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Lund Quart. Rev. No. xliv — A third edition was begun. Par.
1S3', superintended by M. Hose, see Lond. Quart. Rev. No. ci. ;
Eibl Repos. No. xv. The work is in progress (under Hase and
the two Dindorfs) ; "it is an improvement upon the Engl, edi-
tion, and embodies nearly all the Greek learning of the age,"
4th vol. issued in IS4I ; to be completed in 7 vols.

Joan. Scapulx, Lexicon Graeco-Latinum, &c. Basil. 1579. fol.
0th. pd. Basil. 1665; Lugdun. 1663; Glasg. 1816. 2 vols. 4.
Still ranked next to Stephanos. The principal words are ar-
ranged alphabetically, and under them are the derivatives and
compound words : there is besides a complete alphabetical

R. Constantinus, Lex. Graeco-Latinum. Genev. 1592. fol.

Hedericus, Graecum Lex. Manuale, cura /. A. Emesti. Lipc
1796; Edinb. 1827. 8. ed. Pimger, Lipz. 1827. 2 vols «.



Jo. Dan. a Lennep, Etymologicum Ling. Graec. (Ed. Scheid.)
Traject. ad Rhen. 1790. 2 vols. 8.

J. O. Schneider'! GriechischDeutsches WOrterbuch. Lpz.
1819. Supplement, 1821.

F. Pa-now, HandwOrterbuch der Griechish. Sprache. Lpz.

1831. 2 vols. 8. This 4th was the last ed. by Passow. His
plan was in each successive edition to make the Lexicon com-
plete for the interpretation of some additional author or authors
until it should become a full Thesaurus of the Greek language.
The work has been committed to C. F. Rost, who is expected to
carry out the plan in his VoUsiandiges Worterbuch der Classi-
echen Gricitat; of which the 1st Fasciculus, or Part I. of vol. 1
appeared in 1840. Cf. BiU. Repot. Apr. 1842. p. 488.— iJost has
published a School Lexicon, said to be very good in the develop-
ment and arrangement of significations,

F. W. Riemer, Greek and German Lexicon. Jen. 1823.
2 vols. 8.

John Jones, The Tyro's Greek and English Lexicon. 2d ed.
Loud. 1823.

Comelii Schrevdii Lexicon Grasco-Latinum. 13th ed. Lond.
1781.— Translation of Schrevelius's Greek Lexicon mto English,
for the use of Schools. Lond. 1826. 8.— The Greek Lexicon of
Schrevelius, translated into English, with many additions, by
John Pichering and Daniel Oliver. Boston, 1826.

/. Groves, A Greek and English Dictionary, &c Lond.
1826. 8.

Jamei Donnegan, A new Greek and English Lexicon. 2d.
ed- Lond. 1831. Revised and enlarged by R. B. Patlon. Boston,

1832. 8.

W. Pape, Etymologisches WOrterbuch der Griech. Sprache,
&c Berl. 1835. 8.

E. Robinson, Lexicon of the New Testament. Boston, 1836. 8.
This is indispensable to the critical study of the New Testament.

G. Dunbar, Greek and English, and Epglish and Greek Lexi-
con. Lond. 1840. 8.

Pinzgers Greek Lexicon " pays considerable regard to syno-
nyms, and is highly commended."

G. Chr. Crusius, Vollstindiges Griechisch-Deutsches WOrter-
buch. Hann. 1841. 8.

There are Lexicons illustrating particular authors ; they will
be mentioned in speaking of the authors. — Respecting the va-
rious Lexicons and Glossaries composed by ancient authors ; see
the notice of Grammarians, §§ 129—147.

4. There are various subjects on which the student may de-
sire more full investigations than can be given in a Grammar or

(o) Idioms and Synonyms.

GuI. Budsi Commentarii Ling. Graec. Par. 1548. (4th ed.)
Basil. 1556. fol.

Franc. Figerus, de prsecipuis Graec. die. idiotismis. Cum
animadversionibus Hoogeoeeni, Zeunii, etHermanni. (impr. ed.)
Lips. 1S22. 8. The work of Vigerus is compiled from that of
Budaeus. — New ed. by Hermann, 1834.

/. Seager, Viger's Greek Idioms abridged and translated into
English, with original notes. Lond. 1828. 8.

Lochhart's Idioms of the Greek Language, accurately arranged
and translated. 12.

Kelsoii's Greek Idioms. 8.

Mart. Rylandus, Synonymia Latino-Graeca. (opera Hceschelii.)
Gen. 1646. 12. The Latin terms and phrases are arranged al-
phabetically, and under them the corresponding Greek.

^. Pillon, Traite des Synonymes et Homonymes Grecs. Tra-
4uit du Grec d'Ammonius. Par. 1S2 1. 8. Cf. § 141.
(i) Ellipsis and Pleonasm.

Lamb S?s. EUinses Graecae, etc. Norimberg, 1763; Lpz.
180S; Glasg. 1813. 8. Lond. 1825.

/. Seager, The Gr. Ellipses of Bos, abridged and translated
into English. Lond. 1830. 8.

Furgault, Les idiotismes de la langue grecque avec les ellip-
ses, &c. Par. 1784. 8.

Bj. Weiske, Pleonasm! Graeci. Lpz. 1807. 8.

G Hermann, Dissert, de Ellip. et Pleon. in Graeca Lingua,

m the Museum Antiquitatis Studiorum, (voL i.) Berlin
1808. 8.

(c) Derivation and Composition, and Affinities.

L. C. Valknser, Observationes academ. quibus via munitnr ad
origines grsc investigandas. (Ed. Scheid.) Traject. ad Rben.

Jo. Dan. a Lennep, de Analogla linguae Graecas. (Ed. Scheid.)
Traject. ad Rhen. 17E0.

Scheid, Etymologicum of/. D. a Lennep, with the two woifa
just mentioned. Traj. ad Rhen. 1808. 3 vols. 8.

Jo. Christ. Struchtmeyer, Rudimenta Ling. Graec (Ed.
Scheid.) Zutphen. 1797.

T. Niigent, The Primitives of the Gr. tongue, with the most
considerable Derivatives and a collection of English words de-
rived from the Greek. Lond. 1801. S.

J. B. Gail, he Jardm des Racines Greeques. Par. 1813. 12.

J. IV. Gibbs, Table of Greek Correlatives; in SiUimanH
Amer. Journal of Science, &c. vol. xxxiv. p. 337.

On affinities of the Greek to other languages, see P. IV. §36.—
K. F. Becker, Organism der Sprache. Frankf. a M. 1841. 8. on
the general subject of the structure of languages.

L. G. Dissen, De Temporibus et Modis Verbi Graeci. Getting.
1 808. 4.

/. Horne Toohe, Diversions of Purley ; revised by R. Taylor.
Lond. 1829. 2 vols. 8.

Kusler, De verbis Grascoram Mediis. ed. C. IVollius, Lips.
1752. 8. cf. Class. Journ. xv. 304 ; xviii. 157.

(d) Particles.

Devarius, Grxcae Linguas particulis. (Ed. /. Gottf. Reut'
mann) I41Z. 1"S3. 8.

R. Klotz, Devarii Liber de Grasc. L. Particulis. Lpz. 1835. 8.
This vol. contains an exact reprint of Devarius. A second
volume was promised ; one part of which appeared in 1840. 8.
pp. 354.

J A. Hartung, Lehre von den Partikeln der Griech. Sprache.
Erlang. 1833. 2 vols. 8. Said by Tholuck to be the best work
on the subject.

Prof. Stuart, on the use of Iva, Bibl. Repos. and Quart Ob
serv. No. xvii. Jan. IS35.

Hem. Hoogeveen, Doctrina particularum ling, grasc. Delpbia,
1769. 2 vols. 4. There is an abridgment by ScliVtz. Lp«
1806; Glasg. 1813.

/. Seager, Hoogeveen on the Greek Particles, abridge-
and translated into English. Lond. 1830. 8.

(e) Preposition and Article.

C. F. Hachenberg, De significatione praepositioDum graec. i|
compositis. Ultraj. 1771. 8.

Moor 4- Tate, on the Prepositions. Cf. Class. Jena. i. 896 "
iii. 24, 470.

Middleton's Doctrine of the Greek Article applied to the criti-
cism of the Greek Testament Cf. Lond. Quart. Rev. ii. 187.
N. Yoik, 1813. 8.

Granville Sharpe, Remarks on the uses of the definite article
in the Greek of the New Testament. (Amer. ed.) Philad. 1807.

E. Wbrdiworth, Letters to G. Sharpe respecting his Remark*
on the Definitive Article, &c. Lond. 1802. 8.

Prof. Stuart, in Bibl. Repos. No. xiv. April, 1834.
(/) Dialects.

J. Zuinger, Graecorum Dialectornm Hypotyposis in ScapuUf
Lexicon. Lugd. 1663.— GregonuJ, see § 146.

Mattaire's Greek Dialects abridged and translated by Rev.
J. Seager. Lond. 1831. 8.

C. L. Struve, Quaestionum de dialecto Herodoti Specimen.
Konigsb. 1829. 4.

.mmilii Porti, Lexicon lonicum. Francof. 1603; I/)nd.
1823. 8 ~By same. Lexicon Doricum. Francof 1603.

G. £ MUhlmann, Leges Dialecti, qua Graecorum Poetae Buco
lici usi sunt. Lips. 1838. 8. pp. 159.

K. L. Ahrens, De Grasc. Ling. Dialectis. Gotting. 1839 com
menced. For other references, see § 4
(g) Accents.

P. Labbe, Regulae Accentuum et Spirituum Graecorum. P».
1725 12.

p. V.



K. Gl'tlling, Lehre vQn den griech. Accenten. Rudolst.
1830.8. English Translation. Lond. 1830. 8.

M. Stuart, Praclical Rules for Greek Accents and Quantity.
Anilover, 1826.— See § 5, and P. IV. § 51.
(A) Prosody, Metre, and Quantity.

T. Morel!, Lexic. Graeco-Prosodiacum. (Ed. Edv. Maltby.)
Cantab, 1815. 4. LonJ. 1S24.

/. B. Scale, Analysis of Greek Metres. Camb. 1804.

Eenj. Heath, Notae sire Lectiones ad Tragic. Grxc. &c.
Oron. 1762. ^

^. .ipd's Slelrik. Lpz. 1814.

Godof. Hermann, De metris poet, graec. et rem. Lips

G. Hermann, Elementa doctrinae metricae. Lips. 1SI6;
Gl.Tsg. 1817.

J. Seaser, Hermann's Elements of the Doctrine of Me-
tres, abridged and translated info English. Lond. 1830. 8.

Tate's Introduction to the principal Greek Tragic and Comic

Dunbar's Prosodia Grsca, or Exposition of the Greek Me-
tres 8.

MaccauVs Metres of the Greek Tragedians explained. 8.

J. Btasse, Greek Gradus; or Greek, Latin, and English Pro-
Bodial Lexicon. Lond. 1S30. 8.

Ed. Mal'hy, D. D., A new and complete Gr. Gradus, &c.
Lond. 1830. 8.

Graffe's Prosodiacal Lexicon of the Greek Language, collected
from the Heroic Poets. 12.

C. Anthon, System of Greek Prosody and Metre. N. York,

5. In writing Greek, the beginner needs the help of some
Book of Exercises. The following may be named.

Hunti7igford's Greek Exercises. — Neibon's. — Falpy's, by
Cairns. N. York, li3\.— Dunbar's —Fish's.— John Kenrick,
An Introducliou to Greek Prose Composition, from the German
of K C. F. Rost & E. F. Wiistemann.—Anthwi's.—E. A. So-
fhodes, Gk. Exercises and Key.

6. In order to a thorough and successful pursuit of classical
literature, it is indispensable to attend considerably to the sub-
jects of Antiquities, Mythology, and Archasotogy in general. On
topics pertaining to the Archeology of Literature and Art, we
refer to the sections in Pail Fourth of this Manual ; on other
topics of Antiquities and Mythology, to the sections of Parts
Second and Third.

7. An important class of helps is composed of such as illus-
trate the subjects of Chronology, Geography, History, and Bio-

(a) Classical Dictionaries. This phrase designates works
which include more or less fully all the subjects just named;
with an alphabetical arrangement.

/. Hofmann. Lexicon Universale, Historiam Sacram et Pro-
fanam, omnis iEvi omniumque Gentium conlinens. Ludg. Bat.
169S. 4 vols. fol.

Dictionnaire (de Sabbathier de Chalons) pour I'intelligence
des Auleurs Classiques grecs et latins, tant sacres que profanes,
contenant la Gengraphie, I'Histoire, la Fable et les Antiquites.
Par. 1766-90. 37 vols.

L'Abbe Sabader de. Castres, Siecles Payens. Par. 1784. 8 vols.

Furgault, Dictionnaire Geographique, Histonque, et Mytholo-
gique. Par. 1776.

Dictionnaire Historique. Lyon. 1804. 13 vols. 12.

Math. Christophe, Diet, pour servir a I'intelligence des Au-
(eurs Classiques, &c. Par. 1805. 2 vols. 8.

Bouillet, Dictionnaire Classique. Par. 1832. 2 vols. 8.

Lempriere's Classical Dictionary. (1st ed.) Oxf. 1683. Many
more recent editions. The best, by C. Anthon. N. York, 1833.
2 vols. 8. N. Yk. 1840. 1 vol. 8.

(b) Geography. The Epitome of Classical Geography
given in Part First of this Manual, being studied with Butler's
Atlas, will be found sufficient for all elementary purposes.

CAjiit.CeZ/ariVNotiliaOrbisAntiqua. Lips. 1701—06. 2 vols. 4.
Also 1771, 1773.

P. Bertius, Theatrum Geographise Veteris. Amst. 1619
2 vols. fol.

D. Marbean, Diet of Anc. Cxft-graphy. Lond. 1773. 8.
Encyclopedie Methodique, vols 69—71, as cited P. II. § 12.

2. (c).

R. Mannert, Geographic der Griethen und ROmer. Nttmb.
1787 sqq. 10 vols. 8.

F. Aug. Uchert, Geographie der Gneou. und ROm. von den frQ.
hesten Zeiten bis auf Plolemseus. Weimar, 18l6. With maps.
"The best classical geographer."

Cramer, Geographical and Historical bcscription of AnC.
Greece. Lond. 1S28. 3 vols. 8.

K)-use, Hellas. Lpz. 1825. 3 vols. 8. "Good."

/. Rennell, The Geographical System of Herodotus explained,
&c. (2d ed.) Lond. 1836. 2 vols. 8.

/. B. B. d'Anville, Ancient Geography, from ijc French.
Lond. 1791. 2 vols. 8.

S. F. W. Hoffman, Griechenland und die Griechen im Alter-
thum, &c. Leipz. 1841. 2 vols. Very full in the notice of

A. Forbiger, Handbuch der alien Geographie, ausden Quellen.
Leipz. 1842. 8.

/. Conder, Dictionary of Geography, Ancient and Modern.
Lond. 1834. 12.

G. Long and R. Dunglison, Introduction to Grecian and Ro-
man Geography. Charlottsv. 1829. 8.

72. Mayn, Epitome of Ancient Geography, Sacred and Profana.
Phil. 1818. 8.

Laurent, Introduction to Ancient Geography. Oxf. 1S30. 8.

S. Butler, Geographia Classica, with an Atlas. Phil. 1831. 8.
The Atlas may be purchased separately.

Some Atlas the student should have constantly at hand.

D'Anville's Atlas Orbis Antiqui. 12 sheets fol.

Wilkinson's Alias Classica.

Oxford Atlas of Ancient Geography, containing nearly ICO
Maps, Plans, &c. 4.

F. Delamarche, Atlas de la Geographie Ancienne, du Moyen
Age, et Moderne. Par. 1828. 4.

The Eton Comparative Atlas of Ancient and Modern Geogra-
phy, upon a new plan, giving two distinct Maps, one ancient and
the other modern, of the same country. 50 plates. 4.

Beanos Classical Atlas, remodeled from the ancient Maps of

The accounts of modem travelers are useful.

E. D. Clarke, Travels in Egypt, Syria, Greece, &c. Lond.
1816-24. 11 vols. 8. with plates and engravings.

R. Chandler, Travels in Asia Minor and Greece ; Account ol
a Tour at the expense of the Soc. of Dilettanti. Lond. 1817.
2 vols. 4.

De Choiseul-Gouffier, Voyage Pittoresque de la Grece. Par.
1782. with valuable plates.

Pouqueville, as cited P. I. § 87

E. Dodwell, Classical and Topographical Tour through Greece.
Lond. 1SI9. 2 vols. 4.

W. Oell, Itinerary of the Morea. LiWd. 1827. 12.

W. Gell, Geography and Antiquities of Ithaca. Lond. 1807. 4.

Leake, Travels in the Morea. Lond. 1830.

J. J. Lockhart, Attica and Athens, with a Map.

/. C. Hobhouse, Journey in Albania and other Provnces of
Turkey, in 1809 and 1810. Lond. 1813. 4. with fine plates.

SeealsoP. I. §116.

On the history of Geography, see P. IV. 27.
(c) Chronology. An Introduction to Classical Chronology
is given in this Manual, P. I.

/. C. Gatlerer, Abriss der Chronologic. GOtf. 1777.

D. H. Hegewisch, Einleitung in die historische Chronologie.
Hamb. 1811. Translated into English by /. AfarjA. Burlingt
1837. 12.

W. Hales, Analysis of Chronology and Geography, History ana
Prophecy. Lond. 1S30. 4 vols. 8.

T. Playfair, System of Chronology. Edinb. 1784. fol.

/. Blair, Chronology, &c. from the Creation to the yaar 1802.
Lond. 1803. fol. 57 tables: with 14 ina[,s.




M. Lavoime, Atlas Genealogical, &c. Amer. ed. Philad.
1S21. foU

/. Picot, Tablettes Chronologiques de I'Histoire Universelle.
Geneva, IbOS. 3 vols. 8.

Bunt de I.ongchamps, Les pastes Universels, ou Tableaux
Hisloriques, Chronologiques, &c Par. IS21.

Ludw. Idder, Handbuch der mathematischen und technischen
Chronologie. Aus den Quellen bearbeiteL Berl. 1826. 2 vols. S.
Highly commended.

H. F. Clinton, Fasti Hellenic! ; The Civil and Literary Chro-
nology of Greece and Rome ; from the earliest accounts to the
death of Augustus. Ox£, 1826-34. 3 vols. 4. Trans. LaL by C.
G. KrUger. Lips. 1830.

^rt de Verifier la Dalei des fails Historiques, Stc. depuis la
Naissance de Jesus Christ (par Cltment), avec des Corrections,
&C. per Saint Allais. Par. lSlS-21. 39 vols. 8.

J. Hayden, Dictionary of Dates and Universal Reference, re-
lating to all Ages and Nations. Lond. 1841. 8.

/. Priestley, System of Biography. PhiL 1803. 8. with a chart.
Not without value.

Goodrich's Blair's Outlines of Chronology is a useful compend.
(d) History and Biography.

Chaudon et Delatidine, Dictionnaire Historique. 20 vols.

Biographic Univeraelle, Ancienne et Mnderne. Par. 181 1-2S.
52 vols. 8. also bound in 26 vols, continued by a Supplement.

Biographica Classica, or the Lives and Characters of all the
Classic Authors. Lond. 1740. 1759. 8.

Edw, Manwaring, Historical and Critical Account of the most
eminent classic authors in Poetry and History. Lond. 1837. 8.

Mam's Classical Biography.

TV. Mitfard, History of Greece. Boston, 1823. 8 vols. 8.
Edit, by W. King. Lond. 1838.

/. Gillies, History of Ancient Greece. Lond. 17S6. 2 vols. 4.
often publ. since. Phil. I»-14. 4 vols. 8.

/. Gtllies, History of the World, from the reign of Alexander
to that of Augustus. Lond. 1807. 4. Phil. 1819. 2 vols. 8.

Droysen, Geschichte Alexanders.

C. 0. MUller, History and Antiquities of the Doric Race, as
citedP. HI. § 118.

C. Thirlwall, History of Greece, in Lardner's Cabinet Cyclo-

F. C. Schlosser, Weltgeschichte. Lpz. 1817-24. 5 vols. 8.

P. A. de Golberg, Histoire Universelle de I'Antiquite. Par.
182S. 3 vols. 8. Translated from the German of i". C. Schlosser.
Of. tVestminster Rev. Jan. 1834.

See references given in P. I. §§ 211-215. P. IIL §§ 8, 9. P. IV.
§ 33. P. V. § 240.

8. Benefit as well as pleasure may be derived from works
giving philosophical reflections, or elegant and popular views, or
leclures, on subjects embraced in classical study. We put here
the following. /

F. Heeren, Reflections on the Politics of Ancient Greece. By
G. Bancroft. 1824. S.

F. Schlegel, Lectures on the History of Literature. Phil. 1818.
2 vols. 8.

A. TV. Schlegel, Lectures on Dramatic Literature. By J. Black.
Lond. 1815. 2 vols. 8.

CampbelVs Letters on the Greek Historians.

M. de Pauvo, Recberches Philosoph. sur les Grecs. Berl. 1787.
2 vols. 8. Engl Transl. Lond. 1793. 2 vols. 8.

A.Dalzel, Lectures on the Ancient Greeks, and on the Revival
of Greek Learning in Europe. Edinb. 1821. 2 vols. 8.

N. F. Moore, Lectures on Greek Literature. New York,
1835. 8.

9. Among the very important aids in this study, are those
rvhich may be called Histories of Greek Literature, or Introduc-
tions to the History of Greek Literature, giving comprehensive
notices of the Greek authors, their different works, and the vari-
ous eaitions, translations, commentaries, &c. The design of the
metch of Greek Literature given in the present work, is to furnish
the scholar witli a help of this kind. But be will wish to be
reierred to others.

J. A. Fabricii, Biblioiheca Grsca. Hamb. 1790-1S09. (Ed. )>
Thcoph. Christ. Harles.) 12 vols. 4to. The most complete
although very deficient in method.

Thtoph. Ch. Harles, Introduction in historiam Linguae Grsecs
Altenb. 1792-95. with Supplem. Jen. 1804-6. 5 vols. 8.

By the saine, Notitia brevior literaturas grsc. Lips. 1812. 8
—Hoffmann, Additamenta [to the Notitia]. Lips. 1829. 8.

Jo. Ernest. Imman. TValch, Introductio in lioguam Graecam.
Jen. 1772.

M. D. Fuhrrtuinn, Handbudi der cla^ischen Literatur.
Rudolst. 1804-10. 4 vols. 8.

By the same, Kleineres Handbuch zur Kenntniss Griech. und
Rom. Class. Schriftsteller. Rudolst. 1823. 8.

T. A. Rieiiiichtr, Handbuch der Geschichte der Griech. Lit.
Berl. 1802.

God. Em. Groddek, Historise Graecorum literaria Elementa.
Viln. 1811. 2d ed. 1823.2 vols. 8.

G. C. F. Mohnike, Geschichte der Literatur der Griecfaen und
ROmer. Greilsw. 1813. 8. Considered an excellent abridg-

L. Schaaff, Encyklopidie, cited P. IV. § 32. 3.

F. Passow, Grundzage der Griech. und Rom. Lileraturge-
schichte. Berl. 1816. 4. 2d ed. 1829.

L. TVachler, Handbuch der Gesch. der alten Literatur. Frankf.
1822. 8.
Fr. Ficker, Liferaturgesch. d. Gr. und Rom. Wien, 1835. 8.

G. Bemhardy, Grundriss der Griech. Literatur, mit einem
vtrgleichenden Ueberblick der Romischen. Halle, 1836. 8.
pp. 530. This does not contain distinct notices of individual
authors; but is valuable as presenting the characteristics of dif-
ferent periods and departments of literature, with the general
causes and particular development ; giving select references to
passages in the classic authors; also to modern writers.

/. C. 0. Schincke, Handbu:h der Geschichte der Griech. Lite-
ratur fQr Schulunlerricht. 1837.

F. A. TVdf, Vorlesungen, vol. 2d, as cited under 11, below.

F. Schblt, Histoire de la Litterature Grecque, &c. (2d ed.)
Paris, 1823. 8 vols. 8. Prof. Anthon has made much use of it
in his last edition of Lempriere's Classical Dictionary (1840),
which the student may consult on the Greek and Latin authors
with great advantage.— There is a German translation : F. J.
Schwarze and Mar. Pinder, Geschichte der Griech. Literatur von
F. Scholl,— mit Berichtigungen und Zusitzen, &c. Berl. 1828-31.
3 vols. 8. This is much more valuable than the original, being
made under the supervision of Scholl, at Berlin, and containing
additions by himself and the translators. It is the most satitfae-
tory work of the kind.

10. Works purely bibliographical, treating of translations and
editions, are also useful.

J. F. Degen, Literatur der deutsch. Uebersetzungen der
Griechen. Altenb. 1797. 2 vols. 8. Supplem. Eriang. 1801.

F, A. Ebert, Allgemeines bibliographisches X/exicon. Lpz.

BrUggcmann, View of the English editions, translations, and
illustrations of the ancient Greek and Latin au'hors, with
remarks. Stett. 1797. 8. Supplem. 1801. S.

Renouard, Catalogue de la Bibliolheque d'un Amateur. Par.

1819. 4 vols. 8.

C. F. Debure, Bibliographie Instructive, ou Traite de la con-
noissance des livres, &c. Par. 1763-82. 10 vols. 8.
Brunet. Manuel du Libraire et de I'Amateur de Livres. Par.

1820. 4 vols. 8.

G. N. Brehm, Bibliograph. Handbuch der Griech. und Rom.
Literatur. Leipz 18C0. 2 vols. 8.

The Bibliographical Dictionary. Lond. 1802-4. 6 vols. 12.
with Supplement. 1808. 2 vols. 12.

G. Peignot, Manuel du Bibliophile, ou traite du cboix des
livres. Dijon, 1823. 2 vols. 8.

J. TV. Moss, Manual of Classical Bibliography. Lond. 1S37.
2 vols. 8.

T F. Dihdin, Introduction to the knowledge of rare and valua-
ble editions of the Greek and Latin Classics. i41h ed.) Lood.
1^7. 2 vols. 8

p. V.



T. W. Bogmaim, BihJiographisches Lexicon der Lit der
liriech. ui.d Rom. Lpz. ISM. S.

By the same, Handbuch zur Bacherkunde far Lehre und Stu-
diuni der beiden alteo Classischen und Deutschen Sprache Lpz.
1S38. Cf Christian Rev. sol. for 1840, p. 144.

F L. A. Sdiweiger, Handbuch der Classiscben Biblioeraphie.
Lpz. IS3.'. 3 vols. 8. very valuable.

yan Pratt. Catalogue des livres iinprimes sur Velin. Far.
1824. 3 vols. 8.

Paitoni, Bihiiotecadegli Autori Antichi Gr. c Lat volgariz-
rati. Ven. ITt6. 4. an account of Italian versions.

/Vdmci, Scrittori Greci e delle Italiane Version!. Pad. 1828. 8.

II. There are works, not limited to any one of the subjects
above specified, but useful to the student, as relating often to
leveral of ibein and to philology generally ; some of which we
mention here.

G. I. U'oisixu, De Fbilologia. Am^it. 1630. 4.

T. Creti, Opuscula de Ratione Studii, cur. E. Schcid. Lugd.
Bat. 1792. 8.

F. AM, Grundriss der Philologie. Landsh. 180S. &
F.A. IVotf, Encyclopldie der Philologie. I*ipz. 1831. 8.

G. Benihardy, Grundlinieu zur Encyklopadie der Philologie.
Hal. 1S32. 8. very valuable.

S. F. IV. Hoffmann, AlterthumsK-issenschaft. Handbuch fJr
Schaler. Lpz. 1S35. 8. wiih 16 Plates.

B. Scfiuch, Encyclopidie (of the study of Antiquity).

F. A. IVolf, Vorlejungen Qber die AlterthumswissenschAft.
Ed. J. D. GUrtUr S,- S F. IV. Hoffmann. Lpz. 1839. 6 vols. 8.
the Ist vnl. Encyclopidie; 2J vol. Hist, of Greek Literature;
3d, Hist, of Roman; 4th, Gr. Antiquities; 5th, Rnm. Antiquities.

J. C. Jahn, Jahrhacher fir Philologie und Pidagogik. Lpz.
1826 S3. This philological and classical journal has a very hijh
reputation ; it was commenced in 1»26, aud is still conlinued, ia
numbers, forming three volumes a year.

§ 8*. We shall now proceed to the history of Greek literature. The method
pursued will be, to treat of the principal authors, classing them under the de-
partments in which they were chiefly eminent, and ranging them in chronolo-
gical order. Before noticing the authors, in any department individually, a
general view of the character and progress of that department will be given.
In order to secure greater distinctness of conception, the whole extent of time
included will first be divided into a few periods, which will be regarded in the
general view of each department.

It will be most convenient to adopt the division civen in SchoU's History of Greek Literature,
which \vori« is the principal source from which the translator has drawn in the additions made
to Eschenburg in this part of the Manual.

§ 9. The history of Greek hterature embraces more than twenty-seven hundred

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