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Commemorative biographical record of New Haven county, Connecticut, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settled families .. online

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Online LibraryJ.H. Beers & CoCommemorative biographical record of New Haven county, Connecticut, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settled families .. → online text (page 141 of 204)
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a few months of his death. He held many important
offices, among them that of deputy to General Court
from 1641 to 1661, and he was the first treasurer of
New Haven Colony, serving until his death. He
was active in religious affairs, and served as deacon
of the First Church. Of his four children, all bom
and baptized in Bewdley, England, one died there
while young, but the other three accompanied the
parents to New England. They were as follows:

( 1 ) Jdlm, baptized July 25, 1630, died Jan. 19, 1636.

(2) Helena, baptized Dec. 23, 1632, married Oct. 29,
! 1650, Lieut. Col. John Talcott, of Hartford, Conn.,
j and died June 22, 1674. On Nov. 9, 1676. Lieut.

Col. Talcott married Mary Cook, daughter of Rev.
John Cook, of New Haven, and he died July 23.
1688. (3) Samuel, baptized June 7, 1635. died at
Fairfield, Conn., March 8, 1692. (4) Elizabeth, bap-
tized Sept. 16, 1638, married Sanniel Kitchell. of
Newark, N. J. (born in 1633, died April 20, 1690),
March 11. 1636-57.

Rev. Samuel Wakeman, son of John, tlie emi-
grant, was educated at Har\-ard College, which he
left in 1655. He settled at Fairfield, Conn., where
on Sept. 30, 1665, he was ordaiined, becoming the
second pastor in that town. His death occurred
there March 8, 1692. On Oct. 29, 1656, he mar-
ried Hannah Goodyear, daughter of Gov. Stephen
Goodyear, of New Haven. Their eight children
were: Samuel, born Oct. 12, 1657, died in 1691;



John, lx>rn in 1659, died Feb. 15, 1709; Ebenezer,
born in 1668, died in 1690; Joseph, born in 1670,
died Dec. 5, 1726; Jabez, born in 1678, died Oct. 8,
1704; Mary, who married ^Michael Ckigstone ; Ann,
who married Abraham Howell, a major of a regi-
ment in Suffolk county, L. I., in 1700; and Eliza-
beth, wife of Albert Denny. After the death of Rev.
Wakeman, his widow married Xathanicl Burr, and
she died in 1721.

Capt. John W'akeman, son of Rev. Samuel, born
in 1659. was a prominent man in the Colony of
Connecticut, and was appointed deputy to the Gen-
eral Court from Fairfield, serving twenty-three
sessions — 1690- 1706. He was appointed commis-
sioner in 1695, 1696 and 1697, also justice of Fair-
field in 1698, and many times thereafter. In IMay,
1697, he was appointed lieutenant, and in May,
1704 and 1705, was apjxtinted captain. On April
24, 1687, he married Martha HulAcll. daugliter of
Richarci and Elizabeth Ilubbell. Martha Wakeman
died June 5, 1710, and her husband died Feb. 5,
1709, leaving an estate of i.ooo pounds. Their
children, all born in Fairfield, were: Helena, born
Aug. 24, 1689, died Feb. 12, 1710-11: Ann, born
March 24, 1692: Samuel, born Feb. 24. 1693, died
Oct. 19, 1771 ; Elizabeth, born June i, 1695. died in i
1737; Martha, born Sept. 24, 1700, married Israel
Chauncey, son of Rev. Charles Chauncey, Feb. 2,
1720-1 : Stephen, born Oct. 15. 1702, died in 1761-
2; and John, born Aug. 27, 1705, died in 1789-90.

Stephen Wakeman, son of Capt. John Wake- '
man, was married in Fairfield, Conn., April 28, 1727,
to Rebecca Morehouse, a daughter of Daniel More- I
house. She was l)aptized Feb. "24, 1712, and
died in 1762. Stephen Wakeman died in 1801.
Their children, all born in Fairfield, were:
Sarah, born March 15, 1728. died June 11. 1728;
David, baptized Jan. 11, 1730, died in 1813-14;
Daniel, born April 6, 1732: Eunice, born Jan. 31,
1-35, died Jan. 29, 1765, married Xathan Hill, July |
3. '735' the latter born Oct. 9, 1731, a son of John |
and Esther (Bradley) Hill; Squier, born June 29,
1738; Stephen, born Xov. 19, 1740, died May 7,
1744; James, born March 19. 1743, died about April
I7'»8; Stephen (2), born Oct. 27,. 1745, died about
April. 1768: Sarah, born Jan. 26, 1748, died April
26. 1779. married, Nov. 11, 1772. John Alvord (he
was born July 11, 1750, and died July 3, 1845 ) I and
Noah, born Nov. 28, 1751, died Nov. 5, 1777.

David Wakeman. son of Stephen Wakeman,
was born in Fairfield, and until 1757-58, he re-
mained in his native town, and then removed to
Xcw Fairfield, and there settled on land inherited
from his father and grandfather. On ^lay 9, 1775,
he. enlisted in the Colonial army, in Capt. Beards-
ley's company, of Xew Fairfield, Conn., under Major
TafTord of the 5th regiment. He was discharged in
October, 1775. after a term of service chiefly along
the upper Hudson. When he and John Hendrick
returned from the war, they first stopped at the

home of the latter, but finding no one there, went
across lots to the Wakeman homestead. There
they found a pleasant party, Mrs. Hendrick helping
Mrs. Wakeman spin yarn, and the young people in
the field with Jeremiah Wakeman harvesting buck-
wheat. I'rior to enlisting in the spring, David had
prepared a number of his fieUls for corn, but Jere-
miah, knowing it would be impossible to cultivate
so much land in that cereal, placed part of it in buck-
wheat. Although David did not literally leave his
plow in the furrow to answer to the call of duty,
he left his fields unplanted and his farm neglected.
During the bitter struggle which followed, the two
families (W'akeman and Hendrick) helped each
other, the girls working in the fields as well as the
boys, while the men were away on the field of battle.
On Feb. 17, 1754, in Fairfield, David Wakeman
married Mary E. Jennings, a daughter of Jeremiah
and Elizabeth (Coley) Jennings, of Fairfield, Conn.
The children born of this union were : Twins born
in Fairfielfl in April, 1756, of whom Jeremiah died
in Xew Fairfield in the spring of 1801 ; Mary, bap-
tized Sept. 5, 1762, married David Gilbert, of Ridge-
field, Conn.; Sarah, born alx)ut 1774. in Xew Fair-
field, married in 1793, Thomas Ludington, of
Dutchess Co., N. Y. ; David ; Eunice, born about
1778, married John Treadwell, of Danbury, Conn.
David Wakeman. the father, died in 1813-14.

Jeremiah Wakeman, son of David Wakeman,
served in the Revolutionary war as a private in
Capt. Hickox's company, Third Regiment, Conn.
Light Horse, under ^lajor Starr, enlisting at Dan-
bury, Aug. 20, 1780, and was honorably discharged
Jan. I, 1781. His regiment was one of the four
organized in May, 1776, from the twenty-four
troops of Light Horse then in existence. When his
father, David Wakeman, returned from service, he
was too exhausted to assist in gathering the crops,
and at first was not willing that the young man
should enter the service, fearing the effect of the
hardships upon him. Still, when he realized the
need for good, brave men, he consented, and lived
to see Jeremiah become a gallant soldier, and give
longer service to his country than he himself had
been able to give. In 1781-83 Jeremiah married
Phtebe Hendrick, daughter of John Hendrick, of
Xew Fairfield, Conn., fomierly of Fairfield. Phcebe
was born Xov. 14, 1754, and died April 3. 1836, in
Ridgefield, Conn. After her hu.sband's death she
married, in 1820, Xehcmiah Keeler, of Ridgefield.
The children of Jeremiah \\'akeman were: Eunice
married Aaron FMatt, of Weston, Conn.. March 27,
1819; Martha, born in 1793, married in the fall of
181 1, Hezekiah Wellman, of X'ew p-airfield. Conn.,
and died Feb. 22, 1819 (he was born March 26,
1789, and died Sept. 15, 1865) ; Marv died June
13. 1813.

Martha (Wakeman) Wellman had a daugh-
ter. I'lxebe, torn June 17. 1817. who marrie

Online LibraryJ.H. Beers & CoCommemorative biographical record of New Haven county, Connecticut, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and of many of the early settled families .. → online text (page 141 of 204)