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HE importance of placing in book form biographical history of rep-
resentative citizens — both for its immediate worth and for its value
to coming generations — is admitted In- all thinking people; and with-
in the past decade there has been a growing interest in this commend-
able means of perpetuating biography and family genealogy.

That the public is entitled to the privileges afforded by a work of this
nature needs no assertion at our hands; for one of our greatest Americans
has said that the history of any country resolves itself into the biographies
of its stout, earnest and representative citizens. This medium, then, serves
more than a single purpose; while it perpetuates biography and family gen-
ealogy, it records history, much of which would be preserved in no other way.
In presenting the Commemorative Biographical Record to its patrons,
the publishers have to acknowledge, with gratitude, the encouragement and
support their enterprise has received, and the willing assistance rendered in
enabling them to surmount the many unforeseen obstacles to be met with in
the production of a work of this character. In nearly every instance the
material composing the sketches was gathered from those immediately in-
terested, and then submitted in type-written form for correction and revision.
The volume, which is one of generous amplitude, is placed in the hands of
the public with the belief that it will be found a valuable addition to the
library, as well as an invaluable contribution to the historical literature of the
State of Wisconsin.




Acker, Marvin W 585

Adams, John W 559

Alirens, Otto E 458

Alaxon, Edwin 315

Alaxon, Knut 315

Alexander, Rev. Walter S 625

Allen, Charles W 27

Allen, Nathan 27

Allen, Nathan R 26

Andrewson, Christian 163

Andsion Family 219

Apple, Hon. Adam 40

Apple, Charles E 41

Apple. Harry 41

Arnold, John 175

Asby, William 311

Bailey, Hon. Alexander 104

Bailey Family 104

Bain, Edward 394

Baker, George R 401

Baker, John R 421

Baker, Myron A 55

Baker, Robert H 23

Baldw'in, James G 131

Barnes, Mrs. Clara P 411

Barrows, Alvin 510

Barrows, Mrs. Clarissa 511

B^ssett, Mrs. Adeline F 591

Bassett, Edgar 625

Bassett, George 626

Bassett, Reuben L 581

Bassett, Volney L 591

Bayley Family 181

Bayley, Herbert 181

Beardsley, Ezra 207

Becker, Dr. Bernard A 589

Becker, Peter 606

Beecher, Gustavns A 180

Beinier, Henry G 432

Beimer, Rudolph 432

Belden, Hon. Ellsworth B 48

Belden, Hon. Philo 22

Benson, Mrs. Elizabeth 427

Benson, Elliott C 426

Bever, Michael 319

Bevins, Arthur N 636

Bierce, Rev. Daniel E 625

Billings, Edward T 331


Bird, Walter B 164

Bishop, Isaac T 323

Blakey, John S 172

Blood, Alvin H 597

Bloss, Ward 539

Bolton, James 363

Bones, Benjamin R 317

Booth, George H 416

Botf ford, Ahiru F 551

Brehm, Bernard 127

Brook, James 223

Brower, William B 428

Brown, Charles C 572

Brueggeman, Frank H 391

Bryant, James 5S0

Buchan, Edwin 166

Buckmaster. Albert E 168

Buell Family 576

Buell, Fred J 5/6

Buell, Thomas W 576

Bull, Frank K 27

Bull, Silas H 557

Bull. Stephen i

Bull. Wakely T 396

Bullamore, Henry L 256

Burfeind, William F 257

Burroughs, Eben 596

Buttles, Elijah T 310

Buttles, Mrs. Nancy E 310

Cadwell. Rev. Christopher C 621

Caley, Henry 613

Calkins, Orla M 235

Callaghan, John J 414

Callender, John 456

Callender, William J ......456

Cape, James, Jr 78

Carswell, Charles N 454

Case, Henry C 328

Case, Jackson 1 59

Case, Hon. Jerome 1 2

Cavanagh, James 232

Chandler, James G 31

Choak, Charles 380

Christien. Joseph M 299

Clausen, John 392

Clemons Family 326

Clemons, Ward C 606

Clergymen, The Pioneer 620




Collar, Deacon Daniel N 4^9

Collier. Joshua Z 51-2

Colville. Rev. George M., D. D 625

Connolly, (Patrick H 67

Cooper, Archibald 21 1

Cooper, Hugh R 212, 322

Corwin, Rev. Eli, D. D 625

Co.x, Francis 158

Crabb, Odle L 213

Crane. John W 307

Crane, William 546> 553

Crane, William A 240

Cunningham, Matthew 222

Curtis, Cyrus A 409

Curtis, G. Harry 574

Curtis, Philo 408

Curtiss. Hon. Walker M' 448

Cutting. Andrew J 611

Dabbs, William G 308

Daniels, Anton 390

Daniels, Nicholas 374

Darbv. Henry C, M. D 412

Dardis, H. Gene 117

Davidson, Joseph F 58

Davies, John P 208

Davis Family 331

Dearsley, John W 532

DeVnyst. Abraham 643

Dexter, Hon. Walter L 116

Dingee, William W 66

Dixon, Joseph E 403

Dow, William C 182-

Dowse. James C 148

Drake. William H 388

Dunkirk. John 437

Dunnebacke, Ferdinand 603

Dytr, Judge Charles E 459

Earlv Settlers of Racine County 461

Eastman. J. Russell :M. D 5^8

Edwards. Hugh R 332

Emerson Family 152

Emerson, Thomas J 152

English, John J 95

Erskine, Massena B 273

Esmond, James 546

Essmann, Theodore H 451

Evans, Dr. Christmas E 438

Evans, Dr. Evan R 598

Evans. John 371

Faulkner, George W 604

Feldshan. Frederick C .375

Fennell, John 503

Feuerer. Pious 547

Findlay. Charles M 373

Fink. Eugene 540

Fisher, Frederick 176

Fisher. William F 178

Flegel. Albert L 71

Foltz. Charles G 140

Fol well. John H 602

Fonk, John 263


Foote, Rev. Hiram 622

Foster, Julian A., Sr 348

Foxwell, John 102

Fratt, George N 43

Fratt, Hon. Nicholas D 278

Frost, Charles N 352

Frost Family 352

Gaines, Harvey B 640

Garnetz, August W 287

Gehr, Rev. George F 558

Gittings, Christopher C 70

Gittings, John T 612

Gittins, Elmer E I39

Gleeson, Bartholomew 382

Goodland, Walter S 51

Goold, John F 49

Gould, Myron A 563

Graham, Charles L 525

Graham, Owen P 410

Gray, James H 123

Greeley, Horace C 333

Grenier, George W 288

Griffiths, Thomas P no

Gunder.son, Gouty 150

Gunter, Charles 615

Gunter, William 615

Hale F'amily 250

Hale, George 250

Hale, Myron H 252

Hallock, William H 297

Halter, Henry 198

Hansen, Thomas 284

Hansen, Valdemar 521

Hanson, Dr. William C 541

Harbridge, Frederick 44

Harcus, Adam H 347

Harden, Delbert 354

Harden. Theodore 353

Hartnell, Frank G 368

Hartnell, John 368

Harvey, William J 129

Hanmersen. Frederick H 62

Hausner, Christof 528

Hausner, John W 529

Haven, Wiltsie S 146

Hay, John S 413

Hay. Thomas 155

Head. Eugene R 372

Head, George D 96

Heck, Judge Max W 60

Heg, Ole sn

Hegeman, Louis 590

Heidbrink. Dr. Jay A 627

Heidersdorf. Christian 255

Henningfeld. Louis 542

Herzog, George H 608

Hewitt, Benjamin F 169

Hewitt, Mrs. Louisa M 170

Higgins, Michael, Jr 136

Hildebrand. Andrew 79

Hilker, Adolph 280

Hilker, Adolph \V 280

Hilker, William 272




Jlinchliffe, Tom 316

liockiiig, James N 537

Hocking, Josiah 5^5

Hocking, Miss Prudence M 525, 538

Hoffman, Martin L 424

Hogenson, Christopher 420

Holhster. Homer T 618

Holloway, Morris W 538

Holton Family 75

Hood, William C 247

Hoyt Family 269

Hpyt, Franklin E 269

Hoyt, William E 268

Huck, Matliias 113

Hueffner, Ernst J 22

Humphrey, Rev. Zephaniah jSI 623

Hunter, Adam 327

Hunter, Mrs. Charlotte 328

Hurd, James 405

Hurn, David 197

Hutchins, Rev. Charles J 624

Hyde, Henry H 63

Jacobs, Rev. Theodore 184

Jasperson, Orlando A 643

Johnson, Charles K 203

Johnson, Charles 286

Johnson Family 200

Johnson, Halvor K 242

Johnson, Henry F 233

Johnson, John F 204

Johnson, Joseph C 545

Johnson, Samuel C 200

Jones Family 35°

Jones, Richard 262

Jordan, Henry F 141

Jorgensen, Dr! Palle P. M 39°

Kaltenbach, Louis E., D. D. S 119

Karcher, .\dam 436

Kehlor, John M 64

Killeen, John A 146

Kimball, Roger N 637

Klein, Francis G 265

Kolander, Frederick W 550

Kradwell, Gustave V 579

Krenzke, Charles 587

Krichbaum, Joseph E 326

Kruckman, August H 427

Kupfer, William M 291

Lane, Capt. Theodore 132

Lawton, IDavid 236

Leber, John 514

Lee, Charles H 115

Leet, George F 253

Leonard. Harry J 632

Leonard, Peter F 632

Lewjs, Arthur W 536

Lewis, William H 535

Lichtier, George 362

Lintner, Frank 567

Litzenberger, Charles 4.34

Loescher, Mathias 534


Lothrop, Jason 156

Lugg, James 397

Lund, Jacob C 581

Lytle, Henry 143

McBeth, Daniel 174

McBeth, Mrs. Elizabeth A 369

McBeth, John 369

AlcCanna, Charles B 68

McCarron, George B 633

McCarron, Jeremiah 634

jNJcFarland, David E 555

AIcManus, Charles 165

McNeil, Charles D 94

McQuarrie, Frank 507

Malone, Edward 600

^lalsch, Fredrick 211

JNIarlatt, Walter T 566

Ma.xwell, Eltner A 160

Maxwell, Hon. Walter S 160

Mayer, Joseph A 441

Meachem, John G., M. D 38

Meadows, George 357

Meadows, Hon. William 245

Mealy, Mrs. Alice M 444

Mealy, Patrick 444

;\Ieredith, Charles E 501

Meyer, Rev. Theodore B 192

Miles, Herbert E 281

Miller, Frank J 74

Miller, Joseph 72

Miller, Joseph F 75

Miller, W. Henry 46

Moeller. John \ 604

Mohr. Charles J 513

Mohr, Jacob 54

Monaghan, John 388

Moore Family 506

Moore, Col. Webster P 504

Morey, Darius J 124

Moth, Robert H 393

Movie, John F 114

Moyle, Dr. Thomas F 616

Mungen, Matthias 383

Murdoch, John 439

Murdoch, William M 440

M urphy, James 300

Murray, James H 295

Mutter, James 122

IMutter, James W 599

Mutter, Robert .• 87

Alyrick Family 320

Myrick, Mead O .320

Myriip, Mars 213

Nelson, Hans P 264

Nelson, Ole 258

Nelson, Peter B 112

Newell, Frank F.. M. D 592

Newell, George E., M. D 561

Newell, Henry B., M. D 336

Newman, Hiram 154

Nichols, Rev. Cyrus 620




Nickerson, Rev. Charles S., D. D 625

Nims, F. H 147

Nisen, Michael 126

Noble, John 446

Noll, Louis, Sr 215

Northrop. Byron B 31

Northriip, Osro S 243

O'Laughlin, John 593

Orvis, Charles W 520

Orvis Family 450

Orvis, Miss Flora B 521

Oversen, Andrew 547

Overson, Henry M 227

Ozanne, Lawrence E 351

Ozanne, Peter 351

Paddock, Alva 422

Palmer, Walter C Zl6

Park, Linus H 42

Parker Families 67, 348

Parker, Frederick 191

Patterson, Albert 345

Peacock, Arthur H 376

Peacock, George W 338

Pearce, John P 128

Peat. Richard 229

Perkins, Edward D 135

Petersen, George C 441

Peterson, Halvor N 292

Pettit, O'ssian M 276

Pfeiffer, John P 529

Pfennig, Charles C 569

Pfister, Fred 149

Phillips, Charles 594

Pierce, Alzo B 560

Pierce, Andrew J 29

Pierce, Joshua 138

Puerce, William 138

Pioneer Clergyman, The 620

Pirsch. George R 629

Pirsch, John B 629

Pirsch, Nicholas 628

Powles, Henry G 90

Powles, William 532

Prasch, Frank J 573

Puffer, Kneelon C 443

Pugh, William H 279

Purvis, William R 271

Racine County, Early Settlers of 461

Ramsden. John 139

Rasch. Gustave C 312

Rasmussen, Matt A 626

Reesmann. Henry 17S

Renier, Clarence E 144

Reynolds, Samuel 106

Reynolds, William F 631

Richards. Clarence J 24, 47

Richards, Griffith 304

R'ipley, Everett W 619

Ripley, George H., M. D 75

Ritter. Hiram 159

Robbins, Herbert E 518

Roberts, Robert F 544


Robinson, Dwight 499

Robinson, Mrs. Frances S 500

Robinson, Frederick 34

Robinson, Hon. Frederick 56

Robinson, Rev. Henry D., D. D 30

Robinson, Richard T 39

Rogers, Zophar 344

Rooker, Joseph C 502

Rowntree Family 238

Rowntree, George W 238

Rowntree. James C 289

Runkel, John P 607

Russell, Andrew J 296

Russell, Jarrres 447

Russell, R.ichard 445

Ryan, Dr. Charles C 394

Rygh, Carl J 218

Rygh, Mrs. Ellen A 219

Sage, Miss Emma M 82

Sage Family 80

Sage. Sidney A 82

Sage, Stephen H 80

Sanders, Kirs. Eunice 70

Sanders. Horace T 69

Schaeffer. Jacob P 343

Scherf. .^nton 399

Schiefen. Rev. John H 570

Schlax, John H 433

Schlax, Peter 402

Schlegel, Leonard 335

Schmitt, Peter 457

Schnederman, Edward H 316

Schreck. Frederick R 568

Schroeder, Frederick C 610

Schweitzer. Charles T 53

Sears, William 439

Secor, Martin M '84

Scngbusch. Frederick J 565

Shephard. Wesley 638

Shields. George A 634

Shumway, Walter G 406

Simmons, Ezra 6

Simmons, Gilbert M 224

Simmons, Gilbert ]\L, Library 224

Simmons, Samuel S 554

Simmons, Hon. Zalmon G 6

Smieding. Jud.ge William, Jr 103

Smieding, William, Sr 46

Smith, Arthur D 509

Smith, Frank F 365

Smith, Frank J 641

Smith, Hirain J 134

Smith, Rufus 364

Snyder. Clarence 628

Sorenson, Soren C 642

Spear. Hugh S 277

Spencer Family 356

Spencer. James E 355

Spiegelhoff. Erwin 614

Spillum. George 82

Spra,gue Family 349

Stanbridge. William .^09

Stanley, William J 635




Starlmck, Frank \V 120

Steljbins, James M 260

Steinmetz, Martin 387

Stevens Family °l

Stevens, Frank E., M. D 61

Stevens. John L 88

Stocker, Bradley H 524

Stoel, William N 452

Stone, Dr. George W., Jr 355

Stone, Dr. George W., Sr 209

St. Patrick's Church Society 99

Sturges, Benjamin 86

Summers. Joseph W 293

Swantz, Fred W 4i8

Swenson, Richard B 53°

Tate, William R 267

Thelen, Nicholas C 435

Thiers, Edward C 34

Thiers, Louis M 226

Thronson, Bartholomew C 171

Tiedemann. Peter 52

Timnie, Henry H 303

Tilley, Henry 526

Titus, Alonzo S 552

Toner, Charles 302

Topp, Albert J 504

Torrev. James P 55°

Trant" Family 98

Trant, Rev. Stephen Dean 98

Turnock, James H 384.

Udell, Lathrop A 568

Upson Family 378

Upson, Salmon E 378

Van Alstine, James J 381

Van Arsdale. William 630

Veitch, Dr. John H 38S

Vincent, Dow J 639

Voorhees. Elias S m

Vos, Frank H 503

Vyvyan, Henry 453

Vyvyan, John 51°

Wadsworth, John 339


Walker, Mortimer E 118

Walker, Robert M 5I7

Wallis, George 455

Wallmann, George F 121

Ward, Lorenzo C I94

Washburn. Charles H 418

Weber, Adolph 583

Wells, Frank L 45

Wendt, Frank 531

Wentworth, John T 65

Wentworth. Hon. John T 21

Werve, Mathias 248

West, Benjamin 370

West, George 33°

West, George A 331

West, Thomas 234

Whitcher. Charles H 584

White, Joshua H 361

Wicks, Frank B 609

Wieners, Joseph, Sr 508

Wigley. David P lOO

Wiherton. Charles H 359

Willett, George P 522

Willev, John R 400

Willey, Sanniel 400

Williams, Daniel 366

Williams Family 196

Williams, Henry 252

Williams, Henry C 162

Williams, John G I95

Williams, Lewis C 548

Williams, Thomas L 168

Williamson. Capt. Halvor 217

Wilmore, William J 386

Wonhington, Francis E 34i

Wright, Edwin E 407

Wustum, Charles A 76

Wustum Family 76

Yule, George 36

Yule, George A 38

Yule, John T 283

Zimmermann, Henry E 360

t. /t^£^'t - t_-/



STEPHEN BULL, one of the pioneer residents and business men of Ra-
cine, Wis., residing at No. 119 Eleventh street, is a well-known capitalist of
the city, having large investments in real estate and various business concerns.
Although now living retired, in spite of his eighty-four years he is a vigorous
man, of mental strength and activity, and has been a resident of Racine since
1845. He was born in Scipio. Cayuga Co., N. Y., March 14, 1822, son
of DeGrove and Amanda M. (Crosby) Bull, natives of New York.

DeGrove Bull, the father of Stephen Bull, was a farmer, and came to Wis-
consin about 1846, locating in Raymond township, Racine county, w^here he
spent the remainder of his life engaged in farming. His death occurred in his
seventy-second year, while his widow survived him until 1880, when she passed
away, aged eighty-four years. They had eleven children, six of whom are
still living: Mrs. Sally Fish, deceased, was the wife of Ira Fish; Jeanette,
widow of Thomas Gage, resides in -Racine : George is deceased ; Stephen ;
Clarissa, deceased, was the wife of Robert Dilly: Lydia A. is the widow of J.
L Case: Daniel is deceased; Caroline is the widow of Lorenzo Waite, of Ra-
cine: Wakely T. is of Racine: James is deceased: and Charles H., formerly a
farmer of the town of Mount Pleasant, now lives retired in Rac'nie.

Stephen Bull started out in life for himself when a boy of ten years, his
first employment being the driving of a horse in front of a team of oxen which
were plowing. He worked on the farm until eighteen years of age. and went
to school during the winter seasons to the old subscription schools, at the time
that the teachers boarded from bouse to house. From the farm Mr. Bull went
to New York City, where he clerked in a grocery store, and in 184^ came to
Wisconsin, locating in Racine for one year. He then removed to \\'^alworth
county and settled in Spring Prairie, where he operated a general store and re-
mained about ten years. Li 1857 he returned to Racine and has remained here
ever since. On locating in Racine he entered the employ of his brother-in-law,
T. L Case, and so remained until 1863. when the employe became a member of
the firm. Mr. Case and Mr. Bull continued together until the former's death.
At that time the firm name was known as J. L Case & Co.. but in 1872 the
T. L Case Threshing Machine Company was established. Mr. Case being the
first president. On his death Mr. Stephen Bull became president, and the
presidency has passed down to Mr. Frank K. Bull, Mr. Steven Bull's son, who
is the companv's present president. From the time of Mr. Case's death until
1897 Mr. Stephen Bull was this company's able president,' and it was largely


through his foresight and good management that the success of the firm has
been so marked. Mr. BuU was also president of The 2\Iihvaukee Harvester
Company for twenty years.

Stephen Buh has been a stockholder in the Manufacturers National Bank
.since 1872, of which Mr. Case was the first president, being succeeded l^y Mr.
M. B. Erskine, whi) in turn was succeeded by ^Nlr. Bull, who held that office
-until Jan. i, 1904, when he resigned.

On June 7, 1849, Mr. Bull married Miss Ellen C. Kellogg, of White
Pigeon, Mich., daughter of A. B. and Rhoda (Lawrence) Kellogg. She died
IMarch 27, 1880. There were seven children born to this union: One son
■died \\hen three months old; Ida R., who married H. W. Conger, lives in San
"Francisco, Cal. ; Frank K., president of the J. I. Case Threshing Machine
Co., married Miss Arabella Jones, of Milwaukee; Jeanette married Richard
T. Robinson, and they live in Racine; Lillian M. married Frederick Robinson;
Herbert died at the age of twenty-three years; and Bessie ]\I. married A.
.Arthur Guilbert.

Among the heads of the prominent families of Racine, none is more con-
spicuous that is j\Ir. Stephen Bull. The great benefits to the community that
have come from the institutions and enterprises with which he has been con-
nected can hardly be estimated. Their influence will continue to be felt as long
as the city stands, hundreds of families having been sustained and deriving
benefit therefrom. The name of Mr. Bull will endure, and cannot be eff^aced
from the history of the city and county. The fame of such men should be
written not for a brief moment, but as an everlasting example worthy of emu-
lation. Notwithstanding his strenuous life, Mr. Bull is noted for his genial
disposition and affable manner, and he has hosts of friends in all classes.

HON. JERO^IE I. CASE (deceased) was undoubtedly the most re-
markable of the many strong characters who came to Racine county in pio-
neer days. In his own line, as a manufacturer, he was foremost among the
most successful in the world. Yet the influence of his success was not so
much on manufacturing interests as on agricultural interests, and especially
on the developing farming lands of Wisconsin. The use of the wonderful
machines he improved or invented has spread until they are known in almost
every agricultural region on the earth, but Wisconsin had the first benefit
of these products of his genius. Thus the limitations of poverty are not
always prejudicial. In the struggling days of his early manhood he was
obliged to use the facilities at hand for the fulfillment of his ambitions, and
he likewise chose the field nearest at hand, in which to introduce his first
attempts at improved farm machinery. This was one manifestation of a trait
\vhich always predominatefl in his character. He never wasted his energies
looking for something particularly worthy of his efforts, or rejected imme-
diate opportunities for those that looked better because their disadvantaees
were less apparent at a distance. He did the work that lav nearest to him,
with the facilities available, and. like many another modest but aspiring spirit,
found that when ambition and industry go hand in hand the road to success
cannot be closed against them. His particular road to success mav well be
compared with the roads of his adopted State. \\'hen he came to Wisconsin
the pioneers of this section were still making their wav through the dense
forests by means of blazed trails, the beginnings of the fine roads which now


tra\'erse the country. So he started his career in a practically untried field,
making- slow progress at first, with the uncertainty of first steps. But no man
ever came to realize more fully than he that "nothing succeeds like success."
His interests broadened with the years until the road was so wide and well
laid that it afforded room for many besides the man who unconsciously laid
out a great highway to prosperity for so many of his fellowmen.

Mr. Case did much for his fellowmen in other ways, though of course
;he building up of the great J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company may justly
be considered his most important work, especially from a material standpoint.
He was essentially a business man, hut the executive ability which was so
manifest in the management of his own affairs enabled him to gi\e, time
to other things. As a leading business man of Racine he was naturally con-
cerned in the advancement of the city, but his interest was not a selfish one.
He gave of his means and influence to the furtherance of every good cause,
and as an official gave considerable time and personal attention to the proper
management of civil affairs at a period when a progressive but wiselv c()n-
servative leader was much needed. He was the object of appreciative regarn
among the best element of the citizens of Racine and his business associates
and employes had the utmost respect for him as a man, inspired l.iy manv vears
of congenial association.

Mr. Case was the product of old New England stock, of English de-
scent, his first ancestor in America being one of four brothers who came hither
from England in Colonial days. He himself was a native of New York
State, born Dec. 11, 1818. in \\'illiamstown, Oswego county, of which county
his parents, Caleb and Deborah (Jackson) Case, were pioneers, having moved
thither from Rensselaer county, same State. These hardy people cleared a
farm from the woods, the sons assisting in the work, which was arduous and
apparently never-ending. Jerome I., though the youngest son, had his share.
He received such education as the local schools afforded, but as the country
^vas sparsely settled school was held only for a few weeks in the year, and
the instruction was elementary. Thus he continued, helping at home and
attending- school, until he was about sixteen, at which he practically began
the work to which he devoted his life. At that time his father secured the
right to sell and use a one-horse treadpower threshing machine, a wonderful
thing- in thaf day, and he turned the management of same over to our sub-
ject, who must have given evidence of some special ability in that line to en-
title him to such trust.

As w-as the custom in those times, Mr. Case faithfully gave his services
to his father until he was of age, after which he began to run a threshing-
machine on his account. However, he was anxious to add to his intel-
lectual acquirements, and his first savings were devoted to that end. In Jan-
uarv, i8a.i, he entered the academy at Mexicoville, N. Y., where he took no
such studies as he thought would help him most in business life. But with all
his ambition for and appreciation of book learning it is not to be denied that
the greater and more valuable part of his knowledge was acquired by his con-
tact with men in the management of his vast interests.

At the age of twenty-three, in the spring of 1842. Mr. Case tried a new

Online LibraryJ.H. Beers & CoCommemorative biographical record of prominent and representative men of Racine and Kenosha counties, Wisconsin, containing biographical sketches of business and professional men and of many of the early settled families → online text (page 1 of 89)