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ceptance. On February 20, 1897, he was ap-
pointed battalion commander of the Eleventh
Battalion, embracing the territories of West-
chester, Putnam, Dutchess and Columbia

To this gentleman the city of Poughkeepsie
is indebted for the beautiful armory on Market
street; for almost alone, for seven long years,
he fought for its erection, making at least three
hundred trips to Albany before he secured his
purpose. In May, 1891, on Decoration Day,
the corner stone was laid with imposing cere-
monies, and now the grand structure is a mon-
ument to his energy and perseverance.

Our subject was married October 10, 1867,
to Alice Buys, and two children have been
born to them: Ella L. and Louis P.

Major Haubennestel's friends are legion,
and he is active in fraternal society work. In
1866 he joined the I. O. O. F., at Poughkeep-
sie, Lodge No. 21, in which he has passed all
the chairs, and he has been a representative to
the Grand Lodge several times. He is also an
old member of Poughkeepsie Lodge No. 266,
F. & A. M., having joined same in 1868. In
1 880 he united with Hamilton Post, G. A. K. ,
and he is a member of the \'eteran Fireman
.Association. The Nineteenth Separate Com-
pany Fife, Drum and Bugle Corps, the crack

drum corps of the State of New York, was or-
ganized in the fall of 1888 by Mr. Haubennes-
tel, assisted by his son Louis P. Haubennestel,
who is leader of the corps, and was the promo-
ter of the organization.

Louis P. Haubennestel, the junior member
of the firm of Haubennestel & Son. was born
in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . August 16, 1870, and
his education was completed at Riverview
Academy, where he held the position of drum
major. He was the commanding officer of St.
Paul's Co., Knights of Temperance, in 1890,
when they won the prize banner for drill, in
New York City. On April 11, 1894, he was
married to Minnie Avis Barton, daughter of
Edward and MinafFe^^n) Barton, of Salisbury,
Conn., where she was born. Her grandfather,
who was a prominent Democrat, in 1842 de-
livered a political address in Poughkeepsie, and
in 1852 he carried the official vote of the State
of Connecticut to Washington. From 1852 to
iS56hewas a member of the Assembly, and
in 1873 was State senator. He is still living
at Salisbury, Conn. Mrs. L. P. Haubennes-
tel's father is also prominent in Democratic
circles and has held several positions of trust.

JOSE MANUEL GODINEZ, of the firm of
C. H. Gallup & Co., is as his name would in-
dicate, of Cuban origin, born August i , 1853,
on the island of Cuba, where his father, Fran-
cisco J. Godinez, was the owner of a large
sugar plantation.

Jose .Manuel Godinez passed his boyhood
in his native land, and received his education
in the lower schools, from which he took the
degree A. B., and in the University of Havana.
When yet quite young he was made one of the
guards of the Captain-General of Cuba, and
stationed at Havana. He served three years,
receiving the rank of lieutenant, and then ob-
taining a furlough, came to the United States,
and at once declared his intention of becoming
a citizen; he remained here until after his
final papers were signed, and then went home
on a visit. In 1876 he entered the Eastman
Business College at Poughkeepsie, and took a
full business course. During all this time he
made frequent visits home to see his parents.
Even now, while Poughkeepsie is his home, he
still retains a large plantation of several thou-
sand acres in Cuba, though this has been laid
waste and the buildings all burned in the prog-
ress of the present Cuban war. In 1890 he



entered partnership with Mr. Tialhip in the
photograph business.

In 1877, in Poiighi

Online LibraryJ.H. Beers & CoCommemorative biographical record of Dutchess County, New York → online text (page 43 of 183)