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dren were born. He married, December 14,

1809. Sarah -Mills, born March 10, 1792, died
September 21, 1862, daughter of William
Koss and Johanna, his wife, daughter of Capt.
Alexander Leslie (who was lost at sea) and
Sarah Tufts (who married, second, John Mills,
of New York). Mrs. Leslie-Mills came of a
distinguished ancestrj'. She was a daughter
of the Rev. Joshua Tufts and Abigail Ellery
(cousin of William Ellery, signer of the Dec-
laration of Independence), both of whom
died at Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1766. Her
grandfather, the Rev. John Tufts, of Newbury,
Mass., was the first to publish a collection of
psalm tunes in New England, thereby greatly
improving the singing in Churches. He was
son of Capt. Peter Tufts, of Medford, and
Mercy, daughter of the Rev. Seaborn Cotton,
of Hampton (son of the Rev. John Cotton, of
Boston), b}' Dorothy, daughter of Gov. Simon
Bradstreet. and Anne, his wife (the poetess),
daughter of Gov. Thomas Dudlej'. Mrs.
Mills (Sarah Tufts) was born November 24,
1744, and died in New York, September 19,

1810. She lived in New York during the
British occupation, being then a widow, and
w'ith her bounty relieved the wants of many
unhappy prisoners of vyar confined there. She
and her husband were prominent members of
the Brick Church, and she was very active in
benevolent and charitable works, and a co-
worker with the celebrated Mrs. Isabella Gra-
ham. Mr. Mills died in 18 15.

Francis and Sarah M. Sexton had sixteen

•The arms of Sexton, called "of London," by Burke, .ire:
" Argent, tliree chaplets in bend gules, between two bendlets of the
last; Crest, out of a ducal cort>net or, a dexter arm in armour em-
bowed proper, Karnished of the (irst. holding in the gauntlet an
anchor sable, fluke and cable or." An ancient seal engraved with
the above crest has come down, as an heirloom, to the present S. B.
Sexton, of " Torhain;" and it furnished an appropriate design for
his private yacht signal.

children, eight of whom died young. Those
who survived were: (i) Sarah Mills, b. De-
cember 30, 1 810, d. at Hyde Park November
23, 1872; m. John H. Newcomb, of Pleasant
Valley, and late in life of Hyde Park, and left
two surviving children, Thomas, and Johanna,
now widow of Walter Allen Seymour. The
first of this family in the county was Thomas
Newcomb, who bought "the greater part" of
Lot No. 8, Great Nine Partners. His son,
Zaccheus, built the well-known "Brick House,"
and Thomas, son of the latter, was father of
John H. and Charles T. Newcomb [See
Newcomb Genealogy, by J. B. Newcomb].
(2) Francis William, b. i8i2,d. 1849, unmar-
ried. (3) Elmira, b. 181 5, d. 1865; m. John
Mills Tufts, of Woodbridge, N. J., and left
no surviving children. (4) Johanna, b. r8i8,
d. 1883, unmarried. (5) Elizabeth Ann Tufts,
b. October 17, 1819, d. January 20, 1889; m.
(first) Charles Thomas Newcomb, of Pleasant
Valley, and (second) Col. Charles Stiles Phelps,
of Brooklyn [See Stiles' "Ancient Windsor"].
By her first husband she had Irene B., m. H.
V. V. Braman, and Mary E. , who died unmar-
ried. (6) Mary Jane, b. 1823, d. 1885; m.
Charles Morgan, of New York. (7) Emily H.,
m. William Moir, of New York. (8) Samuel
John Mills, b. August 11. 1832, d. at Hyde
Park May 3, 1873. Samuel J. M. Sexton
married. May 30, i856, Caroline, daughter of
Samuel H. Braman, of Hyde Park, and had
one child: Samuel Braman Sexton, now of
"Torham," Hyde Park, born July 19. 1869;
married at Grace Church, New York, Novem-
ber 2, 1S93, Jean Hunter Denning, daughter
of the late Edwin James Denning, of New

The name of V.-^n Vliet can be traced very
far back in the annals of the Netherlands. In
the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and
later, several of the name achieved distinction
in the fields of literature and art, and in mili-
tary and civil life, the relation of which is not
here necessary. That branch of the family
which settled in this country came from the
diocese or Province of Utrecht. Their ar-
morial bearings, as given by Reitstap, are
"D'or, a trois losanges de gules: Casque
couronne: Crest, une tf-te et col du chein
braque de gules." In the Documentary His-
tory of New York [Vol. II, Colonial Docu-
ments] is an account of the powder used by
the authorities in New Amsterdam, giving
some interesting glimpses of passing events.



On July i8, 1661, Governor Winthrop arrived
in New Amsterdam, to proceed to " Father-
land," in the "Trouw"; July 21 the ships
"Arent," "Hope "and " Trouw" sailed hence
for Fatherland, and eighteen pounds of powder
were fired. The "Trouw" sailed again, on
her return to New Amsterdam, March 21,
1662, under the command of Capt. Jan Jansen
Bestevan, and arrived on June 13, following,
when six pounds of powder were fired. Among
the passengers on this voyage were Adrian
Gerritsen, agriculturist, from the Province of
Utrecht, with his wife and five children, aged
thirteen, twelve, eleven, eight and seven years.
That he was the Adrian Gerritsen, or Adrian
Gerritsen Van Vliet, who shortly after appears
at "the Esopus" (Kingston), there can be no
doubt. At marriage some of his children are
recorded as ' ' geboren in 't Stigt Van Uytrecht "
(born in the Diocese of Utrecht). In the
Indian attack of June, 1663, a daughter of
Adrian was one of the prisoners taken, but was
soon recovered with the rest. On April 28,
1667, Adrian signed, with others, reasons for
being in arms. By grant and purchase Adrian
became the owner of several parcels of land
in Kingston and the adjacent parts of Ulster
county [See Doc. Hist, of N. Y. ; Sylvester's
Hist. of. Ulster County; Schoonmaker's Hist,
of Kingston; N. Y. G. & B. Record, 1871, p.
145, &c.]. On September i, 1689, at Kings-
ton, " Gerritt Van ffliett " and "John Van-
ffliett" (sons of Adrian) took the oath of alle-
giance; but it is recorded that " Arre Gerritt
Van ffliett" and " I3errick Van Vliet" (his
other son) did not appear. [Doc. Hist, of
N. Y., Vol. I., p. 173]. The wife of Adrian
was Agatha Jans Spruyt, doubtless a descend-
ant of the ancient family of Spruyt, of Kriek-
enbeck and Utrecht. She was frequently
a witness at baptisms in Kingston. Their five
children were: (i) Gerrit, or Gerard, ancestor
of the Fishkill branch. (2) Jan (or John)
married Judith, daughter of Frederick Hussey,
an English settler and large landholder at
Kingston; most of this branch remained in
Ulster county, but one son, Frederick, settled,
in 1725, in Somerset county, N. J., where his
descendants write the name "Van Fleet."
Vice-Chancellor Abraham Van Fleet, recently
deceased, was a descendant of Thomas, son
of this Frederick Van Vliet. (3) Dirck [See
farther on, " line of Dirck \^an Vliet "]. (4)
Geertruyd married Gysbert Crom, of Marble-
town, the owner of a large estate there, and a

brother of Floris Willemse Crom, of Flatbush,
Long Island, patentee of the " Crom Patent ",
at Haverstraw. (5) Machteld married (first)
Barent Van Borsum, son of Egbert \'an Bor-
sum, of New York [See N. Y. Gen. & Biog.
Record, 1895-96], and (second) Jan Jacobsen
Stol, son of Jacob Jansen Stol, one of the
earliest magistrates at the Esopus. [The wife
of Jacob was Geertruyd Andriese Van Does-
burg. She married (second) Aert Martensen
Van Doom; then she died, and he married
Aeltie Lansing, widow of Gerard Slegtenhorst,
and mother of Elizabeth Slegtenhorst, wife of
Nicholas William, son of Governor Stuyves-

Line of Gerrit Van ]'lict — Gerrit Van-
Vliet, probably the eldest son of Adrian and
Agatha, married Pieternelle, daughter of
Tennis Cornelissen Swart, of Albany, etc.,
and Elizabeth Van der Linde. Their children
were: Cornelia, bapt. August 28, 168 1; m.
Andries Davidsen. Agatha, born about 1683;
m. Marcus Van Bommel, of Poughkeepsie.
Tennis, bapt. July 19, 1685, died young. Eliz-
abeth, bapt. October 2, 1687; m. Nathaniel
Davenport, of Kingston. Jannetje, bapt. Oc-
tober 30, 1692; m. Lewis DuBois, of Pough-
keepsie. Geertje, bapt. November 11, 1694;
m. Christoffel Van Bommel, of Poughkeepsie,
one of the judges of the " Inferior Court of the
County of Dutchess." Neeltje, bapt. Febru-
ary 21, 1697; m. Johannes Ter Bos, of Fish-
kill. Arie Gerritse, bapt. March 26, 1699
[See next family]. Teunis. bapt. June 14,
1702; m. Sara, daughter of Evert Van Wag-
enen and Hillegond Van Heyningen. [For
his family see N. Y. G. & B. Record, 1891, p.
154]. Nelly (also Neeltje, perhaps originally
Pieternelle), presumed to be a daughter, m.
Christian DuBois, of Fishkill.

Gerrit Van Vliet was one of the petitioners
for a minister at Kingston, 1676. He settled
first at Marbletown, but removed to Fishkill,
probably about 1709. His name appears in
the first census of Dutchess county, in 1714,
with a family of eight persons. At that time
there were only sixty-seven heads of families
in the county. His sons, Arie and Teunis, sub-
scribed toward calling a minister for Pough-
keepsie and Fishkill in 1745. [Hist, of the
Reformed Church, Poughkeepsie.]

Adrian Van Vliet (" Arie Gerritse "), bapt.
March 26, 1699, m. Janneke, daughter of
Frederick Cloet, of Alban)' and Kingston, and
Francina Du Mont. Children: Nelly (Pieter-



nelle) m. Isaac Van Bunschoten; Francina in.
Petrus Low, of Poughkeepsie, and was dead in
1769; Garret, living 1792 (Dutchess county
deeds): Petrus, bapt. January i, 1737 [See next
family]; Tennis, bapt. October 7, 1740, m.
Lam.uetje Romeyn, 1762; Frederick, living
1792, m. Catharina Van de Water, I779-

Catharine Brett, of Fishkill, widow, sold,
31 August. 1726, to Adrian Van Vliet, of the
same place, yeoman, for ^'98, New York
money, a piece of land at a place called the
"Steen Vlackte. or Stony Plain," lying upon
Wappingers creek, "containing 80 acres and
noe more." It is found that, later, he owned
other lands adjoining this purchase. His will,
dated 27 September, 1769, was proved 3 July,
1778. and recorded in New York. He gives
all his estate, real and personal, to his wife
"Janakye," for life; then to be sold; and to
eldest son Garret ■•^25 and 'my gun;" to
daughter Nelly, wife of Isaac Van Bunschoten,
;^30; to the three children of deceased daugh-
ter I Francina). wife of Petrus Low, ^30; and
all the remainder among his four sons, equally:
Garret, Petrus, Teunis and Frederick, the first
three executors. Garret, Peter and Frederick
Van Vliet, and Peter Low. signed the " Revo-
lutionary Pledge" in 1775. in Poughkeepsie
Precinct. Garret and Petrus Van Vliet were
deacons in the Reformed Dutch Church, in
Poughkeepsie, and both first elected in 1778.
[Hist, of Ref. Church, Poughkeepsie.]

Petrus Van Vliet, son of Adrian and Jan-
neke, bapt. January i, 1737. m. Johanna,
daughter of Johannes Van Wormer,* of Al-
bany, and Engeltje, his wife, daughter of John
Concklin, of Poughkeepsie. Her tombstone,
at Fishkill Landing, says •• Hannah Van Vliet,
died March 4. 1S34, aged eighty-four years. "
Children: Engeltje (Angelica), afterward called
"Anne." bapt. April 6. 1766, d. May 18. 185 1;
m. first John Cromwell, second Peter Bogar-
dus. Jane. b. July 26. 1768. m. Jeremiah
Myers, of Fishkill. Johannes Van Wormer
(known as John), b. September 25, 1770 [See
next family]. Arie. b. July 20, 1773, m. a
Miss Borgardus, removed to Western New
York. Petrus, b. October 31, 1775. of Char-
lotte. Vt. [See farther on]. Garret, b. Decem-
ber 23, 1777. of Fishkill. d. December 27,
1843, unmarried. Alida, b. February 25,

•The will of Johannes Van Wormer. of .Albany. 23 October. ITSi.
proved 16 Ociober. 1T33. Dames wife Eneellje and three daughters.
Hannah. Alida and Marj. Executor?, his - beloved father" (inlaw),
John Concklin. and ■ beloved brother "■ (in lawi. Henry G.Living-
ston. The latter married Susanna Concklin: the Rev. Dr. John H.
Livingston was their son.

1780. m. William Higbee, removed to Ver-
mont. Francina (later Cynthia i, b. August i,
1782, m. Jacob Bartley, removed to Ver-
mont. Teunis removed to Vermont, then to
Canada, and finally to the West. Frederick
removed to Vermont, and later to Westfield,
N. Y. Christian, b. January 2i, 1790, m. (first)
Rachel Hough, of Ferrisburg. Vt.. and (second)
Maria Cromwell, of Fishkill. He lived sev-
eral years in \'ermont. but returned to Fishkill.
Gen. Stewart \"an Vliet, U. S. A. (grad. West
Point in 1840), is a son by his first wife [See
Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography] ;
and a son by his second wife was the late
Lieut. Frederick VanVliet, U. S. A.

John \'an Vliet, son of Petrus and Johanna
(or Hannah), b. September 25, 1770, d. in
Fishkill October 25, 1S47. He married Eliza-
beth Cromwell, b. February 25, 1769, d. May
17. 1837. Children: Rachel, b. November
27. 1793, d. January 1 1, 1874; m. Peter Brett,
of Fishkill. Peter, b. July 20, 1795, d. March

20. 1846; m. Phebe Rickey; line extinct.
Joseph Cromwell, b. April 24, 1797, d. May
27, 1803. Hannah, b. June 5, 1799, d. June 2,
1879, at Galesburg. IlL.m. Benjamin C. Weeks.
Cornelia, born June 19, 1801, d. October 6,
1886. at Matteawan: m. William Brett. John,
b. April 7, 1S03, of Fishkill, living, 1897: m.
(first) Hannah, daughter of Isaac Bogardus, and
(second) Henrietta Wiltsie; by his first wife he
had: Adelaide, d. young; Jacob Sebring, d.
young; Granville, of Low Point, m. Mary C.
Lounsbury. and has children; Amelia, d. March

21, 1877; Theodore, of Matteawan, m. Caro-
line Allen, and has children; Charles B. R.. d.
young; and Sarah Sebring. Benjamin Crom-
well, b. August 14, 1805, d. February 25,
1 85 1, of Poughkeepsie; m. first. Sarah A. Da-
kin, and, second. Persis Balding [See Russell
Genealogy]. Phebe Ann, b. September 7,
1807, d. ^Iarch 16, 1836; m. Dr. Roderick
Royce, of Monticello; no surviving issue. Syl-
vanus, b. March 5, 1810, d. April 8, 1889. of
Fishkill Landing; not married. William Henry,
b. February 18, 1S13, living 1897. at Fishkill;
m. Sarah A. Cromwell, and has children.
Cornelius Westbrook. b. October i. 1815, d.
April 10. 1889: of Birmingham. Conn.;m.
Eveline Hurst, and left children.

Peter Van Vliet. son of Petrus and Johanna,
born October 31, 1775, went to Vermont when
he became of age and settled at Charlotte,
near Burlington, where he died. September 18.
1853. He married Sarah Hough, and had



fifteen children, some still living. None of
these are connected with Dutchess county ex-
cept his son Aaron (Arie), b. December lO,
1804, who returned to Fishkill, where he set-
tled, and died March 4, 1839. He married
(first) Anne Catharine, daughter of Peter Bo-
gardus and Anne Van 'Vliel (no surviving
issue), and (second) Matilda, daughter of Peter
Brett and Rachel Van Vliet, by whom he had
one son, Benson Van Vliet, of Poughkeepsie.
Benson Van Vliet, born at Fishkill Landing,
August 22, 1837; m. October 12, i860, Kath-
arine B. Saxton. Children: Bertha, Annie,
Helena and Florence. He is business mana-
ger of Vassar College.

Line of Dirck Van Vliet — Dirck Van Vliet,
son of the first Adrian and Agatha, died in
Kingston in 1702. He married, April 23, 1685,
Anna, only surviving child of Andries Barent-
sen and Hilletje Hendricks, from Meppel, in
Drenthe, who arrived in the " Trouw, " in De-
cember, 1659. Andries was wounded in the
Indian attack on "Wiltwyck," in June, 1663,
and, dying soon after, his widow married Albert
Jansen Van Steenwyck. Anna was baptized
in Kingston, September 10, 1662. She long
survived her husband, and her Bible, printed
in 1629, is now in the possession of Henry R.
Van Vliet, of Clinton. Children: Arie (Ad-
rian), b. June 10, 1686. Hilletje, bapt. Janu-
ary I, 1688; m. Gysbert Peele, son of Paulus
Peele. Andries, bapt. November 5, 1691,
d. unmarried after 1722. Agatha, b. 1693;
m. Teunis, son of Adam Swart. Cornelia,
bapt. June 7, 1695; m. Matthew Edward
Thompson; he was still living when Kingston
was burned in 1777; his house, corner of John
and East Front streets, shared the common
fate; he rebuilt the house with the same walls,
and it stood until recently. Gerrit, bapt. July
4, 1697; d. young. Rachel, bapt. May 7, 1699;
m. Teunis, son of Cornelius Swart, cousin of
Agatha's husband; both nephews of the wife of
Gerrit Van Vliet. Dirck, bapt. January i,
I70i;m. Marritje Crispel; left one daughter.
Catharina, b. November 12, 1702, "between
1 1 and 12 o'clock."

Arie, or Adrian, Van Vliet was born in
Kingston, June 10, 1686, and was the ov\y
son of the first Dirck who left sons to carry
the name. He married, February 26, 171 1,
Gerritje, daughter of Cornelius Masten and
Elizabeth Van Wagenen. Cornelius was son
of John Marston (as he wrote his name), an
Englishman (of New York, and afterward one

of the patentees of Flushing), and Dievertje
Jans Van Langendyck, from St. Martins, in
North Holland. He was probably named for
Cornelius Wynkoop, who married his mother's
sister, Marritje, and settled in Kingston, where
Cornelius Masten also came to live. Adrian
and Gerritje had nine children: Anna Cath-
arina. b. June 30, 1 71 2, d. young. Elizabeth,
b. August 8, 1713; m. Gerrit Freer, of Ulster
county. Catharina, b. August i, 171 5, m.
William Wood, of Ulster county. Cornelius,
b. October 13, 1716, d. unmarried in 1764.
Marritje, b. February 17, 1718; m. her cousin,
Arthur Masten. Dirck, b. November 26, 1721,
of Clinton, Dutchess county [See farther on].
Johannes (twin), b. November 26, 1721, m.,
first, his cousin, Cornelia, daughter of Teunis
Swart and Agatha Van Vliet, and. second,
Seletje, daughter of Juriaan Snyder, and sister
of Col. Johannes Snyder, of the Revolutionary
army. Benjamin, b. May 20, 1723; m. Mach-
teld, daughter of John Ostrom. Anna. b.
April 5, 1726; m. John Ostrom, son of Roelof
Ostrom. Adrian Van Vliet, about 1740 to
1750, bought several parcels of land in Dutch-
ess county, mostly in the Nine Partners Pat-
ent, on which he settled his four sons. From
their new homes they could still see the Cats-
kill mountains, on which four generations of
the family had now looked. Cornelius and
Dirck remained where they settled, near
Pleasant Plains; but John soon returned to
Ulster county, where he settled on other
lands of his father, near the present Eddyville;
while Benjamin, about 1772. removed to the
Mohawk Valley, near Schenectady. Cornelius,
in his will, i June, 1763, proved 20 June,
1764, styles himself " of Charlotte Precinct, in
Dutchess County, gentleman," and besides
other bequests gives two nephews named for
him, each ^200.

Dirck Van Vliet, born November 26, 172 1,
settled in the present town of Clinton (then
Crumelbow, and afterward Charlotte Precinct),
where his great-grandson, Lewis Van \'liet,
now lives, and died there September 26. 1800.
He was buried in the Reformed Churchyard,
at Rhinebeck, of which Church he had been a
deacon. [Historical Address, by Rev. Dr.
Drury,] He married (first) December 21,
1 74 1, Rachel, daughter of Tjerck Van Keuren
and Marytjerl Ten Eyck, and great-grand-
daughter of Tjerck Claessen DeWitt, bapt.
February 18, 1722; by her he had one child,
Marytjen, bapt. August 8, 1742, who d. young.



He married (second) February i, 1754, Helena,
daughter of Johannes Weaver and Catharina
Elizabeth Denmarken (of Palatine families),
born July 24, 1733, and died in Clinton July
27, 1805; buried at Rhinebeck. Children:
Catharine, b. September 15, 1755. d. Septem-
ber 29, 1804; m. Col. John DeWitt, son of
Capt. Petrus DeWitt, of Wittmount and
Rocksdale, in Staatsburg, and Rachel Rad-
cliff. Gerritje, b. April 15, 1757; m. Abraham
Freligh, and removed, after the Revolution, to
Frelighsburg, Lower Canada. Anna, b. Feb-
ruary 10, 1759; m. (first) Denis Relyea, Jr.
(of Huguenot descent), and (second) William
Brink, and removed to Broome county. Cor-
nelius, b. December 21, 1760, of Clinton [See
farther on]. Elizabeth, b. October 20, 1762;
m., first, Benjamin, brother of Denis Relyea,
and, second, Conrad Sharpe, and removed to
Chenango county. Helena, b. August 19. 1764;
m. Ebenezer Babcock, of Poughkeepsie. John,
b. July 2, 17C6, d. at Odelltown, Lower Can-
ada. September, 1851; m. Helena, daughter
of Charles Traver and Jemima Garrison. Rich-
ard (Dirck), b. June 23, 1768, d. at Schodack
December 9, 1841; m. Sarah Masten. Lydia,
b. March 18, 1770, d. July 3, 1828; m. Jacob
Sleight, of Clinton. Mary, b. September 17,
1773. d. April 13, 1839; m. Henry Sleight, of
Clinton. Henry, b. July 9, 1775; m. Mary
Seaman; removed to .Aurora, Erie county.

When the Revolution came, and every man
was expected to choose one side or the other,
many respectable, law-abiding men were not
ready for extreme measures. The list of
those classed as " Loyalists " shows the names
of some members of most of the best families
in all the Colonies, and the greater number of
these were men who, honestly differing in
opinion, took no active part, and wished as
well for their country as did the other party.
Yet they suffered banishment or confiscation,
or both, rather than do what they considered
wrong. One of this class was Dirck Van-
Vliet. He had held an office, and had taken
the oath of allegiance to "the Crown." Now
when asked to take the oath of allegiance to
tne newly-constituted government, he said
"he could not break his oath." Then he was
required to retire within the I^ritish lines, and
did so. He remained in banishment on Long
Island five years, "without seeing one of his
family," as a grandson, in Canada, records.
Sabine, in his "American Loyalists," states
that he was permitted to return "on the peti-

tion of Whigs, " in 17S4. The names of some
of these are known. They believed his banish-
ment as needless as it was cruel. He escaped
confiscation, and so fared better than many
others. While some of his descendants may
wish his record had been different at this time,
they may feel somesatisfaction in contemplat-
ing his character, as a man who was willing to
suffer rather than do what he thought was

Cornelius Van Vliet, son of Dirck and
Helena, born in Clinton. December 21, 1760,
died there February 7, 1848. He settled near
his father, just east of Pleasant Plains Church.
He married (first) Helena, daughter of Jost
Garrison and Magdalena Van Dyck, born March
12, 1757, died June 10, 1801. Among her
ancestors are the names of De Groot, Montross,
Van Dyck. of New York, and Van Egmont, of
Albany. He married (second) Susanna, daugh-
ter of Epenetus Piatt, of New Milford. and
Susanna Mervyn, born August 25, 1762, died
January 23. 1852. He had nine children by
his first wife, and one by his second, viz. : Cor-
nelius, b. February 10, 1783; of Staatsburg
[See next family]. Levi, b. Januarj' 6, 1786;
of Clinton [See farther on]. Rachel, b. April
30. 1788, d. March 15, 1810, unmarried.
John, b. December 3, 1789 [See farther on].
Elizabeth, b. December 15, 1791. d. July 13.
1795. William Benthouse, b. September 27,

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