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posits are close to the million mark. This company was organized in
May, 1903, and its original capitalization was but $50,000. Its sur-
plus and undivided profits now amount to more than $50,000. This
institution is one of the largest in this section of the country from
the point of view of deposits and resources, and its policy of carrying
50% of deposits in quick cash assets ard cash reserves makes it second
to none in the state in the matter of strength, and causes the institu-


tion to stand exceedingly high in the confidence of the public. A gen-
eral banking business is conducted, both check and savings accounts
being received and on the latter four per cent interest per annum is
allowed. They also issue letters of credit and travelers' checks, pay-
able practically everywhere in the world.

The trust department of the Southern Arizona Bank & Trust Com-
pany is one of the most complete known in Arizona, and they are
competent to act as trustee or administrator, and to take charge of
estates. They also conduct a real estate and insurance department
under thoroughly qualified men, and they loan money on city prop-
erty. This bank also extends accommodations to its clients in Tucson
and vicinity whenever consistent with sound banking principles, as the
entire business of the institution is conducted along the lines of wise
and conservative, though liberal, methods.

The officers of the Southern Arizona Bank & Trust Company are
as follows: N. E. Plumer, president; Fred J. Steward, vice president;
G. H. Sawyer, secretary. These three officers together with J. Ivan-
covich and R. Power, compose the board of directors.

N. E. PLUMER, president of the Southern Arizona Bank & Trust
Company, is the son of Nathaniel B. and Martha Sanborn Plumer,
and was born in Detroit. Mich., February 28, 1866. Mr. Plumer's
parents were both natives of New England, and when he was a small
child, they returned to their Boston home, and there he was reared and
educated in the public schools, and there he made his home until he
engaged in business for himself. Mr. Plumer's first employment was
with the George H. Hammond Packing Co., whose representative he
was for several years, when he engaged in the packing business on his
own account. He was subsequently Eastern representative of the
Cudahy Packing Company, and as such he practically built up their
eastern business, established branch houses, and bought or built the
company's real estate throughout the east. Coming to Arizona sixteen
years ago, Mr. Plumer first engaged in real estate and insurance busi-
ness for three years, as member of the firm of Plumer & Steward, of
Tucson. He then organized The Southern Arizona Bank & Trust
Company, was elected president of the corporation, and has since held
this position. During the comparatively short time this bank has
been in existence it has advanced from the smallest bank in the city to
second place, and now ranks among the strongest in the state, which is
to be attributed mainly to Mr. Plumer's guidance of its affairs. Mr.
Plumer is a descendant of early time New England families, and a
distant relative of Daniel Webster. Mrs. Plumer, also a native of
New England, was formerly Miss Mabel Roberts. Though so prom-
inently known in the business world, Mr. Plumer has never had any
inclination for political or fraternal associations. He is a member of
The Old Pueblo Club. Both Mrs. Plumer and he are members of
the Corgregationalist Church. They have one daughter, five years old.



N. E. Plumer


W H S \V H O

JAMES J. GILLEN, of the Southern Arizona Bank & Trust Com-
pany, was born in St. Catherine's, Ontario, July 8, 1886, and' is the

son of Matthew and
Margaret S.Delaney
Gillen. He w-as edu-
cated in the public
schools of Chicago
and the University
of Illinois. Mr. Gil-
len has had consider-
able experience in
banking, having been
employed for ten
years with the Con-
tinental and Com-
m e r c Pa 1 National
Bank, Chicago, in
v a r i ous capacities,
and when he resign-
ed from their em-
ploy was holding the
position of credit
man. He came to

Arizona in 1912, located in Tucson and has since been employed by
the Southern Arizona Bank & Trust Company. Mr. Gillen is a
well known member of the Knights of Columbus, the Old Pueblo
Club, Tucson, and the Mohawk Club, Chicago.

GORDON HAYWARD SAWYER, secretary of the Southern Arizona
Bank Si Trust Company, has been permanently associated with this
institution since September, 1910, when he became assistant secretary.
Mr. Sawyer had previously spent seven months in Tucson, during
part of which he was temporarily employed by the above bank. He
was born in Chicago November 2, 1871, but was reared and educated
in Joliet. Having graduated from the high school, he was employed
as collector for the First National Bank of that city, remained with
them six years, meantime advancing to the position of teller. He then
accepted a position as assistant cashier of the Joliet National Bank,
with which he remained until his removal to Tucson. Since Mr. Saw-
yer's connection with the Southern Arizona Bank & Trust Company,
its resources have increased to more than $1,000,000, and its deposits
have more than doubled, and the bank stands among the foremost of
the state. Mr. Sawyer was made a Master Mason, March, 1901, a
Royal Arch Mason, May, 1901, a Knight Templar and Knight of
Malta, October, 1901, and a member of Medinah Temple, November
of the same year. He was elected treasurer of Joliet Commandery

[ N A R I / O X A


Gordon H. Sawyer



No. 4 in June, 1902; Senior Warden the following year, and ad-
vanced yearly to the station of Eminent Commander, which he filled
from June, 1906, to June, 1907. He was also Treasurer of Matteson
Lodge No. 175, A. F. & A. M., for several years. Since residing in
Arizona he has demitted from all eastern Masonic bodies and been
elected to membership in Arizona Commandery No. 1, with full rank
as Past Commander of same, in order that he may enjoy the same
rank as he held in Joliet Commandery No. 4. He has also added the
Scottish Rite degrees. In politics he is Republican, but not active and
has never held a political position. Mr. Sawyer was married in 1895
to Miss Sara Fleming, of McGregor, Iowa, now deceased. He has
three children, Gordon H., Jr., Isabel and Kent.

The First National Bank of Clifton

Its capital is $30,000, which is fully paid, and while this bank does not
rank among the large institutions of Arizona, it does rank foremost
among the soundest. Its management is able and experienced, and its
directorate and stockholders are found among some of the leading
business and professional men of that section. E. M. Williams, presi-
dent, is also one of the founders and a charter director. As general
manager of the Arizona Copper Company store, he is known through-
out the state as a responsible business man. Henry Hill, vice presi-
dent, is a well known business man of Clifton. W. J. Riley, cashier,
is also director of the State Bank of Morenci and the Bank of Dun-
can, and since he has grown to manhood, has been almost continuously
employed in banking, while J. J. Kelly, assistant cashier, is a native of
the state, and has grown up in the banking business, and although a
young man has attained to prominence in banbirg circles.

The board of directors consists of the foregoing officials, together
w T ith John R. Hampton, vice president of the Valley Bank, Phoenix,
George Frazer, John Webster, J. T. McClay, C. O. Billingsley, and
Sam Abraham, proprietor of the Clifton Hotel.

E. MILTON WILLIAMS, president of the First National Bank of
Clifton, and general manager of the Arizona Copper Company store,
is well known in commercial and financial matters generally. He was
one of the foundei ; and a charter director of the bank, which opened
for business May 14, 1901. Mr. Williams was born October 26,
1862, in Rockford, Ala., and reared in that state. Having graduated
from high school, he took a course in the Agricultural & Mechanical
College, at Auburn, was graduated in 1883, and for ten years was
employed in commercial life in the vicinity of his home. He then
decided to try his fortunes further west and has spent some time in
Chicago, Denver, and the State of Washington. In 1893 he came to



E. Milton Williams



Arizona to accept a position as salesman in the dry goods department
of the Arizona Copper Company store at Clifton, and in 1897 he was
made manager of the Morenci branch of this store, and later general
manager of the department stores of the company, in charge of all
three of their houses. In each capacity in which he has served affairs
under his jurisdiction have shown the results of ability and thorough-
ness. Air. Williams is a stockholder in the Arizona Copper Company
and one of the most substantial and well known men of affairs in that
section of Arizona. Fraternally he is a member of the Masons and
Elks, and politically is a Democrat, but with no aspirations to office,
although at the instance of his friends, he served one term in the
Territorial Legislature. Mr. Williams was married November 14,
1900, to Miss Margaret Lee Harris, daughter of Judge George
Harris, of San Saba, Texas.

WILLIAM J. RILEY, cashier of The First National Bank of Clifton,
is well known throughout Arizona financial circles, as he is also a di-
rector of the State Bank of Morenci and of the Bank of Duncan. He
is the son of Francis S. and Frances Webb Riley, of San Diego, and in

the latter city he was born and
educated. Having completed a
commercial course, his first po-
sition was as bookkeeper in a
bank in San Diego. On coming
to Arizona, Mr. Riley located
in Yurra, where he was em-
ployed in a bank, and soon be-
came as well known in the po-
litical as in the business life.
During his residence there he
served a term as Deputy Coun-
ty Recorder of the County. In
1904 he went to Clifton to ac-
cept a position with The First
National Bank, was promoted
to the place of assistant cashier,
and after three years service to
his present position. In addi-
tion to his banking associations,
Mr. Riley is interested in vari-
ous enterprises of a different na-
ture, and is secretary and treas-
urer of Clifton Lumber and Im-
provement Company. He has also served a term as city treasurer.
He is a member of the Masons, and Master of Clifton Lodge, and is
treasurer of Clifton Lodge No. 1174 B. P. O. E. Mr. Riley married
Miss Jessie C. Cummins, and they have one child, Frances E.

t N



J. J. KELLY, assistant cashier of the First National Bank of Clifton,
although one of the youngest, is one of the best known bankers in the
state, and no doubt enjoys as wide an acquaintance among the finan-
ciers of the Southwest as any banker in Arizona. He began his busi-
ness life in a bank and has grad-
ually advanced from minor posi-
tions to the one he now holds.
His training has, therefore, been
thorough, and he has mastered
;ill the details of the business.
Mr. Kelly is the son of pioneer
Arizonans, Michael and Julia
Sullivan Kelly, and was born in
the historic town of Tomb-
stone on January 26, 1887,
when this was the metropolis
of the Territory, and his father
v^ as one of the important figures
of that day. Mr. Kelly is one
of the best known politicians of
Greenlee, and has served a term
as United States Commissioner.
He was recently appointed re-
ceiver of a large establishment
in Clifton, and the manner in
which he disposed of the prop-
erty and the amount made
available to the creditors, as a
result, elicited much commenda-
tion. Mr. Kelly is also well
known in the social and fraternal life of the state and is one of the
youngest men who ever held the position of Exalted Ruler of the Elks.
His administration in that capacity was, like his other undertakings, a
complete success. During that time the order was placed on a sound
financial basis, and the membership increased in a most gratifying de-
gree. Mr. Kelly was united in marriage to Miss Grace Grey, also a
native of Arizona, who is a favorite in the community. They have a
bright and interesting little son, who has been named for his father.












The Gila Valley Bank & Trust Company

to its principal house at Globe, has branches at Ray, Winkleman, Mo-
renci, Clifton, Hayden, Safford and Miami, has proven a most im-
portant factor in the business growth of that section of Arizona, and
done much in aiding to success hundreds of people engaged in mining,
agriculture, and cattle raising in the vicinity of its houses. The ad-
vantages possible in this particular have been considerably increased by
the fact that eight banks in different towns, but all under one strong
and capable management cover a greater area with much more expedi-
ence than would be possible by the same number of individual banking
companies, even though the aggregate of their resources were greater
than those of the Gila Valley Bank Si Trust Company. Under this
arrangement the people of the smallest of these towns have the benefit
of dealing with a large institution, in reality, for they appreciate the
fact that each branch is as strong and as high in its financial responsi-
bility as the entire system behind it. They realize also that should any
of the ordinary financial difficulties be met with in their immediate
locality, the local bank need not necessarily be put to any exceptional
test as would otherwise doubtless be the case, to meet the demands of
depositors needlessly alarmed, but having the strength of the entire
Gila Valley Bank & Trust Company to rely upon, the situation would
never assume serious proportions.

The Gila Bank & Trust Company was organized in 1900 with a
capitalization of $100,000, all of which is paid in. They have a sur-
plus of $60,000, and deposits amounting to almost $2,000,000. In all
their branches they transact a general banking business, loan money,
buy and sell exchange, make collections and receive deposits, both for
commercial and savings accounts, and utilize every modern system
which in any way tends to benefit financial transactions.

The Gila Valley Bank & Trust Company has in its employ in each
of its houses men who are well trained in banking, and familiar with
every detail of the requirements of their position. This is notably true
of the manage,r?, many of whom have received their bank training in
the very best possible way, in large eastern houses, either national
banks or private banking firms, where emergencies must be met and
questions coped with that broaden a man's horizon in this calling and
develop in him the power to quickly respond to the unusual demands
of the day and to rise to the occasion and satisfactorily dispose of
matters of a special nature requiring his attention.

The officers of the company are as follows: President C. E. Mills;
Vice Presidents, L. D. Ricketts and T. A. Pascoe; Cashier, Harry S.
Van Gorder ; General Manager, R. E. Moore, all of whom are
prominently known in the business enterprises of the state.



HARRY S. VAN GORDER, cashier of the Gila Valley Bank and
Trust Company and general manager of the department store of the
Detroit Copper Mining Company of Arizona, at Morenci, was born
in Philadelphia in 1858, but at an early age removed to Warren, O.,
where his boyhood was spent. He was educated at the Allegheny
College, Meadville, Penn., and the Pennsylvania Military College,

Harry S. Van Gorder

Chester, Penn., and graduated from the latter in 1879. Having held
several positions about his early home, he went to Golden, Colo., in
1886, and there engaged in business about three years. He next
opened a store in Orient, Colo., where he remained until 1891, when
he came to Arizona to accept his present position. The present home
of the store was built since Mr. Van Gorder's coming, and every de-
tail of the same was planned by him, and it was he who directed the
work of the architect and builder, and the result is a store that has

IX A R I / X A


few equals in the West. Mr. Van Gorder has not only done much
in the interests of the business of which he is general Manager, but
has aided materially in the progiess of the town, and is regarded
by all who know him as a man of sound judgment and commercial

R. E. Moore

R. E. MOORE, general manager of the entire system of the Gila Val-
ley Bank Si Trust Company, is a banker trained in the school whose
graduates become a success. He was born on a farm in Kansas in
1872, and was educated in the common schools of the country where
Eureka, Kansas, now stands. At an early age he showed the indis-
pensable characteristic of the successful beginner, frugality, and with
the assistance of his parents was able to take a course in the Southern
Kansas Academy at Eureka, where he spent three years. He then
went to Kansas City, where he was graduated from a business college
with such a record that he was immediately given a position with a
prominent financial institution as private secretary to the president,
and utilizing his spare time at bookkeeping, got an insight into the


general workings of a large firm. Later he went to El Paso, where
he accepted a position with the First National Bank, and acquired
valuable experience as well as a knowledge of Arizona. He soon
realized the possibilities in this great territory, but feeling that he re-
quired a little more experience, accepted a position as chief clerk with
the American Smelting & Refining Company at Monterey, Mexico.
Here he spent three years, and established a record for a knowledge of
banking, mining, and other industries, a reputation which traveled to
Morenci, where men of his calibre were constantly being sought. He
was taken there, assayed highly, and when a responsible position was
available in Globe, was placed in it. He was manager of the Globe
Bank of this company for several years and has recently been made
general manager. Mr. Moore is not only a leader in banking affairs,
but has a good knowledge of all phases of mining and is of great as-
sistance in the different transactions to which his clients are a party.
His duties require his making regular trips to all the branches of the
Gila Valley Bank & Trust Company, keeping in close touch with the
condition of all of them, and giving the men in charge the benefit of
his knowledge and experience. He was married in 1904 to Miss
Louise Wilcox, daughter of Judge Wilcox, prominently known in
El Paso and vicinity. Two boys have been born to them, Eastmer
and Albert. Mrs. Moore is well known in social life and one of
Globe's most charming women.

JOHN D. WICK, JR., manager of The Gila Valley Bank & Trust
Company, at Globe, Arizona, was born in Youngstow r n, Ohio, Sep-
tember 13, 1876, and has been a resident of Arizona for more than
seven years. Before coining to this state he was employed in the
treasurer's office of the American Sheet and Tin Plate Company, as
chief clerk, for four years. This is a subsidiary company of the
United States Steel Corporation, with headquarters in New York
City, where Mr. Wick was in their employ. His first position in
Arizona was with The Gila Valley Bank & Trust Company in a
minor capacity, from which he has been advanced to that of manager
of the Globe Branch. Being thoroughly experienced in banking and
financial matters in general, Mr. Wick has done much to increase the
number of the bank's friends in his locality. He is an active member
of the Masonic order.

W. P. LATHROP, manager of the Safford Branch of The Gila Val-
ley^ Bank & Trust Co., is a descendant of the Lathrop family, which
emigrated from England to Massachusetts at an early date in the his-
tory of this country. His father was Dr. William Perry Lathrop,
who^was born in Greensburg, Ind., and died at Glenwood, Iowa, in
1875. The subject of this sketch was educated in the public schools
of Iowa, afterward receiving a thorough business course. He has had
a splendid business experience, and for the past eight years has been



W. P. Lathrop

John D. Wick. Jr.

in the banking business almost continuously. For four years he was
with the International Banking Corporation, 60 Wall St., New
York, the greater part of the time as manager of one of its foreign
branches. Mr. Lathrop never has aspired to nor occupied any public
office, but is treasurer of the Graham County Chamber of Commerce,
and a hard worker in any plan to promote the welfare of the com-
munity. In politics he has been a Republican, but affiliated with the
Progressive Party in the campaign of 1912, and as State Committee-
man was prominently identified with that party in Southeast Arizona.

ED. M. BLAKE, manager of the branch banks of the Gila Valley
Bank & Tru^t Company at Hayden, Ray and Winkelman, came to
Arizona in 1876. As he was wearing kilts at that time, he is practi-
cally a native Arizonan. He is the son of Francis W. Blake, one of
the pioneer bankers of Arizona, nephew of Thomas J. Butler, Terri-
torial Treasurer for several terms during the late eighties and early
nineties, and of J. Frank Meador, Territorial Auditor under Gover-
nor Zulick. Mr. Blake has been in the banking business most of the
time since he finished school in Ohio. He was manager of The Bank
of Bisbee's branch at Naco for eight years, and was later elected


W H () S WHO

Harry Stanton Bailey

Ed. M. Blake

Myron Porges

cashier of The Bank of Lowell, vvhich position he resigned to accept
one as assistant cashier of a National Bank in Santa Ana, California.
He remained in the latter state two years, but the attractions of Ari-
zona with its statehood have brought him back. In 1894 Mr. Blake
married Miss Mary Otis, daughter of T. W. Otis, a pioneer mer-
chant of Prescott, and their two boys, Francis and Edward, and their
three girls, Margaret, Mary and Caroline, will in due time assume
their duties and responsibilities as Arizonans.

HARRY STANTON BAILEY, manager of The Gila Valley Bank &
Trust Company at Winkelman, was born at Morganto\vn, Kentucky,
April 4, 1887. He is the son of James A. and Frances C. Bailey, both
natives of Kentucky. He was educated in the public schools of Mor-
gantown, w 7 here he was graduated from the High School, and took a
business course at Bowling Green. His first position was in a bank
at Morgantown as messenger and check filer. He was later head
bookkeeper with the John M. Carson Banking Company, Morgan-
town, which position he resigned to come to Arizona and accept an-
other with The Gila Valley Bank & Trust Company at Globe. With
this company he first served as individual bookkeeper, then exchange
teller, receiving teller, and in May, 1912, was promoted to his present


A R I /, X A


Gila Valley Bank and Trust Co., at Hayden

position at the Winkelman Branch. Mr. Bailey is a member of the
Woodmen of the World and the Improved Order of Redrnen. He
was married on Christmas, 1911. to Miss Eulalia Morehead.

MYRON FORGES, manager of The Gila Valley Bank & Trust Com-
pany at Ray. was born at Dillon, Summit County, Colorado, January
5. 1888, was educated in the public schools of Colorado, and gradu-
ated from the High School of Cripple Creek. His first position was a
minor one w^ith the Bimetallic Bank at Cripple Creek, from which
he went to the First National Bank in the same town. He then spent
two years in Goldfield, Nevada, and returned to Colorado to accept a
position as assistant cashier of the City Bank. His next move was to
Los Angeles, where he secured a position with the Central National
Bank, but before long he removed to Arizona to enter the employ of
the Gila Valley Bank & Trust Company at Winkelman. The excel-
lent training and varied experience which Mr. Forges had had in
b?nking work enabled him to most satisfactorily and ably meet the
requirements of his position with the Gila Valley Bank & Trust Com-
pany, and before long he was promoted to manager of the Ray Branch.
Mr. Forges is an active member of the B. P. O. E. He married Miss

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