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The Richardson memorial, comprising a full history and genealogy of the posterity of the three brothers, Ezekiel, Samuel, and Thomas Richardson, who came from England, and united with others in the foundation of Woburn, Massachusetts, in the year 1641, of John Richardson, of Medfield, 1679, of Amos online

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Online LibraryJohn Adams VintonThe Richardson memorial, comprising a full history and genealogy of the posterity of the three brothers, Ezekiel, Samuel, and Thomas Richardson, who came from England, and united with others in the foundation of Woburn, Massachusetts, in the year 1641, of John Richardson, of Medfield, 1679, of Amos → online text (page 10 of 105)
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Phebe Whittemoee, of Maiden.

He lived in Woburn, and died there in 1771.

The widow Phebe married, Feb. 10, 1772, James Atwood, a
shoemaker. They removed to Templeton, Mass.

Chiidren of Jotham and Phebe Richardson, born in Woburn :

385. Jotham,6 b. Oct, 13, 1764.

+386. Daniel,^ b. Sept, 27, 1766; m. Nancy Closson.

4-387. Richard,^ b. Feb. 27, 1769 ; m. Sally Bowles.

388. Phebe,6 b. July 7, 1771.


Lieut. Jonathan Richardson^ («7bs^aA,^ Josiah^ Josiali^
Ezekiel'^)^ second son of Capt. Josiah* and Lydia Richardson, of
Dracut; born there, Dec. 19, 1720; married, Dec. 4, 1746, Lucy
Claek, born in Chelmsford, Nov. 10, 1721, daughter of Jonas and
Elizabeth Clark, of Chelmsford.

He lived in Dracut ; was a farmer and a man of note; was
often employed in public business ; was one of the board of se-
lectmen 1756, 1757, 1758, 1764, and 1765.

He died, intestate, in Dracut, Feb. 18, 1768, aged 47. His
widow Lucy died Oct. 24, 1775. A division of the property was
made to the heirs April 9, 1773. His son Jonatlian was a minor,
and at his request his grandfather, Josiah Richardson, and Abra-
ham Colburn, the husband of his Aunt Mercy, were appointed
bis guardians. The same persons were made guardians of his
brother, Henchman Richardson.

The children of Jonathan and Lucy (Clark) Richardson were :

389. Lucy,6 b. Aug. 14, 1747; d. Nov. 24, 1753.

390. Jonathan,^ b. Oct. 6, 1748 ; d. March 25, 1749.
+391. Jonas,^ b. Dec. 19, 1750; m. Dolly Jones.


392. Mary ,6 b. June 4, 1753 ; m. John Patten before 1777.

4-393. Jonathan,*^ b. May 27, 1755 ; m. Mercy Richardson.

394. Henchman,*^ b. April 15, 1757; d. 1779, unmarried.

395. Lucy,^ b. Feb. 27, 1759; accompanied her brother Josiah to

Weston, Windsor Co., Vt., about 1790, and there m. David
Axdale Drury, of that place.
+396. Josiah,^ b. Nov. 6, 1764 ; m. Sarah Powers.


Epheaim Richardson^ {Josiah,^ Josiah^^ Josiah^- Ezekiel'^),
brother of the preceding; born in Dracut, Sept. 12, 1722; mar-
ried, 1745 (pulDlished Feb. 23, 1745), Elizabeth Richardsojst ^
[807], born June 14, 1726, daughter of James'* and Mary Richard-
son, of Dracut.

He lived and died in Dracut. Bl was constable 1767, 1768;
surveyor of highways, 1768.

His will, dated Aug. 5, 1783, was proved Sept. 21, 1784. Of
course he died in the interval.

His children were :

+397. Ephraim,*^ b. Dec. 27, 1745; m. first, Eleanor Richardson; sec-
ond, Mary Cheever.

398. Samuel," b. Jan. 12, 1747-8; d. March 24, 1749.

399. Elizabeth,*^ b. March 15, 1749-50.

400. Lydia,'^ b. Jan. 2. 1755; m. Samuel Mears, jr., of Dracut; pub-

hshed Jan. 5, 1782.


Hanxah Richardson^ (tTosiah,* Josiah^^ Josiah^- Ezekiel'^')^
sister of the preceding; born in Dracut, Dec. 25, 1725; married,
first, Joshua Colburx, of Dracut ; published Sept. 12, 1747.
He was born in Dracut, Aug. 13, 1728, son of John and Sarah
(Richardson) Colburn, of Dracut. [See 118.] Sarah, his mother,
was daughter of John and Elizabeth ( Farwell) Richardson, and
therefore cousin to Hannah Richardson's father. Joshua Colburn
died Jan. 25, 1765.

Her second husband was Elijah Hildreth [204], born in Dracut,
May 23, 1728, son of Major Ephraim and Mercy (Richardson) Hil-
dreth, and like the first husband, cousin to her father. They
were i>ublished June 1, 1765. He died May 14, 1814.

She is mentioned in her father's will as Hannah Hildreth.

Her cliildren, all born in Dracut, all by first husband, were ;

401. Hannah (Colburn) , b. May 15, 1748.

402. Uriah (Colburn), b. July 18, 1750; m. 1775 (published July 8,

1775) Sarah Merrill, of Haverhill. His grandfather, Capt. Jo-
siah Richardson, made him one of the executors of his will.*

403. Joshua (Colburn), b. Dec. 16, 1752; d. young.

* Colhurn and Cobvini are convertible names. In the -will of Capt. Josiah
Eicliardson his grandson Uriah is called Cobiirn, but the true name was Col-


404. Sarah (Colburn), b. Feb. 28, 1755.

405. Bridget (Colburn), b. May 15, 1757.

406. Joshua (Colburn), b. Feb. 23, 1761; d. Jan. 25, 1765.

407. Elizabeth (Colburn), b. Sept. 28, 1763; d. Jan. 18, 1765.


Moses Richardson^ (Josiah,'^ Josiah,^ Josiah,^ EzeJdel'^),
brother of the preceding, and son of Capt. Josiah* and Lydia
Richardson, of Dracut; born there, June 12, 1728; married, first,
Elizabeth Colburn, of Dracut ; published May 16, 1752. She
was born in Dracut, June 24, 1724, daughter of Josiah and Sarah
Colburn. Second, Jan. 5, 1770, Esther Carken, as per town
record ; Kerkin, as per county record.

They passed their lives in Dracut.

The children of Moses and Elizabeth Richardson were:

+408. Obadiah,^ b. Jan. 4, 1753; m. Hannah Hildreth.

4-409. Sarah,« b. March 13, 1755 ; m. Henry Colburn.

410. Samuel,*^ b. March 28, 1757; d. Jan. 28, 1765.

411. Mercy,^ b. Dec. 28, 1750; m. her cousin, Jonathan Richardson.

See 393.

412. Asa,« b. May 5, 1762; d. Jan. 27, 1765.

413. Racheh^b. Sept. 3, 1765; m. Zebulon Parker, of Chelmsford;

published April 17, 1792.

414. Elizabeth,^ b. Xov. 4, 1767.

-|-4L5. Samuel,^ b. about 1768 (supposed) ; m. first, Anna Parker; sec-
ond, Tamar Coburn.


David Richardson^ {Josiah^^ Josiah^ Josiah^- EzekkU)^
brother of the preceding, and son of Capt. Josiah * and Lydia
Richardson, of Dracut ; born in Dracut, June 5, 1731; married
Elizabeth Colburn [258], born April 17, 1732, daughter of
Samuel and Mary (Richardson) Colburn, of Dracut. She was a
cousin to his father. They were published Jan. 5, 1754.

He lived in Dracut ; was a constable, 1756. He owned and
operated a ferry across Merrimack River, between Dracut and
what is now the city of Lowell.

He died, intestate, June 6, 1773, aged 42. Administration on
his estate was granted to his son Reuben, June 27, 1785. Why
so long delayed does not appear. His widow Elizabeth was living
in 1788, and had her thirds. Value of his real estate, £320.

Children of David and Elizabeth Richardson :

416. David,6 b. Sept. 15, 1754; living 1785.

417. Josiah,6 b. Oct. 8, 1755 ; d. April 18, 1760.

+418. Wilham,6 b. Nov. 22, 1758; m. Susanna Hildreth, 1785.

419. Elizabeth,^ b. March 13, 1761; m. Jonathan Hamlet, 1781.
+420. Reuben,6b. March 16, 1763; m. first, Dolly Colburn, 1789; sec-
ond, Deborah Butterfield, 1791 ; third, Sarah Colburn.
+421. Samuel,6 b. Feb. 14, 1766 ; m. Prudence Wood, 1795.
+422. Thaddeus,6 b. Jan. 14, 1768; m. Polly Currier, 1801.
423. Mary,6 b. Nov. 22, 1771 ; m. May 30, 1793, Zebulon Blodget, of



Zachaeiah Richaedsox^ (yZachariah^^ Josiah^ Josiah^ Eze-
kiel'^)^ eldest son of Capt. Zachariah^ and Sarah (Butterfield)
Richardson ; b. at Chelmsford, Feb. 19, 1721 ; married, first, Oct.
9, 1753, Hannah Blodget, born at Chelmsford, Jan. 7, 1731,
danghter of William and Elizabeth Blodget, of that place. She
died March 10, 1754, aged, as the gravestone says, 22 years, 1
month, 20 days, which is an error by more than a year, her true
age being 23 years and 13 days. Second, Sarah WAEREisr, born
in Chelmsford, July 30, 1733, daughter of Joseph and Tabitha
Warren. They were married April 22, 1755, by Rev. Ebenezer
Bridge, of Chelmsford.

They passed life in Chelmsford. The husband died May 20,
1773, aged 51 years, 2 months, 18 days. [Gravestone.] The
widow Sarah died July 3, 1785, aged 52. [Gravestone.]

Children by first wife, Hannah :

424. Zacliariah,6b. Feb. 22, 1754; d. Sept. 7, 1775, aged 21. [Grave-
stone. I

By second wife, Sarah :

+425. Robert,^ b. Feb. 3, 1756; m. Jane .

426. Sarah,6b. Dec. 29, 1757; d. Jan. 10, 1760.

+427. Mercy ,6 b. Aug. 5, 1759; m. Capt. Josiali Fletcher.

428. Joseph,6 b. Feb. 11, 1761; living April 17, 1781.

429. Sarah,^ b. March 15, 1763; d. April 9, 1784. [Gravestone.]

430. Hannah,6 b. Jan. 14, 1765; d. Feb. 19, 1784. [Gravestone.]
+431. Elijab,6 b. 1707; ^i. Molly Howard.

432. Sybil,^ b. June 19, 1770 ; unm. ; d. Dec. 12, 1798, aged 29. [Grave-


Bridget Richardson^ {Zachariah^^ Josiah^ Josiah^ Eze-
kiel'^)^ sister of the preceding; born in Chelmsford, April 23,
1726 ; married, 1746, Timothy Fletcher,^ born in Westford —
then the westerly part of Chelmsford — April 12, 1719, third son
of Capt. Joseph'* and Sarah (Adams) Fletcher, of that place.

They spent their lives in Westford, and all their children were
born there. She was a woman of distinguished piety and the
author of a small volume of hymns, which were published by her
son. Rev. Elijah Fletcher, in 1774.

JNlrs. Bridget Fletcher died June 8, 1770, in her forty-fifth year.
She was m-and mother of Grace Fletcher, the first wife of that
unequalled statesman, Daniel Webster.

ISIr. Fletcher's second wife was Huldah Putnam, said to have
been a sister of General Putnam. She died Aug. 21, 1777, aged
60. His third wife was Hannah Proctor, a sister of Dr. Charles
Proctor, of Westford, who married Edea Carver, daughter of
Benjamin Carver, a descendant of Robert Carver, born in Eng-
land, 1594; came to JNIarshfiekl, in Plymouth Colony, 1638; died


1680; believed to be a brother of John Carver, the first governor
of Plymouth Colony.

Mr. Timothy Fletcher died April 15, 1786, aged 67. [Grave-

His children by Bridget Richardson were :

+433. Elijah (Fletcher), b. June 8, 1747; m. Rebecca Chamberlain.

-j-434. Josiah (Fletcher), b. Oct. 19, 1749; m. .

4.35. Bridget (Fletcher), b. July 14, 17.51; d. young.

436. Lucy (Fletcher), b. Aug. 30, 1754.

437. Bridget (Fletcher;, b. Aug.' 12, 1760; m. Isaac Parker, Feb. 7,

1785. Their children were: Hannah, Grace (d. in infancy),
Isaac, Betsey, Nancy, John, Sally, Timothy Fletcher, Abigail
Gardner, Elijah Fletcher. For dates and fuller information,
see Fletcher Genealogy.

438. Jesse (Fletcher), b. Nov. 9, 1762 ; m. Aug. 8, 1782, Lucy Keyes,

b. in Westford, Nov. 15, 1765. He removed, in 1783, to Lud-
low, Yt., of which town he and his brother Josiah were
among the first settlers. He had fifteen children. For names
and other particulars, see Fletcher Genealogy.


Lydia Richardson^ (^Zachariah^^ Josiah^ Josiah^ Ezekiel'^)^
sister of the preceding; born in Chelmsford, May 17, 1729; mar-
ried, May 21, 1761, Jacob Chamberlaix; married by Rev. Eben-
ezer Bridge, of Chelmsford. She died May 31, 1775.

Children, born in Chelmsford :

439. Lydia (Chamberlain), b. June 11, 1762; m. Joshua Saunders, of

Billerica, March 14, 1785.

440. Joseph (Chamberlain), b. May 8, 1765; m. Mary Parker, Dec. 22,



Josiah Richardson^ {Zachariah^'^ Josiah^ Josiah^ Ezekiel'^).,
son of Capt. Zachariah^ and Sarah Richardson, and brother of
the preceding; born in Chelmsford, May 8, 1734; married, Dec.
2, 1761, Lydia Warren, born Jan. 1, 1739, daughter of Deacon
Ephraim and Esther Warren, of Chelmsford.

They lived in Chelmsford. They " owned the covenant," as it
was called, April 25, 1763. According to the custom of the time,
this entitled them to baptism for their children. It was called
the half covenant, because they who " owned " it were not mem-
bers of the church in full communion, and did not assume the full
obligations of such a relation.

The husband died April 15, 1801. The wife died Oct. 15,
1822, aged 84. [Gravestones.]

Children :

441. Paul,^ b. June 14, 1762; non comiws mentis; living 1794.
+442. Lydia,6 b. Dec. 7, 1763 ; m. John Farmer, father of the Antiqua-
ry of that name.


443. 01ive,6 b. June 7, 1765; d. April 28, 1769.
-j-444. Josiali,^ b. Jan, 9, 1767; m. Sybil Richardson.

445. Simeon, 6 b. Sept. 24, 1768; supposed to have married Rhoda

. They had two daughters, one of whom m. Cutter,

and lived in West Cambridge. The other m. , and prob-
ably settled in Ellsworth, Me. Simeon d. in Chelmsford, 1811.

446. Esther,6 b. Dec. 10, 1770; d. Jan. 24, 1787.

+447. Silas,6 b. Dec. 27, 1772 ; m. first, Lydia Marcy ; second, Lucy

448. Benoni*6 b. May 27, 1775 ; d. Oct. 7, 1777.

449. Zachariah,^ b. Oct. 6, 1777 ; m. first, ; second, in Greene,

Me., Hannah Coburn, daughter of Jesse Coburn, a Baptist
deacon. He lived in Chelmsford, it is believed, till after the
death of his first wife. About 1800, he went to Greene, Me.,
and married again. About 1815, they removed to Ohio, resid-
ing first in Cincinnati; afterwards in Newport, Ky.
Children by first wife :

450. Pamela,'' b. Nov. 20, 1794; d. Feb. 27, 1797.

451. Pamela'' b. June 6, 1798.

452. Sally,"' b. June 13, 1800. Other children were

453. SilasJ

454. Jesse,' and some others, who died young. All that lived

went to Ohio with their parents.


Asa Richardson^ ( William,^ JosiaJi^^ Josiah^ EzeJdel'^)^ son
of Capt. William ^ and Elizabeth (Colburn) Richardson, of Pel-
ham, N. H. ; born tliere, Feb. 23, 1738; probably never married.

He sold to Isaiah Ingalls, of Andover, Mass., yeoman, a lot of
land "in a new township granted to Benjamin Mulliken and
others, now known by the name of Bridgeton, with the privilege
of voting as a proprietor," etc. The conveyance is dated Nov.
3, 1777. [Cumberland Deeds, x. 515.]

Asa Richardson, gent., and Daniel Richardson, gent., both of
Pelham, sold to Enoch Perley, of Bridgeton, Me., land in Bridge-
ton, Dec. 20, 1792. [Cumberland Deeds, xx. 39.]

The above-named Asa and Daniel, toojether with Mary Butter-
field, wife of Reuben Buttcrfield, who are children of William
Richardson, late of Pelham, deceased, and Asa and James But-
tcrfield, children of said Mary Butterfield, sold to Isaiah Ingalls,
of Bridgeton, land in said Bridgeton, Feb. 7, 1794. [Cumberland
Deeds, xxi. 433,]

As no wife is mentioned in either of these conveyances, proba-
bly there was none.


Capt. Daniel Richardson ^ ( William,^ Josiah^ Josiah^ Eze-
kiel'^)^ brother of the preceding, and youngest son of Capt, Wil-
liam* and Elizabeth (Colburn) Richardson, of Pelham, formerly
a part of Dracut; born there, March 11, 1749 ; married, Jan. 26,
1773, Sarah Merchant, of Boston, born 1748.

He was prepared to enter college, but instead of a college
course settled, in 1773, on a farm in Pelham, part of which be-


longed to his father. In 1777, he engaged in the military service
of his country ; continued in it till 1780, and did not return till
the end of the three years. He was in the battle of Monmouth,
June 28, 1778. He also shared in the expedition of General Sul-
livan into the Indian country, in the summer of 1779, which ex-
tended as far west as the Genesee River. After his return home
he was captain of a military company in New Hampshire.

For his military services he obtained a pension under the act
of Congress passed in 1832. He died May 23, 1833, aged 84.

His children were :

—455. William Merchant, 6 b. Jan. 4, 1774; m. Betsey Smith.

—456. Samuel Matlier,^ b. Jan. 12, 1776; m. first. Abigail Spofford; sec-
ond, Hannah H. Greeley.

-f457. Daniel,^ b. Jan. 19, 1783 ; m. first, Mary Adams ; second, Hannah
There were no daughters.


Silas Richardsox^ {Jolin^^ Johnf Josiah^ Ezekiel'^), eldest
son of John ^ and Esther Richardson, of Chehnsford ; born there,
Aug. 21, 1734; married, Dec. 7, 1769, Lydia Fletcher,^ baptized
Feb. 22, 1741, daughter of Capt. William Fletcher,^ of Westford.

He obtained two-thirds of his father's real estate, partly by in-
heritance and partly by settlement with the other heirs. He
lived in Westford till just before his marriage, when he removed
to New Ipswich, N. H. He bought about one hundred acres of
land in Pownalborough, Me., on the westerly side of Sheepscot
River, July 3, 17G2. [Lincoln Co. Deeds, iii. 252.]

His will is dated Aug. 12, 1774; proved April 18, 1775. Of
course he died in the interval, at the age of forty. He describes
himself as of New Ipswich ; makes wife Lydia and Charles Bar-
rett executors. Wife Lydia to have all the household furniture
which she brousjht to me at the time of our marriao-e. Brother
John, "if he returns home again," to have some of the property,
if the testator's children die unmarried. [Hillsborough Probate
Records, i. 83.]

He had two children :

458. Lydia.6

459. Elizabeth. 6


Esther Richaudsox^ {John^^ John^ Josiah^- Ezekiel'^)^ sister
of the preceding ; born in Chelmsford, June 4, 1736; married,
Jan. 7, 1762, Stephen Spalding, born in Chelmsford, April 20,
1731, son of Lieut. John and Phebe Spalding, and brother of
Peter Spalding, who married her second cousin, Lucy,*" daughter
of Capt. Zachariah Richardson ^ [234].

Their place of residence was probably in Chelmsford.


Children :

460. Ashbel (Spalding), b. April 7, 1763.

461. Levi (Spalding), b. July 5, 1767.

462. Stephen (Spalding), b. Aug. 12, 1772.

463. Patty (Spalding), b. Oct. 15, 1775.


Elizabeth Richardson^ {John^^ John^ Josiah^- EzeJdel'^)^
sister of the preceding; born in Chelmsford, March 2, 1738;
married, Feb. 23, 1758, William Adams, born June 8, 1732, son
of Benjamin^ and Olive Adams, of Chelmsford.*

They lived in Chelmsford, where the ancestors of both husband
and wife settled about 1654. Not far from the time of their mar-
riage they bought the farm of Capt. Ezekiel Richardson [134] in
Dracut. He died in Chelmsford, Oct. 20, 1766.

Their children were :

464. Solomon (Adams), b. Dec. 7, 1758; a Revolutionary soldier.

465. Benjamin (Adams), b. Dec. 5, 1760; m. Hannah Spalding, Jan.

14, 1787. He was a colonel, probably in the militia.
-|-466. William (Adams), b. April 13, 1762; m. Mary Roby.
467. Jonathan (Adams), b. Aug. 24, 1766; d. May 15, 1767.


Olive Richardson ^ {ITenry^^ John^ Josiah^ Ezekiel ^), daugh-
ter of Henry ^ and Priscilla ( Spalding) Richardson ; born in
Westford, April 24, 1742; married, July"22, 1771, Abel Adams.
They lived in Westford.

*The Ad.\3is Fajjily of Chebiisford.

There were as many as twenty men of the name of Adams in the first gen-
eration of Kew England people. It is a very common name in Old England as
well as in this comitry. The name being originally simply an abbreviation,
an equivalent, for Adam's son, tliis may account for its wide prevalence. The
original emigrants to this country bearing this name do not seem to have been

I. Henry Adams came from Emrland to this country in 1034, and settled in
Braintree, about eight miles from Boston. Thei-e is strong reason to believe
that he came from Braintree in Essex, Eng. It is known that his famih- origi-
nateii in Wales, about six hundred years ago. The original name was Ap
Adam, equivalent to Adam's son. exchanged for Adams about 1450. Henry
Adams settled in that part of Braintree, Mass., which is now Quincy, incor-
porated as a town Feb. 22, 1792. He had eight sons, Henry, Thomas^ Samuel,
Jonathan, Peter, John, Joseph, Edward.

II. Samuel Adams, the third son, born in England, 1617, settled in Chelms-
ford, 1654, where he died, Jan. 24, 1688-9. His brother Thomas also settled in
Chelmsford. These two brothers built mills at Pawtucket Falls, where is
now the city of Lowell. Previously to this, the people carried their grain to
Boston to be ground by a wind-mill. He had fourteen children.

III. Joseph Adams, a son of his, passed his life in Chelmsford.

lY. Bexjamix Adams, a son of the last named, ^so lived in Chelmsford.
He was father of William Adams, husband of Elizabeth Richardson in the


Children :

468. Jonas (Adams), b. Aug. 30, 1772; d. Sept. 5, 1778.

469. Abel (Adams), b. Aug. 16, 1776; m. Rebecca Parker, Xov. 29,


470. Olive (Adams), b. Feb. 26, 1780; m. Capt. Abraham Prescott,

Nov. 13, 1801. She died at Westford, of epilepsy and old age,
Nov. 28, 1860, aged 80.

471. Salathiel (Adams), b. May 28, 1782; m. first, Susannah Proctor,

June 5, 1804 ; second, Sarah Parker, Feb. 10, 1808 ; third, Bet-
sey Chamberlain, Dec. 18, 1831.

472. Henry (Adams), b. March 24, 1784; m. Rebecca Byam, March

18, 1810.

473. Jonas (Adams), b. June 5, 1789; d. July 28, 1806.


Luke Richardson^ {^Ilenry^^ John^ Josiah^- Ezekiel'^), brotlier
of the preceding, and only son of Henry Richardson,"^ of West-
ford; born there, March 6, 1744; married Sarah Minot, of
Westford, Jan. 7, 1768.

He lived in Westford. He appears to have been a Revolution-
ary soldier.

Children :

474. John,6 b. Oct. 28, 1768; d. Jan. 8, 1769.

475. Betty,6 b. July 4, 1770.

476. John,6 b. Oct. 25, 1772.


Samuel Richardson^ {Eleazar^ Samuel^ Jo siah^ Ezeldel'^')^
son of Eleazar^ and Lydia (Perhain) Richardson, of Chelmsford ;
born there, Sept. 14, 1756 ; married, first, Elizabeth Hildreth,
May 27, 1784. She died March 13, 1803. Second, Oct. 4, 1803,
Amy Fletcher, born July 27, 1781, daughter of Capt. Jonathan
Fletcher, of Dunstable. The Dunstable records have it that they
were married Aug. 18, 1803.

Her father, Capt. Fletcher, was six feet and three inches in
height, and weighed 240 pounds. He had a powerful intellect,
and exercised much influence in the community. Amy was his
eleventh child by the same wife, Lucy Taylor.

Samuel Richardson lived in Westford. His farm, which he
took in a state of nature and cleared it up with his own hands, is
situated in what is now known as Brookside, in the northeast
part of Westford, near the line which separates that town from
Chelmsford. It is now, 1874, OAvned and occupied by his son-in-
law, Levi T. Fletcher.

He died there, Dec. 13, 1837, aged 81. His wife Amy— whose
name is often incorrectly written, Ama — died of old age, July 23,
1872, aged 91.

Samuel Richardson's children, all by second wife, were :

-f477. Amy,6 b. June 16, 1805; m. April 15, 1825, Levi Thomas Fletch-
er, son of Lyman and Louisa Fletcher, of Westford.


478. Samuel,^ b. Oct. 25, 1806; m. Olive Prescott, of Westford, Feb. 1,
1830. He lived in Westford; became insane; his wife ob-
tained a divorce, and is now, 1874, the wife of Calvin Howard,
of Westford. Samuel became an inmate of Westford Alms
House, and was killed in Lowell by the railroad cars, May 2.5,
1872. Only one child :
479. .AiixdiOj ~

480. Mary,6 b. Aug. 8, 1808; m. Jan. 29, 1832, Stow Hildreth, of

Townsend, who died Feb. 12, 1803. She resides in Groton.

481. Betsey,^ b. May 11, 1810; m. John Sawyer Buck. She died June,


482. Lydia,6 b. April 12, 1812; m. Walter Wright, 1841. He died Feb.

28, 1871. She now resides in Lowell. The inventory of his
estate was $72,000; his wife's part 815,000.

483. Lucy Taylor,^ b. May 18, 1814 ; d. of insanity, at Worcester, Sept.

9, 1873, aged 59 years, 3 months.

484. Susan,« b. May 14, 1816; d. July 9, 1817.

485. Sarah,6 b. June 14, 1818.


Oliver Richaedsox^ {Eleazar^^ Sartmel^ Josiali^ Ezekiel'^)^
brother of the preceding, and son of Eleazar^ and Lydia Rich-
ardson; born in Chelmsford, March 17, 1759; married, March 31,
1791, Chloe Bancroft, born Nov. 8, 1768, "daughter of Col.
Ebenezer and Susanna (Fletcher) Bancroft, of Tyngsborongh,

He was a farmer, and lived in Chelmsford, on the old paternal
estate. He died in 1816, in his fifty-eighth year. His wife Chloe
died Jan. 17, 1809, aged 40.

Their children, all born in Chelmsford, were :

486. Susanna,6b. Jan. 5, 1792; m. Abel Fletcher, b. Aug. 20, 1789,

son of Samson and Dorothy Fletcher, of Westford. She died
Feb. 12, 18.36. They had a son,
487. Oliver Richardson (Fletcher), b. Dec. 15, 1821. In 1871, he
was living in Waltham.
488. Charles,^ b. July 18, 1793; unm. ; d. Oct. 28, 1873, aged 80.
+489. Francis,^ b. March 6, 1795; m. Mary Blodget.
-j-490. Ebenezer,^ b. March 1, 1799; m. Almira Reed.
491. Lucy,o b. Jan. 27, 1801 ; m. Oct. 19, 1830, Jacob Chase, of West
Richmond, N. Y.
-f 492. Robert,6 b. Jan. 22, 1804; m. Sybil Rider.
493. Chloe,6 b. Nov. 14, 1806; m. Dr. Royce, of Buffalo, N. Y.

*Col. Ebenezer Bancroft in the text was born in old Diuistable, the part
now Tyngsborongh, April 1, 1738. He died Sept. 22, 1.S27. He was a son of
Lieut. Timothy and Elizabeth (Farwell) Bancroft, of that place. His wife
was Susanna Fletcher, daughter of the excellent Deacon Joseph Fletcher, of
Dunstable. Dea. Joseph was brotlier of Timothy Fletcher, the husband of
Bridget Hicliardson [220]. Elizabeth (Farwell) Bancroft, jnst mentioned as
the mother of Col. Ebenezer was a sister of Lieut. Josiali Farwell, of Capt.
John Lovewell's company, in the tight at Pigwacket, May 8, 1725, when he
was mortally wounded.

Col. Bancroft was an ensign in Capt. Goffe's company in the French and In-
dian war, 1758, under those famous partisan officers, Rogers and Stark; was a

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