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in New York City, attending the public schools
for some years, later taking a collegiate course.
^' 'ing business life he first secured em-

p .: with the Weed Ore Mines, later

with J. M. Childs Sc Co., of Utica, and after-
ward spent some time as bookkeeper for a
large paper factory. In 1883 he was appoint-
ed to his present position, in which he is re-
garded as an expert. In political faith he is a
Republican, but he has never taken an active
share in party work or aspired to a place on

the ticket. His hearty assistance is given to
any effort for the benefit of Pawhng, and he
was one of the first school trustees under the
union free school movement, and aided in
bringing the schools under the control of the
regents. He is a Master Mason, a member of
White Plains Lodge, and of Lodge No. 330,
K. T., of New York. On February 22. 1882,
he was married to Miss Margaret A. Bangs,
and they have had five children: Arthur B.,
bom February 14. 1886: Lucy K. , May 11,
1889; Deane J., June 15. 1891; Donald, April
23. 1894; and Helen M. , January 2, 1896.

Mr. Roberts is a son of Thomas David
Roberts, a well-known mechanical engineer of
New York City, and his wife, Catherine Ma-
tilda '^Danai, a descendant of one of the oldest
and most distinguished families of this coun-
try. The first of the line, Richard Dana,
settled at Cambridge, Mass., in 1640, and
his son, Jedediah, was one of the pio-
neers of Ashford, Conn. Jedediah Dana
and his wife Elizabeth had a son James,
our subject's great-great-grandfather, who won
high honors by his gallantry as a soldier in the
Revolutionary army. He was bom at Ash-
ford, Conn., October 10, 1732, and appears to
have commenced his military career among the
Provincial troops under Sir William Johnson.
He assisted in building the fort at Lake
George, and was at the battle of Lake Champ-
lain when the fortification there was attacked
by the French, and Gen. Johnson was wounded.
At the beginning of the Revolution he was cap-
tain in Col. Storr's regiment. Gen. Putnam's
brigade of Connecticut Militia. He arrived at
the American camp in Cambridge immediately
after the battle of Lexington, joining the forces
under Gen. Ward, and was among the troops
who were detailed to throw up breast-works on
Bunker Hill, where during the night a fortifi-
cation of earth was hastily constructed. Col.
Prescott was the engineer, and he requested
Capt. Dana's orderly sergeant to assist in lay-
ing out the redoubt. The British forces crossed
the river at Urummesset Ferry, and when the
second division of 500 men landed they
marched up Maiden river to gain the rear of
the fortifications. This movement was first
perceived by Capt. Dana, who informed Gen.
Putnam. By his order 500 of the Continental
troops marched to meet the Bntish, and took
up their position in two lines behind a fence.
Capt. (afterward Col.; Knowlton was in charge
of the detachment, with Capt. Dana second in

COMMEHOHATITS biograpbical becosl.


commaxid. Gen. Pntnam in giving his direc-
tioDs to these officers, asked : •• Do yon re-
member my orders at Ticonderoga? " ■• Yes,"
was the reply. ' • j^ou told us not to nre
until we could see the whites of the ene-
my's eyes. "" ••Well." said Gen. Putnam.
"I give the same order now." The British
advanced ■«ith muffled drums and soft fifes.
and soon passed over the fence south of the
one where the Americans were drawn up.
Capl. Dana was directly in the line of the
British forces, and the men awaited their com-
ing in f)erfect qaiet. word having been grren
that it would be death to any man to ure be-
fore Capt. Dana. When the column was eight
rods distant the Captain ordered the rear rank
to lie down dat. and at this word the British
oflncers faced about and ordered their rrer. tc
deploy from the center. On the ins: :

Dana. Lieut. Grosver - ■ " Ord-Serj. ^

fired, and the British nder, suppccr ,- r_„:
flattened and harmless. He bound up his
band and retired from the fie: ' ~ :" '
ton's musket \%"as broken by ,_
within five minutes after Lieut. Grosvenor was
injured a cannon ball struck a rail which hit
Capt. Dana in the breast and knocked him
down, 'breathless. He recover
and remained until the line was
but after his arri\-al at the quarters be was
confined to his r\?om for several da\^ Thi>
first countersign given by Gen. Washinsto
aXter the battle of Bua'scer Hill was "r\
and the first parole was Dana. In j
same year an oration was delivered by Dr.
Leonard. Gen. Washington's chaplain. .=. '
declaration read, and at the co

ever, with Gen. PatBsin. «iio. :-

way. dapped Cap*. T"> - :- on ihs i^ -; ^.^ i

sajd witi: an i/Jd-fashi coed oath: ■ • E^ana. v;.-

look like a white ~\'^ ' " " ■ - - i

cl^iT away;' aud the =rn:_ _ -:

right aud left to make a passafc ioi Gecc-
Washington a~sd " " : " ~ rers. Tb= nex: day.

Capt. Daca ^__ __:..: „^ __: . .5-

playicg the Sag.

The C-aptair was ^ feeS. CQe cijt- i^

promotiDu in the anav be imifornnjv oecitiaed-

E-atcn. distir ^ - m the wax witi

TripoIL his i^: ; ..^ ...i. ..acsd him ax the

a£^e Ci sfteen uiHJer CaDt. Daiia's care. At
: ~ " irc Da i

r k. Y..

oocujaed a small 1\ He soon came Kvck, how-

m teat part 01 tae >tate. loe ODtiiC was

placed Qpon a bier, and a heavy paU thrcwu

over all. with newer? and evergreens in pri>-

- heroes weie cfaiei rooEiDess

Geai- James Dana anid his ■

- - .3x1 Sive

. Mr?. ^ - .
beth Buder and Polly- \V iiiian> Dasia wss
■ - at CoWeskilL June :r. ■ ' ' ■

v.:ar\- r. iSf^. He was
-^er .:.". i.-oj, to .\r.- ^ >

-\>ra April I - : ~ " ; ._

They had t . race.

Hir.im. Ellri:\:t::. r>r.vC£y. ^\c i. t..: ani

Horace ". ct's grx

was born a: .....^.s . ...ich i. :
after acquiring an edacation in th.
- - "-.ere he , , "

X. Y.
tics, and prcntitneni m Maso«jJc circ.es.




5^ 3« ase* ^t =»

■?a^(^rt "s: *i" '—so- i

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