named. Mr. Carpenter
entered a general store at Highland conducted
by his uncle Josiah C. Du Bois, where he
stayed for five years; then returned to Pough-
keepsie and clerked in a dry -goods store for
John W. Miller one year; then clerked for
Cornwall & Heath for the same length of time.
Subsequently he engaged in the grocery busi-
ness with his brother. William J. , which he con-
tinued from 1854 until 1S61, when he left the
grocery business for freighting; but in 1863 he
resumed the grocery trade. On May 28, 1857,
Mr. Carpenter was married to Miss Elizabeth K.
Southwick, who was born .August 25, 1835, in
Napanoch, Ulster Co., N. V.. daughter of
.^dna H. Southwick. The following children
were the result of this union: Stella B., born
April 10, 1858; Alice M.. born December 31,
1863; Mary A., born January 28, 1866; died
March 16, 1S66; Lydia S. , born October 10,
1867; and Du Bois, born March 22, 1873.
Of these. Alice M. was married April 2, 18S6,
at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., to Clinton D. Park-
hill, son of Mortimer and Eleanor (Shultz)
Parkhill, of Canisteo, N. Y., and children as
follows have been born to them: Clinton D.,
Jr., born August 2, 1887; J. Du Bois, born
May 24, 1892, died September 28, 1892;
Mortimer" S.. born December 10, 1S94; and
Reynolds S., born February 13, 1896, died
July 17, 1896.

(IX) Josiah Du Bois Carpenter is a Repub-
lican in politics, a member of the Royal Ar-
canum, and he and his wife belong to the
Methodist Church. He has always taken an
active interest in all public matters pertaining
to the welfare of Poughkeepsie; was first presi-
dent (for two years) of the Merchants .Associa-
tion, and has served on several committees
for the improvement of the city. His place of
business is on the corner of Main and Acad-
emy streets, opposite the ■• Morgan House."

Gi:ORGE K. TABER. a leading agricult-
urist of the town of Pawling, Dutchess
county, and a director of the Pawling National
Bank, is a descendant of one of the oldest and
most distinguished families of that vicinity.
His ancestors were originally from England.
Thomas Taber, great-grandfather of our

subject, was born in New Bedford, Mass., in
1732, came to Dutchess count}' in 1760. and
bought a farm at Quaker Hill, where he passed
the remainder of his life. He was a Quaker
in religion, and most of his descendants ad-
hered to the same faith. His death occurred
September 18, 1783, when he was aged fifty
years; his wife, Anne Theresa Taber, was born
in 1734, and died August 29, 1805, at the age
of seventy-one years. They had eleven chil-
dren, whose names, with dates of birth and
death, are as follows: Hannah 1 wife of Edmond
Ferris). November 12, 1753 — December 4.
1777; Salome, June 1 1, 1755 — 1766; Nathaniel
(son), April 26, 1757; Meribah, March 23.
1759 — June 4. 1850; William. November 6.
1760 — November 3. 1836: Jeremiah, August
26, 1762— May 8, 1S34; .Anne Therese, April


August 29,

2, 1766— 1856; Ruth. -April i. 1768
Salome ( wife of Charles Hurd

1 77 1 — 1827: Almy. .August 28, 1773; Mary,
November 18. 1775 — May27, 1852. Of these.
William, grandfather of our subject, married
Martha Akin, who was born March i, 1761,
and children as follows came to this union,
names and dates of birth being given: Isaac, Oc-
tober II, 1782; Hannah, November 25, 1783;
Thomas, May 19, 1785; George P., June 25,
1787; Phebe, January 13, 1790; Sybilla, June
27, 1791; Abigail, December 21, 1793: Jona-
than Akin, March 7, 1797: and .Ann. P'ebruary
I 5. '799- Of these, Thomas married. Febru-
ary 2, 1820, Phebe Titus, daughter of Stephen
Titus and his wife Elizabeth *" Holmes), and
their children were: Stephen, born March 7,
1 82 1, and Samuel Titus. .April 13, 1824,
died at Roslyn, Long Island, t'ebruary 4, 1871.
The father of these died March 21, 1862, at
Roslyn. Long Island, the mother on August
13, 1824, at Chestnut Ridge, Dutchess Co..
New York.

Stephen Taber, son of Thoma.s and Phebe

Titus Taber, married Rosetta M. Townsend
May 27, 1845, ^n^ their children were: Sam-
uel T., who was lost at sea in October. 1865:
William T., married to Sarah Canton: Ade-
laide, married to Walter R. Willets (their chil-
dren — Rosetta. Elsie. Gertrude and Edna ;
Gertrude, married to Benjamin Kirk: and
Thomas T. . married to Katharine Brooks (have
one son— William T.). The father of these
died in New York City April 23. 1886. the
mother on March 4, 1883.

Samuel Titus Taber married Katherine C.
Hiller, September 2. 1845, and they moved


^^ '^J^^



from Dutchess county to Long Island, in 1856.
Their children are two in number: ( i ) Martha
Elizabeth, born July 2, 1846, married Will-
iam H. Willets, September 12, i

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